Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Tia's POV

We had a lovely dinner. After discussing our plan about Janice's two young girls, Brett suggested we do that differently. By the time a passport arrived, they may not look much like their picture. Instead, he suggested they stay holed up in Katie's penthouse apartment, Dr Marsden visits them there, documents them and between her and Brett's lawyers, organize passports once the transformation is complete. Then they can travel to wherever we were.

We couldn't argue with his logic. Since we weren't leaving LA until tomorrow evening, we would be visiting Janice in the morning before our boat trip. We could tell her of the change of plans and organize extra VDR headsets for the penthouse. The roof access would be blocked off, so there could be no repeat kidnapping. Besides, if they kept themselves within the apartment, hopefully no one would know about them. Someone would have to bring them food and new clothes as their body changed, but Janice and Brett could organize that between them.

It wasn't too teary a farewell for Vee as we would be following her parents to London later the same day. It was a bit harder for Katie, as she was leaving Brett for the first time. She was naturally very independent and had found her illness a real struggle in that regard. I could feel real love in their goodbye embraces but no tears. I think Brett is willing to just get on a plane and visit whenever he feels like it, so neither thought it too much like a real separation.

We headed back to our hotel and gathered on the king size bed. I put my phone in the middle so Andi could join our conversation.

“How is everyone holding up?” I asked.

“If I was on my own, I would be feeling overwhelmed, I think.” Vee said.

“I do feel like we have so much to do, with so many people who want to stop us.” Roni said.

“That is why I am here.” Andi said.

“I love all the information that you are getting and it can do so much good. With all that information comes so much responsibility. We have to use it wisely.” Katie said.

“And we will.” Andi said. “I believe in all of us.”

“I think you should order me not to reveal Andi as well.” She raised her arms. “I know you trust me, it is just that, with all our enemies, Andi is kind of like our Ace in the hole. If I made a mistake or was tortured, I would feel happier knowing that I couldn't give Andi away.”

I shrugged my shoulders. If it made her feel safer I didn't have a problem with it. “Alright, I guess. Katie, as a Royal family member I order you to reveal nothing about Andi to anyone. I think that was it.”

“Thanks. Does this mean our money worries are over? I mean money is mainly electronic these days.”

“Yes and no.” Andi replied. “I could quite easily amass a fortune. It would be easy to strip the bank accounts of any criminals I wanted and I wouldn't even feel bad about it. The trouble is having money just magically appear into our bank account. I did have an idea about earning money legitimately. In England money that you earn through betting is tax free. I can trade the Forex market using spread betting. It is almost exactly the same as trading except instead of buying or selling currency you are essentially placing a bet that the currency will rise or fall.”

“Isn't the market random?” Katie asked.

“I have access to enough information to make it less random. I wouldn't call it predictable, but definitely less random. I was thinking that if you create this Elven Nation, you will need some kind of industry. I think if you made it a financial centre, I would be able to oversee it and ensure it is successful.”

“That is a really good idea, Andi. I don't think we can compete with manufacturing or food production. I don't really want tourism to be our main earner. That is such a fickle market. Obviously I will be earning money with our business, but I don't want our entire Nation depending on my earning ability.”

“Our entire Nation or the four of us.” Vee said with a laugh. “If you want to think big, why not invest our profits to create income for our Nation?”

“That is what I was talking about.” Andi said. “So do I have your permission to shift some of our funds into a spread betting account in Vee's and Tia's name. Since they are British citizens they would be the best candidates.”

I looked around to see if anyone objected. “Sure. Is there anything else you wanted Andi?” I asked.

“Could Katie acquire some blank game cartridges and even better would be their PC connection? I can work through a headset but it would be easier through a PC.”

“Why do you want that stuff?” Katie asked.

“I thought it would be useful if I was able to program our own games.”

“To sell commercially?”

“No. Just for our use. I could set up a Taigoa or martial arts programme to improve our security forces training, for example.”

“Haven't they tried that already. I thought the Defence Department asked dad to work on something like that, but he couldn't get it to work.” Katie said.

“Not to blow my own trumpet, but that wasn't me. Besides, I don't think your dad was really committed to make it work.”

“If I promise to not do anything commercially, I don't think it will be a problem. I'm not quite sure what I am going to tell him though. I could tell him that Tia wants to look at it and see if she can solve the resume issue.” Katie said.

“You mean that at the moment Tia can only resume on the one machine?”

“Yes, the worry is that if that headset was stolen or stopped working for any reason, this whole experiment grinds to a halt.”

“Get me those parts and consider that solved.” Andi promised. “There is one other thing to discuss. I have already stripped the bank accounts of Dr Sinclair and General Pearson, but I don't think that is enough. I had an idea but I need your approval.”

“This is more like it.” Roni said rubbing her hand together. “What was your idea?”

“Well. It is amazing what people will put on the internet. I have found this movie of a guy, shall we say, being amorous with a horse.”

“Eww. That is disgusting. Go on.” Vee said.

“The person involved has a very similar body shape to the General. It would be easy to make it look like it was the General and then release it on youtube. I could also ensure that it ranks highly and is very visible.”

“So humiliate him. What do you think Vee?” I asked.

“He was the guy who ordered our abduction?”

“Yes. That is another option. I could show the world exactly what he did, but it could hurt you Vee to see what he allowed Dr Sinclair to do. It would horrify your parents as well.”

“Well he behaved like a horses arse, so maybe it is justice that it looks like he fucked one too.” Roni said. “What about Dr Sinclair?”

“I think he deserves jail time. I could easily put paedophile images on his computer and alert the authorities. All I would have to do is insert his computer id on a police search of another paedophile to suggest he was distributing images.”

“That sounds fine.” Vee said. “Where are you getting these images from?”

There was pause. “Other paedophiles. Please don't ask more. I will say this, I am helping as much as I can without revealing myself. Some of these paedophiles are highly placed and have a lot of protection.” Andi made the sound of a sigh. “Please get the Elven Nation up and strong, there is much we could do.”

There was a depressing silence until Roni broke it. “I don't think we are looking at this right. Yes there is a lot of evil in the world. We already knew that, it is not a surprise. We are being given an opportunity to do something about it. It won't be easy. It requires careful planning and difficult decisions. Nothing that we are not capable of. We can do this. We mustn't dwell on the nastiness. Let's concentrate on the good stuff that we can do, while planning to work on the evil later. Tomorrow we are going to make five dreams come true. Katie will have some idea of what that poor woman has been through. A quadriplegic in her twenties. I know what hell a transgender individual has to go through. We are going to make five people so happy. That is what we need to remember. Yes Andi, please deal with the General and Dr Sinclair, and we will know there is much more for us to do, but we need to see the smiles too.”

“Thanks Roni.” We all had a group hug and then separated to get ready for bed. I did feel an almost crushing responsibility, but I had good people to share it with and I had joy in my life.

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