The Lokian Way - Part 17 - Changes

Last time on "The Lokian Way":

Mercy discovered that she had a third spell within her. One she used promptly in the only way a trickster mage knows how: by pranking her two best friends.

However, soon Mercy was up to her usual ways. Spectacularly messing up with the help of her spells. This time she not only gave Brian a female alter ego. Brianna didn't just look like the domina Mercy based her look on. She acted like her too.

After surviving that adventure Mercy felt drained and tired. However, something prevented her needed time of relaxation. Strange magical hiccups that seemingly made small chunks of her magic vanish.

***** Sunday *****

"Good morning sleeping beauty!"

Mercy groaned as she heard the cheery voice of her mother. "I'll sleep in today," she mumbled before pulling her second pillow over her head. Which was promptly removed by her mother.

"No, you don't. Melanie and Michelle will be here soon."

Mercy looked bleary-eyed at her alarm clock. It was just past nine in the morning. "Got plenty of time. They'll be here in six hours or so."

"Plans change," her Mother informed her. "You have half an hour before they arrive."

The news needed a moment to tickle into Mercy's brain. "What?" she finally managed to say, but her mother already had left her room.

Mercy turned around again, just to groan again as another chunk of magic did go missing. "Stupid hiccups," Mercy cursed and pushed off her blanket. "Might as well..."

Still cursing under her breath she slipped out of bed and made her way into the bathroom. A shower will do her good she reasoned.

Indeed it woke her up, but when she stepped out something new confused her. Three pink towels hanging off hooks. "What's wrong with Mom?" Mercy mused to herself. "I only need one towel."

She picked up the closest one and toweled herself dry. When she slipped out her Mother rushed by. "Hurry up. You have ten minutes," she said before vanishing into the guest bedroom.

"Weird," Mercy mumbled. At least getting dressed was easy for her. Especially on days, when she didn't feel very motivated. She slipped into a pair of panties. By the time she had left her room said pair turned into a bodice. It split into a corsage and panties when she reached the stairs. On the last step down both garments had doubled and shifted further. Mercy was now wearing a short sleeved top over a bra and shorts over her panties.

Mercy actually grumbled over the fact that she had to double up her panties again. Just to shift the duplicate into pantyhose, then stockings, and finally into socks.

She was halfway through her usual bowl of cereals when she heard the front door opening. "Mercy?" she heard her Dad shout. "Come help!"

Confused she got up. As she arrived at the door she didn't saw her Dad, but two suitcases. Peeking out she spied her Dad at his car rummaging through his car's trunk. Along with two teenage girls. Melanie and Michelle.

"What is going?" she asked herself.

"I told you. I'll find a fitting punishment for you," her Mother, who had snuck up on her, revealed.

"Huh?" was all that Mercy managed to reply.

"Girls!" Mercy's Mother shouted. "Come on in."

Michelle and Melanie hurried to follow the suggestion. Both carrying their school bags and what looked like trash bags that were filled to the brim with stuff.

"Hey, Mercy. Hello Misses Adkins," Melanie greeted them. Michelle was behind her and gave a shyer "Hi."

"Please," Mercy's Mother said. "If you are gonna live here we shouldn't be so formal. You both can call me Jane."

Mercy was at a loss for words. Live here? When did that happen?

"Mercy will show you your room," her Mother continued. "It is right next to hers."

"O-of course," Mercy said while snapping out of her shock. Her Mom probably meant the guest bedroom. "It's up the stairs."

She grabbed one of the suitcases and heaved it up the stairs. Followed by the two sisters who had their own burden to carry.

"It isn't much, but I hope..." Mercy started but broke off as she saw the guest bedroom. Gone was the large queen-sized bed. Replaced by a brand new bunk bed. All the shelves and the wardrobe had been emptied. When did that happen? Mercy had no clue.

"Your kidding, right? This is by far better than the shelter," Melanie exclaimed. Then noticing what she said she hastened to add:"Not that it is their fault with their limited budget and stuff."

"We are thankful you know," Michelle added. "Jane, your Mom, - this is weird - she said this was your idea. So yeah. Thanks."

"S-sure," Mercy offered and raked her brain when she had suggested that both girls should move in with them. She drew blanks. "How about some drinks? We have lemonade downstairs. You unpack and I'll get some."

