Andi and Allie - 19

Andi and Allie - Chapter 19

The Morning After…

When I awoke snow was falling lightly in large beautiful flakes. I smiled after realizing I had the best night’s sleep ever. I stretched my arm out to discover that Allie was not in bed. After immediately opened my eyes and looked around I heard her in the bathroom. I kind of sat up against the headboard and pulled the blanket up around me.

Her scent permeated the cloth. Memories of the prior night’s activities flooded back. My body felt amazingly at peace with my spirit. As I gazed around her room I saw several of my drawings framed on the walls and closet doors. The portrait I gave her rested on an easel. Other than those few things, the room was totally Allie; totally feminine.

Allie came walking out of the bathroom wrapped in her fluffy terry cloth pastel pink robe. Her blond hair hung in ringlets still damp from her shower. She looked gorgeous; her face and neck were flushed with shades of red and pink. Her smile was as glorious as a cloudless day. Allie’s eyes sparkled like the twinkling of the stars. I felt so overcome with emotions again…AGAIN!

“You look so adorable like that…the blanket pulled up around your face.” Allie almost sang as she laughed.

Allie got on the bed and, on her hands and knees, crept her way up to me. She slowly pulled the blanket out of my hands and, upon seeing the tears in my eyes, looked really concerned and hugged me to her.

“What’s the problem baby doll?”

I couldn’t vocalize it so I simply shrugged and hugged her. We stayed like that for several moments or more whilst I attempted to compose myself. I straightened up…finally…and took her face in my hands. I looked into her eyes.

“You are so totally beautiful and I can’t believe we’re…well…we slept together and everything. I am so full of thoughts and feelings and they’re so strong that I can’t…” I began to cry again.

“Oh sweet heart…I forgot that this is all new to you. I do understand and for sure I know some of the things you’re feeling.” Allie pulled me to her again and hugged me. “Listen…” Now she took my face in her soft lovely hands. “We’ll go slowly, okay? There’s no rush and we won’t do anything you’re not comfortable with, okay?” I shook my head and tried to smile. “Now let’s go make some coffee and have a bite to eat. Then I want to show you something.”

She giggled as a wicked smile crossed her face briefly. Allie wrapped her arms around my bent up legs and rested her chin upon my knees. I wrapped my arms around her again and hugged her. There was no way I could put what I felt into words.

We spoke freely and easily in the kitchen as we sipped our coffees and munched on toast and cheeses. I told her how wonderful I felt when I would feel her body next to mine…how she kind of snuggled up behind me and me behind her during our sleep.

19-1 IMG_1709.jpgAllie told me that was called ‘spooning’.

She said the she was definitely a soup spoon to my tea spoon. It took a moment or two for me to understand that she was referring to her…size? Of course that made no difference to me. As long as it was our spoons and they fit, it was all good.

And we spoke about the wonderful party last night; last year. It was truly the best party, the most fun party, I’d ever attended. In fact Allie agreed with me and she’d been to a party or two including really fancy balls and such. The people really made the party I guess. I mean we all were kind of…well…different…eccentric…weird? But we all seemed to blend into an amalgam of joy and sharing of ourselves.

“You were wonderful with Lilly…the way you worked with her? You were so patient.”

I thought about Lilly and how she sat quietly and watched my every move and then attempted to replicate it. She’s a very sweet child and a very lucky child. She has two loving and caring parents in spite of them being divorced.

“Yeah… I think we may be seeing more of her. Her eyes lit up when I said she could come and visit. She does seem to have talent.” I took a deep and wistful breath. “I would love to have a child like that someday…maybe even more than one.”

I had no idea how that would ever happen.

“You’d probably like to have them yourself…you know…the pregnant thing?” Allie giggled and sipped her coffee as we sat at the island counter.

“No…” I lilted…again a bit wistfully.

“Well…then you would definitely have to be into making them. I mean… They certainly don’t grow on trees.” Allie smiled wily.

I knew this was leading somewhere. I simply wasn’t sure quite where.

