Last Halloween

Last Halloween

- Last Halloween he died, this Halloween it would be her turn.

October 31st, 9:00am
Bethal Estate, master bedroom, 3 miles south of Aspen, CO

The light knocking on their bedroom door woke Annie up. She opened her eyes and watched as her maid, Maddy, entered, carrying her breakfast on a tray. Annie studied her maid as she approached her bed, something seemed off about her. Annie sat up, allowing the woman in the black uniform, highlighted in white lace, to place the tray of coffee, scrambled egg whites, and slices of cantaloupe, over her lap. That was when Annie had woken up enough to spot what was bothering her about Maddy.

“Maddy? What happened to you face?”, there was venomous anger in Annie's voice, she had noticed Maddy's face was redder, much redder on the left side, even beginning to show a bruise.

The maid touched the left side of her face, looking frightened, she reached into a pocket in her apron, producing a worn notepad and a pen. She wrote out her response, showing it to her mistress.

“Phillip angry this morning. Hit me.”, it read.

“Phillip? Why did he hit you?”

More writing, a few tears leaking from her worried brown eyes, “Was slow to service him”

Annie shook her head and looked at the maid closely, “Then you had better be faster next time, yes?”

Maddy nodded, and backed out of the room, shutting it after giving Annie a curtsy. Annie grabbed up her cellphone, hastily typing a text and sending it. A few minutes later her fiancee entered their room, she seemed worried.

“What happened Annie?”, Carrie was a tall brunette beauty, but her normally pleasant features were clouded with concern.

“Your fucking chef punched my Maddy in the FUCKING FACE!! Today of all days!”, Annie, though a blonde, was no less beautiful, even when anger was plastered on her face. “I want him gone!”

“Annie, dearest, you know he is one of the best, please let me talk to him, give him another chance.”, Carrie had settled on Phillip after years of turning over house cooks on an almost weekly basis.

Annie frowned, “Tell him Maddy is off limits from now on. If he wants servicing, he can handle it himself. And if he touches her again, I'll cut his fucking balls off too.”

Carrie nodded, giving her love a peck on the lips, grabbing a slice of melon, “Thank you babe, I will tell him, and dock the ass a week's pay as well.”

October 31st, 10:00am
Bethal Estate, kitchen, 3 miles south of Aspen, CO

“...and I want you to apologize to Annie and Maddy. You not only overstepped your bounds, but mine as well. Hitting Annie's maid in the face of all places? On a night she is expected to serve our guests, she is going to have to cake on an inch of makeup to cover your stupidity!”

Phillip bowed his head, “Sorry again, Ma'am, I let my...”

“No! No excuses, just proper behavior from here on out. Maddy is off limits to you for the foreseeable future. You will let her assist you, and for at least the next few months, you better not even raise your voice to her, Annie is on the warpath over this, and we all know how she handles a grudge, got it?”

The stocky chef nodded in agreement, fear easy to see in his eyes as Carrie's words sank in. “Yes, Ma'am, thank you!”

“Apologize before lunch, I don't want my future wife going into tonight angry!”

Phillip nodded again, Annie Carson was a fucking psychopath, and the last person he wanted to be on the bad side of, aside from Carrie Bethal, that is. He would start prep on her favorite lunch immediately, seek her out to apologize to her, and then the mute freak she kept as her servant.

October 31st, 12:00pm
Bethal Estate, atrium, 3 miles south of Aspen, CO

Annie ate her corned beef reuban on marble rye, discussing the evening agenda with Carrie and their party coordinator, Barb Timmons, a sister in their exclusive society, Lilith's Circle.

“I think the main ball room might be better for serving dinner, keeping the second ballroom's floor open for dancing and the band, and the grand finale.” Barb offered.

Carrie nodded in agreement, plucking a french fry off Annie's plate with a playful smirk before stuffing it in her mouth. “God these are good...and fattening.” Annie rolled her eyes at that, not one of the three women could be considered anything less than physically perfect.

“True, probably not the best choice for today, but Phillip was beside himself, thank you for talking to him love.” Annie said between bites. “I'll just have to have really, really small portions for dindin tonight.”

“The full circle is expected to attend, that is just under 60 seats, providing for significant others, so the dining rooms are out, and you do want a seated service. So we are looking at 15 tables at least, though most of the girls are good at honoring RSVP's, and after last years Halloween show you two put on, I don't think any will cancel.” Barb looked up from her tablet to see the other two nodding in agreement.