When Mercy arrived downstairs she found her father heaving the last carton inside and her Mother in the kitchen.

"I am getting the girls something to drink," Mercy lamely explained.

"Good idea," her Mother agreed.

While pouring the lemonade Mercy couldn't tame her curiosity any longer. "Michelle said this was my idea. Not that I am upset, but ..."

"You wonder when you did?" her Mom asked. "Well, you did say you were sorry about what happened to Michelle and her sister. Especially about the part, you had in it. As I recall you said you will 'do everything to make it right' or something along the lines. The rest your father and I extrapolated."

"When did you set all this up? Why didn't you tell me?" Mercy wanted to know.

"Well. It did happen yesterday. Officially it is temporary for now. Until the state finds the girl's mother."

"I see..." Mercy said.

"About not telling you. Well. I wanted to but you came back yesterday so deflated and tired that I thought you needed rest. And maybe a little about using the opportunity."


"Oh. You know. A mother doesn't always get a chance to prank her trickster daughter."

Mercy couldn't help. She had to chuckle. "Thanks, Mom." After a moment she snapped out of it. "Right. Lemonade. I better get it upstairs to the girls."

"You do that."

Mercy took a tray with the glasses and carried it upstairs. As she entered Michelle's and Melanie's room she nearly dropped it. Both were playing rock paper scissors.

"What is going on?"

"We are trying to decide who gets the upper bunk," Melanie explained.

"I should get it," Michelle pouted. "I am the older sister."

"Not in a million years. I have been a girl for fifteen years. You've been one for a week. Face it. I am your older sister."

"Tsk. I am still seventeen," Michelle countered. Then sighed and looked at Mercy. "Arguing with her can take forever. So we play rock paper scissors till a winner emerges."

"I get that, but ... Isn't one time enough?" Mercy asked.

"We play till one of us has a lead of five wins," Melanie explained. "So no one can bitch afterward that it was just luck."

"It's a sibling thing," Michelle added.

Mercy shrugged and watched till both girls were done. In the end, Melanie claimed top bunk with thirty-eight wins under her belt. Topping Michelle's thirty-three.

Once settled they all started to unpack. After a while, Mercy couldn't contain her curiosity any longer. "Mom said the state has trouble finding your Mother..."

"Well, yeah. She walked out of us when I was five," Melanie explained.

"Probably got as far as way as possible," Michelle added.

Mercy nodded, but still, the curiosity burned within her. "I know it isn't my place to say, but ... Your father. The way you talk about him. He's not very stable, right? How do you know he didn't ..."

"Kill our mother?" Michelle interrupted bluntly. "Because of the many times he was drunk and he started to rant about her. How she left him and so on."

"Our father is many things," Melanie said with disdain. "But an actor he is not."

"I see. That's good, right?" Mercy asked. "I mean there is a chance the state will find her."

Michelle shrugged. "She probably fled to the tribes land. Anyone could have taken her in and promised anonymity. You know how the tribes are. They won't break an oath easily."

"Yeah," Mercy agreed. "Well. Until then I'll do anything to make you more comfortable here."

"Really?" Michelle perked up.

It made Melanie chuckle. "In case you couldn't tell. Michelle really looks forward to you using your magic again."

"Melanie!" Michelle exclaimed.

"It's true," Melanie continued. "You should see some of her newest sketches. And she really needs an upgrade to her wardrobe. The stuff we got... Well. Not the height of fashion. It worries me."

"Worries you?" Mercy followed the prompt.

"That she dresses so lame that she'll be bullied for it," Melanie explained in a conspiratorial tone.

"Melanie!" Michelle protested but soon deflated. "I guess I earned that one."

"It's in the past," Mercy said. And she meant it too. "So. Sketches? I'd like to see them."

"Does this mean what I think it means?" Melanie asked.

"Fashion show?" Michelle asked hopefully.

"Sure," Mercy said with a grin. "Can't believe I am saying this, but that sounds fun."

"Why can't you believe this?" Melanie asked.

"Well, not too long ago I had been a boy and ..."

Michelle loudly cleared her throat.

"You don't count," Mercy shrugged her off. "Apparently I magicked an obsession for fashion into you."

"She has a point," Melanie agreed.

"Maybe," Michelle admitted. "Anyway. Sketches."

