Never Anger a Cat and Two Wolves Part 9

The flight back to Montana wasn’t fun for Gina. She was going to have to wear a back brace for a while. She had taken a pain pill before they had gotten on the Lear Jet and Arnold was by her side. Her cousin Tizzy was in the same shape she was in. She had smacked her back up against a steel door and had bruises going down her back. Her sister’s chest was wrapped up because she had a few fractured ribs. Even though she loved Arnold, she wanted to be held by her father. He was her rock and felt safe in his arms.

When the Lear Jet lands at the property. Gina, Julia and Tizzy were happy to be home. The Hummers were still parked at the hangar. The girls knew their mother and the animals were waiting for them up at the house.

“Cheshire, go ahead and take everyone up to the house. I’m going to secure the plane.” Jack was going to secure the jet and button up the hangar.

“Alright Jack.” Cheshire takes one of the hummers up to the house.

When everyone got close to the house, they could see Debbie standing on the first porch with their sisters and Tizzy’s little sister. Sphinx and
Cadmus were standing with Debbie. Cadmus was still wrapped up from his operation.

When the car stops, and the door opens. Gina runs over towards Cadmus with tears sliding down her cheek. She’s been worried sick about her wolf. She carefully wraps her arms around him and bury her face in his fur.

“Where are the Ligers?” Arnold didn’t see Simba or Khan.

“They are inside the house. They don’t like the cold air here.” Cheshire knew Khan didn’t.

Debbie watches her daughter as she cried against her wolf. Debbie knew the bound between Gina and Cadmus was like the same bound Jack had with Chaos. Julia hugs her wolf. She was so happy to see Sphinx again. Julia looks up at her father.

“Where are Terror and Menace?” Julia was concern about them.

“They are inside the house sis.” Alyona was comfortable calling Julia and Gina sis or sister. They had been the ones to rescue them from the sex traffickers along with Tizzy.

“Why don’t all of us head inside as well.” Debbie wanted to get her family inside the house. She knew Selina had hot chocolate made for everyone.

Arnold had looked at Gina when Alyona had called Julia sis. He knew it was just Tizzy and Julia. He saw Cheshire wrap her arm around the Indian looking girl.

They walk into the house and the rest of the animals were waiting for them. Arnold stops when he sees two big cats and the rest of the wolves.
He knew Jack had Chaos, Sphinx and Cadmus. He was looking for Chaos. He knew that big wolf was always around the house.

“Where’s Chaos?” Arnold stayed by Gina’s side with Cadmus limping next to her.

“He passed away defending the property.” Gina still had tears sliding down her cheeks. She loved Chaos as well.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” He follows everyone into the living room.

The Christmas tree was already up, and the room had been decorated for Christmas.

“Silvia, Alyona can you help Selina, please?” Debbie looks at her adopted daughters.

“Yes ma’am.” Both girls follow Selina into the kitchen and help her bring out the hot chocolate and Christmas cookies they had baked the other day.

Alyona and Silvia were adapting to having people they could trust around them. They had been scared when they came to live with Mr. and Mrs. Bounty, but after they learned that Gina and Julie had once been in their place. They started trusting everyone and Mischief, the other wolf that had been at the house. Silvia liked Mischief and played with him. Alyona still felt uncomfortable around all the animals. She felt Sphinx rub up against her. She looks down and see the wolf that had helped rescue her. He had stayed by her side while he was healing and while Julia was gone.

The girls follow Selina into the living room and help serve everyone. Christmas saw the new girls and wonder who they were. She leans close to Julia and ask her.

“Who are the new girls?” She looks at the young girls as they follow Selina out of the dining room.

“That’s Alyona, Silvia our new sisters and Tizzy’s new little sister Krisha. We rescued them a few weeks ago from a bunch of sex traffickers.

They were being pimped out by the traffickers. They had been sold by their parents to the sex traffickers. Alyona is from Russia, Silvia is from Mexico and Tizzy’s little sister is from India.” Julia gives Christmas a kiss.

“Why would any parent sell their child into sex slavery, I’ll never understand.” Christmas couldn’t understand why anyone would do that.

“I don’t know either. I agree with my father that parents. Whoever, does that need to be sterilized so that they can never have children again.” Julia watches her new sisters and accepts some cookies from the tray Alyona was serving everyone from.

“How are you doing Alyona?” Julia looks at her younger sister?

“I’m doing okay sis. Silvia has been having nightmares and so has Krisha.” Alyona’s ordeal wasn’t as bad as the other two girls were.

“Well, I want you to know, me and Gina have been where you girls have been. Daddy, Selina and mom will protect you and help you. So, will Uncle Robert, Uncle Alexa, me and Gina as well.” Julia carefully gives Alyona a hug.

“Thanks sis.” She had tears sliding down her cheek.

“You’re welcome.” Julia takes her napkin and wipe the tears away.

Julia slips Sphinx a cookie and pet him. As she watches her younger sister walk away.

