Andi and Allie - 22

Andi and Allie Chapter 22

“If you look as we do, walk, talk, and squawk as we do…”

Friday couldn’t come quickly enough for me. Every day and evening I toiled and tortured myself over the final drawings. Finally, late Thursday evening, I put everything into my portfolio and brought it upstairs. I would spend only an hour at the most in the office before leaving for the salon and to get dressed for my lunch date with Susan.

“Oh my God… You still work here?” Rhona said with a smile and a chuckle as I walked in.

“Well… For the moment anyway...” I nervously giggled. “At least until Peter sees the work.”

“Oh come on sweet heart…” Rhona snickered. “He’s in love with you.”

I removed my coat and poured my usual cup of coffee. Our impending blessed event was still a secret but I had other little tidbits to share with Rhona until Peter arrived. Of course the showing was now looming large in my mind. I had a chance to absorb what Bob had said.

22-1 IMG_1910.jpgRhona was very excited of course…

…and wanted to have every little detail. I told her as much as I could and was on the verge of elaborating on a point when Peter came through the door. He never failed to shake his head and smile when he observed the two of us busily chatting away. His eyes went directly to my large portfolio case leaning against the wall.

“Okay my dear…” I did so love his little terms of endearment. “I’ll grab the portfolio and you grab our coffees.”

He took the case and walked down toward his office. I fixed his coffee, grabbed mine, and followed along. Peter already had the home division renderings out and upon his easels when I entered. I placed his coffee on his desk and stood silently letting him take them in and hoping he liked what he saw.

“What are these?”

Peter turned and looked at me with his brows arched in surprise.

“Just an idea…a little something extra…” I giggled nervously. “I thought that since Susan’s face could be on the household items, maybe her father’s face should be on some of the industrial things like the hand tools?”

Peter stared at me for a moment but I recognized that look of being somewhere else for the moment; thinking. After a moment or two he nodded his head and turned back to look over the work again.

“And the new box designs?” Peter asked with eyebrows arched as he looked at the sketches.
“I sent them to the printing department. You should have the a dozen of each sheet in cardboard later this morning.”

“Okay… Good…” Peter turned to me after the longest moment of looking at my work again. “I like what you have here.” He turned his head back to the drawings quickly for a moment again. “But…” He held up his index finger and gazed into my eyes intently. “…he would never wear a red shirt.”

“What…? Why not…?”

“I have rarely seen a worker in a red shirt. They go for denim…you know those blue chambray shirts? Make the shirt that color blue and the denim type of cut. Also, roll up the sleeves.”

“What…? How do you know that they do the roll up thing?” I was clue…less… Again…!

“It’s quite obvious that you’ve never looked at construction workers on the street.” Peter laughed and blushed cardinal red. “That’s one of my favorite past times when I’m walking around town. I particularly find the younger ones more…interesting?”

Once I knew that Peter was satisfied with my work, save the chambray shirt, I grabbed the sketches and I rush out of the office and down to the salon. They were just opening up as I came to the door. Even though the hour was early, I really didn’t have enough time. We got right to work and within an hour or so my hair was trimmed and my nails done.

I rushed home to take a quick shower. I hated the itchiness of all those tiny hairs on my back and neck that somehow always seemed to elude the second shampoo and the blow drier. I had only just wrapped a towel around myself and went to the mirror to begin to think about my face when my cell phone erupted in tones.

“Hello Andi darling… It’s Susan.”

“Hi Susan… Is everything alright?”

I was torn between having the lunch cancelled and having it on time; less than an hour from now.

22-2 IMG_1916.jpg“No…everything is terrible!”

She said as I held my breath. “I want to go out and play and all of these adults in dull grey flannel suits keep coming up with little diversions to keep me busy.” Susan spoke in a faux whiny voice that caused me to giggle. “Let’s meet at one thirty. I know this divine little French bistro on Fifty-Sixth Street. It’s not far from the office and the food is truly amazing.”

“Oh that will be wonderful. To be perfectly honest, I’m really running a little behind anyway.”

“Okay then… We’ll meet there. I’ll text you the address.”

“Thanks Susan… See you in a bit.”

I was thrilled. I got a short reprieve; just long enough to do the essentials. I began to exfoliate my lips as I thought about my outfit for the lunch. Of course not going to a private club put my fashion slut back into the proverbial closet. I would be seen by the masses…so to speak. And I did want to look at least modestly professional.

