The Lokian Way - Part 16 - Arrival Of A New Woman

Last time on "The Lokian Way":

Mercy had to juggle task. For one she was on the hunt for Melanie, Mitch's sister. Trying to find out what happened to her and Mitch. But every time she came close a mysterious girl named Michelle snatched Melanie away. Mercy eventually found out that Michelle was none other than Mitch. It opened up a whole bunch of questions for Mercy. And a lot of new things to feel sorry about.

At the same time, Victoria was up to no good and she recruited Mercy to help her. In an attempt to become immune to being messed with her mind she asked Mercy to do exactly that. A challenge Mercy took to heart.

At last, Mercy admitted her mess ups to her mother. Expecting trouble she got understanding from her mother. And a promise. Punishment would still come.

***** Saturday *****

The woman pulled a few last times at her dark orange trademark overall. She appeared nervous though those who knew her from TV thought of her as confident and outgoing. Eventually, she pushed the doorbell and then did some adjusting to her short brown-haired bob.

A girl in her late teens answered the door. She looked confused for a moment before she asked. "May O'Connel? From channel six news?"

"That's right," the woman confirmed. "I am investigating a possible new story around here. Are your parents home? I'd like to ask a few questions."

"They are gone for the weekend," the girl replied. "What is this about?"

"May I come in? Maybe you can answer some questions, Miss ... ?"

"Evens. Victoria Evens."

"Right," the woman said with her trademark smile. "Can I come in?"

"Sure," Victoria agreed out of confusion.

The woman was halfway to the living room when she spotted another person there. For a moment she stopped uncertain, before pushing ahead.

"Hi. You must be Victoria's brother."

"May O'Connel? No, I am Brian," the boy said. "A friend."

"Boyfriend?" the woman inquired.

"Just a friend," Victoria clarified. "Can I offer you a glass of water or anything else?"

"Very kind of you, but I have limited time." The woman strode to the leather couch in the living room and sat down. "Mind if we start now?"

"Sure," Victoria agreed slowly while she and Brian took a seat themselves.

"Good. I have several witnesses who claim to have seen an alien around here a few weeks back. Any comments?"

"Aliens?" Brian asked in disbelief.

Victoria snickered. "I didn't know a respectable reporter like you would investigate, of all the things, aliens."

"Normally I wouldn't. However, the testimony of the witnesses all support each other. Especially the description of the alien."

"Wait. They landed?" Victoria pointedly asked. "How did they look."

"It was only one," the woman said while making a show of pulling out a small notebook. "According to my notes, the alien was female. About average height. All witnesses claim she had 'glistening' and 'glossy' black skin. A tail and six breasts."

"What? Really?" Brian howled in laughter. "You believe that?"

However, Victoria swallowed hard. Two weeks ago Mercy had made her into an incredible hybrid of latex, woman, and cat. Followed by equally incredible sex. Now Victoria was sweating bullets. Did some perverts see her? Maybe even filmed her? She needed to do some damage control.

"T-that was me," Victoria claimed.

"You are an alien?" the woman asked pointily.

"What? No! That was just a costume made of latex."

"A bold statement. Can you show me this costume? You know. Maybe you just saying this to hide the real alien."

"No, I..." Victoria stammered as she was caught off balance.

Picking up the slack was Brian. "Speaking of Aliens. Maybe you are one. Your hair is turning blond. Very strange."

"Oh that," the woman waved it off. "Are my roots showing? Keep it a secret, but I am not a natural brunette and ..."

"Cut the shit," Victoria burst out. "They are turning blond right before our eyes and from the tips on. Wait. Are they growing?"

The would-be reporter grabbed a strand of hair and inspected it. Sure enough, the tips had lost most of its color. "Damn. So close. I nearly had you."

The changes started to accelerate. It was not just the hair turning strawberry blond and growing longer. The whole face of the woman shifted gradually.

"Oh my gosh! Mercy?" Victoria asked as she saw the changes slow down.

"Busted!" Mercy grinned. "You should see both your faces..."

"You scared the crap out of me!" Victoria accused her.

"Just how did you do that?" Brian wanted to know.

"Surprise! I got a third spell," Mercy beamed. "Suck it, Mavis! Low chance my ass."

