Andi and Allie - 27

Andi and Allie - Chapter 27

‘There…but for the grace of God…go I.’

Allie walked in like nothing short of a hurricane. She dropped everything on the floor and immediately attacked me! She wrapped me in her arms, pushed me up against the closest wall, and kissed me as though she wanted to suck my soul out through my mouth. I had to catch my breath when our lips parted.

“I am having such an intense hormone rush that I can’t resist attacking you.” Even Allie’s laugh sounded lewd.

Then she bent me backward. I had to wrap my arms around her neck and shoulders to prevent myself from falling. She kissed me again with an intensity that left me breathless as she worked her hand beneath my blouse and, in one seamless motion, undid my bra clasp.

“Honey please… We need to talk.”

I spoke almost in a whisper as I tried to regain my breath. Allie gazed at me with one of the most serious expressions of sincerity I have ever seen on her gorgeous face.

27a-1 IMG_2245.jpg “I want to fuck your brains out right here and right now!!!”

Allie was completely overwhelming me. I had never seen her quite this excited before? My wide eyed, opened mouth expression must have signaled my shock and surprised. She kissed me again and this time she squeezed my nipple sharply enough to elicit a muffled moan as ten thousand volts of electricity shot through my body. I tried to fend her off.


“Not now…!!!”

Allie was quite adamant as she pinned me back against the wall, her leg between mine. She reached down and began to raise the hem of my skirt until she could slip her hands down the back of my panty. She began to massage…rather vigorously I might add…my butt cheeks as she kissed my neck and nibbled on my ear lobes.

“I want you so much!” Allie spoke in a smoky voice.

I’m sure if she wasn’t pregnant, or at least as pregnant as she currently exhibited, Allie would have lifted me up in her arms and carried me into our bedroom. And, I have to admit, I found her rather vigorous attentions to be…hot! She was turning me on more than she had ever done before. Then Allie reached around the front of my panty to grasp the mortal remains of my dick and gnads in her heated palm. Oh my…!!!

27a-2 IMG_2246.jpg “Let’s go! Right now…!”

She tugged at me and I naturally had to follow her. Allie kicked off her sneakers and began to undo what she could with one hand as she led me into our bedroom. I, in turn, tried to take off what I could. We left a trail of shoes, skirts, panties and such along the way in our wake.

Allie positioned me with my back to the bed before she let go of my….parts? I quickly finished undressing myself and Allie. I placed my hands upon her ever growing tummy and gazed at it with wonder in my eyes. I still found it a miracle to think that someone, some part of Allie and of me, was growing in there.

Allie placed her hands upon my face and kissed me again. This kiss was short but heated none-the-less. As we parted lips Allie moved her hands gently down my neck and under my arms coming to a rest atop my breasts.

Now more than merely bumps, I actually had just enough for her to almost gently cup in her hands. She spread her fingers enough to capture my nipples and, as she looked deeply into my eyes from no more than a half a foot away, she gently, but firmly, squeezed them eliciting a moan from me.

“I am so swampy.” She crooned in her lusty contra alto voce.

Allie had explained that women don’t get horny, they become swampy. And having personally experienced her becoming quite ‘swampy’, like Great Lakes swampy, I knew exactly what she desired…or at least what I thought she did. The big question was could I deliver. In spite of her amorous administrations I had yet to become erect. I was certainly turned on but… I mean it’s not that I didn’t want to. But… But Allie had other ideas.

She pushed me back down onto the bed and closely followed. As I crept toward the center, she slowly followed with the most lurid grin ever. Allie crept right atop me straddling my hips. She sat up and, after parting her nether lips, sat right atop my dick. I could feel her warmth, her heat, her…flowing wetness.

27a-3 IMG_2243.jpg “Feel how wet I am. You do that to me!”

Allie very slowly began to rub herself against me. I shuddered along with her on each movement. She bent over till our lips met. The kiss was short but passionate and she again returned to her upright position never stopping her rubbing for an instant. She grasped my nipples between her thumbs and middle fingers and pinched them. My entire body quaked.

“Mmmm… You liked that…didn’t you? You naughty girl…”

Allie giggled and grinned lewdly. I could only nod my head as I felt an electric jolt shoot from my boobs to my navel and then, after gathering forces, down to my dick. Each time she pinched them the same result would occur. The intense feeling of my dick sliding between the lips of her slickened vagina was…electrically divine.

“Well…” Allie said with a sly look upon her face. “Let’s see what this does.”

She bent her head down to encompass my nipple and a good part of my boob in her mouth. Allie began to slowly ‘nurse’. She sucked and licked around my nubbin. She pulled at it with her lips and very gently bit it only to return to sucking.

My body began to shudder with each new stimulating tease. I found myself attempting to thrust into her with my now semi rigid dick. The movement of Allie’s hips became quicker to match my own reflexive thrusts. She removed her mouth and then gently blew on my nipple.

