A Model is Born 7 – Going to the Prom with Josh

A Model is Born
7 – Going to the Prom with Josh

By Jessica C

Time with Jamie and Morgan seeing what Attie and I do 24/7 as girls was a treat for us as well as them. It took even more effort than I was accustomed to. Come the end of the night or early hours of the morning found me falling to sleep with Morgan on her bed.

When I woke up in the morning Morgan was on top kissing me. She told me I was the one who began kissing and pawing her. The way I was feeling I wouldn’t have doubted it. The good news was both of us were intact and the only things messed were night clothes. I really did not mean to become sensual with her but I did love the softness of this friend and the fragrance that wrapped around her beautiful looks…


Suddenly I felt a need to be Terrance for some reason that even I did not understand. But I only had one set of clothes for Terrance. I agonized before getting dressed and the others were already with the parents. My mother came to me, “Attie and the others tell me you are stressed over wanting to dress as Terry. Attie said, you only have one outfit for him, but that shouldn’t be a problem. It wouldn’t be the first time for Terry to wear the same clothes thirty six hours."

"The biggest problem would be your hair, but we can cut that back.” I hadn’t thought of my hair and suddenly I am protective of it, because I really want it for the prom. I am back into the shower and shampoo my hair and condition it again. I’m brushing it out and ask my mother to help place it into a French braid. When finished, we go out to the others they’re surprised to see me continuing to be Teri. Jamie says, “As Teri you should wear a pair of your own panty and jeans.”

Morgan says, “Most of my jeans wouldn’t fit right round your hips and buns.” Grabbing my hand she says, “Come,” into the room she's staying. She rummages through her luggage pulling two things out. A lacy pair of hot pink panties and dark blue pair of designer jeans. “These are designed to snug you.” I needed to tuck my privates real well as I tug the jeans on properly. “Damn girl, I want you again,” Morgan says.

It’s Sunday and the ‘rents go in one direction and we go in the other to a café bakery. Three of us get a Mocha Cappuccino while Attie gets a salted caramel latte and each of us had our favorite pastry. I am finally getting used to sitting, talking while nursing our drink for an hour. On the way back to the hotel we do a lot of window shopping, each choosing to get at least one thing. I bought a poster of a young spirit woman with a unicorn.

Attie and I stopped at a shirt imprinting company with a picture of Attie and me in two of our simple dresses and got a quote for making several shirts and two sweat jersey cloth mini dresses saying, Attie & Teri – The Slade Sisters.


We got back to the hotel in time to pack and be ready to leave by 3:00 p.m. Our parents had made accommodation’s to leave later than the regular check-out time. It gave my father time to excuse Attie and Mom and sit me down for a lecture. “Terrance, how dare you pay out extra money to have a dress like this made up and to prance around in it like a girl.” I was a bit shocked as my dad had become more accepting of my modeling stuff. This trip was to be in celebration of that.

“Dad its good business and it's fun. There’s no harm being done.”

“Well, both Jamie and Morgan’s dads have been surprised how much you do as Teri. What they said made me realize that we’ve been way too lenient with you. I’m even afraid you’re turning into the Slade Sister you pretend to be.”

Intentionally using her voice I said, “Father a healthier part of my generation doesn’t think like that. I’m a whole person, not just that part that makes me a boy. I don’t intend to become Teri, but then again I’m no longer the little boy Terrance. I’m growing up; someday my male hormones will transform me and all this will be over?”

“Your cousin Thomas said,” Dad says, “One of the days I saw him in from the farm picking up supplies. He said, Heather and he had talked about you and Hattie being in their wedding some way.” Thomas is Dad’s brother second son; he’s much the opposite of me, but we get along well. His fiancé Heather is a college grad, now teaching and working toward a doctorate. Hattie and I are actually closer to her as she and our sister are very good friends.

I ask, “So why don’t you accept what Thomas said, instead of your new golf buddies?”

Dad’s attitude heats back up, “Because things are changing too fast and you’re changing even faster. Hattie should be pretty and growing into a young woman, not you. Goodness sake, you’re even going to a prom as an older boy’s date. Tell me to my face that’s normal.”

