Newcomers Part 3


Despite it being an accident, Fiona was distraught over a boy seeing her topless. Greta sighed and had to explain to her "this was actually my fault, not yours. I asked you to come out so I could see not thinking that you might be seen by anyone in the department. This is like earlier, he's embarrassed to see a girl's boobs than at seeing you. He doesn't mean offense, it's a natural response. He could have stayed there staring but moved off in respect to you. He's a gentleman, he'll apologize but he doesn't actually need to do so. Please, don't blame him. I am sorry for this, I didn't mean for this to happen."

Fiona felt better that Neil wasn't try to peek at her. He was actually the first boy who ever treated her like she was a person not as a sex object. The older boys at her school had tried constantly to feel her up or kiss her making her think every boy was that way, Neil wasn't like that though.

Neil did apologize to Fiona, who only hugged him back and kissed his cheek for being such a gentleman and apologizing when he didn't have to. That made him blush again but made her feel better. He was simply a typical prepubescent boy, one who just happened to catch her at a bad moment. He was a good kid, she liked him for that. It made her feel better about her new bra and what it meant to her as a girl.

That out of the way, Greta paid for their clothes. Flora tried to say something about Fiona dressing all dark and moody by but Greta's stern expression stopped her cold. Fiona felt good about that, it was a subtle way of showing that Greta cared about her feelings while Flora got a needed dose of discipline that Fiona felt Flora needed at times.

The group were met at the Nelson home by Daisy's mother Lilly Peterson and Neil and Faith's father Mick and brother Brent Jones. The two girls were all smiles while Brent put on his cute kid act and yelled out "cousins!" to the girls when he saw them. His hugs were energetic, he was so used to relatives that he saw them as his new cousins without them being more than foster children to the Nelsons.

Lilly took the girls upstairs to help them put away their clothes with Fiona carrying Brent, who had latched onto her and insisted on being held by her. Lilly told the girls how to hang their clothes so as to not stretch them then put away their underwear, having Flora know to change every day. She blushed at that, but Lilly added "it'll get hot wearing the gaff, you don't want certain smells trapped in them. You need at least four more gaffs so one is always at the ready. I think Jessica is getting them for you."

She moved on to Fiona's bras and explained how to wash them. The foursome snickered but she shot back "laugh now, but in three years you will need to know this too. You have seen how your moms look up top so expect similar sized ones too." Fiona was embarrassed to show them to Lilly who only gave them a cursory glance before hanging them on hangers in her closet while adding "thankfully she didn't go with basic Playtex ones, then again Jessica would have you in sheer ones" getting a snicker and small smile from Fiona who realized she was telling her they were good choices for her.

When the ladies were out of earshot, Mick asked Greta about the girls. Neil was told to check on the girls, but he refused to go. Greta told him that he wouldn't like hearing what they had to say, only leading Neil to point out "I heard about Jaimie and Deborah. I know what happened to Reyna and Nichole. I saw Deborah kidnapped and was grabbed by that English scumbag. I'm not too young to hear someone hurting another kid. I'm 10, not five. I can handle it." Greta's gaze showed it was serious but Neil refused to leave, whatever there was to say they'd have to say it in front of him.

She finally relented and explained "the girls fled from their foster home to avoid Flora being sold as a shemale prostitute to a bunch of pedophiles. She's transgender, which made her highly desirable in the pedophile community. They stole money from their foster parents and fled to Chicago then Washington then New York City. They were starved and nearly frozen when I found them in the garage below our office."

Mick saw Neil was getting angry but didn't say anything. Greta added "their former sheriff is trying to get the girls back. He is suspected of being part of the ring but nobody has had evidence yet. The state agency tasked with investigating their activities is hampered by not having witnesses and lacking local support thanks to the sheriff."

Mick nodded, adding "they do now. The girls are their ticket. This sheriff is about to face the one group he doesn't want to mess with. I'll call in a few favors from the FBI, if he's willing to go halfway across the country to get them then it's big and they will thank me for it."

Neil simply looked online and blurted out "he's related the foster parents. He has to be. He wants them back so he can get some revenge on them for humiliating his relative. Even if he isn't directly part of it he is still misusing his office to take revenge. Hopefully he doesn't have a warrant yet."

