Andi and Allie - 20

Andi and Allie – Chapter 20

“A lesbian in a boy suit…?”

Allie’s words kept repeating in my ears the entire day; ‘You…are such a lesbian’. I giggled every time I thought of them. Our entire experience caused me to rethink whether in fact I was gay. I must admit that this didn’t dissuade me from thinking about dicks and how much fun someone else’s stiffy could be. But I certainly have changed the way I looked at women; or at least at Allie.

We showered together after cleaning up squirt from the island top, the opposite counter, the glass doors of the cabinet…and the floor! Allie played with my dick in the shower and, after a bit of her marvelous mouth’s activities and her wonderful fingers up my butt, I came with such force that my knees buckled and I had to hold myself up against the wall as the steamy water rained down upon me.

We finally, and somewhat reluctantly, finished our shower and began to ready ourselves to venture out into the New Year. Allie had me fetch my outfit of the day and my cosmetics case. She really wanted to spend every moment with me. I wanted to do the same. I mean this was definitely a new and wonderful level of growth in our relationship; OUR relationship…Allie’s and mine!

We helped one another dress, stealing hugs and kisses at every opportunity.

20-1 IMG_1772.jpgWe did our makeup together and styled our hair.

The entire time we spoke easily about anything and everything. It felt good. I felt good. This was like what I’d been waiting for my entire life…ALMOST twenty one years of it. I finally had someone I could be close to and rely and depend upon who was also so very nurturing. This all felt so strange, so weird…and so wonderful.

We donned our coats, boots, scarves, and knitted hats, grabbed our purses, and ventured out into the brisk, lightly snowing afternoon. Arm in arm we started walking uptown toward the West Village. Every once in a while we would stop, turn, embrace and kiss. People passing by would sometimes stop and stare, or smile, or sneer. But we were in our own little world and really we didn’t care.

Being out in the fresh air was amazing. The briskness of the air and the beauty of the snowflakes falling made us walk that much closer together. Allie and I seemed to be walking in complete synchronization with our arms interlocked and our legs touching as we went along. We entered Sheridan Square and it might have been a normal Sunday because there were people everywhere.

As we approached Christopher Street, Allie spotted a bar and grill that looked appealing. We stopped to quickly survey the menu and glance inside before making the bold move to enter. I immediately opened my coat and loosened my scarf. The place was warm and the aromas of food blotted out the smell of stale alcohol from the bar’s well abused wooden floor.

We were seated at a table for four and, after removing our coats, scarves, and hats, I took the seat cattycorner from Allie.

20-2 IMG_1773.pngWe held hands atop the table.

Allie ordered us each a mimosa. I’d never had one before but I had heard the name of the drink and wanted to try it.

I watched Allie as she glanced through the menu. I never seemed to tire of gazing at her. She was the most beautiful woman in all New York, indeed the entire world as far as I was concerned and I…me…moi…was the only one she permitted to share her bed. She never brought anyone home. Allie glanced up to catch me looking at her.

“What…” She asked with a giggle. “My hair’s a mess?” I shrugged my shoulders and smiled. “Well…?” Allie’s eyebrows shot up and she placed her elbow upon the table.

“I… I just like looking at you.” I blushed magenta.

“I’d think by now you’d be at least…bored with looking at me?” Allie grinned as she blushed dragon red, and rested her chin on her palm.

“I never get tired of looking at you.”

I spoke with all seriousness and kissed her hand just as the waitress came to our table with our drinks. She must have heard what I said and saw the kiss because I noticed her smiling and rolling her eyes.

“What would you two love birds like?” She spoke with a knowing grin.

I looked to Allie and arched my eye brows. I hadn’t even looked at the menu yet. Allie proceeded to order. The waitress looked at me and I hesitated a moment before speaking.

“I’ll have what she’s having.”

“Andi does that a lot.” Allie giggled and smiled at the waitress.

“God… That is so lesbian.” The waitress laughed, rolled her eyes, shook her head, and turned toward the kitchen.