Of course my wardrobe was really based upon work and everything was kind of preppy? I definitely needed to go shopping with Allie. I found this lovely silk print blouse in a cream color and I would need to go with a grey lightweight wool skirt and a blue blazer. For sure I wouldn’t be quite as fashionable as I would have loved to be but I would certainly be business-like.

I went with my usual day time cosmetics; a touch of concealer, for some reason I’d begun to develop zits, mascara, and a berry pink lip stain. I dressed, ran my brush through my hair, and rushed out of the bathroom to put on a pair of cordovan low heeled pumps. On last look in the mirror and I was off to the door to grab my coat and bag.

The cab ride uptown was blessedly short. I arrived outside the restaurant just at the appointed time. After paying the fair, I gazed at the small establishment for a moment. This was literally around the block from where Allie worked. Whenever I was in the area the thought always occurred that perhaps I would surprise her.

I entered the restaurant to the assault of the most delightful aromas imaginable. The maître de stood by his small podium and smiled graciously. With a rather thick French accent he greeted me and asked if I had a reservation. I explained that I was meeting someone for lunch. He inquired if that person perhaps had a reservation. I gave him the name. He didn’t even bother to look at his list.

“Ahhh… Mais oui...” His smile became even broader. “She is one of our favorite quests.”

He stepped away from his podium and, with a sweep of his arm, gestured for me to follow him.

I was led through the small restaurant to the rear corner where a deep rich looking wood and frosted glass partition stood. The glass was etched with vines, tiny flowers and bunches of grapes. Behind the partition was a table for four with only two place settings. Fresh cut flowers in a fine crystal fluted holder provided a just the right burst of color.

Amidst the elegance of the place settings and the crystal and all sat Susan. Her smile was delicious and she stood to greet me with a kiss on each cheek and a slightly more lingering one on my lips. We clutched hands as she gushed her greeting.

“Andi dear… You look wonderful.” She spoke in her throatiest alto. “If I didn’t know any better, I would swear you were…in love…or pregnant?” She chuckled.

I nearly fell over!

“Well…” I rolled my eyes and ground my teeth.

“Oh… You do have news…don’t you.” Susan snickered as her face lit up. “Do sit and tell me everything.”

The maître de held out my chair and the waiter held Susan’s. Susan immediately put in a wine order which was fine with me. I was going to need a glass or two for this session. I had to start off with the biggest news…or at least the latest.

“I’m having a showing and the dealer told me I should give up my ‘day job’?”

“Really…!” Susan spoke the word quite breathily and leaned in a bit closer with a concerned look upon her face.
“Are you going to?”

“No… I kind of like it where I am? And anyway, it’s kind of like doing commissioned work.” I giggled. “If I do back off a bit I can hopefully do consulting work.” I placed my hand atop Susan’s. “After all, I do so enjoy the clients.”

“Good…!” Susan laughed. “I do so enjoy my…outsource people?”

I went on to tell her that this was going to be a very important show for me and I went on to describe some of the new things I was doing. Susan was all ears as she seemed to take in every word.

“Oh…but you simply must send me the information. Perhaps I can even stop by for a…pre-showing?”

“I think that Bob Preston has the rights to just about everything…but sure! I’d love to have you come and look.”

“So…” A wry smile suddenly appeared on Susan’s face and her eyes narrowed. “Obviously you’re not pregnant; then who is? I mean you do have that look.”

How could she ever guess? And I have that…look?

“Oh God Susan…the entire thing is so strange…and wonderful.”

“I thought…” Susan leaned in even closer. “…that with the way you and Peter were looking at one another, you two would have been a couple by now.”

“I know…I know… And I still find him…maybe too attractive?”

“Who wouldn’t?” Susan chuckled. “But is it him…or his cock that attracts you?” Though Susan’s language shocked me, she did have a good point. “Never mind… So… Who’s the lucky woman?”

“My roommate…? I mean it just kind of happened?”

“Ohhh…? Really...? ‘It just kind of happened’?” Susan chuckled again. “It’s funny how those things do. I do remember you speaking about her. I would guess she a very nice woman; very femme as I recall you saying.”

“I mean she’s been kind of my muse? I paint and draw her quite frequently.”

I was so excited even speaking about Allie’s…delicate condition?

“Ahhh…” Susan nodded and smiled knowingly. “A muse is one thing…

22-1 IMG_1899.jpgBut really Andi dear… Pregnant…?”

“These things simply don’t ‘just happen’.” Susan chuckled. “How did you two finally get together?”

