Andi and Allie - 23

Andie and Allie Chapter 23

“My God…!!! It’s full of starZ!!!”

Monday loomed large over the weekend. Allie and I had a lot to speak about. We had broached the subject of my ‘official’ gender before but the discussion with Susan brought the subject to the fore front again.

Allie, sweet and compassionate as she is, treaded gently. Her main contention was quite similar to Susan’s; “If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck.”

It came down to whether my mode of dress, behavior, and everything else…not to mention my ever growing boobs…were more important than my boy bits connoting my gender as a male. It made no difference to Allie. She felt how she felt because of who I am and not how I dressed.

Though she rarely thought of me as a male, there were those occasions in bed. And even then it was not one’s usual romp and stomp sort of thing. She often referred to us as lesbian lovers with a small…no pun intended…difference.

But it was an honesty thing with me. I couldn’t say what I wasn’t and, to be truthful, nobody seemed to care; at least not yet. Perhaps it was the tiny world I inhabited. Perhaps it was the quality of the people who knew me; and who I knew. But Monday I was going to come face to face with the world. I wasn’t worried about the Scovilles. It was the corporate executives who made me nervous.

Certainly an employee in transition, especially with all the proper medical notes, or whatever, couldn’t lose their job on that basis, could they? I was more than productive enough to not justify firing. And anyway, this was the first time they would have seen me since I was employed so many months ago.

By late Sunday evening I had decided to accept the gender change thing, at least on paper. I had no idea where to begin or even what was needed. It was Allie who finally caused me to change my mind and embrace, at least with a strong partial heart, this change. And it wasn’t with her words per say, but with her deeds.

I was standing at the basin in the kitchen cleaning some cookware we’d used for our dinner. I was comfortably dressed in only my panty, sleeping tee shirt, and my moccasins when Allie walked into the kitchen.

“Do you trust her?” Allie said as she walked up behind me and embraced me around my waist.

“Who…” I began to turn to reciprocate but she stopped me.

“Concentrate on what you’re doing sweet heart. Susan… Do you trust her?” She softly kissed the back of my neck.

“Well…? Yes…”

What an odd question I thought.

“As much as me…?” Allie hugged me a bit tighter.

Could this be jealousy? I tried to turn again and again Allie stopped me.

“Finish what you’re doing baby doll.”

“There’s nobody I trust as much as you. Why do you ask?”

“Well… Because she seems to want to become closer to me? And I wanted to have your opinion of her. I mean she was asking sort of very personal questions. And then there was that thing about ‘lunch at the club’? What was that all about?”

“I really don’t know? But I do know that she can be painfully honest and I believe that she means what she says.”

23-1 IMG_1918a.jpg“Good…”

Allie’s hands suddenly went beneath my tee and she gently caressed my boobs; especially my nipples. “Because I am going to take her advice.”

I barely heard Allie. My head dropped down as I luxuriated in the sensations I was feeling.

“You are definitely in need of some more…training.” Allie giggled.

I threw my head up and back as Allie suddenly moved one hand down inside my panty and cupped my entire ‘boy bits’ in her warm palm.

“You know…I really like the idea of having a stay at home wife.”

I had to hold onto the edge of the basin. Allie’s ministrations were making me so light headed and…well…so…horny? I could feel Allie’s breasts against my back. She was wearing her silk robe and yet I could still feel her erect nipples through the thin cloth.

“Do you think that means I get jura maritis?”

"Huh...?" ???

"Husband's rights...?" Allie smiled wryly.

She reached down and around with her other hand to caress my butt cheeks; paying special attention to the cleft between them. At the same time Allie latched onto my ear lobe and gently tugged and nibbled on it.

“Maybe fuck you where ever I please...whenever I please?”

I was so intoxicated by Allie’s actions that not only was I vaguely hearing her in delayed time but my legs were beginning to tremble. She had never been this aggressive before. Maybe it was the baby thing and all of those hormones? I certainly knew about the hormone thingy. She removed her hand from my panty, drawing the waist band down beneath my butt cheeks. Her other hand never stopped caressing and gently squeezing my dick and gnads.

