Newcomers Part 4

No talk about sexual abuse this time, just abuse of the legal system.


Back at home, Jessica awaited the results. She hugged Fiona tightly upon hearing what she had said then just nodded at Flora's evaluation results. It was as expected, she didn't need to know the full details as anyone who had ever met her for more than a few seconds could see that she was a girl inside.

The girls were sent upstairs to relax while the three Nelsons talked. Jessica gave them a glare as she demanded to know what they were going to do about the girls' legal issue. Quentin only uttered "I told Kennedy" which was enough to satisfy Jessica, she knew Kennedy would show no mercy in ensuring proper justice was brought on the girls' behalf.

Jessica asked about the next day, getting a grin and happy "school. Or signing them up for school. Dorothy and Yvette are expecting them after we sign them up. I don't think their records will be sent anytime soon so they are going to ignore this and allow them in at the grade they should be in."

Jessica could only grin, knowing full well where both were going to end up. Faith, Ella, and Daisy weren't gong to let Flora go at things alone while Fiona would have a hard time keeping Mia, Kylie, Margaret, Nancy, and Nichole from helping her adjust to her new class. They would also help her deal with the worst predators of all- boys their own age.

Upstairs, the girls talked about what they had said. Fiona realized that she had admitted to Dr. Dane that she had been having sex with men and that they wanted the same from Flora. Flora was concerned that she may have upset Fiona by telling them what the adults had done to her. Both felt as if they needed to get away from the Nelsons before they ended up n jail because of what they had said.

Greta sensed something was wrong and noticed something drop from the back porch. She walked outside and saw the girls trying to flee, both now in tears at getting caught. She ushered them inside to talk, while Jessica took their clothes back upstairs to give them some privacy.

Greta asked why they wanted to leave. Neither girl said anything leading to her asking "did you think that what you told Dr. Eliza or Dr. Dane was going to make us send you away?"

Both nodded at hearing that, shedding tears in fear. Greta sighed then hugged both, explaining "you told the truth about someone hurting you. What your foster parents did was abuse- specifically sexual abuse. We are required by law to report that. Quentin is talking with a friend of ours who is going to ensure that you are not taken away and that you are not leaving this state. You don't have to go back, she won't let Minnesota take you away. She cares about what happens to you, she is fighting for you."

The girls seemed to calm down but were still on edge. It was understandable to Greta, it was tough to tell the truth about someone hurting you especially as it was going to happen to another loved one. The girls were scared, until they had their day in court they would be on edge about their happiness ending.

She saw Jessica creep away with a big smile, looking at her phone she grinned. The little minx had taken a picture of Greta and the girls and sent it off to someone. She would get her back for that, she deserved a little bit of humble pie but loved that she had accepted the girls so readily.

The girls stayed huddled in Greta's arms until Quentin returned with dinner. He knew that she hadn't been able to cook due to the girls' mini-breakdown and brought home some Chinese food for them. It was a good gesture, the girls loved the food and Greta was grateful to not have to cook so late especially as she didn't think that the girls would stay there without her keeping a close eye on them.

When the girls went upstairs Greta told Quentin what happened. He just nodded, then added "I'll ask about us adopting the girls. I saw the look in your eyes, you are their mother now in your mind even if you haven't had the heart yet to vocalize it."

Greta blushed but he kissed her cheek. She shed a tear as she finally broke down, telling him through sobs "I just can't help myself. They need a mother. They need someone to help them and protect them. I don't want them to get hurt. I don't want them lost anymore. They need help and we can help them. They need family, we are the closest they have ever had to a real family."

Quentin just kissed her again, warmly adding "Scott was blood to you but these girls are innocents. I agree that they need family and support, you give them both. We will ask them tomorrow, we can't do this if they don't approve. It wouldn't be right. Scott will understand, I know that Jessica already does."

The girls were nearby and heard everything. Fiona was being emotional while Flora was unsure about what to say. Fiona hugged and kissed Greta, begging her "please be our mother" over and over again. Flora finally caved in and asked the same, forcing Greta to tell them she'd adopt them as her own.