I lost the progress of our conversation, dad’s angry and I’m ready to cry. “See that,” Dad says, “You’re going to be sixteen in several months and you’re crying like a girl. Tell me that’s part of the new normal as well.” My Father takes a deep breath, “Well let’s stop here before I lose my temper and you break down into a crying spell like Hattie.” Dad left the room but I was already crying. I would need to stop and collect myself.

My Mother came back into the room and sat next to me. She let me cry before saying, “Your Dad said, ‘You wouldn’t hear what he had to say. But he did say that you did say something to think about. It was along the line of something one of your cousins told him. But what’s this about you no longer being Terrance?”

“Mom, it was that I’m no longer little Terrance, even as a guy I see myself as Terry. I’ve changed the last few months, I’ve grown up as a person. I don’t see things in the stereotypical ways Dad does. Yes, I’m going to the prom as a boy’s date, but I don’t have affections for him like dad’s afraid.” Mom gives me a hug and one of her smiles that says that she understands and loves me. I told her I needed to fix myself and went off to the adjoining bathroom.

The ride home was okay, but a little subdued. Mom needed for us to stop at the store with our pharmacy. Hattie and I went in to get shampoo and I needed more deodorant for Teri. Neighbor Patti and some of her friends saw us. They commented on liking our Slade sister dresses, asking where they could buy some. They were disappointed we weren’t selling them. When mom heard that she said it wasn’t a bad idea. She took a picture and sent it onto Ms. Briggs and someone else she had met from the corporation.


Weekend over and the prom at the end of this coming week. Teri is invited to have dinner with Josh’s parents Tuesday night. Once home from school Teri asks her older sister, “Leah, how should I dress for dinner with Josh and his parents.”

Leah treated Terry as another girl, sitting her down doing her nails as they talked. Leah says, “Hattie says, Josh has been awkward with girls. I am guessing his parents want to make sure you’re going to be nice to him. I would suggest you wear a simple flared skirt and a nice blouse. Is he going to give you a ride? …I’d be happy to give you a ride if he doesn’t. You’ve learned how to meet the public as a model that should help you.”

Teri seeing her fingernails says, “Oh thanks Leah, my fingers look real beautiful. I’m thankful you’re my big sister.” Mom checks with Terry and incorporates him into preparing dinner. “I want you to cook the asparagus for me as well as make the cheese sauce. It shouldn’t endanger your pretty nails… Did talking to your sister help?”

Teri says, “Yes Mom, I thought I had been bothering to you too much… But I need to know; do I need to worry about Dad as I get ready to attend the prom?” Mom looks around, I wondered if she was checking to see if Dad was near.

“Your Dad and I have talked…” she began to say, before Hattie came rushing into the kitchen to say: “Teri and mom, we have a new modeling gig it’s in Boston. That woman from Fort Wayne is wanting us to come there for a social event. That means both New York City and Boston this summer”

Teri coughs, “Gee Hattie, I’m having enough trouble getting through this week.”

Hattie says it again even louder, “Didn’t you hear me? We’re invited to model in Boston. We’re on a roll.” She pauses and thinks, “This week isn’t that difficult, just treat the prom as a fancy date. All we need do is get prettied up and enjoy ourselves… Neither one of us has been to New York City or Boston. Think what it might mean for our careers.”

Momma tells us both to relax, “Hattie, you sit down and tell us where you heard this? …Terry cut the bottom ends off the asparagus and got a sauce pan out.”

Hattie says, “Mom the message came to each of us including Leah as our agent. Expenses are paid, along with different amounts we’ll be paid for this and that paid at the Boston rate.”

Leah comes down into the kitchen, saying, “Mom are you the one who told someone we can be there in Boston?” Hattie bows her head, “All I said was we’d love to. She took that as a yes.”

Mom throws up her hands, “That’s it we’re ordering pizza. You girls modeling has changed our lives here. My head is spinning. I get home from work and there’s no chance to relax until I go to sleep.” Hattie, Leah and Teri give their Mom a big hug. It’s not always this way, but it is a lot more than it was. Leah says, “Either pizza or Attie and Teri take us out to eat.”

