Newcomers Part 2

Some sexual details discussed. It's painful but it was done to show what drove two kids to flee 1500 miles with just the clothes on their backs.


The girls shivered as the night had been brutal to them. The night had dipped to the single digits and the day was promising to be even worse, as it was snowing with temperatures in the upper 20s. The girls were left with little choice but to flee but they didn't have the strength to do so, hypothermia had set in making them borderline incoherent, barely conscious, and their bodies were starting a downward spiral towards death as their body temperatures were dangerously low.

Taking a rare very early meeting with clients teleconferencing from Wales as well as hoping to beat the snow induced traffic snarls, Greta Nelson spotted the girls huddled in their little corner after Fiona groaned. They were shivering to the point of being unable to do anything else, prompting Greta to call 911 to get an ambulance to respond. She wasn't liking what she was seeing from the girls, they needed help right away before it was too late.

10 minutes later an ambulance arrived with the crew immediately checking out the girls. Astrid Flynn, the senior paramedic assigned to the response, wasn't liking what she was seeing and rushed them to the nearest hospital to combat the cold and ensure no further damage was done to their bodies. Their internal temperatures were too low for their own good, they needed immediate treatment.

Astrid saw the look on Greta's face and offered her a knowing nod, she'd ensure that she was told what was going on when she found out about it herself. It would be tough to do so though. The mother in Greta was overriding her business sense, she wanted to help the girls but had to tend to her call first.

Greta trudged through her conference call and barely held herself together for much of the morning as she was on edge waiting for word from Astrid. Astrid did text t to tell her that she had saved their lives, any longer in the cold and they may have died from hypothermia complications. She felt some solace, but still felt like the girls were still in danger for some reason.

Astrid filled in the local Department of Children and Families(DCF) representative as they responded on the girls' behalf. The woman was eager to help until she was told by the doctor at the ER that one of the girls wasn't a biological female. This led to a frantic phone call and requests for help from her bosses, she didn't know how to react to the news and more importantly- how it would impact her.

Her bosses simply relieved her, with training assigned so she learned the proper response to a girl in Flora's situation as it had clearly not taken hold the first time. Chloe Daniels was assigned with her boss Mark Sylvester keeping a close watch on things for her should they get dicey. She was used to these tough situations, she didn't mind them and happily fought for the girls' and boys' rights.

Chloe greeted Astrid with a hug when she met her at the hospital. Astrid was there on another call but was able to fill her in on the initial assessment with the doctors doing their best once she was done. Chloe asked about the girls and was given the basic news that they knew so far.

Both girls were severely underweight and likely barely able to eek out an existence on what they could scrounge. Flora was skin and bones while Fiona was starting to lose her body fat. She was still at least 30 pounds overweight but she was losing muscle mass more than anything. They feared that both girls may start to have issues if she didn't get on a normal diet quickly.

The girls were put into Chloe's temporary care with Chloe not wasting any time in signing off on all needed medical treatments. The doctors just nodded, took a variety of blood vials to run a gamut of tests, then told her that they'd be out of things for a day but should be alright once they had fluids and nutrition into their bodies. She just shook her head at the sight of the girls, they were pretty but each in their own way.

After work, Greta called Chloe for an update on the girls. She wasn't able to tell her much beyond that they were doing better, but was willing to offer her that she had saved their lives as Astrid had said. Chloe was trying to give the girls their privacy, but knew Greta meant well in her inquiries.

Greta felt bad about he girls and went home upset. Her husband Quentin tried to comfort her but she was just too saddened to take much affection. Quentin knew best to just let her work out her problems, whatever was bothering her was big and she needed to work through it on her own.

After a forced dinner, Greta started to think about the girls' future and asked her husband if he had thought about fostering children now that their son and daughter had moved out. This was the big break Quentin needed, what had upset Greta had involved kids and was causing her maternal instincts to go into overdrive. He calmly explained "if you feel we should, we can open up our home to kids in need."

Greta smiled at that, then called Mark to ask if there was a way of fostering the girls who were placed into Chloe's care that day. Mark just grinned at the call, it would save him a lot of trouble as he looked over his list of potential families for the girls with few being able to house two girls their age. It was made worse due to Flora's gender issues, which he knew Greta would not have a problem with.

Mark steeled himself for the inevitable backlash as he stated "we have your background checks on file and approve of you as foster parents. I must inform you though that there is an issue with one of the girls that we have to get sorted out with a proper specialist. Are you ready to deal with this issue?"