She did something else for Fiona, taking her upstairs to have a special talk. Flora tried to ask what was going on only to be offered a cringing "she's giving her the period talk. Greta thinks your sister may be on the throes of having her first. She is helping prepare her for the inevitable. It may explain some of her opening up to Dr. Dane, it could be the best possible time to have it happen as she got the right people made aware of your situation even if she now has to endure the unpleasant side effects of it."

Flora cringed at that, getting the same "tell me about it. I still don't like that Jessica and Greta has them but it's part of becoming a woman. I'm sorry you won't have that happen but be glad you won't. It's the biggest thing you should be glad you won't experience even if it's associated with motherhood and having children."

She impulsively hugged and kissed him, to which he added "being a woman is more than having children, some women have been blessed to have children fall into their laps. You met Daisy, well her brother and sister-in-law had that happen to them. You met Olivia, well her son and future daughter-in-law are having that happen to them in a few months. It could happen to you, don't give up hope as you could adopt and give a young child like yourself a loving home."

He understood her, he didn't need to reassure her but the act was enough for her. She kissed him for being the dad she needed, with Quentin hugging and kissing her back. Quentin had won her over without trying to do so, he simply told her what she needed to hear and she loved him for it.

Upstairs, Greta sat Fiona down and showed her some "supplies" she'd need. She preferred a different style feminine product than Jessica but Fiona's personal choice would come in time. She listened to Greta intently and asked the important questions, getting responses that were mature and educational but came from experience. It was simply a mother teaching her daughter what to do.

To Fiona, it was embarrassing but Greta was doing it for her benefit and wasn't trying to make her feel uncomfortable or amuse herself at the expense of Fiona's dignity. Fiona started to understand the different things and while it was cringe-inducing at times she felt better knowing how to do things than being caught unprepared. After she finished, she shed a tear of happiness over the whole talk then hugged Greta and kissed her cheek, telling her "thanks mom."

The words were out faster than her brain could register what she had just said. Greta shed a tear at the words, herself adding "it's part of the job of being your mom." Fiona felt terrible but Greta hugged her again, this time telling her "if you want to call me that it's OK, you need a mom and I want to be her. You asked for and I agreed to adopt you so it's alright to call me what I'm going to be anyway. Besides, I loved hearing you say it. It felt nice to know it comes from your heart."

The two waited in silence as Fiona tried to fight for the right words. She meekly asked "can I call you mom? You are what I always wanted in a mom and Quentin is what I always wanted in a dad. Please, can I call you mom?"

Fiona's hormones were playing tricks on her but it really was a plea straight from the heart. Greta just nodded, with Fiona adding a soft "thanks, mom." Greta laid her down to sleep, putting the products near her as it was clear that she was about to start that night. It was a subtle gesture, but Fiona would appreciate it.

Downstairs again, Greta told Quentin what Fiona had said. Quentin just nodded, while Flora asked if she could call her that as well. Flora was happy when both said "if you want" with Flora smiling and nearly crying, saying "goodnight mom, dad" to them as she went up to go to sleep.

The couple kissed as Greta's tears welled up. She wasn't prone to rash decisions but it felt right to help the girls who had won her heart. They needed stability and love, she had love to give them.

The next morning, the girls woke up with smiles on their faces. Flora asked if last night was a dream to which Fiona asked "if it was, we both had it." They went downstairs to an upbeat Quentin cooking breakfast for them as Greta slowly awoke from the stressful slumber.

Quentin left, giving the girls kisses causing blushes but showing it wasn't a dream, he was going to be their new father. The girls slowly got dressed with Greta telling them that it wasn't going to be too bad. The two took a bit of time choosing the right outfits, going with smart conservative looks for the day.