Mom says, “I’ll agree to that. Teri, I do want to see Terrance going out to dinner.” I lift up my painted fingernails and Mom says, “Okay, its Teri then, but we’ll treat your father to a steak.”

Eating out was no longer being very special. Hattie and I had tests to study for. The best thing of the night was walking back out to the car, when Dad gave me a hug saying, “If all this is a rush and change for the rest of us; your world must be spinning off its axis.” Dad swinging back and forth in accepting or being upset with me is one of my bigger stressors.


Tuesday, word was out at school that I’m Josh’s date for the prom. I expected something to come slamming down onto of me in the form of criticism. While I can’t say there wasn’t any it was that other girls complimented me or encouraged to treat him right. I guess they liked Josh a lot but he was so withdrawn. He was also dependent enough on Matt that girls had stopped going out with Matt.

That might have answered why Matt had asked Hattie to the prom. Other girls would have felt pressure to get Josh a date as well. I only saw Josh passing in the hall, but he had a big smile that was different for him. A twelfth grader sat with me at lunch. Carmen tells me, “I use to have a crush on Josh, but he’d never go out with me. I never could figure that out.”

I looked Carmen up and down so she noticed, and then asked, “Really you couldn’t?” She says, “You’re saying, you do?”

“Being very shy and self-conscious most my life. I bet he convinced himself you weren’t serious or it just made him way too nervous to think about it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he worshiped you from afar.”

Carmen says, “That kind of makes sense, but how come you realized that and I didn’t?”

I said, “Because until I started modeling I was still very much another boy like him. I could be around with Hattie or Leah’s girlfriends. I was just afraid of a girl if she wanted to be more than just friends with me. I’m still that way with my friend Patti.”

She asks, “Does Pattie know that?” I smile but lower my head, “I’m working up the courage to explain that to her.”

Carmen giggles as she lifts up my head, “You don’t need to explain it to her; show her with a warm hug. I don’t mean to be hurtful, but many think you might not like girls like that. Rather that you only want to be like a girl.” Carmen takes a small bite of her sandwich, waiting for what she said to sink in. I too take a bite of my sandwich and give a small smile. I had wondered if that was possible. Most people are too nice to me, not saying things I need to hear. Finally I respond, “Thanks, I don’t have friends that say those type of things. Even getting criticism as a model has been new and a bit for me to get used to.”

Carmen says, “Well you make a good girl and most of us enjoy watching models we can relate to. You have my thanks for that.” Today’s lunch with Carmen was like a breath of fresh air. She even introduced me to some of her girlfriends. And they pulled me into the girls’ bathroom before it was time to go to class. More than one girl saw Hattie and my picture on the Slade Sister dresses and ask about getting one.


Home from school I take a relaxing shower and I’m lounging in my room only half dressed. Mom knocks on the door and peaks in enough. “Teri please put on a little more clothes, so I can come in for a talk.” When I’m ready Mom comes in she carrying a small bag from the prescription counter of the pharmacy.

She says, “Let’s sit down and talk casually. Then you can finish getting ready for dinner with Josh and his parents.” I’m not sure of what I’m seeing as she pulls a disk out of the pharmacy bag. “Teri my doctor and your counselor both think this would be okay if you’d like to try this. Needless to say you don’t need to take as serious care about using them like a regular girl does.” She hands the disk, I quickly see they’re girls’ birth control pills.

“They won’t change you in any dramatic way. Your complexion might soften a little and even your nipples could tingle if you decide to use them… Well you would need to see my doctor so she can get a blood test now. They’d use it as a reference point for down the road.”

Mom notices that I lick my lips as I gaze out as I do when I’m thinking. “Mom, but Dad?”

“Your Father and I talked before we went to Ft. Wayne. He understands that this will not have a lasting impact upon you. It will help a little with what you’re doing and give us all time to think before Terrance’s hormones determine everything.”

I opened the package and then see mom had a glass of water. I took a pill to take. Actually I took two but was sure my mother didn’t notice. Once swallowed, I hurry to put the disk in my clothing drawer and hid them. Mom looked at me and gave me a hug. This is an exciting time in your life. Don’t get lost in the excitement but savor this time. We don’t know how long it will last.”