She pulled out a sketchbook out of her school backpack. It made Mercy wince a little as she noticed that it wasn't the same high-quality Mitch had used. As Mercy took it she noticed that the whole book was dented as if something was stuffed between the pages. Opening the first page the let out a surprised gasp.

"They didn't have much of pens at the shelter," Michelle explained. "But they had glue."

Mercy stretched out her hand but didn't dare to actually touch the page. On it was the sketch of a bra in exquisite detail. But most of it wasn't drawn save for the hint of a torso by pencil strokes. Teal petals of a flower had been artfully glued down to form the shapes needed. It was a balconette bra and the petals expertly made up the low neckline of the cups.

"It's gorgeous," Mercy whispered in awe.

"You haven't seen nothing yet," Melanie said in a matching whisper.

Mercy hesitated to turn to the next page. When she did Mercy had to agree. It robbed the breath out of her. Smaller light pink petals cascaded into an awe-inspiring ballroom gown.

When she found back her voice it conveyed something neither of the girls expected. "I actually think my Aunt would kill to wear this dress."

"She likes dresses that much?" Melanie asked with doubt in her voice.

"Dresses. Pink. Being the center of attention," Mercy said with an absent mind. Still enraptured by the dress before her.

"I... I hoped I could wear it first," Michelle admitted softly.

Mercy looked up and saw a flustered Michelle. She looked shy and embarrassed but at the same time eager and longing.

"And you should!" Mercy exclaimed. Then nervousness crept into her voice. "I hope I can do this justice. D-do you have a matching underwear set designed?"

"Not yet," Michelle confessed.

"With a dress like that. No bra and simple panties," Melanie advised.

"Right. You ready?" Mercy asked Michelle.

"Am I ever!" Michelle exclaimed. "Do I need to strip or ..."

"I can reduce, double and change clothes," Mercy waved her off. "Whatever I override I can recreate later. Now let's get started."

Michelle soon found herself in only white panties and a simple white halter dress. Contrary to usual Mercy worked in steps. She started by the bust line and worked downward. Constantly looking down at the sketch. With so many details she feared to miss some if she would do all at once. After each step, Michelle gave her pointers how to flesh out minuscule details the sketch couldn't convey properly.

The finished dress was breathtaking. The straps of the dress had vanished. Now only staying in place by tightly clinging onto Michelle. Ruffled darker pink satin cupped Michelle's bust and faded to a pearl white at her stomach, where the direction of the artificial petals reversed their flow. Spreading out in a skirt of layers upon layers of soft satin petals.

"That looks awesome Sis," Melanie said when Mercy was done. For her part, Mercy could only agree. The soft pink tones complimented Michelle's light brown locks of hair nicely. The dress accented her features while hugging her chest and flowed outward in a rich and fluffy skirt. She looked like someone visited by her fairy guardian-mother. It actually filled Mercy with pride helping Michelle blossom. More or less literally.

"We need pictures," Mercy exclaimed. "Be right back." She stormed out and returned with her smartphone. An improvised photo shot left Michelle practically glowing with happiness.

"Me next," Melanie begged. "Please. The next dress would look so good on me."

That reminded Mercy. She had only gotten to page two of who knows many. Eagerly she picked up the sketchbook and turned the page. Another gasp escaped her. It was a cocktail dress composed of petals that shifted from white to a rich violet in a gradient. Mercy nodded. It would indeed do well for Melanie who had little darker brown curls of hair than her sister.

"I hope you are ready because here goes nothing," Mercy gushed. "Let's do this."

A half dozen minutes later Melanie twirled in her new dress. Sending the short skirt flying around her. She looked beautiful and her pictures turned out equally pretty. Mercy was in a rush shooting more when Michelle pushed another sketch under her nose.

It was a bandage dress. Tight fitting and with a Queen Anne neckline. Most strips of the dress consisted of pale yellow petals that contrasted strongly to the pastel blue petals that strategically accented the body contours.

"This one is yours," Michelle simply said.

"For real?" Mercy gasped.

"I was wondering what would look good on you and this came to mind," Michelle explained.

Mercy nodded and then got to work. Shifting her casual clothes into the tight fitting dress.

"I like it," Mercy beamed.

"Pose for me," Melanie said as she grabbed Mercy's phone. Mercy did as told and found it fun to do. It came as a little surprise that she did.