Annie giggled, “Well, that was a one time affair, it isn't something we can repeat unless medical science has made leaps and bounds since last I checked.”

Carrie laughed, stealing another fry, “I'm sure Maddy will be glad to hear that!” All three women laughed at that.

October 31st, 3:00pm
Bethal Estate, Maddy's room, 3 miles south of Aspen, CO

Hers was a small room, simply decorated with a twin size bed and a vanity table. Two lamps in the corners opposite the door provided the only light, day or night, as the room had no windows. Tears trickled out of the corner of her eyes, as Maddy sat at the vanity table staring at her reflection. Her attempts at covering what was now a yellow to blue bruise on her left cheek bone were not going well. Maddy, as usual, had only her own thoughts to keep her company, and her thoughts were dark. She normally tried to distract herself with housework when the memories refused to go away. But Timmons Party Rentals was handling everything today, leaving her to stew with her thoughts. This morning, however, had been the catalyst she needed to take the only step she felt was left to her. Tonight, she would give the evil harpies in attendance a show to rival last years. Tonight the pain and memories would be silenced for all time.

October 31st, 4:45pm
Bethal Estate, kitchen, 3 miles south of Aspen, CO

Phillip was not having a good day. It started with the retarded maid refusing to give him his morning blowjob. Then being reprimanded for it, including the loss of a week's pay. Now, he had Barb Timmons' catering crew taking over his domain. He at least got to work on the main course, the prime rib slabs weren't labor intensive, however, and once they were in the oven, he had nothing to do for at least an hour and 45 minutes. Deciding it would be better on his frazzled nerves to walk over to the staff house behind the mansion, where he, Edgar the chauffeur/butler, and Carrie's two maids, Elsa and Fran, resided. Maddy was Annie's, and had a small room in the mansion, separating her from the rest of the staff.

Edgar was at the airport, waiting on Minerva Greene to get in, so he could get her here in time for the festivities. Elsa and Fran, sisters, were on vacation for the week visiting family, so Phillip would have the place to himself to decompress. He was annoyed, Edgar must have left the door open to their house. Phillip was from the city, and by force of habit always shut and locked the door when leaving even the short distance to the mansion. Putting his unused keys in his pocket, he walked in, heading straight for the much smaller kitchenette the staff house had downstairs.

Beer in hand, he waddled into the living room, to turn on the TV. No remote? Phillip turned red. Edgar, being from England, was supposed to be well mannered, he thought. Yet the inconsiderate prick must have taken the remote to his room yet again. Getting up from the couch with a grunt, he headed up the stairs to Edgar's room. He stopped outside the door, finding it locked.

“Fucking limey remembers to shut and lock this one, and not the front door? Idiot.”, Phillip took a swig of his beer, staring at the locked knob, debating if today would be a good day to try to bust in there for the remote. Shaking his head, he decided he had made enough trouble for himself already. He turned to go back downstairs, and there was Maddy the maid at the top, staring at him.

“Look Maddy, I said I'm sorry.” Phillip was a little concerned, not once in the year she had been living on the Bethal Estate had she ever entered this smaller house. “There a problem in the kitchen?”

She just stared at him, and he furrowed his brow, something was different about her. He expected her to reach for her notepad and pen to reply, but she was making no moves at all, just staring.

“Maddy? Are you okay?”, Phillip was hesitant to approach her, the tongue lashing from the morning still resonating strongly in his mind. “Did you forget your notepad? I have some paper and a pen in my room, hold on.” He turned to walk towards his room at the end of the hall. He had just pulled his keys out to unlock his bedroom door, when he felt a searing pain in the back of his neck. Confused, he touched the painful spot, his hands feeling warm slickness. Pulling his hand back, he saw his fingers painted in dripping red. He tried to turn to ask Maddy what happened, but his feet refused to move, and his hand suddenly weighed a ton. So did his eyelids. Phillip fell to his knees, then listed forward, his head hitting his door as blackness overcame him.

October 31st, 5:15pm
Bethal Estate, master bedroom, 3 miles south of Aspen, CO

“Isn't Maddy helping you with that love?” Carrie asked Annie.

Annie turned from the mirror, adjusting her tiara, “She tried, but every time I saw the shit job she did covering fucking Phillip's handiwork, I got more worked up, so I sent her to her room to do a better job of it.”

