A very hard choice. Part 4

"HE KISSED ME" I yelled!

A boy kissed me, and I let it happen for some unknown reason. Oh god ...I leaned over the toilet again and dry heaved. Arianna stroked my back and made soothing noises, which really didn't help my stomach all that much. I spit out a few times. This bowl needs a cleaning. Strange what you latch on too.

I realized a few things. One dry heaving in a grease stained smelly sweater is counter productive. Two it makes one very warm. I started to sweat. I was not hot but I needed to get out of that sweater. Out of these clothes period. I was trying to take off my pants and bra at the same time when Ari grabbed my very shaking hands.

Why are they shaking? I'm usually very steady? Ari pulled me close and kept me close.

"Let it out." she said gently.

Let what out? I had no idea what she was talking about. Then I felt it. My throat started to ache and my lip quivered. No no no...
And...I tried really hard not too. But for the second time in so little a time I cried. I sobbed into her shoulder trying to tell her about how the night had been both great and horrid. I cried myself out and just about fell asleep on her. She got me into the tub and washed me like I was a little kid as I kept bursting into tears everyone once and awhile.

During my more saner moments I did tell her to remove the breasts. She agreed that it was a good idea, something about skin. I sorta remember her saying something about tomorrow but I was into one of my moments so I don't really remember what she said. I do remember telling her to clean the very filthy jeans in some solvent from garage first, then dish soap twice, then wash them. It may sound funny but it gets almost all stains out.

I woke up the next morning confused. I sorta remembered the night before and instantly reached to my chest, my flat chest, for the necklace. It wasn't there. Must have been a bad dream. Rolling over to find ones hair in curlers with pins was less than fun.

"Owww. What the hell?"

"Mmmmm five more minutes...." came from beside me.

"Jesus..." Well you find out that your 'sister' was asleep beside you on the bed in ....okay this is not my usual room. I tried to move my leg to get out of bed. Bad idea a few tiny needles made it known that my leg was a pillow. The purr under the sheets kinda gave it away.
Anyone that has ever had a kitten would know that tiny cats love to remain warm. And guess who makes the best heaters at night. Daytime, of course, any good sunbeam will find muffin slowly moving with it. Till she falls off that is. Then its a mew mew mew of 'what happened'.

Sitting up I moved the little furball by finding her head. Then with my leg now free I left the bed and almost fell over. A few days and my balance was off. The things you notice at the weirdest times. I freed my bladder so to speak and was trying to figure out why I was in Ari's room and how to get rid of the darn curlers. Ari was yawning as I came out and she went in so I didn't have the chance to speak to her.

She met me a little later in the kitchen where muffin had succeeded in getting her morning licking of milk and nununs. Nununs is soft cat food from a tin. It's a treat that she gets once and awhile, in a bowl. You can pour milk in a bowl and she wont drink it. Drop a bit on the counter and she is right there however.

"Morning sis."

"Don't you mean Tony."

"Nope. Leanna you might be a little smaller up top this morning but still very much a woman."

"Ari I know I said I would be your sister for a bit. But I don't think I can keep doing this. This isn't me." I sat down in my pjs, purple satin pjs. NO idea where they came from.

Ari came and sat beside me."I had a feeling you might be that way after last night." She started I opened my mouth be she interupted."However, one you kinda already agreed to go golfing today, we will get to this" she held up the necklace with the ring" in a moment."

"Two, and as strange as this may sound, you have blossomed in ways I can't begin to understand. I feel there is more to you now than there was as Tony."

"But I am Tony!" Is she nuts?

"No. Tony, and please don't be insulted, was more like a shell you wore. Tony didn't care about his appearance. You might object and complain about it, but as a woman you seem to care more about how you look."

I grunted as I had noticed that a little but, and this is just my opinion, I took that as part of the whole being a girl thing.

"I have asked my doctor for some advice, don't worry I didn't say anything bad. She has asked to meet you to run a few tests."

"So I'm to be a lab rat?"

"Ah no, but if it would make you feel better I might know of someone.."

"That was a joke!"

She smiled" kidding!" Roll eyes. "Seriously though. There is more to this than I would have thought and haven't a clue if what we are doing is right or wrong."she paused. "That being said, my intuition is telling me that this is helping you. That or my longed for dream of having a sister is coloring my view."

"But last night."

"Yes last night. What I saw was...disturbing on a level I never thought I could ever feel."


"To me, what I saw, what I felt, was a young woman freaking after her first kiss. It was your first kiss wasn't it?"

"Yes, more or less."

"It was the kiss that bothered you. It could have been from anyone but because it came from Hanz you felt something didn't you? Something that scared the hell out of you and freaked you out."

"mmmm more like shattered my personal views of who I am." I drank a little milk. "There was something I can't explain. Hanz gave me that promise ring" by the sharp sudden intake of breath I knew there was more than I knew about that dang ring."The necklace was the only thing of his grandmothers that he kept. Something about holding his heart or another" another sudden intake of breath. Not a good sign.

"We did some work in the shop, I mean I loved that part. We worked so well, so seamlessly it was just so nice. Then he ruined it with that .. that..."


"Yeah that"

"You have no idea what that ring means do you?"

"Uhm that he is attracted to me and want's others to know it?" I never heard of a promise ring before so I had no clue at all.

"A promise ring is more like a precursor to an engagement ring. If the two of you fall in love after a set period then that ring becomes the engagement ring."

