Vivid Dream Reality Book 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Tia's POV

The maids woke us up again and ushered us into the shower. Vee was completely back to normal and very amorous. We had our usual Taigoa session. Katie joined us following our form and Roni was there, sitting on the bench, watching. Knowing that Katie had joined us yesterday, mum had organised to have both Ash and Holly there, so that as Vee and I progressed with our sparring, Myra took Katie through the form separately.

After we had finished and everyone was heading off, I asked mother if she had time for a private chat.

“Of course. I am available now if you are.”

“Now would be great.” I looked around. Ash and Holly had left so it was just the four elfketeers and mum. “This is a bit of an embarrassing conversation, but all of us need to hear it, I think.” We all settled on the bench.

“What is it dear?”

“As I said before, all of us go between two worlds. That and the fact that we grew up human and I grew up as a male leaves me ignorant of certain facts of life.”

“What would you like to know?”

“ exactly do you become pregnant?”

“Oh.” She paused, gathering herself. “It's funny, when I realized I was never going to have any children of my own, one of the things I regretted was not having these sorts of conversations. Only a mother tells her daughter these things. Here is my chance, eh. Well when two elves love each other we call them bonded, when they make love, sometimes, not every time, but sometimes there is a special connection. Usually you are staring into each others eyes as you both are heading towards release. This special connection feels like a spiritual merging and when that happens you both have a different kind of orgasm. I'm surprised you haven't had one of those already.”

“I err... tend to close my eyes.” I admitted sheepishly.

“Well, I would suggest you start trying to keep them open. It's uh, a very wet release and very pleasurable and long lasting. You tend to stay unmoving for awhile. If you are lined up properly.” She made a gesture with her hands of two holes meeting each other. “Then there is the possibility of conception. Both of you can become pregnant, but usually the one who is on the bottom is more likely to conceive. You will usually know about two weeks later as you will bleed for a few days then if you have not caught.”

“How often can you have these releases?” Roni asked interestedly.

“After a wet release, you can't have another one for a while, maybe after the bleed, but you can have the same experience. We call them dry releases. They are just as pleasurable, but less messy. You can even have them throughout pregnancy, or so I have been told.”

“So men play no part?” Katie asked.

“They play with each other, but no, they have no role to play in conception. Their main role is as protectors. You will see almost no male elves in any role other than as a warrior.”

She looked at each of us to see if we had any more questions. When none of us piped up she said. “I am happy that you felt comfortable enough to ask me these questions and I will be happy to answer any further ones that you come up with. I have a question for you.”

“OK, mum.”

“Do you know when you are next going to visit the other world?”

“Yes. Either tomorrow night or the following morning.”

“Not much time then. Is it OK if I visit you after breakfast and bring the Royal mage with me?”

“Sure. We won't try your bedroom advice until later.” I said with a smile.

She chuckled as she got up, I gave her a hug and a thank you as we separated.

Knowing that we had visitors coming, we kept our shower with our maids to a quick wash and invited Roni and Katie to join us for breakfast in our suite.

We then tried to go through all that Vee had forgotten. She was pretty upset to hear what had been done to her, but it was like me. Anger that someone you loved had been hurt so callously, even if that person was herself, since she couldn't remember, she told me it felt emotionally like we were talking about someone else.

There was a knocking on the door and mum entered with another elf. I think we are so used to equating age with knowledge or experience, that seeing the Royal mage with these grand robes on but still looking like an eighteen year old girl, just seemed incongruent. I was going to have to get used to it.

Mum introduced Geri as the Royal mage. She had talked about my living in two worlds and Geri had some questions.

“Yes Princess. When you travel between worlds, can you take anything with you?”

“No, not even my clothes travel with me.”

“That does make my job harder. How to protect you when you take nothing with you. I do have an idea, but I will have to speak to a druid priestess. Thank you for your time, Princess.”

They left, but Roni and Katie wanted to know what that was about.

“Mum was very upset by what had happened to Vee in our world and wants us to have some protection. Her idea was to ask the Royal mage for help. She is going to ask a druid. I can't see how we can do anything here that will help in our world, but then I didn't expect changes to myself here to affect myself in our world either. I guess we will have to wait and see.”

Katie was interested in more physical pursuits, and wanted to go through the Taigoa a few more times and tried to persuade us to start sparing with her. I thought it best if an experienced practitioner guided her and didn't want to teach her bad habits, but promised to speak to Ash, Holly or Kara when they came to practice tomorrow morning.

We returned to our suites for a refreshing wash and perhaps a bit more, followed by getting ready for lunch. Afterwards, we went for a walk and discussed our situation in the real world, partially because we still had a lot of decisions to make and partly to bring Vee up to speed. I don't think she was paying that much attention first time round because of her emotional state, but now she was an equal contributor.

There were certain things we could decide on. We decided that between us we would chose the priority filters for our next experiments, but that I was not going to be the one to make the actual choice as to who is to be transformed. I needed to be kept out of that loop since potentially we could be deciding who lived and who died, and over time that could destroy me. None of us wanted to play God, so we needed to create a ranking system so the choices were as emotionless as possible.