Carrie nodded, and moved to help her fiancee with her costume, trying to shift the conversation away from Maddy and Phillip, “You are going to look so good, Gal Gadot will want to dye her hair blonde for the sequel if she gets a glimpse of you!”

“Please, Carrie, if ScarJo saw you in your costume, she would quit and tell the directors to hire you instead!”

A soft knock at the door interrupted them.

“Come in Maddy.” Carrie said, as she fiddled with Annie's cape, thinking to herself that the stupid maid would foul her love's mood again.

“Carrie, Annie, it's me Barb.” The gorgeous redhead peeking her head through the door, “Just wanted to let you know some of the guests have started arriving. Dinner isn't for a few more hours, but I have my girls getting the hors d'oeuvres prepped to serve in 15.”

“Come on in,” Annie invited, turning from the mirror, “Oh my god Barb! You look amazing! Who are you?”

“Miranda, from Brave?” Carrie guessed.

Barb nodded excitedly, “If I'd known it was a sexy superhero theme, I would have picked something else, but it looks like you took my best option! Carrie, you make for a lovely ginger!” She giggled at Carrie. “Blonde Wonder Woman and...shit, I can't remember her name...”

“Black Widow.” Carrie laughed, “I feel like a dork knowing that.”

“Oh, the real reason I came up here. Minerva's flight was delayed out of Denver, so she isn't landing until 8 now.”

“Thanks Dearie, I'll text Edgar and let him know, he can probably head back here, doubt he wants to spend three hours or so staring at his dashboard.” Carrie grabbed her phone off the bedside table.

Annie and Barb chatted briefly when Carrie cursed. “My phone suddenly has no signal, can I use yours love?”

Annie nodded and reached for her phone, only to frown when she saw the signal strength, “Great, mine is zero bars. What the hell? Barb?”

Barb's hand snaked into her handbag, “Verizon, ladies, with as much money as you have, why bother with the others?” The ensuing frown when seeing that her phone was also without a signal told her friends all they needed to know, “Fucking mountains.”

“Hmmph.” Carrie grunted, as she finished tying off Annie's cape, “Oh well, Edgar can figure it out himself I guess!”

October 31st, 7:00pm
Bethal Estate, kitchen, 3 miles south of Aspen, CO

“What's the problem?” Carrie asked, following Barb into the kitchen. There was a flurry of activity in there, Barb's employees dashing about refilling snack trays and prepping the side dishes for dinner.

“Maria?” Barb prompted the portly Mexican woman standing by the ovens.

“I checked the prime rib, they are done, but Chef Phillip isn't here to remove them. He had insisted that he handle them.”

Barb shot a questioning look at Carrie.

“Maybe I should have listened to Annie and canned him. Let me find Maddy, with the phones down, she can go wake the lazy bastard up. Until then can your people handle everything Barb?”

Barb nodded, and Carrie headed towards the far side of the mansion. It occurred to her that it would have been a shorter walk to the staff house, but it was night time in late October, in the mountains, and she was not dressed for the cold.

When she finally reached Maddy's room, she walked in, Maddy was not really a person, and therefore a polite knock was not necessary. Maddy was at her vanity, putting the finishing touches on attempt number 219 at hiding the swelling bruise that dominated her normally cute features. Turning to Carrie, she was reaching for her ever handy pen and paper, her eyes seeking approval for her make up job.

Carrie nodded, “Good work Maddy, it's going to be impossible to hide, but definitely better than it was.” Maddy smiled in thanks. “I need you to go to the staff house and check on your favorite chef, he should have been in the kitchen a half hour ago.”

Maddy put the pen and paper back in her apron, and nodded, grabbing her thick overcoat from her closet. She was not looking forward to the cold or seeing the fat asshole that punched her when she didn't drop to her knees to suck his tiny prick, but aside from doctor visits, she could count on one hand how many times she had been allowed to leave the mansion since entering it last Halloween, so her smile didn't waver.

