Andi and Allie - 18

Andi and Allie Chapter 18

So much for the New Year…!!!

018-01a IMG_1706.png"ANDI…!”

I was on the very edge of sleep when I heard me name being…shrieked? The damp cloth still covered my tear stained eyes. I lifted one corner to see what time it was; two-thirty in the morning?

“ANDI…! Get out here! Now…!!!”

Allie must have been in her doorway. Her voice echoed throughout the apartment. She sounded quite angry or upset. Hmmm… Make that angry and upset...and let’s throw in really pissed off for good measure. I sat up in my bed and turned on my night table lamp whilst shielding my eyes from its immediate brightness.

“I’m coming. I’m coming. Just give me a minute.”

“Hurry up damn it!”

Well…! There was ne’er a breath of patience in Allie’s voice. I suddenly realized that I felt a bit chilled so I grabbed my robe off the chair and, whilst tying it closed, slipped my feet into my moccasins as I headed out the door of my bedroom.

Allie was standing outside the entrance of her bedroom. Her arms were crossed beneath her gowned breasts and her sandaled toe was tapping noisily against the wooden floor. She had a very stern expression upon her otherwise lovely face and her entire posture shrieked…hostility?

“Get over here! NOW…!” The scowl on her face was…frightening?

Was I to be punished for some unknown indiscretion? Had I irreparably wounded Allie’s sensitivities? Was I to stand accused at two-thirty in the morning of some unknown horror perpetrated upon her person? I very meekly shuffled down toward her with a woe-begotten look upon my face. My shoulders were hunched in an already planned pose of contrition.

I did manage to steal a glimpse at the robe she wore. This was a piece I had never seen before. The material appeared to be pearl pink colored silk perhaps, with white lace trim at the cuffs, neckline and hem which was nearly ankle length. The white lace extended down the bodice just enough to give a more than slight hint of her cleavage. In spite of her particular humor, Allie looked gorgeous in that gown.

“Get in here!!! Right now…!!!”

I was stopped cold in my tracks as if I had suddenly walked into a steel wall. I had never, ever, been in Allie’s bedroom. From some reason I had always considered it to be sacrosanct; her very personal and very private lair. Then again, I’d not had any reason to be in her bedroom. Allie was always accessible in the cave, the kitchen, or her studio.

She was often a visitor to my bedroom but that was usually to either pull me out into some mild adventure in the kitchen, cave, or studio, or to help me assemble myself prior to going out for the evening. She rarely needed that kind of help, but if she did, Allie would always come to me in my room.

“Well…?” Her toe tapping was…a deafening staccato to my ear?

Allie’s harsh and insistent voice shook me out of my thoughts as I slowly continued to her room. I froze at the door way and peered inside. The room was darkened; only lit by several candles giving off a warm soft glowing light. I saw her bed, a large, canopied, California king that appeared to be quite inviting with its feather quilt and profundity of pillows. The bedding matched, of course.

“Get in there.”

Allie spoke with a touch of annoyance in her voice, her arm extended and index finger pointing the way. I breeched the threshold and entered her inner sanctum. Allie went and stood, hands on her hips, near the foot of the bed. It was warmer in her room. Or perhaps it was the effect of the lighting against the warm colored walls; maybe a shade of peach. The aroma in the air was all her. I mean I could smell the aroma of her scent as well as maybe spiced incense.

I couldn’t really see much else because the visage of Allie, attired as she was, captured my eyes. The way the candle light flashed and shone off of her golden hair and her silken gown screamed out a thousand paintings of her. Images flashed across my mind faster than I could take in fully. She pointed to a place on the floor between her personage and the huge bed.

“Over here... Stand right here.” Her voice had softened somewhat as she pointed toward the foot of her bed. “And lose that stupid robe. It offends me.”

I trembled as I dropped the robe from my shoulders and walked the few feet to the spot she indicated and I turned to face her. We were no more than perhaps a foot or two apart. Allie’s eyes captured mine as she raised her hand to sweep away a strand of hair that fell across my face. I flinched slightly as her hand approached. She smiled, shook her head, and looked at me quizzically for an instant as if to say…‘as if I would ever’…?

“I’ve been warned about this.” She took a very deep breath and exhaled slowly. “And I’ve been warned about you.” Allie shook her head as she looked me up and down and back again. “But I need to know something and I know you’ll be totally honest with me.”