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Yes I really did say that.

"No I'm not. It's quite common really. And please don't swear, it's not ladylike."

Like I cared about being a lady. I'm a guy. Despite what Ari said I had to believe that. I had a life to return to. Though looking in the mirror I wondered if that was possible anymore. No you had a beard and mustache once. Okay it was patchy and after seven years it was at the longest maybe an inch and white. I had stained it with oil and stuff often so it always looked darker than it was. Burning it off by accident a year ago hadn't helped. Well most of it and it grew back white but took a year. Actually that patch had been less than half an inch.

"Come we have to get ready." she gently tugged on my hand.

"Do I have too?"Nope no whining from this man.

She didn't answer me just pulled me back up to her room. She had me lay down on her bed so that she could remove the rollers. Laying back felt so good. I may have gone back to sleep a little. I got woken when I felt two familiar cold blobs being pressed to my chest.

"Nooo... Ari..."

"Oh shush you look silly without your breasts." With a sigh I just thought whatever. It's not like they are permanent. Some remover after the golf game and I can be back to Tony and at my house tonight. Then I remembered the half apart mill and the shop. Doh! I will have to get that done. I doubt as I could do that as Tony. Wait I am Tony right?

"Okay probably best if you shaved all over, pits, thighs, legs. arms etc."

"Huh? Why? I can golf in jeans and a sweater."

"Uhm you didn't check out the dress code at the club did you." She was laughing. I had a bad feeling about it as I turned my head side to side.

"Oh my padawan. You shall learn. Just do as I asked we haven't that much time." I was already heading out of her room, new pink razor in hand, when I sorta turned.

"Does this mean I'm his girlfriend?"


"But Ari.. I am a well you know. I can't be his girlfriend."

"Lee, most of the time puppy love is just that puppy love. If he gets to know you he may change his mind. Heck you might change his mind. Then it's a 'lets remain friends' thing and it's done."

"What if he... or worse what if I..."

"If fate decree's that you are to be a couple there is probably very little you can do about it. Seriously I doubt it though."

It wasn't much but it did give me a sort of peace of mind. Just let him dine me, do the work, get it all done, then do the friends thing and that's it. It wasn't possible for me to like a guy after all. Thinking that way I felt myself relax and set about the hard task of trying, and failing , to not cut myself.

I left the bathroom much later minus some skin on my thigh and my armpits burning but otherwise hair free, again. The lotion was helping my pits but they were still very touchy sore.

On my bed I saw that Ari had laid out what she considered practical wear to the club. White underwear, khaki skirt, while t top. Yeah not my idea of good wear. I did use the underwear but it was a pair of jeans and a black t shirt top, yes the one with rhinestone girl power on it. Simple socks that didn't want to go anywhere near the top of my ankle. I would also wear my shoes from the day before.

Makeup was a non issue today. I defiantly didn't want to give him a good impression. I did tuck the necklace out of the way though. Well he gave it to me and the ring. Best to keep it on me at all times so that I could return it.

I know going to club to golf should look better idea, but I was going to be working in that shop after so I needed something that I could wear in there. In hindsight I probably should have looked closely at a few more things.

Such as the large bag in the back of car when we got in. I had the blasted purse again. I almost got it caught in the door when I went to close it. When Ari looked at me I defended myself.

"Look I need to get some work done in the shop at the club. This is practical wear for later."

"But..." she started, smiled a little grin and dropped it. I was so self absorbed I let it go as well. In my head I was planning out what to get done today. I wasn't sure that the two tables would be dry enough today, and I sure as heck didn't want to light up the overhead gas heaters without cleaning them out first. I had a bunch of bolts to clean, note make Hanz pick up some wire wheels....or check to see if there is any in store room. The base ways needed washing, and really a bit of wire wheeling to remove the flaking four or more layers of paint. Had that whole case of deep grey so why not paint the thing. Wouldn't take much really, remove some handles, tape other spots, remove some drive screws for metal plates and spray.

When we got there I was so focused on the shop that Ari caught up to me when I was halfway there and turned me around. I just wanted a few minutes to get some stuff done. I mean it's only golf right?

When we reached the club the golf pro Mac, no idea if that is first or last name, informed us that the group had decided on walking the course with caddys. The boys, I assume, were off in one section getting changed. We, there was two more women, were led to another area. In this area, nicely carpeted, was an assortment of ladies golf wear. Astrid, had pre selected outfits 'suitable' for us to wear on the greens.

Greens refers to where one plays golf, as well as starting and ending spots. Confused? I sure as heck was. When I was told to change into the 'professional wear' her exact words, and found the very small pile of cloth I was less than thrilled. Tiny flimsy pink skirt that rode fairly high. It looks longer than it really is. The rather tight, sleeveless almost white top with buttons on one side and thread marks but no holes on the other. It had the name Leanna printed on it. The skirt did have some pockets, tiny ones on the back. This was to hold things like divit fixers and ball marks.

Next I was led to an area where they had me swing again and again in front of a machine. Different swings, displayed on a screen, that I duplicated to the best of my ability. Ari followed me into that area. I had to place my hand on a foam thing that sort of formed to my hand. Shoes were picked out. These are better than my running shoes. When I mean better I mean softer, easier to move in, and not at all uncomfortable.

We were lead to another area, all the 'women' to get fixed up. Hats were placed on our heads and then our hair was restyled around the band so that the hair would not interfere with play. They put makeup on me and dope that I am, I forgot the mag earrings this morning, they noticed my lack of open holes. I say open holes as the constant wear had left little marks where I guess normal girls would have pierced ears.

