Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 Chapter 15

Chapter 15 Tia's POV

Vee was only one day late and that was based on what mum had told me about our biology, but the question was definitely there. Was she pregnant? Do you do a pregnancy test and would it react the same way as it would for a human? Sharon thought it would, but she also took blood from both of us and sent it for a hormonal analysis. She suggested we both take the test, if we both tested positive then it was probably invalid, if only Vee did, then she probably was pregnant.

This explained why we were both in the hotel bathroom holding a stick and looking for blue lines, or a cross to be more accurate. We looked at the sticks and looked at each other.

“How do you feel?” I asked her.

“Apparently, I feel pregnant.” She gave a slightly hysterical laugh. “Well that was not in my plan. You know what, it will be great. If I am going to have a child, I would want it with you.”

I gave her another kiss and cuddle. She seemed a bit shaky. “Do we tell anyone?”

“Yes. I am definitely telling my parents.”

“No. I didn't mean that. Do we tell the world? We had to put on the website that the female elves in the story are able to have children together. We even have given all the elves we have transformed the birds and bees talk, elf style. We haven't forbidden anyone to talk about it and Andi informs me that the correct information is on the web.” I paused for a second as Andi told me exactly what was shown. “Apparently, one of our transformee's was interviewed by a friend who surreptitiously recorded it and downloaded it to youtube. The thing is, before it was all theory. Now it is fact. Do we let them know?”

“Give me a little while to digest it myself and inform my parents.”

I mentally asked Andi to ask Roni to sort out a restaurant reservation for six and liaise with Davina about security. “What about Katie and Roni?”

“If we tell them, with all the camera crew about, I am pretty sure everyone will know and I don't want my parents to be the last.”

“At least we were married first. I made an honest woman of you.”

“What are you talking about? You wanted to be the honest woman. You'll just have to live it through me until it is your turn. I don't think we can try again until after I have given birth. You do realize that every time we try, I could get pregnant again, rather than you.”

“Or as well as me.” I added.

“After yesterday, people are going to ask me, especially Sharon, what do I say?”

I held her a bit tighter. “Just tell them that your period is one day late. If they ask directly, shrug your shoulders. We can announce it tomorrow after we have told your parents, Roni and Katie.”

“How are we going to tell them?”

“Leave that to me. Roni should be organizing a restaurant for tonight, we just need to call your parents and convince them to come. Do you want me to do it?” I mentally asked Andi what time Roni had booked the restaurant and which restaurant.

“Yes please. If I talk to them, I don't think I could hold myself back. I'll blab, I know I will.”

“No worries, honey.” I kissed her on her forehead. “Everything is going to be alright, you know that, right.” She nodded her head.

I tucked her head into my ample chest and picked up my phone. “Please call Vee's parents, Sue and Terry, Andi.”

“Hello Tia.”

“Hi Sue. I'm just calling to see if I can arrange a meet up.”

“Sure. We are not doing anything tonight. Why don't you come here?”

“We could, but I was thinking of starting at a restaurant, my treat. How about the The Cardinal Kingston at about seven?”

“That sounds great. Isn't that the pub where we first met?”

“That's right. I thought it might be nice to go there again.”

“It sounds lovely. See you at seven.”

“Bye.” When I heard the goodbye response I disconnected. “All done.”

“Do you want the camera crew there?”

“They will want to come. I don't mind, but, we are getting well known now, with that television programme. There is a good chance someone else will capture it. Maybe the best we can do is control how it gets distributed.”

“I don't like this lack of privacy, but I know why we did it. I suppose this is the first time we are going to reveal something really private.”

“We sacrificed our privacy for security. I still think it is the best defence we have right now. Andi tells me that there are all sorts of plans out there, but no one is prepared to give the go ahead while we are still so much in the public eye.”

“I know, I know.”

“We have some good news.” I said trying to change the subject. “Karl and Larry have completed their transformation and organized their passports. They are on a flight right now and should be here around lunch time.”

“Why are you still calling them Karl and Larry?”

“Their new names are a surprise. Davina is organising a pick up, we should see them soon. Simone has organised a rental. I think it is a three story house with a view over a park. She has finished her change. Katherine is completely cured, although she looks like a different person. They are still very much in love and are coming here to join us in London. Simone has sorted out her property portfolio and Andi is her main manager. Two of his former employees are being charged with theft. Anyway he wants a new project. I was thinking of handing him the Fiji island. The General has seen enough progress that he considers our part of the bargain completed and is handing it over to us. We can't do the memory erase until after she is completely healed which is at least six weeks away.”