“I could adopt or something.”

I don’t know why I even said that. I felt…well…I felt I had to say something? I just felt Allie was angling at something.

“You could do that. I mean you have an apartment and a job. But they usually are looking for a married couple? You know…the family thing?”


“Or… You could have them with your girlfriend. You know… The…mystery woman…?” Allie snickered.

I suddenly remembered what I had told her. I blushed… I blushed a yet to be named shade of red.

“You were talking about me. Weren’t you?” Allie touched my cheek with her palm.

“I…” I felt tears beginning to rise up as I stared down at my hands. “I didn’t know how to say…”

“That’s okay baby doll. That’s what I thought.” She smiled so…so adoringly at me. “You say it all when you draw and you paint. That’s how I knew. Now back to the matter at hand… I do need to ask…would the kids have one and a half moms…or one and a half dads?”

“Huh…?” BOING!!! “What…?”

“Well…? You do kind of look like someone’s mommy?” Allie giggled.

I, however, began to panic and maybe even…perspire? Ugh…! Ewww…!


“Now don’t misunderstand me wrong sweet heart…” Allie saw I was getting bent out of shape in my own quite way. “I think you look wonderful…beautiful…simply gorgeous. I really can’t imagine you looking any other way. Maybe I’m just accustomed to seeing you dressed? Or maybe it’s the way you should have looked all along?” She got up off of her stool and came around toward me. She hugged me. “But I wouldn’t want you to be anyone or anything other than whom and what you are.”

I felt myself becoming emotional…yet again. I knew what she was saying but I still didn’t know what she was trying to say. All I knew, at that moment, was that I loved the way her body felt against mine…even with our robes on. I put my arms around her and buried my face in her shoulder. Her scent was already so deeply imbedded in my mind that the very slightest whiff of her was so very intoxicating.

“It’s just that I want to know…” Allie pulled away from me slightly so that she could look into my teary eyes. She smiled so…benignly? “I need to know if last night was simply a one-time thing for us; or if it meant as much to you as it did to me? Was it simply the wine and the mood and the lateness of the hour? Or was it really something you’ve wanted…as much as I did”

Huh…? What…?

“The truth is…and please try to understand where I’m coming from…the truth is that I need to know whether there is a Peter in your future…pardon the Peter pun.” Allie giggled but I could tell she was very serious.

“A Peter…?” Clueless…! I am so clueless!

“A Peter… As in a penis…?”

Both Allie’s brows shot up as if…as if I should be considering this penis...uhhh…point. Oh my God…! Oh…my God…! OH…! MY…! GOD…! Did I really need to consider that right now…this very minute…immediately?

“Look…here’s my point.” Allie grabbed the lapels of her silk robe that I was wearing and gently shook me. “I would rather have you as a friend than as a lover.” Oh my God… The big kiss-off…? “You are always there for me…ALWAYS! No matter what my situation is you are there to catch, or pick up, the pieces. I don’t know who would be there if we…well…if we weren’t we any more…you know? I don’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to…bed mates?”

“Yeah but…” Aren’t there always ‘yeah buts’? “Jill’s always there for you as well.”

“Jill is the mother I should have had. You are something different…closer. You’re like…I don’t know what to call you…like a brother…sister? You’re even more than that to me.” Now tears were in Allie’s eyes. “I just couldn’t stand to lose that.”

“You won’t ever lose that. What we did…what you did last night was amazing. That was the most…”

I couldn’t think of anything that could adequately describe what she did…we did. I took a deep breath.

“You really rocked my world in a way that it’s never been rocked before.”

“Yeah… But what happens the next time Peter comes on to you and the mood is right and the wine has flowed and all of that? Will you suck his cock? Will you fuck him? And where does that leave me?”

Allie was openly weeping now. I held her with one hand and began to catch her tears with a napkin with my other hand. Now I understood what she was trying to say all along. And truly I did understand her concerns. Peter had such an amazing effect upon me and Allie knew that. I told her as much.