It hurt for a second but I left with real studs in each ear. I had makeup on. They even redid my nails. What surprised me is that it only took them twenty minutes for all of that. I didn't know what the pink leather glove was for but it went into a pocket on the skirt. The pockets are very well hidden. If you know they are there you can just see them.

I felt half naked as I followed behind Ari, Astrid, Ellen and Patty to meet the guys in the lounge. The lounge was an area just off the first tee box. We could use the virtual putting green or go outside and use the real putting green to practice putting. I needed the practice and it was strongly hinted that the outdoor one would be of use. Good thing I launched the first practice ball into the bush opposite the tee box.

This was in full view of everyone else inside, of course, probably laughing their asses off. The second hit the carved rock sign for the hole with a ping. I think it may have split into two pieces. How do you wack these balls into the holes so close with this flat thing?

The third I wound up, kinda like that movie Happy Gilmore, but without the stepping. I just leaned back. I hit that sucker really hard and it went for a very good ride. Mac had run out and saw me do that. The windows of the lounge were open and I heard the outright peeling laughter of everyone as the ball shot like a bullet across the fairway, hit some metal sign with a gong behind the trees, hit three more trees, before it exited and came back less than a foot from one of the holes. I did a little happy dance. I was getting better.

I saw the movie much later after golfing in case your wondering. Mac took the club out of my hands as I was pulling back for the fourth one. He was puffing as he growled out if I had played before. I was honest and said no first time, I may have smiled. He calmed down, eventually, and patiently showed me how that line was to aim at the cup and you gently tap the ball. It was much harder than you would think. Worse they make those greens sloped, totally unfair. I was out there for awhile slowly getting somewhat better. I did hit it a little hard a few times and had to go hit it back but I think I did okay.

When I got back inside the guys took one look at me and sniggered. Hanz was doing his best not too but he was also choking on his drink at the same time so I'm not entirely sure. The women beckoned me to their table, with dirty looks at the sniggering guys and gave me a couple of tips. Apparently we were wait for the clubs for Ari and myself to be finished, Since we didn't really eat before coming I had a sandwich. So did the women at the table. Ha bet you thought I would say other women. Well I'm not, despite appearances at the moment.

It was a good sandwich. No idea what the bread was made of since it was gluten free, starch free, sugar free, but not taste free. Ellen tried to explain it but it was over my head. Way over my head. Something about different types of flour combined separated, washed, dried, yadda yadda. I just smiled and ate my sandwich.

While waiting a few of the guys had some spirits of some type. We had water. For a water it was a good tasting water, not that plasticity bottle stuff. I scarfed down, uhm delicately ate, and sucked on, the super sour pickles that came with our sandwiches. The girls all looked at me as I enjoyed sucking on each one first before nibbling at them. What did I do that was so bad. I should note my back was to all the guys at the time. Not that I would have noticed I had closed my eyes and enjoyed myself after the first one.

Mac cleared his throat after I had finished the last one and pronounced the clubs ready. They had been modified from ready made shafts and stuff so that the grips would be good, whatever that meant. Well at least mine where Ari got some black shafts on her big clubs and steel shafts like all of mine were. No idea what the numbers were for. There was this big club and two slightly smaller ones then a bunch of skinny looking clubs, a putter, and three weird looking flat but widesh clubs. Whatever the 9 P S stood for I had no idea. The telescoping round thing, called a ball picker, confused me.

My bag was pink. Ari's was a nicer tan color. She liked the pink one so we traded. Mac did someone with changing the tags for us. It wasn't till he was done that I saw the stamped bronze tag.- Leanna Brigston. Oh yeah something else I didn't need. It took me a minute or two to figure out what that meant.

"All this for rental clubs?" I asked.

"No mylady," My caddy was Kieth"All this, the clubs, the cart, the clothes and shoes are all yours to use at any time at the club." Where is that Hanz. I'm going to give him a piece of my mind!

"Come with me mylady." He gently grabbed my hand and led me to a spot of wash ones hands, which I did, pickle juice. I could also wash my clubs here if they were dirty. The funky little fountainy things were called ball washers, and he showed me how to use it. For my sins, yes all the stuff from one bag to the others were switched. I had a box of brand new top flite xl balls...in pink. I just looked at the balls and Kieth. He excused himself and ran back in to exchange them for a more practical set in white. He showed me how to setup my cart, a black pull cart that could fold up, where too put balls, tees, the club card, which had par and length for each hole a rough map of the course.

he adjusted it for me to pull with a wrench of some sort till I was comfortable with it. Which seemed strange as, since he was the caddy, he would actually carry the bag normally but would pull it this time, something about possible problems. Since I was the newbie, the men would show me how to shoot, each and everyone one of them would have me come close enough to watch them, from an angle, as they practiced then shot. I'm not sure that was a good idea as each one of the guys shot rather short.

I did not giggle at all, the girls defiantly did though. Hanz showed me how far to sink a ball tee into the ground with the ball. I just looked at him and pulled it up a tiny bit. After all the guys all 'tipped' the ball by sinking it too low.

I should explain one detail first. I was raised/went to school in the states. That means that the only previous experience I had with swinging something at a ball was baseball. I had developed this thing where I leaned back till my left foot left the ground a little, then I would use that to shift my weight from right to left as I came through and connected with the ball.