Now I was really at a loss of what was happening. I mean, why all the drama if she wanted to know something? I certainly felt I was accessible. I stared at Allie for a moment and, out of seer desperation to try and understand what was going on, I nodded my head most vigorously. I mean how could I not be honest with her?

“Have you… Did you…”

I couldn’t understand why Allie was having such a hard time phrasing her question. She seemed almost pained. She took an exasperated breath and I could see she was going to try again.

“Did you and Peter have sex?”


I didn’t understand why she would ask such a thing. But, on the other hand, she kept nothing from me.

“Not even a little blow job or something? You know Congress decreed that a BJ is not having sex.”


I was a bit more insistent. Well, I mean it’s not like I never considered it.

“And what about your infamous mystery woman… Did you fuck her?”

“No Allie…!” I was…stunned. “Nobody…”

“Did she fuck you?” Her foot began to tap again.

“No… There’s been nobody Allie. I would have told you if there was.” I was verging on tears.

“Well…” Allie looked up at me and blew a strand of hair out from in front of her face. “If I’m going to make a fool out of myself…” She suddenly pushed me forcefully onto her bed. “I had to know. So…? I might as well go all the way now.” She giggled.

Caught completely by surprise, I fell back with my arms splayed out. Allie hopped onto the bed and, straddling me on her hands and knees, moved up so that her legs were splayed alongside of my waist and her hands on either side of my head. She was looking down and directly into my eyes.

“You think you’re so smart…don’t you!” Allie giggled. “It took me a while to figure it out. But it didn’t occur to me until tonight.”


Allie got down on her elbows and grasped my face in her hands. She giggled, closed her eyes, parted her luscious lips, and touched mine with hers. It wasn’t quite an innocent kiss but it wasn’t quite…sexual? Still, it was sensual and sent tremors throughout my body.

“I mean…” Allie said as she lifted her head and again looked down into my eyes with a grin. “I usually never listen to my better instincts and I go with these guys who turn out to be major ass holes. So why shouldn’t I listen to myself when I want to go for someone who at least seems to respect me?”

“What…?” I was stunned and ever so clueless.

Allie again closed her eyes and lowered her head to just barely touch my lips with hers. The tip of her tongue suddenly, and softly, licked around the edge of my lips. It both tickled and excited me. My arms came up and caressed her neck and shoulders through the sleek material of her gown. My body again trembled with excitement and this time it didn’t cease.

Our lips now were solidly enmeshed in a sort of dance in which we each tried to incite even greater movement from one another. Allie lowered her body so that we were touching along our entire length. She felt so warm and so soft, so plushy. I moved my hands all along her back and as far down as I could reach.

018-02 IMG_1715.png“Mmmm…”

Allie moaned into my mouth as we kissed. I had reached her butt and was gently squeezing and lightly rubbing it. She lifted her head up, our lips making a smacking sound as they parted, and she sat up.

“Let’s get this off.”

Allie grabbed the hem of my tee and began to raze it up. I lifted my body allowing her to completely remove it.

“There…” She giggled. “…isn’t that so much better?”

I couldn’t have agreed more.

Allie leaned down and kissed me fully on my lips again. My arms wrapped around her and, with a sigh coming out through my nose, I gave into her kiss. She suddenly again parted lips with me and I heard a sucking sound. Allie gently nipped and tugged on my ear lobe. She ran the tip of her tongue around the inside of my ear sending tremors throughout my body. She must have felt them because she giggled mischievously.

I gently held the back of her head as Allie then proceeded to plant a series of soft kisses down my neck on one side and up the other side. I could feel her soft breath against my skin and each touch of her lips was electric. The touch of her lush body upon mine was…divine. The weight of her body felt negligible and I would have relished her remaining there the rest of the night.

I must admit that all of this stimulation was quite frightening to me. I had never felt such…such amazingly powerful sensations before and, rather than plateau, these sensations were building. I kept feeling more and more stimulated, well beyond anything I had felt previously. My head, indeed my entire body, felt a swirling sensation; I was floating rapidly along on a swiftly rushing tide of growing passion and…desire?

Allie never let up for even a moment. She giggled again as she slowly kissed and licked her way down the center of my chest to suddenly attack my nipple! Oh…my God…!!! She sucked it into her mouth along with the surrounding flesh. I felt a sharp pain which caused me to cry out.

“Oh…” Allie crooned softly. “I forgot baby doll. You’re…developing?”

She giggled as the tip of her tongue circled my nipple and then she softly blew upon it causing the most torturously exquisite sensation. I felt as though electricity was arcing from my nipple straight down through me to encompass my entire groin and then shoot down to my now curled toes.