“Well…it was New Year’s Eve and we were at a party at Peter’s house. And sometime during the party it kind of struck me…us…that we were really quite attracted to one another. I’ve always found women to be far more attractive than men but not in a sexual way. This was the first time I found Allie to be…well…more than simply physically and spiritually attractive and I truly wanted to feel…to be…closer to her?”

Susan nodded her head and chuckled. I could see from the twinkle in her eye that something I said connected. Susan took a deep breath and let it out slowly; almost in an exasperated manner.

“Pity… Well… If she ever tires of you do be good and let me know.” Susan, with a slightly lewd twinkling in her eyes, laughed. “I think we may just enjoy each other’s company.”

“Oh…! Oh…!”

I suddenly became even more excited and nearly began to bounce up and down in my chair. My hands fluttered as I asked the question of the day; at least for me. Susan grinned chuckled at my expression.

“What ever became of...” Oh my God… I’d forgotten his name. “…of what’s his name…your husband?”

“Ohhh…” Susan laughed. “That ‘what’s his name’. Well…I paid him off and he simply went away.”

I sat there opened mouthed. I couldn’t believe it was that easy to just rid oneself of a mate.

“Don’t look so shocked sweet heart.” Susan smiled sweetly. “He had become a bigger pain in the ass than he was worth. My father hated him…and his ‘born again’ whatever. And other than his…adequate stud services…he was basically worthless. Anyway…” Susan looked down at her hands for a moment and then took a sip of her wine. “I find women much more to my tastes these days.”

I giggled with her. I guess it’s sort of catching?

“I’m going to be moving into the city. That should make…” Susan’s eyes rolled up and she looked to her side. “…hunting a bit easier?” She chuckled again.

“Do you have a place yet?”

“No… I’ve only started looking yesterday.”

“If you’d like…we have plenty of room till you find a place. And we are very child friendly?”

“Why…” Susan extended her hand to cover mine. “…that is so very kind of you.” She smiled warmly. “I’m staying with a woman friend uptown who also has little ones and a stay at home wife…or sorts. In fact she’s very much like you dear; the wife that is.”

A woman with a stay at home wife…? Susan leaned in again as if confiding some great truth.

“I must meet your Allie…is it? You’d make the perfect stay at home wife for her.” Susan chuckled.

“I couldn’t.” I was a bit stunned at the thought. “I mean… I have my art. I couldn’t give that up.”

“Dear girl…” Susan suddenly put her hand in front of her mouth and giggled. “I mean Andi… You know, we really must do something about this business of what gender to refer to you as. It does become so very confusing at times. Anyway, who said that you’d need to give up art; especially if you earn good money at it? That’s why God, in HER infinite wisdom, created hired help. I believe that the only thing the wife needs do is wet nurse…and of course nurture.”

Oh…my God…that was more than a lot to digest. But Susan was right. People were having trouble in their casual conversations with me. Do they call me ‘he’ or ‘she’? Certainly my manner of dress and comportment would lead anyone to address me as ‘Ms.’, or Miss, or even Mrs?

“Poor dear… I’ve given you too much to think about?” Susan’s expression was pained. “My friend’s wife had the same problem that you currently have. She still has her…’boy bits’…? But if you’re going to look as we do, walk, talk, and squawk as we do, and even use the same facilities as we do, you simply can’t insult us by insisting to be called ‘he’…can you.”

“No… But…” Now the pained expression was mine.

“There are no ‘buts’ sweet heart. You can no longer simply sit on the cusp and project one thing yet insist upon being another. Now nobody says you need to lose the boy junk. But you must decide which side of the fence you prefer. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t see a man at this table. Oh…by the way, do try these. The flavor is divine. By the way… How was your last visit with dear Edith?”

I hadn’t even noticed that food had arrived. I was so caught up in what Susan had to say and, I must admit, she made a lot of sense. Oh my God…I didn’t even remember ordering anything. Susan was kind enough to serve me several different things.


“Yes… Doctor Gotlieb…? She really is quite renowned in her field.”

“Oh… Yes… She was a bit curt but she really seemed interested in me. She wanted to see my hands?”

The waiter brought over two more exquisitely aromatic and visually pleasing dishes.

“I thought rather than order a regular meal, there are a number of tasty tidbits that are not on the menu but the house makes them for special customers.” Susan chuckled and her eyes flashed. “Well yes…” Susan grasped my hand and gazed at it. “You do have such long and delicate fingers. I do love the nail color you use by the way.”