Mick just grinned as Greta hugged Neil for trying to help and giving his dad something big to work towards. The boy had found an angle that would work, he may have kept the girls away from extradition as they fight back. The sheriff has a clear conflict of interest and if his hunch is right the Commonwealth would be reluctant to extradite them for such a small crime especially with it being known that it's not a fair situation for the girls.

Lilly came down with the girls and an overly happy Brent. Neil had to pry him away from Fiona which she gave him a kiss on the cheek for. He didn't react, he was still thinking about the girls' case.

The Joneses and Petersons left allowing Greta to get things together for dinner. Jessica slipped out to go back to her own home and fill in her friends regarding the girls. The three cooked with each happily helping Greta make different part of the meal, allowing them to unwind while focusing their energies on something other than their anxieties or their fears.

Quentin came in to the smell of a hearty meal, the first one the couple had eaten in months. Jessica normally ate with her friends or Eric's family, the couple rarely cooked more than a simple quick meal as they were both busy with work. The girls had given Greta drive to cook something homemade not boxed which Quentin was grateful for as he had grown tired of those kind of meals.

Quentin cleaned up while the girls wound down. Greta had to tell them that they would be staying with a friend the next day while she got them an appointment with specialists. She didn't say why Fiona had to go but Greta had a hunch that the girl was hiding a deep secret about her time with her foster family.

Fiona washed up while Flora waited, hiding herself in her new bathrobe so Greta didn't see her body. Greta just smiled and handed her pajamas, leaving the room so Fiona could change. Fiona felt relief, Greta hadn't said anything about how she looked without makeup but feeling naked without it.

Flora took longer to clean as she had to endure the embarrassment of having Greta help her due to not knowing how to work the shower head. Greta didn't say anything about her birth defect, in fact she didn't even notice it at all. Flora blushed as she realized she turned the knob the wrong way and that the hose was caught on the faucet, Greta just chuckled and added "Scott did the same thing his first night and Quentin did it a couple of times when he had to get up in the middle of the night."

When she was finished, Greta helped her with her top and combed out her hair. It was a little gesture but it was also the first time a parent had treated her like that. It was just a simple combing to remove tangles but it meant the world to Flora who hugged and kissed Greta for doing it for her.

The girls went to bed with genuine smiles on their faces. They had endured embarrassment of being with people they didn't know, stuck having to endure kids who weren't told that they were there and were trying hard to help them, and had endured a boy who was actually being nice to them. They had fallen asleep feeling like things were going their way for once in their short lives.

The next morning Olivia Samuels was introduced to the girls. She wasted little time and told the girls that they had appointments later for evaluations and that she needed them to take a few tests to assess their level of learning for school. Neither girl could refuse to comply, both knew this was important.

Flora was fearful, meekly asking Greta "does she know"? Greta just smiled brightly and explained "she knows. Her own daughter is transgender as is her future daughter-in-law. She's a nurse and her husband is a doctor so they want what is best for you and that is being yourself- your true, feminine self."

Olivia had them work on their schoolwork until they finished it, then had them eat lunch. As they ate, she received a phone call and shook her head. It was going to be a surprise for Flora but it was a happy one and might help her a bit.

The doorbell range and Olivia answered, ushering in a petite, honey blonde haired girl. Olivia smiled at Flora and explained "this is Sydney Stoner, she has to stay with me for a bit due to her lab being closed for the day. She won't disturb you but I think you and she may be in need of a long talk."

Sydney caught her drift and asked "is she like me?" Olivia nodded, then added "Flora, Sydney is a girl like yourself. She just started living as a girl full-time back in October. You and she should talk, it helps to talk others who know what you are going through."

Flora led her up to her room to speak privately. Fiona asked if this was wise, getting a nod and happy "Sydney has felt like an outsider due to being both a genius and forced to be among others who don't understand her. She may not have had the same issues as Flora but she is still a good person to talk to and gives her a chance to tell things that she wouldn't tell you or Greta. She's a sympathetic ear who can empathize with her on her level and may share some of the same past as Flora."

Fiona asked about Sydney, intrigued by her. Greta happily explained "she's almost 14, lives with a strict yet caring father, has a mother who is also like herself but is recovering nicely from her final surgery, and has an aunt, uncle, and grandmother that are some of the most amazing people I ever met."

