The Lokian Way - Part 09 - Don't you dare!

Two hours later it was done. Mercy dried the last tears away. The tissue box nearly empty. The looked over to Victoria only to see her asleep. *Oh my gosh. I fell for a rom-com and bawled my eyes out. Maybe if I am quick I can hide the evidence before she wakes up.*

Mercy sneaked away to refill the tissue box and freshen up. She looked a mess, the make up she got at the mall ruined. She contemplated to remove it completely but that might give herself away to Victoria. So she used her spell. Finally done she tiptoed over to Victoria and shook her awake.

"Movie is done. I suffered through all of it. Happy now?"

Still, sleepy Victoria giggled. "Yeah, suffering is right. I always get bored and doze off. But at least I stayed awake long enough to see you cry like there was no tomorrow."

"Oh my gosh you did see that?!"

"Uhm no. I was joking. So you did cry at the end? Don't worry. I am not holding it against you. Won't even tell Brian. I promise."

"Somehow I don't trust you..." Looking at the clock Mercy asked:"What now? You tired?"

"Nah. I had a fine nap. You?"

Mercy shook her head.

"In that case why don't we try some more things with your spells. We did after all get some inspiration today in the party store."

Mercy sighed in relieve. "For a moment I thought you might suggest truth or dare."

"Oh Mercy brilliant idea. Let's combine the two!"

Mercy groaned and muttered something like "Why do I have such a big mouth?"

Victoria gave her a wicked smile. "Okay. Enough self-pitying. Let's play. But ..."

Mercy took the bait and asked. "What is it?"

"Well, I always thought the truth part was boring. How about we play dare or dare? One of us chose a normal dare and one related to your spell. The other then has to choose between them. You game?"

Mercy groaned. Sure she could refuse to play it. She also knew by now that Victoria would bother her till she relented. "Okay. Let's do this."

Both started to go through their phones, going through the pictures, to come up with a dare. Mercy was first to come up with a pair. "Okay. I dare you to prank call Mister Hesbrow ...."

"Prank call? Really? How lame."

"... or let me fuse this sexy cat costume to you."

Victoria took Mercy's phone and looked at the displayed picture. It showed the plastic packaging of a 'sexy cat' costume. A fake tail, a headband with cat ears, a bikini and a pair of gloves. Victoria quickly noticed the defining attribute for the ensemble: it all looked very cheap. The fur screamed fake and was glued on everywhere. On the ears, plenty on the bikini and on the backside of the gloves. Worst of all was the tail. A spray-painted duster would look better. She already opened her mouth to chose the prank call, when she hesitated. A prank call was so lame and so beneath her. And no one would see her, right? She threw her hands up in annoyance and answered with a: "Meow .. I guess."

Mercy grinned a wolfish smile. Reminding Victoria that Mercy was, after all, a trickster mage. A moment later her clothes flowed around her as if it was stirred with a stick. Slowly garments shifted, slimmed and flowed into each other. Soon she felt the cold air as much of her body was suddenly unprotected. What little of fabric remained hugged her breasts, her crotch, and her hands. Next, she saw the awful fake fur sprout.

Victoria was standing up to examine herself when she was held back by Mercy. "I'm not done yet. The kitty needs her tail."

Looking behind her, Victoria saw that indeed the clip-on tail was missing. Distracted she nearly missed a change. Something felt off. Then it came to her. She couldn't feel the butt plug itself anymore. But it was still in place. Just unfused. After hours of it fused to her she barely had registered it anymore. Just then the feeling of the plug shifted again. It grew heavier as slowly the plug extended into a long cat tail. Of course with the annoying fake fur. Next, a short tingling spread over her and then she could feel the plug again. And everything else she wore. Mercy had fused it all on her. Victoria took a moment to take it all in. She could feel everything. The air on the fake fur if she moved around. The tip of the tail barely brushing the carpet beneath her.

"Nothing? No snarky remark? Did a cat got your tongue?"

Mercy's teasing brought her back. *Oh how smug she looks,* Victoria thought. "You are so dead!" she growled.

Mercy however evaded and started to run through the house. Victoria hot on her tails.

