Snow Angel Part 23

Instead of heading directly towards the office first with their prisoner. They diverted towards Terry’s shop to clean Bridges up and to switch to SUV’s she had there. They took Mr. Bridges inside and cleaned him up. A clean suit was put on him. Karen and Keven oversaw that job, while Anika and Bart kept an eye on Hatter. She was grumpy because she couldn’t walk around because of her ankle. She also wanted to shave his face, but that plan was nicked. No one was going to let Hatter anywhere near Bridges with a sharp blade.

Morgana and her crew were going back with everyone to the office. Morgana would be allowed to have whatever equipment she wanted from the eighteen-wheeler they captured, and the equipment from the building Bridges had used as a data center. If nothing else, Morgana was figuring she might be able to get Anika or her boss to spring for a quantum computer system for her company.

Bridges had been woken-up from the effects of the drug that coated Hatter’s needles. Hatter had the counter agent with her. She didn’t want to use it to wake him up, but they do. They watch as Bridges slowly comes around.

Bridges felt drowsy as he slowly woke-up. The last thing he remembered before passing out was jumping into the SUV and that strange girl shooting them with some weird weapon. He slowly looked around where he was.

“Oh Goodie! The White King has woken-up.” Hatter was sitting nearby as he came around.

Bridges heard that voice and looked over towards Hatter. She was still dressed in her dark outfit.

“Who the hell are you?”

“I’m the Mad Hatter, you jerk. Are you that stupid, you don’t recognize the Hatter?” Aylin was mad that he didn’t recognize her.

He looks around and see Anika, some guy, Elizabeth, Keven And Selena. The other people he didn’t know.

Anika looks at Bridges “did you actually believe that you could get away with what you did?”

Bridges just smirks at Anika “you are such a stupid cow. This has been going on for a while right under your nose. You were so busy attending
social events and acting all high and mighty. That it was so easy to run this operation under your nose. If it wasn’t for your dam security personnel sticking their nose where it didn’t belong. That you wouldn’t have known what was going on and your ass would have been out on the street selling it for money.”

Anika just smiled “there was another flaw in your planning, Arnold. You forget who owns the company. If I didn’t get you, he would, and he isn’t a nice person when someone screws him over.”

“I’m not afraid of the owner. He’s nothing, but a dumb rich hick out in Montana. Besides, I have enough on you to sue you for everything you own. You’ll have to sell your ass to survive.” Arnold just smirks at Anika.

Anika just shakes her head “take him to the SUV and make sure his wrist is secure.”

Bart and Keven walk over, and escort Bridges out to the waiting SUV. Dakota takes the driver seat and Anika takes the passenger seat.
Everyone else got in the second SUV with Wraith bring up the rear of the small convoy as they head into New York itself and towards Eruption Communications. They park the SUV’s and Wraith down in the secret parking garage.

Jack and Gina Bounty Hotel Room:
Gina stretches as she got out of bed. They had flown in late last night and came directly to The Plaza. A limo had meet them at the airport to pick them up. The personnel at the hotel seemed to know her father when they checked in. Gina reaches down and scratches Cadmus head.

They had to put his leash on him when they got out of the limo and walked into the hotel. She pets him for a while, before getting out of bed and walking over to look out the window. The room they had overlooked central park. She walks out of her room and go to see if her father was up. Cadmus followed right behind her.

“Daddy, are you awake?” Gina looks around for her father.

Jack had heard his daughter when she called out for him. He had ordered breakfast for them and was waiting for her to get up.

“I’m in here sweetie.” Jack takes a sip of his coffee.

Gina finds her father sitting at a table drinking his coffee and reading the newspaper. She walks over and gives him a hug.

“Morning daddy.” She places a kiss on his cheek.

Jack just smiles as he watches Gina sit down at the table and start pouring herself some coffee. He was proud at how she had managed to overcome what was done to her. She had grown into a beautiful woman and was extremely smart. She still had scars on her body from where she had been punished and treated like a slave.

Gina slips Cadmus a few pieces of bacon. She knew she wasn’t supposed to feed the wolves human food, but Cadmus was her buddy and protector. She gets up and head back into her room and grab Cadmus’s food bowl and water bowl. She grabs a prepackaged meal they had made for Cadmus. She comes back to where her father was and feed Cadmus his meal.

“Daddy, why are we going to your business here in New York?” Gina takes a bite of her biscuit sandwich.

“Because some illegal operations have been going on at the company. Your Aunt Anika has been handling the problem and her team has capture the person responsible.” Jack had read the report Anika had sent him about Arnold Bridges.

“I have an aunt there?” Gina was curious. She thought she met the whole Bounty clan when her and Julia spent the summer in Ireland.

They had spent the whole entire summer with their grandmother and Uncle Seamus. They meet their cousins and other relatives. The wolves had fun meeting some of their counter parts that were from their litter.

