Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 Chapter 19

Chapter 19 Tia's POV.

“I'm glad I have your attention, Mrs Dione. I need you to be a good girl and cooperate with me. I could tell you that we have Vee in custody and we would do horrible things to her, but she is not in my personal hands and I like to only make threats or more accurately, promises that I can personally ensure are going to happen.”

I got a quick assurance from Andi that Vee was still free. The rush of fear that I initially felt was really unpleasant. What I needed right now was more time. “What do you want?”

“I will come to that. I just want you to know that I am a man of my word. When I say something, I mean it. I don't threaten, I promise. Why am I saying these things? Well Professor Baldwin clearly states that your abilities are all coming from you. In theory, you should be able to heal people and bring them back to their prime without turning them into women. To my mind, to achieve that all you need is motivation and I am going to provide that.

“I believe that the number of transformations was never increased. At the moment we can only connect eight headsets together and after one two hour session, it is automatically locked out for twenty four hours, or more accurately twenty two since the timer starts from activation. Our experts are working on taking away the lockout, that way you can do multiple sets of two hours. However, that is for the future.

“In the meantime you are going to be working on transforming men into super soldiers. Let me be clearer, you will transform them into male super soldiers. I have carefully chosen seven men who, for one reason or another, would be forced to retire shortly.”

“Why would I?”

“Good. Not, I notice, I can't, but why? As I said all you need is motivation. Now remember, I don't threaten, I promise. Unfortunately, I am under orders to make it look like you have not been harmed. There are however many things we can do that will leave no visible sign. You are an attractive woman.” He dropped his gaze to give my breasts a good slow looking over. The table was blocking him seeing further, but he was making a point. “I'm sure it has been too long since you have enjoyed the company of a good man, or maybe I should say men.”

I had to close my eyes. He probably thought he had scared me. In fact, I was trying to calm down Andi and Inda. Andi kept on sending me these images of electrocuting penises, making them shrivel up and turn black. I almost started laughing, because if anyone tried to rape me they were going to be in for a rude shock. I was just barely able to control myself to keep from bursting out into laughter at the images Andi was sending me. “You say you are a man of your word. Please be specific. Are you offering to take me out on a date?”

“No you stupid bitch, if you don't succeed, you are going to be raped in every hole, by every man on this site. Then you might try a bit harder the next time. Is that specific enough?”

In one respect this was perfect. They would leave me alone for two hours, which should give enough time for Davina to get set up. I also appreciated having less worries about hurting any of the men I would have to go through to escape. My only worry was trying to explain everything to mum and what her reaction would be. “I will try and do my best.” I tried to use a subdued voice, but I am not sure that I pulled it off.

Two guards came back in and with the one in the corner, they carefully unlocked my handcuffed ankles, but left my hands still locked, and led me to another room that had eight hospital beds set up with VDR headsets. I recognized mine, it still had Andi written on it. I had taken it with me when I surrendered. I figured if I didn't they might have searched until it was found and then they would have captured Vee and my guards. They got me to lie on the bed and then handcuffed my hands to the side supports and then did the same with my legs. It left me naked, spread eagled and feeling very vulnerable. Andi flashed me a few more images of penis destruction and I felt a reassuring squeeze from Inda.

Seven men came in. I would guess they were in their forties, but I couldn't guess their ailments. To give me extra motivation, Mr Smith came in and joked with them, telling them, that if I did anything in VDR that they didn't like, I would be here waiting for them, helpless. They arranged themselves and had their headsets on before Mr Smith personally fitted mine. He casually stroked my leg getting pretty high up. I hit resume as quickly as I could.

I woke up in bed alone. I almost felt like crying because Vee wasn't with me. The maids came but were puzzled by Vee's absence. I told them we had seven guests next door that needed careful handling. I suggested the Royal guard and that I needed to speak to mum immediately. Vee's maids rushed off and my maids took me into our bathroom for a wash and change of clothes. They got out my Taigoa clothing, but I told them not today, so they choose my normal day wear.

Soon after I had changed mum arrived with a concerned look upon her face. I couldn't help myself, I rushed into her arms and cried. After I had cried myself out, she guided me to a set of chairs. She was in her Taigoa gear.

“What has happened? Why is Vee not with you? Has anything happened to her?”

“Vee is fine. In my world, I have been captured again.”

“What about your familiars and your guards, could they not protect you?”

“We were surrounded by overwhelming forces, I allowed them to capture me so that Vee and the others could escape. I have been waiting for my guards to arrive at where I am being held before I unleash Andi and Inda. I am here for seven days and then when I return, my guards should be in place. You have to remember I am trying to build an Elven Nation, but it is a slow process, there are still so few of us. They caught us with an unexpected attack and when I tried to flee, they surrounded me.”

“So when you return you will need to fight your way free? What about these humans that you have brought with you.” Mum continued stroking my hair to try and sooth me.

“The enemy. They want me to transform them into Elven men. I don't want to help them at all. I thought we could remove their memories before we return.”

“No. We need to turn them into allies, to help you break free.”

“I don't want them for allies.” I was adamant.

“Why would you not want them for allies? What are you not telling me?”

I sighed. “There have been some threats made if they are not changed. They seemed to be pretty happy with hurting me. I'm not sure I could ever trust them.”

“What threat?” She was already angry and I hadn't even told her yet what they threatened me with. I wasn't sure I should. She reached forwards tenderly to touch my forehead. I thought she was just being nice but she had an ulterior motive. “I ask for truth, by Lagbit's will, I ask for truth.”


“I could see your reluctance and that worries me. So I cheated. I'm your mother, so sue me. Now, why didn't you want to tell me?”

“Because it would hurt you and make you really angry.”

“What was the threat?”

“Rape, by multiple men in multiple holes.”

She stood up suddenly. “I'll castrate the lot of them. No, that is not enough. I'll, I'll...” She was practically vibrating with anger.

“Mum.” I stood up and held her. She was stiff and unresponsive initially. “I need your guidance, not your anger.” She needed to take this truth spell off me, I didn't want to say that. I wanted to sooth her, I did not want to argue with her. It seemed to work though. She relaxed into my arms and we hugged again.

“I release you. You are right though, we need cool heads. I may still castrate them, but if I do, it will not be when I am angry. We need a council of war, but first I need to do some research because I have an excellent idea.” She turned to my maids. “Bathe her, give her massages, relax her, pamper her and get her ready for lunch. At lunch you will need to tell us everything and we will work out what to do.”

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