“You know honey…? Like maybe just bending you over the dining table…? Or over the arm of the couch…?”

Allie suddenly shoved two lubricated fingers up my butt hole as she squeezed my dick and rubbed its head with her thumb.

23-2 IMG_1920a .jpg“OHMYGOD…!!!” I yelped.

“Or even over the sink…?”

Allie giggled as I squealed and arose onto my toes. My entire body screamed out as she felt around inside me for that magic spot.


I shouted again as she found it…my ‘G’ spot…and with a vengeance. I was beginning to leak onto her fingers and Allie was taking advantage by rubbing it all around the head of my dick with her thumb.

"Ohhh... You're so wet." She snickered.

Allie then began to withdraw her two fingers slowly and then thrust them back in to strike my prostate and press into it. She continued to do this as her mouth kissed and licked up and down my neck.

“You’d like me to fuck you…wouldn’t you?”

She words were heavily whispered into my ear followed by her tongue tracing along the inside.

“Yesss…” I breathlessly hissed, mindlessly muttered, and silently screamed.

I was completely out of control. My mind ceased to function. I was one giant sensatory receptor. I was completely in Allie's command and under her control. She was a master musician playing her violin to a sonata yet to be completed.

Then, quite unexpectedly, Allie swiftly removed her two fingers. My eyes were closed and my mouth slightly opened. I had trouble catching my breath. I vaguely felt her fumbling with something behind me. Then I felt it; something bump against me butt. With her deft hand Allie spread my cheeks and I felt what had to be a dildo or something pressed up against my butt hole.

I was so lost in a whirlpool of sensations that, although on some level I knew what was coming, I never expected what she would do next. Slowly but relentlessly Allie forced the head of the thing into me. It definitely was larger than her two fingers but the head popped in with little pain. She continued to slowly work it up and into me. It seemed to be ridged because I continued to feel a forced widening and slight narrowing of my butt hole until I felt her flesh against mine.

The feeling was electrifying as Allie slowly pulled out and then, just before the head popped back out, she thrust her body against me shoving it back in. I could barely breathe as I threw my head back as far as I could and thrust my butt out to meet each of her movements in. With her free hand she pulled my head to the side and kissed me with more passion then I had ever felt from her before.

23-3 IMG_1923.png“Ohhh… Ohhh… Ohhh… Miiieee… God…”

The sensation was beyond anything I’d ever felt as Allie began to pump into me harder.

“I knew it! I knew it! You’re nothing but a little cock whore…aren’t you.” She hissed in my ear. “You’re my little cock whore.” She laughed. “God you are so femme.”

Allie’s hand never left my dick and gnads. She continued to just barely massage the head of my dick almost to the rhythm of her thrusting. She stimulated me way more than enough to keep me reaching new highs of sensation, but not enough to have me orgasm. I once again felt her free hand behind me.

“Yikes…!” She suddenly squealed.

“Yeeeiiieee…!” I suddenly squealed.

The entire device began to violently vibrate sending shock waves of immeasurable pleasure through me, and through Allie’s vagina.

“Ohhh… My God… This is so intense.” Allie yelled as she increased the force of her thrusting.


I kept repeating this mantra as Allie’s hand went back to my boobs and she began to tug and squeeze my nipples again; first one and then the other as she slammed her hips, and the vibrating thing into me. The upper portion of my body, seemingly detached from the other parts of me, slumped forward and down into the basin. This thrust my bottom out even further to meet her thrusts. I had forgotten just how amazing a cock could make me feel…when properly, though extremely rarely ever, applied.

We both began this simultaneous rhythmic dance that intensified by the moment. Allie’s hand suddenly gripped my hip and pulled and pushed me with her thrusting as I became completely lost to everything around me. My body was no longer mine. It now belonged to Allie who was intensely playing with it as I'd never envisioned anyone ever doing.