Greta sighed, then admitted "if it is what I think it is, then you already know the answer. I will deal with it as it comes up. She will need support, and given her age she likely didn't have it. I don't know about the other girl but she looks like she may have her own issues. We will deal with them in time."

Mark grinned and told them he'd bring over the paperwork shortly. Chloe was called and told the news, getting a full agreement with Greta being told to come by the next morning as she'd hand off care then. Greta went to bed with a smile on her face, with Quentin happily embracing Greta for her good deed.

In the morning, Greta drove to Boston following Mark's lead. They first stopped off at his office then drove on to the hospital where the girls were being held. Chloe signed off on the transfer allowing Mark to go to work in finding about the girls, albeit tentatively with little available information.

The girls regained consciousness a few hours later, seeing tubes and wires attached to one another as they looked around. Flora was frightened while Fiona announced that they were in trouble and were going to be be sent back to Minnesota for sure. Flora was in tears while Fiona fought her own tears.

Greta and Chloe entered as the alarms went off regarding the girls. The nurses checked the girls then gave them the all clear, their heart rates were spiking due to their fear and anxiety. The duo just nodded and let the girls settle down before saying anything.

Chloe first introduced herself to the girls then asked who they were. Fiona saw no reason to lie and gave their true names, Fiona and Franklin Richards from Lake Wobegon, Keillor County, MN. Flora flinched at Fiona using her legal name but neither lady said anything about it.

The girls expected the worst, but Chloe explained "we will speak with authorities out there. If your family is able to then we will arrange transport west. It shouldn't take but a few days to get it cleared up but until then you will have to remain in our care."

The girls shed a tear over hearing that. Flora blurted out "please don't send us back! They are going to hurt us!"

Fiona had to explain "we don't have any family. We stole money from our foster parents to get away from them. They wanted us to act as their whores. They wanted Flora to be their shemale twink, she is supposed to be worth a lot of money to guys in Minneapolis and Chicago. Please don't send us back there! We will run away again if we have to!"

Chloe nodded to Greta who started texting someone. Chloe offered the girls a warm "you won't go back there. This is a serious allegation and we will investigate. We have people who won't let this injustice go unanswered. We will fight to keep you here if need be, but yon won't go back to that foster home."

This was the best news the girls could hear. Flora now found the courage and asked "do I have to still be a boy? I can't live with being a boy anymore! Please don't make me be a boy!"

Chloe offered the only words she could, explaining "you will get an evaluation by someone we know and trust. It'll go a long way towards your being allowed to be a girl. She has dealt with dozens of girls and boys like you and will ensure that you are receiving proper help and guidance. If you truly are a girl then she will happily let you be a girl, but she needs to see you first."

The girls lay quiet as Greta fielded phone calls from her business partners Karen Smith and James York over her having to call out that day. Both were sympathetic and were more than happy to cover for her especially as it was literally a life and death situation. James was going to tell his sister-in-law Astrid the good news about the girls, allowing her to feel some relief over their being safe and on the mend.

Quentin stopped by after work and was introduced to the girls, getting a joint meek "hello" from both. Greta had to assure them that Quentin was fine with them and Flora's situation. He didn't make any light of it, only asking if they were getting an evaluation to confirm her being transgender.

The girls fell asleep after their heavily laden soup dinner allowing Quentin to ask if the Minnesota social services had gotten back to Chloe or Mark. Greta just shrugged but the entering Mark offered a full explanation to them. His expression was dour, they expected the worst from the news.

Mark sighed and explained "the local police are seeking the girls in response to an apparent theft of $500 from their foster parents. They are insisting on pressing charges, yet there is no evidence that the girls stole the money as the only apparent income is from disability checks and social service payments on behalf of the girls. Social services have heard about the allegations against the family and have investigated them and have determined that the threats were real as their foster father had sent out feelers to several dozen local pedophiles which included undercover officers in the twin cities. The girls won't be allowed to return to their former foster parents."

He shook his head and added "the local sheriff is refusing to drop the charges against the girls. However the state won't extradite them and with only their foster parents as witnesses the state has refused to prosecute the girls. He is suspected to be part of the ring, but he is also toothless now. With the state having no way of protecting the girls and with it being clearly a dangerous situation, they have agreed to permanently transfer the girls to our care. As of this evening, they are now officially in our care."

