Andi and Allie - 16

One-If-By-Land-Two-If-By-Sea a.jpgAndi and Allie – Chapter 16

“Ladies Lounge Rules…?”

The cab ride seemed to last forever and my mind couldn’t seem to find a point to focus on to dispel my nervousness. This was the first time I would be in a dress publically. And, to top it all off…when I looked in the mirror and saw a stranger…albeit a hot looking female stranger. I saw nothing at all that wasn’t femme to the max…and then some.

There was absolutely nothing to indicate that someone named Andrew lurked beneath the façade of finery and color. My performance art flag had been hoisted to an entirely new level.

I entered the restaurant and checked my coat. Grasping my clutch purse tightly in one hand and my shawl ends in the other, I walked as gracefully as I could, fighting my nervousness with all of my strength, into the bar and grill area.

As I glanced around the room I noticed that nearly every man, and more than a few women, turned to gaze at me…although stared would have been a better way of saying it. In fact I might even hazard ogled? I smiled as I turned and walked out and headed into the restaurant area.

The ambience of the place was perfect. It was dimly lighted and quite intimate. There were candles on every table and all of the waiters and servers were attired almost formally. I was met by the maître de and I told him I was dining with Peter and two others. He smiled, nodded and acknowledged Peter as ‘Mister Peter’ in some European accent I couldn’t quite place as he ushered me to an area behind a frosted etched glass partition.

I rounded the corner a step or two behind the maître de and saw Peter at a table with another man and a woman. Peter was speaking to the man and, when he turned his head and gazed at me approaching, he seemed to stop in mid-sentence. There was absolutely no recognition of me in his expression other than to gaze at me and smile. The man, on the other hand, didn’t gaze at all. He definitely leered!

“Good evening.” I said as I walked up to the chair the maître de held away from the table for me. “I am so sorry I’m late.” I said as I smiled modestly and sat down.

IMG_1550 a.jpg “Andi…?”

Peter said with a note of surprise in his voice. But Peter did recover quickly. “Andi…this is Bill and Susan Phillips of Scoville Industries.”

I offered my hand to Bill and he shook it quite gently as he smiled. He held it a bit too long as I greeted him. Then I turned toward Susan and she took my hand for only a moment and smiled all too briefly. She evidently wasn’t thrilled at Bill’s seeming attention toward me.

“Would you like something to drink?” Peter asked as he covered my hand with his.

“A white wine would be nice.” I smiled.

“Are you old enough to drink?” Bill asked with a concerned look on his face.

“Oh Bill…” Susan had an exasperated sound to her voice as she rolled her eyes and looked away from him. “…give it a rest.” Susan looked at me. “How old are you anyway honey?”

“I’m twenty one…almost.”

I found it curious that she should ask. From her exchange with Bill I thought that she wouldn’t care. I mean… She shut him down right quickly.

“You seem rather young to be Peter’s chief artist…is it?” She smiled politely at me and turned to look at Peter.

I felt slightly embarrassed.

“Andi is quite gifted I assure you.” Peter was very quick to reply. “Not only has Andi spear headed a major campaign for us, but she has also had a very successful showing at a major gallery only last month.”

I was quite gratified that Peter came to my…rescue so quickly…and ardently? And he addressed me as…‘she’?

A glass of white wine arrived promptly and I quickly took a sip.

susan woman-face-face-makeup_0.jpg“Is it good?”

Susan asked with a smile. I nodded my head and smiled back.

“Mind if I have a taste?”

“No…not at all.” I giggled as I handed her my glass.

This gave me the opportunity to glance at her for more than a moment. Susan was cute…for an older woman. I guessed she had to be at least thirty…five maybe? Peter mentioned she had three children. Actually two were very young and the youngest was only a few months old? She definitely looked good.

Susan’s long chestnut hair was natural and styled. Her aquamarine eyes were quite lovely and piercing. Although she appeared to be a bit tired, I could feel the energy she might be capable of. Her nails were exquisitely done and her look, though simple, was very elegant. Susan wore an obviously expensive maroon colored Merino wool strapless dress. Her earlobes bore the weight of diamond drop earrings and she had a diamond bracelet to match.

“Mmmm… This is quite nice.”

Susan handed the glass back to me. She then turned to Bill.

“I think I would like one of those.”

“But dear… You’re nursing.” He said with a surprised look upon his face.

“Really…!” She replied as she rolled her eyes and gave him a faux surprised look. “Don’t you think I know that?” She snapped at him. “Just order me the God damned wine.”

She spoke as if it was a dismissal and turned back to me with a smile.

“He thinks he knows everything.” She said to me in almost an apologetic way.

Peter gently patted my knee beneath the table. I looked at him and he smiled in almost a paternal manner. It was his way of letting me know to stay cool and calm. A server suddenly came over and placed small hor d’ourve plates in front of us.

“I took the liberty or ordering something for you. If you don’t like it we can get you something else.” Peter smiled as he spoke. “You do like shrimp I hope?”

“I love shrimp. I’m sure whatever you ordered will be perfect.” I covered his hand with mine.

And thus our business dinner began. Bill, after explaining to Peter and me, how he found salvation, continued to lecture as we ate. Susan would roll her eyes every so often causing me to giggle. This, of course, only caused her to become more…well…not disruptive but…more critical of Bill’s topic of conversation.

She made funny faces and mimicked him in a steady stream. At one point she leaned closer to me and spoke to me in a voice just loud enough for Bill to hear.