Allie moved to my other nipple and repeated her tongue swathing and soft gentle blowing. Her hand found its way to my first small mound and she gently cupped my tiny breast, moving her hand in a soothing massaging motion as she gently, and repeatedly, squeezed and rolled my engorged nipple between her fingers.

My body refused to stay still. I held her head against me as she taunted and teased me with her mouth and my hips and groin kind of began a dance of their own as I felt myself jerk up against Allie. I knew I was softly moaning and groaning and…well…even squealing with each new wave of sexual excitement that Allie wrung from me.

Allie, after arousing my nipples into projecting little mementos of her mouth’s travels, began to kiss and lick her way down my body again. Her hands never stopped for a moment in their seemingly independent travels. Allie’s finger tips left their magic everywhere they touched and never strayed so far that my electrified nipples where lonely for her attention. Her tongue licking my navel produced the most amazing sensation in my dick.

As Allie kissed and licked her way even lower, the crass and lurid realization suddenly struck me! Oh… My God…! I’m going to get laid! The sensual and almost unbearably pleasurable waves that flowed through my body like a tsunami suddenly gave way to something even more powerful; abject and total fear.

I mean… This sort of thing never happened to me before. The very thought of being desired by a woman was, at the very least, quite perturbing AND at the most…terrifying. No woman ever showed this sort of interest in me before. Well… There was this one but she didn’t count. It was her experimentation with someone who was otherwise safe and I was a total failure at the entire thing.

And now here is this …this…gorgeous and amazing woman, this goddess, at least in my mind and eyes, wanting to involve me in the most intimate, the almost sacred act that two people can possible perform together. I began to tremble again. And there was that heinous word again; perform.

Allie sensed my sudden change of…spirit? She raised herself up, looked directly into my eyes, and smiled as she removed her robe. She wore nothing beneath it. Her entire being seemed to glow in the aura of the candle light. She looked…like an angel.

“Awww…” She lilted. “Is my poor baby doll nervous?”

Allie suddenly grasped the waist of my panty and began to tug it downward.


Allie whipped them down and off my legs before I could even lift my bottom to ease the way.

“And…dare I say it…scared shitless…?”

Allie was grinning like the Cheshire cat as her gaze lowered from my eyes to my…dick?

“AH HA…! And what have we here?”

Allie snickered as she wrapped her hand around it causing me to quake…and giggle.

She gently kissed my navel again, sensitive to the new piercing it had, and then she suddenly bent and engulfed the entire length of my dick; all four unexcited inches of it! My hands instinctively when to her lush curls as I grasped her head gently. I then reached further down to touch Allie’s neck and shoulders with my fingertips. I squeezed she shoulder muscles as she slowly worked her mouth, and delicious tongue, upon my shaft.

018-03 IMG_1721.jpg“Mmmm… Mmmm…”

I couldn’t tell whether Allie’s crooning meant she was enjoying my fingers pressing into her shoulders…OR…she was enjoying what she was doing to me with her mouth…OR…both? All I knew was that the feeling of her tongue swirling around my dick was absolutely the most amazing sensation I had ever felt.

But I just couldn’t…relax? This was the first time ever it was all about me and I was being overwhelmed. For some reason, maybe the past experiences of having to perform upon for others, or maybe the fact that here was my idol, my muse, my perfect woman doing what I deemed the most sacred of interpersonal actions, I simply couldn’t become erect.

Maybe it was the deeply embedded memories of my whore mother and the visual of her coming home dripping secretions from God only knows who and out of God only knows where.

Allie knew there was something wrong. How could she not. I began to sit up. She raised herself off of me with a long slow sucking of my dick and, whilst wrapping her hand around it, looked at me and smiled.

“You’re way too nervous.” She pushed me down upon my back. “You really need to relax. Or would you prefer we not do this?” She smiled softly.

“I really do want to?” I was verging on tears. “But my mind is in so many places and none of them are good.”

Allie crawled up and got down alongside of me, her head resting on my shoulder. She still retained her grip on my dick. She ran her other hand through my hair gently, soothingly.

“Do you know why I want to do this?”

She asked me as she gently sucked on my nipple. I shook my head as a tear fell. I could feel why but I couldn’t vocalize why.

“It’s because I want to begin this year with making love to somebody who actually cares about me…and who I do so very much care about.”

