Night Fox Chapter 7

Cora had driven back to George’s place later that night. As she guessed, he wasn’t home. So, she goes back to her place and slips out of the clothes the spirits gave her. She hangs the mask on the hook carefully, so it doesn't get damage. Cora knew the mask was extremely old and hand made.

She steps into the shower and let the hot water cascade down her petite form. There were still scars on her body to remind her of why she was doing this. The spirits had given her a second chance to right the wrongs done to others like herself and to the innocents. She just lets the hot water cleanse her body, along with her spirit. She scrubs her body with the herbal body wash one of the ladies of the tribe made for her.

She still finds it weird that the spirits had chosen her to right the wrong done to others. Her and George had talked about what she saw when they restored her spirit and mind. Why she had two different spirit entities watching and guiding her. She had the Fox spirit inside of her that allows her to be the one to play tricks and move as swiftly as she does. The Eagle or War Eagle as she found out from George. It was associated with warriors and courage in battle. The Eagle was giving her the courage to be fearless and do what was necessary to win.

She turns the shower off and dry off, before heading to her bedroom and slipping on a pair of shorts and a camisole. She walks outside and just stand there looking up at the stars in the sky.

“Thank you, for giving me a second chance.” She closes her eyes and just breath in the night air.

Cora centers herself and reaches down into the Earth feeling for the spiritual energies George told her that existed. She could feel everything around her. The fox nearby out hunting, A group of coyotes out prowling, just on the edge of her awareness. The rattle snake moving and the bobcat chasing after a jackrabbit. She could feel where they were compare to her location. She slowly exhales as goosepimples form on her arm. She slowly disconnects from the Earth and slowly breath in. She’ll need to speak to George’s friend tomorrow to see if she can help her.
Dropping from her helicopter and gliding in on her squirrel wings to the balcony of the condo where Isiach lived, was the best way to enter his place.

It was something she had never tried before. However, according to a few YouTube video’s and her instructor, it could be done. She smirks, as an image of Batman Beyond pops in her thoughts. It would be just like the way he would do it, except she didn’t have the rocket boots. She heads inside and take another look at the images of the building the condo was located.

Katey couldn’t believe how many women had been purposely impregnated to have babies. She had read news articles, but she had never encounter anything like this. Why would someone do something like this to another human being? She watches as her partner on this flight made sure all the women she was transporting to nearby hospital were secure before taking off. She's been informed that there had been thirty women total in that warehouse.

The doctor responsible for impregnating the women were using semen from a local fertility clinic he owned as the donor semen. The only exception was the ten-year-old girl, who had been impregnated by her grandfather. He was using her to father a child for the family, so the family name would continue after his death. The sick bastard even used his own daughter to carry his child. He didn’t want her to inherit any of the family money at all.

“We’re all set Katey. Everyone is secure.” Ralph takes his place in the co-pilot’s seat.

Ralph has been assigned as her co-pilot. Which was fine with her, because he wanted to learn how to fly helicopters. Since she had an instructors license, she could teach him when they went up together. Ralph watches Katey as she lifted off the asphalt they had land on and up into the air.

“You make it seem so easy, Katey.” Ralph liked flying with Katey. She was easy to get along with and didn’t mind explaining things over if you didn’t get it the first time.

“It is, once you get the hang of it. I love being able to fly like the birds and soaring above the clouds.” Katey remembers the first time she flew solo. She was nervous, but she had enjoyed it immensely.

“Well, I can’t wait till I can fly on my own. It’s fun flying with you, but you are crazy at times.” Ralph hadn’t liked it when she did nap of the earth flying. She scared him with those; which she would normally do in her own chopper or when she did her crazy stunts either.

“Wait till you join the service, Ralph. They will teach you a lot of different combat moves for your helicopter.”

“Is that where you learned how to do your stunts?” He looks over at her.

“Yes and no. Some of them I did, but the rest I learned when I was a kid. I learned from some old timers that liked showing off. I grew up around helicopters and jet fighters. I’ve meet some of the best pilots, from just hanging at the airfield.” Katey spotted the hospital these batch of ladies were heading too.

“Do you want to land us?” Katey looks at Ralph.

“If it was just us, my answer would be yes. However, since it isn’t, I rather you did the landing.” Ralph didn’t want to botch it or scared the ladies any more than they were.

Katey comes in and gently land her helicopter. There wasn’t even a light bump as she landed. A group of nurses and hospital staff rushes forward to take the women. Once they were clear, she headed back towards the airfield for the night. As she is flying, she receives a text from George asking her to stop by his place tomorrow afternoon, please.

Once she lands at the airfield, she texts back she would.

“Alright, Ralph. Let’s do our after-flight check list and get her fuel up for the next pilot tomorrow.” Katey wanted to make sure the helicopter was in good condition for the morning crew tomorrow.

Her Ralph were taking her personal helicopter up tomorrow morning. She was doing a gig for a radio station as their eyes in the sky traffic person. She stands by and watches as Ralph goes through the checklist and mark things off. They get the fuel truck to come by and refuel the helicopter. Once everything was done to her satisfaction. They secure the copter and call it a night.

Katey stops at a subway and grabs a foot long sub to take back home with her. She didn’t feel like cooking tonight. She wonders what George wanted to talk to her about. She’s noticed he’s become a little more secretive, since that night out in the desert. She pulls into her garage and heads into the house and check her messages. Her eye brows raise when she hears her cousin Bart’s voice. He wanted to know if she’ll be available for Thanksgiving Dinner at his ranch. He can’t promise a gourmet meal, but the food will be decent enough.

She takes her cellphone out and send him a yes. She also texts him to send her what time the meal will be, so she can be there a few days ahead of time to help. After sending the text, she sits down on the sofa and watch her favorite movie.

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