“You know…he was…not all that long ago…a great fuck. But now…? Well… He’s married to God.” She snickered but then turned serious. “Of course you know that leaves me with some excellent opportunities for personal discovery.” Susan laughed.

I was somewhat shocked but I did giggled when she winked at me, as if to say; ‘I know he heard that’.

“So… Andi… Tell me about yourself. How do you like working for Peter?”

I wasn’t sure whether Susan was simply trying to make conversation or if she was trying to determine whether Peter and I were…‘a thing’. I answered her simply and honestly. I asked Peter for a pen or a pencil and I began to draw upon my linen napkin as she and I spoke.

Susan was actually quite nice and very bright. She was reasonably well versed in art and in advertising. I was somewhat surprised that she wasn’t the one speaking with Peter. As our main courses arrived, two separate and distinct conversations were happening at the table. Peter was stuck being bored…I know that look…with Bill. Susan and I were having a great time as she began telling me about her life and her children.

Susan was quite surprised at how much she adored motherhood and having children. She never expected that to happen to her…of all people. Susan envisioned herself having a corporate life and life style and perhaps, after achieving a ranking executive position, she might take a few months off the have a family.

But after the first child was born, when she was thirty one, she couldn’t wait to have another, and another. Susan couldn’t wait to get pregnant again. But she stated that with a great deal of not very concealed reservation in her voice.

“I’m just not sure with who…yet.” She snickered knowing that Bill probably overheard her.

I had just finished my little drawing. It was a caricature of Susan and Bill. Susan had a scowl on her face and a touch of anger in her rolling eyes as Bill was wildly smiling and wildly moving his arms as he obviously spoke. I giggled as I handed the napkin to her.

“Is it something like this?” I said.

Susan burst out laughing.

“Yes…! You might say so.” Still laughing she leaned in toward me again. “May I keep this?” Her eyes were alive for the first time during the evening.

“Yes…of course.”

“Thanks…that’s very sweet of you. I think I might frame it.”

She looked at it for another moment or two and then carefully folded it and tucked it away into her purse.

As Susan tucked the napkin away I noticed that although her dress was a darker shade of maroon, two small, even darker, spots began to appear upon the front over her breasts. The main course was finished and menus were placed for dessert. The time was opportune for a ladies lounge trip. I grabbed my clutch and turned toward Peter and Bill.

“If you will please excuse me for a moment or two?”

I smiled shyly and began to get up. Both men stood and Peter assisted me with my chair. I looked over toward Susan and rolled my eyes away from the table. She immediately understood and began to get up as well. Bill hurriedly tried to assist her but she was way too fast and stood before he could even grasp her chair. She looked at him and laughed.

“A little too late… As usual…?” Susan spoke as she walked to my side and smiled. “That’s the trouble with men.”

She chuckled and looked for the proper direction to walk. I linked my arm with hers and whispered in her ear.

“I think you’re…leaking?”

I briefly lowered my eyes to her dress and the two tiny dark spots. I took my shawl and draped it across her shoulders to cover the wet spots on her dress.

“Oh shit…!” Susan pulled out one side of her dress with her fingertips, frowned, and turned to me. “I can’t tell you how often this happens. Thank you so much for letting me know. I do appreciate your discretion.” She grasped the shawl ends to further cover her…situation?

I stopped one of the waiters and he graciously led us to the door. The lounge was as elegantly appointed as the restaurant with a settee against one wall facing another wall of mirrors with a shelf and stools beneath. We walked into the lavatory area and Susan went straight to a handicapped stall. She entered and, before the door swung shut, motioned for me to join her as she returned the shawl.

“I hope you’re not as shy as you appear because I will definitely need your help beginning with this.”

Susan turned around and I instantly knew she needed my help getting the top of her dress down. I undid the tiny hook and eye and then carefully unzipped the back of her dress. The wool was so very soft and luxurious. As I helped Susan get free I couldn’t help but think that I definitely needed something in this material.

“I love your dress. The wool feels…so…amazing!”

Susan turned her head and looked at me with a smile as she pulled down the cups of her strapless bra.

“Thanks... I love your little number. Wish I could wear something like that. But these days I seem to be all boobs, belly, and butt.” Susan laughed and turned back to the matter at hand. “I would be falling out of places your dress doesn’t even have.”

I thought of how much Susan’s body was like Allie’s only Susan had less in the belly and butt department and way more in the boob area. Still Susan was far from being…well…overdone with too much…bounty?

“Yeah… But there are so many other things you can wear that would accent the amazing curves you do have. I wish I had your body.”

“You can.” She laughed as she removed two circular cotton pads from her bra cup, brought them to the sink. “…just have a few kids and continue to nurse them. Watch this…”

Susan motioned for me to join her at the sink. She wrung out the pads which were saturated with milk. I gazed in amazement at her boobs. They were huge and lined with thick blue veins. Her nipples were enormous and leaking most profusely.

“Oh my God…! That is so amazing…!” I said.

I was totally shocked and stunned. I had never seen a woman lactate before. I felt myself begin to tremble because…well…this was like a natural miracle! Susan looked at me, my wide eyed expression, and laughed.

“What do you think we have tits for anyway…simply to attract men?” She smiled at me as she laughed.

“No…it’s just that I’ve never seen that before.”

“Really…! Well…” Susan walked to the sink. “Watch this...”