Fiona caught what she said, asking "what you do mean 'final surgery'?" Olivia just grinned and added "she had her gender reassignment surgery. It's where her genitals were altered and converted into a vagina. She is resting comfortably, Sydney isn't allowed to see her during school hours so she had to come here with me. Before you ask, no she can't have it yet. She's too young and only in extreme cases is it ever allowed on children. Sadly my daughter and Sydney's cousin had it done due to their injuries."

She felt embarrassed but it was a legitimate question. Olivia gave her an assuring hug, telling her "you were trying to be a good sister to Flora and tried to do what is best for her. You wouldn't have asked if you weren't sure it would help her. Her time will come, she will be in good hands if you continue to stay with Greta."

Upstairs, Flora asked if she really was like her. Sydney nodded, explaining "these are fake boobs. Mom got them for me because I need to look my age or older. I still have everything down below, I won't have surgery until I am 18. We can't have it until then, it's the rules. I don't want you or me to have it anyway, if it happens it's because our parts are hurt badly and can't be 'normal' anymore."

Flora winced with Sydney nodding to make the point. She then showed Flora what she used to look like when she was forced to dress as a boy with Flora not believing her. Sydney hugged her tightly, it was unintentional but meant a lot to her.

The girls talked about when they first started to feel like girls. Sydney had tears in her eyes as Flora explained how she would steal her sister's clothes just so she could wear panties and dresses. She then explained about getting tossed around the room by her parents for making a mess of the old, tattered dress that she had stolen from the trash, one Fiona hated wearing and was glad to throw away.

Sydney explained how she'd spend all of her time with her mother because nobody wanted to know them and how her mother enjoyed playing with her as a girl. Her mother knew her inner feelings well before she did, she thought it was making her mother happy but she continued on unprompted and until she was caught dressed up alone and had to undergo an evaluation to see if she was just a cross dresser who liked to dress as a girl or transgender she never thought about being a girl all of the time.

Sydney had her captivated. She wowed Flora, it made Flora happy to know that Sydney had someone who understood her. Sydney pointed out that she was now staying with the Nelsons and they were just as understanding as her parents and would help her just as much if not more.

Sydney helped Flora with her wardrobe, talking with her about her outfits and what was good to wear for what weather and why others weren't good. It was a little thing that the girls hadn't done the day before but it was a nice gesture on Sydney's part. She had to admit that Flora was a quick learner and if she had her way Flora would have her complete support but that wasn't happening due to her schooling and Sydney's busy lab schedule.

Fiona asked Olivia what was the deal with Sydney being there, she should have been in school. Olivia just smirked at Fiona sensing something was amiss. She grinned and explained "she graduated already."

Fiona wasn't buying it so Olivia had to tell her "she's a PhD student. She has a master's degree in engineering and has two, nearly three, patents already. She should have been in her lab but it was closed due to a water main break as well as power outage to the building. Her adviser/overseer is dealing with the issue but she couldn't remain there due to issue. I was asked to keep an eye on her but I suspect that your lawyers thought best to have Flora meet a girl like herself for a private chat to reassure her about your situation."

Fiona was flabbergasted. Olivia nodded and added a happy "you may not believe it but that young lady has over $130 million in her bank account. She is going to be highly sought after by companies when she earns her doctorates, in fact she may end up the next big thing in science."

Fiona had to think about what she was just told. It was unbelievable yet Olivia didn't seem like the kind of person to lie to her. Olivia added a happy "she's trying to be a normal kid outside of the lab, it'll take her a long time before she can date but she will find herself a young lady who will love her for what she is not for what she has in her bank account."

She felt odd hearing that Sydney liked girls. Olivia sensed the inner turmoil and asked "do you have a problem with Sydney liking other girls?" Fiona didn't say anything, she didn't know what to say.

Up in her room, Fiona felt herself feeling horrible. She thought it wasn't right to like girls. She had tried hard to avoid them, hoping to be like boys to find them attractive but that wasn't happening.

She tried to fight her urges but she kept feeling like she was another guy among them and joined in on their joking about girls. It failed badly, they kept joking about her being a lesbian and being a boy like them. She thought it was helping her, but it only served to hurt her reputation that her sister had already caused to falter due to her gender issues.