27-3a IMG_2276.jpg"Oh my God…oh my God…oh my God…!”

I continued to repeat those words between my moans and groans as I grabbed onto Allie’s hips to try and slow her ever quickening movements. Then she dove down again for my other breast and repeated her amazing torturous delights. Allie sucked as much of my boob into her mouth as she could until I groaned from the pain. She slowly released my aching flesh until all that remained was my nipple and the flesh around it. Allie began to suckle and, at the same time, wash her tongue over and around nipple.

I felt my entire being become even more electrified as I held onto her hips for dear life. My face contorted into a grimace and my mind couldn’t decide if I was dying of pain or pleasure…or both. After a few elongated moments of her treatment, Allie sucked me in again and slowly pulled her head upward. My back arched trying to remain entrapped within her mouth but finally I was released with a popping sound.

Allie giggled and brought her face up to mine; our eyes no more than inches apart. She grasped my cheeks in her hand and kissed me. It was one of those passionate needy kisses. I could see the desire and want in her eyes just before I closed mine and settled into the sensation of our lips wrestling.

As our lips parted I opened my eyes to find her staring into mine. I wanted to reach up and gently touch her but I was afraid to break the spell she had woven; to lose that most precious moment in time. I was totally breathless.

“I do love you so much.” Allie’s eyes were ablaze as she spoke.

Before I could do little else but smile Allie moved her body and settled alongside me. She ran her hands down my body barely touching me. Then, with one of her incredibly mischievous smiles, she again turned around, dove down and engulfed my dick; the entire “Mickey Mouse”; ears and all…as usual.

“Ooohhh… Oh my God…” I groaned and I could hear her muffled giggle.

Allie’s tongue performed its magical dance as it swirled around my dick. I half raised myself so that I could wrap my arms around her thigh to brace myself. I pulled her body closer to me and buried my face in her fleshy and expanded waist. Her aromas were intoxicating. I could smell her excitement as it mingled with her cologne. As I moved my hand up the inside of Allie’s luscious thigh, I felt the heat and, even higher up, the moistness that had seeped out of her.

“Mmmm…” I could hear her muffled moan, her mouth and tongue not stopping their exciting dance for a moment.

Suddenly Allie broke free of my grip and brought her body around so that I was gazing directly up at her vagina. She lowered herself as much as her ever expanding tummy would allow. I could now feel the heat of her thighs on my face. The cacophony of aromas was over whelming.

We normally had our rituals we each would perform prior to going to bed. Let me be more exact; prior to having sex in bed. But tonight was a first for us. Allie’s sex drive was actually increasing as her…our…pregnancy advanced. Of course she had taken me at various times and locations without our usual preparations?

But those times were swift and unexpected; at the doorway when I came home. At the doorway when she came home. When I was involved doing the dishes. She would come up behind me and, after lifting the hem of whatever I was wearing, she would penetrate me with her…thingy?

But this was different. God, with her unearthly sense of humor, decided to put paradise right next to a toxic waste dump. And not only that…! She put it between two sets of sweat glands!!! I wasn’t prepared to deal with that. I was not only struck with her lovely cologne’s scent, but also the remains of the day. The odor of perspiration, evacuation, and God only knows what else, mixed with the scents of my dearest, deepest, and most treasured love.

I grasped Allie’s waist with my hands and pondered what I would do. My mind was suddenly cast back to those nights when my mother would come home, dripping her earnings of the evening on the floor has she staggered along to the bathroom. Every vile image of her, and her filthy habits, came flooding into my consciousness.

I stuck out my tongue and brought it up to Allie’s blood engorged lips and softly ran the tip along the moistened divide. I encountered something alien to me. It felt like a large grain of…sand? And then I felt another. I laid my head back and removed the one particle that remained attached. It was a little ball of toilet paper used to wipe after peeing.

That did it. I began to seriously gag as darkness set in. I was going to have a panic attack at the worst possible time and I didn’t know how to prevent it. Every reason I had stayed away from intimate contact with women shouted in my head.

This was the very reason why I felt more comfortable with men. Everything was out in the open with men. No hidden recesses or deep dark secrets. Only Allie’s voice brought me back to the here and now.

27a-4 IMG_2236.jpg“Breathe through your mouth. I need this!”

The urgency in her voice snapped me back to the here and now.

She immediately dove back down and engulfed me with even greater furor. Her insistence, no, the commanding tones of her voice, startled me. She would sometimes bark commands at me but they were always accompanied by a smile as if to say ‘I’m messing with you a little’. This was quite different. There certainly was no ‘smile’ in her voice. She wanted, no, she needed me to please her.

