Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Tia's POV

I took my headset off. “How is everyone doing?” I asked.

Both Roni and Katie said they were good.

“I feel OK.” Vee said with an element of surprise in her voice.

“What do you remember?” I asked her.

“Despite what you had told me, it is still a surprise to wake up in an unknown hotel room. The magic of Lagbit's world has definitely worked on me.”

“Are you in any pain, is there any discomfort down below?”

“No. I feel … normal. Or at least normal for me.”

“We are going to have to take you to have another MRI tomorrow and see if it is all healed up.”

“Sure, I'm pretty sure it will be. I feel fine.”

We all started getting ready for dinner. Katie was getting stronger and moved from needing the walker to needing a stick to help a bit. She could stand without any help for short periods, which made showers easier. I probably found it the hardest to get ready. I had been a woman for such a short time and there was a lifetime of female education missing from my database. Vee helped me by doing my makeup for me and fiddling with my hair.

Once we were all ready we headed downstairs. We were a little bit earlier than our reservations, but we thought we could have a drink while waiting for Brett and Vee's parents to arrive. Roni still had a lot of changes to come, but, like with me, most of the initial changes are internal, so she didn't look much different. Her eyes were changing from one shade of blue to another, her hair from a dark brown to a lighter brown. Despite that, I think she had changed the most. She carried herself with confidence and walked with a strut.

Vee met her parents with hugs and kisses, but no tears. She had to explain why she was so much better than she had been on the phone such a short while ago. So she went through her experience and the questions it raised. Brett was a great sounding board. He admitted that some of the offers we had received were because he had started making enquiries, before we were kidnapped, looking for a more secure future for us. He was still willing to help us both financially and in an advisory role. He did want to separate VDR entertainment from Body Image Shaping. Hopefully that would allow him to do some research that would reduce the danger that we were in.

His worry was that we had a product that was unique and priceless. It would be coveted by pretty much everybody. He thought our safety in the long term would rely on staying away from nations and politics. Being a hard nut to crack and ideally finding others capable of doing the same thing to reduce our value. What he was saying was not too far away from what we all were thinking. He had all the offers that had come through to VDR entertainment and at the end of the meal he presented them to us.

There were loads of letters. Any verbal offers, he had written down with the appropriate telephone number and any emails, he had printed to give us a hard copy. There were that many that he had literally carried in three sacks worth. Anything further would be redirected to the Body Image Shaping email address. If necessary he would open physical mail, scan it and send it on to us.

We took it all upstairs leaving Vee with the opportunity to say goodbye to her parents more privately. They would stay a few days with Brett and we would try and see them when we could. They couldn't stay long though and we were worried that they might be targeted as a way to get to us.

Speed was of the essence so we dug into the paperwork and started separating it into piles. The pile asking for help was the largest. Additionally there was the offer of help for a favor., offer of help and those who wanted to research the method.

The initial priority that we had agreed on was to research both what we could achieve and what effect it has. We didn't know quite what we were offering the world and we needed to find out at the same time we needed to know how often we could do it. Answering that question might also let us know if anyone else would be able to do something similar.

The second priority was security. We could hire security, but considering how much was at stake, we didn't really trust someone who we had to pay for their loyalty. The truth was there would always be someone who would pay more. We needed to create our own security force and we figured the best way to do that was to find candidates who needed our help from the armed forces. Our only worry with that was that they would put whatever nation they came from first. Our cunning plan was to add to the geas to never betray the Elven Nation in word or deed. We would start calling ourselves the Elven Nation and hope that it would carry through to our world.

Obviously they would have to agree to that before we took them to Lagbit's world. The Elven Nation idea was a continuation from the idea of neutrality, staying outside politics. It tied in with the offer from Fiji. At the moment, Fiji was run by a dictatorship and the dictator was called 'The General'. His daughter had been mutilated by a rival. The details he had deliberately kept secret. In return for treating her, he would give us an island. The island that he was talking about was pretty rocky and farming was difficult so it was almost unpopulated.

This was a verbal offer to Brett and it included Brett's take on it. He thought the island would need some serious work but offered excellent defensive capabilities. He suggested that we made a counter offer. If our treatment of his daughter was successful, he would give us the island as a free nation state. The next nearest land mass to the island was over twenty miles away, so a degree of water territory could be included. A lot of money would need to be spent to turn the island into a viable home location, but we had a product that could earn that money.

Money was an interesting debate. We all would love to help people just because we could, but the reality was we would need funds and lots of it, to ensure our security and longevity. It was one of the many factors that we needed to consider. We recognised that we didn't have the expertise to build a Nation from scratch, but we didn't need to. All we had to do was find the right person who needed our help and had that expertise. When you start thinking big, you realize that you had to become a delegator rather than a doer.

We all went through the research locations. The offers from American universities would require their efforts to remove or repeal the court order or follow us to an alternative location. We concluded that the best offer was from a British University. Imperial College London was prestigious and had already checked out the law and believed that there would be no hindrance to our experiments. They had gone into detail as to what they were proposing and it sounded pretty good.

Their initial hypothesis was that a combination of my individual brain and the VDR was allowing me to tap into parts of the brain that no one else was. They wanted us to do whatever experiments we wanted to do, to whoever we wanted to do them to. All they asked for was to set up a monitoring device to try and see what my brain was doing. Everyone's brain who was going into VDR would be monitored and compared to going into VDR without me. If we correlated what the experiment was with what they detected, we could work out if there was a varying stress to me or a constant one. Whether I was merely the catalyst with a lucky set up that continued to allow transformations or whether I had something akin to a psychic ability.

The bad news was that if it was determined to be a psychic ability, then it would be very hard for someone to reproduce. I would likely be the only one able to do the transformations unless they found someone else with a similar ability. The good news was that if it was a psychic ability, there was a chance it could be trained or managed differently to give us different choices. At the moment it was become a female lesbian elf or we can't help you.

Instead of going through the largest pile which consisted of those who were asking for help, Roni suggested that we set up a website and put requests for exactly what we needed for our experiments. We would need to get the word out to the public and not just in America but all over the world. That way we could have the best candidates.

It was getting late so we decided to turn in. The suite consisted of two bedrooms. The room with the king size bed and the second bedroom with two single beds. I think we were all exhausted and dropped off quite quickly.

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