They were delaying the inevitable, they were fearful of how the school would react to Flora. Greta told them "Yvette is fine with you, she handled several girls like you already. You already know three of your new classmates, they are respected and feared. They won't let your classmates or others harm you or allow any kind of bullying. Daisy is not afraid to set someone straight, she will defend you."

Fiona was concerned about other things. Greta sighed and had to tell her "Dorothy has dealt with kids who are different too many times to count. She and Alice are disciplinarians and won't let you slack off nor will they allow bullying or forced exclusion. You will make friends and enjoy your time in school."

The three left for city hall to sign the girls up for school. The assistant superintendent had little trouble with Flora once Greta presented the statement from Dr. Eliza. Fiona was just given a glance and told that due to the superintendent fiddling with the numbers Fiona was likely to be in Alice Porter's school due to an imbalance of students, which was a concern to Greta and caused fear in Fiona.

Alice's school was the tougher children, those who were struggling academically and who needed a push from teachers. They were taught the same things, but the styles were different. Her students were routinely shifted around when they proved too advanced or there were issues in Dorothy's school that needed to be worked out forcing a shift of students to remove problems and give those problems a chance to work themselves out in a new environment.

Fiona was going to endure the school due to numbers. Her new teacher was supposedly a good teacher, but Fiona was going to be targeted immediately by the girls and boys of her class. Some students unfortunately get lost in the shuffle but Fiona was a survivor and would try her best despite the issues in class and hope that Greta and Quentin didn't realize keeping them was a mistake.

The drive to the elementary school complex was quick but the girls saw a lot of the city they hadn't seen yet. Mrs. King met them at the school's main office and only looked over the paperwork, signing off on Flora's assignment to her husband's class. She smiled at Flora, telling her warmly "you will love Ivan's class. He has a way with kids and I suspect you will make quick friends there."

The four walked to Ivan's class, with Ivan giving the kids a short break so he could talk with Yvette. He greeted Greta and was formally introduced to Flora, with him kneeling down and explaining that he'd keep a close eye on her to ensure she wasn't bullied or worse. Greta grinned and added "she knows three of your students already. She had the pleasure of shopping with Daisy Peterson, Ella Finn, and my niece Faith Jones on Sunday."

Ivan grinned at hearing that. Yvette just shook her head, adding "woe be to the person who upsets Daisy. There's something about those Finn ladies. I shudder to think about what Cat Finn will do when she gets here in two years. Maybe I'll put in for early retirement."

Ivan had to suppress his smirk as Greta added "they are their mother's daughters. You knew Karen at that age, I know full well that Valerie was just like that, and Gabby and Jake have told me Lilly was the same. They are their mother's daughters, biological or not they are taking after their mothers."

Ivan entered his classroom and announced "I have good news for all of you. Tomorrow we will be receiving a new student. She is a smart young lady who will take a bit of time to adjust to school here so please give her the benefit of the doubt. Daisy, Faith, Ella, you know her already so please continue doing what you did over the weekended. Just keep the talking to a minimum."

The girls let out a joint "Flora!" which Ivan nodded at. He started class again but the girls' minds were on Flora and the next day. Flora heard their joint expression and felt great, they were the first girls who had shown a true interest in her and were eager to see her the next day.

The trio left Yvette to handle the complaints that would come the next day as she informed parents that Flora was going to be in their class and would not be discriminated against. Flora was quiet as Fiona felt like she was going to her execution. She was alright with school, but she felt let down that she was going to be in a worse school than the one she was supposed to be in.

The group were met at the main office for the middle school by Alice Porter who felt bad that Fiona had not gotten assigned to the proper school but she was overruled by the superintendent due to what was claimed to be overcrowding in Dorothy's school. Dorothy's school was almost at capacity while Alice's school had multiple openings and she had to actually transfer several students from Dorothy's school to alleviate the overflow of remedial students but there was still an open slot or two for sixth graders in Dorothy's school. It was a shame and several students were affected but it had to be done.