"So now you can change your body? I guess Mark is coming back now," Victoria mused.

"Nooo!" Mercy howled and her good mood was blown away. "I hate this stupid trickster magic. It won't let me."

"What do you mean?" Brian asked.

"Let me show you something," Mercy said with resignation. She got up and stared intensely at the mirror in the hallway. Eventually, she turned around towards her friends who had followed. "Notice any difference?"

"You are still you. Just less-" Brian started.

"Pretty," Victoria bluntly took over.

"I know," Mercy agreed. "You see. This body right now. This is me trying to become Mark."

"So if you try to become Mark you get the female version?" Brian asked.

"Does that mean your Mercy form is basically your boy body as a woman but enhanced?" Victoria piled on top.

"Yes. To both, I guess," Mercy said with a nod.

"Have you tried other male bodies?" Brian asked.

"Okay. Watch this," Mercy said while holding up a hand to keep them at distance. First, they saw Mercy's old features return. Then she stared back at the mirror. The change was quick and violent, as she burst out of her clothes. Courtesy of her growing a few inches and her body swelling up with muscles. Her hair turned short and brown again and her face grew hard and lean. "You know the actor Arnold Weissenkanter? Apparently, this is how he looks as a woman."

"No way!" Brian exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Victoria had to stifle a snicker. "Mayday. Mayday. Wardrobe malfunction imminent," she jibed.

Blushing, Mercy took a moment to fix her clothes up.

"So your new Spell flat out refuses to make male bodies?" Victoria asked.

"Oh, I wish it was just that," Mercy growled while flexing angrily at the mirror. "I hoped so much a third spell would fix everything. Fix me. But even if I could turn male it wouldn't last."

"What do you mean?" Brian asked.

"Remember me from a moment ago as May O'Connel? How I slowly turned back? Well, that happens every time. No change lasts more than ten to fifteen minutes. Then I slowly revert back," Mercy exclaimed.

"Sorry to hear that. I know you really wanted it Mercy," Victoria said in a soothing voice. Then her usual spunk returned as she asked mischievously: "But I guess you already have some ideas how to utilize your new spell for fun, right?"

"Besides tricking you into thinking I was a famous news reporter investigating aliens? Not really," Mercy growled back. "Wait a moment. This is getting ridicules."

At once Brian and Victoria knew what she meant as her physique deflated. Bulging muscles were rent down while her hair sprouted back out and turned strawberry blond.

"Those hadn't been ten minutes," Brian commented.

"Yeah," Mercy confirmed in her normal voice. "I can accelerate the change back. Just not extend the duration so far."

"So no planned pranks yet. Should have known," Victoria added dryly. "Well, looks like it falls to me again to come up with stuff."

Mercy rolled her eyes. "Sure. That never backfired. So what were you both up to before I got you really good by pranking you?"

"Video games," Brian admitted nonchalantly.

"Video games? Really? I mean Brian I believe it, but you Victoria?"

"What? Why can't I?" Victoria challenged her. "I admit the whole gaming thing passed me by when I grew up, but Brian makes it sound interesting. So I gave it a try. It was nice. So today ..."

"Wait," Mercy interrupted. "Today isn't your first time with Brian?"

Victoria started to giggle while Brian turned crimson in the face. "You really should work on your phrasing Mercy. My 'first time' was last Sunday were we 'played' over at Brian's, but ..."

"My Brother was a jerk that day," Brian added helpfully.

"So we did hit the park. Not much happened except... Help me out, Brian. Something happened last Sunday.

"You mean Mercy walking into us and accusing us of spying on her?"

"That's the one!" Victoria exclaimed.

"Okay. Okay. I get it. None of my business," Mercy relented. "And I apologized for last Sunday."

"Okay. Enough ribbing," Victoria cut her off. "Up to my room to have some fun."

Mercy looked at her as if she had sprouted a second head. Brian helped her out. "We set up the console there."

"You know now that we are three we could play a little tournament," Victoria suggested while climbing the stairs.

"I thought you have played against Brian," Mercy pointed out. "If he can mop the floor with me in any game then you won't fare better."

"Actually she does beat me half the time," Brian admitted.