She had never had sexual feelings for boys, but she did have fantasies about kissing some of the girls in her class. During the early summer she actually kissed her classmate and the closest she had to a real friend during one of their sleepovers at her friend's house. Her friend blushed and said it felt nice, while Fiona was left speechless and gasping for breath.

Olivia sensed that she might have hit a nerve in Fiona with the revelation that Sydney was a lesbian. It wasn't a reaction of being upset and feeling disgusted, it was more along the lines of Fiona feeling like she had a secret that she was fighting to keep quiet. She would talk with Greta about that reaction, knowing the girl might have an internal struggle going on about who she was sexually especially as she now had support to help her.

The time finally came to get the girls ready for their appointments. Sydney left with them, going to an appointment with her psychiatrist in an adjacent hospital then to visit her mother in a nearby hotel. She and Fiona were silent as Sydney sensed that Fiona was thinking hard about something involving her while Flora was oblivious to the world around her as she thought about her own appointment.

Sydney was happily greeted by her father, Justin Stoner, at the door with the girl rushing off with him. Justin thanked Olivia for helping, getting a happy "it was good timing for her" in return. Justin gave her an odd look to which he saw a nod and subtle glance at Flora, letting it dawn on him that the girls were a lot alike but it wasn't best to make light of it then and there.

Greta had filled out most of the forms already so all Olivia had to do was submit them when they arrived at the reception desk. Her word was taken as being official given her family's connection to the hospital, her filling out the forms was no big deal as long as she had all of the pertinent information. Greta was delayed but would be there so Olivia just had to wait with the girls until then.

When Greta arrived she was with Quentin, who had forced himself to be there for the girls' evaluations. He didn't want to leave anything to chance, he was going to assure the girls that he was in support of them even if he had to work a lot. They deserved his support, and it also gave more work to his subordinates allowing for more leeway on projects in the future.

Greta thanked Olivia, with Olivia slyly telling her to talk with Fiona about her sex life. Greta sighed and asked "was it bad?" Olivia didn't know, only adding "she reacted to Sydney liking girls. I think she may be fighting that she is a lesbian but might have had issues in the past with it causing her to see her sexuality as being wrong or something to feel terrible about."

This was another thing added onto the list of things that had happened to the girls. Fiona was a mixed bag of issues, the more Greta dug into the bag the more issues came out. This was one that could shape her as a person for years to come, especially if a reaction to her sexuality had gone horribly wrong.

The girls were focused on the others inside the waiting room. Greta spotted some friendly faces and gave them a signal to stay back, she didn't want the girls distracted. Neither girl noticed this, they were too busy looking at the magazines in front of them to see anything else.

Kennedy Pena had to hold back her daughter Kylie from the girls, if Greta wanted them to hold off then this was important for the girls and needed to be done on their own. Kylie was miffed but a whispered "they need some alone time" calmed her. Their time would come, from the looks of Fiona she was about the right age to be put in Kylie's class in school and likely to be around Kylie by default if she stayed with Greta and Quentin.

Dr. Alison Eliza greeted Flora and Greta and ushered them inside, with Quentin opting to remain with the quiet Fiona. She didn't have to wait long, Dr. Charles Dane came out to talk with Fiona prompting Fiona and Quentin to go inside with her. The two had coordinated this, normally Quentin would be in the room with Flora and Greta but Fiona's needs were just as important and may lead to more from her.

Kennedy saw what was happening and told Kylie firmly "don't ask about Dr. Dane's appointment. If she opens up to you that's fine, but don't force her to talk about the appointment. I feel that this is something very serious, she isn't looking like a kid should look talking to Dr. Dane. Please, don't ask."

Kylie just shrugged, she didn't have a clue about what was going on only that it was important. All she cared about was her own appointment with Alison Eliza. She knew Dr. Dane dealt with kids struggling with issues that she didn't understand, whatever that girl was enduring wasn't for her to ask about.

Over in Alison's office, Flora was introduced to her with Alison complimenting her about the girls' choice in clothes. She blushed and pointed out that it was Sydney who chose the clothes, getting a nod and happy "she has an eye for what is right to wear for certain people. She is overcompensating at times but mostly she knows what is good and what isn't just by instinct. You look great regardless."

