Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Tia's POV.

We didn't even bother packing. Leaving everything behind, even the camera crew, we just jumped in the car with our headsets and drove straight to the airport. Every elf might be in danger eventually, but I was in danger right now. I had a security escort of twelve besides Vee and the maids, so we were in three cars. Roni had already booked the flight based on immediate availability. In fact, she booked two, one that she was hoping we would make to Paris and another half an hour later to Germany, in case we missed it. The second leg could be organized after we were on the plane.

We had no problem getting there, parking or getting into the airport. Andi was telling me that we had been spotted entering, as there was some chatter. I took everyone into the Ladies to get out of view and listen to what Andi was saying and when I pulled out my phone, she started showing me images of men in airport security vests with automatic weapons closing off the exits.

“OK everyone, we have a problem.” I showed my security people the images that Andi was showing. I went through a few scenarios with Andi and it led to only one conclusion. I was going to be captured. If I was not careful the people I loved and cared about were going to be hurt. “They have blocked the exits and information has already been passed to prevent us from boarding. Until the legislation has been passed, they are going with the potential terrorism excuse. This load of bullshit is purely for the press of course. What is really behind it are politicians that just want to control what I can do.”

“We'll protect you. It's what we do.” This came from Davina's second in command, Sheila.

I put my hand on her arm. “Andi has run the numbers and there is no alternative, I will be taken, I need you, and the rest of you to do a different job for me” I said gesturing to everyone, apart from Vee who was behind me clutching me strongly. “They must have no leverage to use against me. Vee must be protected, her parents, my parents, anyone they think they can use to force me, must be taken away from them, kept safe. Andi will let you know where I am and we can plan a rescue, but the rescue must include getting off this island. If you stay with me then we will all be taken.”

“No. No. We will not let them take you.”

“I order you all to stay still and quiet in here for the next five minutes.”

“You can't order me.” Vee said, “I never took the oath.”

“No darling.” I kissed her passionately on the lips. “But you have an extra passenger to protect and my biggest fear is they will use you to force me to do their will. Andi tells me that at the moment their orders are to arrest me and anybody with me. If you do not seem to be anything to do with me, you should all escape. I will go shopping, blatantly and openly. I need to go now my love. Look after my brave guards, I will need them to save me later.” I kissed her one more time, then I hugged her quickly and disengaged, before she could object I was out the door. I mentally asked Inda to hold the door closed for a few moments. I heard sobbing and 'Tia' from behind the door, but I had no choice and resolutely marched away.

I didn't go anywhere near the shops, I moved as quickly as I could to find an exit distant enough from that toilet that there would be no association. Andi had been careful not to do anything that would give her away, but her main priority was my safety so now all bets were off.

Mr Smith's POV

I was frustrated. Yes we had managed to capture Mrs Dione, but they were supposed to bring everyone with her. In particular, I needed her wife, her pregnant wife. Since Mrs Dione had given herself up alone no one used any initiative to find her companions. Now her wife was missing, fuck even her parents were missing. With no other options I was going to have to break her. I needed to motivate her, to let her know what consequences awaited failure, to get the most out of her.

Tia's POV

They had handcuffed me and put me in a van with no windows and then injected me with some sedative. I woke up in another hospital bed, at least I wasn't chained this time. It was a small room painted this horrible pinkish beige. There was a small window with bars across it and the door looked heavy duty. And why the hell was I naked again.

I queried Andi, we were in an abandoned mental hospital with electrical surveillance and minimal guards. Things were looking up. Six guards on my hospital floor with cattle prods and no guns. Roving patrols into the grounds with a minimum of eight stationed on the floor below, all heavily armed. It was an extremely isolated location. One guy in charge on the floor above. This was doable. The majority of the major doors were electrically controlled.

Davina was already on her way with thirty elves and had managed to get hold of some guns and rifles. Andi was feeding her all the information and also helping with our planned escape from Britain. Inda was having fun pretending to be a ghost and scaring the soldiers with unexplained sounds. I could hear her chuckling in my mind. My communication with her was getting much better. I think she was also sending me a mental floor plan. I didn't have an image, but I knew that beyond my door was a corridor, going to the left was an electronic steel door and to the right there were more rooms like mine leading to a more open area where there were people. It was less about objects and more about where the spaces were, and objects moving through that space disturbing the stillness.

When I concentrated I could feel people moving in that space. I asked Andi if they could hear me and she said yes. I needed to use the toilet and to get some food and something to drink. “Hello, can someone hear me.” I said loudly. Then I concentrated again and felt someone get up from a sitting position and move down the corridor towards me. A face appeared in the small glass window in the top panel of the door.

It then disappeared and shortly three of them came back. It didn't bode well for me that they had left me with no clothes, no sheet or anything to cover myself and the guards were all male. I could tell by their voices. They peered through the window again to check that I was not close to the door and then opened it cautiously. Two of them were holding electrical devices like cattle prods and the third was holding a pair of handcuffs. Seriously, three strong men and they still need to put me in handcuffs?

I sighed, stood proudly from the bed and held my hands out in front of me. They led me to the bathroom when I told them I needed it. They stood over me while I urinated. At least I didn't have to pull my panties down in front of them, since I didn't have any. I could feel a rising level of anger in Andi and Inda. I mentally asked them to calm down, now was not the time to reveal our resources. I was then led to another bedroom like mine, but this one had been converted into an interview room. It just contained a table with a chair on either side. I was led to one chair and then my ankles were handcuffed to the chair legs.

Two of them left and the third stood in a corner still holding his cattle prod. When one returned he was carrying a tray with food and a plastic cup of water. It was clearly just a microwaved meal, at least it was vegetarian, macaroni and cheese. Although I suspect it was chosen because you can easily eat it with a plastic spoon. I ate it slowly and carefully and drank all the water. Then I sat back as much as I could. There was a camera on me, so the guard didn't need to speak into his walkie talkie.

I closed my eyes and tried to listen to what Inda was showing me. I felt a guard come in and take my tray away and then my attention was drawn to a man on the floor above me. I followed his progress as he went down some stairs into that open area I had already noted and made his way to me. He opened the door and stood still for a bit. My eyes were still closed but I suspected he was staring at me, assessing me. Then he walked to the other chair.

Andi informed me that this was Mr Smith and he was in charge. She also let me know that another vehicle had arrived with more men. She let me know Davina was getting closer, but would need to approach cautiously. Inda was communicating with Andi about the locations of guards and Andi was passing on that information, but Davina wouldn't be in a position to do anything for at least a couple of hours.

Mr Smith leaned forwards. I still had my eyes shut, just trying to take in all the information that I was receiving. I sensed some movement from him and then felt this sharp pain as the bastard slapped me. I opened my eyes and stared at him as I seethed in anger.

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