Love & Supernova 7 - Female To Male


The first children born on Betelgeuse VII have reached the age when they can submit a request for the use of hormones, body implants and transgender surgery.

It is the year 3026. Thirty years have passed since Betelgeuse VII was terraformed and it opened its doors for settlers. All this time, it became a paradise for transgender people and rare sexual minorities. At average, 3.1 million people settle here on each Earth year, but on the same time, many children are born too. About 90 million people settled here, but there are at least 60 million children. A survey in 3020 found out that from all who settled here, about 44% practice cross-dressing on a daily basis, that 71% practice cross-dressing at least once a week and that 97% got dressed as the opposite sex at least one. Also, an increasing part of those who came from somewhere else (27%) submitted a request for the use of hormones, implants and surgery, but only 17% have done this (more exactly, 3% went to complete transformations, 5% transformed their body without getting to surgery of their genitals and 8% only used hormones). The study also finds out that 2% of the population (that is, 12% of those who used hormones, implants or surgery) want to reverse the process.

Not the same can be said about children born here. From a very young age, as young as they can remember, they remember cross dressing as something natural. This is something common and normal for children before going to school and something practiced daily in schools. For teens, this comes very natural, so that they change clothes as they wish, even many times a day.

The same survey from 3026 found out that, among teens, 78% will submit the request for the use of hormones, body implants and surgery, 41% will go to complete transformations and the rest, 37%, will only go to limited transformations, up to the point where they are reversible. 22% said that they will not submit any request. The survey found out that from all teens, 64% consider themselves to be something between genders, 21% consider to like the gender they were born with and 15% that they identify themselves as the opposite gender they were born with.

With these unexpected results, a second survey was done, with other questions. The results were found to be the same. However, this one was done asking people about hermaphrodites. A hermaphrodite is a person that has elements from both genders. Results are that 38% of those who settled here like to be a hermaphrodite and 1% went to surgery, hormones or body implants to become one. About the teens born here, the results found out that an incredibly high number, 84% like the idea of being a hermaphrodite and 44% will request the use of hormones, implants or surgery to become one.

These results, alarming for any other places in the galaxy, were found normal in Betelgeuse VII. People seem to agree with them and like the idea.

However, there is a catch. Once a teen reaches the age of 20, it can submit a request, but, according to the law, it must wait five additional Earth years to get an approval. With other words, such changes cannot be made earlier then the age of 25. And here is the catch. While residents who settled here don't submit too many requests, those born here, once they reach the age of 20, seem to instantly go and submit one. It was found that 90% of them do this.


Oceana is (or more exactly was) a girl, born on Betelgeuse VII very soon after the planet was terraformed. She always wanted to be a boy. Cross-dressing is something common here and she almost always wanted to wear boys' clothes. Then, as her breasts started to grow, she used a tight bra to limit their growing. She wanted people to call her 'Ocean' and consider her a man. From that moment, she became a 'he'. Ocean started to glue a mustache and a beard. He worn a fake penis, to form a bulge in his trousers. When boys started to change their voice, he tried to speak like them. Even more, he always used to hangout with guys, played football with them and even tried to seduce girls. It is not that Ocean was attracted by girls, it was that he wanted to be a guy in all aspects.

As he reached 20 Earth years, he went to submit a request. Then, came five long-waiting years. He counted almost each day. Ocean was so determined to be a man, that he tried to cheat, to offer bribery for some limited transformations... but all failed and he got a fee to pay, together with the doctor who was willing to help.

Then came the day Ocean dreamed for years. The answer from his request came with a delay of four days, which made him extremely nervous. When he got the answer with an affirmative response, he showed it to all his friends, parents and neighbors. They all had a big party. His girlfriend, Laisa, which has the body of a girl but dresses as a man, was very happy.

The next day, Ocean goes to the doctors and says what he wants: to completely become a man. They prescribe him a treatment based on hormones. The first surgery will remove his breasts. Then, after some time, he will have his female genitals removed and replaced with reconstructed male ones.

The day when his breasts were cut was also a celebration. It was painful, like any other surgical intervention, but the joy was beyond any limits. As he took daily doses of pills and injections, his voice started to look closer to that of a man and his mustache and beard started to grow. It was no longer needed to wear fake ones. Now, anyone can see how hair really grows from his face.


For a man to become a woman, it is required to remove the penis and build a vagina with the skin, teguments and all nerve terminations from the former phallus. Also, the testicles are removed. It is more simple, because you have to cut something and build a cavity with materials that you have.