Mom squeezes my hand in a warm loving manner. I am very proud how you and Hattie are handling things. You finish getting ready for dinner with Josh’s family and Leah or I will give you a ride.”


The only thing I change from what Leah and I had decided was I decided to wear a modest heel of 2 ½”. Leah and Hattie both like the look of me wearing the heels. There’s a phone call and Henshaws are picking me up. They just wanted to know if I’m ready or needed time. “I do need to check my appearance and see if I have what I need in my purse. Leah gives me a breath mint and I’m embarrassed as I take it in front of my Mom and sisters.

Mom says, “If they all come to pick you up that will mean they’re taking you out for dinner. There will probably still have enough privacy that his folks will want to talk with you.”

“When they drive up I ask, “Does anyone know what a BMW 7 is?” My Dad responds from his chair, “It’s something we can’t afford unless you two become supermodels. ...I guess that confirms that Mr. Henshaw’s a high ranking engineer.”

I open the front door as Josh is getting out of the car. Leah calls to me, “Teri, the girl is supposed to wait for the guy to come to the door and be a gentleman. You might as well begin practicing things like that now. Then remember come prom night.”

“Not,” says Hattie, “you might as well relax. Most of the girls going to prom won’t be doing that.”

Mom says, “If you two are going to be rubbing elbows with those in high society. You better have a higher sense of yourselves, so those around you will too. I’ll answer the door and you can have a seat.” Mom welcomed Josh and introduced our family. She asked him what time they would have me back.

“My folks said we should have Teri back home a little after 9:00 if needed. Though they were wondering if 10 o’clock would be too late.”

My Mom said, “I think by ten would be fine. She has her schoolwork for tomorrow all done.”

We’re to the car, Josh’s sister Margo is with them and Mrs. Henshaw says, “Our older two Marshal and Jennifer will be meeting us at the club.” It takes us a half hour to get there and it is much bigger than any country or golf club near us. She said, “If you don’t mind we’ll use the women’s restroom after we’re escorted and seated at the table.” I look to Margo and she whispers, “Yes, that does includes you.”

We are given a nice table near a waterfall. Marshal and Samantha had arrived earlier and greet me. Samantha with a hug and air kiss. Once we’re seated and I’m one of the girls getting up and going to the women’s room. I use the loo and make sure I’m put together properly. Once back to the sink, Margo’s using the one next to me. “You look very nice tonight. I’d like us to become friends.

Her Mom excused her daughters, but somehow I knew to stay. You do look very pretty young lady. I want to talk to you as a young lady and to encourage you to be such for the prom. I’d like to help you to get a nice pair of cutlets. Please excuse my forwardness, I’m not expecting you to have sex with Josh, but I am hoping you might arouse him to feel like a man. Hopefully he’ll feel an attraction to you as a young woman.”

I’m a little embarrassed to acknowledge, “Yes, I’ve worn them for modeling, but I don’t have a pair of my own. I guess it might be time. I’m busy tomorrow, would Thursday be alright for shopping with you?” Mrs. Henshaw smiles and asked if it would be okay to pick me up at my house by four after school.

We were at the table and had eaten, when a younger teen came to our table as we finished eating. “Teri could I…” Mr. Henshaw interrupted her, “Please let us have our time without being disturbed.” …I got up and took a few steps away with the girl. I had seen her staring at me a few times and she had waited for us to finish the meal. “I thought you were nice in waiting. Why don’t you quick take a selfie with me if you want?” She was ready, and the picture was over and she was gone.

I knew we were out of sight of most people dining and luckily others did not come up to us. I apologized to my hosts saying, “I had seen her waiting, and I kind of felt for her. I use to be shy like that.”

We were back to their home by 9:00. Mr. Henshaw excused himself and soon after that Mrs. Henshaw excused the others. Samantha was the last to leave, and she said, “Mom take it easy on Teri, and Teri remember you have your own mind.” She sounded so much like Leah that I giggled.

“Come Prom Night,” Marguerite said, “I won’t be there and you’ll be more than free to do as you please. I appreciate you accepting Joshua’s prom invite. Someone said some juniors and senior girls already talked to you about being nice to him. My plea is for him to feel he is with the attractive girl you appear to be, even the model. Josh has a good brain and he’s learning to think for himself, but as yet he’s not in touch with his feelings passed being nervous around girls he likes.”