That gave Greta some solace while Quentin added "if he comes after them, we will be ready. You know he will come, he needs them to fulfill whatever contract he had with the people trying to have sex with them. They are safer with us than anywhere else."

The girls heard everything, they had perfected not moving while adults talked as a means of self preservation. They were happy to not be going back but scared about the Nelsons. This was uncharted territory for the two girls- willing and protective parents.

The girls were released the next day once a thorough physical and mental evaluation showed they were back to normal and there wasn't any lingering effects from the hypothermia. Greta drove them home with the girls being told that Quentin had an important project at work to work on that day. The girls didn't say anything, it didn't matter one way or another if he was there as long as they were free from the hospital.

The drive was shorter than expected with the kids looking over Twattville with wide eyes as the close homes were different than the ones they had seen in the other big cities. Greta smiled at their reaction, it was the same that her own kids had when they first arrived in Winnisimmet nearly five years before. It was different than they were used to, and with time they'd get used to their new home.

Greta was met at the house by her daughter Jessica and future son-in-law Eric Vincent. The two didn't make a fuss about the girls being there, they simply asked Greta what the girls needed. Greta was blunt, saying "they don't have anything except the clothes on their backs and even then they aren't that good. Get them jackets, skirts, leggings, t-shirts, panties, socks, and pajamas. Flora is roughly Ella, Daisy, and Faith's size and I think Fiona may be Stephanie's size. I'll get bra and shoe sizes in a bit."

The girls heard all of that and gave her a concerned look. Greta sighed and told them firmly yet lovingly "all of that is necessary for you. You need new clothes, you need underwear and pajamas. It's not costing you a penny, it's part of being a parent. Any parent who charges their child for their basic needs doesn't deserve to be called a parent. It's alright, Jessica is a great shopper and will get everything that you need and more. The only thing she can't get is a bra for you, that will have to wait until later."

Fiona blushed at hearing that. Greta nodded, adding "you may have been overweight but you were still blooming up top. Your buds are prominent, boys will notice them through your shirt. They need support and judging by the amount of growth, it's beyond training and into a regular AAA or even AA cup."

Flora asked if she had to wear boys clothes, getting a solid "no. You are presenting as a girl strongly and I don't believe it's in your interest to buy boy clothing just to wear only for one day. Buying them may do more harm than good and I have known too many young ladies like you to not see that this is a forgone conclusion. You are a girl inside and need clothing to match what you truly are."

The two were shown up to their rooms with Flora getting a very feminine violet, lavender, and pink painted room while Fiona got a tan and light blue room. Both were bright and airy but clearly meant for different people. They liked the looks of the rooms with Flora fawning over the furniture and bed while Fiona simply was happy to have a bed to sleep in after three and a half months of being on the streets.

Greta knew they had the right rooms just by their reactions. She happily explained "Flora has Jessica's old room while Fiona, you have my son Scott's old room. He won't meet you until Christmas Eve due to his military training out in Missouri. I figured you two would like those rooms, they fit your styles."

Flora was lost in thought as Fiona finally relaxed in her own bed for the first time in years The girls loved the idea that they had rooms, beds, and clothes all their own and had a foster mother who was trying to be the right person for them. It was tough to comprehend, but Greta was doing what others had never been able to do for the girls- show them care and attention and be there for them as parents.

The girls were lost in thought and fell asleep, only to be nudged awake by Jessica returning with their new clothing. She shooed away Eric, then told the girls that it was best to try on the clothes to ensure that they had a proper fit and any that didn't would be returned for larger or smaller sizes. She had bought multiples of everything for them, allowing them to have a small wardrobe that would expand in size in the near future when they had more time.

Flora was eager to try on the clothes to the point that she was out of her clothes and in just a towel before the first had been taken out of the bags. Jessica handed her panties, telling her to wear them as her old ones were too small and worn out to wear again. She didn't bat an eye at seeing Flora's "extra" parts, just handing her the panties and preparing the first outfit.

Flora blushed as she realized Jessica had seen her secret. Jessica just smiled and admitted "my oldest and dearest friend Jaimie is like you, as are several girls we know. It's not the first birth defect on a girl I've seen and it won't be the last. Just don't think about it, most would never know you had the defect."

