Newcomers Part 1

If you are squeamish about sexual abuse involving minors please don't read this story. It's a self-contained story that partly leads into the big Christmas wedding but doesn't have to be read as the new character will barely have a cameo in that story if they are featured at all.


Late August in Winnisimmet was a tough time for kids. The weather was beautiful but school was just starting. For a group of seven, it was even tougher as they would start at a new school. Four were your average students, ones who flew below the radar and went unnoticed by most. Two were known to those in their grade as well as many of the students at their school through the family grapevine. One was starting over her school life as a whole new person among her peers letting them see the real her for the first time.

Three of the seven were transgender. Each new student had their own stories and issues but three had the added scrutiny of being sixth graders and enduring puberty as girls while other girls looked at them with scorn. The trio were just happy to transition, but it was still a time of angst and fear among them.

Mia Flynn had been in transition since February and had taken to her hormones quickly. She was lucky to be part of an early developer family, on both sides no less. Her mother's family had large bosoms while her paternal family were smaller but still large, giving her hopes of a solid D-cup in the future which her parents tried to warn her isn't exactly a good thing to have.

Mia was joined in her anxiety by Kylie Pena. Being the daughter of the police chief and deputy attorney general afforded her some safety but she still lagged behind the other girls in development as her family was large but slow to develop. Her mother was large breasted but her father's family were on the small to nonexistent side regarding breasts and as was pointed out by her aunt Katie, they tended to start puberty later than most.

The third joining their anxiety was the only one of the trio who was a "full girl" in that she had a vagina instead of still being "intact". Nichole Smith had been a girl the longest and was the one who had the strongest connections to their new teachers and school yet she acted as scared as the others. She had just started to bloom and was the least developed among the girls, which to her was a source of sadness yet she never showed it to the others. Her maternal family was small and her paternal family didn't develop until age 14 giving her some solace but still feeling the sting of jealousy.

Their friends were "normal" but each was also having to endure their own troubles. Nancy Flynn was always on the watch to ensure Mia was alright while Dante Kelly tried his best to keep anyone from bothering the group as their de-facto protector. Margaret Douglas and Steven Pierce had that watchfulness added on top of having to endure the reputations of their older brothers as their new teachers compared the elders to their younger siblings.

The group descended upon the middle school with their classmates and other students watching and whispering about them. They didn't have to wait long as their new teacher, Ms. Shriner, met them outside and greeted their parents with happy introductions. It was as expected, she chose to not make light of their being together and led them to their class as the first ones to arrive with their parents taking their younger siblings to day care or their own school.

Ms. Shriner asked about their summers, getting various shrugs as they didn't want to say too much. She asked how the California trip went and got them to tell her about the places visited and things they had seen. It was a good ice breaker as she started to get them to open up to her and see her as not a threat.

The kids talked about being stuck babysitting at times with Nichole adding "at least you haven't gotten sprayed by a baby boy." Nancy and Mia glared at her with Mia adding "she still makes a big mess and likes to giggle as we put diapers on her." Dante added "I did get sprayed! Thank goodness Benny's potty trained now or I'd refuse to go anywhere near him."

Ms. Shriner asked about that, which Dante explained "my cousin Benny Herman. Nichole has a little brother named Nigel Jr., Kylie has a little brother named Billy, and Mia and Nancy have a sister named Jasmine." The kids showed pictures with Ms. Shriner recognizing some of them, smiling as she recognized the Hermans from union events.

Other kids started to enter the classroom which was cause for Ms. Shriner to start. When the last came inside she introduced herself to them. She asked the students their names with some getting surprised that Mia was a Flynn and Nancy's sister.

Ms. Shriner started off by telling the students the rules of the school and had them sign off on them as acknowledgment of them. She paid close attention to the rules regarding sexual orientation and gender, noting specifically that anyone violating the rules would be suspended or expelled. This was followed by the ubiquitous complaints which she was proud to explain "this school doesn't mess around when it comes to those rules, we protect our students. Many have been expelled for violating the rules and we are not afraid to both expel and prosecute violators."

She then told the kids that it might be best to not lie to the others and confess why the rules were important. Kylie, Nichole, and Mia each stood up and announced "we are transgender." Nichole added "most of you know this, Mrs. King didn't mess around in elementary school and Mrs. Porter and Mrs. Taylor won't mess around here. They protect students and have fought and won against students and parents trying to harm students like us. We know this from our siblings and parents dealing with this."