“See…? Even she thinks so.” Allie laughed.

I kind of stared at Allie, but I was really not looking at her. I was thinking about that impartial second opinion? Was I really a lesbian in a ‘boy suit’? That question would pop in and out of my head for the remainder of the day. Little did I know that question would persist to pop up for long after?

We had our lunch, roasted veggie sandwiches with Portobello mushrooms, peppers, and such, and finished with cappuccinos. Though the snow had abated to a very light powder, the wind did become stronger. We were in no hurry to leave.

It was at this point when I glanced at something other than Allie or my meal. The patrons seemed to be almost exclusively women. There were four men at the same table and then I noticed that two of them were holding hands.

“Allie…? Allie…!” I insistently whispered.

“What is it sweet heart?”

“We’re in…” I leaned in closer to speak softly in her ear. “...a lesbian bar!”

“No we’re not sweet heart.” Allie chuckled. “The bar isn’t a lesbian. Only most of the patrons are. The rest are just gay guys.”

20-3 IMG_1769.jpgShe smiled and kissed me…fully…on the lips!

I nervously glanced around. Several women were smiling at us. There were even one or two looking at me and smiling. Oh my God…! What if I should get hit on? I turned back to Allie who was giggling.

“I don’t know why you should be so surprised baby doll. You’ve been passing yourself off as a woman for…well…at least as long as I’ve known you. You’ve told me that the guys at work are too nervous to share the restroom with you because you’re so…convincing? I don’t see what you’re problem is.”

I looked around still somewhat…stunned? And then I glanced back at Allie, who was still smiling; totally amused at my discovery. I guess it was just the label of ‘lesbian’ that threw me off? I mean… It really doesn’t make a difference, does it? Suddenly the urge to evacuate overcame me.

“I have to pee.”

“I’ll go with you; just in case some wild woman wants to attack you.”

Allie giggled as she stood and grabbed her purse. She took my hand as I grabbed bag and we were off. Now I don’t know why I should have been shocked when, upon entering the ladies room, we were immediately met by two women passionately kissing near the hand dryer. Allie smiled and giggled as we walked past and I tried desperately not to look.

When we were at clubs, we would see this in the bathrooms. Once I even saw a man and a woman come out of one of the stalls. I mean people are what people are and I guess if the urge calls, especially after a few drinks or some designer drug, or both, any port in a storm, as they say, will do.

It’s just that in the middle of a snowy Sunday afternoon, on New Year’s Day, I didn’t expect this. Thinking back on it, they were kind of cute.

Thankfully there was an empty stall. I headed for it as Allie gazed at her reflection in the mirror. The moment I entered it, Allie scooted in behind me and shut the door, locking it as she giggled and leered at me with a wicked smile.

Allie immediately threw me against the wall and pinned me with her supple body.

20-4 IMG_1778.jpgShe kissed me with a very needy intensity!

Allie’s tongue thrusting its way into my mouth as her hands roamed my lower back and butt.

The suddenness of her movements coupled with the surprise completely caught me off guard. My hands came up to caress her shoulders and her back as her insistent mouth stole my breath. I closed my eyes and just melted into her.

The feeling was so heady…so very ‘naughty’…that I started to become aroused? That was not so good if one had to pee as well. I forced myself, with an enormous amount of mental effort, to push her off.

“I really have to pee.” I was quite adamant; like…no fooling?

“Okay… Can I hold it for you?” She whispered with a giggle.

“What…?” WTF…! “I usually sit…you know???” WTF…!

“Well I can still hold your dick for you.” She giggled wickedly.

Allie thought this was a new amusement or something. I couldn’t wait any longer and I wasn’t going to argue with her until I was at least safe from an accident? I dropped my lower rider jeans, a definite relief for my slightly bloated bladder, and I sat down on the seat. Allie hovered alongside of me and squatted down just enough to rest her back against the wall. She giggled as she reached between my legs and grasped my dick.