"Great. Now I am getting pounded by both of you," Mercy grumbled.

"Phrasing!" Brian reminded her while Victoria was laughing out loud.

Mercy couldn't help but facepalm herself. "That is not what I meant..."

As all three got into Victoria's room Mercy could see the gaming console already set up. In fact, the screen was paused in the middle of a match in "Back Ally Fighter Hyper XD IV Beast Mode Edition Of The Year".

"Let's end this," Victoria jibed Brian. "Loser can win against Mercy."

"You're on!" Brian agreed.

"Hey. I am not that bad," Mercy pouted.

The match ended soon enough and Mercy witnessed something she would never have guessed. Brian lost the match. She nearly didn't believe it as this game was Brian's home turf. The game he trained the most in. He moped up everyone in it. Just not today.

"See? Totally easy. Your turn," Victoria challenged Mercy while handing over the controller.

To Mercy's amazement, it really was. She beat Brian in his favorite game in record time. That never happened before. Ever. As she handed the controller back to Victoria Mercy decided to find out why. Soon both, Victoria and Brian, were deep into another match and Mercy observed it like a hawk.

Soon she noticed it. Victoria sat really close to Brian. Neatly whispered her challenges to him. Leaned over to jibe him. Victoria was cheating. What straight boy couldn't resist glancing at her. To be distracted. Playing dirty brought in another win for Victoria.

Soon Mercy was in another match with Brian, but this time she spared a few glances to Brian and Victoria. Sure enough, Victoria sat in a way that not only was in Brian's line of sight but in a way that practically begged to grab an eye full. While Victoria playing dirty did distract them Brian coped better and soon Mercy lost the round.

Now it was again Brian and Victoria's turn, but Mercy dragged him to the side to talk to him.

"Victoria is cheating," Mercy whispered to him.

"You don't say," Brian said while rolling his eyes.

"If you know then why..."

"Oh, Mercy. Has it been that long since you have been a boy?" Brian challenged her.

It made click in Mercy's head. Brian knew and he drank it up. A beautiful girl like Victoria posing and paying attention to him. How could he not love it? Victoria played him, but he enjoyed it.

"Well," Mercy started, while Brian stared at her not very patiently. It took Mercy a few seconds to catch herself and come up with a plan to use this moment. "What would you say if I had a way to even the playing field. Make you just as distracting as she is to you."

Brian was intrigued and gave her a "go on".

Mercy's eyes wandered to Victoria's closet. In there was a hidden access to the crawlspace of the house. There Victoria stashed a big trunk with all her naughty toys and clothes. Along with them, Mercy knew there was a USB stick with pornos. One of them she had admitted to seeing dozens of times. A scene with a bound redhead who was teased and fucked by a mocha-skinned beauty. Mercy bit her lip in appreciation of the memory. That one movie had led to a lot more.

"I know that Victoria has a sort of idol. If I change you into her then ..."

"Her?" Brian interrupted Mercy.

"Well, yeah. Look. You saw my third spell works only for a few minutes. And I have yet to try it out on another person. It could work out for both of us. If she sees her idol she won't know what to do," Mercy explained.

"Let me think about that," Brian shot her down.

Mercy decided not to press it and together they walked back to Victoria, who grinned at them. "Have the two conspirators hashed out a plan to beat me? It's all futile you know..."

"Ten to fifteen minutes you say?" Brian asked.

Now it was Mercy's moment to grin. And it was a wicked one. "I timed it in numerous tries."

"Let's do this," Brian said with a grin of his own.

"Do what?" Victoria was confused.

Mercy meanwhile starred at Brian. In her mind, she called upon the image of the domina from Victoria's favorite porno. The color of her skin, a lovely mocha tone, and her shapely figure was done easily enough. Mercy couldn't remember some details as she had been a little distracted that evening by her own arousal. Had the domina sported C-cup or D-cup? Just to be sure Mercy did go with the bigger one.

She paid extra attention to the face. The already aristocratic features enhanced to the level of striking beauty. At last was the hair. Mercy remembered neat cornrows that bundled into a ponytail at the nape of her neck. Instead, Mercy did go with long flowing hair that reached to the small of her back and had a small curl to them.

"Ready?" Mercy asked.