"Damn," Melanie cursed. "Hold on. Your camera app crashed. Have to restart it. Wait. What's 'Mercy's list of strange things to figure out'? I mean I didn't snoop. It was on the list of active apps and ..."

"No worries," Mercy waved her off. "You can look. It's just things I noticed, learned, or need to find out. I started it when I became a girl and trickster mage."

Melanie bit her lip in curiosity and opened the list. "Hey!" she piped up in protest. "Being a girl doesn't suck!"

"Oh, that," Mercy cringed. "Maybe I should delete that. I wrote it while having my first ... You know."

"Period?" Melanie guessed and got an embarrassed nod from Mercy.

"Is it really that bad?" Michelle wanted to know. She looked a little pale. As if she just now realized that this little detail would be in her future too.

"Look. Don't panic," Mercy hastened to add. "My first time was horrible, but it was my own fault. I tried to use magic to ... suppress it. It backfired spectacularly. So I am not really a good comparison. Melanie might be a better person to answer this."

"It can be a bitch sometimes," Melanie admitted. "Other times I barely notice it."

Michelle nodded. "Well, I'll find out in a few weeks, right?"

"Oh! You should talk with my Mother," Mercy suggested. "She explained things to me. Sadly after the first time. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if ... Well. Done is done."

Michelle nodded and Melanie looked deep in thoughts too. "Maybe I should come with. I never had someone to ask some things. Pretty much had to figure it out myself. Sex Ed wasn't that helpful. Great. Condoms over cucumbers. But what do I do the rest of the time my body acts up? Could have used some more details there."

"I'll ask my Mom if she's willing to teach you," Mercy said with a nod. "I mean her lesson is still fresh in my mind, but you might want to have someone who you can ask who has experience."

"That would be great," Michelle admitted.

However, Melanie was already busy with other stuff. "Wait! You have three spells? What does that mean when you wrote 'I have way more magic than I should have' and why do you keep it a secret?"

"Oh, that," Mercy said nervously. "I am a ten on the scale. Highest as it goes. I try to keep my spells and my strength a secret. I worry what people might do if they found out what I can do."

Mercy let out a small sigh of relief as Michelle and Melanie nodded. Buying into her lie. Al had told her she might be more like a seventeen or higher. On a scale that was supposed to end on a ten that wasn't good.

"Fuse stuff?" Melanie asked as she got further down the list.

Now it was Mercy's time to grin. "Let me demonstrate you. Done. Now. Both of you. Try to run your fingers over the petals of your dresses."

"Oh, my!" Melanie exclaimed. "I can feel it. The dress."

"This is so weird," Michelle added, but the wide grin told them she wasn't upset.

"Right now the dresses are part of your body," Mercy explained. "As much as your hair or nails. Try lifting the hem of your bust lines."

"I can't," Melanie admitted after trying.

"That's why I call it my fusion spell," Mercy continued. "Till I end it fused items literally stick to you like every other limp of yours."

"That could be bad if you leave someone stuck like this," Michelle concluded.

"You are right," Mercy agreed. "Time to unfuse you."

"Awww," Melanie pouted. "I like looking this beautiful."

"Yeah," Mercy agreed. "But would you like to only wear this dress? Forever? Even when you want to take a shower? To bed? In winter? To a wedding or funeral?"

"Okay. I get it," Melanie said with a lopsided grin.

"What does 'suppresses body functions if needed' mean?" Michelle asked as she peeked over her sister's shoulder to read the list.

"Well. I found out I can make people stop needing to breathe if I block their airways with a fused item," Mercy admitted. "Stuff like that."

"Who pissed you off to become your test subject?" Melanie asked horrified.

"Whoa. No one. Believe me. It wasn't me who came up with that test," Mercy hastened to explain. "She also volunteered. So..."

"Who might have ..." Melanie mused.

"Victoria?" Michelle suggested.

"Must be," Melanie agreed.

Mercy cursed herself. She just had outed Victoria. Even if it was only a little. "Can we skip forward?"

"Sure. Wait. You can change people's body now?" Melanie asked.

"That is a very recent development and believe me I am reluctant to research it more," Mercy admitted.

"Oh this is way more interesting," Melanie exclaimed. "Listen to this:' Victoria the deviant mystery'"

"Oh, no!" Mercy cried out and tried to snatch her phone away, but Melanie was faster.

