A Girl for Halloween Part 11: Fear and/of Intimacy

There I was with the hottest girl I had ever seen. Her breasts were out and thumbing through the multiple bikinis on the bed. The only thing concealing what was going on in my pants was the bright yellow bath robe and the impression that I was an actual girl, likely given by my full face of makeup and the fact I came in to search for a bikini to wear.

What could I do? I had to turn around suddenly and think of things that would make it go away.

“Are you alright? You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” the girl said. I still hadn’t learned her name.

“Yeah, I’m fine…just a, uh, stomach cramp.”

“Ugh, I hate those…Hey, do you think this would be cute?” The girl asked, holding up a black standard bikini?”

“Yeah, I’m sure that’s fine.” I wasn’t really looking at all, only trying to make this go away. The half naked girl asking me for advice on bikinis certainly wasn’t helping.

“Aww, damn. Looks to be a bit too small of a cup size. I’ll try it anyway.

She then tried on the top, but it was quickly clear her previous prediction about the incorrect size was accurate. Her breasts appeared to burst out of the bikini, and it could barely close. She couldn’t be making my problem more difficult if she had tried.

With a solid 20 seconds of intense focus, I was able to minimize my erection to not much. Frankly, my member wasn’t much to begin with, which in this case is helpful.

I was still completely naked underneath the robe, and figured I needed to put something on if I wanted any hope of getting out of the room without trouble. I quickly put on the skirtini bottoms I had picked out earlier, still facing the otherside.

“Oooh, that IS cute!” the girl said.

I kinda just muttered an agreeance, and was finally able to drop my robe. Without her seeing my chest, I was able to put on the top without any trouble and could finally confidently interact.

“I’m sorry, I don’t believe I officially introduced myself. I’m—“

“Jacie, right?” the girl said interrupting me. “Michael was talking a lot about you today. I heard that you’d be coming by!”

Aww, how sweet of him, I thought.

“Yeah, I ended up rolling through!” I said, enthusiastically, “But, I obviously forgot my bathing suit, so, here we are!”

She laughed. “Yeah I’m having a little trouble with it myself,” she replied, referring to the size difficulty. “I’m Amanda.”

We shook hands. She was wearing bright pink nail polish.

“I like your nails,” I said.

“Oh you do? I actually have some of it in my purse, if you wanna try some! I’m sure Michael would think it’s really pretty…”

That was an easy no for me. I was already up in this room too long, and to come down with not just freshly applied makeup, but painted nails too, would be too much. I politely declined.

Amanda and I ended up talking for a little bit. It turns out she goes to Michael’s high school, and is friends with a lot of the people down at the pool. I learned that they went to middle and elementary school together, and is a long time friend of his.

Throughout our chatting, Amanda continued trying on bathing suits. Obviously, her D-size breasts wouldn’t fit into any of the tops perfectly, but luckily enough, there was a C-ish size amongst the ones in the drawers. She decided to settle on that one.

We left the room together, and decided to head downstairs and out to the pool. Outside people were having a blast. As I stepped out onto the pool deck, I was greeted by Michael.

“Jacie!” He said from across the pool deck. He scampered over to say hi. “Did everything work out with the bathing suit?”

I told him it did, and he told me that I looked gorgeous. That made me blush a little bit. It’s always nice to be complimented, even if it’s when you’re a boy and you’re wearing a 7th grade girl’s bikini.

I told him that Amanda and I had met and we got to talking about high school, and everything that comes with it. Everything was going great.

“So, how come I didn’t meet you at the dance last night?” I said.

The two of them paused. The smiles were off their faces and got replaced by nervous grins.

“Oh, uh, I was busy.” She said very strangely.

“No need to discuss that any further, though.” Michael blurted out. And just as he finished that sentence, he pretended that someone called his name and he left for inside the house.

What the hell was that? Why was he acting like that was the worst question in the world? And it wasn’t even addressed to him. What the hell is going on?

Fortunately, Amanda stuck around. She waited until he went inside and the screen door was shut. She then turned a serious face to me.

“Hey, so I’m not sure if you knew this, and it’s fairly obvious that Michael hasn’t told you the whole story, but he just got out of a long time relationship with this girl Leslie.”

Leslie! That’s it! That’s the girl that we saw on our ice cream date near Merlin’s! So much had happened since then that I totally forgot about that whole awkward interaction. I didn’t want to act like I was too interested in it though.

“Yeah, I think I saw her a couple days ago. We ran into her together.”

“So you know that things are tense?” she asked. I nodded.

“It seemed that way.”

“Well then…I wasn’t at the dance last night, because, look, I’m actually a mutual friend of theirs. I was with Leslie, and had to make sure that she wouldn’t attend the dance.”

I was confused. “Why would it matter if she attended the dance?”

“Because…” she said, “Leslie knew that you’d be there.”

This whole thing was beginning to confuse me. Was there this horrible past breakup that I wasn’t aware of? Frankly, Michael and I haven’t known each other long, so I suppose it would make sens that this is unfamiliar, but nonetheless this is concerning.

We sat down at a table on the pool deck and continued the conversation. She told me about how Leslie and Michael dated for around 16 months, and then Michael suddenly broke up with her, claiming that he felt “he wasn’t in the right mindset to be dating.” Just like that, things were over.

Leslie apparently was heartbroken for weeks. She didn’t understand how out of nowhere Michael could break her heart.

Being her good friend, Amanda was in a tough situation between her two friends’ split. With Michael’s blessing, she spent more and more time with Leslie, trying to console her. Eventually, she started to come around to accepting the break-up.

“And that’s when she saw you,” Amanda said.