Allie suddenly got up and straddled my waist. She leaned down and, with a somewhat lurid smile on her face, kissed me. Then she kind of rested atop me and simply hugged me. I put my arms around her and pressed her even closer to me. I could feel the heat of her body and I inhaled in her intoxicating aromas. I closed my eyes and nestled into this plush human sea of sensation atop me. I finally felt myself…stirring?

Allie suddenly got off me and turned herself around. She dove down and again took me into her mouth. This time the sensation was more than overwhelming. Allie’s tongue again performed its magic as I felt myself grow even more and more. Between her lips suckling and her tongue swooshing, I felt this mighty magnificent wave, this monstrous wave, build up and up and up.

I clung to her bottom and thighs as if holding on for dear life; as if letting go would be the end of me. She had scented her…parts? And the aroma of her perfume coupled with that of her natural muskiness overwhelmed my senses. I felt like I would be totally washed away in the rapid tides that ran wildly through me. I suddenly felt something…wet…wet at my butt hole. And then…

“OH…MY…GOD…!” I squealed.

Ali had thrust two lubricated fingers up my butt! I was definitely no longer in control. I couldn’t hold back any longer as she slowly thrust her fingers even deeper and began to wiggle them around. I suddenly exploded with a loud and very high pitched cry as my body undulated from my head down to my very toes and then back up again. And every time I could feel myself pulse, Allie would suck just a bit harder and longer.

Ali’s mouth never stopped its magic as she continued to suck my dick head, stroking my shaft with her lips and playing inside my butt hole. I moaned as if she was sucking the very life out of me. The crashing waves of ecstasy went on and on. It seemed like forever was a distinct and very real possibility in what was truly only moments. And, in one of those moments, time seemed to sit totally still.

As I recovered my breath and my mind began to clear a bit, I began to ease my hold on Allie. She softly continued for several moments to gentle nurse on my dick whilst she giggled. When she finally raised her head, removing her fingers gently from within me, she looked back at me with a grin.

“That was a good one.” Allie giggled.

“That…” I simply had to laugh between trying to catch my breath. “…was not just a good one. That was amazing! I never felt anything like that before.”

“You mean…” Allie gazed at me with a look of astonishment on her face.


“Oh my God…!” Allie squealed her delight. “I got your cherry pop?”

I nodded and blushed as tears of joy began to roll down my cheeks.

“Oh my God…!” Allie squealed with delight. “I got my first one! And I’m so happy it was yours. It’s like… It’s like a special gift to me. You know…?”

I didn’t but I nodded anyway. I suppose I was also glad this happened with Allie. Somehow it just felt…complete?

Allie rested her head on my thigh for a moment as she gently massaged my scrotum. She smiled almost blissfully at me as I caressed that part of her I could reach. She suddenly turned around and hovered over my body.

018-04a IMG_1716.pngShe kissed me deeply.

I could taste myself in her mouth and found it to be more than pleasant. After all, it’s not like I haven’t tasted sperm before.

“That was fun.” Allie giggled as she lilted those words. “I don’t know how you’ve managed to hide your dick. I mean it’s not like there’s nothing there.” She smiled and looked up at me as her hands continued to roam, and tease, my body.

“Well…” I giggled as I continued to try and catch my breath. “I don’t really get…excited a lot? And when I do…on rare occasions…I kind of hide it with my jacket or whatever. And it really doesn’t last too long anyway.”

I turned on my side to embrace Allie and we kissed; deeply and passionately. I hugged her to me as if each second would be our last. I had this feeling come over me that was…weird? I felt like this might be the only time…our only time.

Allie suddenly pushed me away and onto my back again. She began to tease my nipples with her mouth again. She sucked gently upon each one as if she was a baby nursing. It felt so totally amazing. Her ministrations eased the growing pain and itching I seemed to be getting as a result of the ‘mones I was taking. Allie also massaged each of my budding breasts gently with her fingers and her tongue.

She began to lick her way down my body and stopped to play gently with my belly button. I felt so…good…so alive…so…electric. Every part of my body seemed to be reacting in a new and wonderfully different way. I even felt myself start to become…aroused…again? Oh…! My…! God…!

This unusual event wasn’t lost on Allie. She immediately began to lick lower and then down along the shaft of my dick with a teasing slowness that had my arching my back and squealing in delight. What an exquisite torture as she licked up and over the head and down the other side. I was becoming harder by the second!