Her hand was warm and actually felt amazing. But this added nothing to my ability to pass a wee bit of water. With her other hand she reached around my back and came up under my pink sweat shirt; the one with the rose colored sequin design along the front. Allie started to massage my boobette through my bra and pinch my nipple gently. She once again kissed me quite fully and quite passionately. My hands rested atop both of hers trying, without too much success, to stop her from…from…turning me on even more?

“I really have to pee…!” I said.

I broke away from her very insistent and delicious mouth. I never expected Allie’s voracious appetite for sex. I mean I realized that she was very sensual. But this was kind of reckless abandon…at least for me?

“Ohhh… Okay...”

The sadness in Allie’s voice mimicked that of a child denied. She stood up and placed herself in front of the stall door.

“I’ll just watch then.”

She smiled wickedly and, try as I may have, nothing would happen.

“I can’t do this while you’re watching me.” I looked up at Allie sadly. “Please…?”

“I think I love it when you beg.” Allie giggled and again that wicked smile crossed her face.

She began to lift the hem of her skirt and, when it was high enough, she pulled her panty down to her knees. Allie then stepped up to me and lowered her skirt over my head. Now not only was I surrounded by darkness, but her aromas were overwhelming and intoxicating. This definitely didn’t help me at all.

Somehow I knew exactly what this situation required. I grasped her butt cheeks in my hands and pulled her tightly to me. I stuck out my tongue and ran it into her cleft until I found her clit. I bathed it with broad rapid motions of my tongue. The results were nearly instantaneous.


Allie couldn’t have squealed any louder without alerting the entire neighborhood. I managed to catch her totally by surprise. She pulled away returning me to light. My flood gate opened and the splashing of pee into the bowl and the water countered her rapid breathing as she sought to regain her composure. Now I had to giggle as I gazed at her wide open mouth and eyes.

I used a bit of tissue to get the last few drops out and then I pulled up my panty and jeans. Allie was backed against the stall door, her face a beet red. I learned that her body turned that color whenever she got…excited…in the least way? Anyway, Allie pulled up her panty and I took her hand and moved her enough to open the lock and the door.

I stepped out first followed by Allie to a four woman chorus of cheers, whistles, and applause. My hands immediately went to my face which, in turn, immediately turned vermillion. Allie, showing a bit more poise, curtsied quite elegantly, smiled, and laughed. Our audience dispersed in short order and we were able to wash our hands and touch up our faces.

We finally paid our bill. Well…actually Allie paid. She was quicker in grabbing it. We had long since lost track of whose turn it was and so many other lines of distinction had become blurred as well. Anyway, as we stepped out onto the street, our faces were assaulted…insulted, by a frigid blast of wind. We huddled for only a few moments before deciding to take a cab ride back home.

Allie and I got undressed and, after putting on our respective comfy robes, spent the remainder of the day lounging in the cave watching the tube and snacking on goodies. Somewhere along the way we fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms. I spent the night once again in Allie’s bed. I decided rather quickly that I could easily become accustomed to her body resting next to mine. That feeling and that knowledge was very comforting indeed.

Monday was a joke. I dressed and did my usual morning routine. I had to shuffle between Allie’s bedroom and my own but, amidst the confusion; I managed to put myself together rather nicely. It was kind of homage to the New Year. I got to the office in good time and, after depositing my coat, scarf, hat and bag at my work station, I got a cup of coffee and went to join Rhonda…as usual.

She got up and we hugged and kissed and wished one another a happy year. Then we sat and she had to ask the magic question. Oh…it didn’t come out right away thankfully. I told her all about Peter’s wonderful party and about meeting another Ben and Jerry, who she evidentially knew. I told of my meeting Lilly and sitting with her and drawing a bit. Rhonda wanted every tiny little detail and, of course, I told all. Then she simply had to ask!

“So what did you and Allie do after you left?”

I froze…turned a very bright shade of candy apple red…and began to giggle insanely. Rhonda stared at me for a moment. Suddenly her entire expression changed. Her eye brows shot up. Her jaw dropped. Her eyes popped wide open.