“Thank you…” I giggled. “It was a difficult chose.”

“It would be for someone so sensitive to color.” Susan smiled. “So… Tell me… How does your Allie perceive you…gender wise?”

“Well…” I giggled between a bite of a delicious stuffed mushroom. “She thinks I’m a lesbian in a boy suit?”

“How very perceptive of her…” Susan chuckled. “I’m beginning to like her even more.”

“By the way… I have to tell you that you look absolutely amazing. I haven’t seen you in some time and the difference is…well…” I giggled. “…nothing short of amazing. Motherhood really seems to agree with you.”

“Why thank you sweet heart. What a very lovely thing to say.” Susan’s face lit up and a carnelian blush came to her cheeks. “I must admit it is wonderful to be able to get back into more…stylish things?”

“This is wonderful.” I took another bite of the stuffed Portobello. “I wish I knew how they made the stuffing.”

“You do the cooking?” Susan glanced up from her plate.

“We share. And we do dine out quite a bit; although that might change now.”

“Will you two get married? It seems to be the latest craze…aside from divorce.” Susan laughed and sipped her wine.

“We haven’t spoken about that…yet? I really don’t know.”

“Would you think of taking her name? What do you use professionally anyway?”

“I simply use Andi.” Hmmm… Andi Morris…?

“Whatever are you thinking? I can see that look on your face.” Susan’s eyes narrowed.
Susan smiled wryly. She could have such a devilish look on her face and yet it was an endearing look…on her.

“What would I call myself…Mrs. Alison Mallory Morris?”

“I know that name…Mallory Morris. Hmmm….”

“Or Andi Mallory Morris…? Andi Morris is kind of plain; don’t you think?” I giggled.

I would never have considered taking her name, or even the possibility of marriage for that matter, if Susan hadn’t brought it up.

“I’m partial to Andrea Mallory Morris. It has panache.”

I stared at Susan for a moment. She was busily munching on a piece of crepe that was absolutely superb. Susan was serious. Hmmm… Andrea… I had thought of it a while ago but I settled on Andi, that being androgynous.

“If I use ‘Andrea’, it’ll give my biographical sketch…a gender.”

“Oh darling…” Susan looked up from her plate and smiled sadly. “We all have genders and it’s usually decided at birth. If you have a cock…you’re a boy. And if you are blessed with ‘indoor plumbing…you’re a girl; end of story. And if you’re not happy with what you’ve been dealt, you can change it. Now your case is different. It’s really more of a style issue; right?”

“Yeah… I guess…”

I never thought of ‘it’ as simply a style issue. ‘It’ was more a performance art issue?

“So…? Just go with it. And if Time Magazine wants to do a profile on you…tell them whatever you want. It will not make any difference by then.” Susan laughed. “But you should come to some sort of decision. Perhaps your…Allie…might be of some help.”

“Yeah… Well… I have that meeting on Monday and everyone is expecting Andrew to show up. Even if I wanted to put on a man’s suit, I don’t own one.”

Something just made me tear up suddenly. I didn’t know why this happened to me so frequently. Susan reached over and grasped my hand. Her smile was so…motherly?

“Listen honey… The only ones you need to worry about are my father and me. And I already told him about you.”

“Oh my God… What did he say?”

Now I was verging on panic. Susan put down her fork, took a sip of her wine, and chuckled.

“Dear old daddy… He said, and I quote; ‘I don’t care if he has four tits and a twelve inch cock as long as he makes us money. Though it would help if his tits were big...’ My father is fairly reasonable…for a man.” Susan laughed. She reached over and took my hand in hers. “Why are you so uptight about Monday?”

I shrugged my shoulders but I guess my panicked expression was a bit of a giveaway

“I wasn’t really so worried about the meeting. But Peter seemed a bit concerned how my…”

“Your persona…?” Susan chuckled.

“Yeah…” I giggled. “I guess the account executives are kind of straight? And he didn’t want to cause me any trouble.”

“You’re sure he’s not worried about his job?” Susan raised one eye brow in skepticism.

“Oh no…not at all… He’s really good at his job and really likes what he does? And he really doesn’t need to work. But if they made him change to something else, like the television thing, he said he’d quit. He likes the arts and, unfortunately, this is as close as he can get to being an artist…I guess.”

“Did Peter ask you to arrange our meeting?”

22-2 IMG_1905.jpgI loved her wry, sly smile.

“Yes… He did.”

“Was there anything specific he wanted to know…or you for that matter?”