"Not really," Brian admitted. "But do it anyway," he said while giving Victoria a challenging look.

Mercy did push the image of the domina onto Brian's image in her mind. Just like she did with clothes. This had been the trick she had been missing before. That extra step she had failed to do before. Without it, nothing happened before.

Now Mercy felt a small chunk of her trickster magic leave her, but then nothing. Brian was still Brian and Victoria glanced at both of them.

"Was something supposed to happen?" she asked. "Because nothing did."

"Well, I feel differently, but ..." Brian started, but then cut himself off. For a moment he looked confused.

Brian started to sway as if fainting, but when Victoria stepped close to catch him she stared at her own personal idol. Brian had changed and it was so fast that it was finished before either of the three could even react. In a blink of an eye, he had changed into female perfection incarnated.

"Brian?" Victoria asked shocked. "Are you alright?"

Brian gave her a wide smile. Something that looked so right on his new body that Mercy felt her knees go a little weak. Confidently Brian walked towards Victoria who slowly stepped backward. Her eyes wide like a deer caught in the headlights.

Soon Victoria ran out of room to retreat. Just in time as Brian reached her. Smoothly he pulled Victoria at her waist to himself and passionately kissed her. It only lasted a few seconds, but when Brian let go Victoria was breathing heavily.

"Now how about this match?" Brian asked before sauntering to the console. He gave Mercy a quick wink before picking up his controller. "You coming?" he dared Victoria again.

Eventually getting a grip on herself Victoria gave Mercy a dirty look. She knew exactly why Mercy had chosen this form for Brian. She grabbed the other controller but hesitated this time to sit too close to Brian.

To say Victoria lost miserably was the understatement of the century. Brian used every trick Victoria had tried on him and then some.

"That's not fair!" Victoria exclaimed as the game proclaimed her character K.O.-ed. "Brian is cheating."

Brian gently grabbed her chin and made her look into his eyes. "Is it now?" Brian practically purred inches from Victoria's face. "I seem to remember you doing the same thing. It appears I beat you in your game, while I beat you in my game."

Mercy couldn't help but snicker as Victoria pouted.

"Maybe my little girl will do better against Mercy? If you win I promise you another kiss," Brian said with a wink. Then elegantly stood up to hand over the controller.

A new round started and Mercy was soon pressed hard by Victoria. It looked like Victoria really wanted this reward. But the onslaught didn't last. Mercy spared a glance and knew at once why. Brian had snuck behind Victoria and whispered in her ear while lightly pressing his brand new breasts against her backside. Understandably Victoria was bright red as a tomato.

The small glance was enough for Victoria to make a comeback in the game, but it didn't last long. Mercy won and couldn't help but rub it in. "Awww. No kiss for you."

"That's right," Brian purred. "The spoils go to the winner." Before Mercy could react Brian pulled her back and planted a long kiss on her. Shocked Mercy didn't even fight back. This was wrong. Kissing her friend of so many years. This shouldn't happen. Mercy told herself she wasn't into Brian. Not into boys. But then again Brian wasn't a boy right now and this felt so good.

As Victoria before her Mercy came out of the kiss heavily breathing and oh so aroused.

"I demand a rematch!" Victoria practically shouted into the room.

"You will get one," Brian decreed. "Same stakes as last time. Mercy, you are in, right?"

Mercy nodded on instinct and immediately wondered why. Did she really want to win again? Get another kiss from Brian. She had never felt this way for him. Not when she had been a boy and not now as a girl. As Victoria started the next round Mercy still hadn't shaken off her confusion.

It got worse as she felt something warm press against her back and she had a good guess what it was as Brian now started to whisper in her ear. "I know you want it. To feel my silky lips on yours again. To be taken by me. Played with to my heart's content."

Only moments later Mercy lost the round. As Brian moved away from her and gave Victoria another heartfelt kiss, Mercy had more conflicting feelings. Relief for one. Harshly contrasted by a pang of jealousy.

"Maybe next round you do better," Brian taunted Mercy after breaking away from Victoria.

Indeed she did and Mercy felt the touch of soft, yet forceful and hungry, lips once again. Each round Mercy and Victoria grew more frantically. Forgotten were combos and strategy. The game only a means to an end. To simply compete for Brians attention.

