Becoming Sara, Final

Shutting the door after talking to Megan was strangely final. Sure I knew that I could change, but I had not thought about doing so once my body calmed down. I don't think I would have after last night. Now I had lost Max.

“You should call him.”

“No it won't do any good.”

“How do you know if you don't call?”

“Cause I know Max. Last night was fun and exciting, then extremely special. This stupid ring ruined everything. I can't even take it off.”

“Without it you never would have had last night. Call him explain everything. I don't even know what all that ring can do to you.”

“Didn't you listen when I talked with Megan?”

“No I didn't want to over hear something I shouldn't.” We sat down and I told her everything I knew about the ring and what it could do.

“So turn into Sara again. Then if you really wanted you could trick Megan into taking it back.”

“No I couldn't do that to her. Sure I could, but the best bet is getting Mrs. Rayne to take it back. Then we would be both free of it. I am going to take a nap.”

“Sean you can't ignore this. At least text Max and tell him this was just as big of a shock to you.” I glanced at Michelle as I was so drained. My mind just couldn't see a way that would bring Max back. I picked up my phone.

“Max I didn't know I had changed until after we made love. I don't know how it happened. I only hope you can see that I love you. I hope that you can see it the same way. Please don't run. Talk to me and I will tell you about the ring and the change.” I hit send not sure if he would even read this. Hoping he would and then reply. I felt cold as I changed the bedding. I cried as the scents reminded me again of how I felt of how it was so right. That the ring ruined it all. I stuffed the dirty sheets in the hamper seeing the blood stain just sickened me, yet gave me a warm feeling. It took a long time to make the bed as my anger replaced the sorrow. I was so tired yet all these emotions roiled and twisted inside of me. That slowly I was hit with this memory or another. Somewhere in my mind I knew this would distract me as the memories with Megan came back to me in full force.

I had so much to think about and this was not the time to be reminded of the past, yet it calmed me in a strange enough way that I was able to fall asleep. Dreams or nightmares I wasn't sure which it was that woke me up. That Wendy was sitting at the end of the bed filing her nails made me scream.

“About time you woke up you little hussy.”

“Wendy who let you in? Hey I am not a hussy?”

“Just teasing and your sister did. Though I am not sure she wanted to, honey. Then again I don't think she could of stopped me. Amazing how many men can scream like a girl.” I rolled my eyes as I got out of bed.

“So why are you here other than to scare the crap out of me?”

“Oh my is my makeup that bad?”

“No, you...” She giggled and I shook my head. “Why are you here?”

“Because of Max.” I look at my phone and checked the messages. Three from the publisher and one from Anne. I'll read them later.

“Look I am too embarrassed to talk about that.”

“Girlfriend you need to talk to someone and this crazy talk of magic is just that crazy.”

“You don't believe it?”

“No I mean you passing so well and getting your girl voice down. Now maybe you hypnotizing Max into thinking you were a real girl now that might be believable, but you really being a girl, no way.”

“Well I hope you are ready to hear me out, but first I have to pee.” Wendy rolled her eyes as I went and was checking her nails again as I came back.

“So you ready to believe or at least hear the truth?”

“Truth yes believe in magic no.” I switched the ring to my right index finger. Thought about it for a second and then moved it to my pinky. I wasn't sure how long it would take. Hopefully not four hours.

“Magic is real and I am cursed.”

“Bad luck or good luck. Curses are just tricks unlucky people play on their own minds, honey.”

“What did Max tell you?”

“Everything your little sex fest with the switch in the night. He thinks you drugged him or something. Then again he rambled as drunk as he was.”

“So you never thought it odd I gave Jackie the modulator? Cause I don't have a girly voice now.”

“Not right now, and I am sure you won't use it just to prove your point.”

“I don't need to prove anything. Did I sound like a girl last night?”

“Yes and a very convincing one. Not sure why Jewel was acting so weird. Then again your sister looks so much like you when you're dressed, and I rarely saw you two at the table last night. I really like Max as he is a good lover, but I know his heart is for someone else. That it would turn out to be you I never would have guessed.” Her tone just hurt and the glare she gave was not nice. I wondered how did she convince Michelle to let her in?