“Can I ask you,” she said to me? “If you had a guy feel that you were a girl when you kissed?”

I said raising my voice a little, “I don’t want Margo to hear.” And with that I talked softly, “Ms. Marguerite, only Teri not Terrance will be there. Yes, I’m very convincing when in Teri mode.” She talked about some things a girl can do that I didn’t know before. It was not long and I actually enjoyed our time together.

She was the one who drove me home and walked with me to the door at ten after ten. “Mrs. Carsten, I apologize that I’m getting Teri home a little late but we were having a good conversation and I waited a little long to break it off. I am so thankful that she did Josh the favor of saying yes to going to the prom with him. That is very nice of her and thank you for being so good about it.”

When they were done with the pleasantries she asked my mother, “What is it like to be the mother of two models who have quickly gained the good following they have?”

My mother asked if she’d be willing to sit down and have a cup of tea. I interrupted before I left to get ready for bed. “Mother, I agreed to go shopping with Mrs. Henshaw Thursday after school if it is alright with you.”


Caught up with her guest, she agreed and sent me off without another thought. I couldn’t remember if I had taken a pill today or yesterday, so I took one while I was alone. I wrapped on my robe and went to the bathroom to take off my makeup and then shower.

Leah came in while I showered and then threw a big fluffy towel for me to wrap around myself as I dried myself. She giggled as I told her about me to shop with Josh’s mother. “So let me understand this, she’s not pushing you too far, just far enough that Josh’s hormones might get an idea that there’s something he’s missing out on.” With an added giggle she says, “I’m sure glad you can’t get pregnant. Are you sure you can handle yourself wetting your appetite but not too much about getting involved with him?”

I was standing facing the mirror but I am sure Leah noticed my surprise at the thought I could be attracted to a boy. She says, “Yes, your hormones will be revved up as well. You and Hattie have already been looking at the boys. Did that ever get you excited?” She paused a while before saying, “You should do some serious thinking before you go to your prom fancy girl.”

The next day I went with Mrs. Henshaw and she in fact took me to special place to get my cutlets. It excited me to feel the cutlets pushing what I had up giving the appearance of breasts and some cleave. Josh’s mom was amused when she saw my joy. She asked the woman attending me if she had the Simone Perele’s strapless shaper in my size. I have seen other models wearing them, but neither had tried one nor knew the cost. This one was a pricy number at $175. I knew I should say ‘no’ but once I tried it on. I liked it too much to say anything other than “Thanks, Mrs. Henshaw that it too kind of you.”

She said, “I was the one who suggested it and we both agree how nice it is on you. Would you like a little black dress for some other time?”

The sales woman asked, “Teri would you mind if I pick out a black dress that you’d look super in?” I tried saying no, but the woman said, “If Ms. Henshaw is set on it; I believe you’d do well to give her the satisfaction of buying it. It is something she can do for Josh as well as you.”

She had in fact made a beautiful choice of a shapely black dress with lace. I love it, but I have no intention of wearing it for Josh. She also had me trying on the size that would better fit Hattie. That made it very flattering on me. Mrs. Henshaw took me to Baggio’s for dinner and my mother met us there. I am now glad that I had dressed nicely. It was a very nice dinner with just the three of us.

Mrs. Henshaw was impressed when Mom told me. “Next Wednesday, You and Attie have a meeting with your agent about your trip to Boston, plus your next regular modeling job. That will be in Chicago for an event at the Navy Pier.” Mom said, “Chicago will include a photo shoot for Marcus’ fashions.”

Mrs. Henshaw asked if she could attend the events in Chicago. I said, “I can get you some tickets for the fashion show, but the photo shoot will be closed off.” Mom started to ask how I knew it was a closed shoot, but realized that was the way I wanted it. “I would appreciate that if someone came with you it would either be a daughter or female friend. I would not want to start any rumors that I have a boyfriend.”

Friday was a fun day at school especially for us girls. My friend Pete teased me about getting into all the girls stuff. It did not help that I giggled instead of laughing like a guy. But then, I have been attending the whole week as Teri. I was surprised that Pete then asked if I’d go out with him as Teri the following Friday.