Fiona wasn't the only new student who got shifted. Maisie Campbell, the new transgender girl who warned Mia, Kylie, and Nichole about the troublesome boys in August, was reassigned to Alice's school and would be in the same class as Fiona. Maisie had gotten chosen due to no ties to the school and being the newest student that year and struggling due to undisclosed classroom issues she was chosen over others.

Greta had to accept this but added that the seven in Ms. Shriner's class would not be happy. Fiona was a hot topic for them and as four had experience in foster care Fiona would have had support from them. The kids would endure and they would have opportunities to help Fiona, just not during class.

Fiona was led to her new classroom and spoke with her new teacher, Ms. Putnam. Ms. Putnam was overworked and feeling stressed to the maximum with Alice having to tell her that they were taking care of the problem for her and it needed more time. She sighed, then told Alice that she'd keep an eye on Fiona but hoped that she didn't need too much supervision.

The group left, with Alice having to quell the rambunctious class that got out of hand once Mr. Wilder stepped out to speak with Fiona. Greta saw immediately that there were four ringleaders and the way they acted it was like her son Scott all over again. She quietly told Fiona "be careful of boys trying to get on your good side especially those four boys. They may seem nice but looks are deceiving."

On the way out they passed Ms. Shriner's class and Greta had to tell the seven to keep going. They noticed Fiona and Flora and wanted to say something but had to keep moving to music room. Greta hated to have to do that but she didn't have the heart to tell them Fiona wasn't joining them.

Once they left, Fiona asked what that was about. Greta sighed and explained "that was Ms. Shriner's class. Seven of the students are close with Scott and Jessica. You haven't had the chance yet but the kids have banded together into a tight knit group. You heard about Daisy, Faith, and Ella being closely related, well it's even more complex than that with them. I'm not related to any of the boys or girls but they call me 'Aunt Greta' due to their connections. It will take you hours to learn the connections, but I expect to be asked later on by their parents what happened to you joining their class and they won't be happy to hear it. Alice and Dorothy are great people but even they can't have their way all of the time especially as they are overruled by someone above them."

Greta received her upset phone calls but only Kennedy Pena seemed to understand that bureaucracy sucks at times even if it didn't make sense. Karen Smith expected something was going to happen with the boys in Fiona's class once she heard whose class she was assigned to and told her to keep a close eye on Fiona. The boys had been nasty since the start of the year and with Fiona she feared they may use her as a test case for bullying outright instead of covertly if they didn't do something worse to her.

Quentin came home early and was exhausted from tiresome meetings with people who didn't seem to understand that zoning and ordinances were put in place for a reason. The girls listened to him talk and were enthralled by something so simple yet so important to his job. He appreciated their interest and felt like he was doing something with his job instead of just going through the motions.

The family ate dinner in silence with Greta sensing something was going on that Quentin didn't want to talk about with the girls there. Once they were done and helped cleanup the dishes Quentin finally sat Greta down to talk about some things. His look wasn't good, it was his "this is bad" look.

The two went up to Quentin's office in the attic, knowing the girls would not violate the closed door. Inside, Quentin explained "I received a phone call from the sheriff out in Minnesota. He wasn't happy that the girls had not been returned to him. He told me that he was going to personally extradite the girls and would ensure that both of us were put in jail for harboring fugitives. I tried to explain that we were doing this under orders from DCF but he didn't care one bit about the truth, he wanted the girls."

Greta asked a quick "did you record the phone call?" He nodded, adding "I told him immediately, he said he didn't care and told me he was coming in 10 days. I told Kennedy who just nodded."

Greta thought for a minute then grinned. She surmised "he can't just drag the kids off, he needs a valid warrant for arrest then has to go before a judge. This is where she comes in, she won't let the girls go."

Quentin just nodded silently. Greta sighed and told him that they'd talk with Kennedy and the state about the girls' rights. If need be, they'd beg the governor for help to keep the girls safe.