She laughed as she began to express milk into the sink. She held her breast and gently squeezed her nipple and a long steady and somewhat forceful stream shot out and into the sink. This had to be one of the most amazing things I’d ever seen!

“Oh my God…! That is like the greatest…ever!”

“Well…have you ever tasted it? I mean you were breast fed, weren’t you?”

“I don’t know.” I responded sadly.

I had so few memories of doing anything nurturing with my mother kind of saddened me.

“Come over here and open your mouth. You really have to taste this.”

“You’re kidding.” I was stunned.

“No… Come over here now.”

The commanding sound of her voice belied her warm smile. I walked to the other side of the sink and stood facing Susan. I couldn’t believe I was going to taste her breast milk.

“Okay…I’m going to start a stream from my other tit so all you have to do is catch it in your mouth. I have to relieve some of the pressure anyway so it might as well go to some good use.”

Susan laughed as she hefted her other breast and began to massage it. She began to squeeze just behind her nipple and a few drops came out. She did it twice more and suddenly a stream began. She squeezed her breast slightly.

IMG_1587 a.png“Now honey… Now…!”

And I leaned in and let the milk shoot into my mouth. It was quite warm and very sweet; almost like a dessert. I back away slightly so swallow and then leaned in again. I couldn’t believe how long Susan was able to keep that little stream going but the milk was too good not to have at least another taste. Anyway that might have been my only chance in life to try it.

The stream suddenly stopped and I swallowed my last mouthful. Oh my God! I had to do something with this. The images that ran through my mind were too intense not to produce something. Susan continued to express her milk with a second and then a third stream.

“Would you like to pose for me?”

I don’t know where that came from. Well… I knew but the words simply tumbled out of my mouth. Susan laughed.

“You must be kidding. With this body…?” Susan chuckled as she finally wiped off her nipples with a dampened paper towel.

“Absolutely…your body is wonderful. I would love to stretch you while you breast feed. Maybe your youngest…?”

“Isn’t that a little trite?” She said in an almost acerbic voice as she reached into her purse. “Shit! I forgot to bring extra pads.”

“I think I may have some very soft tissues…if that’ll help.” I opened my clutch and began digging around. It was packed tightly. A pair of panties fell out, much to my embarrassment. Susan laughed.

“Planning a big night are we?” She chuckled.

“My roommate packed the purse. Here they are.” I handed her the tissues as I bent at the knee to pick up the panty.

“Yes... These will do just fine. So let me ask you something dear…seeing that we’re almost mother and daughter…” Susan laughed as she stuffed the tissues into the cups of her bra. “Peter is gay, isn’t he?”

Susan looked at me with a smile as she asked. A thousand thoughts ran through my mind in an instant. The first thing that occurred to me was that her husband was one of those born again guys and they weren’t exactly thrilled with the idea of same sex lovers. Indeed they weren’t thrilled with anybody who was involved with another if they weren’t first married?

The second thing that occurred to me is should I lie? I mean I could say I don’t know. But that would not be true because I did know. I hated the thought of lying on many different levels. I guess that’s because I’ve been lied to too many times. And lies can be so very hurtful. I saw what a lie did to poor Allie.

If I thought a lie might save someone’s life or something like that, I don’t think I would hesitate. Maybe saving the account is kind of like that? But the idea still didn’t sit right with me. I’m usually good reading people and I don’t think Susan is like that though. I wondered why she even asked such a thing. I took a deep breath and prayed Susan was not like her husband.

“Yes… He definitely is.” I spoke with a sigh. I just outed my boss…and friend.

“So what are you? His bush…?” Susan asked with a straight face.

“His bush…?” Bush…? WTF is a bush?

“Yeah…you know…” Susan laughed. “Like in the military…? If a woman is a lesbian she would find some guy to get her off base so she could hook up with her girlfriend? He could also claim they were…‘intimate friends’ as a cover. He is called the beard. If a guy is gay, he would have a woman do that for him. She is called his bush.” I stared at Susan blankly. She made a motion toward her crotch with her hand. “You know…bush?”

“Ohhh…” I giggled nervously. Live and learn says I.

“Here…” Susan turned her back to me. “Help me on with this.”

She pulled the front of her dress back in place. I pulled up the zipper and hooked the back for her.

“So…” She turned back toward me. “Are you his bush?”

“No…” I said quite emphatically.

“Hmmm… Then I wonder why he looks at you so…well…affectionately?” Susan’s eyes rolled upward in thought. “Maybe even lewdly…? And he certainly is protective of you. He was very quick to say you were indeed a very fine artist when that was questioned.”

“It’s kind of weird? He and Rhona, our receptionist, kind of hover over me? I guess it’s because I’m the youngest in the office. Also Peter has never seen me dressed in this fashion before.”

Susan took one last look at herself in the mirror and turned to walk out of the stall.

“I wish these damned wet spots would dry already.” She was referring to where her milk wet her dress.

“Here…” I removed my shawl again and placed it over her shoulders. “This should help.”

“You’re wearing next to nothing. You’ll be cold.”

Susan began to remove the shawl. I stopped her by holding one of her hands.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure I can borrow Peter’s jacket.” I giggled.

“You probably won’t even need to ask. He seems that sort. Considerate…?”

Susan sat down on the settee and patted the cushion next to her. I smiled and sat down.

“I probably should tell you that my maiden name is Scoville.”