Allie suddenly began to moan and squeal louder and louder as she hammered into me. And I was building to a crescendo that I’d never experienced before. Her hand came down to join the other in my panty. Now she started to stroke me to the long hard rhythm of her pelvic thrusts.

“OH GOD…!!!” I screamed.

I began to cum. She stroked me through each pulsation. I had never felt anything so powerfully intense in my life. I felt as though everything stopped…time itself had stopped…and my entire being exploded into a million bits of light. I don’t know how I continued to remain standing.

As my consciousness began to return along with my senses, I felt Allie gently stroking my dick to the very slow, and very gentle, thrusting of her hips. My eyes were closed and I was breathing through my opened mouth.

“Did you like that baby?” Allie crooned in my ear as she kissed it. “I think you liked that a whole lot.” She giggled. “Here sweet heart…” Allie leaned over my back and brought her hand up in front of my face. “Would you clean this off for me please?”

She spoke so sweetly that I couldn’t refuse her anything; as if I could anyway. I looked to see a puddle of my sperm in the center of her palm. It’s not like I never tasted myself before so I did as she asked. She giggled as I lapped at her palm and then her fingers.

I suddenly felt so very overwhelmed with emotion. I suppose, in hind sight, that I was strongly taken with Allie’s preparations? I mean that event at the kitchen sink was for me; not her. And I thought of how strongly she must feel for, and about, me. I was about to try and turn but she stopped me and hugged me snugly.

“What’s the matter baby doll? Are you okay?”

I was still too overcome to answer her so I simply nodded my head.

“Are you sure?”

I nodded again. A tear fell from my eye.

“Good…because we’re not done yet.” She giggled.

I felt her fiddling with what turned out to be a strap. Allie then reversed it and fastened the buckle around me. She also fastened the strap that ran from the back around my boy bits, down between my legs, to the other side. She had encased me in the still vibrating device and turned me to face her.

“The best thing about robbing the cradle…” Robbing the cradle? “…is that although the staying time is less, the recovery time is so…much…quicker.”

Allie kissed me as she pulled my hair back giving her full access to my mouth…and neck. She savagely kissed me, her tongue beating mine into submission. When our lips parted she smiled at me and giggled.

"I can taste you. Your spermies..."

She laughed, took my hand, and led me into the cave. I had never experienced the sensation of walking with something up my butt that vibrated like crazy. It was, to say the least, an amazing sensation! Every movement was an experience in sensuality. When we arrived in front of the loveseat, she took me in her arms and hugged me and we kissed.

Allie licked at the remains of my tears of joy and, with a big smile, sat down on the couch with me standing before her. She pulled my panty down the rest of the way and helped me step out of it. Then, putting her hands on my butt cheeks, she pulled me toward her and took my dick into her mouth. I was still a bit sensitive and her delicious mouth, along with the still maddeningly vibrating thing up my butt, proved to be too much…too soon. Way too much…! Way too soon...!

“Please…” I begged with my head thrown back and eyes closed. “It’s too much Allie. The vibrations...”


Always the lady, Allie never spoke with her mouth full.

I looked down at her beautiful smiling face. I felt her hand fumbling about behind me and the vibrations lessened to being just barely noticeable as she continued her amazing manipulations with her tongue and lips. And, as usual, Allie was right. In five or so minutes I was becoming erect again. And with that happening, I was beginning to feel the vibrations more strongly even though she hadn’t touch a thing behind me.

When I began to thrust into her mouth bit, Allie sat back with a grin and a giggle. She untied her robe’s belt completely and opened it. Then Allie laid down on the loveseat with one foot resting on the back and the other on the floor.

“My turn now baby doll...”

She giggled as I got atop her. Allie helped me position myself and then assisted me in entering her. Oh…my God… She was so warm and wet. Allie then dug her heels into my butt cheeks and pulled me into her as far as I could go. She swiveled her hips up and wrapped her arms around my back.