"Bigger deviant. Sex toy collection?" Melanie giggled while holding Mercy at bay. "Hides behind an act of being innocent and proper. Really?"

"I had no idea," Michelle admitted with a shocked face.

"You can absolutely tell no one," Mercy urged them. "She will kill me if she finds out someone knows."

"Don't worry," Melanie waved her off. "I won't tell. As long as my closet is always filled with new and exciting clothes."

"Fine," Mercy relented.

"Same counts for me," Michelle hastened to add.

Mercy shrugged. "That was the plan anyway. To make up for ... you know."

"Hey. Why don't you trust Mavis?" Melanie wanted to know. "She saved us both."

Mercy cringed again. "That is complicated."

"Uncomplicate it for me," Melanie demanded.

"Okay. Okay. You see I have known her for years without actually knowing her," Mercy started. "For years, back when I have been Mark, I walked past the self-help center for trickster mages. Sometimes Mavis had been there. Leaning on the wall and I just knew her eyes followed me. It was creepy, okay? I actually thought for years she might be a ghost. Not aging and always in her old-fashioned clothes."

"If she freaks you out so much why have her as a mentor?" Michelle asked.

"Because... She might know things. Heck. I think she is centuries old. Who knows if Mavis is even her real name. Last time she told me a story about Loki. Most famous of all trickster mages. She admitted to knowing him personally. And Loki was born at least a millennium ago."

"I don't know about that," Melanie mused. "Most famous. I always liked the stories about Anansi more."

"Who?" Mercy asked confused.

"Seriously?" Melanie asked. "You are a trickster mage and don't know Anansi?"

Mercy shrugged. "Not yet. I haven't time yet to do a lot of research."

"Maybe the school trip will do you good," Michelle mused. "I heard the wax museum for famous mages is preparing a special exhibit just about trickster mages."

"Really?" Mercy asked. "Good to know."

"Hey," Melanie perked up. "Maybe you can answer me a question Mavis couldn't."

"I doubt she knows," Michelle interjected.

"Can't hurt to try," Melanie shrugged her off.

"Sure," Mercy agreed.

"How is trickster magic created?" Melanie inquired.

"What?" Mercy asked perplexed.

"You know. Trickster magic is a magic aspect. As in it is created from neutral magic. But how? I mean the fire aspect appears when something burns. Lightning magic can be harvested around impact points of lightning strikes. And so on. But when get's trickster magic get created."

"I have no idea," Mercy admitted. She had never thought about it, but now as it was pointed out, it intrigued her. Al, her first mentor, had said that trickster magic was all around them. That trickster mages refill from the trickster magic around them. But if trickster mages used up their magic shouldn't the level of available trickster magic slowly deplete? Or maybe whatever created trickster magic was massive or plenty.

"I'll have to think about that some more," Mercy confessed.

"Already added it to your list," Melanie beamed.

There was a knock on the door and all three girls turned around.

"Oh. You all look ravishingly beautiful," Mercy's Mom said.

The girls blushed and it was Mercy who gave credit where it was due. "All of these are Michelle's design."

"You have a talent there," Mercy's mother praised Michelle. "I just came by to let you know that lunch will be in an hour and ask if you need anything till then. But now. Girls. Give me a twirl, please. Ah. Magnificent."

"Wait," Michelle piped up. She grabbed her sketchbook and opened up a new page. Then she held it up for Mercy to see.

"Let's do this," Mercy agreed.

That day Mercy's father not only had to drag the girls down to lunch. He also felt very underdressed.


Mercy's list of strange things to figure out:
- Being a girl is awesome!!!!!!!!!! ( <- totally not written by Melanie ;) )
- Magic (three big and one small natural spells; don't go over 100% or below 15% or bad things happen; I have way more magic than I should have - Al says to keep it a secret)
- Spell 1 lets me change clothes (targets don't notice change unless I want them to; others might notice change;150 feet and line of sight limit; tiring if more than 90 feet)
- Spell 2 lets me fuse stuff to people (apparently it suppresses body functions if needed; target person feels fused items as if part of body; damaged fused items regenerate if damaged)
- Spell 3 lets me change someone's body (danger: their personality too!; doesn't fully work on me)
- Victoria the deviant mystery (she is way more deviant than I am; freaking big sex toy collection; hides behind an act of being innocent and proper)
- evil trickster mages (not all follow the lokian way; the name of the evil one who assaulted Victoria is named Gideon)
- I have a new mentor (Mavis Cannon; might be old as hell; can change bodies of herself or others; knew Loki; Victoria and I don't trust her)
- How is trickster magic generated? ( <- totally written by Melanie )

***** Monday *****

The annoying beeping of Mercy's alarm clock woke her up. Grumbling she got up. As always she brushed her hair quickly and put it up so it wouldn't get wet in the shower. Still groggy she stepped into the hallway and into the bathroom.