"Oh looks like the kitty got claws..."

"Why you ... I'll show you my claws!" The chase, however, didn't last very long. Soon Victoria stopped and fiddled with her tail/plug.

"Damn that thing is heavy and distracting," she complained.

Mercy meanwhile peeked over the back of the couch. Weary it might be a trap. Then she noticed something curious. "Say, Vicky, how are you moving your tail like that? It nearly looks natural."

Victoria looked at her backside too and saw the slight swaying of the tail to the left and right. She furrowed her brows in concentration and soon the tail was moving stronger. "Oh my gosh. I can move it by will!"

That brought Mercy out of her hiding. However, the curiosity was her undoing. Barely in reach, she was tackled by Victoria and mercilessly tickled. The relentless attack only eased up when Mercy yielded.

After both caught their breath they returned to the couch. "My turn," Victoria exclaimed excitedly. She browsed a bit on her phone and then held up a picture with a sexy nurse costume.

"You like costumes? So do I. Now option number one is this little sexy nurse costume, BUT with these imposed conditions. First, the outfit has to be all latex and as tight as you can manage. Also, you have to have all the props."

Mercy nodded and was already judging if she should do the first dare or not. But first, she had to find out the other dare. "So option one is me being a nurse. What is option two?"

Victoria gave her a mischievous grin that could hold her ground against Mercy's grin earlier. "Oh. Since you like phone pranks so much. Call Brian and profess your undying love to him. AND no taking back for five minutes."

"Oh, no way. I can't do that."

"Why? Didn't you tell me you once pretended to be his girlfriend?"

"T-that was different. I can't do that to him twice."

"Well, then sexy nurse it is, right?"

Mercy let her head hang for a moment. Then she reached over to take Victoria's phone again. Memorizing all the details. Standing up she started. Her socks doubled and then the outer pair transformed into bright pink high heels. The inner pair thinned and grew up her legs. Turning into a pair of finely meshed stockings. Her skirt grew shorter, while it started to stretch upward. Flowing over her chest and under her blouse. Soon she was wearing a tight and shiny minidress. It was white with hot pink accents.

Mercy muttered a "this is ridicules" when she started on her shirt. It split into three sashes. The top one flowed over her head and settled on it as a stylized version of a nurse cap. The middle sash moved upward to her neck and turned into a prop stethoscope. The last one moved on one side over her shoulder and the other side down to her waist. Then it bulked up at her back. Reformed herself to something new and bigger. When Mercy was done she was wearing a big ridicules oversized syringe on a strap on her back. The monstrosity bigger than her torso. "You happy now?"

Victoria stood up and circled, her. "Well, the stockings aren't latex, right? Oh and make the skirt of the dress longer. Just past the knees."

Mercy sighed and a moment later the stockings changed into the same glossy material. Then her skirt lengthened.

Finally, Victoria stopped before Mercy and picked up the stethoscope from Mercy's neck. "Aha! Not fused."

Mercy cringed. "That too?" Victoria didn't answer and just looked at her expectantly. "Fine."

Mercy shuddered. Having bound so much to herself felt strange, but kinda sexy too. She felt the shiny material all around her. Felt the tension of the tight material not just as the pressure on her skin. She felt the stretched material itself. She took a few tentatively steps. "Oh damn you. That's why you wanted the longer skirt."

True enough the skirt was so tight it practically hobbled her. Victoria winked at her. "No more running away."

Just then Victoria's eyes light up with an idea. "Wait here. I'll be right back." Victoria vanished before Mercy could protest and returned a moment later with a bottle of sunflower oil. "Always wanted to try this but since I don't have a professional oil this has to do. Now hold still."

She took out a handkerchief and started to apply the oil with slow circling motions. Mercy whimpered and thought she died and did go to heaven. She could feel in amazing detail as the oil spread over her. Effortlessly gliding over her and tracing each nook and contour of her body. Halfway through she had to lean on the wall to not crumble to the floor. Her legs felt that weak.

Finally, Victoria was done and lead her to a mirror. Moments before the material had been shiny and reflective. Now it gleamed and could double as a mirror itself.