23-4 IMG_1926.png"Oh God...! You feel so good inside me!"

Allie crooned as I began to thrust into her.

“You look so beautiful.”

That was all I could think to say as I looked into her eyes and I kissed her.

The sensation of thrusting in and out of Allie was amplified by the vibrator in my butt. I would feel it bumping against my prostate and the result was electrifying. But it was nothing compared to what occurred when Allie reached behind me and switched the power up!


“Oh yesss… Yesss… Yess…”

Allie hissed as she increased her efforts by bucking her hips into me even harder. I had never felt anything as awesomely intense in my life. I felt as though I was being double pumped. Each stroke brought unbelievable waves of pleasure twice; going in and coming out. My entire body was vibrating and electric.

Allie, already quite stimulated when we began, was cumming in wave after wave; each one more intense than the prior one. When I placed my hands upon her delicious butt cheeks, I was amazed at how wet her bottom was. Though we’d been having sex for several months, I had never seen Allie this turned on before; nor had I been.

In spite of cumming only a short while ago, I felt myself rapidly building up to another massive moment. I think that Allie sensed this as well. She suddenly pushed my shoulders up making my hands leave their soppy home on her butt to support myself. She suddenly latched onto my nipples with her fingers and squeezed them quite stoutly.

When I opened my mouth to groan in electric pleasure, she kissed me and literally took my breath away. I came with a new intensity that seemed to continue to peak even as I spurted my seed into her. I don’t know how many spasms I had but I do know that I thought it would never end. We kissed the entire time and when I finally finished cumming into her; I dropped onto her lush perspiration dampened body and tried to catch my breath.

“Wow… That was amazing!” Allie said with a giggle. “Oh my God…! I actually saw stars!”

I was too exhausted and out of breath to speak so I simply nodded my head.

“We have to do this again. Say… In about ten minutes?”

‘What???’ I thought as I flattened even more against her. Allie hugged me and kissed those parts of my face she could reach.

“Please…” I still could barely speak…or breathe for that matter. “…turn it off.”

“Oh… Yeah…”

Allie giggled as she reached down and found the switch. In spite of it being off, I still seemed to feel those intense vibrations not only in my butt, but throughout my body.

Finally, when my dick slipped out of Allie and we recovered our breath, I carefully got up off of her. I handed her several tissues, as was my custom…or…as I was ‘taught’ she would come to say. I began to undo the straps to the vibrator when she told me to wait.

“Wait baby… You like keeping your dick in me after you cum. I want to keep mine in you for a while.” She giggled.

Allie took my hand and led me toward our bedroom…OUR bedroom. I tottered as I walked hand in hand with my love. I felt so…so well used. My entire body seemed to hum and I smiled idiotically. Even today the very thought of us being…well…’us’ gives me goose bumps.

She led me into the bathroom where a tub full of water awaited. Evidently Allie had filled the tub with hot water knowing it would be some time before we would make use of it. I could smell the wonderful aroma of herbal scented oil coming from the water and I could see bits of once dried leaves and flower buds flowing on the water’s still very steamy surface.

Allie took me to the basin. Candles burned on the stone counter top filling the room with warm light. I felt as though I was in a new world; a new cosmic place where my body was weightless and my spirit free and this warm and fragrant room is where that spirit would reside.

“Okay baby, let’s take this off.”

Allie unfastened the straps and gently removed the vibrator from my butt. The sensation was so odd. I was surprised that the thing was so small. It felt enormous inside me. I felt like I had to void myself and yet there was nothing to void. My butt hole failed to immediately close and the air felt strange entering me. I could still feel the tingling of the vibrations. I thought the stars Allie saw flew up my butt!

“Okay… Now go sit on the pot if you feel the need.”

I heeded Allie’s advice and sat for a few moments while she removed the condom covering the vibrator and it clean up. I noticed a nob protrude opposite the vibrator and realized that Allie had her own vibrator on her end of the device.

