The Wish 2

The Wish 2
(Sequel to The Wish)

Emmett was on the couch playing video games when Luna, the cat, jumped near him. Emmett eyed the cat suspiciously as he continued playing. “Better not mess with me, cat,” Emmett warned her.

The cat hissed at Emmett and went for an attack on his wrist. “No, get off! I hate you,” Emmett said to the cat as he lost the game.

Emmett flung the cat off and stared at the screen. “Fuck you, cat,” Emmett said scornfully.

“Don’t talk like that to Luna,” Britney scolded.

Emmett rolled his eyes. “She attacked me for the hundredth time,” he complained.

“She just likes you is all,” Britney said.

Luna hissed at Emmett from afar. “Yeah, right,” Emmett doubted.

Britney picked up Luna and rubbed the cat’s fur up against her cheek affectionately. “I need you take care of Luna while I’m gone during my conference.”

“What? Fuck, no,” Emmett protested.

“I need you to be a team player,” Britney said displeased.

“Put the cat in some kennel,” Emmett suggested.

“You know I would never do that,” Britney objected. “They’ll put her in a small cage.”

“Okay, so, what about a food dispenser? I think I saw one at the mall,” Emmett recalled.

“You can’t just leave the cat alone for a week,” Britney said obviously.

“Holy Fuck, a week?” Emmett had a mini-freak out.

“She isn’t that bad. Don’t be a baby,” Britney chided.

“I expect to be compensated for this,” Emmett said bitterly.

Britney put the cat down and came close to Emmett. She placed her lips near to his and touched his dick through his pants. “You be a good boy, and I’ll give you whatever you want,” she said and then kissed him tenderly.

“Alright,” Emmett agreed.

“I still have tonight before my flight,” Britney said seductively.

“Well, let’s not waste time,” Emmett said getting up and following Britney to the bedroom.


Emmett considered himself a stud but Britney would have to disagree. Within five minutes, Emmett grunted as he released inside her. “Wow, that was good,” Emmett said pleased.

Brittney rolled her eyes. “At least one of us is satisfied. If you’re going to cum so quickly, you could at least do more foreplay.”

“Like what?” Emmett asked ignorantly.

“You could go down on me for one,” she suggested.

“Gross,” Emmett said immaturely.

“What’s the big deal? I suck your cock for you,” Brittney pointed out.

“That’s different,” Emmett said without going into explanation.

“Whatever,” Brittney said as she got into her nightgown. “I’m going to sleep. I have a long flight.”


Emmett woke up late and groggily got out of bed. He was butt naked from the previous night’s activities. He looked over the bed and found Britney gone. “Oh yeah,” he realized. She had already left for her plane without waking him. He then noticed the cat was in the room staring at him.

Emmett eyed the open door and smirked at the cat. “Like what you see?” he asked rhetorically.

The cat meowed at him in reply. “Well, let’s get you something to eat,” Emmett said after he put on his shorts and shirt.

Emmett poured Luna some cat food and sat on the couch to watch TV. Luna ate her meal and then joined Emmett on the couch. Emmett changed the channel to a dog show. “How do you like that? See how much better dogs are than cats?” Emmett said to Luna.

Luna immediately jumped up and attacked him. “What the fuck?” Emmett cried out as he fought against the cat. After a brief struggle, he got the cat off of him.

“No, bad cat,” Emmett scolded her as she ran off.

Emmett shook his head annoyed and called up his roommate. “Hey, Jim, I’m going to be at Britney’s place for a while,” Emmett said.

“Is it something I did? Something I said? I am so sorry,” Jim apologized profusely.

“No, I’m just house-sitting for Britney’s cat,” Emmett explained.

“It’s cool. It’s none of my business what you two do,” Jim said.

“No, let me explain everything,” Emmett smirked. “Last night…,” Emmett began.

“I don’t what to know,” Jim said honestly.

“Suit yourself. I’m just telling you where I will be,” Emmett said.

“Sounds good,” Jim said and hung up.

Emmett put down his cell phone and looked at the cat staring at him. “What a square? I was just about to tell him everything that went down last night.”