At least she tried. The door was locked and she heard the shower already running. Strange, her sleepy mind concluded. Maybe one of her parents had a late start to the day.

"The confusion on your face is priceless."

Mercy twirled around just to find Michelle leaning in the doorway to the guest bedroom. Then reminded herself it was now Melanie's and Michelle's room.

"I guess you being an only child never had to share the bathroom," Michelle commented with a grin. "She beat me to it too."

"Who?" Mercy asked confused. "Melanie?"

"Duh," Michelle said. "Why did you think she asked when you normally get up? She set up our alarm ten minutes earlier."

"I think I will need some time to get used to this," Mercy concluded.

Michelle walked over and gave her a pat on the shoulder. "I had years living with a sister. Only fair if I give you a few lessons about it."

"I am done," Melanie said while slipping out of the bathroom in a robe.

Before Mercy could react Michelle slipped in and shut the door. "Lesson one:" Mercy heard muffled through the door. "You snooze you lose."

"Don't pout," Melanie commented from behind her. "Maybe you'll beat her tomorrow. I suggest you eat breakfast now and shower after."

"Yeah. Good idea," a still slightly shocked Mercy agreed.

Mercy was nearly done with her bowl of cereal when Michelle joined them in the kitchen.

"The shower is free," Michelle announced and earned a dirty look from Mercy.

She slurped up the last of her milk and put away her bowl. Then she sprinted upstairs to get showered.

A minute later Melanie and Michelle looked up from their breakfast as they heard loud cursing.

"Used up the warm water?" Melanie asked.

"I promised her some lessons living with siblings. That's number two. Or three. Not sure."

A more than grumpy Mercy eventually joined them downstairs. "I will get back at you both for that," she promised.

Mercy hurried to put on her shoes to the confusion of the other two girls.

"Why the hurry?" Melanie asked. "Or is the school bus around here early?"

Now it was Mercy's turn to grin. "School bus? Not around here. We walk."

Glee filled Mercy as she heard the other two groan. Together they got ready and shuffled outside. Soon Mercy turned around with a bright smile on her face. It made Michelle and Melanie a little uneasy.

"Well," Mercy started. "I promised my mother I'll give you some lessons too. From one boy turned girl to another. Ready?"

"I am not sure," Michelle admitted.

"To bad. Lesson one from me to you: fashion! Sneaker heels are totally stylish right now."

Michelle and Melanie yelped in surprise as they found themselves tethering on two-inch heels.

A few blocks further down Michelle made a mistake by commenting. "Hey. This isn't as bad as I thought it would be."

She earned an annoyed soft slap from her sister against her stomach as both suddenly found them on three-inch heels.

When they arrived at school Mercy turned around with a wicked grin. "By the way. The next school bus stop is only a parallel street away from home."

Michelle looked flabbergasted while Melanie gave her a wicked grin herself. "Touche. You are learning in the sibling game, but don't think you learned everything yet."

"What game?" Victoria asked as she arrived.

"Ah! Miss prim and proper!" Melanie exclaimed. Earning her a chuckle from Michelle and an annoyed look from Mercy.

"We need to be going," Michelle said while pushing her sister onward.

"Long story," Mercy admitted. "Short version: both are living now with me."

"What? Really?"

"My mother's idea," Mercy explained.

"You know. It's amazing how well Michelle is taking all this," Victoria mused. Seeing Mercy's questioning look she continued. "I mean barely a week as a girl and already wearing heels."

"Oh that. They didn't have that much of a choice," Mercy admitted.

"Oh, you. Just make sure you give them a break if their feet hurt too much."

"Sure," Mercy agreed. "Same counts for you."

Victoria looked confused for a moment. "I swear I thought I wore trainers to school," she mused as she looked down at her own three-inch heel sneaker heels.