“Oh my God…! Oh no…you didn’t!” Rhona said quite shocked.

I nodded as my giggling became worse. I covered my mouth with my hand and I cast my gaze anywhere but at Rhonda.

“With Peter…?!”

Now she was completely amazed; her hands flapping about in excitement. I shook my head and covered my face with both hands.

“Oh my God no…! Allie…?!”

Something within me couldn’t say yes. It was kind of about kissing and telling? Rhonda was kind of family to Allie and me but…well…you know. I put my hands down on the desk and Rhonda quickly grasped them.

“Oh…my God…! You got laid!”

Rhonda said it so breathily and so matter of fact that I had to burst out laughing with tears rolling down my cheeks.

“It’s not serious…is it???” Rhonda’s face took on that amazed expression again.

“Uhhh… Well…?” I smiled coyly.

I didn’t know how to answer that question. Well…that’s not true. I didn’t know how to phrase it without the ‘L’ word…and the ‘L’ was not for lesbian.

“My cosmetics are in her bathroom?”

“Oh my God…!”

Rhonda sat back in her chair with a longed face expression as if she still couldn’t believe it.

“This is very serious.” Rhona suddenly jumped up from her chair and rushed around to hug me. “Oh sweet heart… Congratulations... I truly hope it works out for the two of you. You’re the sweetest…”

Somehow I knew that she couldn’t decide whether to say ‘man’ or ‘woman’.

“…person I know and I would love to see you two happy together. So… Give me all the details!”

Rhona’s face was lit up with excitement as she quickly returned to her chair.

I went into the details of what had occurred between us without getting into the…dirty deeds? I was giggling away like a fool when Peter walked in. Both of us suddenly turned straight faced and sat with rather stoic expressions but I simply couldn’t maintain it. Peter looked at me, and then at Rhona, and then back at me at which point I burst into laughter.

“Don’t tell me.” He said with a smile as he rested his attaché case on the desk. “You got laid.” He laughed.

What…? Is it like…written on my forehead? Was it truly that obvious?

“Well…I am devastatingly sad and crushed…but totally elated for your happiness. I think Allie is very lucky to have nailed you.”

Peter laughed again but he was sincere in his wishes. I kind of felt bad because…well…I still felt myself attracted to him and I think Peter knew this. I was hoping that it wouldn’t change our friendship or our working relationship. And, to Peter’s credit, it didn’t.

I was useless the rest of the day. Word quickly spread around the office and everyone, one by one no less, came by my cubicle to visit and offer congrats and find out the details and all. I couldn’t believe it.

I felt like I was voted the least likely to ever get laid and the losers were congratulating me…or something. I suppose it was my own fault. The guys told me, upon hearing Allie was my paramour, that I’d need to learn how to scissor? Clue…less…!

I gave up at lunch time. I couldn’t even ask Peter if I might leave early without snickering with my hand over my mouth. I walked home. I needed the brisk winter’s chill to sober me up and bring me out of my dream like state. I knew I had this idiotic smile on my face but nothing I could do or think of would change that.

I got home and, no sooner had I unbuttoned my coat, Allie attacked me. She came from out of nowhere and her presence was totally unexpected. She pushed me down into the armchair near the door and, after quite unceremoniously removing my pants and panty; she hoisted my legs over the arms of the chair. Allie then proceeded to inhale my dick; the whole ‘Mickey Mouse’; ears and all.

She had been having the same kind of morning as I had and took the same action. She was about to call me when I came in. Needless to say, we spent the entire afternoon in her bed or on the loveseat in the cave…oh…and once on the kitchen counter. Allie seemed to enjoy attacking me in the kitchen when I was in the midst of doing some chore.

Indeed Allie seemed to initiate all of our…entanglements? I didn’t mind because…well…all this was new to me. And to be perfectly honest…I liked her…aggression? I also really loved that look of need in her eyes knowing that only I could fulfill that need. I truly felt needed and wanted and…desired?