Alison asked her about her earliest feelings for wanting to be a girl. Flora blushed and told her "I saw that girls had no front parts and thought they were special. They said that I was weird for having something there and that I was always acting like a girl. I wanted to cut mine off to be like them but the teacher stopped me. I was almost suspended but the girls admitted that they told me I had to do it to be like them. My teacher talked with me about the differences between boys and girls and told me that as a boy I would need to do certain things but playing with girls was one thing that was alright to do. I didn't feel the same after that, it felt right to want my thingy gone and have what girls had."

Alison looked concerned about the potential mutilation, Flora blushed and admitted "I only tried to do that once, I never tried it again. I started to tuck my thingy away when I played with them which nobody said anything about as they thought it was as close as I could get to being like them. I liked dressing like a girl after that, the girls would play with me and invite me over to play with them which mom and dad loved since they could drink more. Fiona would always go out with the boys and play leaving me with the girls. She didn't like to do girly things, she only like to do what the boys did. She likes girls, she won't say so but I know she does. She said I'm more of a girl than she is."

Alison looked at Greta for guidance to which Greta added "she's closeted. She had a reaction to hearing that Sydney Stoner liked girls and based on her actions and attire I think she is trying hard to hide how her feelings are affecting her. And before you ask, she isn't transgender. She may just be butch but I think she is actually goth or emo in style and hasn't had the opportunity to express her real self let alone her true sexuality."

Alison nodded then asked Flora about school, getting a warm "my teachers loved me and my class acted like I was a girl. They thought I was actually Francesca instead of Franklin because everyone saw me as a girl because of my hair and how I acted. I wore boy clothes but they knew my parents were poor and couldn't afford good or new clothes so thought they were from my cousins. The few who knew I had boy parts didn't correct the girls and acted like I was one of them all along."

This was abnormal so Alison asked about her teachers. She smiled and admitted "my teachers knew that I was a girl inside. They didn't say anything and didn't encourage anyone making me act like a boy or anyone correcting my name. The principal didn't care, I was a nice kid and outside of a few nobody knew that I wasn't a 'real' girl. He left it alone, he said as long as nobody knew then it was alright."

Alison asked about her parents, getting a solemn "they didn't like me being a girl. Daddy used to hit me hard and mommy used to make me sleep naked if she found something that belonged to a girl in my room. They said I was bad and needed help but refused to get me help. When they got themselves killed I was happy, they wouldn't hit me anymore and I could be a real girl now."

Alison had hit a nerve but asked about her foster parents. Flora looked scared to which Greta admitted "it's alright to tell the truth. They can't hurt you. We won't let them hurt you."

Flora looked at the floor and barely above a whisper explained "Pop and Ma used to make me dress up like a doll and show me off to their friends. They let me be a girl all of the time and in school made the principal allow me to be a girl by giving him money to tell everyone to treat me like a girl. He tried to act like it was wrong but gave in and told them that it wasn't right but he did it anyway once his money cleared the bank. The girls were happy to have me as a girl while the boys stayed away from me. Parents wouldn't let their kids near me but some thought it was alright. They said it was good for me as I was a real girl now."

She stopped and cried. She confessed "in order to let me wear girls' clothes I had to do fashion shows for their friends. They would send Fiona upstairs with their friends to do some things that Fiona refused to talk about then said one day I'd be forced to do the same. Fiona hated it, she said that if they ever tried to do that to me we would leave and never come back. In August she heard them talking about what I was going to do soon and dragged me away, making us leave town for good. She said she didn't want me hurt, that they were bad people for wanting me to do what they had done to her. She hated them and wanted me to not be hurt like they hurt her."

Flora was getting worked up and turning red. She didn't fully understand what Fiona had done upstairs, she just knew that they had done a lot of bad things with her and that she wanted Flora to be safe. Greta was writing something down with Alison doing the same, it was clear to Flora that what she had said was not something that was good and they were going to do something about it.

Flora tried to plead with them not to do anything to Fiona. Alison sighed and warmly told the near distraught girl "we are required by law to report what we hear in regards to certain crimes. What happened to your sister is a crime, a very serious one at that. What they wanted to do to you was even worse as you aren't aware of what was going to happen. What was done to you was nothing short of a huge act of abuse, they had no right to make you model for their friends like that and I suspect that they were using the two of you as part of a sexual assault ring involving children. Your sister saved you from becoming their next victim, and in doing so she may have caused their downfall. I won't let this lay until I am sure you two are safe. You will get justice."