“You know, you could had said me too.” Christmas looks at Julia. She remembers the first time they met and found out that she had a Wolf.

“I know sweet heart. I’ve been thinking, that maybe me and you should get married after Christmas. There’s not much I don’t know about you and I know there’s not much you don’t know about me.” Julia felt strongly about this.

“Does this have something to do with what happened to you on this last case?” Christmas didn’t want to just jump into marrying Julia and later learn it was a mistake.

“I’ll be lying if I didn’t say it had something to do with my decision on asking you to marry me. However, that’s not why I am asking you to marry me now. I really am in love with you and I don’t want to lose you, or you lose me without us making it official. I’ve always loved you since we were in school together, but I didn’t think you felt the same about me.” Julia held Christmas hands.

Christmas stare into Julia’s eyes and saw what she was looking for. She leans forward and gives her a kiss.

“Let’s get some sleep and talk more about it in the morning sweetie.” Christmas helps Julia up to her bedroom and help undress her. She was about to leave to head back to her place.

“Stay with me, please?” Julia held onto her hand.

“Alright.” She gets undress and pull out her night gown from her overnight bag. She crawls into bed with Julia and just held her.

They felt Sphinx jump up on the bed and nested down by their feet.

Arnold helped Gina up to her bed and tucked her in. Jack had given him permission to stay in the same room with her and sleep. He knew
Cadmus wanted to be near his human. So, he carefully lifts the wolf up and put him next to Gina. He saw Gina wrap her arms around him and bury her face in his fur. He lays down next to her. He knows, even if they had a place of their own, she would always want her wolf in bed with them.

Jack was down in his office making sure things were okay at social services. He was making sure his other daughters paperwork had been completed and were official. He had a friend of his push through the paperwork. He also transferred the bounty for Jones into the bank account of K&P Bounty Services. He updates his status in his own records as being incarcerated at a black site jail, along with Arnold Bridges.

He paid for K&P Bounty Services hospital stay and had their medical records transferred to Bart’s wife’s office. She was listed as their primary Doctor. He already planned with her on this matter. He looks up when his wife comes walking into his office.

“What are you doing in here?” Debbie walks over and sits on his lap.

“Taking care of some paperwork. Is everyone in bed?”

“Yep, Arnold is sleeping with Gina and Christmas is sleeping with Julia., Alyona and Silvia are in their bedroom. Tizzy is sleeping with her
boyfriend and Cheshire has Krisha sleeping with her. Krisha hasn’t been doing well since Cheshire left. So, she has Krisha sleeping with her.” Debbie had let Krisha sleep with her, till Cheshire got back.

“I notice Arnold proposed to Gina.” She had seen the ring on her hand.

“He did it when she woke-up in the hospital. I don’t mind them sleeping together.” Jack knew Arnold loved Gina.

“You know, she’s upset about Cadmus. I saw it in her face.” Debbie knew out of all her girls. Gina was a lot like Jack when it came to the wolves.

“I know. I spoke with my cousin and I’m going to use what semen I have left of Chaos to breed his Greenland wolf to help increase their population. I’ll give her, Alyona and Silvia a pup from that litter to raise and train. Also, Dr. O’Brien has agreed to clone Chaos’s cells. So, I’ll have a few more pups of him to raise. I’m thinking about giving Julia one of the clone pups to raised and train for police work.” Jack had already agreed to pay the one million price tag to have Chaos cloned.

“Doesn’t she have Sphinx and weren’t you going to give her Terror to use for police work?” Debbie thought that was the plan.

“Yes, but Sphinx is getting to old for police work and she’ll be force to retire him. Terror will replace him. The pup she can raise and train to replace Terror.” Jack was also thinking about having a few female wolves on the property to protect Debbie and Selena.

“If you say so. How is that person that rescued our girls, doing?” Debbie knew about Christina, because Jack told her about what she did for their girls and the bounty hunting team.

“She’s being looked after by a friend of Cheshire’s. Nora Midnight is her name and she has taken her under her wing. She’s teaching her how to protect herself.” Jack thought that was a good idea, because of the situations Christina has gotten herself into lately.

“You’re not turning that girl into an agent of yours and Cheshire, are you?” Debbie didn’t like when he did that.

“No, we’re not. She’s to young first off and secondly, she has plans of her own, that we’ll help her with in appreciation for saving the girl’s life.”
Jack was going to make sure he could give Christina the opportunities she was looking for.

That was why she was under Midnight’s watchful eyes. Midnight had connections with people Jack normally didn’t associate with. Sure, he’ll invest in a movie or so, but that wasn’t his world. He’ll do what he could for Christina, just like Cheshire was going to do.

“I’ll believe it, when I see it. I know you too well Mr. Jack Bounty.” Debbie just gives her husband a kiss.

Jack returns the kiss and picks her up “then you know what I have in mind for you tonight then.” He holds her tight to his body.

He walks out of his office and carry her upstairs to their bedroom.

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