Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Tia's POV

Whilst at lunch we took the time to go through Roni's report. The first item was the two transgender individuals that Janice had put forward. Roni had managed to get hold of them both, but they didn't have a passport. Roni hates having problems without solutions, so she did some research and came up with a proposal. We haven't set a date for our travel to London, so tomorrow, we could hire a yacht and travel into international waters, do the transformations, leave the girls in Mr Winslow's care until all their paperwork is ready, and then fly them to London to join us.

“I reckon, if we did one transformation a night, game time, with a day of rest after every two transformations, we would be able to do five transformations total in one real day. Why not see if we can find three more people who could join us.” I said.

“Great, more research.” Roni said. “Onto my next item, who, now I think about it, could be one of the three. Dr Sharon Mathews, the GP who has just gone through her SRS is willing to accompany us, but is feeling very delicate at the moment. I will ask if she would like to be part of our experiment. It could make her feel a lot less delicate and would also let us know what happens to post op TG individuals. Do you want the two other places to be people we want to hire, or money earners?”

“I think they should be money earners.” Katie said. “I hate to sound mercenary, but we will need funds.”

“I can go through the pile of 'want help for a favor' later.” Roni said.

“We can all help you. Maybe after we have this interview, we can swing by the hotel before that meeting with the studio. We probably need to talk to the studio about anyone who wants to remain anonymous. They should be able to blur faces and alter voices.” Vee suggested.

“Right. I have provisionally organized a yacht hire for tomorrow, I just need to confirm.”

I thought I would try something. I tried to mentally ask Andi to email the yacht company that Roni had been in contact with, confirming. I didn't quite hear the word yes, but I felt an acknowledgement. A couple of seconds later Roni's phone pinged with an incoming message. She looked at it and then looked at me. I just smiled.

“OK. Let's presume the boat trip is sorted. We need to decide when we are going to London. I have spoken to Professor Baldwin and he is setting up a laboratory space dedicated to us. The sooner we get started the better as far as he is concerned. We do have to sort out our own accommodations. I figure we start with a hotel. Our party is getting bigger. When they are able, we will have Janice's two young girls, and Dr Mathews. Presumably, those we want to hire will add to the list. We are OK at the moment, but it could become unmanageable. We are going to need a home base, whether that is London, Mexico, Fiji or somewhere else.”

“Until we have spent some time in London, we won't know how long we are going to be there, how many people we can transform in a given day or even what we can treat. Those worries we will address as we need to.” Katie said firmly. “The sooner we start the better. My vote is we go after this boat trip.”

No one objected so Roni said she would organize that.

Katie and Vee were still working on appropriate candidates, but their first thought was to find someone who was better at that than them. One of the first hires needed to be an HR expert. Hiring security types isn't immediately great, as they will take some time to become physically transformed. So at least some of our security candidates needed to be immediately capable. If all we had was amputees or paraplegics, we would struggle until about two weeks later when the changes were complete, if they worked. The same with cancer sufferers. If we wanted an immediate security force, someone on death's door, was not going to be that much help. At the same time we were all excited about helping people so we would probably need a mix. We would all have a morale boost if we could save lives.

“I think we also need to consider who would be successful in the transformation process. We all had our difficulties, but I think our desire to succeed overcame those issues. Maybe we need a questionnaire so people can indicate how much they desire this change.” I said.

“You realize that people will fake it, just to be given the chance. And what if they don't speak English?” Roni said.

“If they don't speak English, how are we going to use the truth spell and the geas on them. They have to understand the words and what they mean.” Katie asked.

“In the longer term we could have a translator who had been transformed make sure they understand exactly what they are saying and what it means. We don't even know if the geas works in the real world. Right now I think we have to ask for English speakers only.” I said.

“We should be able to test out the geas. You are a member of the Royal family so you should be able to order us to do something and if the geas works, we will have no choice but to obey.” Katie said.

“I know what we should do. Wouldn't it be cool if the official language of the Elven Nation was Elvish? When I was transformed, I immediately had a rudimentary understanding and it didn't take me long to be able to speak the language.” Vee suggested.

“All great thoughts girls, but we need to get moving.” Roni reminded us of our need to get to the interview on time.

The interview consisted of a sofa where we all sat, a host sitting in a chair that was obliquely facing us and the audience. They had to re-do our makeup, something to do with the lighting. The audience was packed to bursting and we were told this was mainly going to be a question and answer session. The host put forward the initial questions which Roni had already vetted and then the members of the audience would have a chance.