Allie’s hands massaged my thighs and butt cheeks and she ran a finger from the base of my scrotum up the crack of my butt to tease my butt hole a bit more. Again, with a muffled giggle, she engulfed my dick, taking it entirely in her mouth. Her lips and tongue once again began their magic bringing me to a point where I was so hard…Oh my God…it actually sort of hurt! I felt as if my dick would burst open!

Then Allie, with the grace and poise of a ballet dancer, swiveled around and hovered over my waist. After reaching beneath and grasping my dick, she sat down and slowly engulfed it. The blissful expression upon her face had to match the one on mine. I couldn’t believe the sensation of her sliding slowly down it until her bottom rested upon me. She bent over carefully until her lips barely touched mine and smiled with closed eyes.

The sensation of having Allie slowly lower herself onto me was the most intense feeling ever. She felt so…hot…so…fluid…so…consuming? And I simply gave into that exquisite feeling of being consumed. I moaned softly as this new first time experience was occurring. Allie took hold of my face and brought her lips the fractions of an inch closer until we met.

As we kissed she slowly rose up off of my dick till only the very tip of its head remained in her and then she slowly slid back down again. This time the moans were Allie’s. Our lips were still mated and I felt her moan vibrate on my tongue and mouth. Those feelings, that kiss, were so incredibly electric.

I couldn’t keep my hands off of Allie. I reached down and grabbed her butt and squeezed softly and she moaned again. I reached up and gently touched her boobs. She felt so smooth and so soft…and so hot to my touch. My hands began to roam down toward her waist.

The feeling of Allie’s body was over powering and incredible. Allie’s curves, which were so totally and forever burned into my mind, were even more sensual and exotic to my touch than what my eye perceived. She was so very much the mother of the earth to me with hills and valleys and mountains and rivers. I closed my eyes and my fingertips traveled over every part of her I could reach. And each part was permanently itched into my mind…into my very soul.

I felt her wetness on me as she performed her earthy dance upon my middle with me being the center of the sexual vortex she was creating. My entire being was being sucked down into this vortex. I wished to drown in her; to become a part of her.

Allie sat upright and began to rock her pelvis back and forth in an almost serpentine motion. Her mouth was slightly open and her eyes closed. I looked up at her in absolute awe. What she was doing to me with her slight movements was…amazing. I felt that tidal wave begin to grow again as something within her, deep within her, was rubbing across the head of my dick.

I reached up for Allie’s pendulous breasts again, now swaying freely with her every move. I had to sit up and bury my face in them. I heard Allie’s voice. It was almost a breathless whisper.

“Suck on my nipples.” Allie said in a pleading voice.

I complied trying to remember how she sucked on mine and I instinctively assumed she wanted to feel the same thing I did. So I naturally did the same thing she did. This was such an odd sensation; to have a woman’s nipple in my mouth and to be suckling on it. Though it was odd, and I probably wasn’t breast fed as a baby, I seemed to instinctively know what to do.

“Mmmm… Yesss…” I guess some things you don’t forget…even if you haven’t done them before. “Take more in. Yeahhh… Suck a little harder.” Her voice was a raspy whisper.

I went from one side to the other and then back again. Allie’s nipples grew truly large as they engorged with…whatever…until they were nearly the size of my middle finger’s tip. This was all so amazing to me. Allie suddenly took my hand and, holding my middle finger, brought it down to the juncture of our bodies. She then placed my finger tip of a protuberance that felt like…like the size of another fingertip.

She began to move my finger back and forth over that…bulge? And each time she did I could feel her body tremble and shudder with excitement. With each movement I could feel her vaginal contractions against my dick. I began to thrust up into her to counterpoint her movement. Oh my God… We were both now moaning and making all shades of colorful sounds as we truly began to move together in a most amazing sexual dance.

Allie suddenly stopped everything except my finger’s movement. She eyes opened wide as did her mouth. I instinctively gently but firmly squeezed Allie’s boobs.

“Oh my God… Oh my God… Oh my God…”

Allie yelled and began to rapidly jerk her hips and pelvis in that back and forth movement again. I began to pump into her again and again she began to yell. Her body, which had turned nearly all hot pink and apple red, undulated…I could relate…and with one final…

18 in bed IMG_1726_0.PNG‘oh my God’

…she fell forward to lie on top of me.

With her breathing heavily in my ear, I felt Allie move her legs to straighten them out. She then gripped me tightly and with one smooth motion rolled us both over until I was atop of her. She giggled as she hooked her legs around my butt and began to try and pull me further into her.