I raised my head upon again and, this time breathing through my mouth, applying my flattened tongue to Allie’s pussy. Almost immediately, with a stifled moan of pleasure, she bucked her hips. I began to slowly lap the length of her slit. After only a few strokes, she groaned and she orgasmed, flooding my mouth with her fluids.

I slowly regain my senses and I continued my slow and leisurely lapping. Allie clamped my head between her thighs and held me tightly. She also began to slowly circle and tease my butt hole with cool slick lubricant.

Although we often used ‘toys’, I never expected what she did next. After arousing me with her torturously wonderful application, Allie suddenly thrust two fingers inside me. My head, in spite of her firm grip, shot up into her pussy. Now I was as muffled with my excitement as she was.

But Allie didn’t play fair. I couldn’t help but tighten up upon her two fingers and then she would withdraw them to the tips only to plunge three back in as I eased up. She was screwing me with her fingers and I was helping her. I moaned and I felt myself pulse and throb in Allie’s sweet, warm, moist mouth. She added a fourth and I yelped into her flooding vagina.

Allie began to drum on my prostate when she tired of thrusting into me. Oh my God… I had never felt such an exquisite torture. My eyes were wide open and must have expressed my stunned delight as she tapped away within me. And as I moaned and twitched and held onto the back of her thighs for dear life itself Allie simply giggled and began to move her fingers in a circular motion within me.

We were both bucking and rocking with our exertions. Every time Allie would exert a bit more pressure, I would spasm deeper and tighter onto her fingers. And every time I got tighter against her, she would moan in pleasure and rock herself back onto me. I felt as if I’d begun to pee. I was leaking profusely.

I held onto Allie’s waist for dear life. I was inundated with her wetness and my own perspiration from her body’s heat. I felt the constant increasing of my pleasure to heights I had never felt before. My mind became blank save for the one thought of when I was going to climax. The feeling almost verged on being painful. I felt my dick becoming so hard that I thought it would split open.

“OH…GOD…” I screamed as it finally happened.

27a-5 IMG_2250.jpg"Faaahhhkkk"

I felt as if my dick exploded in Allie’s mouth. I could hear her muffled giggles as she continued her sucking, licking and finger pulsing. My head flew back onto the bed and my body arched and seemed to lock as my orgasm continued and my dick pulsated and pulsated. I had never felt anything as intense or as prolonged as what I felt at that moment.

I finally fell back onto the bed, totally spent. Allie had no mercy as she gently continued to suck and massage my prostate. I twitched as another pulse of electric pleasure rocketed swiftly through my body as I fought to catch my breath. Finally she could elicit no further twitches from my exhausted body so she gently removed her fingers and sat up.

“No more…please?” I could barely get the words out.

“That was…” Allie giggled as she turned and rested on her side next to me, cupping my dick and all in her hand. “…hot!”

“That was…” I turned into her body as she placed her arm around me pulling my head onto her shoulder. “…amazing. I seemed to cum forever.” I was still calming and trying to regain my breath.

“You even had a little stiffy.” Allie giggled. “By the way…your face is a mess although I do love the way you smell…” She laughed this time as she kissed me and licked my lips and around my mouth. “…and taste…at both ends. So… What did you want to talk to me about?”

The showing was upon us and I was frazzled…to say the least. Bob had taken all of my work; at least the pieces that were finished. He wanted the things we had kept, or I had given to Allie and we nearly had to eject him physically, or at least Allie almost did, from our home.

Allie had made appointments for us to have our hair and nails done. She arranged for a makeup stylist to attend us that afternoon at the apartment and for a car to drive us the few blocks to Bob’s gallery. She wasn’t thrilled about walking down the streets in a gown and I certainly felt the same.

My tuxedo had to go for emergency alterations. I now had new enlarged ‘parts’ of me? So the jacket had to be let out slightly to accommodate my boobs and the waist of the trousers needed to be taken in. The seam along the crotch needed a little loosening. It seems as though I’d developed a more rounded butt and hips?

I’d failed to notice the changes other than my breasts because I always let Allie decide what I should get and wear. Her tastes were so exquisite and stylish without being over the top. But this tuxedo had fit me well no more than…five months ago? I wore it last at Peter’s New Year’s Eve party and it fit perfectly!

Actually we both were having fashion issues…of sorts. Poor Allie’s issues were quite obvious. Nothing she presently owned fit her properly…if at all. And all of her fancy matched sets of undies were…too small? And to make things worse, her temple of the fashion Gods, Bloomies, had next to nothing for her condition.

To make things even more complicated, Allie only wore clothing that flowed. Nothing she now owned was ‘clingy’ or highly fitted. She loved simple, elegance, and comfort above all else. So off to Macys we went.

We should have begun at least one month ago. Now everything had to be purchased in one very long and tiring day. But, by the day’s end, Allie had all the mid-calf, maxis, knee length, and gowns she would need for the next few months.