I finally felt my butt hole close up and, for good measure, I wiped myself. Allie was watching me with a very satisfied look, and smile, upon her face. I got up and walked over to the tub. I stepped into it’s still quite steamy waters and settled back against the porcelain. I closed my eyes as my body screamed out ‘ahhh’.

Allie took her turn on the toilet and soon followed me.

23-5 IMG_1966.jpgHer tub was overly large and deep.

It was kind of old fashioned with cast iron legs. I rested my elbows on the rim and gently flicked my fingers causing ripples in the water. I looked at my fingers.

“Crappers…” I mumbled.

“What’s wrong baby doll?”

Allie spoke as she settled into the tub at the opposite end. I lifted my feet up and inspected my toes. The deep red nail polish still looked good.

“I should really have gone for a manicure Saturday. My nails look like crap and it would have been nice to have them done for the meeting tomorrow.” I bore a sour expression to reflect my thoughts.

“Oh my God…” Allie exclaimed and chuckled. “You are so totally femme.” She smiled lovingly at me. “You know…? There’s absolutely nothing masculine about you at all.” She said still with that warm smile on her face. But she was quick to add; “Except for one small thing.”

“Thanks…” My face soured just a bit more.

“No silly… That thing is just fine; it’s just the perfect size. You know what I mean.” She laughed.

“I know.” I smiled.

"Making love with you is almost like making love with another woman. And I like that."

"How would you know?" I stared at Allie. This is something I'd never heard before.

"Do you think you're the only one who's sexually fluid?" She snickered wickedly.

We both leaned forward until our lips met for a brief, but loving, kiss. We gazed into one another's eyes as our lips parted again. All I saw in hers is what I felt within me. I did so seriously love her. I stared down into the water and watched a leaf of some sort float by.

“What are you thinking sweet heart? You have that look on your face.”

“I was… Well… You were so…forceful tonight. It kind of scared me a little.” I gazed up into Allie’s eyes.

“Well…” Allie sighed. “I think I like being in control…for a change? I mean I never had any control of my relationships before and that sucked. I was always the one being used. I mean you did like it…right?” She had a worried expression.

“Yeah…” I snickered. “It was an amazing turn on for sure. I never felt anything like that before.”

“And you didn’t seem to mind the idea of being my wife. In a way…it’s just another step further in your…performance art?”

“Well… I suppose.” Why did that keep coming up?

“Anyway… I would never hurt you and I would never let anyone else hurt you.” Allie spoke quite sternly. She smiled lovingly again. “Anything else bothering you baby doll?”


I wasn’t sure of just how to explain something that was more a feeling than anything else.

“You know how sometimes actors get so into their roles that even when the play, or the movie ends, they still remain in character?”


Allie grabbed hold of my feet and began to massage my soles with her thumbs.

“Well…” I took a very deep breath and let it out slowly. “Suppose this role…you know…my ‘performance art’…”

“Your…dressing…?” Allie corrected.

“Well… Okay… My dressing… Suppose that never ends. I mean suppose I remain Andi for the rest of my life. Could you envision that? I mean… Could you live with that?”

I sat up in the tub, watching Allie’s face carefully. I ran my hands down the tops of Allie’s thighs; the oiled water making them feel even smoother and softer than usual. As I did so, my eyes never left hers. I could see she understood exactly what I was trying to say; or ask.

“Honey…” She leaned forward and draped her arms over my shoulders. “I really can’t envision you any other way at this point. In fact…”

She leaned in even closer and kissed my lips.

“I haven’t envisioned you any other way since the first week or two after you moved in. I’ve often thought of you more as my closest girlfriend. But, every so often, I would remember that you aren’t a girl at all, and then I simply though of you as my closest friend period. What I feel for you…? How I feel about you…? It kind of transcends gender…and sexuality?

I smiled and returned the kiss, lingering a bit longer as I draped my arms over her shoulders. She understood perfectly. My feelings toward her were always more about her as a person and her body, her physical being, was always more a personification of that vision?