Breathlessly Mercy had to admit. "I kinda get now why you like latex so much."

"Yeah. Right now I am a bit jealous. Now snap out of it. Your turn."

They returned to the couch. Which on Mercy's case took a while. The skirt really hobbled her good. Once there Mercy stumbled onto the next problem: the big oversized syringe. She couldn't shift it to a comfortable position. Worse was that no matter what she tried she couldn't take it off. Fused as it was something always stuck to her. If she took the belt off the syringe was glued to her hands. However, if she tried to put the syringe at the side and then slide the belt off then the belt would get stuck. After 5 minutes of fiddling and enduring Victoria's amused giggling, she had enough. She unfused it and threw it annoyed on the floor.

"Oh, you cheat. Tsk tsk tsk."

Mercy glared at her but didn't dignify it with a comment. Instead, she grabbed her phone in search of revenge.

Meanwhile, Victoria grabbed the oversized syringe and inspected it. "My oh, my. With that, I think you could give someone a massive enema."

Mercy didn't reply but shifted a few inches away from Victoria.Finally, she was ready and looked up. Once again with a smile that might fit a wolf or shark. "Okay got something. So Victoria will you..."

Mercy abruptly had to stop as her oily slick dress lost traction on the leather couch. With a yelp, she slit down on the floor. Her curses were only overshadowed by the roaring laughter of Victoria.

When they finally settled down Mercy tried anew. "So. Will you wear a bit of body enhancement..." She showed Victoria a picture of a pair of massive foam breasts. Victoria often read the exclamation 'big boobs the size of basketballs'. Always those had been an exaggeration. But these took it literally. " .. or will miss prim and proper call her parents?"

Victoria frowned in confusion. "Why would I call my parents?"

"Well, so they could hear how totally drunk you are. That's right. The second dare is for you to pretend to be utterly smashed and keep that up for five minutes."

Victoria bit on her lip. Sure both dares were quite something. And honestly, she was hard pressed what her answer would be. But something vexed her even more. She had a hidden agenda when she suggested this game. She wanted to take it slow. Ease Mercy into it till she could spring her trap. She hadn't thought Mercy could or would go full out right from the start.

Meanwhile, Mercy followed similar thoughts. Of course, she had guessed Victoria was up to no good. She reasoned all she had to do was raise the stakes so high that Victoria would fold.

"Damn you. The boobs it is. Can't let my disguise for my parents drop even for a moment. And you knew that. So sneaky."

While Mercy gave her a triumphant grin, Victoria could feel her bikini top unfuse. Then the same foam she had seen on the picture started to quell from the bikini top. As it gained in size the top was stretched close to ripping apart. When it finally stopped the bikini had carved deep canyons into the voluminous balls of foam.

A moment later she felt a tingle as those monstrosities fused to her along with the bikini. Soon she felt the top and how it strained against the material it was holding. Under it, she could feel the voluminous mass that sat on top of her own breasts.

To say it felt strange would be an understatement. Slowly she poked her right fake breast and her finger sunk deeply into the material. She stifled a moan, surprised how good it felt. Grabbing her fake tits, she kneaded them as if she was wringing out a sponge.

Lost in the pleasure, she couldn't hold back her moans. Soon she shuddered as an orgasm flooded through her. When she could think clearly again she heard the clapping of Mercy. "Oh stop it. Damn, I can't believe how good these feel. If they wouldn't be so ugly I could get used to this."

"Wait! You don't want them permanently? Party pooper."

"Just you wait. Where is my phone? I need to plan my revenge."

Mercy snickered. "On the coffee table in front of you."

Victoria wanted to start telling her it wasn't there when she saw it. Those massive fake breasts hid anything to close that was below her. Angrily she grabbed it and plowed through her pictures.

Finding one she gave Mercy a mischievous smile. "Okay, here is an 'easy one' for you. On my phone is a picture of a wig that I am not showing you unless you chose it. On the other hand, you could do the cinnamon challenge."

"Uh what was the cinnamon challenge again?"

"Seriously? Come on everyone knows this. You put a spoonful of cinnamon in your mouth. You have to swallow it all without something helpful as water or so."