To add to our mix, Susan joined us for the afternoon. She’s just one of those women one could kill! Susan only put on twelve pounds during her entire pregnancy. She was, as they say, all baby. Poor Allie had already put on twenty pounds and now had to watch her weight and dietary intake.

She needed new shoes because her ankles and feet had become swollen…flats or no more than one and a half inch heels. And she was at the outer edges of her cup size. Poor Allie was overflowing the bras she currently had. We were somewhat apprehensive about what would happen once she began nursing the baby and they became even larger.

Whilst Susan tried to make Allie feel better about her growing size…that ‘beached whale look’ as she put it…I couldn’t keep my eyes, or hands off of her. I was very discreet in that I touched her no differently than one woman might touch another. But my frequency of doing so was greater than otherwise might be…acceptable…in public?

Rather than becoming dumpier and frumpier, Allie’s words, not mine, I thought she was becoming more and more beautiful by the moment. Dozens of images flickered through my mind as I watched her every movement and facial expression. Susan simply stood close by and smiled and giggled. She knew what was going through my mind; the images and the thoughts.

My problem was the exact opposite. When one is a size two to four with a thirty two ‘B’ cup, the entire world is not at your feet. Everything always needs to be altered; at least jackets and dresses. And I just fit into the shoe size range of a woman’s ten. Our relationship was perfect. I wanted to be Allie and she wanted to be me.

And simply finding a comfortable bra that has some style is only slightly in front of total ridiculousness. Either the shoulder straps are falling down too far or riding up too high or the band does the same moving act. I seem to always be adjusting something. Now I realize why most women in general are performing these various contortions to make adjustments. Life was easier with my fake boobs.

And the real world wears sizes six to fourteen. So where does that leave me? I’m only one half step out of the teen’s department. To further complicate matters, I hated anything above the knee. Though Allie insisted I had wonderful and enviable legs, my own image was quite different. I abhorred bare shoulders except for the evenings out and choosing color was an entirely traumatic experience. That further narrowed my selection.

We both finally managed to trust the fashion sense of one another and we dressed for each other. I would blindly go with Allie’s suggestions and she would simply close her eyes and take mine. And with Susan accompanying us on a ‘girl’s’ day out, selection was taken even further out of our hands. Susan was endowed with exquisite taste.

The day of the opening we lazed most of the morning away having taken Friday off from work. What a delight it was to wake up next to my Allie and gaze at her till she opened her eyes. I luxuriated in the scent of her body and in its glorious warmth.

Although I had a very light breakfast…nerves you know…Allie couldn’t eat enough. I envied her appetite remembering that she was eating for two. We discussed the day as she ate. We were to be at the gallery by seven which meant that we would need to be dressed no later than six or so. This also meant that we would need to have at least a light meal before leaving.

Of course the early afternoon on would be appointment after appointment at the salon. Our nails and a normal mani-pedi could take up to an hour and a half or more. And then we needed to have our hair styled. Now that mine was of some length, I felt I had to do something with it. Allie wanted her hair to be curls after huge curls. She wanted to feel comfortable expecting a rather warm room filled with the anticipated crowd. But more than anything she wanted to look good.

This really didn’t leave us much time at all. Thankfully Jill came over to help get us ready. She even brought her outfit and we could ride over to the gallery together. Really I guess I was the easy one. After all, there isn’t much to getting into a suit. It was Allie who really needed the help.

Now… When the time came for me to decide what I was going to do about my hair…well…I kind of chickened out of anything really rad. But I did try something a bit different. I got an A-line bob that wedged back to about chin length. The front parted to one side and my face was framed by the front falling to below my chin and wedging up toward the back.

This definitely was a new look for me. I wasn’t sure of the style because my face is long to begin with but Allie thought that it added ‘drama’ to my look. It was almost a throwback to the nineteen twenties and that semi androgynous, but feminine, look of women in tuxedoes and their femme partners in long gowns; sort of decadent…but fun.

Of course Allie’s hair was a whole different story. But Allie’s stylist knew her trade because she did this wonderful ‘do entirely with hair pins. And this was obviously something she did quite frequently because it was accomplished within about twenty minutes from shampoo to smock off.

We washed and managed to dress just as the cosmetic stylist arrived. We set up a small table and chairs by the window between the bedrooms where the light was still good. Freddie, his name was Freddie, wanted to do me first because Allie’s look would take a bit longer.

Freddie was quite flamboyant in his manner and complimented me quite lavishly on my choice of the tuxedo. He even suggested that perhaps a scarf or a ribbon would be more stylish than the usual bow tie or regular tie. Hmmm…not a bad thought at all.