I don’t know what would have happened had Allie not been with me last night and if Peter’s wife and daughter had not been there. Had I brought Allie specifically to prevent something like that from happening?

I waited for Allie to calm herself and dabbed at the last few remaining tears that had fallen. As I did so, I had to honestly search my heart for an answer that was truthful to me and to Allie. While I couldn’t deny being all those things to her, I also couldn’t deny all the things she was to me. I couldn’t deny how much she meant to me.

“You mean more to me than anyone else in the world.” I whispered in her ear as I hugged her close. “While Peter is important in my life, it is you I always turn to. I don’t know what would have happened if you weren’t with me last night. Maybe I would have been seduced by Peter and maybe not.

“But last night was the night I wanted to share with you and nobody else. Had there been no party, I would have still wanted to be with you. If I had the choice to be alone or with you or with Peter…” I had to take a deep breath for this one. “I would have chosen you. I really don’t know about tomorrow? But right now I only want to be with you.”

“Fine…” Allie pushed away from me. She undid the belt holding her robe closed. “Then it’s time for you to face the little monster.”

Allie placed her hands upon the counter top and hopped into a seated position. “If this is too much than you really need to think again.”

Allie scooted away from the edge a few inches and brought her heels to rest at the very edge of the top. She then opened her robe to reveal her glorious nudity and then suddenly spread her legs apart exposing her vagina to me. The first thing that hit me was the scent of her cologne mixed with something quite…musky?

19-2 20161109_7.jpg“It’s time for your geography lesson.”

Allie giggled. “Pull your stool closer and sit down sweet heart. You need to see this.” Allie leaned back on her elbows after handing me the bottle of olive oil; extra virgin of course. “Put a little of that on your finger.”

I was, to say the least, majorly stunned. My entire body trembled…with dread!!! Allie was right. This was my monster; the thing I feared the most. The memories of my mother coming home, with God only knows what dripping from between her legs all over the floors came flooding back to me. I instinctively covered my eyes with my hand.

“ANDI…!” The sharpness of Allie’s voice shocked me. “Open your eyes right now. We need to do this. Now get closer and look at it.”

I took a really deep breath, mostly her wonderfully exotic scent, and held it as I removed my hand from my eyes and stared at…it…IT? Allie’s vagina looked kind of like a sideways mouth; but with flappy kind of lips like some old person with no teeth and the tip of a tongue jutting out just a wee bit from the top?

“Now put the oil on your finger tip and run it down the center.”

I did as Allie asked, running my finger ever so lightly down and then up what I could discern to be the center.

“Mmmm…” Allie’s body quaked.

Her eyes were closed and a gentle smile crossed her lips. I slowly ran my finger back down the path it had made. Allie moaned softly again as my finger tip began to sink into the center…flap?

“Press your finger down a bit more. Part the lips.”

Allie laid back completely and just seemed to enjoy my delicate ministrations. I have to tell you that the entire process caused me to tremble with…I don’t know…fear and yet excitement? My finger seemed to disappear a bit more as the cleft opened up to my touch.

“Okay sweet heart…now I want you to lick the olive oil off where you put in.”

WHAT…!? I froze…completely.

“Go ahead baby. I guarantee that it has no teeth and it won’t bite. Try it a few times and if it’s that unpleasant, then we’ll stop…okay?”

“Uhhh…” Now was the time to have a little faith. “Okay...”

My throat was so dry that I couldn’t even wet my tongue. I took a sip of coffee and moved my face close enough that I could feel Allie’s body heat. The scent of her cologne became a bit stronger. I smelled the fragrance of the olive oil. I opened my mouth and slowly licked from the tip top of her slit slowly down to the very bottom end.

19- 3 IMG_1733.png“Ohhh…that feels so divine.”

Allie crooned, her eyes closed.

I guess I did it right? So I licked from the bottom up to the top and then back down again. I broadened my tongue and really encompassed her complete slit, mouth and lips, and again repeated my licking. I not only elicited more moaning from Allie but I felt her legs move and drape over my shoulders.