It was Brian who broke it all off. "Enough. We had our fun. Now we will see how Mercy deals with a real challenge." He slowly walked towards Victoria's bed and graciously sat down.

His eyes were on Mercy and soon Victoria fixed hers on Mercy too. She swallowed hard. Her mind immediately focusing on the most naughty things one could do in a bed together.

"That would be a reward," Brian purred. "But you are more in for a punishment. Someone has been naughty. Time to fix it."

"Fix what?" Mercy said with confusion.

"It has been over a half hour since you turn me into ... Brianna," Brian explained. "No sign of me turning back into Brian. Not a hint. Get on it."

"Maybe ... Maybe it takes longer for others," Mercy speculated. "According to my Aunt, I always shrugged off trickster magic rather fast. Maybe..."

"Stop," Brianna commanded. Not harshly. Rather soft, but with steel behind it. "So you say instead of minutes I might be like this for hours? Even days?"

"I... No!" Mercy exclaimed hastily. "I can accelerate the change back."

"Then do it," Brianna suggested.

Mercy tried her hardest, but soon her concentration was broken by Brianna again. "It isn't working, right?"

"No. I don't know. It should, but ..." Mercy hunted for words to explain it better. "It feels different. The trickster magic. It is still inside you. But it feels strangely different from when the spell is on me."

"So what?" Victoria asked. "Brian is ..."

"Brianna!" Brianna sharply corrected Victoria.

"Brianna is now a trickster mage?" Victoria corrected herself with glances at the young woman dominating her bed by simply sitting on it.

"What? No. I don't think so," Mercy hastened to clarify. "There is only a tiny amount of trickster magic in him. Her. And I still can feel it is tied to me."

"Mercy," Brianna said softly. "Come here." When Mercy hesitated she added "Now!" with so much steel in her voice that Mercy took two steps towards her before she knew what was happening.

Then she stood before Brianna who mustered her. Like a brat waiting for a parent to chew them out or miss-behaving student in front of the principal. It was not a pleasant feeling and Mercy was squirming under Brianna's gaze.

"You are in the doghouse till you figure this out," Brianna informed her. "Till you find a way to turn me back. Now kneel. On your shins and place the hands on your knees"

Mercy gave a nervous glance at Victoria and then did as told. This was different than before. She knew she had messed up a lot. Either she had gotten away with it or she had been chewed out by Victoria. But Brianna was calm. Eerily so. And this, in turn, freaked Mercy out to no end. She simply didn't know how to react to this calm Brianna when she should be cursing out Mercy.

"It looks like I might be stuck like for a while," Brianna said with a soft sigh. "I need two things. Mercy?"

"Yes?" she eagerly answered.

"Wearing Brian's clothing is uncomfortable," Brianna explained. "White cotton blouse. A leather pencil skirt just ending above my knees. And something to hug my gorgeous assets beneath."

Mercy swallowed hard, but Brianna was right. At least this she knew she could do.

Brianna didn't even get up after her clothes had changed. She wasn't checking herself out in the mirror. Not glancing down to make sure Mercy had done exactly as asked.

"Now, Mercy. I want you to look down. Bow your head before me and don't look at me till you figured out how to turn me back." As Mercy did as told Brianna focused her attention elsewhere. "Victoria. Don't think I have forgotten about you. Come here. Sit down beside me."

But Victoria hesitated and Brianna picked up on it. "I scare you."

"You don't act like Brian," Victoria admitted.

"No, I do not," Brianna agreed. "Now come sit with me," she said a pinch softer. When Victoria did as told, she continued. "Now. Here is what I want from you. Tell me about this body."

"What do you mean?" Victoria asked confused.

"Mercy chose this body for a reason. Tell me why."

"The video," Victoria started but broke herself off.

Brianna didn't reply. A single raised eyebrow was all she did to prompt Victoria to go on. However, she noticed Mercy glancing up at her. "Eyes on the ground, Mercy," she chided her without looking away from Victoria.

"I showed her a video clip. A porno," Victoria revealed. "It told her how much it influenced me."

"Interesting. Show it to me."

Victoria hesitated again and Brianna cut right through it. "Don't make me wait."