Anyway he was quick to shroud me in a smock and, after opening his huge double topped box containing far more of a color palette than was needed, he commenced his work. Now whilst there are those who would disagree with me, I believe that stylists are indeed artists. The only difference is that they work with living canvases and, unless photographed, or done in a portrait, their work is very transitory. It is truly of the moment.

Having had Allie do my face on occasion, I was quite accustomed to the moves and facial contortions necessary to achieve the desired look. Freddie worked quickly but with great surety. He was obviously most adept at his work and, knowing Allie, this was one area that she would never quibble over quality or price.

I couldn’t wait to see myself in the mirror when he finished. I went quickly to the bedroom and gazed at my reflection. The man was definitely a genius.

27a-6 IMG_2221.jpgThere was a difference.
It was not something one could definitely define but… A simple hint of color here and there and I had an evening look that seemed to be almost natural.

Of course Allie needed a more glamourous look. She was so incredibly beautiful to begin with that it was hard to envision what Freddie could possibly do to improve that beauty. Allie often wore cosmetics and did a great job of augmenting what she already had. But true to his reputation Freddie indeed did an amazing job of making my Allie look even more…dramatic? Her pale blue- grey eyes were surrounded by a smoky look, in greys and slates, which gave her an almost mysterious air.

27a-7 IMG_2223.jpgI’d never seen Allie look more beautiful.
I must admit that we looked really great as Allie put the final touches on us; jewelry and such. Try as I might I couldn’t get a single morsel down. I was very nervous and, I supposed, with good reason. Certainly a lot of money was being spent to make the night particularly special. And Bob assured us that the ‘crème de la crème’ of the art collecting world, at least in New York, would be there.

My hands were shaking as I tried to put on a ring that Allie had handed me. I was taking slow deep breaths as she placed a deep electric blue ribbon around my neck and fastened it in place with a gold bejeweled broach with semi-precious stones; aquamarines, and such.

“Sweet heart…” Allie looked into my eyes with a serious expression on her face. “If we weren’t otherwise engaged to attend, I would take you to bed and fuck your brains out.” She giggled. “You look so…so hot!”

I giggled and blushed coral pink because I knew that was exactly what she was thinking, and was perfectly capable of doing. I smiled and hugged her to me, at least as close as I could with her tummy ever expanding. Allie’s arms around me made me feel so secure. I felt so very safe with her.

“You two look so wonderful together.”

I could see a tear form in her eye as Jill spoke. Allie took Jill’s hand and pulled her into our little hugging…circle?

“You look so wonderful.” She told Jill.

And indeed Jill did. This was such a special night and everybody close to us I’m sure would feel the same.

We did manage to get a little bit of food down and Jill and I had just a touch of wine which did help to steady my nerves a bit. The car arrived exactly on time and the chauffer rang our bell to announce his arrival. The three of us hurriedly put together the last few items into our purses. Freddie had left Allie and me the lipsticks and glosses he used so into our purses they went…and we went down the elevator to the street.

The short ride over to the gallery was amazing in that I hardly remembered a thing. Allie was on one side of me and Jill was on the other. I was so nervous that I trembled. Only one year out of art school and I was having my own showing…and at a very renowned gallery no less. I was so very much into my own little world that I failed to notice the commotion outside the gallery until we pulled up to the curb side.

27a-8 IMG_2248.jpg“I don’t believe this.”

I curled one side of my lip in…horror? I had visions of having to fight my way in through the crowd.

“You should enjoy this while it lasts.” Jill chuckled. “You simply happen to be the flavor of the week and the flavors do change.”

“It’s okay baby doll… We’ll be with you all the time.” Allie smiled and took my hand into hers.

Thankfully Bob met us and escorted us through the crowd of people that had gathered. The flashing of cameras was nearly blinding and people were shouting my name wanting me to turn their way only to be blinded yet again. I don’t know how people, celebrities and such, put up with this all the time.

“You would not believe what is going on.” Bob spoke with a shortness of breath. “Your work is selling unlike anything I’ve ever seen, or even heard about, in years.” He took me by the arm to escort me through the doors. “I expected a good turnout but nothing like this.”

I felt the heat…the energy…of the crowded gallery as soon as we walked in. The place was jammed with people; none of whom I recognized. They seemed to rush up to us like a great wave in a storm and I found myself surrounded by them. As I gazed about all I could think was that they seemed to have no faces. They were totally unrecognizable.

I looked around for Allie and Jill but I seemed to be separated from them. Then I noticed that even Bob got lost in this mini throng. What could I do? I smiled and mouthed a soft ‘hello’ and moved away from the foyer into one of the two large display areas. Thankfully Jerry from the renowned Jerry and Ben of New Year’s Eve fame approached me; a face I knew.

“This work is incredible.” Jerry offered along with his great bulk in which I sought comfort and protection. “I love everything I’ve seen. You really are quite amazing. Hopefully we’ll have a bit of time to go through some of it. I really want to get into your creative process.” And as an afterthought he added; “You really look gorgeous tonight. I love what you’ve done with your hair.”