Greta had to add "my husband is a police office and is required by law to report abuse like that. Even if it happened in another state this is a serious offense and needs investigating. My brother-in-law will have some friends look into your foster parents and their friends, they will ensure this doesn't happen again to girls like you or like your sister."

Flora was still upset but Alison managed to get her focused on herself and asked about Flora's feelings once they left Minnesota. Flora was happy to tell her that nobody knew that she wasn't a real girl or that she and her sister were all alone. She hated that they got sick and had to go to the hospital but were happy to have been put with the Nelsons, smiling to Greta as she said that.

Alison nodded and kept writing notes, noticing that she wasn't trying to please Greta. Flora was looking at her with a sense of her being her mother even if she wasn't her "real" mother. It was a clear signal that she had latched onto Greta and was unintentionally hoping to remain as her daughter for good, Flora had felt that she had found her true home and one that she was finally safe in.

Greta asked Alison if she had a diagnosis, getting a nod and happy "she's a girl. It's too soon to confirm fully but she has been showing strong signals for years that she is a girl inside. I recommend that she be allowed to transition fully. You should have little trouble with the schools, I suggest Yvette King's school and her husband's class. And not just because of the girls, although that is a benefit to her."

Over in Charles' office, Fiona was asked about her life so far. She looked down in fear as she confessed "my parents were drunks who had us because they couldn't afford an abortion and by the time they had realized mom was pregnant she was showing making it impossible to get anyway. Both of us were unwanted, and it got even worse when Flora started to act like a girl all of the time outside of school."

Charles asked about that, getting an angry "she's a girl, I could see it from when she was a toddler. Mom and dad hated it especially as he thought she was going to be his ticket to fame and fortune. He tried to make her do every boy thing imaginable and she failed badly. He'd hit her to make her do better but all it ended up doing was make her do worse. She hated it."

She got misty-eyed as she continued "I tried hard to do what he wanted and was good at sports but mom would hit me for not playing with my dolls or getting my dresses dirty. I couldn't help it, I am a tomboy. I like to do what boys do. I love wrestling and playing in the dirt and fighting. It's fun. But mom hated it. Dad would hit me because mom said to. Mom wanted a prim and proper girl who would find a 'perfect husband' and pay for them to get out of our dump. It sucked. I don't want a husband."

Charles sensed a strong spot and asked about that. She started to cry and told him "I don't like boys like that. Every boy I ever met has tried to make me show him my privates. I always did better with girls. They treat me like I'm normal even if I look at them differently. The girls in my class got used to my looks and thought I was jealous because I was so large. It's partly true, I wish I was skinnier. I liked how they looked and felt weird around them, like they were more than friends. They didn't care that I played like a boy, I was still their friend and liked me for me. One even liked me a lot more than normal and kissed me, telling me that she wished I was a boy. I felt bad that I wasn't, I didn't want to like her that way but I did and she knew I did."

She sighed and explained "my foster parents didn't care that I was always around the boys. They thought I was their girlfriend. My friend's parents told them about our kiss and they told me that if I did it again they'd show me what a real girl does. I hate how I felt, I can't help myself. I liked her."

Quentin wrote something down to which Charles nodded. It was clear to them that she was fighting her sexuality and the more she fought the harder it was to remain true to herself. She was trying to please everyone but all she had done was make herself into a caricature or worse. She was in love with girls, she just had not yet had a chance to be true to herself.

Alison entered and slipped a note to Charles, causing him to cringe as Alison nodded. He asked "tell me about your parents' friends." Fiona's mouth dropped then tears flowed from her eyes. Charles didn't need to know the full story, something was amiss with them especially given Alison's urgent memo.

Fiona looked down in shame and told the full story: "my foster parents, 'mom and dad' as they insisted we call them, made money from selling me to their 'friends' but they were really people from around the county who wanted a good time. That's how they made most of their money, they would pimp out local girls to people. I was their pride and joy, their biggest money maker. From when I was ten until we fled I was with someone each night. I am lucky that I didn't have a period yet, I would have been pregnant already. Mom and dad had hoped I would be, that way they could sell my baby online to some rich couple and I'd be stuck with the shame while they made a big profit from my misery. Social services would just take me away, they didn't really care what happened to me as long as I made them money."

