Vivid Dream Reality Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Tia's POV

We had breakfast with Roni in our suite. I don't think there is a set amount of time that it takes and whilst you are under the transformation process you are completely unaware of how much time passes. So we wanted to be around for when Katie had finished to see what happened, but didn't know what to do until that occurred and no way of knowing when it would occur.

Our maids came to our rescue and promised to take turns watching the church entrance and inform us as soon as it looked like finishing. The difficulty in looking for a particular person to leave was that we had no idea what she was going to look like. We stayed in our rooms, chatting and waiting. We talked to our maids in Elvish but they seemed to understand English. Enough to get by with Roni when she spoke to them.

Lunch time was approaching when Yani hurried to our door to let us know that the ceremony was finished. We all hurried to the church entrance. Priestesses were leaving by the droves, but none headed towards us. The last to leave was Myra, with a towering Elven girl walking beside her. The smile on both their faces let us know that Katie had succeeded.

“Wow, girl, you look amazing.” Vee said.

“I know, right. It feels so wonderful just to be walking. I don't think I ever want to sit down again.”

“Why don't we go for a walk after lunch.” I suggested.

“I don't think your human friend can join us for lunch with the Royal couple.” Mum said.

“Do you think they would mind if we missed lunch and gathered a picnic. Go for a walk and ...”

“Tia. Your adoption ceremony is tomorrow and the start of the bonding celebration is a few hours later. They are still in the process of getting to know you. I don't think you should miss those few times we gather as a family.”

“I will be fine Tia.” Roni said.

“We will look after her.” Yani said. We had to tell the maids to treat Roni as female. For some reason they automatically treated her as male.

“We will do the transformation ceremony for Roni at four pm, so hopefully she can join us for dinner. I will ask for our dinner to be delayed in case it takes me a bit longer. These ceremonies are quite taxing. In future, I would prefer to keep it to one a day, and not every day.”

“I am sorry mother, I am being quite demanding, aren't I.” We had a hug and a kiss on the cheek. We then were hurried by our maids to get ready for lunch. At least Katie was able to join us. She was still on cloud nine, so I don't think we were going to get much out of her except happy smiles. I so hoped that this translated to a healing in the real world.

Lunch was as good as usual. Myra loved the idea of using the transformation process as a healing method and was wondering what else we had planned. There were very few elves with disabilities, since healing magic was available. We talked about trying it with very sick humans and even humans with limbs amputated. Since the process was essentially to copy a healthy normal female elf, Myra believed that it could work, but it would always be down to Lagbit to decide.

I asked her what I should call her when we were being formal. I thought acting high priestess was a bit of a mouthful. She told me that in most instances Mother was appropriate, otherwise priestess, without the high, was fine. If she was not dressed in a priestess robe then either Mother or Princess. Likewise I could expect to be called Princess from now on, except by those I had given permission to call me Tia. I should reserve that right to close friends only.

After lunch, we picked up Roni and went on a guided tour of the palace grounds. Katie couldn't help herself and would run off and run back at random times. Initially, she was self-conscious about wanting to do it, but we all encouraged her. The first time she did it, she came back with a very sheepish smile and we had to be careful not to laugh at her and make her more self-conscious. The joy she was feeling was shared by all of us, that we had a part to play and could possibly do this again was wondrous.

We made sure we were back in plenty of time, which may not have been the best choice as it gave Roni time to fret. Still, all too soon she was taken by three priestesses for her sacred bath wash and oil massage. We then had another anxious wait. After talking to Katie and she went through her experience in detail, I think we all realized that it was a difficult process that was not guaranteed to work. I think being determined to work it out and make it happen would be a big factor of success. I wanted all of our recruits to be that way.

The maids happily kept watch for us, but this time insisted that we make ourselves ready for dinner. Since Katie was taken to the other suite to get ready it gave Vee and I, with the help of our maids, a chance to enjoy a sensual wash that may have taken longer than it should have. Clearly, we all take washing very, very seriously. I don't think they missed one spot. We may even have decided that a few spots needed to be washed multiple times.

Roni was the oldest of us and part of her experiment would be about aging. All Elves that I had seen, looked no older than eighteen. Since Vee's and my age wasn't much older and neither was Katie's, looking young didn't mean anything. If Roni started looking like an eighteen year old, she would clearly be getting younger. She also had a boob job, so that would have to be either removed or monitored closely by Janice. Considering I hadn't seen a small breasted Elf, if she left them in, she could become enormous.

Felicia informed us this time that the ceremony was over and we all gathered outside the church entrance in our gowns. Most Elves are around six foot in height, a few below like Vee and a few above like Katie. Which meant they really did stick out and Katie's height kept surprising me. Part of it was the exuberance that she couldn't help expressing. She was practically bouncing on her feet, all the time. And no one could wipe the smile off her face.

I was slightly worried that when she returned she would become a bit depressed, like I guess I was when my body was still male. Still, I didn't worry about it, since I firmly believed that her body would follow her mind and this body would become her norm. She just had to ride out a potentially bad week or so. Same was true with Roni, although she believed that since she had spent her whole life with a background depression caused by this gender dysphoria, that it wouldn't be so bad for her. Another part of her experiment.

Finally Mother appeared with an elegant Elf on her arm. Both again smiling happily. We had a brief congratulations chat and hug, but the maids urged Myra and Roni off to get ready for our delayed dinner.

Dinner went amazingly well. Although we all looked to be the same age, how you talk and what you talk about does vary with age somewhat, so we found Roni getting on better with Myra and her parents. Not that we were excluded, but there did seem to be an age divide, just not a physical one.

We were heading back towards our room when something went wrong. I think I saw Katie collapse before we all passed out. When I woke up and tried to move my hands I realized they had been handcuffed together. I had been trying to reach behind me to take off my headset thinking that I had returned to the real world but unable to pull my hands apart left me bereft of ideas. Fear had its icy grip on my heart, I didn't know what to do.

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