"That sounds gross."

"Oh, you have no idea. It isn't uncommon to throw up."

"Oh hell. I'll take the wig. Can't be that bad."

Victoria broke out in a triumphant smile. She only said "in pastel pink and 30 feet long", before sliding her phone over to Mercy.

One glance of the wig and Mercy groaned. The model was aptly named "Rapunzel" and showed a blond wig with a braid that was so long that it reached past the photo frame. As it wasn't clear how long the braid was it made sense that Victoria provided a length.

Mercy didn't even try to argue. She decided it could only get worse. After some concentrating pastel pink hair sprouted from her nurse cap. It slowly engulfed and captured her normal strawberry blond hair. Pining it below a skull cap. Then the mob of pink hair started to grow and then to twist itself into a braid.

Victoria meanwhile darted into the kitchen. She rummaged through the lower shelves. Clearly hunting for something. Which was harder as she had thought, given that she had to look past her massive fake breasts. Triumphantly she returned with a rollout measuring tape. When Victoria came back to the living room a small pile of hair had grown beside Mercy, who had a bemused look on her.

"I think that should be enough."

"Let's find out," Victoria said with a wolfish grin. She grabbed the end of the wig's braid and pulled it out. When all was straightened out it reached well into the hallway.

Mercy had to hold the wig in place or the tension would have pulled it off her head. Especially when Victoria started to move the length and measured it in strides.

"You are two feet short so give some more," announced Victoria her final tally.

Grumbling to herself Mercy complied. "There is no way I can walk around with all that."

"Once you fused the wig I show you a trick," promised Victoria.

"No matter how good your trick it would help with this mass. Oh wow. I just fused it and I can feel all that hair. I mean not like normal hair. I have actual tactile sensation! I can feel when you grab the braid and moving it around."

"Well, there is a lot to grab," Victoria confirmed. Looking down the braid was nearly as thick as her own wrist. "Ready for my trick?"

"Sure..." Mercy said in a voice that conveyed anything but that.

She felt Victoria grab her braid and holding it up. A moment later the braid landed in her lap and a split second behind her. Before she could react a second and third coil joined the first and got tightened by Victoria. Snuggly pinning Mercy's arms at her side.

"Hey! What's the bright idea here?"

"Hush. I am not done yet," commented Victoria before breaking out in giggles. The next two coils found their place just under Mercy's breasts. Slightly pushing them up. Then two braids joined the other but coiled just above Mercy's breasts. A cinch and a loop around Mercy's neck and then Victoria started to weave the braid vertically up and down. Fixing the horizontal coils in place at the same time.

Mercy tried to struggle but gave quickly up. Not only could she feel the hair against her body, but also the body straining against her hair. It was maddening. Feeling with her hair and the feeling of it gliding or digging into her flesh. With or without latex between. Worse was that if she actually tried to move her arms she felt the tension rise in the strands of braided hair. The feeling made her blush furiously and she was glad that she was wearing such long latex skirt. It helped hide another kind of blush and certain other damning evidence.

"Nearly done," Victoria commented. "Come on and stand up."

Mercy tried but found it hard to do with bound arms. Spotting the hard times Victoria helped. Mercy took a few unsure steps around and quickly noticed that there was still some length left of the braid and trailing behind her.

"Damn. Thirty feet go a long way," Mercy mused out loud.

"More like forty. What? Isn't my fault you are so gullible."

Mercy's stared daggers at Victoria who grinned like a cat who caught a canary.

"Now for the finishing touch..." Victoria grabbed the dragging tail and pushed it through between Mercy's legs. She pushed it through the lowest coil on the front and slowly pulled the braid through. As the loop between Mercy’s legs became shorter she noticed the last part of Victoria's plan. Slowly the latex skirt was pushed upward. Rolling itself up till it rested on Mercy's hip.

"You are so dead," promised Mercy. Her thread might have been more convincing if she hadn't said it in a breathy voice just barely above moaning.

"So aggressive. Let's go on a small walk to get that out of you."