Ms. Shriner asked what she meant, so Kyle grinned and admitted "dad is the chief of police, mom is the deputy attorney general. Our Uncle John and Aunt Valerie rewrote the school's rules, and Uncle Ricardo has made the city and state enforce them for us and for other cities and towns." She waited for Ms. Shriner to say something but Ms. Shriner just smirked.

Ms. Shriner asked about the kids' families, which Margaret, Nichole, and Steven reluctantly admitted that Ms. Shriner had their older siblings as students. Dante blushed and admitted that his cousin had been her student as well, while Kylie just shrugged and added her brother was her student too for half of the year before he was moved to another class and her cousin Eric had her for a student for the full year. It was clear that they knew her style well.

Nichole cringed as she added "my brother, sister, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law were in here too, you had them eight years ago. My brother and sister weren't Smiths, they were Morris then." That caused Ms. Shriner to laugh, adding "Paige and Pete no doubt married them, as I don't think for a second anyone else would have dared to date them. I won't hold that against any of you, your siblings are their own people."

She started class with it going well for the most part. During lunch Ms. Shriner asked Dante about his cousin, getting a meek "she's Francesca. I think she was White-Clark then but she's Herman now." She just nodded, it was just another link in the family chain that the kids would have to endure.

The kids sat with their 8th grade counterparts as they hadn't yet felt comfortable eating with their classmates. The four siblings were far enough away from one another to allow their love interests to have some closeness but not go overboard. Margaret's brother Kyle was extremely protective of his sister ever since she had started to grow breasts and needed her first bra, frequently annoying her with his protectiveness but giving her potential boyfriend Dante.

After lunch the group enjoyed a typical "who are they" series of questions from their classmates. Kylie blushed as she announced "Diego, Stephanie, and Rosalind are my first cousins, they are also Nichole's second cousins. Kyle is Margaret's brother and Oscar is Steven's brother. Amy, Trina, Al, and Polly are their friends and related to some of our cousins' boyfriends and girlfriends."

The kids started to take a keener interest in the girls as the older guys were some of the best looking in the school and they drooled over them even if they had girlfriends. The only one they didn't drool over was Ashley Byrne-Toro, but that was only because he was average looking to them and didn't yet have the power that the others had.

School was uneventful with the kids' parents meeting them afterward as they broke up to head to their homes. It was one of the few times that Margaret hated living farthest away but she tempered it by going home with Amy Bollinger as Kyle and she worked on homework. It meant she got to play with little Walter Bollinger, which was good enough in her eyes.

Observing all of this excitement was the four "New Jack Kids". They were the self-appointed rulers of sixth grade. They saw the girls as something to conquer, they were five "hotties" who deserved guys like them: tall, strong, and the best looking guys in school. Or so they believed, none of the girls in their grade paid attention to them for a reason.

They were new to the school, having spent their previous 12 years in neighboring Pullen Point before being expelled for bullying after assaulting four of the smallest students in school. They made the mistake of assaulting the nephews of officers Sebastian and Fabian Perez, who promptly arrested them and ensured that the school didn't sweep the incident under the rug again. The families scrambled to find a proper school and had to resort to claiming to live in Winnisimmet using a random address just so the four boys could attend school again.

The four didn't know the history of either Nichole, Kylie, nor Mia so were trying to get close to girls who were the exact kind of girls they used to torment back in Pullen Point. They were crass, abusive, and not afraid to show off for girls yet hated boys who were "sissies" even if they were not feminine. It was a game to them to torture their classmates, leading them to go after the Perez boy in the first place.

One of their former classmates moved away from their abuse and ended up in Winnisimmet in the girls' school but in a separate class. Maisie Campbell noticed the boys immediately and told the girls to watch out for them. She was vague about why, but the way she worded the warning gave Nichole the gist of it: they were trouble and should be avoided at all costs.

Maisie calmly told the girls "they can't find a new school so their families are sending them here. Your parents need to be careful, their parents aren't afraid to rough other parents up. Mine barely got away from them and if not for dad being a Deputy US Marshal they'd have hurt me badly, the Perez family helped us out but it was not going to stop them. Be careful. They are dangerous."

She didn't know about the girls nor their family connections, she warned them out of kindness. Nichole assured her "Kylie's dad will know about them. We will watch out for them but why do you care?"

Maisie winced then admitted "they tormented me when I was a boy. When I started to become a girl they fought me but was stopped by the Perez brothers. Mom and dad tried to have them arrested but their families are too powerful. They got away with hurting me but not before mom and dad got the school to accept an expulsion for them. I hope they don't find out I'm here, I don't want to leave again."