“Well…” I kind of rolled my eyes and smiled. “I think there was…but I’ve forgotten?” I smiled and laughed. “I have such a poor memory for such things these days. Anyway, having any time with you is such a treat for me that asking about business seems…”

I was at a loss for the right word.

“Mercenary…?” Susan chuckled.

“Yeah… Maybe a little…?”

“Well…you shouldn’t ever feel bad about asking me about our business together. I really do enjoy your company and if the real world must intrude for a moment or two…so be it. But I do appreciate your honesty more than anything; and your freshness.”

I blushed puce and smiled. I was very flattered. Susan was nearly old enough to be my mother and she thought I was…fun to be with?

“I really enjoy being with you. I kind of think of us as being…friends? You are very real and I do like that fact. It makes being me easier, you know?” It was the truth.

“Well…” Susan spoke quite breathily as she poured me yet another glass of wine. “That’s exactly what I do like about you. I am so tired of all the ‘yes’ people around me.” There was a hint of anger in her voice.

“Can I ask you something that might seem…a bit weird?”


Susan spoke quite curtly and with a very serious expression on her face. Then she broke out into laughter.

“Of course you can. You can ask me anything sweet heart. After all, you’re like one of my children; I’ve even breast fed you.” She continued to chuckle and I blushed a shade of vermillion.

“Well…” I took a sip of my wine. “Do you think my nose is too big?”

“What…? You must be joking.” Susan looked at me in amazement. “Okay… So it’s a bit…” She hesitated for a moment. “…classical? But it definitely isn’t unsightly.”

Susan reached across the table and gently took my chin in her hand. She slowly turned my head and examined my dreaded proboscis carefully.

“In fact you are quite beautiful…nose and all. You’ve seemed to have found a way to accent it to your distinct advantage. I wouldn’t do a thing to change it if it was on my face.”

I searched Susan’s face briefly for any hint of…kindness toward my…horrid projection? But I could find none. She was, as usual, quite honest. If Susan thought my feature to be interesting and worth keeping as is, then I would have to agree.

We sat and talked through several more specialties and another glass of wine. I found Susan so easy to speak to. She was kind of like the mother I never had coupled with the older sister I never had. I must admit that Allie was, in many ways, kind of like a sister. But Susan had wisdom far beyond her years and the ability to impart her wisdom in a no nonsense manner.

Before either of us knew it, the waiters were preparing the tables for dinner. We had gotten so lost in talk that time simply didn’t exist.

“Oh dear Lord…” Susan looked at her watch. “It’s nearly four. Let me give you a ride downtown.”

“Oh that’s really not necessary.” I giggled. “It’s way out of your way.”

“Nonsense…! Anyway, I may sober up enough to give your art works a reasonable viewing and my car should be outside in a moment.” Susan turned to me as the waiter presented the check. “That is if it’s alright with you and your significant other.”

I nodded and instantly texted Allie. I couldn’t for see any problems but I wanted to be sure. Anyway, I never did anything out of the ordinary without first consulting her. I noticed Susan smiling as I whizzed away at the keys of my phone. She was smiling her knowing smile.

“It’s really too bad you’re already taken. I would have snapped you up that very first night had I known you liked women. I honestly thought you would wind up in Peter’s bed.” She laughed. “But taken is taken and who am I to undo what appears to be a very beneficial relationship. I see your Allie does appear to have you reasonably well trained.” Susan chuckled.

I had to agree with her. But her ‘training’ was definitely with a velvet gloved hand and I was more than a willing student. A large Rolls Royce pulled up to the curb after only a few moments. The driver got out and came around to open up the rear door for us. He was a huge man dwarfing us both and, although he didn’t look all too friendly; he did seem to smile warmly at Susan. Just as he closed the door behind us I received a text back from Allie.

“I assume all is in order and that I may invade your privacy?” Susan said with a chuckle.

I handed the phone to her with a giggle. Allie had texted; ‘OK… Make sure she keeps her hands off of you…you’re already taken!’ This caused Susan to laugh; especially since there was a smiley face at the message’s end.
“Smart girl...”

“Oh my God…I wasn’t to tell anyone about her being pregnant.” I turned to Susan with pleading eyes. “She’ll kill me.”

“Sweet heart, what’s said between us will always remain between us. Those are the rules, okay?”

The ride downtown seemed to take no time at all. Susan and I chatted away about nothing and everything. I adored her very wicked sense of humor. When we did finally arrive at my home, the driver got out curbside and opened the rear door to assist us. I always took a moment or two to gather all my belongings regardless of how meager they might be.