I adapted this method for golf. It seemed to work well as the ball took off like a shot not quite straight. Since the course turned to the right it worked out for me. I lost sight of the ball as it curved around the trees.

"Was that okay?" nobody answered and when I turned around most had their mouths open, except for Ari she was trying hard, and really not succeeding in suppressing her giggle.

I was then told about the ladies tees, which for this hole were under repair so the ladies shot from the much farther up red tees. What the tees color means , red , white, purple where I shot from, and gold means I have no idea. They all shot nicely. Not as far as me perhaps but fairly nice. The guys cheated, at least to me, they used those big club things on the ground, Kieth called them drivers.

"Isn't that cheating?"

"Actually by strict rules yes but it is generally allowed. But only on really long distances. Anything under two hundred yards you have to use an iron on the fairway." I raised an eyebrow as I thought using an iron to level the grass was stupid. I think he got my look as he raised the skinny ones." This is an iron. These are wedges" the 9 P S.

As we walked he taught me a few things, like what is the fairway, what is the rough. Hanz and Greg both sliced, Kieth's word, into the bush. Malcolm, I hadn't really met him yet. Had some trouble in the sand trap partway down the course. Ellen sunk her ball into the deceptively deep stream. My ball fetcher was used to retrieve it, along with two others. This put me two up apparently. Hole 1 was 326 yards from the purple. 306 from the red. I had a few laughs as I watched the guys have a bit of trouble with the sandtraps just before and after the green.

As we had gone along we had checked the rough areas for my ball and had not found it yet. I was going to drop, as they called it, before the green from the side when someone went to look at the flag, which was sitting tilted a bit.

"HOLY!" Greg exclaimed!"Leanna I think I found your ball!"

As you can guess we all went to look. Sure enough my ball was right there buried in the ground right in front of the cup and apparently touching the cup in the ground, which was why it was crooked. After some debate and a call to Mac, the golf pro, who came over in the cart took. It was pronounced a hole in one. Whatever that meant. He said he would have my name engraved into the stone while we played.

Oh that, apparently who ever gets the first hole in one on a certain fairway gets the fairway named after them. I didn't find out about the prize till much later. Photos were taken with me dressed stupidly beside the hole with the club I used to shoot it. Then a group shot, and me holding a blank piece of wood, the plaque would be added to photo later.

After all the hubbub finished the guys dug my ball out of the hole, the caddy guys, and fixed the green under Mac's very watchful eye. I was a little miffed they didn't give me my ball back. The others finished their plays, another new thing I learned, and we moved off to the second hole. Since I got the lowest score I teed first. The second hole you teed over water. Since it was a hundred and twenty six yards I grabbed an iron, not sure which, dropped the ball on ground without a tee and did my wacky tee shot again. Hey it worked for the last hole.

Well my ball did take off like a shot. Skipped over the water three times, hit a rock on the edge and bounced up onto the green that we couldn't see as the green was about five feet higher than the tee. Now I say bounced but it went quite high before it landed. The guys had laughed as soon as they saw it go straight for the water. The girls as soon as it launched off the rock.

I laughed as Hanz, Greg, and Peter, all shot into the water, except theirs didn't bounce. Malcolm may have overshot the hole. Ari hit two into the water and would take the drop, whatever that meant. Ellen did okay I though as it went on to the cart path. Astrid launched hers quite well. Probably the best shot of all of us.

Ari took her drop and 'chipped' it on the green. Hanz overshot from the drop. Greg's rolled down into the water the first time. The second he got on to the green. We walked around and saw four balls on the green. Malcolm's was just at the edge of the rough a long ways from the cup. Hanz was down the hill a bit. Ellen chipped hers on and then Hanz. Greg went up to the flag again. Before the cup was a divit, deep impression in ground of where my ball had landed at first.

"Dam you girl!"


Guess who did a second hole in one on hole two? Another photo, plaque, and lost ball later with Mac laughing his ass off. The others finished the hole. I didn't do well on the next two holes. I teed off fine but my putting sucks. As Kieth put it. On in two or three but fifteen to finish. Hole five wasn't bad as my chip from a hundred and ten away with the sand wedge sunk it. I was told it was a bird.

Hole six was rather lame out of the box but my ricochet off the tree put me on the green so it wasn't that bad. It just sounded a lot worse than it was. I got that one in six putts. I even found out what the ball markers are used for.

Hole seven put the guys in stitches. Hanz was rolling on the ground laughing. I didn't think it was funny. About halfway down the five hundred yard hole there was this insane woodpecker hammering away on a pole not far from me. I say insane as he was hammering on the metal plate at the top of the pole. After my first two misses I got upset turned and aimed for that dam pole."Dam bird!" Wack, a second or two later there was a ping and squawk. No more pesky bird. My drop shot was much better as it was close to the green.

I found out later that the hydro guys found carpenter ants eating the pole and replaced it. Part of the beak of the bird was found jammed under the plate and the bird itself, or what was left of it, dead on the ground. I feel bad about that I really do.

Hole eight or ate was a lot less fun. My first shot went way way over. Second hit so many trees it had the guys in stitches. Ball three landed in the sand trap. For a ninety yard hole it sure took a lot of shots. They stopped counting at twenty. Hole nine we found my first ball buried in the tee box of nine from hole eight. It was a three hundred yard hole. Straight and at the end off to the left side was the halfway hut Hanz had mentioned. I hit the hut... from the tee box. Greg was laughing so hard he fell down and broke his driver. Hanz was just as bad and ripped his pants somewhere. Peter almost followed me, almost. Ellen topped her ball so did Astrid. Arianna did the best shot of us all.