I smiled and thanked him for his compliments. And I stayed close to Jerry as people walked up to congratulate me and shake my hand.

“I’ll make sure we have some time together but I don’t know if that’ll happen tonight. This crowd is impossible.” I said quite sadly.

“Well I would like to make this Sunday’s edition.”

Jerry’s tone of voice was…slightly annoyed?

“Then tonight it shall be.”

I was surprised to hear Peter’s voice come from out of nowhere. As he walked up to us I thought how absolutely dazzling he appeared in his tuxedo. And Linda looked absolutely amazing in her gown. I couldn’t believe that they’d dressed for this occasion; but then again so had Bob and Jerry and Ben…of course.

“You look wonderful tonight. You must be so excited.” Peter took my arm as he spoke and Linda came to my other side to do the same.

“Oh my God… You both look amazing.” I guess this was like the changing of the guard because Jerry slipped away and into the crowd. “Is Lilly here?”

“She’s in the other room with Allie. They’re deep in discussion about Allie’s art…and yours no doubt. I really have to thank you for allowing Lilly to visit and work in your studio. Heaven forbid she work in her mother’s.” Linda laughed. “By the way… Your abstracts, especially the panels, are amazing.”

“Why thank you so much. I was a bit worried about showing them and I am so gratified you like them.” I blushed Ferrari red…and giggled nervously.

If someone as talented and gifted as Linda liked my abstracts, then they had to be…well…good? Peter laughed…of course.

“And I have Andi doing first rate graphics and package design. Do you realize that your work is going to be in super markets and hardware departments all over the country?”

“Is he at least paying you well?” Linda giggled.

I continued to smile and look down as I turned salmon red. I wasn’t accustomed to such lavish praise. I let them lead me around and through the people. We’d stop every so often to speak to someone but, to be honest, I barely remember doing so.

As we entered the other main room, I cast my eyes about looking for Allie. I finally found her amidst a group of women, several of whom I did know. Susan was among them as well as Doctor Weintraub; a real surprise. I saw that they were deep in conversation when Lilly came up to us.

“Hi sweet heart…” I embraced Lilly and softly kissed her cheek. “You look amazing in that gown.” She wore this amazing taupe silk gown. It was covered in floral appliques at the end of embroidered vines.. Lilly pirouetted for me.

27a-9 IMG_2257.pngShe looked so…adult.

“Your art is so amazing Andi.”

Lilly was quite excited about all the activity…the people. “You must feel so happy that all these people came to see it.”

I smiled at her as I took her hand. I gazed around the room at everyone and at my work up on the walls.

“I don’t know that I would have put so much of it out there; you know what I mean?” She smiled and gazed up at me.

“I’m don't know.” I said. Lilly looked at me with curiosity in her eyes. “As artists…” I wanted to include her. “…we must give our work away. We must put it out there.” I looked around as I paused. “We must get a reflection of ourselves; to see who we are, and where we are.”

“Ahhh… I think I understand.” I thought she might. She is so very bright and talented. “It’s what you see and the way you see it and everything you feel about it?”


Seeing my work, and peoples reaction to it, was kind of like a mirror for me; a reality check. Was I really getting one this evening? Was I really that good? Suddenly Susan was upon us.

“Come honey…come meet some of your adoring public.”

Susan chuckled as she grasped both my hands and kissed my cheeks. Holding onto Lilly’s hand, perhaps as security, I was taken the few steps into the midst of the group of women surrounding Allie.

27a-10 IMG_2273.jpg"Ladies…this is our…”
Susan looked at me with a very maternal smile? “This is Allie’s lovely Andi. And…” She gestured about the room with her free hand. “…this is her art.”

‘Her art’… I stood there momentarily shocked. I mean Allie didn’t say anything nor did Doctor Weintraub. I couldn’t very well stand there and tacitly agree…could I? But then again, I had decided to embrace this side of myself…sort of. Lilly simply giggled.

“And this lovely young lady is Lilly, Peter’s daughter.” Allie said with all the emotion of a mother?

The women surrounded Lilly and began to compliment her and ply her with questions. Susan finally gazed down at her with a benevolent smile.

"Perhaps one day, when you're a little older, you'll come and visit us at our sorority. Would you like that?"

"Yes... I would like that very much." Lilly grinned and blushed cardinal red.

"I'm going to return Lilly to Linda or Peter. I'll be right back." Allie smiled and was off with Lilly.

“I didn’t realize you had this kind of talent.” The voice belonged to Doctor Weintraub. “This work is very good.”

“Thank you…” What else could I say?

“You really seem to understand female anatomy as few artists do; the curves and such. You seem to glorify them. Or is it simply your muse?”

