Angel Of Justice Chapter 8

Katlain had a hard time keeping her mind on work. She messed up three orders and almost dropped another order. By the time she got off, she was so thankful. She didn’t bother putting an order in to take home. She just wanted to go and get her gear and head to her garage and double check everything.

She leaves the restaurant and heads home and grab her gear, slipping out of her waitress uniform and putting on her black jumpsuit. She grabs her helmet, gloves and her black gym bag that had all her gear in it. She puts it in the trunk of her maverick and drive over to her garage and once inside. She checks the Rubicon from top to bottom. She double checks the lights and make sure they would be bright enough for her plans.

She thought it over and if it was going to be as dark as it has been lately. She could blind them and run them off the road. If they want to play chicken with her, well that’s fine with her. She’s played chicken before and has never lost. She still hasn’t figured out what is so important, that they would be so willing to go this far.

Katlain grabs her Iphone and hops into the Rubicon. It has gotten dark outside. She uses her remote to open the garage door. Once the door is completely opened, she drives out and closes the garage door behind her. She takes one more look at the place and walks over to the Rubicon and climb in. She straps into the five-point harness and put her helmet on. She doubles checks everything and start heading towards the location. She made sure to mark where she was going to be hiding to surprised them.

Once Katlain arrives at the location, she parks the Rubicon and shuts everything down and wait. She knew she was early. As she is waiting, she uses her portable hotspot and checks any recordings from the bugs she had used. She struck jackpot as she came across one recording. It was about the guy that they hired. His name was Jack Herrington and they needed whatever it was that was being transported tonight. That was all she managed to get from the conversion and to be careful with the package.

She pulls the receiver out to check where the cars she tagged were. She was out of range of most of them and then two blips show-up on the receiver. She watches as they came within a mile of her and stopped. She turns her night vison cameras on and start looking for them. She couldn’t spot them. She grabs her infrared binoculars and slip out of the Rubicon and to an area where she would still be hidden, but still see them.

She searches the side of the highway and spots them down from where she was waiting. There were two vehicles sitting along the side of the highway, hidden underneath an overpass. They were using the darkness of the overpass as their hiding spot. A vehicle could drive right pass them and not see them.

She figures it was two of the SUV’s she tagged not too long ago. She heads back towards the Rubicon and wait. She hated waiting, but at least she was uses to it. She relaxes against the Rubicon’s driver seat and was surprised at how comfortable it felt.

She watches the road through her cameras and around 0100hrs, a big dark gray eighteen-wheeler passes right in front of her doing at least seventy miles an hour. She watches as the SUV’s under the overpass pullout directly behind it. She notices one of the SUV’s was trying to pass catch up and pass in front of it. She starts the Rubicon and give it some gas. The Rubicon burst forth from its hiding spot. Katlain heads directly for the SUV going towards the eighteen-wheeler. She gets directly in its path and flick the switch to turn on all the flood lights and spot lights the Rubicon was equipped with on. She makes sure she is directly in the SUV path, so the driver is blinded by the lights.

Enemy SUV:
Henry saw the eighteen wheeler they had been waiting for pass right by him. He waited a few minutes and pulls out to put the plan in play. He was catching up to the Tractor trailer, when out of nowhere. A bunch of lights appear in front of him, blinding him. He tries to keep going forward, but as he got closer and closer, the lights got brighter and brighter. He turns the steering wheel towards the left and causes the SUV to go off the asphalt and slam into a bunch of trees. The airbag deploys, slamming him in the face.

Katlain saw the SUV slam right into a group of trees. The other SUV was pulling up behind the trailer part. It looked like someone was aiming something at the door of the trailer. She whips the Rubicon towards the second SUV and shuts the lights off, as she bumps the back of the SUV with the battering ram on the front of the Rubicon. She slams into it a second time, causing the driver to lose control. She pulls the
Rubicon alongside of the SUV and tries to force it off the road.

She knew the SUV had the weight advantaged, but the Rubicon had the height and speed. She slams it again, as she tries to force the SUV off the road. She hears gunfire as the windows on the passenger side of the Rubicon shatter from bullets hitting it. She pulls away and slams the SUV a second time with the Rubicon. There was more gunfire and a stray bullet hits her in her right arm.

Katlain winces when she feels the bullet hit her in the arm. she felt it hit right below her shoulder joint. She wanted to let go of the steering wheel, but knew she couldn’t right now. She yanks the steering wheel to the left and slams the SUV one more time. She slams it hard and forces it into a group of trees. She watches as the SUV heads straight into the woods and hit a thick tree. She stops and grabs her camera and over towards the SUV. Everyone inside was wearing mask and bleeding. She yanks the mask off and snap pictures of their faces. She looks around to see if there was anything she could use to figure out their plans and spots a piece of folded-up paper sticking out of one guys back pockets. She yanks it out and runs back towards the Rubicon.

She shakes her head as she spots the damage to the side of the Rubicon. She was going to have a lot of body work to do to the Rubicon after this was over. She drives the Rubicon over towards the other SUV and jumps out. Those guys were still dazed from slamming into a tree. They were wearing ski mask like the other guys were. She removes them one at a time and snaps pictures of the occupants. She puts her camera away and shots all four tires out on the SUV. She drives back over to the first SUV and does the same thing to that SUV.

Katlain pulls a burner phone she normally carries with her out and call the Highway Patrol. She drives off and heads towards her Doctor’s friend’s house and bang on his door. She could hear movement as someone comes walking towards the door.

“Hey, can you patch me up and open your garage please?” Katlain hopes her friend would do it.

Donald looks at Katlain standing there dressed in her form fitting black suit. She was holding a rag to her right arm. He looked down and saw droplets of blood on his concrete.

“Yes, go hide your Rubicon.” Donald couldn’t believe she got injured again. This was the seventh time he has had to patch her up.

Katlain goes and pulls the Rubicon into the garage. She heads inside the house and towards the examination room he has at the house. This wasn’t the first time she’s been here and sometimes, they used the room for playing doctor. He did her breast implants here at his house.

She walks in and starts removing her form fitting jumpsuit. It was designed to be fireproof for her street racing and dark enough for concealment while stealing. It didn’t provide any protection from bullets or anything. She sits up on the examination table and wait for Donald to come in.

“Where did you get hit?” Donald starts grabbing what he needs to clean and remove the bullet.

“In my right arm, just below my shoulder.”

Donald walks over and looks at it.

“You’re lucky. The bullet is still inside the wound.” He had probed the wound. He knew Katlain hated being knocked out.

“So, what have you gotten yourself into this time?” Donald tends to her wound.

“To be honest, I have no idea. All, I do know is that the White Supremacy group that attacked the Pride in the Park was planning something else deadlier then the park attack. I managed to stop them for now, but they might still be able to pull something off.” Katlain winces when she feels the needle go into her arm.

Donald finishes up patching up Katlain’s arm.

“There, all done. One more scar for your body. You keep this up, you won’t be able to do any more modeling jobs.” Donald knew that Katlain did some modeling on the side.

“It’s amazing what a little make-up will do to cover-up a flaw. By the way, where is your wife?” Katlain looks at Donald with a playful look on her face.

“She’s out of town for two days.” A smile appears on his face. He knew what she was hinting at.

Katlain helps Donald clean-up the examination room and then head upstairs with him to have some sex.

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