Victoria started to walk away at a slow pace. She held the tip of Mercy's braid in her hand like a leash. Soon the hair snapped tautly and Mercy had to follow with a small yelp of surprise. The loop between her legs had pulled tight and cupped her most intimate place. Digging between her lips and pushing her latex panties deeper in. To her shame, she felt wetness mate her hair. A most curious feeling.

After two rounds through hallway, kitchen, and living room they reached the couch again. Mercy flopped down on it as best as she could. After all, she only could move her legs freely and those still sported some heels Mercy was hardly used to.

Before she could complain Victoria pushed Mercy's phone into her hands. A bit distracted she browsed through the pictures she took earlier this afternoon. All the while slightly rubbing tights at each other. The braided loop of hair still was pretty tight on her sweet spot and if she just moved right then...

Mercy hastily concentrated on the phone again. She needed something to level the playing field and it had to be something that Victoria would fall for. After a moment she had it. She didn't even need the phone and its pictures after all.

"Okay. Either you let me convert your whole outfit to a latex one or ..."

"Yes! That!" interrupted Victoria.

"You haven't even heard my other dare," pouted Mercy.

"Too bad. So sad. Don't care. Probably a prank call anyway. Now come on. Do your worst. Latexify me."

Mercy sighed. "Alright. Alright. Stand up so I can see better what I am doing."
Victoria complied with a goofy grin on her face. Eager to get started.

Mercy knew exactly what she wanted to do. So much that she hadn't even bothered with a second dare. Not that Victoria would ever know as she had swallowed the bait whole.

The first thing after unfusing the garments was that the fake silly fur seemingly melted away. Victoria's panties turned to a shiny black and gained a zipper right above Victoria's sex. Then it steadily started expanding downward. First to shorts, then to leggings, and finally complete tights. Victoria nearly fell as the soles of the tights hardened and slowly arched upwards. As if she was wearing high heels just without the heel. Around her toes the material expanded into three bulbous forms on each foot. Mimicking the paws of cats.

The hem of the tights started to creep upwards. At the same time, the bikini top that cut deeply into Victoria's foam breasts was absorbed by them. Having conquered the waist the shiny black material slowly crept over Victoria's massive bosom. Leaving only shiny black globes in its wake.

After arriving at the nape of Victoria's neck the material spread out and over her arms. Soon leaving only glossy smoothness behind. Victoria watched fascinated as her hands became engulfed in shiny gloves. She admired her outstretched hands and fingers. Not for long as her fingers started to curl under an unyielding pressure. Soon her little finger and ring finger was curled up and pared off. The latex around them flowing together. Her index fingers and pointing fingers joined as a second pair. Soon the latex around the pairs and her thumbs thickened and inflated.

"Paws?" Victoria asked excited and Mercy nodded with a grin.

Meanwhile, the latex crept upwards again and started to envelope Victoria's whole head. The cheap headband with the cat ears swallowed and converted. Soon enough Victoria was done. From head to toe, she was constricted by glossy black latex. Not much was left out. Nostrils, eyes, mouth, and an opening for Victoria's cat-tail buttplug. Though now the tail was shiny and black as the rest of the outfit.

"Are you ready?" Mercy asked with a grin.

"For what?" Victoria asked half-heartedly. Still enraptured by her hands gliding over her smooth form.

"For the fusing of the outfit, of course," Mercy told her with a grin.

The shocked look on Victoria's face told volumes. Before she could protest Mercy did what she had just threatened to do.

An excited gasp exited Victoria's lips. "I .. I can feel them. My breasts. They aren't foam anymore. They are filled with air, right? I can feel the pressure stretching out the latex. It's amazing."

Mercy watched with amusement how Victoria used her paws to play with the comical large globes that were her breasts. Or to be more precise her second pair of breasts as the first pair was still there, just buried under layers of latex. Of course, Mercy couldn't help but tease Victoria a little.

"You know I would return the courtesy of rubbing oil over you, but I am a little tied up in the moment."

Victoria gave her a raspberry. "I always can do that myself," she announced.

"Are you sure?" Mercy countered with a mischievous grin.