October 31st, 7:10pm
Bethal Estate, outside the staff house, 3 miles south of Aspen, CO

Maddy shivered, wordlessly cursing the cold, the chef, and Annie Carson. Her knuckles hurt from the repeated knocking, so she used the palm of her hand to continue beating upon the locked door. Wishing for the millionth, or was it billionth time, she had never fucking met Annie, her mouth moved, but only the warm mist of her breath in the cold air issued forth as she silently screamed at the door. She walked around the smaller house, peeking into and knocking on every window she passed, noting that there was only a single light on in a small room past the larger living room, and no lights on upstairs. She hated to have to return to the mansion with her mission failed. But the thought of what she had planned in a couple of hours alleviated her worries. She would have already done it, most everyone had arrived, but the other person besides Carrie and Annie that she needed to witness her end had yet to arrive.

“Come on you fat cow. Minerva, get here so I can be done with all this.”, Maddy thought to herself as she trudged on back to the mansion in defeat.

Not a minute passed after she stepped back into the warmth of the kitchen and removed her coat, that a tray of delicious smelling and looking prime rib was put in her hands, with Barb instructing her where the cutting station was located, and to hurry back for more. On her return trip she went to grab a tiny triangular sandwich off a tray, but some bitchy server slapped her hand away, stating the food was for the guests only. Maddy didn't press the matter, her stomach wouldn't care one way or the other when this night was over.

October 31st, 9:00pm
Bethal Estate, secondary ballroom, 3 miles south of Aspen, CO


Annie looked up from her useless phone, shaking her head. “If the plane was delayed again, we have no way of knowing.”

Carrie nodded, taking in their colorfully garbed guests happily chatting or dancing as the hired band played Monster Mash. “How mad do you think she would be if she missed the finale?”

Annie shrugged, “You've known her longer than me.”

Carrie sighed, “Plenty. Plenty mad.” She noticed Maddy off to the side of the band in the dimly lit corner, watching the costumed guests as well, holding a tray of champagne flutes at the ready. “You see how good a job your ex did on her make-up?”

“Uhg, really Carrie? Please don't remind me I was ever so stupid as to marry that.”

“Okay, sorry love. But you have to admit, he..., I mean she helped to solidify your place in the Circle.”

“No, my love, you helped me to realize what a loser Matt was, and showed me how much more life can be!” Annie punctuated this with a loving kiss on Carrie's lips.

“Make up! Make up!”, Carrie mock protested, before giggling and placing several kisses on her soon to be wife.

“Think Phillip quit?” Annie asked, not sure if that made her happy or not. Perhaps Carrie was rougher than she had said in reprimanding the oaf, that would make her happy.

Now Carrie shrugged, “Maddy passed me a note while serving dinner that nobody seemed to be in the staff house.” She took Annie in her arms, “Come on Wonder Woman, Black Widow wants to feel your Amazonian bod close to mine, lets dance!”

With a giggle and a kiss, Annie followed her love into the dancing throng.

Maddy the maid observed this, observed everything.

October 31st, 9:30pm
Bethal Estate, Maddy's room, 3 miles south of Aspen, CO

Maddy began to despair. The last time she peeked in on the crowded ballroom, the bloated Minerva had yet to show her ugly face. Minerva Greene and Carrie Bethal had been the instigators that prompted the woman she once loved to make last Halloween the worst night of her existence. But even they were shocked when Annie had mutilated him for all their damned Circle to see. Dr. Minerva Greene kept him from bleeding out. Dr. Greene also provided Annie's new maid with some rather large breast implants. It was Annie that insisted her new maid had a more feminine voice, thus her fault Maddy now was a mute after the botched surgery. Annie made a killing off the malpractice settlement, she told her so, the same day she had Matt Carson sign the divorce papers. But in the end, it was Maddy's fault, for loving someone who had hid her sociopathic nature from him. Her family had seen it, her sister vehemently trying to talk Matt out of it, and mother had also questioned his decision, demanding the prenuptial agreement that denied Annie access to the family fortune.

She missed them, her sister and mom. It had been two years since they last talked, neither coming to the wedding. After what happened, she considered that a minor blessing. Better to have no communication than for them to see how horribly right they had been. Now Maddy had nothing, only Annie providing him food and shelter in his diminished capacity as a human. That was what kept her there. She had nothing to fall back on, and was to ashamed and afraid to ever come forward to try and seek justice for the crimes committed against her.

At one time Maddy had pondered if it was the pre-nup or cold reception from her family that made Annie secretly hate her husband. Seeing Annie in all her sadistic glory since becoming her maid dispelled those thoughts. She was just plain old fucking crazy. Maddy took a deep breath, briefly glancing at the still obvious swelling on her cheek, then focusing on the placard she planned to wear around her neck alongside the noose when she took the stage. Mustering her courage for what was to come, she decided to venture out to once again see if Minerva had arrived, but determining that if not, in one hours time, all would be over.