“I love him. I think I always have. I am not gay.”

“Okay you are bisexual, I could see it the time we had our little sex fest even if you didn't lick the Popsicle. I knew you really wanted to. That you tricked him into thinking you were...” I stopped listening as I felt my body changing. It started in my stomach and then spread like a warm itchy feeling. This was much faster then the first time and Wendy stopped talking as I shed my clothes. It finished with my nipples tingling and my one foot resting on her knee. Her mouth was wide open as she had a clear view of my sex. The final change of Mars shrinking and turning into Venus made her jaw drop.

“Now do you believe me?” She just nodded. The way she looked at me made me blush.

“How? I mean you just changed like that like, like a, a shape shifter.”

“Magic of course. Does this not please you? Am I not a girl?”

“Yes you are, but this is too much. I mean he said he took your virginity and he knows it wasn't your sister, but then he said that you both tricked him as you both went to the bathroom and he said Jewel dragged you away and she somehow bled the second time, but which is weird as he said you wore some type of fancy faux vagina.” Then it hit me. We were pretty drunk and though it had been a while it could have been seen to look that way. With what happened the next morning he could have thought all sorts of things to explain what he saw. Max never believed it, but why would he allow both of use to... Oh wow he had resisted not enough as he never stopped us and the shock he showed I saw as something else.

“Oh poo, I didn't see it. I should have told him everything. I was so caught up in just trying to please him. I should be spanked for hours.” I started to cry.

“Um, Sara you okay?”

“No I need to be punished. You can do it. You could punish me. Then you can tell him to come over and finish my punishment. Please mistress I must be punished.”

“No I will not. Get a hold of yourself.” I moved on top of her lap and wiggle my rear.

“Please Mistress Wendy, I was so bad.”

“Don't you even think about it and Sara get dressed now.” I jumped up and I burned from embarrassment as my sister came in. I rushed to comply to her orders. I found panties and a sexy matching bra. I fretted as it took so long to get the hooks lined up for my corset. I struggled and Mistress Wendy helped me tighten it up.

“Thank you mistress.”

“And stop with the mistress crap, and it is time for you to leave.”

“What would you do if I didn't? Sara do you want me to leave?”

“No mistress.”

“I don't think Sara gets a vote.”

“This is her place.”

“But I am her sister.”

“So you know of all this magic. How is it possible?” My sister looked angry and she sighed. I was afraid she would get angry and I hope she would finally punish me.

“She got a ring that is cursed. Not really sure on how it works. Something about it depended on which hand and which finger.”

“Oh well that can explain why she is suddenly so submissive. Sara is that it?” I giggled then blushed again as I nodded yes. “I see the ring on your right pinky finger, so you wanted to be this way?”

“I wanted to try it mistress. I promise to be a good girl.” Wendy and Michelle looked confused. I wanted to please them and I felt guilty that they were not smiling.

“Sara if you move the ring to this finger what would happen?”

“I would be me, but not so willing.”

“Then switch it to that finger.” She pointed out my right index finger.

“But mistress I couldn't. That would be bad as I wouldn't listen. I would want to give you orders and want to punish you. I need to be punished.”

“And this finger.” My sister pointed at my right ring finger.

“That one shy, but boring.”

“Then I insist you move the ring to that one.”

“Then I wouldn't want to be punished. Please don't make me.” Wendy slapped my butt. I squealed as it excited me.

“Do as you are told switch the rings now and then get dressed.”

“Yes mistress.” I switched my ring hoping that maybe she could have spanked me better. Slowly the fog lifted as the sting of the slap turned a painful reminder. It still made me feel bubbly, however I was more embarrassed then excited. I put on stockings clipping them to my corset and the added the nice petticoats needed for the boguta velvet dress I wanted to wear. It was mostly black with pink and white lace. As I sat down in front of my mirror I suddenly felt weird on how I acted.