"You did," Mercy said excitedly. "Maybe Mavis is onto something with this developing a resistance thing."



"The book was written by Loki. Not Mavis. Wait. Did you just lengthen my heels?"

"I did," Mercy admitted.

"I felt that!" an ecstatic Victoria exclaimed. "Now change it back into normal trainers or you will feel something else."

Mercy rolled her eyes. "Yes, Miss prim and proper."


Mercy was cursing. In the whole hectic this morning she hadn't had time to go for little girls. She ducked into the restroom just to stopped shocked. Sonja, the sort of redhead friend of Mercy's, and Stacy, one of her former tormentors, were making out. Mercy needed a moment to snap out of it. At the same time, the closely entwined girls noticed her too.

"I should go to class," Sonja said with a blush and hurried out.

"Satisfied?" Stacy snapped at Mercy.


Stacy pranced close to Mercy. To close for her liking. "Come on. I can tell. You are into girls. Just continue pine after Victoria. Sonja is mine. Hands off."

"I don't..." Mercy stammered.

"Don't bullshit me," Stacy snapped. "Rumor is Victoria is getting friendly with your best friend. What was his name? Brandon? Anyway. Sonja is mine. Just because you couldn't get Victoria doesn't mean you can steal my girlfriend."

Stacy starred her further down and then hissed a "Mine!" before slipping out.

Mercy shook her head. "Lesbian or not. She is still a bitch," she mused to herself.


"Look," Sonja said to Mercy as they entered the changing room after P.E. "Stacy is a good girl. But troubled. I'll talk to her."

Mercy shrugged but had her doubts.

"Wow," Sonja exclaimed as she saw her locker. It was covered in lipstick kisses. However, this time they were on post-it notes. Each note had not only a kiss but also a small sweet sentence accompanying it.

"See?" Sonja beamed. "She's so sweet. Just give her time. She'll get better. I promise."

"Okay," Mercy agreed. "I'll try. As long as she makes you happy."


Mercy was exhausted. The long school day and now who knew how Michelle and Melanie would keep her busy at home. She was on her way to them so they could walk home together when Brian pulled her to the side.

"I'll need your help with something," he said.

"With what?" Mercy asked confused.

Instead of answering Brian walked away. Waving to her to follow. Mercy doubted her eyes as she saw him duck into a girls restroom.

"What the..." she started and wanted to follow. Just to stop as another chunk of her magic did go missing. "Stupid hiccups," Mercy cursed. "Thought they had stopped."

She pushed through the door and was immediately pulled to the side and against the wall. Lips found hers and greedily established dominance over her. Mercy's knees threatened to buckle as endorphins flooded her mind.

Her assailant let her go and Mercy's eyes widened in surprise.


"Hello pet," Brianna purred. "Missed me?"

"But. I didn't change Brian just now."

"Awww. Confused?" Brianna purred. "Turns out Brian can change into me whenever he wants. And so can I into him."

Realization spread through Mercy. "The hiccups. The magic going missing. That was you."

"Not sure what you are talking about my pet," Brianna admitted.

"The last few days..."

"Not important right now," Brianna interrupted her. She let go of Mercy to pull a sports bag from under the sink. It was empty as Brianna opened it, save for a large blanket. One that Brianna stepped on and then started to strip her clothes.

"What is going on?" Mercy asked confused.

"You will help me," Brianna explained. "After all, my pet, you owe me. Take Brian's phone. Open the gallery and look into the folder 'Brianna's wardrobe'."

Mercy did as told, but couldn't help but ask "What if someone comes in?"

"Then you better hurry," a near-naked Brianna said with a grin. "Picture one to four are outfit one."

Mercy found the folder and saw pictures of woman's clothes and accessories. Not just of any kind. Leather and latex dominated them. Swallowing hard Mercy let her magic do its work.

As soon as an outfit was competed Brianna stripped out of it and instructed Mercy which pictures were next. Not five minutes later the sports bag was filled to the brim with leather and latex. Brianna was donning Brian's clothes. A chunk of magic vanished and Mercy starred at her old childhood friend.

"Brian?" Mercy asked. "What is going on?"

"That you have to ask Brianna," he said while lifting the sports bag over his shoulder.

"But she is you."

"Sort of," Brian agreed, before pushing through the door. Leaving behind a very confused Mercy.

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