Night Fox Chapter 6

“Wakey, Wakey my little rabbits.” Cora was standing in front of all three of the men she had captured and brought back to the copper mine.

Tom had told her everything she needed to know to go after Isiach Cage. She stands there dressed in her outfit with the ancient fox mask covering her face. She was watching as all three men started waking up. The hits she did last night to them weren’t too serious. She had retrieved her knife from Barry’s thigh last night. She treated and bandaged his wound caused by her knife.

Tom wakes up first and notices the person he spoke to last night standing in front of him. The person had a spear in their hand and there was a tomahawk hanging from their waist.

“You said you were going to let us live.” Tom wonders if this person was going to go back on their word.

“Oh, I am going to let you live. I promise I would, but I didn’t say how I was going to let you live. You see, with what you three did to your victims. I don’t think it’s fair that you shouldn’t somehow suffer a little. So, here’s the deal. It’s hundred and ten degrees’ right now and I placed a motorcycle for you to have twenty miles from here. Now, if you can survive and make it there. You can live.”

“How is that letting us live?’ Jerry was angry.

“Because I said I would let you live. Now, there are three of you and the motorcycle can only support one person. So, I will allow you to decide who is going to live. Oh, one more condition to this. You must walk to the motorcycle in the nude and no shoes. Plus, I am going to give you the same chance you gave your victims to make it fair.” Cora starts beating them with the blunt end of her staff, till they were black and blue.
She does break a few fingers and toes. When she is done beating them, she pulls her knife out and cut their clothes off and their shoes as well.

“Okay, who’s first?” Cora looks at each guy as they whimper from the beating she gave them.

“No one, well I guess. You’re going first.” Cora pulls Jerry up and force him to walk out of the cave. She cuts his zip cuff and give him a little push.

“Go!” She pokes him with the spear in the butt.

Jerry looks at her as he starts stumbling down the desert road. He was hurting all over from the beating he was given. He tries to move as quickly as he could, just in case the person changes their mind.

Cora watches till Jerry got to a certain spot she picked out to go and get the next person. Cora heads back into the cave and pulls Barry out. She drags his sorry ass out into the sunshine and cut his zip cuffs.

“Go!” As she stands there and watches him.

Barry turns around and looks at the person “you’re not serious, are you?”

“Yep, I sure am. Now, go.” She pokes him with her spear and force him to move along.

She watches as he stumbles down the road behind Jerry. She was waiting for him to get to the same spot Jerry had, before going to get Tom.
Once Barry approached the spot. She goes in and grabs Tom.

“You’re turn.” Cora drags his ass out of the cave and cuts his zip cuffs.

Tom just looks her and wonder who she was.

“Who are you?” Tom was rubbing his wrist.

“I’m Fox. Now, I suggest you go and join your friends if you want to live.” She pokes him with her spear.

Tom jumps away from the spear and winces as his broken toes send pain up his spine. He turns and starts walking. He could see Barry and Jerry ahead of him. Now, he had to decide, what he is willing to do in order to survive.

Cora stood and watched as all three men walked out into the desert. She was going to watch them and make sure they didn’t try to back track to the cave. She waits till they are some ways away before she starts following behind them. In the condition she left them in, they may die from their injuries before they reached the motorcycle she left for them.

She leaves her mask on as she follows them. She sees Tom catch up with Jerry and after about ten miles, they get into a fight. Tom ends up killing Jerry by smashing his head with a rock he found. Jerry did get a good hit in on Tom and after a while he drops to the ground.

Cora walks up to him and kneel next to him "I gave you my word I would let you live, but you decide to take your life and those of your victims. Now, you know how the people you, raped, beaten, torture felt now. Now, you get to go someplace I wouldn’t want to go. Oh, before you die. I want you to see my true face.”

Cora removes her mask and let Tom see her face.

“I’m one of your victims you left out in the desert to die, after you tortured and beaten me. I was the victim from the sex toy store.” She puts her mask back on.

Tom couldn’t believe that the tranny they tortured and beaten had survive. She had no pulse when they checked. They had wrapped her up in plastic and left her to die. He closes his eyes and takes his last breath.

Cora tracks down Barry and find him lying on the ground face first. She approaches carefully and kneels next to him. She checks his pulse and couldn’t detect one. She pulls one of her small knives out and poke him with it, but gets no response from him. Cora turns his body over and checks again to make sure he was dead. She walks the rest of the way and gets the motorcycle and head back to their bodies.