“The same…?” I spoke with a wide eyed expression of shock even though Peter had mentioned as much.

“The very… My father is Scoville Industries.” Susan nodded.

“But I thought Bill ran the company.”

“He does at the moment. But…to be perfectly honest…? He’s better stud material than management material.” Susan said quite sarcastically. “Or he once was anyway. I haven’t let him touch me in months. Not since this Jesus thing began. He can be such a bore.”

She spoke as if this was an afterthought. Susan then quickly turned to me.

“You know that Ladies Lounge Rules apply here.”

Ladies Lounge Rules…apply? I never heard of that before. At least I never saw a sign listing them or anything. Susan rolled her eyes and shook her head with a benign smile.

“What is said in here stays in here.” Susan looked at me quite sternly.

“Oh yes… Of course…!” Derp…!!! I should have guessed.

“Good!” She smiled and linked her arm with mine, her other hand patting my hand lightly. “In truth I am actually looking for a Mister Mom. I adore pregnancy and child birth and the nursing; especially when I have one on each breast. I find it to be…” She rolled her eyes in thought for a moment and then grinned. “…quite stimulating? But the raising of them…well…I am definitely not a soccer mom.” Susan laughed heartily.

I felt a bit of sorrow for the obviously unsuspecting Bill, bore that he may be, and for the children. How they grew to adulthood would depend on what nanny was hired. But, inversely, if Susan knew her limitations, then maybe a professional was a far better alternative, or at least a Mister Mom.

“But what would you do instead?”

I felt this woman was far too…intelligent, aggressive and forthcoming to simply lounge at poolside in the sun.

“Why…run daddy’s company…of course.” From her tone, and her huge smile, it was like; ’What else would I do?’ “I have two…no…three questions for you.”

Susan let loose of my arm and turned sideways on the settee to face me directly. I was all ears and looked at her in anticipation.

“Do you like your job?”

Well, I could have gone on and on and on, and I did…sort of. I told her about the freedoms I was allowed and how I could take time if I had a showing and so on and on. Of course I told her that this was all possible because Peter was a great boss.

“Nonsense…! Either you are that good…after all you did help land two rather large accounts…”

“Two…?” I actually squeaked!

“Well…? Yes… I’m fairly confident that you and Peter can do an adequate job for us. As I was saying… Either you’re a moneymaker for the company, or you’re fucking Peter silly. But I honestly believe you must be that good.” She laughed.

I blushed profusely…a totally new shade of bright red yet to be named!

“What…” Susan asked. “Oh don’t tell me you have a crush on him.” She laughed. “I will admit he is rather cute and he does have those polite and courteous ways about him that speak of good breeding. But he a bit old for you…don’t you think?”

I nodded my head but I stared at my fingers which were fidgeting. I felt myself becoming a bit emotional. Susan took my chin in her fingers and directed it, and my gaze, to her face.

“What are you not telling me? I think I’ve been fairly open and honest with you. Is this about your…dressing?”

Susan’s tone was soft and sincere. I wasn’t really sure but I think her voice was…motherly…or older sisterly at the least. I took a deep breath and cleared my throat.

“Yeah… Well… Andi…? It’s short for Andrew?” A very pained expression accompanied my confession.

“Well I thought it would be something like that.” Susan chuckled. “You are showing just a wee bit…on top.”

I took a deep breath as I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I leaned forward a bit and pulled the top of my dress up where it had slipped a bit too far? Susan looked only long enough to see the truth. I noticed her jaw set firmly.

I derped major league big time. Susan seemed to gaze off into the distance…not that there was any distance to stare at. Her eyes narrowed as I could ‘see’ her thinking.

“I should feel violated. But for some reason I don’t. Humph!” She seemed to be speaking to nobody in particular. “That does explain the looks he was giving you.” Susan suddenly looked at me. “You’re the best of both worlds to him…how very interesting!” She suddenly began to chuckle.

“I’m not transitioning. This is simply an image I have in my mind of how I should look? I mean…I am on hormones? But it’s only to better fill out my clothes?”

A tear rolled down my cheek. I opened my purse to get a tissue only to remember that I gave them all to Susan.

“Oh… Wait a moment honey.”

Susan got up and retrieved a hand towel from the wash basin. She returned and carefully blotted the tears in my eyes.

“Now there’s no reason to be upset. After all…” She chuckled. “If I’m not upset, you shouldn’t be either. I mean we have seen each other’s tits…so to speak. And I never thought for a single moment that you might be…what is it…transitioning?”

“Well everybody else seems to think so.” I sniffled.

“Listen sweet heart… Never let anyone define you. Especially not men…! It’s nobody’s business anyway…is it? You’re certainly not hurting anyone. Are you?”

I took a deep, but stuttered, breath and managed to smile. I was quickly able to compose myself.

“So… Are you gay? Are you straight? Or all the above…?” Susan asked with a chuckle.

“To be determined…?”

I looked at her…hopefully…maybe slightly painfully?

“Oh my…” Susan sounded quite sincere in her exclamation as she laughed. “We do have so much to chat about.”

“Ummm…” I sniffled. “We’ve been in here a while? Should we get back to the table?”

“Hmmm…” Susan rolled her eyes up in thought. “No…! Let them suffer together. It should be amusing to see how your Peter…” My Peter…? “…holds up under the ‘Bill the bore’. Anyway, it is our prerogative to stay here just as long as we wish.”