Nervously Victoria scurried to her walk-in closet. She pulled out a few boxes and then slid a panel to the side. From the crawlspace behind it, Victoria pulled out a chest. One she flipped open and rummaged through it till she found a small USB flash drive.

"Go ahead," Brianna encouraged her. "Play it on the TV."

Mercy didn't dare to look up at the video. Fearing the scolding of Brianna if she was caught again. But thinking of a solution eluded her. Especially as she could hear the audio of the porn clip. The moaning of the girl tied to the bed did get to her as much as it did that fateful day as she watched it together with Victoria.

"That explains a lot," Brianna remarked dryly when the video stopped.

"It does?" Victoria asked.

"Tell me. The woman my body is based off. How does she act? What words would you use to describe her."

"She is ... calm. In control. Dominating. Deviant. She is acting like ..."

"Me," Brianna concluded. "Or I act like her. I am not Brian anymore. I have his memories, but Mercy gave me more than just her body. She gave me that domina's personality too."

Mercy winced hearing it. She had messed up even worse than she had thought. What had she done wrong? How could she screw up like this again?

"This also explains why I am very curious what else you got in that big trunk of yours," Brianna said with a predatory smile. "Show me."

A nervous Victoria unpacked her most secret belongings and contrary to Mercy Brianna wasn't ribbing her for it. She looked more fascinated by it. The buttplug, dildos, and leather cuffs all didn't faze her. However, it was when Victoria pulled out her leather corset that Brianna's eyes shone with mischief.

"Victoria," Brianna purred. "Be a dear and model it for me."

"What?" Victoria gasped with shock. "I don't think now..."

"Shush. You don't have to. Come. Give it to me," Brianna relented. As soon as she had the leather garment in her hand a knowing grin shone through. "Mercy!"


"Change Victoria's cloth till she wears a copy of this corset for me."

"I am not sure..."

"How to change me back?" Brianna challenged her. "You owe me."

Mercy flinched and Victoria gasped again as her top and bra melted into the restrictive garment Brianna wanted to see.

"Mercy!" Victoria exclaimed, but was shushed by Brianna who stepped close.

"Don't pretend my pet. I know. I saw the look on your face when we saw that video," Brianna just about whispered seductively as she sauntered around Victoria. "You wanted to be her, right? Not the domina. The redhead. A damsel in distress. To be bound and seduced. Tell me I am wrong."

Victoria's silence spoke volumes.

"Now I wonder..." Brianna mused. "Mercy. Stand up and come here. I don't think you are any closer to a solution. Are you?"

Mercy shook her head in defeat.

"Strip," Brianna commanded. Seeing Mercy's hesitation she clarified it. "Just your top and bra. Do it now."

More nervous than reluctantly she obeyed.

"Now. Take this," Brianna said to Victoria while handing her the corset. "Do onto her as she has onto you."

Mercy saw a small smile form on Victoria's face. Betraying her true feelings. Maybe Brianna was right after all. Victoria was into it. Mercy swallowed hard. Victoria was a force to be reckoned with. Brianna even more so. Both teaming up on her? It spelled doom.

Victoria circled her and reached around Mercy from behind. Cool leather touched Mercy's skin from her hips to over her breasts. Clasp after clasp was closed by Victoria. All while a hungry Brianna devoured the spectacle with her eyes. Once closed Victoria tightened the strings in the back till the leather snuggly pressed from all side on Mercy.

"There is still a lot of give," Brianna commented and Victoria took it as her cue to tighten the strings even more.

Unrelenting the leather drew in closer and restricted Mercy's chest more and more. Her breathing became shallower and shallower. Victoria was straining to tighten it more.

"You can tie her off now," Brianna nonchalantly stopped her. "Mercy turn around. Yes. Now. Face each other. Take a good look. This is how far I brought you. Don't doubt for a second I couldn't bring you further. I could tie you up. Make you beg me to do it. Have you both use that blue double ended dildo I see in Victoria's chest. Giving me a show. I could do that and so much more."

Mercy looked into Victoria's eyes. She saw the fear, yes. But also longing. A curiosity of all the things Brianna could promise them. To have a guide to the realm she had dreamed of, but didn't dare to explore alone. And Mercy wondered. Was Victoria seeing the same in her eyes?