“I can't wear this.”

“You look so cute.”

“But I an not going out, and I doubt Max would let me in.”

“If you let me talk to him I think I can convince him. I mean magic is not something that you ever expect to be real. What other spells do you know?”

“Wendy this ring is it and it is cursed. I can't take it off. It is the reason we made love as two men this morning.”

“Do you feel gay now?” My sister asked.

“No but Max does, doesn't he?”

“In part he does, but mostly he is mad for being trapped. Sara are you bisexual?”

“Can Max sexual be a term?”

“No. That sounds like pansexual or romantic asexual. You really don't need a label. You are you as everyone else is.”

“Then it doesn't matter to me. Before it did, but now I don't think it would have been much of an issue. Sure I would have felt guilty. Now I just wish Max felt the same way.”

“He just might if he could see you change like I did.”

“Well I couldn't show him until tomorrow. I am not so sure a personality shift will convince him. I am going to get changed then maybe you can convince him to let us in.” I got dressed in a hurry. Though it took awhile to redo my makeup for a more day time look. My sister helped as we shared nearly the same face. Wendy just couldn't believe that I really was a girl. Even to the point of creeping me out when she watched me go to the bathroom. I just couldn't stop blushing as it was strangely erotic. Why my submissive form thought I was boring was beyond me as I could think of all sorts of things.

Getting to Max's apartment took awhile as I really didn't want to face him and it turn badly. Wendy and my sister had to push me. Once we got there I couldn't approach the door. Wendy didn't pause as she pressed the buzzer. Five, ten, fifteen seconds went by. Then thirty before she pressed it again. She texted Max and still rung the buzzer. It was a good five minutes before another person showed up at the door.
“Hey can we come in with you our friend must have fallen asleep or something.” I really was about to run, but again Wendy kept me there as the guy just grinned. He looked at me and I blushed as I looked up at him. He was looking down my shirt. It was the strangest thing I had felt. On one hand it creeped me out and on the other hand I giggled inside.

“Thank you.” my sister and I said together and the guy looked at her and back to me.

“Whoa twins.” Wendy grabbed my wrist as I giggled. Hauling me up to his apartment.

“Maybe we should just go. He must have saw us, so he won't open the door.”

“How this is a back apartment.” Wendy pounded on the door. “Hey Max open up.” I got hopeful as I heard a lock turn , but the door didn't open as the one behind us did.

“He is not there.”

“You know when he left?”

“He came back and was hauling stuff out to his beater van. Looked like he was moving out.”


“Hey maybe he wasn't, but he made a few trips.”

“He wouldn't leave without telling me.” I looked at my sister and then to Wendy. “No.” I sank to the floor sitting just like a kid.

“Did he take a guitar with him?”

“Ya and a set of speakers. Landlord will not be happy he didn't clean everything out, but I am not going to tell him. The prick still hasn't fixed my sink.” The woman closed her door and I never felt something being more final.

“He'll be back.” Michelle declared.

“No he won't.” I got up just knowing this.

“Yes he will cause he owes me money.” Wendy added.

“Even more of a reason he won't be back.”

“Come on I think I know him well enough. He is friends with the whole gang I am sure he won't just leave us all behind without telling one of us where he is going?” I wanted to believe Wendy and slowly even she lost hope as each and everyone she texted hadn't seen him since last night. Getting back to the apartment I was numb. Wendy was still texting as she went home herself. I pulled out my phone and sent him a text.

“Hey Max we need to talk and I hope you will at least give me a chance to explain. I would rather show you that way there will be no doubt. It truly was an accident that I was Sean again. Please you are my best friend. Best friends stick together no matter what.”

Hitting send was hard to do. I didn't want to wait and that he had left with probably only the stuff he couldn't leave behind meant that where ever he was going he wouldn't have room. Then again maybe he didn't know where he could get an apartment. Though how he could just drop his job so quickly. I couldn't dwell on this as I started to plan my own trip. They wanted me at the publisher at eight in the morning and it was suggested that I come up on Sunday so I would have a good nights sleep. I didn't think as I went to bed that I could sleep at all.