The fashion show went on for an hour as each piece of clothing was tried on with several needing exchanging but for the most part Jessica had gotten the right sizes. Fiona watched in awe as Jessica handled Flora with ease and did her best to make her feel comfortable as she struggled with some outfits while having to be shown how to put on others. She treated her like she was any other girl, giving Fiona some solace that for the first time ever Flora was not an oddity and was just a normal girl.

Jessica moved on to Fiona's clothes and had a tougher time. She was stouter than Stephanie, which made some of the clothes too long and caused Fiona to feel like a freak. It wasn't her fault, she had her father's frame and try as she might she could never lose weight causing her to grow larger than others.

Jessica tried to assure her that it was alright but it was tough. The clothes were baggy, the t-shirts were loose to the point of swimming on her. Her small breast buds were all but hidden due to the bagginess, giving her the image of being a boy more than a young girl.

Jessica just smiled at the sight. She told her warmly "I know a couple of girls who had this style and are perfectly normal. You will find your style, we have to go shopping for bras anyway so you will find something that you like in your size at the store. I think you might look good in a punk rocker style, with some styling you look like you could rock it easily."

She looked up at Jessica who showed a picture of a girl her age wearing a similar style of clothes but with a different haircut. She was mesmerized by the girl to the point that she was almost drooling. Jessica noted this reaction and thought best to talk with her about her sexuality at a later point. This was a bit too much of a reaction to her clothes, it was almost like she was trying too hard to be feminine to hide something even more troubling about herself that others didn't understand or want to accept.

The doorbell broke Jessica's concentration as three younger girls entered followed by a grumpy boy. The girls looked up at the new people and were afraid, Jessica shooed them away while explaining to them "those are our cousins Ella Finn, Daisy Peterson, and Neil and Faith Jones. I guess mom forgot that she had to babysit them this afternoon. It's not her fault, you two are important and needed her focus."

The girls sought out Jessica only to find her with Fiona. They stopped cold at seeing the new girl, with Jessica explaining to them "this is Fiona. She is staying with mom and dad. Don't bug her, she is just getting settled in."

The girls nodded and moved on, only to run into Flora. Jessica saw the concern on Flora's face and added "this is Fiona's younger sister Flora. Maybe the three of you can help her with some things as she's your age."

Flora's face was one of concern but Jessica's nod and smile told her it was alright. The girls went into Flora's room and looked over her new clothes, asking about them. Flora bit her tongue, not wanting to say the wrong thing but eventually blurting out "Mrs. Nelson bought them for us. She said we couldn't wear our old ones anymore."

The girls looked over Flora's things and spotted something that was familiar to them but not noticed by Flora before. They whispered to one another before Faith asked "why do you have a gaff? Do you need one to hide your birth defect?"

Flora's face went white as she tried to fight for the right words. Faith realized her mistake and hugged her, telling her "it's alright, our cousins had birth defects too. They got them corrected by surgery."

Daisy and Ella nodded to one another with Daisy explaining "we used to have thingies too, but we had operations to change them. We have girl parts but our cousins don't. Are you like us or them?"

Flora started to cry as she blurted out "I am a boy outside. I don't have anything inside. I wish I did."

The girls hugged her, offering their own tears over her feeling so terrible about making her upset. They didn't intend to make her feel bad, they just wanted to know the truth. The trio hugged her until she stopped crying, letting her calm down before Faith added "maybe you will get to be in our class. Mrs. King normally puts girls like you in Mr. King's class and she trusts us to help you out."

The thought of normal school scared Flora. The girls started to talk about the school and the kids in it and the girls who were in their class. They acted like Flora was going to be with them no matter what without knowing if she was actually going to be placed in their school at all.

Fiona watched the girls getting close to Flora, treating her like another girl and almost like she was one of them. Jessica saw this look and added "they have a lot in common with one another. Faith was born without any issues but she was still mistreated in Kindergarten because of Neil being an outcast. Ella and Daisy were both born with birth defects and raised as boys for years and had to undergo surgery to correct the problems so they know what it is like to have the world think you are a boy but are really a girl. She's in good hands with them, they won't let harm come to her."

Neil came upstairs looking for the others only to stop short as he saw Fiona. His natural 10-year-old hormonal instincts caused him to notice her small bosom then blush and walk away, causing Fiona to think that she had done something wrong. He looked scared and repulsed by her, causing her to feel embarrassed at his reaction to her body.

Jessica just grinned and casually explained "you are a girl with breasts. He's almost 11, when he sees them he gets embarrassed by the unintentional feeling in his groin. It's natural, he's embarrassed that he felt his penis stirring in his pants at seeing you. Give it time, he will calm down."

