A New Home Chapter 7

Jackie was searching around for that scent she had picked up. It had smelled like a fox that they were tracking. Jackie had turned into a lynx so, not to scare whoever it was she was tracking. She follows the scent through the woods and under brush and bushes. After twenty minutes, she spots a nude body of a young girl curled up in a hollow space under a tree. She approaches with caution and as she got closer. She notices fresh red welts that crisscross the girls back, legs and it looked like someone had burned the bottom of her feet.

Jackie moves closer and could tell by the sound of the girls breathing and listening to her heart beat, that she was asleep. Jackie changes back into her human form and walk up to the young girl and kneel. She reaches forward to check the girls pulse. Jackie felt one, but it was slow and shallow. Jackie could smell that this girl had been molested. She could smell several men scents coming off her and from between her legs.

Jackie tries to wake the girl, but she didn’t get any response from her. Jackie slowly and carefully pulls the young girl out from the hollow. She notices that she was rather young. Maybe no older than nine or ten years old.

“Joe, Asoese over here.”

Jackie could tell this poor young girl has been abused and molested. The only scent she was getting off this girl was normal male humans. The young girl’s wrist was raw from where metal bands or something had been place on them. She had a raw circular band going around her neck and similar bands circling her ankles. She had dry semen on the inside of her thighs. Her red hair was cut so close to her head, that it looked like she was in a boot camp or something.

“What did you find Jackie?” Joe comes walking up.

A few seconds later, Asoese appears.

“I found this young girl and it looks like she has been abused and molested. I can smell the scent of at least six men or more on her. Not only that, but it looks like someone had been keeping her as their personal slave.” Jackie stands up with the girl held close to her chest and cuddle in her arms.

“We’ll take her back to the pack house.” Both men could smell the scent of other men coming off the girl along with the smell of blood and dry semen on her. Both men were disgusted and pissed with what had been done to this young girl.

“How is she otherwise?” Joe could hear her breathing was very swallow.

“Besides being abused and molested. She’s skin and bones. She looks like whoever had her didn’t feed her.” Jackie felt sorry for this young girl. Her father never went to this extreme with her.

“Can you carry her to the car?” Joe wouldn’t mind carrying her, if need be.

“Yea, I can carry her back to the car.” Jackie follows Joe and Asoese back to Joes car.

Asoese opens the car door for Jackie and grab a blanket for Jackie to coverup with. Joe and Asoese get dress and get back in the car and head back to the pack house.

Jackie looks down at the face of the girl they found and saw that she had blackeyes and bruised cheek. Whoever abused this girl, needs to have their manhood taken off and shoved down their throats. Jackie looks up when they pull into the driveway that lead to the pack house.
When the car stopped. Asoese gets out and opens her door for her. Jackie gets out and heads inside the house and down to the medical room. The pack doctor was already there and he had Jackie places the young girl on the examination table. The doctor shoos everyone out as he goes about examining the girl.

“Do we know who she is?” Jackie looks towards Joe and Asoese.

“No, but I have Justin working on it. He works for the sheriff’s department and can see if she has been reported missing.” Joe had sent Justin this unknown girl picture to see if she was a runaway or if she had been reported missing.

Joe looks towards Jackie “I would like to know where you got those new pieces of jewelry your wearing now. Because, those aren’t normal pieces of jewelry. They are magical in nature.”

Jackie had noticed when she changed forms, the jewelry had changed with her. It hadn’t fallen off when she went from being human to her cat form. She looks at Joe and wanted to tell him, but her mother made her promise not to.

“Joe, I want to tell you. However, I promise someone I wouldn’t. Trust me, in saying that you would be better off not knowing.” Jackie hated to do this, but she did promise.

“Who did you promise?” Joe was curious.

“I can’t tell you Joe. I know you don’t know me very well, but trust me when I say they are someone I trust with my life.” Jackie trusted her mother.

Joe just looks at Jackie and could tell she was hiding something, but she was being honest.

“Alright, I’ll trust you. Just don’t let this to come back and bite me in the ass, Jackie.” Joe knew cats always had their secrets.

“It won’t, I promise.” Jackie hopes it won’t.

The three of them wait as the pack doctor looks over the girl. He uses his special ability to tell him what injuries this girl has as he does his own examination of her. He finds old healed scars on her hands and on her back and buttocks. He finds partially healed bite marks on her arms and stomach area. He does notice that she has tearing in her vaginal area from something huge shoving itself into her body.

He gives her a sponge bath and documents everything about the marks and bites and anything else he finds. He steps outside the medical room and finds Jackie, his Alpha and Asoese waiting for him. He was startled to say the least.

“How is she, Liam?” joe was curious

“She’s been badly abused and is terribly underweight. She’s got healed scars from when someone bite her and the scaring around her wrist, neck and ankles where someone shackle her. She has tearing in her vaginal opening and the marks on her back and legs were made by a whip. Someone took a hot branding iron and branded her feet. She has scarring on her hands and buttocks.”

“So, someone was keeping her as their sex slave?”

“Everything points towards that, Jackie.” That was what Liam had been guessing.

“Is she going to be okay, Liam?” Asoese hated seeing young children abused like this one was.

“She’ll be okay. She’s going to need her weight brought up to what it should be and let her injuries heal. She is a Were, but what type I don’t know. She is like you Jackie. She doesn’t heal like most Were’s do. It looks like she heals at a normal human rate.”

“Are there Weres out there that she could be related too?” Jackie knew why she didn’t heal like everyone else. She wonders if this girl was like her.

“Let’s move her to one of the spare rooms.” Joe figures if nothing else, the pack could care for her.

“I’ll do it, Joe. If she wakes up. She might freak if a guy she doesn’t know is carrying her or if she fears guys.” Jackie figures if she has been used like a sex slave, she might feel uncomfortable around all the guys here.

“Then, I think you might have to stick around here for a while, Jackie.” Joe had a smile on his face.

He knew Jackie’s place was barely big enough for her. Her fire tower home was rather small.

“I don’t mind. I can still visit my place if I need something.” Jackie had a smile on her face as she looks towards Joe and Asoese.

“Why do you like that fire tower of yours so much, Jackie?” Asoese was curious.

“Let’s see. First the view I have from it, Second, I’m a cat and we like high places., Third, it was my first home since I ran away. Fourth, it’s mine. I own it.” Jackie had a pleasant smile on her face.

Asoese just shakes his head.

Joe just smirks as he walks into the medical room and pick-up the young girl carefully and carry her upstairs to a room near his room. He takes one of his t-shirts and slips it on her and tucks her in. When he leaves the bedroom, he leaves the door crack. This way, she doesn’t think when she wakes-up that she is locked in.

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