Life Changed For The Better?

"Oh come on Andrew is this really necessary?" I mean what else could I say?

I had been volunteered for this stunt simply because I am the smallest guy in the class still. The other boys had gotten too big to pull this off so it was left to me to do it. Besides its kind of a small, not quite allowed tradition. One I had. thus far, gotten away without doing.

Every year in our town a boy who isn't shaving yet gets to dress up as a girl and stick a tiny camera in the girls lockeroom. This camera takes a pic of one girl before it dies but that pic is spread throughout the school rather quickly. Usually its only a pic of them in their school clothes or gym outfits nothing bad. But once a girl got caught in just her bra and school skirt it was awesome.

This year it was my turn so that's why I am here getting all done up by the past passers as a girl to sneak into the lockeroom with the camera. Its simple really they put some makeup on my eyes and face for that authentic girl look. Some stuffing into a padded bra for breasts, its some silicone things that are cold!. The girls pink t-shirt, a pair of white short shorts, pink and black zebra striped socks and a pair of girls pink sketchers shoes. That is ok its the pink panties with white stripes I am not all that thrilled with.

My hair has been done up with a clip in hair extension that is my hair's color which is a light brown, or brunette as the girls say. The clip makes it look like I have long wavy hair and just put a little pink pony tail in it. I think one of the boys snuck it and the uniform from a sister or something.

The panties compressed my testicles up into my abdomen and made Kaleb junior flat underneath. Its way to convincing a crotch and I find it disturbing. I know that if I am caught they make the passers pose as girls for the whole school day as punishment. The ones that don't pass don't usually make it out of the lockeroom.

"Well Anne I would say you are a cute girl in the making." Andrew and Ryan both have this weird look on his faces. Then again so do some of the other boys.

"Guys I am not a girl this is just a costume. Stop looking at me like that!"

"Sorry Anne but you really do make a good looking girl. Heck I would ask you out on a date. Wanna go sometime?" I hate Ryan.

"NO and definitely not!" I am not crazy.

With sheepish looks the boys apologize to me and tell me how and where to stick the little camera. It has a very short term life like about 1 hour where it can transmit a picture if someone passes infront of it then dies. Its really small and looks like a small brown blob. Our school has tried to change the colors of change room lockers but for some reason it has never been done. I suspect one of the old passers of ages ago is on school board and prevents it. Years ago it involved hiding cameras in ceiling tiles or actual lockers. They would get removed and in one case the fingerprints led them to charge one kid.

There is no fingerprints anymore as we sand the fingertips of the passer. This only lasts like an hour if that. Fingerprints don't stay gone for long. We even use a special glue over top before sanding them off for better protection. Hey we kids are not that stupid, that and CSI kinda helps.

It was now the time of well it was that time. Its simple right walk out of the boys lockeroom as a girl and go to the girls lockeroom plant camera and get out before class started. What could possibly go wrong.

Well first off I was shaking so bad and sweating I thought anyone could see me the boy doing something bad. Nobody paid any attention at all. Second getting the courage to enter that place of girldom the girls lockeroom took me a few gasps of air. Ok more than a few but who is counting. I grabbed that handle after like hours and pulled. It didn't budge. Nobody told me it would stick. I pulled again still nothing. I pulled with both hands and a bit of effort before it finally budged. I thought that was certainly weird. No girls I could remember every complained about it before.

Walking in was also strange it was almost like someone was pushing something out of me. I know how strange that sounds but the more I walked forward the more something prevented some part of me from entering. It was painful too. It took me awhile, I know I'm stubborn, but I finally made it inside. I took a small breather as it seemed I couldn't get the same amount of breath like I was short or something. That and those silicone things were all sticky from sweat which I could feel and it was NOT comfortable.

I told myself get in stick camera get out get changed and I'm done. Boy passed test and gets into the Elite of school. I searched for the camera and couldn't find it. It was in my shorts pocket. I just assumed it fell out in the doorway. So I went towards the door when I passed the locker room mirror. Now this was one thing the boys section didn't have. I big mirror. Must be girls vanity or something. Anyways the reflection I saw was me but it wasn't and I actually spooked myself.

In the mirror was a girl of about my age a little short in the chest development but certainly on her way to being a good looking girl. Nice oval face cute blue eyes. This scared me I moved from side to side and the mirror image followed me. The face was mine but it wasn't. It had more of Mom than Dad in it. Moms cute nose verses my Dads more angular nose. It was also missing the few breaks I had earned playing around with the guys. This was too spooky and I knew I had to leave.

As I approached the door I heard girls voices on the other side.

"Gross. They left some dirt on the floor probably to make us slip up and show our panties for their stupid camera." said one girl.

"Boys are so stupid. They do this every year. Just step over it and get changed. I'll tell Mrs. Stephens and get a broom or something." Said another.

Crap! I was gonna get caught. I looked for a place to hide. I ran into the attached bathroom with its two stalls verses the boys one stall and urinal. A counter was open underneath so not there. The handicap stall would be a bad idea so that left me with the small stall. At least the lock on the door worked. I closed it and sat ontop of the toilet tank with my feet on the seat when I realized it would look out of place.

Breath I told myself calm down from underneath It would look like just another girl sitting to do her business nothing to freak out over. Girls always spent way to much time in a bathroom so I could sit here while they did there thing and then leave without anyone the wiser. I pulled down my shorts and the panties which seemed alot less tighter now than before and sat on the toilet. I fully expected Kaleb Junior to pop out with his two cousins. It didn't happen they must be scared of the panties I was wearing. I needed to pee anyways so I let loose. I was a messier job as I could feel pee dripping everywhere underneath.