Quentin was taking notes with Charles nodding in agreement. Fiona simply continued "that wasn't the worst they did. They made Flora dance around in her girl clothes for them, making money from her dancing and changing in front of them. She didn't know that they were using her, they let her be a girl so she could agree to the whole striptease act. To her it was a dream come true, but they were just using her to satisfy a bunch of sick men."

Charles encouraged her to continue. She had nothing left to lose so she added "the worst of it was when they agreed to start her down the path I was put down, with their customers getting a chance to have sex with a real young, virgin shemale. She was going to be used by them, I couldn't let that happen. She is innocent!"

She broke down now, crying in her chair with Quentin comforting her. His touch made her flinch but seeing that he was trying to hug her she gave in and cried into his shoulder. The father in him was enraged, but he knew not to yell as it would only upset her more.

Quentin asked Charles "under the laws, I have to report this to the state police. I believe you have to do the same to both DCF and the police. I don't know if Flora told Alison the same story but I suspect she did and gave you the memo to get this out of Fiona. They aren't going back, no way in hell are they going back to that godforsaken county!"

Charles nodded in agreement, with Quentin walking Fiona outside as Charles made his required phone call to DCF regarding Fiona. Chloe answered on the first ring and listened to Charles' claims. She felt pain towards the girls and assured him that they were not going back to Minnesota without a federal warrant and even then it was clear that they were going to be harmed.

Outside, Flora asked why Fiona had been crying. Fiona gave her an angry look and blurted out "I had to tell them everything. I didn't want to but I had to tell them everything about what mom and dad wanted you to do before we left. I'm sorry, Flora. I had to tell them everything. I couldn't lie to Quentin, I didn't want to tell him but I couldn't lie to him."

Quentin quietly made another appointment for Fiona as Greta made one for Flora. It was going to be tough but the girls needed to talk with Alison and Charles to overcome their separate issues. Fiona was suffering from the after effects of consistent abuse, while Flora was going to be in for a hard lesson when she suffers her first bout with someone who is ignorant or hateful towards girls like her.

Kennedy watched the action before Greta caught her eye. Quentin sighed and asked to speak with her in private regarding a matter of utmost importance, getting a nod with Greta knowing what was going to be discussed. She led the girls away, telling them "Quentin is talking with the one person who will ensure that you never have to return to Minnesota. She will ensure the right people are put in prison. She has the ears of all of the right people and knows what to do and say to ensure something is done to both protect you and ensure those bastards are rotting in prison for the rest of their lives."

Kennedy and Quentin found a quiet office thanks to the receptionist and once the door was closed, in his best police officer voice, told her "pursuant to the laws of mandatory reporting, I must ask that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts seek a sexual assault investigation into Fiona Richards and Franklin, aka Flora, Richards. Fiona alleges sexual assault on herself and sexual crimes regarding her sister. She alleges that her foster parents were intent on prostituting their foster daughter while continuing to prostitute their other foster daughter. I ask that the state inform Minnesota that the girls are safe but fight their extradition back to their home state due to the imminent threat of sexual assault against both girls."

Kennedy nodded, adding "we will investigate this matter and will have the state police force their counterparts with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to investigate those people. This won't be swept under the rug As far as their extradition, what would be the charges against the girls?"

Quentin grumbled "theft of $500 from their foster parents. It was only reported after the girls were found by Greta and DCF contacted them. It smells fishy and the sheriff there has alleged ties to the activities of the two but nothing concrete yet." She nodded, adding "it's not enough to extradite them back to Minnesota. In fact, I might even have enough to show that this is directly linked to their knowledge about the sexual assault ring and an attempt to cover it up by intimidating the girls through imprisoning them. Likely Fiona would get the record while Flora is let off allowing them to use her as they saw fit."

Kennedy called her people and had them contact the Minnesota BCA immediately. She wasn't fooling around, this was a serious crime and the girls were pawns in a game of brinkmanship with powerful foes. She had everything in her power at her disposal and she wasn't afraid to use them to keep the girls safe from harm. They were not returning to Minnesota.

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