Quentin called his brother-in-law to tell him about the girls' being sought by the sheriff. Mick Jones listened, laughed, then shot back a terse "they were never charged with a crime while in the state, they were only charged after New York contacted them but the charges weren't officially filed until after we contacted them. They are seeking extradition for a small amount, one that could be argued to be barely a felony and in all cases was not extradited. It won't fly."

Mick hung up and had to think. He called his colleagues at the Minneapolis FBI office and had them update him on the status of the investigation. They heard rumblings about the girls returning and were of the belief that the ring was active again, specifically thanks to the girls. When Mick told them that they were being extradited back to Minnesota they laughed then thanked him for sending them down a new path in their investigation as it was now shown to be directly connected to the sex ring.

Mick's mouth had a huge smile. He asked if they could obtain the court records regarding the arrest warrant for the girls, leading to the FBI agents to blurt out "there isn't one!" Mick swore loudly as he heard that, with the agents taking this to mean that the girls were in trouble and they may have just caused Mick and his colleagues to scramble to keep the girls safe.

Sighing, Mick asked that they obtain all court records and fax them directly to Kennedy Pena. They asked why, getting an exasperated "she's the only person who can be trusted to ensure that you don't lose you star witnesses. She's the one person who can be trusted to fight for the girls against political pressure and ensure that you get your interviews with them and ensure that the politicians who will be dive bombing your investigation are taken out by her crack team of legal snipers. That is before the girls' own lawyers bring out their own legal artillery to destroy the case. My sister alone is enough to scare most judges in the Boston area, and that's before she even presents her case before them."

Across town, Kennedy was writing up her notes and found irregularities in the girls' stories. The more she read, the more things didn't add up. Why had nobody asked their former foster parents how they were able to steal $500 if they had no job, no visible means of support, and were living off county welfare? In fact, how had they even been allowed to be foster parents in the first place if they not visible means of supporting themselves. It made no sense to her, yet the girls had admitted to stealing money they didn't have.

She smirked at the oversight. It was the ticket to showing that the couple were using the girls for illegal things and what they really were looking for were the girls not justice for the theft. They thought they were doing something slick in extraditing the girls, they were going up against an enraged Kennedy who had no problem making them pay dearly for this affront to justice.

Kennedy's legal team were hard at work finding legal precedents for denying extradition due to choice. Legally, the governor could deny the extradition on any grounds but she wanted more. Flora would likely end up severely hurt or worse if she failed to find enough legal ammunition to back her up so she had to be sure of what they were arguing and have everything covered.

By late evening, she found just what she needed. The two of them were wanted for the same crime which was stealing a small sum of money, the amount of which was a misdemeanor instead of a felony, and was reported well after they had fled the state. All of this was grounds for denying the extradition despite the warrant and could be grounds for having the warrant rescinded outright.

She called her boss, Angela Victor, and informed her that the Commonwealth had a case that was going to be tricky. When she told her the details Angela laughed and joked "they really thought they were going to just bully their way around without seeing the inside of a courtroom? Jones is involved, I don't have to know anything else to know that he has people looking into this out in Minnesota. This will get political, but the fact that a couple of young girls are being forcibly removed to another state to face charges for petty crimes that are dubious at best, hard to prove at worst, will be a huge issue for them and if their governor doesn't respond he can kiss his future goodbye."

The duo formulated a plan and notified their counterparts in Minnesota that they were going to deny extradition without a probable cause hearing as well as a citing an active federal investigation into the girls that will be disrupted if they were returned. They were blunt in their statement, leaving no wiggle room for the girls to be seized. The federal court would have a hard time granting the extradition as it is a direct violation of their writ of habeas corpus as their crime wasn't enough to satisfy their state's own laws regarding extradition.

It was a long night but Angela was more than happy to work it out and ensure that the two girls had full coverage with no legal loopholes. She was a master at finding those loopholes and had worked hard to close them. Kennedy was a master at citing legal precedent, together they were an unbeatable team.

The next morning, the girls were anxious as they showered and ate. Greta was ready in case they needed her but hoped she didn't have to leave work. Fiona dragged her feet, it was the start of a new life for her but she still had trouble accepting that she was returning to a normal life.

