A crazy bus ride

"Alright kids, get on the bus!" Said the gym teacher, pointing to the kids in the bleachers, waiting to be dismissed. Yelling, all the kids run out to their buses. Including Kaleb. Now Kaleb was a pretty average 17 year old, although a bit weak for his age, nobody bothered him, because he had longer hair than some of the boys in the school and creeped the other kids out, but that was alright with him, as he was also antisocial. Getting on the bus, it didn't take too long for Kaleb to find a seat, unaware that it was occupied.

In the seat was 10 year old Stephanie, wearing white panties, slong with black boots, and a white skirt and shirt. Unaware of any more open seats, Kaleb reluctantly took a seat next to the girl, who looked at him and said "don't worry, you wont have to get up, im getting off with my sister Morgan, and we're the last stop!". Kaleb nodded, getting himself comfortable in the seat. Just when he thought they were about to leave, one more kid got on, and, not very surprisingly, it was Morgan. She walked down the aisle, and stopped at Kaleb's seat, looking at Stephanie. She smiled and sat down, leaving Kaleb in between two young 10 year old girls. He looked at Morgan, and she was wearing an outfit somewhat similar to Stephanies, with red cotton tights, red wrist length gloves, boots, and a black shirt and skirt.

As long as Kaleb could remember, every time he saw one of these girls, the other was either talking with them or just walking beside them. The bus ride from then on appeared normal, with Kaleb arranging his backpack and staring out the window, when suddenly Stephanie asked him a question. "Would you ever consider wearing panties, stranger?". Suprised by the question, Kaleb answered, "why would I ever want to do that? Wear those? Never, because I don't care much for looking like a girl." And with that, Stephanie smiled then asked him another question. "Well, what if you were a girl? Then would you?" To which Kaleb replied, "if I was a girl, maybe.". And after everyone was off the bus except for Kaleb and the two girls, as Kaleb is the second to last stop, the two girls suddenly took off their boots and put their feet up on the seat, to which Kaleb said, "Why are you taking your shoes off? We're almost to your stop." And to which Stephanie replied with a giggle "If you'll only wear panties as a girl, I guess we'll have to see to that, now will we?".

After that creepy sentence was said to him, Kaleb replied nervously, "No you wont, see, my stop is coming up in a minute..." and to which, Stephanie said "Oh, you'll find we can be very... convincing.." as she laid Kaleb's legs flat, she sat on them, facing him. When the bus reached his stop, Kaleb was about ready to leap, when suddenly Stephanie stuck her feet in his mouth, shoving her legs in there, while grabbing his arms with her hands, pulling him forward, while Morgan climbed behind him, wrapped her legs around his, and held his waist. Struggling against the combined strength of the two girls, he couldn't even make a squeak as Stephanie's feet were stopping him from opening his mouth. The bus proceeded to drive past his stop as Kaleb fought terribly against the girls, when they reached their stops about a minute later, the girls returned to their original positions, slipped their boots back on, and led Kaleb out the door with them, with the bus driver asking no explanation for the extra person.

Stephanie led Kaleb into Morgan's house, and into her room, closing the door behind them. "What are you gonna do to me? Turn me into a girl?" Kaleb asked frantically, realizing it was hopeless to struggle against the girls. "Yes, in fact, we are gonna turn you into our little sister! " Morgan said, rifling through a hamper of dirty clothes, mainly tights, hose, and panties. After a while of begging, Morgan interrupted by dumping out the hamper on the floor, making a pile of dirty hose, tights, and panties. Kaleb stared in horror, wondering what they were for when suddenly the girls grabbed his arms and legs, and started to undress him.

After he was fully naked, the girls lifted him into air, as they were both stronger and taller than him, held him over the pile of dirty clothes on the floor, with Kaleb frantically kicking, asking for them to let him go, when Stephanie interrupted by saying "After we drop you in here, the dress and panties will slither over your body, encasing you in them, while other panties gag you, shove themselves in your mouth and butt, releasing liquid which will travel through your cells, genes, and blood, making you into a 9 year old girl who is biologically our sister, so yeah, see ya in a bit Courtney. That's your new name, by the way." And with that, the girls let Kaleb go, and as he falls into the pile, he struggles to get up, when he realized that already tights and hose bound his wrists ans ankles. After a short bit of struggling, panties started sliding up his body, and entering his butthole. The panties soon entrred his mouth, which tights forced open. And shortly afterwards, dress started slithering around him and started wrapping his body in the fabric. And when the panties completely bound him, he felt a sharp jerk in his crotch, as he felt his penis start to skrink. And, after searing pain exploded everywhere in his body, Kaleb got woozy and passed out.

After waking up, Kaleb realized something was different. He looked around, not surrounded by dress and panties anymore, as they were back in the hamper. The next oddity Kaleb noticed was his body, and, more specifically, his clothes. He was wearing a pink and white dress, with black buckle shoes. He realized with fear that he was a girl. Reaching down to his crotch, expecting to find a penis, he only found a slit with a hole. He sat down in shock. He was a girl. She stood up, and walked out to the living room, when sudeenly, her brain stung as if it were being stabbed with a red hot poker. She felt all her previous memories fading away, being replaced with new ones. She started to feel that her name was... Courtney. She also began realizing that she had two sisters, Stephanie and Morgan. After the pain faded away, Courtney looked at the tv, which said "Family reports child under the name of "Kaleb" missing, any information on his whereabouts will be appreciated." Shrugging, she turned off the tv, thinking "Sad. Hopefullly they'll find him." And, hearing someone shout "Hurry up, Courtney!", she rushed outside, finding Stephanie and Morgan standing at the bus stop, wearing the outfits they wore the day before. Stephanie handed Courtney a backpack and said, "Time for school, sis." And with that, the bus drove up, opening its doors. "Same class as me and Morgan sis, so just follow us if you don't remember hehe." And, stepping onto the bus, Courtney sat beside her sisters, facing a new day.

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