Come Saturday Hattie and I were up early showering and making sure our prom gowns are ready for when we return from the salon. Once my nails are painted at the salon, I will need Leah’s help to get my body shaper on and the gown over my head.

My hair extensions were still all in place. My hairdresser decides to put tints on my hair. Both Attie and I then go to the mall with our gowns to have Ms. Briggs help us and then take pictures. Josh texts me that he’ll be picking us up in a limo at the main entrance of the mall.

Ms Briggs is amused that I’m wearing the body shaper. “You know this will really change how you look in your gown. Please do not post pictures onto your web page. It would take away any suggestion of the young innocent teenage girl image.”

Leah hums a tune that I was not getting until Attie sings the verse, “I feel like a natural woman.” Attie, Leah and the others around me have a good giggle at my expense. I enjoy being a girl today knowing it is likely to be my only prom as Teri. My putting in the cutlets as Leah pulls my shaper into place. And as the gown goes down over my head, we work to make sure my hair is not damaged. Ms. Briggs delights in being correct with the difference the shaper makes in my appearance.

Attie says, “Teri, does mom know you have that shaper and how you look?”

I say, “You’re jealous.”

Attie says, “You betcha, a brother shouldn’t look better than his sister at a prom.” That I look better than Attie is a bit of an overstatement. She and her dress are both more beautiful, but I am aware that I might be taking some eyes away from her.


We watch Matt and Josh as they’re walking in the mall. Several women and even more girls turn their heads watching them walk into the store. Matt is definitely a head turner and today so is Josh. There is a professional photographer present to take picture for our modeling portfolios. Matt and Josh will both get copies later. But Attie says, “You still need to have pictures of us taken at the prom.”

They had walked in with their jackets off, but as they escorts us out to the limousine their jackets are on and they present their arms to us. I for one appreciate the help as the skirt is long and slimmer than I’m use to. We ride first to our house, then Matt’s and finally to Joshua’s home. The Henshaws also have a professional photographer to take pictures.

Ms. Henshaw compliments me on how I look. “Teri, you look as beautiful as a girl can attending her prom.” I giggle but agree and it is as though a girl’s spirit engulfs me.

We go to the country club I was with the Henshaws only days earlier for dinner. Tonight I order the fresh water perch. It is new to my palate, but Leah was correct in telling me I’d enjoy it. The country club also has special chips they make and fry up there.

Attie has us go to the restroom at the country club where she has to help me with my gown as well as her own. It did make going to the prom less nervous for me. I plan to go the rest of the night without needing the women’s room.

The night gets off to a good start with three slow dances with Josh. He had been wanting to kiss me since we first got into the limousine. During the third dance, I finally suggested to Josh, “If you are wanting to give me a kiss, relax and just do it.”

No sooner I said it and Josh stops dancing and gives me a hug and kiss. He held his kiss and I felt to need to respond to it. After his kiss I gave a delicate kiss. I could tell he felt special to have the attention of a girl.

Josh relaxed as the evening progressed and everyone was delighted that he was having a good time. Carmen comes over and encouraged me to kiss him again. I liked him too much too much to tell anyone that he’s already excited enough. Once when a slow dance ended Josh was embarrassed because his pants were sticking out in the front and he was not sure of what to do. I gave him a hug and kiss. I held him there, kind of dancing in place, until he relaxed. It was close to the end of the prom and I was excited and I knew it was as Teri for Josh. I told Hattie that my nipples were tingling. She told me it was impossible and that I needed to know that. Back in the limousine Hattie was allowing Paul get away with advances that mom and Leah both said we were not to let happen. I felt as guilty allowing Josh to treat me as another girl.

I had not expected Josh to get into feeling his oats as a young man as much as he did. I did taken the opportunity at the prom to encourage him to ask his friend for a dance and they both enjoyed it immensely. Now going back to one of the after prom parties Josh was taking me for a walk hoping to do something more with me. Truth is, we agreed not to say what did or didn’t happen.

Mom found my panties and later come Sunday and had a long private talk with me…

Story to be continued…

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