October 31st, 10:00pm
Bethal Estate, secondary ballroom, 3 miles south of Aspen, CO

Carrie felt sick, everyone was complaining as well. Did Phillip do something to the meat before leaving? No, that couldn't be it, several of the women present were vegetarian, and everyone was lining up to attack every toilet in the mansion. Cries, moans, and panicked screams were now the only sounds permeating the Bethal Estate. Even the band was sick. She was feeling dizzy and nauseous, and now painful cramps were bending her over. Annie seemed fine though, it seems her skipping dinner after her large lunch was the correct choice. Barb was so apologetic, when not vomiting or moaning in agony. They couldn't even call 911, every phone from every carrier was down.

“Can anyone drive? Annie?” Carrie moaned. Annie cringed.

Barb shook her head, “Even my girls are sick, they ate whatever we ate afterwards. Maria can't even stand, and is sitting in the walk-in fridge to try and bring down her fever.”

“Drink more of this water love, I wanted to avoid it, but it seems I can't.” Annie held her loves hand, feeling the feverish heat coming from Carrie's flesh. “Can you get Maddy out of the house, maybe the garage, while I go get help please?”

Carrie nodded, bringing another sickening wave to her head and stomach. Then Nancy Leeds stumbled her way to the trio in her Dallas Cowboy cheerleader costume, tears streaking her make up, and remnants of blood and vomit on her chin. Collapsing into a chair, the normally beautiful woman looked like death was beating on her door. With a coughing sob, she turned to Annie.

“Gary is dead.” The simple sentence shocked the three.

“What? Are you sure?” Annie was at her side, using a napkin to clean her face, “Nancy? Are you sure? Where?” Nancy weakly pointed towards the main ballroom where they had all eaten.

Annie ran to the big room, and saw the seated guests in various states of sickness and discomfort. Gary Leeds was laying on one of the temporary dining tables set up for the party. She checked for his pulse, placing her fingers on his neck, she felt only cool clammy skin, this man was dead.

Annie was a blur of motion, running to her bedroom to get her keys from her purse. Where was her purse? She cursed, then remembered the spare keys to her Subaru were in her jewelry case. Keys in hand she rushed back downstairs. Giving Carrie a kiss and a promise of returning with help, while reminding her to locate and hide Maddy, she was out the door. She cursed again when she got outside, even though they had a circular driveway, the garage where her car rested was thoroughly blocked in by guest vehicles.

“SHIT SHIT SHIT!”, she screamed into the night, noting the two cars that she could get out the gate, she didn't recognize either, so had no idea who they belonged to. “Okay, Lexus SUV or a Land Rover. Fuck!” She hurried back inside, now questioning the rapidly degenerating guests as to who the Lexus or Land Rover belonged to. She ran past the ballrooms towards the kitchen, and stopped in her tracks, Maddy was standing in the entrance, a smile on her face. She stared at Annie, and approached her.

“Maddy! Go see to the guests, lots of water, we need to get them to vomit out whatever has them sick! I am trying to find the keys to some cars to get help, all the phones are dead!”

Maddy titled her head like a dog hearing an unfamiliar sound.

“Water idiot! Get them water!”

Maddy just walked forward, closing the distance between the two. Annie had the odd thought that Maddy really had done a great job covering that bruised cheekbone.

October 31st, 10:30pm
Bethal Estate, secondary ballroom, 3 miles south of Aspen, CO

Maddy wondered what was going on, she should be hearing music and revelry beyond the stage curtain she hid behind. She considered removing the noose and climbing off the chair, but then someone was opening the curtains. “Okay.”, she thought, “This is it. My final act.”

But Maddy was stopped cold when the opened stage revealed her crowd was no longer a bunch of costumed assholes, but a bunch of unconscious or moaning costumed assholes. All save two of them.

“Matt! Take that fucking noose off now!”

Maddy couldn't move, except to shake in heels. The two people still standing was her ex-wife, the other, the one who spoke, was an almost exact doppelganger of herself!

“Please Matt, you don't have to do this. I have taken care of everything. Mom wants you home.”