For a woman to become a man, things are far more complicated, because you have to build something that doesn't exist. You have to replace a hole with an organ... and this is very hard. Various techniques exist: You can use ribs and cartilages to create the skeleton for the new penis, but this will make it much harder then in nature. Also, you can use muscle tissue or adipose tissue around the skeleton. The main problem remains how you make it get hard and get shrink. Many models exist that use a pump with fluids. After all, a real phallus actually gets hard by getting filled with blood.

Another major challenge is to replace all nerve terminations. The common way to do this is to use the former vagina. However, as the organ increases and decreases in size, not all teguments, nerves and tissues are able to cope with this and will be ripped.

There is another technology that now is largely used. Every human has embryonic cells in its body. If you extract a single cell and use a special treatment based on growing hormones, you can reconstruct internal organs. This technology has similar costs, but it requires far more time. It is largely used in surgery, to replace ill organs. Kidneys, lungs, hearts, livers, even arms and feet are created this way. What really is hard to do, is to connect the new organ with body's infrastructure: arteries, vines, nerves and lymphatic systems. If you replace an existing organ with a similar one, this is not so complicated, but if you add a new organ, it is difficult, because you also need to build inside the body the infrastructure that is lacking.

It took nearly an Earth year until Ocean had surgery again, removing its former vagina and adding a functional penis, with all the ingredients. However, he knows that from now on, he will be unable to have children.


The following part is age-restricted.

As Ocean finishes surgery, he goes back home. Doctors instructed him that first it will be painful and that he has to work actively with his new organ. So, he goes home. But, things get interesting just as he leaves. His new penis starts to get hard because of his excitement. Only rubbing between trousers is enough to stimulate this. So, he has to stop a bit, waiting for it to shrink a bit.

Then, he starts moving again and manages to get home. On the train, it gets hard several times, apparently without a reason.

Finally, Ocean is home. He first goes to take a piss. By far, it is more easy then it used to be as a woman. No need to sit down, no need to hide when you are in public. No need to sit on a dirty toilette seat. So simple! Just unzip your pants and all comes so easy. Well, for now, it is a bit painful, but it will not be like that for long.

Then, he goes to his room. Laisa is not here yet. So, he takes his pants off, to admire himself in the mirror. He admires himself for a few minutes: a real penis, real testicles, his dream came true. Ocean starts touching it.

"What part of me is this?" he asks himself, feeling something new. The doctors used the nerves of his former vagina, but the feeling is so different. His body feels like it is part of his former clit and other internal parts, but still all is so confusing. The feeling is not inside, but outside the body.

Ocean feels how his new penis gets hard again. Even more, it twitches. "So easy", he whispers. When he was still a girl, he used to masturbate, but this was so difficult. He had to lean down and pierce his fingers deep. His favorite tool was the holder of a screwdriver. But now, it is so easy. No need to lean down, no need to stretch your body, just to hold this thing with one hand.

Before this, he watched many porn clips, to see how the real thing looks like and works. He watched clips with men masturbating. So, he gently starts to rub it with one hand.

"So nice", he whispers, feeling the pleasure.

Then, he moves faster and faster. The pleasure increases, but also he feels some pain. Well, it is the first time, things will change later. Doctors told him that there will be pain first.

It doesn't take much and he feels an increasing pleasure. Then, his whole body contracts and he blows for the first time sperm. This gets him unprepared, as the white fluid flows over the mirror and on the carpet.

That's all. There is no pleasure in going forward, but he feels his body exhausted. A much shorter and smaller orgasm. A pleasure much more easy to obtain, but that lasts far less. All what was needed is a hand and a few minutes.


When Laisa, his girlfriend comes, she wants to see the new organ. Only that, Ocean is feeling pain and is unable to do anything again. However, the next day, she asks Ocean to lean on his back. She lights a cigarette and starts stroking him, gently and careful. It takes a few days until they can finally have intercourse. However, they both know that they will not be able to have children. To get this, they had to sacrifice something.


The founder of Betelgeuse VII, Caligula I, had no way to predict how children born here will develop. He wrote his constitution, with restrictions for body transformations, because he wanted people to realize that beyond a certain limit transformations are irreversible. Well, for those who settled here, this limited the number of complete transformations, but for the young ones, born here and who find this normal and natural, things are completely different. The case of Oceana who became Ocean is not the single one.

Also, what nobody expected, is that many people will like to become hermaphrodites. The only problem is that the star, Betelgeuse, is going to die... and nobody has any idea about this.

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