This is fan fiction for the Whateley Academy series. It may or may not match the timeline, characters, and continuity, but since it's fan fiction, who cares? To see the canon Whateley Stories, check out Whateley Academy at ( (link is external) (link is external)



Joshua stood on the bridge of life and death. Feeling the cold gust as he tried to keep himself from swaying back and forth. His heart pounding hard with excitement that he would finally die, and he would no longer have to deal with this world. Joshua hated this world. It was full of stupidity, violence, and disorder. The people of this world fought over trivial ideas. Ideals that did not matter to humans or any other races. Racism, prejudice, mutaphobia. All vain ideas of the races of this world. This wasn’t the only thing he was tired of. he was tired of the beatings he endured from his father and the sex abuse from his brother or the bullying he received from his peers. Joshua was not some trashy whore that can be easily subdued. Or so he would like to think. The truth is, Joshua didn’t have the willpower to speak up. He so frustrated with himself and how he couldn’t do anything right. His dad is right, he was useless. So, Joshua stood on that bridge looking down into the depths of the river that flows under it and fell.

Joshua’s mind raced as he fell. He saw his past. His mother who had been dead for years now, and what used to be a happy family. He saw the present. His Father angry, and his brother lustful. Then, he saw the future, or what felt like the future. A beautiful girl with long white hair that flowed down to her waist and her golden eyes glowed. He splashed into the chilling water. The current pushed him rapidly. All he could think of was not dying, but the girl. The girl to him was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Joshua wanted to know who was this girl, and the only way to do that is to stay alive.

The current pushed Joshua under. He forced himself back on the surface coughing as he inhaled water by accident. The river sucked him under again, this time he held his breath and tried to take control. He couldn’t fight the current, rather than push him along and slowly swam to the bank. Joshua pushed himself to the surface to grabbed another bite of air as he briefly saw what looked to be the head of a waterfall. Joshua swam as fast as he could. The current was too strong. It kept him from moving very far. That didn’t stop him. Joshua kicked his legs and arms into overtime. Joshua was getting closer and closer to land. Then, he felt a paralyzing pain took the breath out of him as his body rolled uncontrollably. Joshua felt his strength failing as he was sucked under the water again and then he fell down the waterfall.


Tell me what you think because I have no clue what I want in this one. I may just change it and turn it into a short story or something.

Anyway, tell me if I should scrap this or not

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