Susan spoke with quite a smug tone to her voice. She took a deep breath and let it out along with a sigh of resignation.

“Well… Perhaps you’re right. We should probably amble our way back to the table.”

We both got up and I quickly glanced in the facing mirror. I quickly retrieved my lip gloss from my purse and refreshed my lips. Susan chuckled and did the same.

“You know dear…” She said as she wiped the corner of her mouth with her finger tip. “We both know each other’s little secrets.” Susan turned to me with a smile. “And I hope we will always be able to confide in one another.

“It’s not really a secret? I mean… my friends and coworkers know about me. It’s just that I like to be the one to tell people. And I really didn’t know how you would react. You know?”

“I think I can guess. Certainly there’s no reason at all that Bill or my father need know; although my father probably wouldn’t care as long as your work makes him money. He is quite pragmatic in that way.” Susan laughed.

We exited the ladies lounge and returned to the table arm in arm.

“I don’t know that I would want to pose breast feeding for you. But I would certainly like to entertain the idea of a portrait of myself and my girls. Consider maybe a commission piece…? I would like to see what you can do first though.”

“Of course…”

I smiled trying to contain my excitement. A commissioned piece…! My first…! And I could use the money the way I’d been spending it lately.

As we approached the table Peter spotted me first and he stood up to pull out my chair. Bill followed suit once he realized we were returning and did the same for Susan.

“We were getting ready to file a missing person’s report. And why are you wearing Andi’s shawl?”

“Oh shut up Bill...” Susan said with slight annoyance as she took her seat and allowed Bill to move her closer to the table.

Peter assisted me with my chair and, without even asking, removed his jacket and draped it over my shoulders. Susan looked at me with a knowing smile as I giggled. Peter leaned down and softly spoke in my ear.

“You might get cold.”

I looked up into his eyes and, smiling, thanked him. He is so very predictable. Bill didn’t say a word. He simply gazed at Susan with a somewhat defeated look upon his face. It was as if he was afraid to say anything fearing his very alpha female would bite his nose off or something.

Susan wanted something chocolate as well as a fruit tart. I really wasn’t interested in anything but she offered to split both desserts with me and…well…who am I to refuse chocolate and fruit. We both ordered cappuccinos to compliment the selection.

Then Susan and I buried ourselves in conversation. She was particularly interested in ‘the process’. Everybody’s interested in the process. It’s as if there’s some great secret to creating something. I mean… I have an idea that I visualize and then the years of technical study, and practice, take over. With any luck, perhaps a bit of me rubs off onto the paper, or canvass, or whatever, and then something special evolves. Mostly…? It’s just work. But I did appreciate her interest.

Then we kind of leaned into each other and, in more hushed tones, discussed more…intimate things? Her eye were alighted as I told her of my past…experiences. And she related some of her adventures both here and abroad. We were totally oblivious to whatever the guys were speaking about. I think they were more fascinated with our interactions since returning from the lounge.

One thing I did note was that I seemed to interact with women in a much more ‘natural’ manner than I did with guys. I mean think about it. There was, first and foremost, Allie, then Rhona, Jill of course, and now Susan. To some extent I could talk to Peter, and that was very comfortable, but with most other guys, including the office staff, I simply found that I had very little to say.

Anyway, the dinner ended on a wonderful upbeat note as Susan and I exchanged phone numbers. She definitely was quite taken with me, and I with her. I could see us having a wonderfully interesting relationship both with business and with…well…other things. She and I hugged, and kissed, as our coats were being retrieved and I was profusely thanked for the use of my shawl.

“Well…that was a most interesting evening.” Peter laughed as he assisted me on with my coat. “The way the two of you were carrying on you could have been sandbox lovers.”

“Sometimes the chemistry is simply there.” I said as I shrugged and giggled.

“So what were you two doing in the restroom for so long?”

“Sorry Peter…” I giggled mischievously. “Ladies Lounge Rules… What’s said in there stays in there.”

“I can’t believe how…how….”

I could sense Peter’s exasperation as he almost frantically searched for the words to say whatever he wanted to say. What a giggle.

“…how naturally and easily you just upped and went into the women’s lounge.”

He spoke softly for my ears only and laughed heartily as we exited the restaurant.

“Well really Peter…!” I feigned impatience and rolled my eyes. “I couldn’t very well go into the men’s room dressed like this!”

“Well…” He put his arm around me as we strolled a bit. “That’s very true. But still…” He chuckled. “Let me give you a ride home. My car is right over here.”

I looked up into his eyes and smiled.

“Sure... That would be lovely.”

Peter ushered me over to a large black and silver Rolls Royce. A driver got out and came around to open the door for us. I was impressed. I am not ashamed to say that. I knew Peter was well off but really… I had no idea and no doubt he was perhaps attempting to further impress me? And why not…! I deserve to be impressed at the very least. I looked good. I felt good. And I made whoever’s arm I was attached to look and feel good.

As I settled into the plush leather seat, I opened my coat. The car was comfortably heated so I also removed my shawl. Peter settled back and stretched out his legs.

“They certainly are a strange couple.” Peter said as he ran his fingers through his hair as if to ease some of the tension out through his scalp. “I couldn’t get any kind of a read from him other than I’m probably going to hell. Although I think I knew that anyway.” He laughed.

“We have the account.” I giggled.

“What…!” Peter was in total disbelief.

“We have the account.” I lilted and giggled some more.