Maddy silently sobbed, only the sound of her labored breathing echoing throughout the large room. Her sister was here. One of the two people on the planet she so wanted to avoid ever being seen by again. Annie looked from the Maddy on the stage to the one holding the pistol to her side. Her Maddy had meant to kill herself, took her long enough she thought, as shock deadened her senses to the travesty all around them.

“Jump Maddy, you were always useless and there is no better end for...”, the bark of a pistol firing stopped her mid-sentence. “Ow! What the fuck!?!”

The pain followed immediately. Looking down at her red, white, and blue Wonder Woman corset, she saw blood pooling in her cleavage. Maddy Two shot her in the breast! She fell back on her butt, staring now at the stage. Seeing Maddy One removing the noose and sign that read: “Happy Halloween Bitches, I'll be warming a seat for you all in Hell”.

As Maddy stumbled from the stage, Maddy Two, or Kitty Carson, as both Maddy and now Annie knew her to truly be, rushed from the fallen Annie to embrace her brother. Maddy collapsed in her sister's arms, both sobbing now.

“Shhhh, shhhh, it'll be better now Matt. It'll be better, I swear it.”. Kitty managed between her own tears, holding onto the destroyed man tightly.

October 31st, 11:52pm
Bethal Estate, driveway, 3 miles south of Aspen, CO

Maddy and Kitty stared at the large mansion from the front seat of the Lexus. Both no longer wearing maid uniforms, but in fashionable fall wear to combat the cold night. Kitty turned to Maddy, her eyes still puffy from the crying, and took her hand.

“Come on, we have to go. With the phones jammed, and us being miles from the nearest neighbors, all this won't be discovered until sun up.”

Maddy gave Kitty a questioning look, and started writing frantically. Kitty read the note and shook her head.

“No, this has all been in the works since September. I've been looking for you since last Halloween. Annie said you left her to explore your feminine side, that bullshit didn't fly for one second. But then she dropped off the map. In June, Annie and Carrie had to use their passports for a flight to Italy, so that was when I located this place, and found out about this Lilith's Circle. We spotted you outside in September via satellite, when you were helping some guy, the chauffeur probably, bring in some packages. Did I mention he got in a fatal accident on the way to the airport? Fran and Elsa, the other maids, also had fatal accidents. Must be the karma they accrued from never reporting what happened to you. Hmmm? I called in all my markers for this. Mom and I had been so worried over you, and now mom's health is fading, so I told my handler in the CIA that I would retire if they didn't make tonight happen. I am the best they have. Minerva told us everything, Lilith's Circle, and what happened to you last year, so that's why I recognized you immediately. So now, Minerva Greene, whose fingerprints are on not only the pistol, but a bottle of the poison that was in all the food served tonight, except that delicious prime rib, will take the blame. Unfortunately, the fat bitch shot herself after getting back in her Land Rover, so distraught over the love of her life choosing Annie over her. Barb Timmons really should have done a more thorough background check on her newest employee, me.” Kitty smiled at Maddy.

Maddy returned the smile, a feeling she honestly thought she would never know again washing over her, happiness, and wrote again.

“Annie will live, I shot her nipple off, but she'll live. Once we get to Denver, we'll leave her in the back of this car at DIA, and we'll fly back to Cali on a military transport.”, Kitty pressed the ignition. “Annie is going south for the winter. We have a prison somewhere in South America that nobody knows about. Usually reserved for high profile criminals our government doesn't want to risk having go to trial. But like I said, they love me. Annie will never see the light of day again, she has a future of mining coal a mile underground until the day she dies.” With a long sigh, she continued. “Please don't try a repeat performance of what you planned tonight. We have doctors waiting for you in LA, you'll be able to talk again, it won't be like it was, but it will be worlds better than your notepads and pens. Then, you can decide what you want to do. Continue on to womanhood or try to return to Matt. But whatever you choose, Mom and I love you.”

Maddy cried tears of joy. She had thought to end her nightmare herself, but now it looked like her sister had done it for her, and she might actually get to live as normal a life as she could now manage. She scribbled on her notepad. It read: “She took away what made Matt a man, but if I can complete what Annie started and make Maddy a woman, then I will avoid a repeat performance of tonight's finale. Thank you Kitty, I love you!”

As they headed north toward the Interstate, Maddy leaned back in the comfortable seat, and fell asleep. Turns out she had a Happy Halloween after all.

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