That evening we had a very serious talk. The logistics of our living situation were ridiculous, to say the least; especially now that we shared the same bed. We decided to move her fall, spring and summer clothing into my bedroom and my winter things into hers. My bed would go downstairs into storage and we would use my old room as kind of a study?

I was having trouble trying to understand my bank statement one evening. Allie offered to look at it for me. One thing led to another and we decided that I would let her handle my financial stuff. She seemed to have a much firmer grasp of things than I did. We combined accounts and she got me a credit card from her bank. The non-issue of my rent simply disappeared since I didn’t need to write checks any longer.

This is kind of how things went in the following days and weeks. Our lives became more and more intertwined and, to be quite honest, I loved it. Besides being my BGFF, Allie was my lover, my guardian and protector, my banker, and the mother I never had. Inversely, I was rapidly becoming her partner, her teacher, her guide and her muse for her art.

That’s not to say that we didn’t have our…’animated discussions’. But they were usually over stupid little things like who was wearing what to for an occasion. We almost never had any sort of disagreements over the important things.

There were times when we’d be together, perhaps doing our makeup, and I felt like I was with more of a sister than anything else. We shared everything that we could; cosmetics, jewelry, hand bags and other accessories. It was a pity we couldn’t share clothing because that would have been really special.

My art…our art…changed quite noticeably. Though Allie was and is always my muse, my work became bolder. I was doing larger pieces and the colors were more vibrant. Though my ‘soft edge’ could still be noticed, a new hardness in the modern experimental pieces became my sort of new signature.

Allie’s forms began to stray from the classical shapes to the more unusual forms. Functionality became secondary to visual uniqueness. She also began to experiment more with her glazes. She moved away from the muted and earth colors and more toward the same sort of vibrant things I was doing. Our combined works were really amazing. I was painting on her pieces with her new glazes and we both loved what was coming out of the kiln.

Things couldn’t have been going better for us until the end of January. When either of us came home, we would shout out a greeting of some sort and the other would come out from where ever. On this evening I arrived home and called out to see if Allie was in yet. I heard her call from the kitchen but her voice was…subdued?

I hung my coat and went toward the kitchen. Maybe she simply had a harder than usual day. When I walked in I was shocked to see her with her forehead resting in her hands. She was sipping wine out of a huge water glass through a straw. Her eyes were vixen red. She’d been crying. I sat on the stool cattycorner from her. I reached out to touch her shoulder.

“What’s wrong sweet heart?” I was becoming upset.

Allie looked angry as well as very upset. A tear dropped from her eye. She suddenly stopped what seemed to be an endless sip through the straw. She took a very deep breath and let it out slowly with a hissing sound.

“I went to my gynecologist today. I’m pregnant.”

‘Oh my God…! That’s great; a baby…a new life! Maybe it’ll look like you. I can help take care of it. You know….like change the diapers? Don’t be upset. It’s no big thing. It’s our baby…ours.’

Allie had to sense what I was thinking. I mean I thought this was great news. We had been together such a short time and we’re going to have a baby. She took another very long sip of wine. She really shouldn’t be drinking in her condition.

“It’s not ours silly.” Another tear dropped from her eye. “It’s his. Simms’...”

‘Oh my God…! You’re not thinking what I think you’re thinking? You can’t get rid of it. It’s going to be a new life and I don’t care that I’m not the…father? I mean a child is a child and we can raise it any way we wish. You can’t terminate this life. Maybe it’ll be a girl and look just like you. You can’t be thinking of an abortion.’

“Well…there’s a piece of you in it and that’s worth a whole lot.” I couldn’t say what I was thinking but I did have to say something.

“There’s a piece of him in me.” Allie hissed with vehemence I’d never heard before and I hoped I’d never hear again. “And I want it out! I don’t want to have to look at anything that even remotely resembles him! Not ever…!”

‘Didn’t you use protection? What about the pill? You had to have used something? I mean you hardly knew the guy. It didn’t have to come to this.’

“I don’t know how this happened. He had to have done this intentionally; that fucking son of a bitch!” Allie slammed her palm down on the counter and burst into tears.