Of course, Victoria had to try. Picking up the bottle of oil proved to be hard enough, but the real trouble proved to be removing the cap. Her tightly bound fingers lacked all fine motor skills and the size of each paw digit didn't help one bit.

"Oh, I will so get back at you for that!" Victoria boasted.

"Really? Well, why don't you look through your phone then?"

Victoria did just that. Or rather tried. "I can't unlock my phone! The paw is to big." Victoria's shocked face made Mercy laugh out loud. In the fits of laughter, she nearly slipped off the couch again.

"You think you won, don'tcha?" Victoria accused her. "Well, we will see who laughs last."

With that Victoria jumped up from the couch and dashed up the stairs. Whatever Victoria had in mind now it would probably be troublesome for Mercy. Then again she had a hard time saying seriously when she heard a loud curse from upstairs. "Stupid doorknob. Turn god damn it!"

When Victoria returned a minute later she held something in her paws that wiped the smile of Mercy's face. That stupid blue double ended dildo. She had the feeling that this time it wasn't here as an impromptu throwable object.

Grinning Victoria flopped down on the couch beside Mercy. "Oh yeah. Your eyes aren't betraying you. I dare you to unlock your phone and put it in camera mode. I think I can manage to squeeze the trigger. Then I put the dildo between your legs and you pose as if you are giving the dildo a blowjob."

"Not. Bloody. Likely. What's the other dare?"

"Well, here. Take my phone and look at picture number five."

Mercy did take the phone and looked at the picture. At first, she wasn't sure what the picture portrait. There was some flesh colored tube with a red end. "Are those lips?" she wanted to know.

"Correct. It's a thing you put in your mouth and it looks like you have the mouth of a blow-up sex doll," Victoria proudly explained.

"And they sell that at that party store?!" asked Mercy in disbelief.

"Yes! Probably as a gag gift or so. Now chose. Let me take a picture of you giving the dildo a blowjob or run around with lips that say you do blowjobs all the time."

Mercy knew Victoria got her good. Both choices weren't that bad. Just very embarrassing. Thinking back to the dares she had so far chosen it means that if she chose those lips she might be stuck with them for a while. Who knows how long Victoria wanted to play the game and Mercy definitely didn't wanted to fold first.

"If I chose the dildo no one will see the picture, right?"

"Just us two. It will be on your phone and you can delete it once we are done. I promise."

"Damn. Well, the dildo it is. Can't imagine running around with those lips for long."

There was a disappointed "Awww" from Victoria, but soon she was eagerly propping up the dildo. Since Mercy's arms still were pinned at the side Victoria had to get creative. After Mercy had unlocked her phone and started the camera app, Victoria buried half of the double ended rubber phallus between Mercy's tights. "Now say 'AHH'," Victoria teased.

Mercy gave her a glare. Because she couldn't use her hands to hold it in the place she had to use something else. Namely her mouth. *It's just some plastic,* she reminded herself as she leaned forward to hold it in place with her mouth. However, the dildo proved to be too flexible and escaped her a few times. To her embarrassment, she needed to hold a good three or four inches.

Of course, Victoria fumbled with the smartphone. Mercy gave her a glare that said: "stop pretending and hurry up".

"Stop staring daggers at me or I can't take a picture. Remember, pose as if you enjoy it," Victoria reminded her.

That gave Mercy pause and she strongly blushed.

"Good enough," proclaimed Victoria and held a moment later Mercy's phone under her nose. Mercy saw herself bound and hunched over. From her legs seemingly sprouted a translucent blue rod that Mercy engulfed with her mouth. The blush and a bewildered look in her eyes spoke of a deviant caught in the act.

"I look like a slut in training," Mercy exclaimed shocked after spitting out the dildo end.

"Yes, but a cute one."

"Just you wait. I'll get you back," Mercy promised.

"Oh ha? And how so?" Victoria grinned and only inflamed Mercy's competitive side more.

"I dare you to stand five minutes outside. In plain view besides the front door."

"What? I can't do that and you know it," Victoria accused her.

"Sure you can. It's already dark outside and you are wearing black."

"What is the other dare?" Victoria asked grumpily.

"Spoilsport. Okay. The second dare is that I add another row of bouncy breasts right below the first big inflated pair."