She realized what really happened and asked "hasn't a boy ever had that reaction to you before?" Fiona shook her head no, to which Jessica added "then you should get used to it, you have a pretty face and are already starting to get larger than other girls your age. Boys will be drooling over you for decades."

Fiona had a big glare in her eyes as she told her "I don't like boys! I don't want any boys looking at me!" She was near hysterical but held herself together, causing Jessica to hug her in assurance.

She hugged Fiona tightly, then kissed her forehead as she added "maybe you like girls, but boys will be boys no matter what. It's just how they are. Some boys like boys and some like boys and girls but most look at us and only think about sex. He's a good boy, just give him time to get to know you so he can show that he isn't like those hormonally crazed neanderthals you dealt with before."

Neil came back once his reaction had dissipated. He saw Fiona had a sad look on her face and asked what happened. Jessica teased him with "you ran off scared at seeing her boobs popping out at you."

He grew a deep shade of red which was what Jessica wanted. Fiona saw that he didn't mean her any harm and noticed that he was twitching, moving around in place. She didn't need to see any bulge to know that he was having a reaction to seeing her again and thinking about her boobs but wasn't trying to act like a jerk or try to impress her.

The three sat down and waited for the four girls to finally calm down once their talk ended. Fiona asked why they were so close, getting a surprising "they have been together for months and are related to one another. It's really complicated but Ella and Faith are related through their birth dads, Ella and Daisy through their birth moms, Daisy and Ella through Ella's dad and Daisy's birth dad, and Daisy, Ella, and Faith through Faith's dad and Daisy and Ella's moms."

It was complicated but she noticed the word "birth" in there. Jessica added "Daisy was adopted by her mom and Ella by her dad and mom. Things are really complicated beyond that, but they are related and are close to one another. Faith and Neil are my cousins through mom, which is why they are here."

She sought out Greta who was looking around for somewhere for the kids to go. Greta failed and had to tell the girls they were going shopping with Neil being forced to go along with them. He didn't feel the need to complain, he kept quiet about it and knew he'd be a pack mule for the girls.

Jessica helped Fiona with her hair then chose one of the new outfits that was loose fitting but still in her size for her to wear. The jeans and t-shirt made her look goth, which Jessica grinned at as she added some mascara and eyeliner to complete the look. Fiona was nearly in tears as she saw how she looked, it was beautiful yet unique and entirely her own with Jessica adding "maybe some blue or purple highlights or streaks will make it even better but that can wait.

Jessica drove Fiona and Neil while Greta drove the energetic foursome to the shopping mall. The girls chatted away with Flora who had been all but entrenched with them with little chance of backing away from their group. She was happy to have friends in them, with the girls seeing her as another friend to them as they loved what she had to say and what she thought about things.

Fiona was quiet while Neil was trying hard not to catch glimpses at Fiona. She was prettier now than she had been before, he felt like she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Jessica had to fight a smile as she saw her young cousin fighting his urges, it was sweet and a big step into manhood for him.

The trio took Flora to the kids' section while Jessica took Fiona to the juniors' section. Neil was forced to go with the girls as he wasn't comfortable being around the bras and panties that were part of that section. It was funny to Jessica that Neil was acting that way, she had missed out on it with her own brother but Scott had his reasons for not acting like that at that age and was glad that Neil had taken the path towards being a good young man like Scott would later become.

The girls had a lot of fun looking at clothes with each trying to steer Flora towards their own styles. Faith was the most into cartoon characters and cute animals. Daisy was into dresses and long skirts. Ella was into t-shirts with funny jokes and an array of flashy colors.

Flora had no actual style of her own. This was the first time she had ever shopped for girl's clothing in a store. Every piece of clothing she had gotten before had come from shoplifting or hand-me-downs from her foster parents thinking she would make a good cheap thrill for some guy looking for girls like her.

The experience was jarring but only so much as she was overwhelmed by the choices. She had to try on her clothes to see how she looked before she could make her own selections. It was expected of her, she had no idea how she'd look as a regular girl and not as a caricature of a girl her age. The trio were eager to help and knew what she was feeling from their own experiences.

Off to the side, Greta let the girls have their fun. Ella took charge as she always did with Faith offering her caring help while Daisy had the strongest critiques. The girls were so alike yet so different and from the looks and sounds of the girls teasing one another and trying to get Flora involved, they were friends with her in full and on the verge of ensuring she never got away from them.

