Luck Be A Lady Continued

FROM THE AUTHOR: This takes the place of a chapter that never should have happened. It's what SHOULD have happened instead of what I originally wrote and posted. It makes more sense and helps me tie it into the SUITED series

What am I trying to do with all this? I've always felt guilty about leaving these two stories unfinished. Back when I wrote them, there were quite a few people who really liked them and were upset that they never were finished. I recently had a brainstorm and figured out a way to complete both of them and tie them together, which was my original plan anyway. Here's a link to the beginning of the story:


“Oh terrific!” I muttered. “More strangers to deal with. With my freaking luck it'll be a bunch of sex maniacs looking for easy scores.”

“Oh relax Ms. Worry Wart.” Prue whispered to me. “This is a rest stop on a highway and it probably gets used like we are using it, quite a bit. Just chill out, act normal and when we're done in here, head for the van and don't look at whoever it is.”

We hurried and finished our business and exited the rest room as a group. Heading back toward the van I could see two guys and two girls standing by their car and stretching while lighting cigarettes. We nodded to them as we passed them and got into the van, closed the doors and hightailed it out of there.

“Whew!” I breathed a sigh of relief as we hit the road again. “That was almost too much for me after the smoke and explosion and stuff. Kim, have you discovered anything else in that alien software?”

“Just relax honey. I'm working on this as fast as I can! I think I might nave found some kind of translation thing that would help a lot in trying to decipher this alien gibberish. Some of it is in english, but most is in these weird squiggles and things that pass for language to whoever or whatever these aliens are. Gimme a bit more time to see it I can get it to work and I might be able to find out a lot more than we already have.”

“Fine!” I mumbled. I'll just sit here and fume quietly while you play Freecell or whatever on that alien thing!”

I sat back feeling out of sorts and exhausted by the events of this day and, for that matter, this whole damned week! Trapped in a dynamite female form. Being forced almost, to behave and gesture like a woman by the disguise unit and it's infernal programming! I sure hoped Kim and Prue could find out how the thing worked. Maybe it would tell us how to get out of the shitstorm we were in and out of this damned centerfold guise I was wearing.

I must've fallen asleep because I was jerked awake by Prue and Kim shouting, “EUREKA!!” and squealing with smiles on their faces.

“What? What happened? Where are we? What are you two all excited about?” I yelled!

“We got it! We got it!” Screamed Kim. Prue and I broke the code and managed to get to the translation software! We're gonna go through what's here and see what there is about the disguise kits and other stuff! Oboy! This is gonna be interesting!”

With that, she and Prue practically buried their noses in the small screen of the alien laptop thing and got to work learning what they could from it.

They didn't say much for the next half hour or so except to ask Neri to find a place to pull off the road and park for a bit. Apparently they'd found something that required closed reading which was difficult in the van while it was moving.

I fretted and wondered while Kim and Prue worked their way through the stuff they'd found, waiting somewhat impatiently for them to tell us something, anything!

Finally Kim looked at me and, with an unreadable expression on her face told me...:
“Well honey. We have found out that we were right about the bit about trying to return to a previously injured form too soon. It does say that, after sufficient time, you can return to your old form once it's had time to heal. Until then, you're stuck in what you have now.”

“Well, that's just swell!” I said disgustedly. “We kinda already knew that!”

Wait hon. There's a lot more here, although it's a bit jumbled. It seems that someone else found that space craft after you left it and they found some stuff you missed! Apparently there were some, what this calls, armored survival suits that whoever it was took and escaped with before the authorities got there! That means that someone else knows about this stuff, the kits and all maybe not, but maybe they found more info than what's on this laptop thing! We gotta find them!”

“Prue, Kim, just how the hell are we gonna find whoever this is? We don't know who it is or where they might be? Jeeze, we haven't even gotten to L.A. to whoever your friends are!”

“I don't know how we're gonna do that hon, but it's more than we knew before. Maybe my friends will know more about it.”

“All right then. Let's put this damned van into overdrive and get to your friends in L.A.! I'm sick and tired of having to sneak around trying to avoid the idiots who are trying to stop us Prue!”

“I think you're right hon. Kim? Pickle? Neri? You agree?”

Neri spoke up. "Hell yes I agree! It 's about time we took charge of what happens to us instead of just pussy footing around and running scared! Lets get this showonthe damn road!"

All three of them looked at me and just gave me a thumbs up andnods of agreement so we loaded up in the van and left twin strips of rubber on the road. Finally! No more sneaking around! We were taking as straight a shot at getting to L.A., hoping we could make it and not get sidetracked and forced to take back roads and 'shortcuts' to keep from being found and stopped.

FROM THE AUTHOR. If you were an original fan of this story and Transformers (Sort Of) now titled Suited For Adventure and Suited For Danger, please let me know via your comments that I should even attempt this. YOUR comments will make the decision for me.

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