I could feel Allie’s lips engorge and the thingy that looked like a tiny tongue tip grow thicker as I continued to accommodate her…commands? After a few more moments Allie’s legs clamped tightly around me and I heard her groan softy.

“Okay…” She spoke quite breathily. “Stop for a minute...please. I didn’t expect that…so quickly.”

“Huh…?” C-l-u-e-l-e-s-s!

“I had a little orgasm sweetie.” She giggled.

Allie released my head and replaced her heels on the edge of the counter. She sat up and, with a smile and a glance at me, brought her hands down to her vagina and slowly separated the folds. Her actions were certainly made easier by my tongue’s work.

“I want you to play attention now baby doll.” As if anything else was going to distract me. “There are two sets of lips, or labia, the major and the minor…” Allie went on to explain all the parts that could be seen. “My minor lips are kind of…pronounced? That’s supposed to be a good thing if you want to get pregnant because they grip your thingy and retain sperm better.”

‘Good point…’ I thought. I would have to remember that. Why…? I couldn’t tell you? But she obviously had a reason for saying it.

“Now this thing…” She pointed to her clitoris. Well okay… I’m not totally ignorant…just mostly. “…is also a bit large.”

Uhhh…yeah…! That’s the thing that felt like a fingertip or something last night. I reached out and gently stroked its length and her entire body quaked. I had to giggle. I noticed that I could smell her aroma on my face. I thought to myself that I would never wash my face as long as that scent remained.

“Easy baby…” Allie giggled. “There’s more.”

Allie laughed and smiled; her eyes ablaze with…excitement? She pointed out where her pee came out and then, with her fingertips, she opened up a gap below that point.

“And this is where your thingy was last night.”

“It’s so…small?”

I looked at her. I couldn’t believe that I fit into this space without hurting her. I mean… It’s not like I’m some kind of huge dicked freak. But really…? Allie simply laughed.

“It stretches baby. Anyway…before last night it hasn’t seen much use lately.” I could detect a note of sadness in her voice? “Wet two fingers with the oil and stick them in.”

What…? Oh my God…I was going to stick my fingers inside of her? The concept was so totally alien to me. I couldn’t decide whether I was having fun or I was being freaked out…or both. Faith…! I did as Allie asked and wet my two fingers with the oil. Of course I had another sip of coffee first because every time I could salivate, Allie would expose something to cause my mouth to go dry.

I slowly and carefully inserted my fingers into Allie. I naturally went very slowly and carefully in spite of her seemingly approving moans. I felt the oddest sensations as my fingers slowly explored her insides and my mind tried to picture what my fingers were feeling. The entire thing suddenly became sort of clinical for me. I felt her pubic bone and a channel that even my longer and boney fingers couldn’t fathom…completely.

Allie seemed to be more than enjoying the experience. She wiggled around as if to direct my fingers to one spot or another. She sat up and grasped my wrist for a few moments to steady herself and slow me down. Then I reversed my wrist and began to feel up along the inside front of her vagina. I touched and rubbed one particular spot and she nearly broke my fingers she reacted so strongly.

“G-spot…!” Allie said very breathily.

I kind of giggled. Okay… Take note of that one Andi. I waited a moment or two and felt around again. The textures were amazing. I simply couldn’t envision what I was touching. And the wetness! Oh my God…it was like some tiny faucet had turned on!

I don’t know what ever possessed me but I simply couldn’t resist. Whilst gently feeling about within Allie, I with my newly discovered infinite wisdom of female anatomy, I decided to grasp her very pronounced clit whilst suddenly massaging that magic spot of hers. Allie’s reaction to this simultaneous attack was quite pronounced.

Allie’s vaginal contraction was so strong that I thought she was going to crush my fingers! Her entire body seemed to ball up and her hand quickly covered mine. She grunted, squealed and then moaned with such power that at first I thought I might have hurt her. Just as quickly her body relaxed and Allie laid her head back down, her mouth open and trying to capture air and her eyes blinking as she seemed to be trying to recover her awareness.