The girls filled the shopping cart with different outfits that they thought Flora would look good in, helping her try out anything in the hope that something would catch on. Greta looked through the pile and saw just who suggested what without having to ask, with each suggesting something that wasn't normally what they would wear but may look good on Flora. It was just as she expected, the girls had gone full speed into helping Flora but wasn't trying to influence her choices.

Flora tried on multiple outfits with the girls helping her dress. She didn't like dresses due to the feeling of being constricted and making a mess while going to the bathroom. The girls had to nod at that, only Faith didn't fully understand but blushed as she realized it was due to her cousins' former birth defects.

Flora had trouble with jeans as well as slacks, she didn't like the feel of them. She loved the skirts and leggings, they felt right on her and coupled with her gaff they made her feel like she had nothing "down there" and was a regular girl. The others agreed, with Daisy's suggestion for skirts winning out.

Tops were tougher as the t-shirts were tough to deal with. Flora didn't like the styles and cuts, not really liking most of them and opting for simple blank shirts. Blouses, on the other hand, were different. She enjoyed most of them and with some undershirts added she looked both pretty and smartly dressed.

With Flora settled, Greta went over to check on Fiona and Jessica. Jessica was eagerly helping Fiona size things, showing her different outfits that kept getting rejected by Fiona. She didn't want to show off skin nor did she want to appear too pretty to anyone else.

Greta had her watch the girls as she intervened to help Fiona. It was clear to Greta that Fiona wasn't into feminine things and while she meant well, Jessica was actually hurting things rather than helping. Greta just asked her to pick out her own clothes and within minutes had gotten her to get some nice t-shirts and jeans and hoodies, all in dark colors but more feminine than masculine and while hiding much of her body they also accentuated it so she wasn't fully hidden from view.

Fiona was grateful that she wasn't being criticized for her choices. Whenever she shopped with her parents or foster parents she got ridiculed for choosing things that weren't pink or white or pastel. She didn't hate the colors, she just didn't like how they looked on her which only infuriated them.

Greta sensed that this was a sour issue and offered a somber "you are old enough to choose your own clothes. I don't mind them, my only restrictions are on anything that shows off too much flesh. Believe me, Jessica tried to pull a few stunts with hot pants and crop tops at your age. She tried hard to be older than she was while you, on the other hand, have reason to be dark and moody and look the part."

That brought a small smile to Fiona, which was hidden badly by her. Greta had unknowingly touched a nerve in her that was starting to heal properly, one of confidence and offering trust towards her choices. Fiona had appreciated that someone had seen she wasn't a little girl anymore and she wasn't all sunshine and gum drops and rainbows as her adult minders had thought her to be over the years.

Greta was happy to have made a difference in Fiona. That little confidence boost helped her towards the next stage. Bra shopping would be tough, especially with someone like Fiona who had a body image problem.

Fiona dreaded that moment but Greta was warm in her assurances. She explained "you will need one for school especially gym. Zeke Bollinger is lenient with clothing but he asks that the girls have them so the boys don't get too frisky or start giving girls wrong reputations. It's better to get you one now than after something happened. It'll also help you accept that you are no longer a little girl, you are a young lady. If you haven't had one of your first periods you should not be far off from having one. Your unfortunate lack of proper eating due to your necessary fleeing could have prevented your first ones."

Fiona reluctantly went inside the cubicle and tried on the first sets of bras, then asked for help as she couldn't understand how they worked. Greta didn't react to her lack of knowledge, just showed her how to put them on right then how to adjust the straps. Fiona blushed throughout this, letting Greta do all of the work while listening intently to what she was saying.

Once Fiona had tried on each of the bras, she complained that they were still tight. Greta just grinned and shot back "you are larger than we thought, congratulations young lady!" She went to get a larger cup size then had Fiona try them on, getting a blush from her as she admitted "they fit now."

Neil was hovering around looking for his aunt and accidentally saw Fiona's shirtless body. He froze, blushing deeply as he moved away. Jessica had to rescue him, with Greta shaking her head at Neil being so unlucky with Fiona thus far. The poor boy had gotten a glimpse that boys his age would kill to see, yet all he could do was back away in shame and embarrassment. He was so much like his father it was hard not to smile and think the best regarding him and his maturity.

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