“Yes. She saw Michael out with you, and even though she may have seemed cool at the time, knowing that Michael was on a date absolutely shredded any progress she made with overcoming being dumped.”

“Oh…oh my gosh…I…I had no…”

“It’s not your fault.” Amanda said, “Michael is his own man and he can make decisions to go out with whoever he wants. But I’m sure you can understand why I felt the need to keep her away from the dance and spend that night with her.”

I nodded. Wow, Amanda is a really good friend—to both Leslie and Michael.

“So how is Michael gonna be?” I asked.

“Oh, he should be fine. I think he was just embarrassed that that question came up in front of you. You know, he really likes you.”

I blushed. “And I like him a lot too.”

A warm smile came from her. “I’m glad you two are getting to know each other.”

After that conversation I felt more filled in on information but also a little empty inside. I was aware why Michael was acting strange, but not sure what caused the split with Leslie. I don’t think anyone really knew, for that matter.

Amanda and I spent the next hour messing around in the pool and talking to others. It was a really fun day. The last portion of the day was spent laying out on the many lawn chairs that were set up, and a bunch of girls were taking advantage of the sun to get tan.

By the time I dried off, I looked around and still didn’t see Michael. He must never have come back outside.

Amanda was off talking to someone, so I took it upon myself to go check on him. He must be really down.

I put a towel around my waist anyway and went inside and upstairs. I remembered from being upstairs that Michael’s room was right next door to his sister’s.

His door was closed, and I couldn’t hear anything coming from inside. I knocked first.

“Who is it?” he responded very glibly.

“Uh, it’s Jacie.”

Right as I said my name, his voice seemed to perk up.

“Oh! Uh, just one second. It seemed that he was rearranging things in his room before I came in. After about 20 seconds he came to the door.

“Hey, what’s up?” he said.

“How are you feeling? I feel bad you missed out on practically the whole day.”

“Ohh, don’t mind me. I just have…a lot on my mind.”

I felt it best not to tell him that Amanda filled me in, but I’m sure he knows that.

I couldn’t help but comment on his room and peek my head in. I told him how neat I thought it was and how he had some cool posters. Similar to how his sister’s room was a textbook example of a 7th grade girl’s room, this was textbook high school boy’s.
He pointed some pictures on the walls. Most were of athletes, and some were of musicians. He had a guitar in the corner.

“Oh, do you play?” I asked.

“Nah not really. I used to when I was young, but it mostly gathers dust now.”

“You know…it’d be reeeally cool if you could play me something.” I said, trying not to sound too eager.

He let out a short sigh. “Well…I’ll do it for you.”

He pulled out the guitar and ran his pick across the strings. It sounded badly out of tune. He really must not have played in a while.

I expected him to look around for a tuner, but he quickly tuned the guitar by ear. VERY impressive.

“Fortunately I have perfect pitch.” He chimed in.

Once the guitar was tuned, he began to play some chords. Holy crap, he was actually really good.

“Recognize this one?” he said.

Of course I did. He was playing “Thinking out Loud,” by Ed Sheeran.

Turns out, he could not only play, but he sang beautifully.

Almost the whole time he played, he looked me in the eyes. What else could I do, but look back?

After the song was done. I gave him a little clap and a girlish squeal. I guess that kinda slipped out, because it was so good.

He put the guitar back on its stand, and then sat back down on the bed next to me.

“Thanks for coming today Jacie, even though we kinda surprised you and you weren’t ready.”

I was nervous. Where was this going?

Slowly but suddenly, he put his hand on my bare upper thigh, right below where the skirtini went down to.

He looked into my eyes, this time longingly. The only other time I had seen this look was at the dance.

Then he did it. He leaned in and kissed me. Not much to do but kiss him back.

Just like that, we were making out for the second time.

The longer we kissed, the more we caressed each others’ bodies. At the dance we were in public, so there was a feeling of awkwardness. This time was private and romantic.

He caressed my lower back and grabbed my butt mostly, where as I ran my hands through his hair and clenched it a little when he did something I liked.

Then Michael started to lay back on the bed, and guided me with him. We were still making out.

I don’t know if I was caught up in the moment or fell way too much into the “Jacie” mindset, but I was having the time of my life.

Much like watching Amanda strip down earlier, I began to get hard making out with Michael. Fortunately, the skirtini was long enough and tight enough to hide it somewhat, but that couldn’t last for long.

For some reason though, that didn’t bother me. I knew the risks, and I knew the dangerous situations I was constantly putting myself in. It just felt so good to be kissed.

We were kissing even more intensely. He was running his hands through my hair, kissing my neck, and putting his hands on my padded bikini top.

In the heat of the moment, he began to briefly reach down to my lower region.

And I think he touched it.

Or maybe he didn’t. He didn’t do too much more grabbing, but I think his hand brushed the fabric over my erection. I honestly don’t know.

I froze.

“Hey, are you okay?” Michael asked.

“Yeah…yeah,” I said. “Just a little frazzled.”

“It’s okay to be nervous.” He said assuredly, “Let me know if anything isn’t okay.”

That made me smile, but still nervous. We continued kissing. There’s no way he touched it. Because if he did, he would have immediately stopped kissing me and kicked me out, never to see me again.

But he didn’t.

So he must not have touched it, right?

Eventually, I told him that I needed to make my way home. Julia had texted me that Mom and Dad were out of the house, and I had to take this opportunity to sneak inside.

I went back to his sister’s room, and changed back into what I wore here.

He walked me to the front door and I told him I would just call an Uber.

He hugged me, not kissed me, as I left.

“I’ll see you at work,” Michael said.

I left out the front to a black Saab waiting out front.

“Uber for…Jason?” the driver said as I stepped in. That threw me off guard.

“…yeah. I guess that’s me.”

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