“That is a mammoth task.”

“Exactly. She can liaise with Andi and Maria to get the experts we need to do it right. I think we need some kind of designers.”

Vee kissed me on my cheek. “Good distraction. I haven't time to dwell on my current state, we have so much to do.”

I rubbed her belly tenderly. “I know it is not what we intended, but I can't help but be happy to know at least one of us is pregnant. My turn next time.”

She smiled at me. We both knew there was no way of ensuring that. “I am feeling better about it. Your pleasure is helping. I hope she has your eyes.”


“Definitely.” We smiled hugely at each other.

We now had to pretend to the world that nothing had changed when in fact everything had changed. First we did our Taigoa practice at Hyde Park, with all of us going through the forms, then those advanced enough started sparing. We then went back to shower and change before our meeting with Professor Baldwin.

The meeting consisted of Roni, Katie, Vee and me, but we also invited Maria since she would be most impacted by whatever the Professor told us and Davina since I think it is always a good idea to keep your head of security informed. I made sure my phone was on so Andi could listen in, although she probably had many devices she could use to snoop with.

On the opposite side was Professor Baldwin on his own. He didn't have any papers in front of him or charts or really anything for a presentation that I was expecting. “I called you here to explain my findings, hopefully so we can work out how to further investigate this phenomenon. We have gathered data on seventy attempted transformations with sixty eight successful. The result of these transformations in curing disease is not part of my investigations, but I think everyone is aware, even without researchers and doctors, that your results are nothing short of miraculous. My research is to try and work out why it is happening in the hopes that we can repeat your success.

“My hypothesis was that Tia has something akin to a psychic ability, triggered by the VDR device and is now using the VDR device to channel her power. To some extent, I hoped I was wrong, as if this is the case, it will be very hard to replicate.

“The first question was whether Tia's brain is more active that other humans and other already transformed elves. This would be indicative of her brain power, if you like, being responsible for her being able to do this rather than somebody else. The answer is yes, her brain when it is resting, before she has started the VDR is significantly more active than either other elves or humans.

“The next question is what happens during the two hour session that you are in VDR. Each time, even for the two failures, there are five distinct surges where her brain increases activity. After each surge, one of the participant's brain's surges also. Except in the two failure cases, where Tia's brain surges but there is no response.

“I think it is quite evident that Tia's brain is unique and is able to channel her abilities through the VDR device, so the next question is can we find someone else like Tia and that is why I have called this meeting. We have mapped Tia's increased brain activity with our instruments, but they are relatively crude devises, as they have to fit under the headset. We would like a much more extensive mapping, all done with passive devices that merely pick up on the currents you are producing, Tia. A detailed MRI of your brain would also be a great help. After that, we are going to start testing as many people as possible to see if we can find someone with a similar brain activity. I only hope this activity was present before your accident with the VDR or we will be searching for something that may not exist.

“In theory, it should be possible to produce another VDR programme that will give you different choices than the only one available now. On the other hand, one person on my research team thinks that it is your lack of a relationship with your mother that enabled you to form a bond with a self created mother figure who you channel your power through. If this is correct unless you are able to believe your VDR mother will do a different transformation, it may not be possible to change your options. If we can find someone else with the same ability, we may be better able to channel their power with the knowledge from your experience. Any questions?”

“Err... could she do more than five transformations?” Maria asked.

“Probably yes. Each surge of her brain is way beyond what even the most focussed human has managed to produce, that we know of. In reality, we are surprised that she can do it once let alone five times a day, every day and still seem fine. If she did more, would she hurt herself, we have no idea.”

“What happens to the brains that surge after Tia's?” Sharon asked.

“They calm down when hers does, never to surge again, I'm afraid.”

“What happens next?” Roni asked.

“I think you have already organized to have your candidates meet here at lunch time, so I would assume you do your normal treatment protocol. Afterwards, hopefully you will allow us to attach a lot of wires to Tia's head and take some readings, then an MRI session. By four pm we will be finished with our data collection. I will publish my results as soon as possible, but it will still take me some time to put it together. What you decide to do is up to you.”

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