I was enjoying the look of astonishment on Peter’s face.

“But he…”

“She’s a Scoville and she’s daddy’s girl. She likes us…a lot.”

“You…” Peter turned sideways in his seat to face me. “You are amazing.”

“I also cook, clean and I do laundry.” I laughed.

I really felt good. I had accomplished something I had no idea I would ever even attempt.

“Yeah…” Peter chuckled. “I just can’t wait to see your next trick.”

He edged a bit closer to me and took my hand in his. He brought my fingers to his lips and kissed them.

“You are totally amazing Andi.”

I took hold of Peter’s arm with my other hand and I leaned my head on his shoulder. I was suddenly very tired. I guess the stress of the day, and of the evening, had taken its toll. Peter let go of my hand and put his arm around me.

I was so very comfortable that I closed my eyes and melted into his side. I thought how nice it would be if we were on the way home and that I would soon be snuggled up against him naked in his bed.

My dreaming abruptly came to an end. I must have fallen asleep briefly because the next thing I knew we were stopped in front of my building and Peter was gently shaking me. I begrudgingly opened my eyes and, not immediately recognizing where I was, I rapidly looked around.

“Unfortunately you’re home sweet heart.” Peter chuckled.

I knew exactly what he meant. I was so comfortably asleep nestled into Peter’s side. Peter’s driver got out and opened up the door for me. I gathered myself together, not forgetting the clutch purse, and, after Peter first stepped out onto the curb, I grasped his hand as I carefully swung my legs out and stood up.

“Careful now… You don’t want to twist an ankle.”

Peter took me around my waist as I fought a moment for my balance. I was still in the process of clearing my mind. The night’s cold air was helping to rapidly awaken me. Peter escorted me the short distance to my front door, his arm still around me. I turned into him as we stopped at the door. I looked up into his beautiful blue eyes and smiled.

“You know…my dear Andi… You are my most prized possession. Whilst I possess you that is.” He chuckled.

Peter turned my coat collar up against the cold wind that blew off the river. He bent his head down till our eyes met at the same level. Then he moved into me until our lips met in a kiss. There was more than a bit of electricity that passed between us. I closed my eyes and leaned into his body as my entire being began to…tingle?

“Mmmm… That was very nice.” Peter smiled down at me when I could finally open my eyes.

“Yeah…” I giggled. I was kind of lost for words.

“You know you could come back uptown with me. I could have you bring back here whenever you’d like.”

If ever I had a moment of weakness this was it. I was tired, slightly tipsy from the wine, and generally feeling good about things; especially myself. And then there was that selfish little corner of me that simply wanted to check him out in bed.

I hadn’t been with another person in quite some time. My entire sex life was spent in the shower or sniffing Allie’s undies, or in my head. I was due for something…anything actually.

Then, as I leaned into Peter’s lovely solid warm body and imagined myself snuggled up next to it, a realization came to me in a flash; or at least in the vision of Allie’s aromatic panties. Peter, although I wanted him, was not really what I wanted. I knew that I always would be somewhat of a possession. That’s not what I wanted; what I needed. I wanted an intimate sort of touching between two like minds. And that like mind belonged to Allie.

Perhaps it’s simply another form of selfishness; to have two birds in hand but none for my bush? It’s certainly selfish to not tell Peter that he’s in second place at best. But it’s also my own fear. Should Allie reject me, well…first of all I’d probably be crushed. I certainly would feel a bit foolish. But at least I could still have Peter. Or at least he could have me?

And I would still want the intimacy of a relationship that went beyond the platonic. It’s amazing how many thoughts run through one’s mind in the midst of things. I looked up into Peter’s big beautiful blue eyes.

“No thanks Peter... I’m really tired and all I can think of is going to sleep.” That was certainly true.

“That’s okay with me.” He smiled innocently. “Sleeping is one of my favorite activities. I could certainly keep you warm.”

He chuckled and I giggled. No doubt he could. No doubt at all…

“Not tonight Peter. Anyway, I’m still not ready for you.”

“Will you ever be?”

He smiled and leaned down and just about touched my lips. I craned my neck up to meet him. It was an amazing sensation. To feel his lips touch mine and to have his tongue caress mine was like a bolt of lightning striking me. My entire body again tingled as he pressed himself against me. I felt his stiffy very briefly rub against me. I was so tempted to grab it. But thankfully I didn’t.

Peter’s kiss left me slightly dizzy and light headed. I had to hold onto him for a moment after our lips parted…company?

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah… Just tired...” So I lied…a little.

“Do you want me to escort you upstairs?” He gazed at me with a worried expression.

“No…” I smiled. Peter was ever the gentleman for sure. “I’ll be fine.”

I took out my keys and opened the door. I walked in and, on the way to the elevator, looked back at him and smiled…with a sigh. He no doubt waited until I got into the elevator and the door closed. I leaned against the elevator wall with my eyes closed, a smile upon my face and a sigh in my heart.

The elevator stopping awoke me from my little awake dreamland. I opened the apartment door and heard the television going in the cave.

“Hi dear…I’m home!” I sang out with a giggle.

I really didn’t have the strength to have a conversation about the evening with Allie so I placed my borrowed clutch upon the table, hung my coat upon the rack, and made a bee’s line straight for my bedroom. I walked in and, without even turning on a light, flopped onto my back on the bed. My feet were hanging over the end so I was able to kick my heels off.