The girls nodded to one another, then Kylie explained "we will talk with dad, they won't do anything to us and you if they think they are going to get arrested. Dad will ensure they go to jail, he isn't like Pullen Point's chief- he will protect all of us."

The kids enjoyed a fun afternoon with the kids getting used to their new situations. The group who lived in Twattville, the name for the neighborhood home of most of the Finn Family members, enjoyed some time to enjoy themselves while their parents got home from work. Despite it being a relatively easy day the trio still felt exhausted from the introductions and enduring their teacher's attention.

Kylie told her parents about the troublesome boys with Kennedy Pena listening to the story about the kids being allowed to harass the boys in their school until caught by someone who couldn't be forced to accept their bullying. She made notes then spoke with someone in the DA's office to get the relevant information from the school, she wasn't about to let their actions go unanswered legally.

The girls were asked about the girl who talked with Nichole, getting a shrug as she blended into the background at school going unnoticed by them. Kennedy understood why she was doing that, she didn't want anyone to know her status outside of class. She'd talk with her herself, this had to be addressed so she was able to go to school without fear.

The next day, Kennedy sought out Maisie and was confronted by her parents. She was pleasant to them, asking to speak with them after showing her work identification. The Campbells agreed, not wanting a fight that they couldn't win against someone powerful.

Kennedy laid out what Maisie had told the girls and asked about it. She was told the whole story then had to hold back anger as she heard it. Her anger was seen as a bad thing but Kennedy assured them "your daughter just opened a can of worms that can't be closed. My office will investigate her situation and ensure that what happened to her never happens to another girl again. This is much deeper than you realize, it may be the start of a major investigation."

They were relieved to hear that. Kennedy added "she won't get any of that here. I know the principals personally and her own principal is experienced with children like your daughter so she will keep a close watch on the boys from now on. She isn't alone in the school, she has help if she needs it from several kids like herself. They know what to do and will not hesitate to protect her."

They asked about the others, getting a sly grin and quick "five are like your daughter. They are close with one another and are good with others like themselves. She will probably hear rumors about them, if the kids choose to tell her it's their own choice. She will do well at the school, just give her time."

The boys didn't make any moves on the girls. They were warned off by the boys of their school and the 7th and 8th graders about doing something regarding the girls. They came close to blows with some of the 7th graders but were smart enough to back off when Zeke Bollinger, the gym teacher, caught them.

When they spotted Maisie they tried to make a big scene but were told off by her classmates. She had actually made a strong impression on them as she was both feminine yet intuitive regarding the girls' habits making her a fun person to talk to. They started to see her as one of them, and in time they had gotten so used to her being around them that they didn't see her as anything less than normal even if she wasn't a friend to them.

Their failures stung the boys. They lashed out at classmates earning a string of suspensions throughout the fall, forcing them to be told to cool their jets by their parents before they screwed up yet again and got themselves expelled from school. It was humiliating to them that they weren't the top dogs, causing a further spiral downward.


As school school was starting in Winnisimmet, across the country in Minnesota two young kids ran off from their foster home. They had just the clothes on their backs and $500 stolen from their foster father's wallet. They were prepared for the fall weather but ill prepared for anything past October. This fact didn't matter to them, getting away did.

The kids fled out of necessity. Their foster family was just a front for sex crimes as the two were going to be used for prostitution by the couple that fostered them. The elder of the two had been through this before, she was used to guys hired by her foster father using her for their jollies but her younger sister was too young for it.

It didn't help matters one bit that her sister wasn't really a she. Despite the feminine demeanor and long sandy blonde hair she was a boy underneath her clothes. It was an open secret in their hometown, her sister was transgender and living as a girl but most saw it as a source of humor while their foster parents now saw her as a way of earning a lot of money for being a novelty: a young, virgin, transgender girl who was perfect for whatever they wanted to do with her.

She had kept on claiming that she was a girl and needed to dress like one which only helped their foster parents. A girl like her could fetch a pretty penny from perverts around the country. They saw her as their ticket to the big time, but a night of heavy drinking and drugs over landing a huge offer for the young girl's virginity turned out to be what the girls needed to escape their clutches.

11-year-old Fiona Richards was overweight, short-haired, and loved fighting and sports. 8-year-old Flora was waifish, long haired, and loved dolls and playing pretend. The two were polar opposites in their personalities with Fiona being masculine while Flora was feminine.

The girls had a rough life as their parents were dirt poor alcoholics who abused them constantly since they could walk. Their father was killed by a freak tractor accident. Their mother was no better, dying from alcoholism a year later leaving the girls with no home, no family, and stuck in foster care.