~ o ~ O ~ o ~

I tossed and turned for what felt like hours only to look at the clock and see only five or ten minutes went by. At one point I found myself at my old typewriter pecking away in some strange language or code. That is what I thought I did as I dragged my mentally and physically exhausted body out of bed only to find the old thing still had its cover firmly latched under the desk. I packed efficiently for being a girl first and then a few outfits if I decided I needed to be male. Somehow I stayed female no matter how much I played with the ring, or pulled it part way off. Sunday dragged along being mostly left to my own thoughts.

Still I was able to distract myself into a few chapters of my book. Correcting this line or another. Adding in something to explain or taking away to make the reader not only understand somethings but to pull them along. I only stopped when Michelle pulled me into the kitchen after she brought home Chinese. Only then did I realize I should have left already. It took a shower to make up my mind and after a brief goodbye I was out the door and strangely giddy. As I got closer to the publisher house the urges started. Left hand, right hand, little finger to thumb. What version of myself did I want to try out next? I knew my shy self and sub self. I felt uncomfortable in my alpha self. I wondered about the other fingers I had not tried.

Would my thumbs be dominant to the extreme? Would I be overly vanilla if I used my middle finger? I had choices though I did not move it from my right ring finger. Maybe Wednesday I could try them out. Not sure why I thought that. I arrived late at the hotel and dropped on the bed just for a second and then the phone rang. Not my phone, but the annoying room phone. I answered thanked the girl and changed after a quick shower into something comfortable, but appropriate. I heard a knock on my door as I was putting on my makeup. Annoyed I yelled out.

“Go away.”

“Miss Anne has arranged breakfast for you.”

“Leave it by the door, and go away.”

“I cannot you must sign.” I growled as I got up. I looked through the peep hole and it appeared to be a hotel employee. I glanced down at the brush in my hand. I don't why I thought to do what I did but the brush was round and silver. Not that it really matter as he wouldn't see it, but he jumped as it hit the door.

“I'll leave it here please sign the slip.” I heard him walk away and I waited a bit before opening the door. The smell of the food teased my nose and I brought it in to my room. As much as I didn't want breakfast I couldn't resist. It was very yummy and just barely enough. I finished up my makeup and pushed the cart out just before I left. I felt naughty with my stockings rubbing together under my pencil skirt and tight sweeter. It confined my legs making them rub together more as I moved down the hall. As I pressed the elevator button I felt the slightly cooler air as my belly was exposed. I glanced at my ring on the middle finger and just grinned. My smile held until I got to the front desk and set the slip on the counter.

“May I help you?”

“Sure you can give this to the young man who brought me room service. I would like to be informed that I have someone coming to my room before they get there.”

“Oh I am so sorry. Miss Anne was insistent that it be a surprise.”

“It would have been a real surprise if I had thought myself in danger along with the means to make it deadly. Do I make myself clear.” Her eyes got big and she nodded furiously. I turned and helm my mirth until I was near my car. Wow I was a bitch. I wondered if I should move the ring to be less aggressive, but I decided against it. Walking into the office I was greeted by Anne.

“Good morning Sara. Did you find everything to your liking at the hotel?”

“Very much so, but next time no surprises.” I grinned and she looked confused. “The breakfast, room service.”

“I didn't order you anything.” It as my turn to look confused.

“They said Miss Anne ordered the room service for me. I just assumed it was you.”

“Mistress Ann, without an e on the end runs the inn. She must have seen you and that is her way of introducing herself to the guests she fancies. I would be careful with her.”

“I think I made myself very clear, so where do we need to start?”

“Follow me and you will meet with the editors. They have a ton of corrections and need your input to see which ones work the best.” I walked with her and before long I was buried in my work. I was glad I had chosen the middle finger as they wanted to change so much I wouldn't even had recognized my own work. We worked on random chapters all day and I was unsure on how much progress we had made. Monday turned into Tuesday until I walked in Friday morning wondering where the week had gone. As I walked into the edit room there was Mrs. Payne and Mr. Hatchingsworth standing with the head editor.