By the time we got to the hut, most of us were in fairly good moods. I say most. I was still upset about hitting the hut. If you ever go to the club and see the hut. That golf ball dent in the top of the tin roof. That's mine. In the hut we removed our shoes and socks and put our feet in this things with warm water that vibrated. It felt sooo good!. Removes swelling somehow. The guys had a few more drinks, which was probably a bad idea. We, those in the ladies group, had water and I had a pop. Fountain drink from the bar.

We didn't stay in the hut for long, so after a quick trip to the restroom, there was one so we all rotated in and out. We were back on the course refreshed with fairly comfy feet and dry socks. Hole ten was a weird six hundred yard. I hit a tree...twice...yes same tree. Otherwise made it most of the way without problems. I putted in four.

Hole eleven was nice and short at 150 yards. I chose a seven iron and hit the flag. So I was on the green in one shot. The guys tried to follow suit. They either overshot or came up short. Ellen used a five wood, which means driver. She got on the green. Arianna tried a three iron. It worked out well for her just off the green on the side. Astrid nailed with a five wood and it really connected. We still have no idea where that one went. I ended with one putt. Got best score on the hole.

Hole twelve was okay for everyone. Nothing really all that spectacular. Hole thirteen...has water ...lots of water... and a fair number of our balls. Hole fourteen was funny it has a turn, or dogleg to the left where there is some rock inbetween. Made some interesting shots as we tried to get over that rock. I did but we have no idea where that ball went, mores the pity. fifteen was a short one again. I buried the ball into the green again. My 'missed it by that much' comment had people in stitches. Had to dig the ball out and fix the green with the sand mix. I made par. That means I hit the ball in the cup in three shots, which is what the hole is rated for.

Hole sixteen the boys were starting to feel the effects of all the alcohol, Their shots were a little wide, as they called it. And their putting was as good as mine. Hole 17 was a disaster. An old tree had fallen over while we were playing so we were the first to see this long tree with broken branches and whatnot all over the fairway. I dropped a ball and shot while the others were discussing about going around. I put Kieth through a bit of a workout as we climbed over the tree with the cart. The others took the long way around through another hole and came out just in front of us. I finished the hole one over par. The others had already scratched out the hole. Mores the pity.

Hole 18 led us back to the clubhouse. It was not a long hole being only two twenty. The louses made me shoot with a five wood. Something about fear of glass or something. I sunk the ball. Oh it rolled for a ways but it did go in. No plaque for this hole.

At the clubhouse I was told about the course. The new old nine, which was the first nine holes we played, had been upgraded back in the 80's but not finishes until about oh one. The rest of the course was the new eighteen and had been used instead. So while the holes we had played had been around the longest they were not played as much as the eighteen was. However, I was the first person to get holes in one on both holes. The first hole had not been changed much except for a few sandtraps. The second hole had been raised eight feet.

So I was totally gobsmacked when they brought out this huge check, its for picture taking, and presented it to me. At first I misread it. I thought it said ten grand. Oh believe me I was more than happy to get that much. I should explain this next bit before I tell you the real total.
On golf courses, depending on the age and designer, there is a sum for the first hole in one on that hole. It gains interest each year it is not won. To give you an idea the sum for hole two was a million and change. The actual total with interest is, around twelve million. For the check poster they just listed it as ten million. I was totally excited and blown away. At first. It was only when I looked at the check for the fifth time I noticed that I couldn't cash it. It was made out to Leanna Brigston who does not exist.

I pointed that out to Arianna who didn't get it at first. Her eyes went wide when she got it though. I was close to tears. She whispered to me that we would find a way. And you know something I had to believe her. If it took us a month so be it. I could be Leanna again for a short time later no problem. It wasn't like I had to stay Leanna for a month or anything.

We only did the eighteen as , unknown to me, that night was the clubs big fall farewell gala. That large bag contained two blasted dresses and even worse high heels. Whoever designed high heels should be impaled with them. Ari managed to squease me into this while off the shoulder dress that left nothing to the imagination, well almost nothing. A pad, some medical tape, and a thong hid things down below. Not comfortable but not painful either.

I did make the mistake of wearing the ring, in full view, as well as the necklace. I still think the plastic tiara was a little much. That was after we came out of the private dressing room. It was my crown for the holes in one. I met more doctors, and a few judges and lawyers as well as some other mover and shakers in the province. I don't remember a single one. This was due to being more than a little tipsy with the wine I inhaled after getting the check figured out.

I was on Hanz arm all night, even sat beside him at the head table. It was a full seven course meal and I had no clue what utensil was used for what. I'm fairly sure the wine made me do things I'd rather cut out of my brain. Such as kissing Hanz at one point. I forget why that happened. We danced, or more correctly, Hanz held me up and deftly evaded my heels. I know we did one dance. After that is a complete blank till I woke up on the black leather couch in the office with an old bucket beside it. The bucket was not empty. I was still in that dress and curled up under a fur of some sort. Hanz was on a bag on the floor, Greg was under the table, Ellen, Arianna and Astrid were all around the edge of the table heads on the table snoring away.

Ellen was the first to notice me awake and got up with a few winces to bring me some icewater. She made me suck it through a straw. Felt my head and told me to go back to sleep. I wasn't arguing.