Their troubles only began there. Their foster families abused them whenever possible and only really cared about them for the money they received from the county and state. They were frequently shuttled around from family to family as the feminine Flora and masculine Fiona were seen as freaks.

They finally found a permanent home after several months but the girls being so different their counterparts brought them constant abuse and ridicule from teachers and other parents. The fact that they were poor wards of the state only added to the troubles as they struggled to live with foster parents who had done terrible things to Fiona before she was the age of 10. She vowed to escape one day, she just never envisioned it would be two years into their stay with their foster family as her sister grew more and more feminine before it happened.

The night of their escape, Fiona drugged her foster parents. She put in a double dose of sleeping pills that she had been prescribed by her doctor to cause her to fall asleep allowing her foster father access to her body. She knew what it would do to them, it wasn't strong enough to kill them but it was potent.

When they were drunk and unconscious, she gathered Flora and fled as quickly as she could in their car before stashing it five miles outside Minneapolis. The two made good time to the bus terminal but found that the could only get as far as Chicago before they had to change buses. It was good enough for them, they'd hide out in Chicago for a bit before fleeing to another location.

September in Chicago was alright with the kids as they found a decent hideout and blended in among the families visiting the city. They bummed rides off caring bus drivers and station attendants, letting them ride all night on the air conditioned trains allowing them to sleep in peace most nights. The few nights they were booted from trains they simply waited for the next train and fell back asleep as the station attendants kept them in sight to remain safe.

The kids had caught the attention of the conductors and train operators and were allowed to sleep on the trains as it was safer than them sleeping out in the open where someone could harm them. They didn't try to contact the police or social services, the kids were polite and didn't ask for help and as far as they knew they were simply homeless and trying to remain under the radar of everyone. They had managed to help several elderly passengers during the evenings and stopped several muggings before anyone could get hurt earning them the protection by the crews. They wanted to be left alone but still acted like good people when it mattered earning their privacy even if they should have called in help from police and social services.

The kids tried to keep up with school despite being out on their own. They found several workbooks that kids in Chicago schools in the third and sixth grade used giving them a chance to learn even if it wasn't quite the same as learning from a teacher. Flora was smart for her age while Fiona was intelligent yet held back from advancing to middle school due to the constant ridicule from teachers and students in school. She hid her smarts but somehow Flora was always able to coax it out of her head at times when they needed a serious plan of action.

The fun lasted until they were in a library during school hours and got noticed by a caring and concerned police officer. The girls fled, but not before having to shed some of their clothing to appear to be other kids. It worked for a bit but they were constantly on watch for the officer making returning to the library impossible.

The two had to leave, taking the train to Union Station and stowing away on-board an Amtrak train heading East towards Washington, DC. They covered themselves with bags, not moving when the train stopped and keeping themselves hidden when the compartment opened. It worked for them as they arrived in Washington and quickly fled into the vast Union Station complex where they were able to blend in among the passengers and shoppers.

Washington proved to be a bust. There wasn't many places to sleep and the transit system shut down earlier than any other in the country. It was also expensive to eat, their meager savings dwindled as they stayed in the city until mid-November when they chose to finally give up and go north to New York.

Their attempt to stowaway again failed as the trains going to northeast changed crews and always checked tickets in the station making it harder to access without a ticket. They managed to go an indirect route via a commuter train to Baltimore and jump on there, hiding in the bathroom then pretending to be part of a group while spending much of their time in the lounge car. The ploy worked, the crew didn't give notice to them as they blended in well enough but once the crew changed at New York they had to run off in fear of the police.

New York was better than Washington but still had its drawbacks. They had to avoid drug pushers, pimps, and perverts while trying hard not to get noticed by police or social services while going out of their way to avoid schools during school hours. The train crews were not as helpful to them, several were well-meaning by calling social services to help them but when the duo noticed that a person who got on at the most recent station was making their way towards them they fled to another car then ran from the next station.

Flora was feeling terrible about this whole series of events. She blamed herself for forcing Fiona to flee from their home. Fiona couldn't break the news to her that she had saved Flora from a life of horrible sex and abuse by people who only wanted her for the money they could make from her and may do horrible things to her body if they paid their foster parents enough money. She deserved better than a life of sex, she was only eight and innocent despite being a pest most of the time.

The two settled down in a nice spot near Coney Island where they were able to raid the trash at several restaurants and find OK food but it was still a tough life. The girls distracted themselves by working on schoolwork and by reading whatever they could find to keep their skills up. It was a simple thing, but it was enough to get focused away from other things like the dropping temperatures and longer nights.