"But I won't. Consequences Mercy. You have to learn to think about them beforehand. I do. The path I could lead you both down. That I see clearly. It would change us. And you both are not ready. Brian isn't ready for that either."

Mercy nodded while tears started to form in her eyes. It was Brianna who wiped them away. "It is time. I never was meant to be. You both need Brian. For different reasons. So I will help you get him back. Mercy. Tell me again the trick that helped you unlock your third spell."

Heartbeats passed before Mercy found her voice. "Just like with clothing I imagine it. The body. Then I envision a new one and push the later on the original one."

"Good. Now tell me. When you thought of this body did you think of the video? About how the domina acted?" When Mercy nodded, Brianna continued. "I need you to do the same now. Envision Brian how you knew him. How his personality is."

"But. I can't do male bodies with my spell," Mercy quietly admitted again.

"Maybe. Maybe not. At least I will be Brian again. No matter what body. Do it."


"Mercy," Brianna interrupted her in the same soft voice that hid steel beneath a silken scarf. "Trust me. Do it."

With nothing to lose Mercy steeled her resolve. She thought back to the boy she had grown up with. The friend of many years who had been determined to bring a quiet Mark out of his shell. Who supported her when Mark became Mercy. All the good sides, but also his flaws. And when she had it all she pushed with her mind and magic.

Weary she looked at Brianna who still looked at her patiently. "I don't think it worked."

"It worked," Brianna corrected her. "Let's find out to what degree."

And then Brian was back. The change as fast as the first one. Not just in body, but in mind as he grew red with embarrassment in seconds.

"Yes!" Victoria exclaimed and hugged him so forcefully that both crashed to the floor.

Mercy sat down on the bed. A huge stone had dropped from her heart. For a moment she closed her eyes in relief. She hadn't screwed up the life for her dearest friend of many years. It had been a scary lesson, but one she vowed not to forget. Consequences. Brianna had been right. Mercy really needed to think those through before acting. For a moment she feared the future. She kept messing up time and time again. What else might she do in the future? Would it eventually drive away Brian and Victoria?


Brian's shout broke Mercy out of her misery. Brian and Victoria had already picked themselves up and looked at her.

"Do me a favor and stop making me crossdress," Brian said while pointing at the skirt and blouse.

"Right. Sorry," Mercy said. Her voice full of emotion. They could hear it, Brian and Victoria, the regret she had about what happened today. A moment later Brian was back in his usual t-shirt and jeans.

"Mercy?" Brian started.

"Yes?" Mercy asked with brittle voice. Was this the moment he would chew her out? Quit their friendship? He had every right to be angry with her.

"I don't really need to wear a bra anymore too," Brian finished.

Mercy couldn't help it. She laughed. A moment later Brian and Victoria joined in. Together they laughed for a long time. It wasn't that funny. Her overlooking the underwear she had added to Brianna. But they all needed it. To cut the tension that had hung thickly over their heads.

As their laughter died down Mercy found it in herself the concentration to change Brian's undies back.

"Thanks," Brian said. That was him. Even though all was Mercy's fault he still thanked her. For that, she was more grateful than she could admit out loud.

"I think I should go. This has gotten weird. Just a tiny bit," Brian joked. It drew some weak laughs.

It was mostly in silence while he picked up his console and stashed it away. There were some awkward goodbyes and then Brian was gone. But just for a moment as he turned back around.



"I think Brianna was on to something. You can do male bodies. Just not on yourself. Someone or something doesn't want you to be a boy again. And I don't think it is Mavis."

Mercy gave a weak nod. One which Brian mimicked. Then he was out of the door again. As soon as he was out of sight Mercy broke down in tears.

"Mercy?" Victoria asked in concern as she drew her into a hug. "What's wrong?"

"I messed up. Again. I am sure he hates me now," Mercy pressed out between sobs. "I am so sorry Victoria."

"I know," Victoria said and repeated it a few times just to calm Mercy down. "Come on. It isn't that bad. You know Brian. In a few days, we will joke about this."

That calmed Mercy down a little. To keep her mind occupied by other things Victoria continued on. "You know. I could use your help."