She looked directly into my eyes with her own piercing stare. I couldn’t help but blush Spanish red and cast my eyes downward.

“And the work you’re doing with Allie is also quite striking. It’s as though the two of you functioned as one. What you did is very much in the style of the piece. You two could be sister muses the way you work so well together.”

Again I didn’t know what to say. Allie was my inspiration, my muse, for sure. So it would be reasonable that our combined efforts would work well together. Anyway, Allie had a very strong artistic sensibility.

“Come sweet heart…”

I heard Allie’s voice before actually seeing her. I turned immediately to see her smiling face. “Let’s circulate a bit.”

She took my hand and began to lead me away from her group.

“Shouldn’t I meet your other friends?” Now I was curious. Who were they?

“It’s not necessary. You’ll meet them all again anyway.”

“Well… Who are they?”

“Oh…” Allie rolled her eyes and giggled. “Just some of my…sisters…to be? You know. They're from the sorority I was speaking about; the one that Susan belongs to.”

“Have you already joined?”

I smiled and nodded to one of the people I met earlier as we walked back the way I came and into the other large room.

“Well…sort of…it’s a process.”

“Can you be more obscure?” I giggled. But seriously…

“Oh… It’s a process baby doll. And of course they wanted to meet you, or at least see you.”

“But I didn’t meet any of them…other than Susan and the doctor who I already knew.”

I was becoming a bit exasperated because Allie was being less than forth right regarding this whole business.

“That’s okay… You will baby doll. They think we’re perfect for each other.”

Allie giggled and hugged my arm. Somehow that didn’t make me feel any better.

“Oh dear Lord…” Bob rushed up to us as he exclaimed. “I’ve never seen anything like this before. Everything is selling.” He grasped me by the shoulders. “You are amazing.”

He hugged me and kissed me…on the lips!

“I love you.” He turned to Allie and did the same. “You too… Your pottery is selling as well.”

Bob turned and looked around. “Champagne here…please!”

I hadn’t noticed but there were people walking through the crowd offering wines and little treats of various sorts. I suddenly found a glass in my hands. Allie immediately grabbed it and had a sip.

“Nice… Here baby doll….”

She handed the glass back to me and I drank it down rather quickly. Bob made sure another one replaced it though I was determined not to become to…heady?

There remainder of the evening went by in a blur. Several very renowned actors arrived as well as other people in the arts. There were even a few fashion models that strutted in and about. Evidently many of the more renown people knew each other and they all seemed to know Bob and, to my surprise, Peter. I was introduced to everyone though only the more famous faces remained in my mind.

Allie was taking everything in stride and she never left my side once she took hold of my arm. I felt the most secure with her even though I knew she had her little secrets; especially about those women she was so involved with.

Finally the crowd began to dissipate around ten or so. People were going to their late evening dinners and we were going to an after party at Peter’s. I did manage to spend some time with Jerry, Allie at my side. We went quickly from piece to piece and he would ask various questions, mostly about where the impetus for each piece came from and so on.

I did notice a small index sized card above each placard alongside a particular work announcing that it was indeed sold. On the reverse side was the name of the owner. I didn’t bother to look because, well, I didn’t want to know where my ’babies’ were going to or who now owned these little pieces of me.

We arrived up at Peter’s at around midnight. I knew I was exhausted but still running on adrenaline. Allie was really tired but she came along anyway with Jill assisting her. Peter had set out a breakfast spread of quiches, cheeses, smoked meats and fish and an assortment of breads. I was thankful of the opportunity to relieve myself of my jacket and to kick of my shoes. Allie collapsed on a loveseat and was more than content to have others serve her.

Fortunately the conversation was light and basically centered on the showing. I felt quite gratified that everyone thought it went very well. I was quite content to be sitting next to Allie and tending her needs. She had her feet up and in my lap and I was gently massaging them. Her ankles were swollen and I’m sure that even though she smiled and was as pleasant as could be, she would have rather been in bed.

Susan arrived fashionably late and spent some time speaking with Lilly before joining us. She was all aglow with excitement and praise. Evidently Allie was now a definite for membership in whatever little club they had going and Allie reflected Susan’s excitement. Never mind that she sold her pottery at prices she could only have dreamed of, it seemed that this took precedent over her art?

Sometime after one Allie had enough. She was tired and on the verge of crankiness which I perfectly understood. We made our apologies to Peter, who also was very understanding and got our things together. Jill came with us of course. Thank God Allie had the foresight to rent the limousine. I don’t think any of us had the strength or desire to seek out a cab.

Allie fell asleep on my shoulder during the short ride home. This was the one and only time I can remember wishing I was big and strong enough to carry her from the car to our apartment. Jill managed to get her undressed and comfortable and I managed to remove her makeup and wash her face as she melted into the mattress nearly dead to the world.