The cat simply stared at him. “You think he’s a queer?” Emmett said as if speaking for the cat.

“Well, that is a fair assessment,” Emmett agreed.


Later that day, Emmett received a phone call from Britney. “I’ve touched down finally. How’s Luna?” Britney asked.

“Still alive, unfortunately,” Emmett muttered.

“Don’t be like that. Did you feed her?” Britney asked.

“Yeah,” Emmett replied annoyed.

“So, we’re pairing up two girls to a room. The company wants to save on hotel expenses,” Britney said.

“So?” Emmett asked unconcerned.

“You jealous?” she asked.

“Why would I?” Emmett said distracted by a football game.

“Well, okay, fine. I’ll give you a call tomorrow,” Britney said slightly disappointed.

“Yeah, sure,” Emmett said still distracted.


Brittney, meanwhile, started having odd thoughts about her female co-workers. Since they shared the same room, they would undress from business clothes to casual and back. They took turns taking a shower, always fully undressing in the bathroom. Still, Brittney felt a weird longing to see the other three girls naked in the shower or walking around the room in their underwear. When it came to sleep, it was two girls to a bed. Brittney turned away from her sleeping co-worker disturbed by her new thoughts. What’s wrong with me?


Emmett had no such concerns until he went to work. Once he got there, all of his male and female co-workers gave him an odd look. “Nice haircut,” one of them said to him.

“I haven’t had a hair cut in two weeks,” Emmett said confused by how they were acting.

As the day went on, a co-worker told him that the boss wanted to see him. “Really?” Emmett sighed wondering what he did wrong this time.

He entered his boss’ office, but he was all smiles. “Are the others giving you a bad time?” he asked.

“Not really,” Emmett asked confused.

“That’s good. Here, we’re tolerant of many different lifestyle choices,” the boss said.

“Okay…,” Emmett allowed not sure where this was going.

“So, you can dress how you want, cut your hair how you want, as long as its professional,” the boss said.

“Nice to know,” Emmett replied.

“That’s all,” the boss said dismissing him.

Emmett came out of the office unsettled. He was wearing the same suit as always and had the same haircut as always since he started. What was everyone else’s problem?


After ensuring the cat was still alive, Emmett went over to his apartment to pick up some new clothes. “Hi,” his roommate said nervously.

“Jim, what’s up with you? You’ve been acting weird,” Emmett said losing patience.

“How so? Have I offended you?” he asked.

“No, and why would you care if you offend me? If I wanted to be offended, I could talk about your music, your choice of television, your video games. You have terrible tastes, man,” Emmett said bluntly.

“I’m sorry. I thought this arrangement would work out,” Jim said apologetically.

“It still can. Chill out,” Emmett said as he looked for his clothes. “Dude, why are there girl clothes in my closet,” Emmett said annoyed.

“You brought them here, remember?” Jim said confused.

“Did I?” Emmett wondered. He didn’t remember ever bringing Brittney’s clothes over to his apartment. That still didn’t explain why none of his clothes were there. “Yeah, but my clothes are gone.”

“Look, no one came in or out since you left,” Jim said defensively.

“Weird,” Emmett said ticked off. “Look, someone stole my clothes. I am not accusing you or anything, but I am going need some of yours until I go shopping.”

“I guess,” Jim said.

“I just need some underwear, a shirt, some shorts, and that’s all,” Emmett said.

“Sure,” Jim allowed. “I want you to know that I fully support whatever it is that you’re doing.”

“Thanks,” Emmett said sarcastically.

After taking some clothes from Jim, Emmett went back to Brittney’s apartment.


After feeding Luna, Emmett amused himself by pointing a laser pointer at the wall. The cat immediately tried to go after it. “Dumb cat,” Emmett said as he moved the red light around the wall. After a few minutes of this, Emmett got bored and started playing video games. He chose a female avatar that looked hawt, and began killing things.

The cat meanwhile climbed into the Christmas tree toppling it. “Really?” Emmett said displeased as a few ornaments shattered. He put the tree back up and cleaned up the mess.