I couldn't tell you what time who woke up all I know is that I wasn't the first awake. There was a few moans and the fancy glass was set to black. Oh yes this club had it all. Blacking windows and everything. Those windows still let a little bit of light in. Enough so that you know it's day outside but that's about it. The floor moved groaned and put a jacket over his head. It was too dark to tell who yet. At one point the Chef came in, his name is Pierre, not kidding, and the smell of coffee permeated the room. We all took advantage of the cart and all it's goodies, namely Advil, for me and Ari, Tylenol for Hanz, Greg, Ellen. Astrid just had coffee. It was probably an hour later that we all moved to the locker/shower/restrooms to change. I used one of the stalls to change into the golf outfit as my jeans and sweater were in the car. Actually most of the women did the same.

Remember this is fall in Manitoba. One day warm and sunny, next day windy and cold. Washed our faces and that was about it. Nobody wanted to brave a shower this morning and the hot tub was turned off. The club slippers, you never wear your golf cleats inside any place except the proshop with its industrial carpet. The lounge is part of the proshop. Club slippers are provided instead. Womens are pink. Mens are blue. I wanted the blue ones.

I couldn't tell if it was the hangover, the aches and pains from either dancing or golfing that was worse. The Advil was helping as we all settled into the den with its nice soft plush seats. The cleaning crew had done a good job there was no sign of last nights party. I almost sat down on a chair but Hanz pulled me to him to sit next to him. I felt like crap and didn't complain much except for a grunt. One seat was as good as another. I tried to not sit close to him. He did a weak chuckle. We had all sat around a table, and I swear that guy has radar or video, Pierre came to us with our choice of breakfast. Nothing special scrambled eggs, soup, and toast. Remember nobody's stomach was feeling all that great. I had soup and toast.

A few of my less than stellar exploits of golf were brought up during brunch, as well as a rather few embarrassing as hell photos of me and Hanz last night. You cannot sink down when your 'boyfriend' is holding you up with his arm. Why couldn't my arms be like that. Oh yeah he was wearing a black t shirt. He was very well muscled. The guy worked out. Not Arnie style but very very fit like Chris Evans in Captain America, Ellen, Astrid and Ari's words not mine.

After our brunch we all made excuses to leave, I wanted to soak into a hot hot bath. The others probably something similar. I did tell Hanz I would be back later in more suitable clothes to work in the shop. He pulled me close and leaned down with a husky voice said "What you are wearing was fine!"

"For the shop dummie. I want to get that mill done."

That opened up a can of worms. We had to explain about how the shop needed to be cleaned and some tools like the milling machine and lathe needed a serious overhaul. They offered to come help, I couldn't say no. There was a lot of junk that had to be sorted, put away, and junk tossed into piles for recycling.

Since it as almost eleven am we all agreed to meet back around two to get some stuff done. I advised wearing stuff that they wouldn't mind getting totally filthy. When someone asked if we needed anything I had to use someones phone to show them what I meant by wire wheels.

With that and our bag we set off in the BMW for Ari's place. Not once had anyone thought to mention about press coverage of last night.
To say I was distracted last night would have been an understatement. Still with today's cameras being much much smaller I never noticed. Arianna was having too much fun to notice either.

So it came as a complete surprise to find a car sitting in her driveway. A car she didn't recognize either. I thought it might be the MTD guy for his machine. There was, off the one side, three snowblowers sitting there with notes on them. The newish car was parked in the driveway but wasn't blocking the side where Ari parks. As she parked I went and looked at the snowblowers. Two I could move easy enough. The third would take more effort as the one tire looked bad. I wasn't gonna touch any of them dressed as I was though.

As Ari grabbed the bag and the smaller bag with shoes I grabbed the bag with my jeans and sweater. Together we entered the house to be met my a woman I had never seen before who grabbed me in a bone crushing hug.

"My baby...mumble mumble mumble." I couldn't understand her at all. The small fact she had her face buried into my chest might have had something to do with it.

Arianna dropped her bags on the antique chair she keeps beside the door to the garage, along with a pot of some sort with a wooden handle thing in it.

"Mom..Mom...Mom...MOTHER!" Ari pried away the leech like person who didn't want to let go of me. So this was Ari's mother. She was shorter than I would have imagined. Since I'm kinda short for a guy that is saying something. She must be about five feet even, a little pudgy bordering on fat, but her eyes. She has the same eyes and nose as Ari. Similar to my own eyes I think. It's the shape of the eyes. We all had shit brown eyes. Her hair was brown mixed with grey, but it was a grey from a hard life. Her face was one of those faces you just want to have hug you and ....OKAY enough of that thinking.

"Lee this is my mother Anna Brigston and.."

"Oh hush Arianna Penny Bridgston. I know this is my missing long lost daughter Leanna Phyllis Bridgston." and the leech reattached itself.

"Look Mrs. Bridgston. ..." she Interupted." Call me mother dear."

"Riiiight...Look there is a big misunderstanding. I'm not .."

"A mother knows her child." she just hugged me again.

"Mother! You told me Leanna died a crib death when I was young. So this can't be Leanna back from the dead. Look we can.."

"Is that what I told you?" she paused, she is good at interrupting, " I guess I did but you were much too young to understand."

Arianna got instantly pissed off. I don't blame her one bit. "MOTHER" she screamed.

