School Life Chp. 4

Lindsey couldn’t believe the gifts she got on Christmas. She had gotten a Hammond SK2 synthesizer, along with a keyboard stand, a full audio recording equipment and 200watt, 15’ speaker for her synthesizers. The package she got that came with the speaker included a mic, microphone stand and the cables she would need. She received a JamTec "Slim Daddy" Keytar body including Gig Kit for CME xKey37 2017 Gloss Black. Plus, a brand-new saxophone of her own. This way she could return the school’s saxophone she has been playing.

On top of all the new musical equipment she received, Barbara and her new relatives bought her clothes. Dresses, skirts, blouses, shirts, jeans, shorts, night gowns and so on. She has never received so many gifts on Christmas. Barbara did give her a pair of headphones so, she could listen to her music without background noise interfering with the music.

Lindsey gave Barbara a handmade quilt she had done in her home economics class. Her teacher had been impressed with her work on it. She had taken small squares of cloth and made a design in the middle of the quilt.

Barbara had asked if she would be willing to play the piano at her nieces wedding. The woman that was going to play, had to be rushed to the hospital. She knew how talented Lindsey is and how hard Lindsey practiced. Both on her synthesizer and on her saxophone.

On the day of the wedding. Everyone that is going to be in the wedding or part of it, is taken to a Spa. Lindsey was invited to come along. She is nervous when she goes, but she meets a person named Dalia Thompson. She was a post op woman and knew how Lindsey felt about being at the Spa. She takes really good care of her while she is at the Spa. When she leaves the Spa, Barbara takes her home and has her wear one of her new dresses she got for Christmas during the wedding.

Lindsey plays the piano during the wedding. She was nervous at first, but she managed to relax and concentrate on just playing. She stops when the bride and groom stood before the Preacher and the wedding vows are exchange. Afterwards, she plays again after they are announced as man and wife.

Barbara lets Lindsey have half a glass of champagne at her nieces wedding reception. Several people come up and congratulates her on her playing. They stay, till the bride and groom head off to start their honeymoon.

While on the way home “you played very well Lindsey. How long have you been playing the piano?”

“Since I was ten years old. One of my foster parents had a piano they didn’t play in their living room and I started playing on it. At first, I didn’t
know what I was doing, till I started watching some YouTube videos. I really didn’t learn till you bought me that Casio to play.” Lindsey was thankful for that gift.

“How could I say no to you. I saw how your eyes lite up when you saw it.” That was the first time she saw Lindsey happy.

They make their way home safely and Lindsey gets ready for bed. Her room was getting crowded with all the new musical equipment she got for Christmas. Barbara comes in and gives her a hug. She looks at the musical equipment in Lindsey’s bedroom.

“We might have to place your synthesizers and speakers in the spare room. That will at least give you some room in here to move around.”
She kisses Lindsey forehead and turns the light off as she walks out.

Lindsey hugs the teddy bear close to her as she falls asleep. During the night, she dreams of walking down the aisle with a tall gentleman by her side dressed all in white. The piano she played earlier today playing the same wedding march, she played.

When she wakes up the next day. Barbara was already dressed and getting ready to head out the door. She had to show several houses today.

“Lindsey, go ahead and move your synthesizers, speakers and everything else into the other bedroom. Also, I need for you to run some keys over to the Smith’s for me as well.” Barbara digs in her purse for the keys that the Smith’s had asked about.

“Okay.” Lindsey takes the keys and slip them in her purse. That way, she doesn’t forget about them.

Lindsey watches as Barbara heads out the door, after placing a kiss on her cheek. Lindsey pours herself a bowl of her favorite cereal. When she is done eating breakfast, she slips on a pair of blue jeans and a tie dye t-shirt she picked up from a thrift store. She moves her synthesizers, the speaker and everything else out of her bedroom into the other room. She moves her music stand in there as well, so she could practice on her new saxophone. She hooks everything back-up and checks to make sure everything was working right by playing a few cords on her Casio and on her new Hammond synthesizer.

She looks at her Keytar and tries it out. She’ll have to find some YouTube videos to show her how to play it. She did like the fact it made her look like a guitar player, except with a keyboard instead of strings.

Around noon time, Lindsey leaves the house to walk over towards the Smith’s house, which right behind her house. She could had jumped the fence separating her backyard from theirs, but it would had been improper. As she approaches the house, she could hear someone inside playing the drums. She stands and listens for a few minutes. Whoever, was playing wasn’t half bad. He wasn't in the league with Buddy Rich or Gene Krupa, but his playing was good.

Lindsey presses the doorbell and wait a few minutes for someone to answer. She tries the doorbell again and waits. She hears the drum playing stop and a few minutes later a tall short black hair teen answers the store. He stood a good foot and a half taller then her. He also looked like he lifted weights. His hazel eyes are what caught her attention the most.

Ian Smith had been practicing on his drums when he heard the doorbell ring. He missed playing with his friends in their garage band. They were finally starting to come together as a band, when his father got a promotion and he had to moved. He was so mad at his family for having
to move. He tucks his drum sticks in his back pocket and in his sweat soak muscle shirt heads downstairs to answer the front door.

When he opens the door, he notices a petite, short, long brown hair girl standing at the door. He had seen her a few times when he looked out his bedroom window into the backyard. She looked like an elementary student.

“What can I do for you?” Ian just wanted to get back upstairs and play some more on his drums.

“I’m Lindsey Sabberton, my foster mother asked me to drop these keys off.” Lindsey reaches in her purse and pull out the keys that were in there.

She hands them to Ian.

“Thank you.” Ian accepts the keys.

“That was pretty good drum playing. You might want to try a slower tempo though. The one you were beating out, is too fast for most people to follow.” Lindsey knew, even she would have a hard time keeping pace with him on her saxophone and with her synthesizer.

Ian stood their stun that this girl knew what tempo he was playing.

“Let me guess, you play the drums as well?” Ian was a little snotty.

“Actually, I play the saxophone and synthesizer. I play the saxophone in my school band and the synthesizer at home.” Lindsey didn’t see any harm telling this boy what instruments she played.

“Aren’t you a little too young to be in a band?” Ian couldn’t believe this young girl was in a school band.

“I’m in my high school band. The same one you’ll be going to. When Christmas vocation is over.” Lindsey wonders if he was going to join the band.

She knew they already had two drummers in the band. Neither one had his talent from what she heard. The guys they had, was barely able to keep the right tempo for them to follow.

“Well, thanks for the heads up. I need to get back to practice.” Ian wanted to get back to playing his drums.

“Okay, have fun.” Lindsey heads back home.

When she gets home, she does some practicing of her own on her saxophone and synthesizer.

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