“Bad kitty,” Emmett said to the cat and placed her in the kitchen. Then using barriers, he trapped the cat inside the kitchen.

The cat attempted to get over the barriers without success and then climbed up on the kitchen counters. Emmett wasn’t paying attention as the cat dropped down over the barriers and attacked him while he continued to play. “What the hell?” Emmett said as he lost control of his controller.

Emmett took hold of the cat and placed the cat inside Brittney’s bedroom and closed the door. “I’d like to see you open doors,” Emmett said victoriously and went back to his video games.

Once he was done, he opened the door to the bedroom to check up on the cat. To his dismay, the cat had toppled everything on top of the drawers, shredded the pillows, and tore the canopy. “Bad cat!” Emmett yelled at her. The cat hissed in reply.

“You want to play games. We can play games,” Emmett threatened and placed the cat in a transport box. “How do you like that?”

The cat hissed and tried to get at him. “Fuck you, cat,” Emmett said victoriously and went back to watching TV. After an hour, Emmett felt sorry for the cat and released her.

“If you’re bad, you go in the box,” Emmett told her.

The cat seemed to understand and stayed away from him for the rest of the evening.


Brittney had a nerve wracking day as she was subjected to hours of reviewing nearly naked women for swimsuit issues. Once she got back to the hotel, she was the first to take a shower. Touching herself, she tried to think of Emmett but it did nothing for her. She knew it was wrong, but she had to get off. She thought of her co-workers and the random women in the swimsuit issues and rubbed herself hard. She nearly collapsed in the shower as she came.

“It’s just a few more days,” she told herself.

Temporarily relieved, Brittney lay in bed and called Emmett.

“Sup?” Emmett answered.

“Do you have a cold?” she asked.

“No, why?” he asked confused.

“You just sound different. Anyway, how’s Luna?” she asked.

“That cat is one mean bastard,” Emmett said.

“Better not mess with my cat,” Brittney said annoyed.

“The cat’s fine. Funny thing happened at my apartment. All of my clothes are gone,” Emmett said.

“Just wear mine,” Brittney said without thinking.

“Yeah, right, good one,” Emmett said sarcastically.

“Just hang out in the apartment naked like you like to do,” Brittney suggested.

“Maybe, I will,” Emmett replied.

“You just have to deal with her for a few more days. Think you can handle it?” Brittney asked condescendingly.

“Yeah, I can handle it,” Emmett said.


The next day at work, Emmett was directed to interview a new employee. He looked at the resume, a generic college graduate one. He also looked over a referral that indicated she was the wife of an army service member. “So, mind if I call you Eve?” Emmett said friendly.

“Not at all,” she said friendly.

“Tell me a little about yourself,” Emmett said.

“I’m married, I have one son, I graduated from…,” she began.

“Any pets?” Emmett interrupted.

“Two dogs,” Eve answered.

“What breed if I may ask?” Emmett continued.

“Two German Shepherds, one male, one female,” she said.

“Dogs are great unlike cats,” Emmett remarked.

“Sure,” Eve humored him.

“Man’s best friend,” Emmett smiled.

“And for us women too,” Eve added.

Emmett froze upon hearing that. “I’m sorry. What was that last part?”

“Just that dogs are great for us women too. Rex saved me twice from robbers,” Eve said.

“I’m not a woman,” Emmett said obviously.

Eve gave Emmett an odd look. “My mistake. Other than the suit, you look exactly like a woman,” she said.

“Hold that thought,” Emmett said and went over to another co-worker. “Do I look like a man or a woman?” he asked.

“Is this a trick question?” he asked.

“No, just answer the question,” Emmett demanded losing patience.

“A woman, Emily, of course,” the co-worker said.

Emmett went back to Eve. “We’ll have to reschedule this interview. It’s not your fault. I must be losing my mind,” Emmett said.

“I don’t think you are. I’ve seen this before,” Eve said.

“What do you mean?” Emmett asked.

“It’s when all of reality says you’re something that you know you’re not. Sometimes, it takes a while for you to realize it,” Eve said.

“How do you know this?” Emmett asked.

“Because it happened to me,” she replied.

