Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Tia's POV

That dinner we made the announcement to Mary and Kayla. We got lots of hugs and kisses with our congratulations. They announced another Royal celebration to be held in three days time. No horse drawn parade this time, but similar to a ball. There would be an evening of food, drink and dancing. At least this time I felt more confident that we could do some of the more formal dances.

The next morning at our Taigoa session, I noticed that Katie and Ash were exchanging significant glances and made sure to stop Katie from just disappearing after we had finished. Ash stayed behind as well, hovering protectively beside her. I decided I couldn't talk to one without the other which was going to make my conversation that much harder, so I tried the silent treatment to see if they would break. I just sat on the bench with Vee besides me looking at Katie expectantly.

She smiled, looked at Ash besides her, almost to give herself a boost in confidence. “Err...”

She was really struggling, but I could see the truth. Still, it would be better if it was out in the open. “I tell you what Katie. When I fell in love with Vee, I was put under truth spell and literally had no choice but to tell the truth. It was strangely liberating. Would you like me to do the same to you?”

She nodded a bit sheepishly. I had learnt this spell during our journey. I indicated for both Katie and Ash to kneel in front of me. I looked each of them in the eye and touched their forehead saying “I ask for truth, by Lagbit's will, I ask for truth.

“Katie do you love Ash?”

“Yes I do.”

“Ash do you love Katie?”

“Yes I do.”

“I release you. Now was that so hard?”

They both hugged each other and pretty much ignored us. We got up and left them to it. Another bonded pair. There were all sorts of questions of how that was going to end up, but I believed that love conquers all. They were happy so I was happy.

It is normal to have a celebration when a pair declare they are bonded, which is normally organised by the families involved. Since Katie was my guest and we were already celebrating Vee's pregnancy, Mary and Kayla suggested we make it a joint celebration.

Mum had managed to transform two people at the same time and the next day had managed three, but found that a strain. It did mean we could probably double our number of transformations to ten per real day fairly safely. I asked mum to tell me if she either felt stronger and we could experiment again or felt it was too much and we needed to slow down. She was on such a high with the pregnancy and her involvement to come that I don't think anything could get her down.

The celebration was a combination of all things I like in a good party. Good food, good drink, good company, good music and great dancing. It was nice that Vee and I were not the sole focus and we could celebrate with Katie and Ash. The rest of the week was the relatively routine training. Trying to communicate with Inda, my new wind familiar was initially an exercise in frustration, but became less so with each day. By the time we were leaving, I was getting more of a handle on it. Apparently, the second familiar is always easier than the first, but until you try the ceremony you don't know if you are going to get any more familiars or not. Most druids are happy if one decides to bond. It was unusual to have three and it indicates a very powerful druid.

When I woke up to the real world I could feel both Andi and Inda present in my mind. Professor Baldwin, came in to chat, partly because they were doing brain scans today and partly because the sensors indicated a different pattern than normal. I had to explain that I tried to increase the number of people that I could help by asking Myra to treat more than one person at a time. She found two doable but three was a stress. He had noted that instead of a brain surge from me followed by a brain surge in one of the people to be transformed, this time after one brain surge from me, two different people had a brain surge and then after the next brain surge from me, three people had a brain surge. That fit with what I had attempted, so he didn't think he needed to continue his observations.

I spent the next couple of hours as their guinea pig, trying to map out how my brain was different. They were quite excited after the MRI. They found something that they thought was unusual, that they could check other people for. There was an urgency because there was a lot of pressure on them to publish their results. Professor Baldwin told me that he expected to publish his paper on the Friday, which was in three days time. Initially a summary article would be published online, but there were several distinguished journals that wanted the full article.

I thought I would have a couple of hours to relax after that before our dinner with Vee's parents, but we had to pack everything up to move to the rental that Simone had organized. We did, however, get an unusual surprise. Karl and Larry were none other that Clair and Belle, our apprentice maids. After their transformations they had a long chat with mum and decided that we needed maids in the real world and they were perfectly suited for that. When we arrived back they were packing our suitcases for us.