“So you have impressed us even further. I hope my errors can be forgiven as you are such a stunning writer.”

“Oh you do clean up nicely, or is your lease a bit tight?”

“Miss Hawke I find your assertiveness works well, but not so personal. We are conducting business. Your work just came back from its final proof reading.”

“Wait its done?”

“Yes you drove each of the editors to tears with your drive, and exceeded our expectations. I have read targeted passages and they flow perfectly. I am half tempted to read it all again just to see how it moves me. However I will wait for the hard copy.”

“When is it going to be run?”

“There is advertising to do and the critics must get their peek. Of course there is the endorsement by one of our established authors. Be prepared to go on a book signing tour in six weeks or so.”

“Thank you Mr. Hatchingsworth, but I still can't believe its finished.”

“That it is and we would like you to think about a sequel. Most books run in threes and you left enough open in the end that there could be. From the other ideas you submitted there are several if you muse hits you we would like to see a book written.”

“There might be one I could focus on, but I really want to see how my first book goes.”

“We understand.” There was more we discussed mostly to do with different stories and a more detailed schedule. This took most of the morning. Mrs. Rayne invited me to lunch and I sudden jerked as Megan sat down with us.


“Don't be shocked.”

“Miss Megan is here at my request. She really couldn't refuse.”

“But I am okay with what happened and I thought you would never come back here, Megan.”

“I had second thoughts and seeing the conflict you were having and what happened with Max. I felt I did you a disservice.”

“We had a great three months it didn't work out.”

“Wait you remember?”

“Not everything, but enough. I realized I had written a number of clues in my book. In fact one of the characters in my book could be you.”

“I am touched. Still I have to confess.”

“No it is I who has to confess. Sara I had Megan lie to you. I saw quite a few of your stories that you posted online and they intrigued me. She was sent down there to see who you really were. She rebelled and got too close to you. Giving you the ring just before you came here was her original mission not to have a relationship with you.” I sat back and felt so numb. Everything I had thought I had done on my own had been influenced for a long time. They had planned to do this from the start. They had planned to turn me into a girl. It didn't matter that all I wanted was to publish my book. Another memory hit my brain like a Mack truck as I tore up an acceptance letter from the top publisher. All this effort would have been avoided months ago.

“You tricked me.”

“We know.”

“I would have published my book without being turned into a girl.”

“I know.”

“You don't know how much I hate you right now.”

“I understand that you are angry, but I just had to have you. I saw so much more and you exceeded my expectations.”

“You don't understand I lost my best friend over this. My only friend. No amount of money was worth that.”

“You can be angry all you like, but you needed this push. Your story was not that good as it was sure it would have sold. However it is guaranteed to make the best seller list and you will get Max back. We even know where he went.”

“I don't care. From now on this is all business. I am leaving and you can take this ring and shove it up you ass!” I pulled the ring off and I didn't even think of what she had told me before by it being cursed. To think that I wanted to be submissive to her as just the idea of what she offered was tempting. Now they both disgusted me. The ring left my hand and flew into her wine glass as an arch of power cracked like lightning. Every little thin that had been hidden from me was suddenly relived in those seconds as they jumped up from the table. The looks of total shock on their faces were so worth it. Then it hit me at what I had done. I broke the curse by myself. That should not have been possible as a detailed explanation of how a curse works ran through my head. Strangely no one else in the restaurant noticed the flash of energy.

“Impossible you are a mute.”

“Not impossible, but really rare. Sara are you okay?” My anger was gone. In fact I had never felt calmer in my life. I knew what I had done. I knew that I was now stuck as a woman. The strangest thing was I couldn't think of ever going back. Sure it would have been fun to do so, but so far I only spent that one day since I had changed as a man. Everything they did was nothing to how I felt at that moment. How right it felt to be Sara. How I should have been her from the day I was born. How the reason I had been friends with Max all these years was that I had fallen in love with him the first time he talked to me. All the different personalities that I had tested out were fun and that I could choose how to act just the same didn't compare to who I really was. Blood rushed into my face as standing here with everyone looking at me was embarrassing. That it excited me at the same time made it worse.