Now I really understood her anger and her fear. Suppose it was a boy and it did look exactly like him? She would have to go through life seeing his face every day. She certainly couldn’t even think of going through with the pregnancy and then giving the baby up. She did not want to perpetuate anything that might have come out of him.

“Have you told Jill?” I spoke softly trying to calm her.

“No…! Of course not…! I didn’t want to hear from her about…”

Allie looked at me in shock and her voice trailed off. I couldn’t imagine Jill being anything but supportive. She looked at me with such soulful and doe-like eyes; hopeful eyes.

“You’re the only one I’ve told. You’re the only one I’ll tell. You’re the only one I trust completely.”

Wow…! Now that was a ton of stuff to lay on me. But I was more than happy that I could bear the weight for her. In a sense I was now part of whatever occurred whether I wanted to be or not. But how could I not be? We were part of one another and my ‘other self’ was in pain.

I reached over and grabbed her wine glass and I took a giant sip. Now I could understand her wanting to have a drink. I knew that she knew that the wine would ultimately make absolutely no difference. But, hopefully, it would help ease the pain of her decision.

Allie loved children. She couldn’t resist looking into a covered baby stroller or stopping the mother and asking some dumb question just too able to watch the baby for a moment or two. Whenever we went to Central Park she would always want to go to the zoo and watch the children react to the amazing animals.

We’d stroll through the playground and watch the little ones running around and laughing and playing. This decision had to be extraordinarily painful for her. I reached for Allie’s hand and I took it in both of mine. We both smiled at having the very same thoughts.

“Whatever you want to do, whatever you need to do, I’ll be with you every step of the way. If you decide to have it, I will raise it with you. If you decide not to have it, I will be with you and hold your hand every inch of the way. I will be there with you.”

20- 5 IMG_1774.jpgAllie began to cry again

...and she reached out for me. I got up and wrapped my arms around her and we embraced as both our tears soaked into the blouses we were wearing. Though we were crying together, I don’t know that it was for the same reasons. I wept because I would have liked to see that child. I would have liked to see a smaller and younger version of Allie.

I would have liked to be a large part of the baby’s life. I would have liked to see Allie perhaps keep the decision for a bit longer even if only a week or two or three. Maybe something within her would see past the horrid manner in which it was conceived. But that would never happen and the more I thought about it the more I cried.

I don’t know how long we hugged one another but eventually we managed to calm down enough to stop our tears. Of course the shoulders of our blouses were more than soaked. I heard Allie take a very deep and quivered breath.

“If I have anyone’s baby…” Allie whispered into my ear and then gently kissed it. “…it would be yours…ours.”

I was stunned. I took my head from her shoulder and looked at her. Allie was smiling through her tears. In spite of her tears, I saw something in her eyes that I’d seen before but couldn’t really recognize. I sort of felt what it was but feeling and knowing are so very different.

“I think I would like that very much.” I giggled through my tears. Then I laughed. “Do you remember when we first met?”

“Yeah…” Allie sniffled as she grabbed a napkin to dry her eyes.

“And you asked me if I was a drag queen…” I grabbed one and did the same. “…and I said no?”

“Yeah…” Allie looked at me questioningly.

“And you said ‘good’ because you had enough drama in your life?”


“You really weren’t kidding.”

She stared at me for a moment and we both began to laugh.

“Let’s get changed and put together something to eat.”

I knew doing something together would take her mind off of things.

“Good idea.”

We walked to ‘our’ bedroom, changed out of our clothes, washed the tears out of our eyes and tried to refresh ourselves. Allie put on a lovely satin night blouse that dropped to her hips and her robe and I donned my sleeping tee and my robe. On went our slippers and we walked back to the kitchen.

Allie threw together a salad whilst I pan fried some veggies and steamed up some rice. We sat and eat side by side, our bodies touching as if we could combine our energies and recoup our strength by sharing what we had left.