He offered his rather large hand to me and I stepped onto the curb. Then, being a step ahead of us, he offered his hand to take my keys and open my front door for us. I definitely needed one of these guys. Someday… Maybe…

I took Susan to the top floor so that we might deposit our coats and bags. Then we went down to the studio. Susan was surprised that we took over the floor exclusively for our art. I explained that our work, mine in particular, was getting larger in size and there was no way possible to paint in the small space of my room.

I let Susan wander at her will and followed with enough discrete distance to give her ‘private’ space. When she had a question I would quickly take the two or three steps toward her and quietly answer her as best I could. I spoke softly to not break the feeling of viewing the works privately.

Eventually Allie arrived and, seeing the coat and hand bag upstairs, assumed that we were in the studio. She joined us just as Susan had finished viewing our work. They greeted one another quite warmly with Susan adding a compliment…sort of…and an admonition.

“Allie dear…you look wonderful. Obviously this co-habitation thing is agreeing with you. And you seem to have Andi so well trained.” She chuckled as she cast her gaze at me.

I simple blushed sundown red.

“You’d better be careful or someone like me is likely to steal…her…away.” Susan chuckled.

“Oh… I think I have my hooks in Andi fairly securely.” Allie giggled and quickly changed the subject. “So…” Allie turned looking down toward the studio’s main space. “…what do you think?” Allie waved her arms toward the various paintings, drawings, and such.

“I think they’re wonderful…amazing actually.” Susan spoke almost as if distracted. She suddenly turned to Allie with an inquisitive look on her face. “Are you related to ‘those’ Morris'…the ones who seem to want to join everything?”

“Do I lose points for a correct answer?” Allie laughed but there was a bitter edge to her smile. “I’m guilty as charged.” She turned to me and I took her hand and smiled reassuringly.

“Do they know about you two?” Susan’s gaze became serious.

“They think Andi and I are lesbians.” Allie’s face became tomato red with anger. “They didn’t come to our show. I really don’t speak with them often.”

“I see.” Susan looked back at the works. “There are several pieces I would be interested in.” Turning toward me and smiled wryly as she continued. “…if the price is right.”

“Technically most of them are claimed by Bob Preston? But I’m sure he would give you a good price if sold ahead of the showing; although he may want to exhibit them as sold.” Allie never ceased to amaze me with her knowledge of the art business. “But Andi is always working on things and you are more than welcome to stop by whenever you like.”

“Do you have your own resources or do you depend upon the generosity of ‘mommy and daddy’?” What an odd, and I must say, tasteless, question for Susan to ask.

“My grandfather was sure to see that we each were provided for.” I could tell from the tone of Allie’s voice that she was more than a little put off. “But I do work for a living.”

“Why?” Susan smiled broadly.

I didn’t understand where she was going with this…this interrogation?

“Because I want to live on the money I earn so that I never forget that most of the world can’t. Much of the income from my account goes to various charities.”

This is something I hadn’t known about Allie. I mean we never talked about ‘her’ money. It was usually ‘our’ money? And it was our money in the joint bank account. I never thought of her having another account. I always knew she had this intense streak of charity in her. She could never pass anyone collecting for anything without searching for some change or a dollar bill.


Susan seemed very pleasantly surprised. She took both of Allie’s hands in her own and beamed radiantly at her.

“We really must have lunch or dinner soon. I know a group of women that think the same way as you and I believe you might want to meet them.”

“I… I…” Allie was taken aback by the change in Susan’s demeanor.

“And…” Susan smiled wryly again, arching one brow upward. “I promise this will drive your mother crazy. I believe she was rejected by the group years ago.” Susan chuckled. “Plus which this divine and very attentive creature…” Susan gazed briefly at me. “…will then be safe from my clutches.” Susan laughed.

“Oh… Okay… That sounds like fun.” Allie laughed as well.

“Now, unfortunately, I really must get home to my little ones. In spite of my usual daily grind, I do try my hardest to be a mother.” Susan laughed.

Will Andi finally chose a pronoun? Will Susan train Allie to train Andi? Will Allie finally strap on her 'pistol'? Will Allie's gun be loaded and with what? Who ordered the case of KY jelly? Will somebody please change the damn kitty litter? Oh... My bad... No kitty...! To find out the startling naked slippery sure to read the next chapter in the adventures of 'Andi and Allie'!!!

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