“Sara please sit down.” I looked at them and plopped back down in my seat.

“Sorry I was out of line.”

“You had every right to be, but sweetie you broke a curse.”

“Is that a bad thing?”

“No actually it is a good thing. Do you realize you have awakened.”

“What's that?”

“That means you can learn magic.” That would be nice I thought, but it held no appeal.

“I think I have had enough dealings with magic.”

“Give it time to sink in and do call if there are side effects. Sometimes you absorb the spells in the ring. They become a part of you. Not always with control.”

“I will think about it, but for now I want to think mundane things.” Mrs. Payne nodded as I saw her aura briefly as well as Megan's. They really felt like they had done the right thing even if it was done the wrong way. Thought the meal finished it was mostly in silence. I had a lot of thinking to do as I left the restaurant. From there I went straight to the hotel and checked out. I got to my car and pulled out my phone.

“Hey sis how is the book coming?”

“Finished. It will be a few weeks before it hits the shelves. I just want to go home for a bit.”

“As yourself?”

“Just as I am.”

“But dad is not going to react well. You should really think about this.”

“No, Michelle I can't hide this anymore. I know how I should have been and I just didn't grow up to be him. He may not be nice about it and might even be furious, but I don't care. Either he accepts me the way I should have been born or he doesn't.”

“Okay I'll leave right away. If traffic is okay we should meet by the diner before we go home. I am not letting you do this alone.”

“Sounds like a plan. Have you heard from Max?”

“No and neither has Jackie or the others. Have you?”

“No I haven't, but he made his choice.”

“I'm sorry.”

“Don't be Michelle. I still have you.”

“Hey I don't go that way.” I giggled.

“Love you too sis.”

“Love you see you soon.” I grinned for a while as I drove. I felt still the calm that I had in the restaurant, and it remained until I pulled into the diner. Michelle had just gotten out of her car as she came up to me and gave me a hug. We walked in arm and arm gather stares from everyone there. Must be a rare sight seeing twins. We giggled as my cheeks warmed.

I recognized a few of the people there and I was sure that they recognized us, or at least Michelle as they gave us looks of confusion. No one was brave enough to approach us and I was so hoping one of them would. I so much wanted to tease them and reveal that I used to be Sean. Then again they wouldn't have believed it. Not with how feminine my voice was now. Strangely I missed my deep bass as that would have really shocked them. Driving up to our house I wondered if we should knock, but Michelle must have texted as mom came out of the house.

“Michelle why is Sean still sitting in his car?” I heard her as I had the door open, but my legs just wouldn't work.

“Mom Sean has changed a lot since the last time.”

“Changed it can't that much of a difference.”

“You might not think that after you see her.”

“Her?” Suddenly I was out of the car and in full view of my mother. I looked at the ground unable to see her looking from me to Michelle. “Sean come over here. It is not like you to act shy.” I looked up and I saw the smile she held fade from her face as the blood drained. The look of shock as she flipped from Michelle and I several times brought me within arms reach.

“My lord how are you dressed?” I felt confused as I wondered what she meant. I had on a pair of jeans and some nice wedge boots. My hair was in a simple ponytail. My top showed off my figure and I giggled as I noticed her eyes resting on my chest. It was a strange feeling getting ogled by your own mother. Then again Michelle was wearing something similar.

“Mom I can explain.”

“I am sure you can, but aren't you forgetting something?” Her arms reached out and I fell into her giving and receiving the biggest hug I had ever received from my mother. I felt the acceptance and the understanding as tears escaped my eyes as the calm broke. Never had I felt this between us, but it had been there every time she had hugged me before.

“Mom how?” I wanted to ask more but I just couldn't.