We got into bed early after doing our evening wash and ‘beauty’ rituals. Two scented tea candles provided just enough light to see one another’s face and body and Allie had some music playing softly. For a change Allie rested in my arms and upon my body.

Allie was needy and she didn’t need to tell me. Who wouldn’t be under such circumstances? She remained needy the rest of the week and into the next. We didn’t have sex as such but we did make love. There was a lot of caressing and petting and kissing. I would rest my head on the inside of Allie’s thigh and gently kiss and lick and play with her…’coochie’ as she called it?

And she would do the equivalent with me. It was kind of low keyed but very satisfying none the less. It was the trust and intimacy of resting upon her cradle of life that Allie so generously and lovingly afforded me. It also brought to mind once again that idea of being a lesbian in a boy’s suit.

We concocted a story why we had to be out of work on Tuesday of the next week. I insisted that we not lie about being out but Allie insisted on having the privacy she so desperately wanted. And so Allie was having a growth removed from her…plumbing? That worked better than I expected and everyone was sympathetic to the max. Peter even allowed me the luxury of taking the following day if Allie needed me.

We went to a woman run clinic that Allie’s gynecologist recommended and they were amazing. Everything was very low keyed and almost soothing from the moment we walked in. I was permitted to stay with Allie through the entire procedure although I sat with my back away from the ‘business’ end.

I held her hand and kissed her forehead and simply tried to keep my smile. With the exception of a little cramping after the procedure, Allie felt no pain. We were finished within a few hours and on our way back home.

Allie stared out the window of the cab as we rode in silence. I felt the entire thing was almost anti-climactic; so much emotional stress and build up and fears for what might as well have been a hang nail of a procedure. I certainly felt a sense of relief. I gently squeezed Allie’s hand and she turned and smiled at me. But there was sadness in her eyes and I understood.

I made her rest in bed. I catered to whatever need she had and tried, quite successfully I might add, to anticipate what her next need might be. I brought my easel in and did some sketching whilst Allie napped. I brought in whatever meal she felt like having. We spoke very little that afternoon.

More than a week went by and Allie remained in her subdued mood. There was little I could do to change that. I knew that although the physical portion of the ordeal was long finished, the mental portion still remained. I totally understood how she must have felt. One evening we went out for dinner at a local restaurant. She held my hand atop the table and simply gazed into my eyes. I knew that something was up.

That evening in bed Allie again rested her head atop my breast. Then she swiftly moved her entire body atop mine and looked down into my face. Allie gently stroked my cheeks and my hair as she seemed to take in every little aspect of my features. I could feel that my dick had parted her vaginal lips through our panties. I could feel the warmth and dampness. She was definitely excited.

“You know sweet heart… I was very serious when I said I wanted to have your baby.” She squeezed my cheeks forcing me to have a ‘fish mouth’ pout. “And so…” Allie continued as she gently shook my fish mouth from side to side. “I’m going off birth control completely starting yesterday.” She giggled…probably at my wide eyed stare. “So if you have any objections, now is the time to make them known?” Allie stared into my eyes for a moment.

I will always remember that moment in time. It was a momentous and cathartic moment for me. Someone actually had enough faith in me to want to share a blessing as sacred and as wonderful as a child; their child…our child. But this statement was more than simply a pronouncement of faith; it was in fact a planned decision, a desired and wanted decision.

“No objections?” Allie lilted and then shook my mouth again from side to side. “Good…” She giggled as she let go of my cheeks. “I think we’ll make excellent mothers.” She giggled again and then kissed me.

“Allie…” Now I was looking up directly into her eyes. “I do love you so very much.”

I felt tears welling up. Oh my God… I actually admitted it to her. I actually and finally admitted that to myself. I used the ‘L’ word.

“I know sweet heart. That’s why I know this is the right decision.” She giggled. “I knew you wanted me to have that baby when I told you I was pregnant.”

“But…” I was surprised she knew that.

“There are no ‘buts’ baby. I could see it in your eyes. But you went along and supported me even though you felt differently. I know that you understood how I felt. That could only mean one thing; you loved me.” Allie giggled. Her eyes then sort of became dreamy. “And I do love you sweet heart.” We kissed again and I hugged her even tighter.


