Angel Of Justice Chapter 7

Katlain had gotten some sleep and took the Rubicon to the nearest police station. She parked it a safe distance away and made her way to the fence that enclosed the lot. She heads towards the back of storage lot to grab what she wanted from one of the cars. She spotted the security cameras. The bright flood lights lit the area up, making it hard for her to hide in the shadows. She takes her paint gun and shoots the lenses of the cameras. This way, the camera wouldn't be able to record what she was doing. She makes a small opening in the fence and slips through.

She heads towards the nearest police car and with years of practice, she unlocks the car door and starts removing the radio. She also removes the laptop computer and power supply. Once she has everything she needs, she leaves and heads back to the Rubicon.

Her next stop for the night, was the White Supremacists headquarters. The trackers she placed on the cars, didn’t show any of them there at the time. She slips pass their security devices and inside the building and takes one of the .50 caliber sniper rifles. Katlain grabs a box of ammo for it and leaves as quickly as she could.

She had made the decision last night to solve this problem herself. She didn’t have enough information to give Detective Harrison or to let him know how she came to posse the information. She heads back to her garage and install the computer and radio in the Rubicon. She uses fingerprint powered on the keyboard to see if she could get the password for the laptop. After a few failures, she manages to log on with the last persons credentials and access the police database.

She had managed to get a few peoples name. So, she uses the laptop to view their police records. What she was seeing, she couldn’t believe. She couldn't figure out why the leader of the group was allowed to walk around free? Why don’t they have him locked up?

She couldn't believe how long the leaders police record was. It had to be about two pages long and included everything from simple assault charges to possession of illegal firearms.

Katlain checks the sniper rifle and removes the steel rod she had put in the barrel to block it. She brings up a few YouTube videos to learn how to use the sniper rifle. She finds out from her research that the rifle was an International AS50.

In order to use it properly, she was going to need some training on it. She knew about a junkyard on the outskirts of town. Where she could go and practice firing it.

She practices dry shooting it several times and learns how to take it apart and clean it. She couldn’t believe how dirty the rifle was when she took it apart. She puts it back together and test dry fire it again. She gets familiar with how it is laid out. She does notices that the rifle she had grabbed was one of the newer ones. It had the latest targeting sight that made it easier to hit the target. Once she was done with the rifle, she leaves it sitting on the table.

She goes over to the Rubicon and start making hiding places where she could conceal a few weapons and extra ammo. She knew she should keep an emergency kit in the Rubicon.

She pops the hood and makes a few adjustments to the engine. She checks the fluids and they were nice and clean. She lets the air out of all the tires and refill them with nitrogen gas instead. She double checks everything on the Rubicon and once she was satisfied with it. She loads the sniping rifle in the compartment she had made for it. She puts the ammo in there as well. She’ll load the rest of the secret compartments with the weapons she had at home locked up in the garage. She heads home to get a good night sleep in.

When Katlain wakes up, she dresses in a pair of blue jeans and t-shirt. She takes her netbook with her, so she can access the internet through her portable hot spot. Katlain packs a lunch and heads out to the junkyard. She can practice with the sniping rifle without worrying about people getting shot. She goes out to different distances and setup targets at those ranges.

She walks back to where she was going to be shooting from and bring up the videos she had found and play them. She watches them a few times and takes her first shot at the closets target. She misses the target badly. The round hit the ground in front of the target. She tries again and hits the target in the bottom right hand corner.

“Well, that was a little better.” Katlain ejects the shell out and reloads a new one.

She tries again and by the time she takes a break around noon time, she had gotten a lot better. Her grouping was tight, and her ranges has increased. She still had the long-range target to fire at. She keeps practicing till she gets it right.

Since she was going to be shooting at night. She starts practicing shooting at night and with the new targeting sight. By the time midnight rolls around. She has become proficient enough with the sniping rifle to do the job she had planned. She could hit the targets at the distance she was aiming for. She wasn’t a professional, but at least she could put up a good fight.

She yawns as she looks out into the night. There was a new moon and it was pitch black out where she was. She walks back to the Rubicon and check the newest recordings. They had discovered one of the sniping rifles were missing. There was some discussion about if the person can build the type of bomb they wanted. That person was reassured by another person that the person can do the job. He uses to be a bomb disposal person in the army.

Katlain was wondering what type of bomb they were talking about. What did they need the bomb for? She ponders this as she drives towards the location where they planned on ambushing the truck.

She pulls the Rubicon over on the side of the road and gets out to walk around. She walks around looking where they might wait to ambush the truck. There were a few places she could hide the Rubicon and wait for them to spring their ambush. She could pull out fast enough and foil their plan. After all, she was a street racer. The Rubicon might not be as fast as her Mustang, but it still had enough power under the hood. She’ll work on increasing its power after all this was done.

She stands there and just look at the location. Late at night the highway was deserted and with the new moon that would help them hide. There weren’t any light poles, so where she chosen to park the Rubicon and foil their trap would work. She walks back to the Rubicon and gets back in and head back to her garage. She knew when they were going to spring their trap, so she’ll plan on being up here a few minutes before them, so she can get into position without being seen.

When she gets back to her garage, she grabs her night vision gear and install it on the Rubicon. She’s done some night time street racing using just her night vision gear. She checks the light bars and the flood lights on the Rubicon. They would be bright enough to blind most drivers.

She checks her watch and notices she could get a few hours’ sleep, before she needs to be at work. She drives her maverick home and changes out of the clothes she wore to practice in. She takes a nice relaxing shower and checks her alarm clock to make sure it was set to wake her. She slips into her favorite nightshirt and crawl into bed.

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