“Sweetie a mother always knows. Surprised you didn't do this a long time ago. What I want to know is how your voice is higher then Michelle's?”

“I don't know, magic?” She laughed and that got me to giggle. So close to the truth she wouldn't realize until we talked.

“Now this is going to shock your father. Are you sure you are ready for this?”

“You think he will accept me.”

“No, but he better. That or the shock will solve the decision for us.” We gasped at how blunt our mother was. She chuckled. “Come on it will be like when you were little. Though you might want to pick out identical tops before hand.”

“This is the closest we brought with us.”

“Well it should do. You never know he might not even notice at first that he now has two daughters.” She would not let go of my hand as we walked inside the house. Our father was sitting in his chair and I felt so afraid. He grinned as he saw Michelle and brought himself out of the chair. He was still much bigger then I was and he seemed even larger than I remembered. At five eight I felt he towered over me.

“Hi dad.”

“Hey pumpkin.” He hugged Michelle and spun her around. “Now who is this shy friend of yours?” I was partially hiding behind mom and she moved as I glanced up at him. He froze and just like our mother his face paled. Then he laughed.


“What I can't believe Sean still dresses up. Come on over here son. Wow you look just like your sister.” Like a mouse I was drawn to him and he gave me a hug as he patted me hard on the back. It wasn't until my chest registered with him as he squeezed us together. He stiffened and took my shoulders as he pushed me at arms length. This was it this was what I feared would happen. I was ready to bolt and I heard my mother draw in a breath. My face burned as I felt his eyes on my cleavage. Maybe I should have worn a sweater. Then shock hit me as his warm fingers poked my flesh.

“Charles William get your hands off of your daughter!” My sister giggled nervously as his hands rose up in the air. His eyes couldn't leave my chest as confusion set in.

“Daddy?” He looked up blinking rapidly.

“Who are you? You can't be my son.” I shook my head no.

“I am your daughter, Sara.”

“I could have swore I only had one daughter and a strange son.” His face started to turn red as his breathing increased. I knew he was going to blow his top, but he just sat down suddenly in his chair and let out all the air he had pulled in.

“Better you two go in the kitchen while I talk to your father.”

“I should go. I shouldn't have come here...”

“Nonsense I am sure there was nothing you could have done differently.” Michelle guided me to the kitchen and just held my hand as we heard our mother lay into our father. It was one of those one sided conversations she would have with him when he was being stubborn and not talking back. I suddenly smiled as I remembered several times when we were younger of similar arguments. It was funny back then as we didn't understand. I then remembered that it happened most often when I had dressed up as my sister or she dressed like me. The times I had so successfully impersonated my sister it made me cry the next time he hugged me as Sean. I never realized it was so different back then. Now the feeling I was missing was that he made me feel safe as his daughter.

Our mother continued to harass our father and I couldn't remain sitting as I noticed my mother's cooking was being neglected. I got up and made myself continue what she had started. It wasn't long before I added a dish and Michelle started to help me. I concentrated fully on the task at hand and it helped calm the demons that were torturing me. I knew any minute that he would come in and order me out of the house. As my sister finished setting the table she winked at me.


“Be me.”

“Excuse me?”

“You can act as me. All we have to do is switch shirts. Neither of them will know.”

“I can't do that to you.”

“I insist. He can't be made at me, and you can work on him better then I could. You could always bring him around to agreeing with you.”
“No I couldn't. He will kick you out and that wouldn't be fair to you.”

“I love you sis and it won't be that bad. He'll get to know you are still his daughter, and plus we can switch up now and again. It will work and he will just accept it.”

“No more hiding, no more fooling. This is not a game. If he can't accept me then that is his decision. I don't want to fool him. I love him and that is not right.”

“What else could we do? I don't want to see you hurt for becoming who you were all along.” We both jump as we notice our mother and father looking at us. Mom looks like she had been crying and our father looked disappointed. Though I wondered if he had been crying too as his eye were slightly read. However he looked like he just caught us in the cookie jar which caused me to turn beat red.