I had to ask something but I felt embarrassed. Allie could tell by the disturbed look on my face that was very hard to hide.

“What is it sweet heart?” Allie lilted with a smile.

“Do you think…?” Oh my God… But I had to ask. “Do you think I’d be able to nurse it too?”

Allie chuckled.

“I don’t know sweet heart. We’ll have to ask Doctor Ginsberg. But if you do, it will probably involve an increase in your hormone intake as well as a change of hormones. You might lose the ability to use your thingy.”

“I don’t know if I want that.”

Oh my God…! Really…? I was only just beginning to enjoy having it.

“That doesn’t mean that we won’t be able to have fun. It only means that we’ll have fun in a different way. And it will also mean that we’ll need to get more sperm samples for use at a later date. After all, maybe we’ll have lots of kiddies. Could you handle that?” Allie laughed.

Lots of kiddies… Now there was a concept. Yeah… That would be pretty amazing. Although one would be a handful I’m sure. I hoped that the first one would be a girl and it would look just like Allie and not have my ponderous nose.

Allie kissed me and then began to slowly kiss her way down my body. She spent extra time kissing, sucking and licking my very sensitive nipples. Each time she would do something to either or both of them the sensation seemed to instantly translate to an electrical type of zap to my thingy. By the time she reached my navel, I was totally in chubby land.

Somewhere along her journey Allie had slipped her panty off and now she slipped mine down my legs and off as well. She grasped my dick and engulfed it in her mouth as her hands gently massaged my scrotum. I was becoming more and more excited. My hands could only reach her neck and shoulders and I rubbed them as best I could. Allie quickly got on her knees and straddled my waist. In one movement she slid herself down onto my stiffy.

I moaned and could have died from the extreme pleasure her movements brought me. But she wasn’t finished by any means. Allie leaned her body down against mine and, again with a swift, and strong, movement she rolled over until I was atop her. She giggled as she dug the heels of her feet into my butt cheeks and pulled me further into her. Allie looked into my eyes and smiled.

“I want you to come in me sweet heart. This is something I want to start tonight…right now.”

Allie pulled my face down to hers and she kissed me. Her tongue was brutally delicious as she swept the inside of my mouth and fought for domination with my tongue. Her hands pulled and delightfully pinched my nipples. I knew I wouldn’t last very long nor did Allie want me to. Her eyes sparkled with mischief. She knew exactly what she was doing and I wanted nothing to stop her. I was hers to do with as she pleased and that thought turned me on even more.

20- 6 IMG_1771.jpg“Come on baby…come on!”

Allie muttered under her breath as I pumped into her, her heels spurring me on. I moaned and groan my pleasure as I finally built to the most unbelievable apex of pleasure. And then, with a loud squeal, I began to spurt into her. Allie seemed to time each pulsation of my dick with her heels trying to pull me in even deeper. I finally fell upon her in total exhaustion.

Allie let me rest for a while as my breathing started to return to normal. Once I had shrunk enough to fall out of her, or be pushed out, Allie quickly bounced me off of her and drew her knees up into her breasts crossing her legs.

She was trying to keep what I had given her deep within herself. I cuddled up alongside of her and placed my legs beneath her butt to aid her in this endeavor. It then occurred to me that she had only just undergone an abortion two weeks ago and might still be a little sore. But Allie didn’t care. She wanted to do this more than anything and nothing was going to stop her.

As I rested beside her, helping to keep her legs and pelvis raised. Allie turned her luscious face, blossoming bold pink, toward me and smiled lewdly.

“Oh… By the way baby doll…” Allie giggled. “I bought a strap on.”

Is Andi really a lesbian in a boy suit? Is Allie really a lesbian in a girl's suit? Is anyone even dressed in their proper suits? Does it even matter? Will Allie strap on a tool belt equipped with power tools? And what about Bob??? All this and more to follow in the adventures of Andi and Allie!!!

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