“Yep, Anika was adopted by me as my little sister. Your grandmother knows and gave her blessings. Anika has your Aunt Justine Kay Bounty maiden name.” Jack knew it was safer to do it that way. When they came up with a new Identity for Anika. He made her a part of his family.
The reason he did that, was his family records were closely guarded. Most of his family came from royalty or were related to royalty. They were related to royalty in Ireland, Holland and the Netherlands.

“Cool! I get to meet another family member.” Gina felt excited.

Eruption Communications Building:
Jack and Gina finish breakfast and get ready to leave the hotel. Gina takes Cadmus outside, so he could do his morning business. They take the limo to Eruption Communications building and are stopped at the security desk.

“I’m sorry sir, but your dog isn’t permitted in the building and you’ll need a badge to enter.”

Jack just smiles as he pulls out his badge and shows the guard. When the guard runs his badge. His eyes get big and he does a second look at the big man standing in front of him.

“Is there something wrong, officer Warren?” Jack had his poker face on.

“No sir. I was just surprised that your name popped up.” He hands the badge back to Jack.

“I’ll need to have the young lady sign in sir and she’s not permitted to bring pets in here.” Warren was looking at the wolf by the young woman’s side.

Jack leans forward “this wolf, is a trained attack wolf. It’s her body guard and since I own this company, I am ordering you to ignore the regulations on my daughter bring her wolf inside.”

Warren looks at the young girl and back to Jack.

“Yes sir.” He watches as Gina signs the guest book.

Gina writes in the reason for visit column Jack Bounty’s daughter. She hits the save button.

Warren hands Gina a special visitor badge.

“That badge has been programmed to allow you total access to all section Miss. Bounty.”

“Thank you, Warren.” Gina accepts the badge.

“I’ll take her to get a badge made for her and return this one to you Warren.”

“No need Mister Bounty. That badge is only good for one day. It must be reprogrammed by the security director or by Miss. Anika Jagger herself.” This was the first time he had ever given one out.

“Thank you for that information, Warren.” Jack heads for the elevator with Gina walking next to him and Cadmus getting weird looks from people passing by.

Jack and Gina take the elevator up to the floor where the conference room was that he was meeting Anika and her team at.

Conference Room:
Anika and the team had taken the private elevator up. They were waiting patiently in the conference room they had been using since this whole situation started with Arnold Bridges.

Arnold looks at Anika “you sure Mr. Bounty is going to show-up?”

Anika looks at him and an evil smile appears on her face “he’s already here and on his way up. If I was you, I would lose the attitude around him.”

Hatter looks at Anika “who’s almost here?”

“My boss and big brother. He’s known in South America as the Devil’s Bounty Hunter.”

Everyone hears a knock on the conference room door. Shigeko gets up and answer the door.

“Mr. Bounty, it’s so good to see you again.” Shigeko had a smile on her face. She spots a young lady behind him and guessed she must be his younger daughter Gina.

“It’s good to see you again Shigeko. I would like for you to meet my younger daughter Gina and her wolf Cadmus” Jack steps aside so Gina could come forward.

Once Jack moved and Gina stepped forward, Shigeko shuts the door behind them. Anika gets up and walks around and gives Jack a hug.

“It’s been too long, big brother.”

Jack returns the hug “that it has little sister. I want you to meet one of your nieces. This is my youngest daughter Gina. You already know Cadmus.”

Anika looks down at Cadmus “god, he’s gotten big since I last seen him. He isn’t as big as his sire, but still bigger than a normal wolf.”

Anika looks at Gina “I have heard so much about you and your older sister Julia. It’s nice to finally meet you, Gina.”

“Me too. Daddy just told me I had an aunt.” Gina looks at her father.

“Hiding me big brother?” Anika had a smile on her face as she looks towards Jack.

“Nope, just forgot to tell her. Now, why don’t you introduce me to the rest of your team. So, we can get down to business at hand.” Jack glances towards Arnold Bridges with a look on his face that said he was going to kill the man.

Anika turns and look towards her team “You already know Bart, next to him is his little sister Dakota, next to her is Terry. She’s one of the owners of Big Boy Toys, next to her is Elizabeth, which you should already know. Since she works for you., Next to her is Mad Hatter Aylin.”
Hatter stands up using the table for support and tilts her top hat to Jack. She could tell he was a top predator person and someone you showed respect to. She turns to face Gina and tilts her top hat to her as well. In her opinion here was Alice. She sits back down in her chair.

Gina smiles at Hatter’s respect. She wonders why the young girls face was white?

“Thank you, Hatter. Next to Hatter is our cyber-security team which is led by Morgana, Her friend Gloria and her employee Tony. You already know Keven and Selena. They are members of our security team here. And you already know Arnold Bridges.” Anika was standing next to Jack with a look on her face that said she wanted to kill him.

Arnold saw the dead look in Jack’s eyes.

“I believe you need to start talking Mr. Bridges, before my father decide to skin you alive.” Gina knew how her father would react.
Arnold looks at Gina “who are you to give me orders?”

“I’m his daughter and if your smart, you would be better off talking or suffer the consequences.” Gina lets him see the glint in her eyes.

All of sudden, Arnold Bridges felt afraid from looking at her.

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