Flora was dropped off first, with Faith running full speed for her. Greta was offended that she didn't show her that kind of attention, getting a smile and hug before she went back to Flora. Ella simply hugged Flora and led her inside while Daisy was quietly thinking about homework.

Lilly offered to take Flora home after school, knowing that the girls would want to stay together for as long as possible. Greta reluctantly agreed, it would be good for the girls to unwind and let Flora get a chance to see the others outside of the Nelson home. It also allowed Greta to catch up on work, with a few things needing to be done quickly and knowing Fiona would go home with one of the other kids.

Inside the cafeteria, the girls introduced Flora to their classmates. The other girls looked over Flora and assessed her, noting that she was cute and had great hair and a nice sense of style. Her being close with the trio added another level of scrutiny as the trio normally kept to themselves and didn't interact with people except their younger cousins.

Flora got to next meet Trinity Eliza, Tyler Reagan, and Virgil York. The trio hugged Flora with Trinity grinning widely at Flora for some reason. Daisy whispered to her "she's like you, she was born a boy."

Flora couldn't believe it but the girls nodded. Trinity nodded too, not needing to be told what they had said. Flora had to hide her tears, she wasn't going to be the only girl born wrong in the school. The girls led her to the disabled restrooms to clear her head with Trinity following and offering her a hug.

Trinity looked nothing like a girl just starting out like Flora. Flora still had semi-short hair that was easy to put into a boy's hairstyle while Trinity had long auburn hair down to the middle of her back. She was also the prettiest among the girls, she could have been a model in Flora's eyes but looking at Trinity she could tell that Trinity wasn't trying to be overly girly- she just was.

The four told Flora to go to the bathroom before class, knowing that it would be a while before she could go herself. It also ensured that she was fully calmed before class, allowing her to enjoy Ivan's teaching without an emotional response. After doing her business she was excited to go to class, it was actually the first time she could do so as a normal girl and not as a walking joke by her foster parents.

Ivan greeted the girls outside the classroom and seated Flora next to Faith. The two were fine with the arrangement as there had been uneven number of students making the trio work together. Faith was actually a good choice to counter Flora, she cared a lot about Flora but wasn't irrational as either girl.

He asked Flora warmly if she was ready to learn, getting a reluctant nod as the other kids started to enter and whisper about her being there. Faith just grinned at them, she made it clear that Flora was with her and not because she had to be. Ivan saw the closeness and grinned, it was perfect for Flora.

After the last student entered, Ivan stated "we have a new student joining us today. I refuse to lie to you about her so I will tell you that she is special. She was born in the wrong body and is becoming a girl. I told you yesterday to take the notices to your parents and grandparents, well Flora is why. She is to be treated as everyone else and I will not hesitate to have you suspended if you break the school's rules."

He went over the rules again, this time ensuring that they kids knew them inside and out before starting class. Flora was grateful that he did that, he made it known right away that he was supporting her and not just saying that he was doing so. Flora felt great relief when Faith and she worked on their classwork and earned praise for doing so well, with Flora doing better than Ivan had expected.

During lunch, the four ate together with their classmates staying away but being close enough to hear what they were saying. They didn't talk about much, Daisy was complaining about her brothers and sister while Ella whined about not helping her brother Michael plan his wedding. Faith mumbled that Neil had been acting weird since he met Fiona getting Flora to joke that maybe he had a crush on her.

The girls giggled at that as Neil was sitting with his friends Ethan Smith, Logan Finn, and Junior Kelly. They were joined by four girls who were always with them, which Ella jokingly called "their girlfriends." To Flora, it was clear that the girls had crushes on the boys and were talking with them, it was sweet that the boys knew they were closer than normal but were doing their own thing while still doing the girls a service by talking to them as friends.

Faith pointed out "they are all going to Michael's wedding. They are the boys' escorts. They got invited because the boys didn't want to go alone and all of the older kids had dates."