The leech finally let go. I thought it best for me to make like a tree and leave. Oh come on you heard that before right? huh..whatever. I got as far as the edge of the couch.

"Where do you think your going young lady?" You just know instantly who she means.

"Uhm take a bath?"

"SIT" and for some reason there I was sitting, after tucking that tiny skirt, on the couch.

"Leanna" yuck I am beginning to hate that name."I am your mother."

"But.." not sure if that was Ari or myself.

"QUIET!" yep shes a mother alright." Your grandmother, my mother, is Annabell, oh she will be so happy to see you again!" oh boy.

"You have a cousin named Susanna and Deanna, and your aunt is named Teanna!" I think I might see a pattern here. If I was blind.

"So your name must be Penelope?" I had to through that out. Both Ari and 'mum' giggled.

"No silly my name is Anna." If she says Anastasia, hate that movie, I'm walking.

"We are all named after your great great grandmother Anasta...where do you think your going?"


"Well of all the nerve. Young ladies should say powder their nose or freshen up!"

There was more but I had already made it into the bathroom. I can move when I need too. I filled the tub stripped off everything, including almost screaming from some tape, and sunk into the nice warm water of the tub. The temptation to sleep was so temping in that nice warm soothing water. Ok I actually did sleep for a second or two. Getting out was hard, after I washed myself of course. I even shampooed and conditioned my hair. It felt like straw.

I just did my usual and scrubbed my head with the towel. Wrapped the towel around my waist at first then thought better of it and wrapped it around my false chest, just in case. This turned out to be a good thing.

"Leanna! What did you do to your hair? Come with me" yank." You should wrap your hair in a towel not scrub it. Now it will be all full of knots." Arianna was just coming out of her bathroom as I got yanked into her room. Guess who also had wet hair and now towel.

For the next while, no clock but it felt like hours, Ari's mom berated the both of us on not taking proper care of our hair and a rather long list of bad things that could happen from a tangle to hair falling out and even death. Though that last one is so far fetched I could not believe it.

There we were two, uh people, in their twenties, sitting side by side on a vanity stool, as the mother chatted non stop while alternately brushing both of our hair and styling them.

I am not a fan of pigtails. Never have been. I don't think Ari is either. Yes she put both of our hairs in pigtails with ribbons. Ari and I looked at each other, grabbed the end of the ribbons, pulled and shook our heads at the same time.

"Girls! Aww but you looked so cute!"

"Mother!" that was Ari in case your wondering " Go downstairs and wait till we are dressed." she pointed.

"Come Leanna ill..." I just pointed too. Seemed to work as she left tail dragging to go back downstairs.

When I was sure she had gone I closed the door and braced my back against it.

"What are we going to do?"

"First lets get dressed, we did agree to meet up at two remember."

"Oh yeah right."

"Then we tell mom the truth."

"Why do I have a bad feeling about this"

I put on the clothes, black underwear this time, that I wore yesterday. My"what they didn't get dirty" line answered Ari's raised eyebrow. Besides it was comfy, at least for me. The bra...not so much.

I hadn't noticed the tiller in the back yard going, the one I wanted to test, till the patio door opened and two women screamed "Boots Off"
Hank, Ari's dad, had been having fun. He immediately asked about the snowblowers in the front. This left me with a choice. Stay and try not to freak out or show him the snowblowers and maybe do a little investigating.

"Lets go in the garage and see about those snowblowers." His eyes lit up. We left to "Don't you dare.." I snickered.

Together we were able to drag all three into the garage and close the door, it was a little too cool outside. We started with the worst looking one first. The one with the bad looking tire. It was flat, the chain was held on with coat hanger and part of the chain was wrapped around the axle. Pull the axle pin, work the tire assembly off, along with chain, and we got it to the bench with better light. Aside from a bad tube it looked saveable. A bit of a dent on the rim that was easy to fix with a hammer and some spray paint, white, would fix that. Just to be sure we took off the other tire on the machine and cleaned up that one as well. Scotch pads work great, cheap ass white paint and nobody would ever know.

We cleaned off the axles of rust with my small angle grinder and it's wheel. I don't have any of the tools or plates to put blades on that grinder but those cup wire wheels work great. Since the wheels were off I tipped up the machine, surprised Hank about that, took off cover and looked around. Chains half seized a bit of Rustcheck and they would be fine. Drive wheel was ok but the slider didn't want to move too much, more Rustcheck. Rustcheck is a Canadian product. Works great to free up rusted parts and oils at the same time, without drying.

There is a second Rustcheck that looks almost identical. It's for stopping rust on cars. Don't mix the cans up. With that done we checked the belts. They were worn but ok. I checked out the front, sure enough regular bolt, I removed that and made a note to buy some shear pins. Carb was dirty, like really dirty. I would have to let that one soak this afternoon. It had spark though good sign.

As we worked I told Hank about everything that had happened this week. He laughed, good man, as I told him everything ...well almost everything I just couldn't tell him how crazy Hanz was making me feel. I found out that Hank is not really Ari's father. He is a step father and helped raise her from a little girl. Her real father had taken the real Leanna away. He didn't know the details as Anna always cried when it was brought up.

We continued to work, even though he knew my real name was Tony he continued to call me Leanna the entire time.

"Leanna, I know" he held up his hand" you look so much like Arianna that I can't help but call you Leanna. And you don't act like a guy at all." I just pointed to the work I was doing.