I wasn’t too far behind her. I tossed my tuxedo over the chair and washed as quickly as I could. I managed to get most of my makeup off and donned my usual sleep wear; an oversized tee and panty. I made sure Jill was settled in one of the guest bedrooms before making my way into bed. I spooned up behind Allie, who was softly purring, inhaled her body’s aroma mixed with the cleansers and cream I used on her face, and fell directly into dream land.

We awoke around noon and snuggled for a bit; she in my arms for a change. We were due to be at the gallery around four. Fortunately we would be leaving there around eight. We both were very tired; drained physically and emotionally from the prior evening. Fortunately we had to be at the gallery around four in the afternoon and we could leave at eight.

Tonight would be comfort night. The ‘B’ listers were coming so we could really be our ‘normal’ selves? Well… Anyway… I wore a simple maroon skirt that fell to mid-calf and an ivory silk long sleeve blouse. With a pair of knee high off white stockings and penny loafers, I really sort of had a school girl look going?

I ran a brush through my hair which kind of simply fell into place. I went very light on my makeup. Just some mascara, a bit of lipstick, and some color for my very pale cheeks and I was ready for the day. Allie and Jill were putting on their final touches as I gathered my things for the purse.

The walk over to the gallery was wonderfully refreshing. There was a slight breeze and the sun wasn’t bearing down as harshly as it might have. The streets were already filled with people and the hustle and bustle of the big city. Thankfully there wasn’t any crowd outside the gallery when we arrived. I don’t think either one of us could handle another showing like the last evening.

Once we were inside Bob came up immediately to greet us. As I looked about I saw many faces I did recognize. The guys from the office were there and I recognized several of my professors from school although it did take them a moment or two to recognize me. It never failed to amaze me what a new hair style, a touch of cosmetics, and a fashionable wardrobe will do.

The entire atmosphere was far more relaxed. Even Bob had gone back to his ever worn boating shoes. And the conversation was relaxed as well. People, at least the ones I knew from school, were more interested in how I was doing than in my ‘creative’ processes.

The question of whether I was transitioning came up more than a few times. I couldn’t very well say that I was because that was not what I had in mind. So I shrugged it all off as experimenting with gender roles. I suppose that being an artist allowed that explanation to suffice.

One of my former teachers did ask me if I could come to one of his classes to speak about my art and my life since leaving school. He was really quite flattering and I found it difficult to say anything other than yes.

The few people I met as a student, and the few who were still students, were no less flattering. I couldn’t really fathom why but they seemed to be very differential toward me. I mean it wasn’t like these were my drinking or partying pals. And there seemed to be a distance between us probably brought on by more than my mode of dress.

I could relate…in a way. I guess I was now sort of famous? I mean… I kind of felt the same way when I first met Bob; intimidated? Certainly I felt a bit out of place at Peter’s New Year’s Eve party. There were people there that I had only read or heard about.

Now I was really on a first name basis with some of them and they actually sought me out for whatever reason. Perhaps it was simply to say they met and shook the hand of the new flavor of the week.

Oh my God… Someone even asked for my autograph? I was thankful that Allie stayed with me nearly the entire time. Although she was the object of some of this adoration, she giggled every time someone would come up to me and begin to gush about whatever.

As the time ran on, the ‘gushing’ compliments continued. I felt embarrassed. But it was Allie who kind of put it all in perspective for me.

“These are your peers baby doll; your teachers, some of the people you went to school with, and other artists. So…” Allie’s head turned as she, along with me, surveyed the room. “…if they like your work…I know they certainly loved mine…” Allie giggled. “…than we must be the real thing; wouldn’t you agree?” She looked at me and waited patiently.

“Yeah…” I took a deep breath and slowly exhaled. “It’s just that all of this is so hard to absorb, you know?”

Allie put her arm around me and drew me closer till I had no choice but to put my arm around her waist.

“Don’t think about it. That’s my job.” She giggled again. “Just breath and experience it; live it and enjoy being in the moment.”

“Because it won’t last…?”

I giggled now but I knew…I had this fear…that this all could end tomorrow.

“Well… Maybe it will and maybe it won’t. The point is that you just enjoyed all of this now. Let me worry about whether you’re worthy of it…or not.” Now Allie outright laughed.

I felt… I knew she was right. Whilst this was all about me…us…it really felt too surreal to be real.

When will Andi come to her senses and decide what he truly wants? When will Allie finally give Andi a good talking to? Did They make enough off the art show to pay the bills? Did the rubber sheets do the job? Why is Penny always tied to a chair? Does this get Clipper off? And will Sky King co-pilot for Harrison Ford??? The answers to most of these, and other unnatural events can be found in the next chapters of the wholly own, 'glatt Kosher' (?) adventures of Andi and Allie!!!

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