“You are an artist.” Allie said as she leaned back into the water until it was nearly at her chin. “And I see you, the physical you, as a work of art in progress just like the ‘you’ that’s hidden inside.” I leaned back as well and rested my feet upon her shoulders. “I don’t think either of us knows how this work of art will turn out. But we can have a lot of fun along the way; don’t you think?” She smiled and giggled.


I had to agree. Anything was possible.

“But one thing I would like to see…”


“I would like to see these…” Allie began to rub my nipples gently with the pads of her big toes. “…become a bit larger. It would kind of be like you experiencing a little of what pregnancy is like; you know?”

I cringed a bit at her touch. It was a bit heavy and I was just a little achy…and itchy?

As we rested in our bed in our usual position with me snuggled up against her side, my leg thrown over her hips and my head resting just above her breast, my mind was full of what Allie had suggested; and also the implications of what she had said. What she was asking me to do was to increase my hormone intake and reduce my testosterone output.

“I don’t know…”

“You could get implants.”

“What…?!” What?! “I don’t want any plastic in me.”

“No silly…it’s a time release capsule of hormones. I think it’s good for months so you don’t need to take the pills all the time.” Allie giggled. “And maybe get an androgen blocker?” That really opened my eyes.

“But won’t my thingy stop working?”

Now this was definitely a cause for concern since it only started working regularly since Allie and I were…well…procreating…vigorously? I mean jerking off really didn’t count…anymore.

“Well…” Allie lilted in her most appealing voice. “…I think I can guarantee that you’ll have as much fun, if not more, only in a different way; a more femme way. I’ve read that you can have orgasms that are amazing. Anyway… I think you’d really look awesome with just a handful; you know?”

Allie placed her hand upon my boobettes and though her hand didn’t lay flat against my chest, there were certainly was far less than a handful.

23-6 IMG_1971.pngShe kissed my lips so softly and lovingly.

I silently rested atop Allie thinking about what she said, what Susan said, and what my heart was telling me. I knew, intellectually, that what they…my closest friends…were saying was correct; if you’re going to go…go all the way and go first class.

But I was scared. What very little I’d read made it quite clear that although some of what would occur could be undone, the most important thing, the viability of my dick, might be lost forever.

“Look sweet heart…” Allie always could seem to read my thoughts. She took my hands in hers. “I understand that this is a giant step for you. But I will be there all the way, holding your hand, forever if need be. You’ve always been there for me and I never even had to ask. I will do no less for you. We can freeze your spermies…” I loved it when she spoke in an almost child-like manner. “…for later use. This won’t be our only child.”

“Okay…” I paused for a few moments and then looked up at Allie’s face; into her eyes. “I do trust you and I do love you very much.”

I could feel my tears welling up. God…I was so emotional these days. How would it be when I was on a stronger dosage of ‘mones with a blocker thrown in?

“Speak to Doctor Gotlieb in the morning. She knows a lot more about this kind of thing than we do? And it also sounds like that lawyer might prove useful to expedite things. Okay my darling sweet heart?”

I nodded.

“Oh… And by the way… This…” Allie grasped my dick and gnads in her hand. “…is going nowhere. And I do love you very much.” Allie kissed me and hugged me tightly. “Now ease your mind and let’s get some sleep before I decide I want to fuck your brains out again.” She laughed.

Will Allie get on one knee and propose marriage to Andi? Will Andi recite the marriage vows and become Allie's wife? Will they simply decide to live in sin and have fun instead? With all those stars up Andi's butt, will he develop assteroids??? Will Andi's thingy stop working? Will Allie's thingy stop working? Of course not!!! She bought a ton of "D" cell batteries!!! With so many places in the apartment to do the monkey warble, she'll no doubt need them. Did you water your plants today? To learn more and discover the deepest darkest secrets of the Shaolin priests...continue reading the not for profit saga of 'Andi and Allie'!!!

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