Somewhere near the edge of complete unconsciousness I heard a rapping upon my door post just strong enough to pull me back to awakedom.

“Andi…are you okay?”

“Yeah…” I giggled weakly. “I’m just so tired I had to lie down.”

“No… That won’t do.” Allie walked in and turned on my small bedside lamp. “You can’t fall asleep in your clothes. You’ll ruin that dress for sure and you’ll get makeup all over everything. Here…” She walked back to the foot of the bed and held out her hands toward me. “Let me help you.”

I reached for Allie’s hands and let her pull me up and out of my bed. She was kind enough to slip the dress up and over my head. Allie was careful to not have the material touch my face and become stained from the cosmetics. She was gracious enough to hang it in my closet. She then assisted me out of my bra. I turned and touched my forehead to hers.

“Thank you so much. I am so tired.” I leaned into her and hugged her. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“We can take these off now or wait till morning if you’d like.”

My boobs felt almost like a part of me to the extent that I totally forgot about them. I had never slept in them before but I was curious to see how that would feel considering I would have them for real soon enough. Allie had let them gently pull against my flesh when she removed my bra and I was, by this time, numb to any pain.

“No… Let’s leave them on? You’d only need to put them on again in the morning.”

She smiled as she pushed me back down onto the bed in a sitting position and carefully removed my thigh highs. Allie pulled them out after removing them and placed them atop my bra.

“Okay…” Allie said as she turned and walked to the head of my bed and grabbed my sleeping tee from atop my pillow. “That’s as far as I go.” She giggled. “Let’s get you into the bathroom and remove your makeup.”

Allie took my hand and pulled me up once I donned my tee shirt. I couldn’t believe she was being so considerate and concerned. As we walked into the bathroom hand in hand I told her what Peter had said.

“Peter called me his most prized possession.”

“What…” Allie broke into a huge smile. “Really…? Was he serious?”

“Yeah…” I said as I sat atop the covered commode. “I think he was very serious.”

“Oh my God…! That is so…so romantic. Nobody ever said that to me.”

“Really…? That is so hard to believe. Well you are certainly mine.”

I spoke without thinking and blushed chili red when I did realize what I had said. Fortunately… Or unfortunately… It didn’t really register with Allie.

“Did he kiss you?”

“Yeah…” I sighed. “And he wanted to take me home with him.”


Allie looked somewhat amazed as she carefully began to wipe my makeup off with liquid cleanser soaked tissues.

“Why didn’t you go for it? I think that if it was me…I might have? Of course the guy would have to be…well…straight. Or at least …excited…?”

“I kind of want to save myself for someone special. You know?”

“Well yeah…at least that I used to know.” She giggled. “I once heard… I think Jill told me this…that every time you’re with somebody new it’s like the first time…you know? It’s like the first time with somebody new is always special because they are special enough to be completely naked with.”

“I don’t know. That may be true. Maybe someday I’ll really find out. Or at least I would like to.”

I felt saddened that in the three ‘relationships’ I had, all too brief as they were, I really didn’t feel anything…’special’ about any of them.

Allie had gone through a few tissues with makeup remover and now turned to get the bottle of baby oil for my eyes. She used cotton balls to slowly and gently remove all of my eye makeup.

“You really looked so totally hot tonight.” I could feel her smiling down at me. “We have to do this again.”

‘You are like my best friend…ever.” I sighed. “We should do it together…you know?”

I felt myself becoming a bit emotional as I spoke those words. I mean nobody has ever taken such an interest in me before. I hate to say it but I felt like she was more of an older, and wiser, sister or even a mother figure in some ways. But emotionally it went even deeper than that. She was like my other self. I was suddenly sorry I said ‘friend’ and not…something else…something more.

“Okay sweet heart… Wash your face really well now with the soap and then put this moisturizer on.” I didn’t recognize the bottle and looked at Allie questioningly. “I picked it up for you when I went out earlier. I use it when I go all out with the war paint.” She giggled. “It’s totally the greatest…ever.”

“I don’t know?” I said as I began to apply the cream. “About this possession thingy... I mean… It’s really nice to be treated…like I’m somebody? Or at least have someone open the door and pull out your chair and stuff. But when I think of being someone’s possession… well…it’s kind of like an object on a shelf that’s taken down and played with almost like a toy. You know?”

“Listen…” Allie giggled. “At least on a shelf you get noticed from time to time…you know?” I nodded in agreement. “It’s nice to be noticed and appreciated…at least every once in a while. I kind of like being doted over and having a fuss made about me. It’s nice to have the validation, you know?”

I nodded again. She was right. It is nice to have somebody care enough to make a fuss. And the validation thingy…? Oh my God…! I’m an artist! I live and breathe the need for validation whether I want to acknowledge that fact or not.

Somebody once said; ‘Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.’ For sure that has to be true and the validation of others comes in more than handy for maintaining balance and presence of self. But I truly had to think about that objectification thingy some more.

“I don’t know baby doll.”

I spoke as I recapped the jar of cream and closely inspected my face as though something magical would happen and it would shrink my snout. I turned to Allie.

“You know how I get when I have an idea, or I’m in the midst of a work buzz.”

“Yeah… It’s like the place can burn down and you wouldn’t notice.”