"Yes. That. I am not ready yet for prime time out there."

Mercy smirked and started her work. First, of course, was to unfuse the catsuit. Earning her a short "aww" from Victoria. Right before she wanted to start on the second row she had an epiphany. If she shrunk the first pair and didn't go overboard with the second there might just be enough space for a third row.

While the big top pair deflated by a third four little rubber nipples sprouted on Victoria's ribcage. They soon pushed outwards and grew to four magnificent little sisters of the breasts above them.

"Ready for the fusing?" teased Mercy.

"Am I ever? Do it already!" Victoria urged her on. An excited gasp escaped Victoria as she gained sensation of her catsuit again. A moment later her paws explored and played with her new pairs of breasts.

"Oh, I like this. It feels so good. Not just these rubber tits. Also to find you guilty of cheating!"

"Cheating? I didn't!" Mercy protested.

"Oh really? What was the dare? You add another row of breasts. As in one row. And how many new I got?" Victoria challenged her with a triumphant smile.

"Oh damn. I cheated," Mercy admitted to her own bewilderment. "Alright. Let me fix that..."

"Oh no, you don't. I like it like this and I know the perfect punishment."

"What would that be?" Mercy asked wearily.

"Well, you did double your dare so it is only fair if I get two turns now."

"Fine," Mercy agreed. If her arms wouldn't have been bound she would have thrown them up in resignation.

"Oh damn. These are heavenly," proclaimed Victoria still playing with her three fake pairs of tits. "It gets me into the mood for...."

Excitedly she jumped up and a moment later she held clumsily a USB flash drive. Where she had hidden it was beyond Mercy. "So Mercy. For my first dare..."

She walked over to the big flatscreen tv and tried to plug in her stick. "There is a photo of some fake teeth on my phone. Real nasty hillbilly style. Crooked teeth and plenty of rotten flesh." She looked over to Mercy and was rewarded with a face that might as well be on her face after biting into a bunch of lemons. "Or... Ah. Got it in. Or we watch a little movie. Not even fifteen minutes long."

"The movie you .. you .. personification of evil."

"Aww. Me? I am the quintessence of innocence." Clumsily she pushed on the remote till the right file was playing. Then she plopped down on the couch beside Mercy. "Take a good look. You might learn something," Victoria whispered in her ear.

The movie clip started fast and without a fake plot. It was a porno. Just as Mercy had thought it would be. The scene started in a bedroom with a pale redhead already strapped tightly on a big bed.

The sound of high heels foreshadowed the strict beauty that entered a moment later. She had a skin of mocha color and dark brown hair neatly braided into tight cornrows. She sported an athletic body with, what Mercy guessed, C-cup breasts. Clad in just a tight looking leather dress and over knee leather boots she was a vision to behold.

Slowly the domina walked over to the bound red headed submissive girl. Watched her shake in fear or anticipation on each click of her high heels. As she arrived at the bed she casually probed her subs nether region and withdrew glistening wet fingers.

Mercy spared a glance to Victoria and saw her watching with an intensive stare. One hand alternated in rubbing her six fake balloon breasts and one unsuccessfully rubbing her crotch. Her real target hidden under the small zipper. Mercy might have joined her if it hadn't been for her own bondage. Her hands not even close to the throbbing spot between her legs.

She looked back to the tv. Just in time to see the domina withdraw something familiar from a nearby nightstand. A blue double ended dildo.

"This is why I got intrigued," Victoria breathy whispered into her ears. "And lucky me even found a near perfect copy."

The domina teased the poor sub on the bed by rubbing one of the dildo's heads against the girls pussy. It didn't take long for the girl to succumb and to beg to be penetrated. She gasped and then moaned when her wish was finally granted. Only to be silenced as the dom pushed her lips onto the girl in a deep kiss. Meanwhile, the dom straddled the sub and slowly inserted the other end of the dildo into her own throbbing sex.

The domina started to gyrate her hips and the sub moaned in ecstasy as the dildo in her own needy love grotto moved accordingly. It didn't take long for both women to cum in an explosive orgasm.