“Everything looks good, here. It just requires official approval from my boss. Do you mind if I call you later,” Emmett said.

“Absolutely,” Eve said pleased and then gave him a worried expression.


Emmett went home and looked at himself in the mirror. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary. All of his social media accounts still listed his name as Emmett and all his pictures looked the same. Checking his girlfriend’s account, he noticed that her Facebook profile stated she was interested in women. Overlooking it, he went through her pictures and found a large collection of photos of the two together. Looking even further in her timeline, he found unusual pictures with her and other women. They were night club photos where she was holding hands with another woman. Digging deeper, he saw Brittney dancing with the woman, hugging the woman, and finally kiss the woman on the lips in front of other people.

“Straight women do this all the time,” Emmett said to himself.

He then looked at the profile of the other woman that had been tagged. Scanning the profile, the woman was an obvious Lesbian with gay pride all over the profile. She was in a new relationship with another woman. It could still mean that Brittney was merely bisexual. Emmett decided to get to the bottom of this.

“Hello,” Brittney answered.

“Are you Bi?” Emmett asked bluntly.

“Of course not. What gave you that idea?” Brittney said but was secretly disturbed by the accusation.

“I see a picture of you making out with another woman a few years ago and that woman is a total Lesbian,” Emmett accused.

“That’s crazy. I have never kissed a girl. Who’s the woman you speak of?” Brittney asked.

Emmett gave her the name. “She was my roommate, and yes, she was a Lesbian, but I was fine with it. We never kissed or made out,” Brittney said.

“Really? Because, I see dozens of pictures of you two together,” Emmett said skeptically.

“Because we were roommates. Nothing more,” Brittney said.

Emmett couldn’t believe it but then thought of what Eve had said to him. “Have people been acting strange around you?” he asked changing the subject.

“Only you,” she said annoyed.

“I’ll call you later,” Emmett promised and hung up.


The next day was a Saturday. Brittney was expected to arrive later that night. Emmett called up Eve, and she invited him for a walk in the park. She came with her young son in a stroller, and a male German Shepherd. The dog gave him a curious look as he approached.

“I realize that this must look bad with you being married and all,” Emmett apologized.

“Not at all. To everyone else, we’re just two girls in the park,” she said cheerfully.

“Right, so what’s going on? Why does everyone think I am a woman?” Emmett asked.

“I can only tell you what happened to me. I took care of Rex when my husband was in a coma; he wasn’t my husband at the time. Rex felt that it would be best if I was a female companion to his master, so he wished me into a woman,” Eve explained.

“Your dog wished you into a woman?” Emmett asked incredulous.

“I was a young man without direction. Now, I have a degree, a spouse, a house, two great dogs, and my son,” Eve said.

Emmett couldn’t call the woman crazy after everything he had been through. “How do you know it was the dog?” he asked.

“The changes happened once he entered my life,” she answered.

“It’s the bloody cat,” Emmett realized.

“I’m sorry,” Eve said confused.

“Your dog this to you; it must be my cat,” Emmett assumed.

“Maybe,” Eve guessed. “I figure pets have wishes and desires just like we do.”

“The cat is trying to split us up. If we’re both girls, we’ll break up,” Emmett said pissed off.

“Do you and your cat not get along?” Eve asked.

“That would be an understatement,” Emmett grumbled.

“I can’t give you all the answers. I can only tell you what happened to me,” Eve said to him.

“Thanks for everything,” Emmett said and ran off.

Eve smiled and shook her head. “Alright, let’s go, Rex.”


Emmett came back to the apartment pissed off. He immediately found the cat and grabbed her by the neck. “I know what you’re up to, cat. You’re going to fix it back or end up at the pound,” he threatened.

The cat merely hissed back at him. “I’m serious,” Emmett said.

The cat struggled to get free of him scratching up his hands. Emmett dropped the cat and got the transport container. As he did, he suddenly felt sick and collapsed on the floor. Looking down, he saw his hands become smaller and his finger nails grow. His hair became jet black and short. As his face became more feminine, he suddenly couldn’t remember what he was about to do. Within a few seconds, he had the face of a cute girl.