“Well… If suddenly the ‘objectifier’ decides to objectify me, or de-objectify me, whilst I’m in the midst…”

“Well yeah… You certainly can’t lose sight of yourself or who you are. I, for one, think I’ve finally learned that lesson.” Allie giggled a bit nervously. “I mean I would really just love to be able to give myself…literally… to someone. You know? But I have these expectations. I want to be treated nicely and not put through all the little dramas and stuff.”

I nodded and understood what Allie was trying to say. For sure she had been abused. But…then again…she trusted poorly and trust is what it’s all about.

“Maybe it’s that I don’t fully trust Peter enough?”

I put a little hand lotion on and rubbed it into my fingers. I loved the new color on my nails and thought of how cool I would look tomorrow at the office wearing the matching lipstick. I walked back into my bedroom with Allie following close behind. I pulled down the cover and then the blanket and sheet and got into the bed.

“Mind if I join you?” Allie asked as I made myself comfortable. I was surprised…pleasantly surprised.

“No…not at all.”

Allie followed and got in on the other side. She rested on her side and propped her head up upon two pillows as she pulled the blanket up over our legs.

“So…? How was dinner? I want details.” Allie giggled.


I took a deep breath and turned to copy Allie by shoving a pillow beneath my head.

“I was late of course. But nobody seemed to mind. Oh my God… Peter couldn’t take his eyes off of me! It was so funny. And neither could Bill, that’s the husband…? Well…sort of? His wife is really the one making the decisions.”

I giggled and actually got excited relating all of this to Allie.

“Actually her father is the one making the decision. Her maiden name is Scoville and she’s thinking of changing it back to that.”

“What…?” Allie’s eyes went wide in surprise. “She said that at dinner…?”

“No…” I blushed bubble gum pink. I was telling Allie what Susan and I spoke about in the Ladies Lounge; a definite Bozo no-no. “She told me in the Ladies Lounge but said that ‘Ladies Lounge rules’ applied.”

“Well…” Allie breathed out the word with a bit of theatrical hand flipping. “She obviously didn’t tell you all the rules. It is quite permissible to tell your very ‘BGFF’ whatever was said. I guarantee you that she… What’s her name?”

“Oh… Susan…” I giggled.

“I guarantee you that Susan is on the phone as we speak telling her ‘BGFF’ all about tonight including what was said in the ladies lounge. It’s not only permissible…it’s mandatory!”

Allie giggled as I carefully tried to read her expression whilst she spoke. I was silent for a few moments.

“I’ll kill you if you’re fooling around with me.” I tried my best to keep from laughing. “If any of this ever gets out…”

“Who am I going to tell? Jill…? I mean seriously...?”

So I began with the reason we wound up in the ladies lounge to begin with. I explained about her letting down and how I wanted to prevent an embarrassing moment for Susan. Then I told Allie about what she did in the stall.

“Oh my God…! She let you taste it?”

“Yeah… It was really amazing. Sweet… Kind of like a dessert sweet…almost…?”

“Oh my God…!”

I’d never seen Allie’s eyes get wider in surprise, or her smile as huge. Then I went on to tell her almost word for word what Susan and I spoke about. I told her every little detail, and facial expression, I could remember. I was reliving my evening for her and she was basking in the light of my…victory? I mean we did accomplish what we set out to do; get the account even if I felt I did nothing to really ‘sell’ our services.

I explained how after Susan confessed her ‘sins’ she told me she knew I was ‘dressing’. I also explained how amazed I was that she didn’t really seem to care. I used Susan’s own words about how she didn’t feel…‘violated’ by exposing her body to me?

I turned over onto my back and continued my tale with Susan and me returning to the table after our much extended stay in the lounge. I mentioned the silly remark that Bill had made and how Susan shut him right down and out. Although I didn’t get into too much detail, I told Allie how Susan and I just really had this amazing chemistry and we talked and talked while the guys spoke about who knows what.

By the time I got to Peter taking me home, I heard a soft purring sound to my right. I turned my head and Allie was sound asleep. I watched for a few moments at how peaceful she looked; her mouth and nose tucked into her forearm. I smiled and as gently as I could I pulled the blanket up to cover both of us. I reached for the night light and turned it off.

I could barely make out her form in the very dim glowing light from outside the window. Oh my God… I was finally sleeping with a woman even though it was not in the context I would have liked. This was an incredible first for me. This was the first time I slept with anybody else in the same bed!

I fell asleep after some time adjusting to the fact that I was sharing my bed with not simply another person…a woman…but a woman I actually desired to be with. Sometime in the middle of the night I felt a bumping. I was instantly awakened not remembering I had company. Allie had hunkered up behind me and we were back to back. She was so very warm. I could smell the faint aroma of her soap and face cream, and…her lush body. It was ever so comforting. I smiled and was soon asleep again.

She was gone by the time I had to awaken. Sometime during the early morning hours she had gotten up and left. I could still smell her lingering scent and I wished she had stayed if for no other reason than to see her smile upon opening my eyes first thing in the morning. I couldn’t help but feel that sight would have made an incredible painting.

Suddenly the wildest thought popped into my mind. I wondered what it would be like to breast feed a baby; my baby.

He still wears dresses. He still uses cosmetics. He still loves his kitten heels. He’s still on hormones. His boss is still crazy about him and Andi’s still weakening. Now he looks like a Vogue model. And now he also wants to breast feed? Could the latest new chapter rating be an indication of even weirder events to come? And will Lassie ever return home? For the answer to these and other life altering questions…be sure to take in the next exciting chapter in the adventures of ‘Andi and Allie’!!!

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