As the screen slowly faded to black Mercy felt her neck being nuzzled and kissed by Victoria. To her own surprise, she couldn't help but let a few soft moans escape her lips.

"You know," Victoria whispered in her ear. "I still have a second dare left."

Mercy didn't trust her own voice to answer. Instead, she gave a small and slow nod.

"You have a lot in common with the girl on the bed. You are tightly bound and completely at the mercy of someone else. There is only one thing missing. Take a guess."

Mercy knew exactly what was missing. Her gaze fell on the blue dildo not far away. She blushed in a deep shade of red. She was so horny and full of need that she actually contemplated doing it. Let Victoria have her way with her. She swallowed hard. "Do it. But .. please be gentle."

Instead of saying anything Victoria gave her a deep and needy kiss. Distracted she nearly missed that Victoria forced her legs open with her own. Then the loop of hair that pressed on her nether lips was loosened. She felt her latex throng be pushed away and then something hard at her entrance. The dildo.

Would it hurt? Mercy knew that it might. She gasped as it pushed in. Just like the girl in the video. Mercy was so wet that it slid in fast and deep. Crushing her doubt in an intense sensation never before felt. She felt it deep inside of her. Spreading her virgin tunnel and filling it deeply. The rod in her felt hard and unyielding, but oh so good.

Slowly and deliberately Victoria started to pump it in and out. Mercy quivered with need. "Faster. Please. I need more," she whimpered.

But Victoria kept her slow pace. "You want to come?" Mercy gave her a desperate nod. "Then listen. Fuse it. I want that long snake of a dildo to become part of you. Do it now and I'll reward you."

Suddenly Victoria had trouble moving the dildo in and out and she knew Mercy had complied. She slowly slid down to the floor and lifted the dildo to her mouth.

Mercy gasped as Victoria's lips touched her plastic phallus. It was nearly like having a dick again, but so different too. The rod emerging from her nether lips was hard yet flexible and immensely longer than her 'original equipment' had ever been.

It felt so wet yet warm as Victoria slowly swallowed the long rubber appendage. Then there was resistance. The end had pushed against something. Victoria's throat? Mercy saw Victoria adjust her position and to her amazement, her dick crept further down. It was tighter now and she was squeezed mercilessly. Inch by inch she saw Victoria swallow her surrogate dick. It was that erotic view that pushed Mercy over the edge. She thrashed violently as he howled out her orgasm. Lost in an ocean of pleasure.

When she could think clearly again she noticed Victoria rubbing the dick with her paws. She hadn't even noticed when Victoria had spit it out again. As Victoria saw that Mercy had regained her senses she pushed herself up and close to her. "You had your fun, right? But I have my needs too."

Mercy felt how Victoria ground her sex against her hand. Felt the small zipper against her skin. She remembered. Victoria's love channel blocked by the zipper she couldn't open with her big paws.

Mercy needed a moment to caught the zipper. As she slid it down warm fluids poured on her hand. Victoria wasn't just wet with arousal. She was swimming in it.

Once open Victoria propped herself up. "Ready?" she asked in a labored and aroused voice. Mercy just had enough time to nod before Victoria impaled herself on the dildo. It felt equally incredible as Victoria's mouth but so different at the same time. Tight, but not as tight. She was practically gushing with wetness and it lubricated it so much that nearly all friction was lost as she pushed up and down.

In the dim light of the evening, Mercy saw a goddess make love with her. Six shiny globes bobbed up and down in the same maddening rhythm of pleasure on her newly fused dick. Paws caressed her as steadily the pace increased. Mercy couldn't believe it, but not long after her first incredible orgasm, a second one was building fast.

She saw Victoria cum a split second before her. Soon Mercy was kissed deeply while they both enjoyed the afterglow. All the while Victoria kept her rhythm and oh so slowly Mercy was lead to another peak of arousal. Again she exploded in a burst of passion. But there was no break to catch her breath. Relentlessly Victoria rode her from orgasm to orgasm. Bound and pinned down all Mercy could do was enjoy it.

After who knows how many orgasms Victoria collapsed on her. They barely managed to lay down together before exhaustion claimed them both.

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