I knew I would have to wipe myself down now just like a girl. I grabbed some toilet paper and prepared to wipe myself. The girls entered the changeroom and started chatting away merrily so my pulling of paper was easily covered by their noise.

I leaned forward and reached down to wipe of junior when I encountered a problem. Junior was totally missing. Not only was he missing but in his place was a slit. A very wet and sensitive slit. or so I found out. I dropped the paper into the toilet during my discovery and pulled out my hand when I spotted two things. One my hand had blood on it. Not much but some and two in those panties was also a few spots of blood.

I did the only thing I could do I screamed. Now whoever reads this should note. If you are trying to hide from people screaming will get you the exact opposite reaction. In my case the girls came running and got the door unlocked in record time to find me sitting on the toilet with blood on my hand and in my panties. I had a shocked look on my face of course. What happened next is still a mystery.

You see they girls all seem to remember me as a girl named Courtney. A sophomore girl and member of the JV Cheerleading Squad who had just encountered her first period. They patiently showed me how to clean myself up and put in a very uncomfortable thing called a tampon. My panties got removed and washed I think while another girl got me another pair from a purse that apparently belongs to me now.

Out of guilt I tried to explain what happened to the school nurse later after I calmed down. I was brought to her after the mess in the changeroom was taken care of for "girls hygiene 101" as it was called. She took my temperature and had me lay down on one of the cots put there for that purpose. I vaguely heard her talking to my parents over the phone but instead of my name she kept referring to me as Courtney the whole time.

I pulled the hair clip off and found that the hair piece was now a part of me. I kinda freaked out a bit about that and eventually got a small sedative cause I next remember waking up to my mom standing over me in that cot. I had hoped it was a very bad dream and I had just got caught but it was not to be. Mom called me "Her precious little princess". I was previously "He's yours deal with him". Mom was unusually soft voiced with me and a bit over protective like I was made of glass or something. I found it annoying.

The ride home in a pair of girls short shorts was less than pleasant. Mom insisted I sit first "Courtney Anne Cenite you need to sit like a proper young lady right now!" and then get into the car. It took me two tries I had never done this before. She insisted I had multiple times though. I lost the argument. I tried my best to not cry or freak out from the new sensations. I just wanted to get home run up to my room, get out of these stupid clothes, and then read some books.

Well my books were there but my books about war as well as my books about sports were all gone replaced by magazines such as Total Girl or Girls Life. my sheets on my bed were replaced with girly pink bedsheets, my model car collection was replaced with different types of makeup, various sport equipment were replaced by Cheerleading and gymnastics trophies and equipment, as well as any sign of normal pants or jeans. The only jeans I did find were too tight on me or had girly designs on them. My closet was bigger than it used to be as well. It was also missing any form of descent clothing besides just skirts, blouses, and dresses. I had a new desk of sorts in place of my old ratty dresser. It was a girls vanity, even I had seen those before there were bottles of different shades of nail polish piled all over it was not something I wanted to touch. As far as I remember today was the first day I have ever worn nail polish.

Mom came into my new room with its canopy bed and helped me get undressed. The silicone things were gone and in there place was small A cup breasts. My waist also seemed narrower and my hips wider. I was put into a bathrobe I have never seen before and led into the bathroom where mom had made me a warm bath with lots and lots of scented bubbles. She helped me wash myself and then after remove that plug from inside of me. I really hoped my penis would return from that slit but it didn't the tampon was an icky reddish brown color with stuff all over it. Mom gave me a new one to put in after I was patted dry and had creams put into my skin. She then patiently told me how to put one in. This is very humiliating. Nothing screams a girl more than this.

I was dressed after in a new pair of white panties with multi colored horizontal striped pantiesand a pink. Mom led me by hand back into my bedroom and sat me on the bed while she proceeded to brush my hair till it was dry. Talking the whole time I might add about many different girl things. Things I never ever wanted to know about but I now apparently have to. The hair brushing eventually put me to sleep and I woke much later to hear my dad and mom in the hallway outside my room.

"How is she?" I heard my dads deep voice ask.

"She is a little shaken up by everything that happened. I guess the nerves she had over her picture being spread around school plus the onset of her first period have overwhelmed her." My Mother said.

"Is she alright? Do we need to bring her to the hospital or something?" My Dad said with more concern than ever before. I never even went to the hospital when I broke my nose. "Be a man he said at the time"

"No she will be fine by morning this sort of thing happens to some girls the first time. Though mom never said that I would spin fantastic tales like she did." I could almost her the puzzlement in moms voice.

"What do you mean honey?" of course dad asked that.

"Well she was telling this story of how she was a boy and that if we could change her back to a boy she would be good and all this. Poor Courtney the sweety even thought her name middle name of Anne was her first name. Though it does make me wonder what we would have named her if she had been born a boy."

"We will never know now will we since we new before she was born she was a girl."

"I suppose your right. I do think we should have told her that it would be alright as the new superintendent of the school division said she would put a stop to it."

"Good point but we were told not to tell the children. I do wonder why she was so sure it would not be a problem. Lets go to bed I will help you to relax." Kissing sounds followed before I heard their door close.

Tomorrow is a new school day for me and I am scared. I know nothing of being this 13 year old girl named Courtney. I know I should be thinking more of how to get changed back but for some reason the more time passes the more and more I can't seem to remember my life as a 13 year old boy named Kaleb. Oh well maybe when I wake up tomorrow I will be better.

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