So we needed to determine what experiments were required to work out our potential, but we also needed to research into how it affects me. Does it strain me at all and if so, can we work out how best to manage that. Can the healing be done without the transformation and would that be less of a strain. Can the healing be done in the real world? Would a man who was not transgender react the same as Roni? Would limbs re-grow? Do we prioritise those who we needed to hire or those that give rewards such as that island in Fiji. Or a combination.

When we got back there would be so much to consider. Between us I thought we had the makings of a great team.

We separated when we got back to our suite. Vee and I decided on another lovely bath, this time with no time rush. The bath was huge and after we had been in for awhile, we called the maids in so that we could have some more hot water. They supplied that and then stripped and joined us. I felt like the most pampered Princess in the world, which to some extent was probably true.

Dinner was lovely and because I had enjoyed the music and dancing so much, Mary and Kayla organized to have the musicians join us after we had finished. It was beautiful and light, really uplifting. I asked about formal dances and they showed us a few. Everyone enjoyed themselves, so for the foreseeable future, after dinner we would have dance lessons from the reigning Queen and consort.

Now that the bonding celebration was over, they reminded us of the lessons that we had agreed to. Since we were entertaining guests, they had delayed them and now they knew that we would be travelling between worlds the next night, they suggested the lessons start when we returned. I assured them that at the moment there were no other close friends that I was going to invite, but I still intended to bring more humans here for transformation.

They would still arrive in the suite next to mine, but I was not going to invite them to our family meals. They said they would assign someone to look after them, if I so wished. All I had to do was ask a maid and they would sort it out.

Vee and I loved spending time together, but Roni and Katie were getting bored, I could tell. The next morning after Taigoa, I formally introduced Ash and Holly to Katie. Katie expressed her desire to do more physical activities and both Ash and Holly offered to train her in weapon defence and attack. This was to try and work out what style suited her and then arrange lessons in that discipline. Roni wanted to be more fluent in Elvish, so we spent much of the day conversing in Elvish and correcting her as best we could. Our main topics of discussion were the business ideas and questions. Already a rough plan was beginning to form.

After lunch we had another meeting with Geri who brought another Elf called Leaf. I don't think that was her original name, but she was a druid and it suited her. Geri wanted Leaf to do a druid ceremony to help me create a spirit familiar. Normally only druids were able to have spirit familiars and they tended to be nature orientated. As druids became more powerful they would have more and more spirit familiars. Geri's hope was that if I had a spirit familiar it would travel with me and protect me in the other world.

Leaf had three spirit familiars, one from Earth, one from Water and one from Wind. Her concern was that I was not druid trained and the very nature of a druid ceremony for a familiar, only encouraged a familiar to come forward. You could not force these things. Geri's argument was that if we did the ceremony and nothing happened, nothing would be lost, whereas if a familiar came forward to form a bond with me, I would gain a powerful protector. Somewhat reluctantly, Leaf agreed and, since time was short, I had to go with her alone.

She took me on a walk in the forest. Mostly she was quiet, but occasionally she would stop and listen. She would then tell me what we both were listening to. We walked animal trails, and didn't see another person. Eventually, we arrived at a secluded, almost picture perfect nature area. There were large trees sheltering a babbling brook. She asked me to strip naked while she created a stone circle and started gathering deadwood and tinder to place within it. She expertly lit the fire and explained that all four major elements were now within easy reach. All other elements had a connection to at least one of the four major elements.

She had me lay down by the edge of the brook so that my hand dipped into the water. A rock warmed by the fire was placed against my foot and she encouraged me to dig the fingers of my other hand into the soil. She then walked me through a meditation, where she had me do breathing exercises, followed by moving my concentration to my hand in the water. There she talked about the wonderful qualities of water, then moved onto feeling the soil between my fingers and the strength of the earth, followed by feeling the wind caressing my face and finally the warmth in the stone pressing against my foot.

As she talked about that warmth, the stone seemed to heat up, but not uncomfortably so. After talking about the advantages of fire and warmth in general she asked me to open my eyes, remove my hands from the water and the earth and sit up. The rock touching my foot was glowing a blue colour.

“A familiar seems to have chosen you, but it is not a fire elemental.”

“What is it then?” I asked.

“I am not sure. To complete the ceremony and mark your acceptance of the familiar, you bring the rock to your forehead.”

That didn't sound too reassuring. Still, I did as she said and brought the glowing rock to my forehead, as it touched, I felt a spark, like a mild electric current. The glow left the rock in my hands.

“Can I put my clothes back on?”

“Yes. That a familiar has chosen you means you must have a natural druid temperament and I will have to treat you as I would a druid. Your familiar will introduce themselves to you when they choose to. Once you become more in tune with each other, communication will become easy. When that has happened, you will need to come back here for another familiar ceremony to see if another familiar wishes to bond. Druid training will need to be part of your new routine. I will speak to Geri when we return.”

She carefully put out the fire and led me back to the palace. Again we hardly spoke to each other, but there was a peacefulness both to our surroundings and her presence.

She left me once we had reached the palace grounds. I headed straight to my suite and had to describe and explain my experience to Vee and Roni. Then our maids urged us towards the bathroom and we started getting ready for dinner.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner, followed by a fun dance lesson and then headed back to our rooms. We were all going to bed early. None of us were quite sure exactly when we were going to log off and we would prefer to do it in the comfort of our beds. Fairly soon after going to bed I drifted off and woke up to the artificial blackness of a headset. I was back in the real world again.

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