“You could start by putting the food on the table.” I blinked and then we hurried to do as he said. I was not hungry and it was so hard wondering what he was thinking mom was silent and showed no signs that she had made any progress. The only thing that gave me a sign was that our dad finished two servings. It was a silent dinner filled with only the sounds of silverware scraping on the plates.

“Charles.” I picked my head up searching my mother's face and then my father's. He took his napkin and wiped his mouth clean.

“Mary the only thing this meal is missing is a piece of cherry apple pie.”

“I couldn't find any cherries...” I stopped as my father looked right at me and smiled. I looked at my hands not knowing what to expect.

“That is okay as long as I can get a kiss from my daughter.” I looked up in shook not knowing what to think. “You know you might have fooled me for a bit as Michelle, but I know that you wouldn't have resisted going for my stomach and we both know your sister doesn't know the finer points of cooking.” Strangely I giggled as my sister growled. Suddenly I was hugging him and his arms came around me and cradled me in the warmest hug. I kissed him on the cheek as tears ran down my face. He chuckled as he dried my tears. I don't know what made him accept me and I really didn't care. I felt loved, truly loved and accepted for the first time in a long time. It was as if the distance that had separated Sean from his father was gone.

~ o ~ O ~ o ~

“Hey Michelle can I talk to you?”

“Max what are you doing here? Where have you been?”

“I went home and I heard you were here and I wanted to apologize to Sean.”

“Well it is a good thing he is not here.”

“Where is he? I know he is here I saw his car. Is he not coming back?”

“No Sean is not coming back, and he will not want to talk to you. Not after you rejected him.”

“I didn't know what to do. I mean we...” He rubbed his hair and then clenched his hands. “Fuck, dammit all. Just tell him that I don't care who he is. Sara, Sean I, I love her, him. Just tell him.”

“Wait Max.” He stopped and sighed as he appeared to shrink.

“No I need her.”

“Max turn around.” He turns around and then looks past me. He then rushes past me to Michelle.

“Sara I love you both and it doesn't matter to me how the package is. I love what's inside.” I giggled.

“Max turn around.” He flips around and looks back at Michelle and I several times. We both giggle as he comes closer to me.

“Max turn around.” Max stops looking puzzled between the two of us as we laugh.

“Come on you can't do this to me.”

“Sure we can.” We say together perfectly.

“Argh.” He slumps his shoulders in defeat.

“Awe.” We giggle as we stayed in sync.

“How can you do this. You could at least be mad at me or something. Is this some type of revenge? Is this how...”

“Max shut up. Gawd you are so lame.” Michelle turns and goes back into the house.

“Now that was Michelle.” I nodded. “You are Sara?” I shrug and then giggle as he frowns. I suddenly turn red and he chuckles. I scream as he rushes me and I run giggling away. I don't make it very far as he scoops me up in a hug.

“You are not getting away that easy.”

“I am still not going to kiss you.”

“You want to make a bet?”

“Only if you hold my hand.” He chuckles as I resist him as he pulls me in for a kiss.

~ o ~ O ~ o ~

Six months later.

“I look stupid.”

“You look handsome as the Dread Space Pirate Darken.”

“No I don't, but you look too good as the Lady Rae. I am going to have to beat the boys away from you.”

“Would it be better if I was Captain Jordan.”

“No, then I would have to beat the girls off of you. Do we really have to dress up as characters from your book?”

“Yes we do. Plus you didn't mind last night.”

“Well Jordan sure has a way with his...”

“TMI.” We both laugh.

“Ready to sign some books?” My sister asks as she hold up a marker. I look over her costume and grin as she was in the same dress as I wore. Megan came up behind her and she didn't look happy in the revealing costume she had on, but secretly she loved it as we got into position. Michelle and I hung on one of Max's arms as Megan hung on my dress as the small curtain was pulled to the side. Her collar attached to the leash I just took from her. I did write a science fiction novel I just forgot to mention she was my slave.

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