She ties their legs and drag their bodies to the pit she had dug earlier to bury them in. She should just leave them out in the desert for the coyotes and other critters to eat. Once their bodies are dumped in the pit. She fills it in and heads back to her trailer to plan how she was going to break into Isiach Cage place. He lived in a gated community and on the tenth floor of a condominium tower.

There was another building not too far away she could get to the top of. She could use her squirrel suit to glide the distances to the balcony of Isiach’s place. She could see if she can get George’s friend to take her up in a helicopter and glide down to that floor.

According to Tom, the governor was a pedophile and Isiach supplied kids for his pleasure. Isiach was also the one responsible for running the baby factory along with some doctor. He told her where the place was and gave her his access code. The thing is, she wanted to get Isiach first. Maybe she should go and check out the place to see how many women they had there, that they were using to produce babies.

Cora grabs her spear and heads back out to her motorcycle. She had gotten it from a friend of George’s. She hops on and heads towards the city. The building they were using for a baby factor was in an old warehouse. It takes her forty-five minutes to locate the place. She parks her motorcycle nearby and heads towards the door that Tom had told her about and use his code to get in. All around her looked like a normal warehouse. She looks around and finds a concealed door and uses the code again to get inside the place. There was a small office and then she finds several delivery rooms and as she goes deeper into the place. She finds an open space with over fifty hospital beds with women of various ages and races hooked up to machines. All of them were in various stages of pregnancy.

She moves quickly and find some private rooms. Inside one room was a ten-year-old blonde hair girl that looked to be pregnant. She picks the lock and sneak in. she moves to the girl’s side quickly and cover her mouth with her hand.

“Don’t scream. I’m here to help you.” She removes her hand.

Tiffany looks at the person with a fox face mask. She was scared when she felt a hand cover her mouth, but the voice that spoke to her was a girl’s voice.

“What is your name?”

“Tiffany Jenkson.” Tiffany was watching the fox person in front of her.

“Well, Tiffany. Can you tell me who did this to you?” Cora held Tiffany’s hand.

She shakes her head yes “my grandfather did this to me. He put a baby inside of me and said it was time for me to produce a child for him.”

Tears started running down from her eyes.

“Where’s your mother?” Cora tries not to get angry, but she was having a hard time controlling her temper.

“She’s out there with the others. She going to have a baby and with the other women.” Tiffany wanted her mother.

Cora hears some noise just outside the door she came through. It starts to open and a huge guy in a security uniform sticks his head in. He had his gun drawn. Cora takes her spear and smacks the guys wrist as hard as she could. She hears the bones crack as her spear blunt end connects with his wrist.

Donald had heard voices coming from ward 1 and was surprised to find the door unlocked. He had pulled his gun out and the next thing he felt was something hard hitting his wrist. He heard the bones in his wrist crack as pain shot up his arm.

Cora spins her spear and shoves the blunt end into the man’s stomach. Cora manages to push him back as far as she could. She whacks him again on his right arm and then sweep his legs out from under him.

Donald couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He tried to defend himself against someone wearing a fox mask. By the time he reacted, the figure would hit him somewhere else. Now he was looking up the figure with a spear pointed under his chin.

“Now, how many of you are on duty right now?” Cora had her spear pointed at his neck.

“There are six of us working tonight.” Donald was on patrol and came in to check on the little girl. The women he didn’t care about, but the girl
shouldn’t have to go through what she was going through at her age.

“Where are they?”

“Two are in the control room, the others are patrolling the other floors.”

Cora knocks the security guard out and zip tie his hands behind his back. She drags him back into the room.

“Tiffany, I need to take care of the other guards. Please stay here till I come back for you.” Cora hugs Tiffany and leaves.

She goes and start taking out the other guards. She finds one having sex with one of the ladies that was pregnant, and it didn’t look like she was enjoying it. She knocks him out and cuts his penis and testicles off. She packages the wound. She pulls the fire alarm after she gets the address of the doctor from one of the guards.

The fire trucks and police show-up. Cora does go and gets Tiffany and put her with her mother. When the police come in, she disappears from sight after leaving a note for them. She was ready to kill the doctor. She heads towards his place, after calling George and informing him that he might be called in. She tells him everything she found. She tells him the Doctor that is involve with this baby factory.

She listens as he tells her not to do anything. He would handle that problem.He also suggested that it might be best for her to come home and they will talk about the other problem. She closes her cellphone and heads home instead.

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