They were taking the view that it is easier to ask forgiveness than seek permission, but they were very tense, worried that we would reject them. We sat them down and wanted to reassure ourselves that this was what they really wanted. They explained that in their family households there was a big division in the sexes. The women cooked and cleaned and the men provided. They had spent their childhood dreaming of cooking and cleaning, as strange as that sounds. Being free to do that, was not a chore in their eyes, it was an expression of their femininity. Plus they loved fashion and playing dress up. I was like a life size version of a Barbie doll. Vee was more particular about what she wore and things like makeup and hair. I had no clue about any of it. I had spent a life with no thoughts in that direction whatsoever, so I liked the idea of having someone to help me with it and told them so, to their huge relief.

So they packed our bags for us. Ran us a bath and then helped choose what I was going to wear, followed by helping me with my hair and makeup. It was all approved by Vee and we headed off to our restaurant reservation. The Cardinal Kingston was the pub where I had first met Vee's parents and made the joke that she was pregnant. Now of course it was no joke, but I still wasn't sure how they were going to take it. Intellectually, even I considered us a bit young to be having a child, even though I wanted it to happen and was looking forward to it. Katie of course knew, but, hopefully hadn't told Roni who was also there.

Besides our table, there was a camera crew who were setting up and another table between us and the entrance with six of our security detail. More were waiting in the car park, just in case. We were there a little bit early, so we were able to set up and wait for Sue and Terry.

I thought of several dramatic ways we could tell them that they were going to be grandparents. My initial idea of presenting the positive pregnancy test, which was still in my handbag as a plan B, lost out on the basis that it is essentially a stick that has been peed on. Even if it has got a lid, it is not something you want to give someone in a restaurant. I thought of giving them a pair of knitting needles, as they need to start knitting some socks, but that seemed a bit lame. In the end I went with the classic dessert with writing on it. Deep fried brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate writing. Choosing the words was really tricky, as what I wanted to write was too many letters and wouldn't fit. I ended up with 'one in the oven'.

It took me ages to come up with that. Which is why I felt a momentary flash of irritation when as soon as they sat down, Vee just looked at them with tears in her eyes and blabbed, “I'm pregnant.”

After group hugs, a few 'I'm too young to be a grandmother' and lots of tissues, we were able to calm down and enjoy our meal. All of the emotional drama was beautifully caught on camera. I don't think they have actually read our website and you don't generally discuss your sex life with your parents, so I could see them delicately trying to ask, without asking, who the father was. I explained that I was the other mother and that our altered biology was responsible. They are pretty accepting parents and they took it all in their stride.

This was all recorded and later made an appearance on our TV show. The feminists loved it, but virtually everybody else hated it. The church of this and that all denounced it. According to Andi someone was paying huge amounts of money to campaign against us on a PR front. Andi did trace the money, but the information she gathered didn't make any sense. For the next three days we were vilified. All the choices we had made regarding the transformations were criticized and compared with better choices. In particular, the candidates we had chosen for financial gain were compared against quadriplegics or MS sufferers.

On the Friday, Professor Baldwin's short paper was published online and the Tia bashing worsened. I had been given this life giving gift and I was wasting it. I was being irresponsible. I was not mature enough to handle the responsibility.

We had not been idle during this time. There was a reason behind this attack, but unfortunately, whatever it was, there was no electronic trail for Andi to follow. We changed our candidate selection to only security. We had been thinking of staying in England and just moving to a more isolated address, so that we could control the security arrangements better. Now we were looking abroad. Mexico was out, since Andi knew our security would never be enough. The General in Fiji was very happy with the progress of his daughter and had offered his protection until our island was ready.

The question was whether we trusted him or not. Thus far, there was no reason to not trust him and it wasn't like he would get nothing out of it. He could charge us taxes and our presence was likely to generate publicity and probably more tourism for the country.

The final straw on that Friday was a private members bill introduced to Parliament to take ownership of the national treasure, meaning me, and direct how to use this national resource. I am guessing a lot of back room deals had taken place, which meant we had no obvious warning. Now that we knew what was going on the rest made sense. The money that was being used was from contributors to the party.

Before they could vote to eliminate all my rights, apparently I was not a human anymore so did not qualify under human rights, we decided to leave and went straight to the airport for the first flight out.

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