They were lucky to have been able to sneak into hotels and YMCAs to take showers. It was a small thing but it enabled them to remain somewhat clean and in turn keep people from asking questions about them. Despite their maturity, they were still two young girls all alone in the big city and at any moment could be hauled away to a foster home by police or social services.

When their money finally ran out, the girls had to resort to shoplifting from stores to get food and clothing. Fiona was quick with her hands while Flora was a good distraction as most ladies looked at her with bright eyes as she shone a brilliant cuteness that unintentionally forced all eyes on her. They managed to steal several hundred dollars worth of clothing and toiletries as well as basic food and drinks during their time, letting themselves enjoy a bit of luxury but still always on guard just in case of trouble.

Their luck ran out as they were caught by an astute trainee at one of the large department stores. Flora froze while Fiona dragged her away, causing others to take notice of them. They barely made it out before getting stopped, running at full speed through the shopping plaza in midtown Manhattan.

They went in the opposite direction requiring them to double back on the train. This timing was bad as they were on the same train to Brooklyn as one of the people who were chasing them. As they sat down, she showed a badge and asked to speak with them causing them to freeze and surrender.

The two were brought to the nearest social services office to talk, with the young social worker listening to their story of escape and evasion for the past three months. When they stopped, she called their former foster parents to speak with them regarding the girls, getting the expected runaround then demands that the girls be turned over to them. They were practically threatening her which alarmed her.

She listened as they complained about the girls stealing money from them and demanding their return to pay it back. There was no note of concern, only anger and threats of violence against the girls. She tried hard to think but her supervisor told her to put the kids on the next bus to Minneapolis and let the Minnesota social services handle the girls from now on.

Hearing this both girls pushed their way by them and ran for their lives. They were smart, they went one direction but doubled into another when their pursuers passed them. There was nowhere to go, they had to get out of New York now of else they would be sent back to face certain abuse.

Fiona wisely chose to take the train. She used a prepaid Visa card to buy tickets for them on the next train to Boston. It took the last of their meager savings, money earned through some busking in the park the week before, but it was their only option. The conductors didn't really care too much about them being alone, a lie about them meeting their parents with it being arranged by officials was enough to satisfy the bored conductor.

On the train, they relaxed for the next four hours as the train rolled on. Boston was going to be tough but they would survive, they had to. The two had no idea about the layout of the city nor how to get around, all they cared about was getting away from an immediate return trip to their dooms.

The girls were awoken by the conductor as they readied for arrival at South Station. They weren't impressed with the scenery of Massachusetts or the concrete chasm leading into Back Bay station, but once outside they were in another world compared with the bustling, loud, enormous New York City. It was closer to Minneapolis than any of the other cities yet was still so different, a whole new world.

The girls found a place to lay down for the night after wandering around the abandoned downtown area. It was cold, wet, and loud but it was their new home. It would be tough but it was better than what would have happened to them if they were put on the bus back in New York.

They settled down in a parking garage under a nondescript building. It was quiet, warm from being close to the steam pipes heating the building, and dry. It wasn't ideal but it was their new home.

The girls spent the night huddled in a corner then as the first rays of light appeared they scattered to find a place to lay low until they could return. The girls weren't too keen on staying around, it looked like a nice place but they didn't want the business people to see them. Their worst fears were that they would be turned over to social services yet again, only this time they might get arrested first.

The girls would spend their days going to various libraries around Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, and Quincy. They were given library cards at the Boston Public Library so they could keep themselves entertained, happily fibbing about their home addresses which were claimed to be in a nearby city. The library was a good source for them as they found places to bathe, get cheap food, and where they could hustle for money if need be.

They kept a low profile for much of November and into early December. They had to huddle more and more for warmth as the temperatures dropped and their clothing proved to be too thin for the surprising New England nasty late-fall weather. They did their best but eventually they had to resort to their old ways of stealing and hustling for money, often getting away before getting caught but doing enough to manage to get some clothes but not enough to survive much longer if the temperatures dropped.

Their thin blankets, lifted from Goodwill and Salvation Army stores, were starting to fray and turn nasty from the gunk accumulated by the parking garage forcing them to have to find new ones soon. They had terrible luck in finding replacements as they were run out of every store in vicinity and lacked the money to go farther out. It was looking like they were finally going to be forced to seek help but help found them in the form of someone who had unintentionally taken notice of the constantly disrupted pile of garbage strewn in the darkened corner of the garage and the sounds of someone whimpering among it.

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