“That…” Allie said whilst still trying to recapture her breath. “…was not fair.” She giggled.

I snickered mischievously as I felt her clit shrink a bit in thickness? I found a new toy and I was thrilled with it. I was even more thrilled that I could give my dearest of friends such exquisite pleasure so easily.

“You need to take your finger away.”

“Um…okay. But you have to take your hand away.” I snickered to myself.

I was totally amazed at how quickly she could achieve a second orgasm. And one that was definitely more powerful than the first. The moment Allie removed her hand from atop mine and she opened her legs, I wickedly took a deep breath and dove in. My tongue was atop her clit in no time at all and I began to stroke it with long slow licks.

19-4 Image-1.jpg“OH NO…!!! You sneaky little bitch!

Oh…oh…that is so good…oh my God…! OHMYGOD OHMYGODOHMYGOD…!”

Allie kept repeating this until I could no longer hear her because she had clamped her thighs so tightly around my head. I felt her quiver and quake and tremble as she seemed to come time and time and time again! I was so totally amazed, and amused, at what was happening. And I thought that having some guy by the dick was such an intense power trip. That was nothing compared to this!

My fingers were locked within Allie by her contractions and she was bucking her hips against their tips. With the tip of my tongue I began to make tiny circular motions moving her fleshy engorged clit ever so slightly. Allie couldn’t seem to stop her gyrations and cries of pleasure as I continued. In truth, I was curious at just how many orgasms she could achieve before whatever occurred after that.

Suddenly, amid Allie’s mantra of ‘oh my God’s’ interlaced with ‘fuck’s’ and other profanities, I felt her clit grow really large; larger than before. Her body also almost completely stopped its involuntary movements. She clenched my fingers within her and my head with even greater force. Allie’s entire body began to tremble almost spasmodically and she screamed out and I felt my face get suddenly bathed in liquid. She peed on me!!! At least that was what I thought. Now I thought ‘so much for never washing my face again’.

Allie’s body went completely limp. Save for her breathing I would have sworn she (heaven forbid) died. Her eyes were closed and her legs, once so firmly wrapped around my head, now dangled limply off the edge of the counter. Her clear discharge was dripping off the counter and onto the floor. It didn’t seem to have much of an odor or taste. Okay… So I was curious.

I stood up as best I could with my fingers still within her and leaned over to cradle her head with my free hand. Allie, much to my relief, opened her eyes a bit and smiled at me.

“That…was a big one!” She managed to say whilst still catching her breath and recovering her sense.

“No shit Sherlock…” I snickered. “But did you need to pee on me?”

“Well it’s your own fault. And that wasn’t pee. That was squirt.” Allie laughed.

“Squirt…?” Clue…less!!! This definitely required more…research?

“Listen sweet heart…you have to take your fingers out. I’m getting a little sore; gently now?”

I did as Allie asked. She took my hand and, putting the two fingers into her mouth, sucked on them with a quite seductive expression of her face. I giggled. I moved up and removed my hand only to replace my fingers with my lips on hers.

19-5 IMG_1734.jpgI kissed her...
...and felt so much a part of her.

When our lips finally parted, I smiled down at her and she up at me. No words were necessary. I felt like this electric zap pass between us just from our mutual expressions.

“I loved doing that so much.” I really did. I had to giggle. “It was such a rush watching you get so much pleasure.”

Allie spoke in her richest alto voice as she laughed and hugged me, pulled me on top of her.

“You…” She said still catching her breath. “…are such a lesbian.”

Has Andi discovered the fountain of youth… or simply a youthful fountain???

Will Andi ever need to wash his face again???

Have Andi and Allie bonded, melded, fused, intertwined, shaken but not stirred, or elsewise come together???

Will Froggie ever plunk his magic twanger???

And what about Bob???

For the answer to these superfluous questions and others even more so…be sure to catch the next chapter of ‘Andi and Allie’!!!

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