I am not at all familiar with American celebrities, but I recognised our host's face even if I couldn't remember her name. She went through the usual introductions and what we were going to be talking about today. I was introduced as the man who accidentally turned himself into a woman. Unsurprisingly the first question was about that and how I was coping with it.

That was easy enough. I loved being a woman, I had a loving partner and was enjoying life. Then I was asked if I was transgender before this happened. All I could say to that was I didn't think so at the time. I had been in touch with my feminine side in terms of my gentle nature, and not wanting to hurt anybody. I had never had any desire to wear women's clothing and no one had suggested I displayed any femininity.

We then moved on to the health aspects and the talk moved to Katie. She still had her stick with her, but rarely used it now. There were pictures of her accident, and then her in hospital and her in a wheelchair. We discussed our theory that if I could change so much, perhaps it could change others. So we decided to do an experiment and Katie was an opportunity to see what would happen. At that point, Katie got up and under her own power did a little lap of the stage.

Then they asked us about the limitations, so we discussed that we still had a lot of experiments to do to find that out, but we knew that we were unable to treat anybody that was unable to use the VDR headset. We also had little choice about the outcome. Essentially we could do a transformation ceremony that turns you into a female elf. We had no guarantee that it would be successful and we couldn't do something different.

We had to go through the known limitations with VDR use. The brain had to be mature enough, which was universally true at about age sixteen. There might be a few who were mature enough a year or so earlier and some who still weren't, until about eighteen, but it was rare. It didn't work on the mentally handicapped and after a certain degree of brain deterioration that occurred in certain diseases. We discussed Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Multiple Sclerosis, but only in terms of being able to use VDR. Cancer came up and the only limitation that we knew of was when the brain was affected. We stressed repeatedly that without further experiments we really wouldn't know. All we could say at this point is that it had worked to successfully turn a man into a woman and help a woman who had spinal cord trauma.

I could tell there was resistance to the idea that we could only turn people into female elves. After all, if we could do that, surely we could turn someone into a man or at least human. I explained that we were using a copy spell and that resulted in a copy of the character in the game. The only options available, at the moment, were female elves. We were hoping research would broaden the possibilities, but at this moment in time, that was what was available. Everyone who wished to be part of this experiment would know that going in and have to not only agree, but be very keen, otherwise, we suspected it would not work.

That concluded the questions that we knew were going to be asked. We did have to explain that we were not allowed to perform any more experiments on US soil, so we would be relocating in the near future. To those who were interested, we would have a website up that would list our requirements and give people the ability to apply. I emphasized that we would like to help everybody but there was only me doing it and we didn't know how many we could do in one go, so it would only be a trickle treated compared to the flood that was needed to be treated.

Now it was time for the audience to ask questions. The host picked out the questioner and we did our best to answer. The first couple of questions were innocent enough, mainly clarifications of previously answered questions. Most of the time the answer was 'we don't know yet'. Then they started to get a bit personal.

“Are you in a relationship?”

“Yes Vee is my wife.”

“Are you both lesbians in an open lesbian relationship?” It was at this point that I suspected ulterior motives. Mentally I tried to ask Andi to check her out, hoping there was some way she could electronically find out if Vee's Aunt was involved.

“I married Vee when I was male, thus far she has decided to stick by me. You seem to be asking some very personal questions, Miss ?”

“Mrs Walters. I just wanted to know, I mean you marry someone and a few days later you have turned into a woman. Why did you marry if you knew you could change?”

“I think we married for the same reason everyone gets married. We love each other.” I felt my phone buzz, so I thought about hiding the fact that I wanted to look at my phone, but with all the cameras on me, I don't think I could have got away with it. Instead I brazenly pulled it out and looked at the screen. “So Mrs Walters how much were you paid to ask that question and by who?” I asked her.

“I don't know what you mean.”

“I could answer your question for you if you like, but that is not why we are here. Anyone who has a genuine question please keep your hand up. Not including Miss Bainbridge, Mr Mitchell or Mrs Campbell, who have also been paid to ask very personal questions.” I turned to the host and put my phone away. She had been at the top of the list. I guess she was paid to choose certain members of the audience.

The host was clearly a bit flustered. “I'm sorry Tia. OK everyone, let's stick to non personal questions, shall we.”

We had a few more questions about what our next steps were, which we answered vaguely, saying that we needed to find out what we could achieve first. Then it was over.

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