He chuckled a deep chuckle. I could fine myself falling in love with that...gods I'm doing it again. "I know you think you are doing 'manly" work." He said manly with a deeper voice." But dear you look like a little girl helping her daddy. " I did not pout." You really do and it makes my heart feel good. So be a good girl for your pa and keep going."

"But your not.."

"You said you were raised an orphan correct?" I nodded. Darn it must have something in my eye.

"Well I would be most honored to have a daughter as beautiful, both inside and out as you. Even if she is a touch of a tomboy..ooofff."

I hugged him and sobbed into his shoulder. Gods how I had always wanted a dad!

"Yes dddd daddy."

"That's my girl." he said softly while using the clean part of his arm to rub my back. He felt so good and warm...and most important to me. Safe. He let me sob years of loneliness into his shoulder before he put me back up.

I didn't know it at the time but the door to the garage had been opened as he and I connected. Anna and Arianna had listened. They gently closed the door without making a sound. Hank had seen the tears flowing down their faces. I didn't.

"Lets get these machines of yours fixed"

"Well checked out. I don't have the time today to fix them. I have to be at the shop.. oh dam what's the time."

"Almost two."

"Crap crap crap.. I have to go"

"Go where?"

"I , well , we sorta of promised be at the shop at two."

"The shop?"

"I sorta promised Hanz," He interrupted. "Your boyfriend"

'He can't be my boyfriend!"

He glared at me... I melted.

"Okay fine! My boyfriend! Happy?." he nodded and grinned.

"That I would get his shop up and running again as the old yardman had retired. The place is a mess. You know they used the Bridgeport, a frigging Bridgeport, as a drill press!" At his look he got it. Finally someone who understands me!

"The lathe is not much better"

"Don't tell me it's a Southbend."

"Uhm maybe. I didn't clean it off to check that yet." I may be have looked a tad sheepish.

Hank just looked at me with wide eyes before he stood up suddenly and opened the door of the garage.

"Anna you and Ari follow us later. My daughter and I" You have no idea how much I loved that part." are going to the shop now!" he bellowed. Then he closed the door before a word could be said.

"Right you missy let's get to this shop of yours." He was all ready to go. I had to grab his hands and lead him to the back where we washed our very dirty hands off. I guess I leaned forward enough that the ring popped out.

I could tell right away that he would have been far more comfortable in an old truck. The Kia, was a loaner he told me. On the way to the club, we may have driven a bit out of the way. Alright a lot out of the way, to the local Princess Auto store. It being the main store, we spent a bit of time walking the aisles, picked up some bolts/shear pins from the bin in the clearance section. A few small tools, a floor jack for Ari's place. His choice, not mine. It was on sale.

Three tire tubes, then a quick trip across to PeavyMart for more shear pins. Some oil, and some cleaners I had never heard about. We actually made good time.

That deserves an explanation. A gear head in either of those stores can spend over an hour at each store easily. We only spent fifteen minutes in each. The longest time was the check out at Princess. A couple shopping bags and a box later we were on our way to the club. Turned out that jack was a good purchase as the one at the shop didn't work.

"So are you going to tell me why my new daughter has a ring on a necklace around her pretty neck?" he brought up suddenly. I realized I had forgotten to mention that.

"Uhm I .. well .. It just happened and..." why do I feel like a naughty little girl trying to not tell her dad something?"


"It's a promise ring...from Hanz. But don't worry I'll give it back and all. I wasn't going to keep it or anything...."

"I would meet with this HANZ!"

"Yes daddy." I mumbled. Oh look my nail polish is all chipped! Why do I even care?

The trip to the club was fairly short. We got there and I walked with 'daddy' following close behind. Greg, Hanz, Keith, and Peter had already moved some of the dead machines outside to give us a bit more room. They had also set up some saw horses with some OSB on them. Not the best but it does in a pinch. Before anything was put on them we raided the recycle bin for some newspaper, there was lots, and we covered the OSB with newspapers.

Hank introduced himself as my dad to everyone. However he made me point out Hanz right away. He took Hanz off to the side and had words with him. I don't know what was said. I did not do the look at the door every minute thing. Really. I did take up an airline and blow out all the dust and crap in the heater so we could turn it on. Turned out to be a good thing. Although rarely used something had used the back of the heater to make a nest of some type. With all the dust and crap out you could see it was almost new it was used so little.

That is not a surprise. Most of the time golf courses shut down in the fall and open in spring. Any serious overhauls are done during the fall or spring. Long before the first course is opened for golf. There is winter kill that needs to be fixed. Tee boxes, fairways, and greens need repairs as mice love to make tunnels and nests under the snow. As a golfer you never see that. But trust me it happens.

I had worn a mask and Greg had held up the shop vac as I blew the crap out so it wasn't that messy. In a way that was a good thing as I didn't see Hanz and Hank enter the garage. Then again they also didn't see me doing acrobatics to get up to the heater, which is at the top of the shop higher than the step ladder would reach. I didn't know there was an extension ladder outside. They made me wait up there while they brought the ladder in to get me safely down.

"LEANNA WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!" Hank thundered at me. I looked down and just rubbed my hands together.

"It needed to be done. There was a bunch of crap and a nest"

"I DON"T CARE YOUNG LADY! I Have the good mind to put you over my knee..."

"Daddy Noooooo" where did that come from?

"Don't you ever do something like that again. UNDERSTAND!"

"Yes daddy."

"Good. I have given Hanz my permission to court you."


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