The girls giggled at that, but it was sweet to Flora to see the boys doing things differently. It was the orphan in her talking, but it was also the little sister in her that wanted to see the bigger boys happy. She did like that the boys were acting different than other boys and had made her see boys differently.

Back in class, the kids enjoyed a few hours of fun as Ivan worked them up into a learning frenzy. Flora started to have trouble adjusting to his style, she was so used to a rigid system that being around a teacher who enjoyed his students' learning as much as he enjoyed teaching was completely new to her. She had to admit that she was learning more from him than she had in first or second grade, with her teachers being tough to understand at times and fighting constant boredom as they droned on about things.

After the class was dismissed, the interrogations by their classmates started. Flora was asked about where she came from, what she did before she came there, about her family, and about her friends. It was tough to answer for her, she didn't want to tell too much but it was also tough to not be honest with the kids for fear that they may find out later and think she lied to them.

She finally admitted "my sister and I fled our home because our foster family wanted to do bad things to us. We moved to Chicago then New York then Washington before settling in Boston. Our new foster mother found us in her office building and got us to a doctor then took us into her home. We are staying with Faith's aunt and uncle. They want to adopt us as their daughters."

The kids picked up on "foster parents" and asked about that. Flora wouldn't lie, telling them "our parents are dead. We were put into foster care but had to leave because of the bad things they wanted to do to us. Please don't ask what it was, it was really bad and Fiona won't even tell me why."

The kids were shocked. Daisy blurted out "bad touching" which the kids gasped at. Daisy added "her foster parents were really bad to her sister and wanted to do bad things to Flora too. They are in deep trouble, Aunt Sarah is going after them for what the did and Uncle Mick won't let them get away!"

The kids left it alone after that. They understood what Daisy said and even those naive about sex knew what "bad touching" meant especially as they had been told to report it to teachers and doctors. Daisy wouldn't have told them if it wasn't serious and real, giving them a sense of Flora's troubled past.

As they exited the school their parents were less than happy to learn that their children had been in class with a girl like Flora without them being informed far in advance. It was expected from many, they had an image of a large, muscular boy with a shaved head wearing a dress acting like a caricature of a girl while trying to kiss their daughters and sons. None of them recognized Flora as the girl, in fact they were starting to toss around accusations about the boys in the class many of whom were feminine looking.

Yvette let them ramble on and watched as their children listened in shock at their parents' reactions. They had just seen how bad their parents could be towards children who were different and didn't like it. Flora had done nothing wrong, she had only shown up for school and done what other girls did.

Yvette let them ramble on and accuse one another for a few more minutes before declaring that they should move their discussion inside away from the children, lest they be exposed to their real parents. Her words cut deep, she had gotten their attention while their children glared at them angrily. She had also caused them to take notice of one another and just how different they truly were from appearances.

The parents entered and once inside, Yvette took a deep breath and informed them "you were notified yesterday that a transgender student was joining your children's class. Her joining is nonnegotiable, she will be a student as she is legally entitled to a free and fair public education. She is no danger to your daughters nor your sons, she has no interest in sex and at eight years old none of your children should. She will not be removed nor will I allow you to harass, abuse, or exclude her."

She smirked as she then added "she is in the care of two highly respected individuals whose family I know through extensive work with over the years. Her foster father is a reserve police officer and highly skilled architect, her foster mother is a respected investment banker. Their in-laws are entrenched in the law enforcement and legal community so please don't think that you can bully your way into a courtroom to have her removed as it won't work. We know the legalities of her being a student as well as her rights and we will enforce both. It's your right to try them but you will lose."

She dared them to respond. They just got up and walked away, with several vowing to remove their children from the class. This only led to more arguing as friendships frayed and inner people came out.

Yvette walked outside to Ivan's bright smile. He hugged and kissed her, telling her affectionately "she's got the perfect principal to help her. Woe be the person dumb enough to challenge you."

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