Emmett’s body began to shrink but magically his clothes shrank with him. His blue jeans morphed into women’s jeans and his t-shirt shrank from large to small. His tennis shoes shrank down from size 10 to size 6 within seconds as his feet became more feminine.

Emmett began touching himself all over as he realized his body was changing. He then felt his chest bulge out and his nipples protrude from his shirt. “No, no, no, this can’t be happening,” he shrieked with a higher-pitched voice.

In a sudden burst of madness, Emmett tore off his new clothes and looked at himself in the mirror. His body was almost completely female except for his shrinking cock and balls. He felt his chest as his breasts continued to expand. Emmett then fearfully looked at the cat.

“Please, I’m sorry, Luna. Change me back. I’ll be nice, I promise,” Emmett pleaded.

The cat merely stared at him. Emmett went to grab the cat but then his thoughts radically changed. Instead of hating the cat, he now felt like he had always loved her company. He began to feel new memories of how he had Luna on his lap and had frequently petted her. He soon realized that all of his new memories were of him as a woman.

“I’ll do anything. Anything but this,” Emmett said to the cat.

It was too late though as Emmett’s cock and balls shrank to nothing and a new opening emerged. Emmett gasped as he felt new female organs forming inside him. As she experienced her first female orgasm, Emily looked down at the cat with newfound appreciation.

“Oh my God, I should get dressed,” she said embarrassed to be naked in front of the cat.

Emily went to her closet and saw an entire row of female clothes. Uncertain what to wear, she turned to the cat. “You know what? You’re right. Being naked around the house works too,” she smiled.


A distressed Brittney finally arrived at her apartment and opened the door. “Emmett, you here?” she asked as she entered. She then saw Luna meow at her.

“Oh, hey,” Brittney said to Luna kneeling down to her level. “Were you a good girl? Don’t worry about a thing. Mommy’s here.”

The cat enjoyed Brittney’s touch. “Was Emmett nice to you?”

The cat merely meowed in response. “Where is he?” Brittney wondered and went to go call him. As she did, his phone rang inside the apartment.

“Probably asleep,” Brittney assumed.

Emily then entered the living room all dressed up. “Who are you and what are you doing in my apartment?” Brittney demanded. She immediately jumped to the conclusion that her boyfriend was cheating on her.

“It’s me, Emily,” Emily replied smiling.

Brittney suddenly recognized Emily as the love of her life. “I’m sorry. I’ve completely lost my mind.”

“Hey, no problem. I’ve missed you,” Emily said and then kissed Brittney.

Brittney felt completely naturally kissing Emily, her girlfriend of the last few years. She had been so stressed out by her female co-workers but all of that was over. She had Emily here with her. The two girls kissed passionately as Brittney needed to relieve her stress from work. They both furiously took off their tops and began touching each other’s breasts.
Emily expertly touched Brittney’s nipples with her non-feminine hands and began to suck on them. Brittney did the same and then the two girls pushed their breasts together as they kissed.

“I want more,” Brittney said breathlessly.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” Emily suggested.

The two quickly got out of their remaining clothes and got on the bed. Emily got on top of Brittney and began grinding. “I have been waiting all week for this,” Brittney said as she felt her clit being stimulated.

“Same here, babe,” Emily replied just as enthralled.

Emily then went down on Brittney licking and sucking on her clit. Brittney cried out as she felt Emily circle her clit with her tongue. She had never felt anything like this. She couldn’t remember a time when they had done this before. For some odd reason she could only remember Emily using a strap-on to fuck her.

Brittney tensed up as she felt her orgasm. “Oh my God. I needed that,” Brittney said overwhelmed.

“You mind doing the same for me?” Emily teased.

“Oh, sorry,” Brittney said getting into position.

Emily relaxed as Brittney went to work on her. Everything had turned out right. Luna, the cat, had a new feminine and more understanding owner. Emily and Brittney could now explore a new side of themselves they hadn’t experienced before. As Emily experienced her orgasm, her pupils became slits for just a second.

Brittney and Emily then came together kissing and gently rubbing each other while Luna watched from the doorway.

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