I got the idea quickly. Now it was my turn…again? I pumped for all I was worth. Allie seemed to love the motion because she continued to moan and kiss my face, my neck and squeeze my butt cheeks. Allie suddenly drew her legs up and hooked her heels onto my butt cheeks. I was pumping as deeply as I possibly could into her as she pulled me in with her heels.

“Yesss…” Allie hissed. “Fuck me baby. Fill me up with you. I want you to come in me.”

Allie continued with her rapid spurting of lurid chatter in an almost hushed raspy voice. I continued to meet her every thrust and, as I did so, her voice became louder until we both seemed to reach a crescendo of her screaming and me…screaming as well?

I screamed and grunted with each pulsation as that magical wave of unbelievable pleasure, and relief, flowed out of me and into her. I could actually feel her contractions milking my dick, pulling every last drop of excitement from me.

I fell atop Allie in a not quite conscious state. I was breathing so heavily, as she was, trying to get enough air into me to maybe clear my mind. My body felt to very weak; used up. I rested my head upon her breast as I felt her legs and heels lock me to her body.

“I can hear your heart beating.” I giggled as I fought to catch me breath.

This was a first for me…again. To rest my head upon another human being was a thrill in itself. I had never done that before and certainly not under these momentous conditions. But to do this with someone I adored and worshipped was amazing. She was so warm, so comforting, so soft, so giving and…so loving that I began to weep…again.

“Are you okay baby?” Allie hugged me a bit tighter.


I was simply overcome with emotions…all sorts of wonderful emotions. Some of the emotions I felt for the first time; the giving, sharing, enjoying, and…the love? I knew Allie understood without asking because she just hugged me and smiled.

“Yeah… I know.” Allie giggled softly and hugged me even closer.

I suddenly felt myself being pushed out of her? What an odd sensation. I would have loved to have stayed inside of her…oh my God…indefinitely…forever? I felt Allie move.

018-06a IMG_1720.jpgShe grabbed several tissues and,

with me moving slightly, wedged them between her legs.

“Let me up sweet heart.”

Allie got up and out of bed and went into her bathroom. I didn’t know what I should do. The coolness of the air felt strange upon my fluid coated dick. I guessed that it…the BIG it…was over and now was the time for me to go to my room.

I began to look for my panty and tee shirt. Upon finding them, I slipped on my panty and then sat for a moment on the bed. I was totally light headed and totally stunned. The entire evening had been so unbelievably wonderful that I couldn’t leave without saying something; doing something?

I heard the toilet flush and then the water from the basin run briefly. I put on my tee shirt and stood waiting for her to return. I wanted to at least hold her again and kiss her and wish her a wonderful New Year. When Allie walked into the room, she smile became a frown and her brow furrowed as if in anger.

“And just where the hell do you think you’re going!” Allie’s voice was adamant in her demand.

“I… I… I…” I didn’t know what to say. This was all so new and different for me.

“Get undressed and get back into that bed immediately. You should be under the blankets keeping it warm for me!”

“I… I… I…”

“Do it… Do it NOW…!!!” Allie clapped her hands loudly once to emphasize her demand.

I quickly stripped and hopped onto the bed with the biggest smile I probably ever had. I was actually going to sleep with her; my muse, my…everything. Allie pulled up the sheet and blanket up as I hopped into bed. She after followed me. She rested on her back and I snuggled into her side, once again resting my head upon her breast and my leg lying across her waist. I had never felt so warm and comfortable and…safe.

“Allie…?” I looked up at her in the dim light.

“Yes baby…”

“I…” I simply couldn’t find the words and I gazed into her eyes as tears began to gather in mine.

“I know.” She said again. Allie smiled at me and kissed the top of my head. “I know.”

I snuggled back down again and closed my eyes. I inhaled her scent…our scent. It was musky and strong but I felt comforted by it. I’m still not sure why but it just felt…natural? Just as I was about to go into the land of dreams, Allie spoke softly.

“God …! You are so femme. And it’s wonderful. I can’t wait to fuck your brains out. I bet you would love that.” Allie chuckled wickedly. "I need to get a strap on." She smiled knowingly and closed her eyes.


Will Allie leave any brains remaining for Andi??? Will Andi have any brains left after this night with Allie??? And what will happen in the morning??? The opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the management. No wild life or personal relaxation devices were damaged in the writing of this, or the next 12 chapters. The management makes no assurances after that!!! And what about Bob??? I guess we’ll all have to read the next twelve chapters and see!!!

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