"What with? I do anything. Really. Anything."

"I don't know how you did it with your magic, but the knot on my corset is tight as fuck."

"I think I may have the same problem," Mercy admitted quietly. It drew a weak chuckle out of both of them.

As soon as they freed each other out of their leathery restrictions Victoria tried to lighten the mood again. "Well. On the plus side of things, I now have at least two corsets who I can't wear in public without exposing myself as a deviant."

But the joke fell flat as Mercy was deep in thoughts again. Grabbing Mercy's hand Victoria lead her back to her bed to sit down. "What's on your mind?"

"What Brian said," Mercy admitted. "Do you think it is true? That I am not supposed to be a boy again. That someone is working against me?"

"I don't know," Victoria admitted. "I think the best bet would be to ask other trickster mages. Find out more about trickster magic in general."

Mercy nodded. It made sense. At least this did. Everything else not so much. "There is a group meeting this Wednesday. Mavis. What if she ..."

"I'll come with you. We'll figure it out," Victoria assured her. After a moment she added something else. "Maybe before that, we find out a few things on the school trip."

"School trip?" Mercy asked confused.

"Yeah. This Tuesday. To the wax museum of famous past magicians. You forgot about it. Didn't you?"


"I am so glad I am not class president anymore. I helped the teachers hunt down so many students who couldn't remember to get their parents sign their permission slip on time. It was just a few weeks ago."

"Oh, right," Mercy lamely agreed.

"Maybe they have a little about past famous trickster mages."

"Are there even any? Besides Loki?"

"We'll find out Tuesday."

"Yeah," Mercy agreed. "I think I should go. I have ... a lot to think about."

"Me too," Victoria agreed.

Their goodbyes were rather awkward. Both already distracted by things revealed to them this day.


"Mercy. Everything alright?" Mercy's mother asked concerned when Mercy shuffled into the house with hanging head.

"Not really," Mercy admitted.

"Want to talk about it?"

"Thanks, but ... I am tired. I'll go lay down for a while."

"Sure. Honey. But we have to talk about Michelle and Melanie Jenkins. They are coming over tomorrow..."

"Can we do that later? I really need a break."

"Okay. See you in a few hours."

Mercy nodded and dragged herself up the stairs to her room. Idly wondering when she had told her Mother about them. She had promised that she would stock up Michelle's wardrobe on Sunday.

With a sigh, she pushed the thought away. She felt tired and just wanted to sleep.


Mercy's list of strange things to figure out:
- Being a girl sucks!!!!!!
- Magic (three big and one small natural spell; don't go over 100% or below 15% or bad things happen; I have way more magic than I should have - Al says to keep it a secret)
- Spell 1 lets me change clothes (targets don't notice change unless I want them to; others might notice change;150 feet and line of sight limit; tiring if more than 90 feet)
- Spell 2 lets me fuse stuff to people (apparently it suppresses body functions if needed; target person feels fused items as if part of body; damaged fused items regenerate if damaged)
- Spell 3 lets me change someones body (danger: their personality too!; doesn't fully work on me)
- Victoria the deviant mystery (she is way more deviant than I am; freaking big sex toy collection; hides behind an act of being innocent and proper)
- evil trickster mages (not all follow the lokian way; name of the evil one who assaulted Victoria is named Gideon)
- I have a new mentor (Mavis Cannon; might be old as hell; can change bodies of herself or others; knew Loki; Victoria and I don't trust her)


Mercy woke up late in the evening. Her nap lasting longer than she had thought. In fact, she was still tired. But something had woken her up. Something strange.

She couldn't put her finger on it until it happened again. A chunk of her trickster magic went missing. Not much. Just enough to change three or four pairs of socks. Then it happened again and again. She quickly lost count.

"Hiccups?" Mercy wondered aloud. "Magical hiccups?" She vowed to ask Mavis about it.

The buzzing of her phone drew Mercy's attention. It was a text from Brian.

I had fun today.
It has been interesting.
Can't wait to play with you again.

Mercy sighed in relief. Maybe their friendship wasn't as damaged as she had feared. With a lighter heart, she sank back into her bed. She noticed a last magical hiccup, a chunk of magic going missing, before sleep claimed her again.

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