The Unfortunate Experiences of Mike Cross, Parts 10-12

It's been awhile, I know. That just seems to fucking happen more often than it should. Assuming you haven't read these chapters on TG Storytime yet, here they are.

There are some new characters introduced, a couple I probably should have mentioned that weren't, and some deep, important things going on. All the while, Kendra on The Curse 2 is fighting Satan's kid, seriously, the stakes here are significantly lower, it's almost funny.

Part 10

Terry kissed me, his tongue submerged in my mouth. His hands were all over, pinching my nipples and squeezing whatever he could. I clung to him, incapable of going anywhere else, and not wanting to anyway. I was exactly where I needed to be. I wrapped my legs around his waist and did everything I could to feel his monster near my pussy.

One of his hands slid to my ass and squeezed, gently at first but then tighter. It almost made me yelp in pain, but that was quickly replaced by maddening arousal. His body was slippery with sweat, as was mine. I couldn’t wait for him to take me.

That was when I had a thought. I rolled us over, moving on top of him. I raised my body until I was positioning myself directly over his cock. I broke off the kiss and sat up straight, then began to lower myself onto his throbbing member. His hands reached for my breasts, and mine joined them.

It took no time for me to encase his cock inside me, and I felt wonderful doing it. I slid my fingers between his as we both gently squeezed my boobs, and I moaned loudly, almost verging on a scream. I had no clue I was this turned on. I leaned down on him, brought my mouth back to his and allowed him inside it once more, all the while sliding up and down his shaft.

Terry moved my hands away from my boobs so that he could focus on rubbing my insanely hard nipples. I obliged, if for no other reason than it felt better having his hands groping me than my own. I never knew how good it felt to have a man fondle you before now.

He surprised me by sitting us both up. While I worked his member with my pussy, he went to work doing something I wasn’t ready for but loved: He sucked each of my nipples in turn, going from one to the other and then back again. I held his head to my chest and tangled my fingers in his unkempt hair. The moans were closer and closer to screams now.

The motion on his shaft had done its work, and I actually screamed this time as his load shot into me and I came at about the same time. His tongue was doing wonders to my nipple, and pleasure ran through my entire body. I collapsed on top of him and landed on his back.

And then he spoke with Eve’s voice. “That was wonderful, but you have to wake up now.”



I woke up drenched in sweat with my nightshirt almost plastered to me. I was breathing hard and it took me a second to realize that one hand was in my panties and the other was under my shirt and both had just succeeded in giving me the most intense wet dream of my life. Or maybe I’d played with myself because of the wet dream? Either way, it was… Yeah.

I got out of bed, washed my hands and changed my clothes. After that, I grabbed my phone, dropped back down on my bed and texted Terry.

Had a dream of U, I texted him. I didn’t expect him to reply, but I needed to tell him. Sure, we were dating now, but going from innocent succubus dreams about trying to have sex with him to a full-blown sex dream was still a weird and big step. With a grin that Eve would be proud of, I added, It was hot.

I set my phone down on my night stand and covered up again. I prayed I wouldn’t have another dream, because I didn’t want to change clothes twice just before I went to school. I specifically said to Eve, Nothing sexual, okay?

To my surprise, she pulled the covers off of me and crawled into bed with me. “I didn’t do that, you did.”

I sighed. “Of course, you’d tell me that.”

“Hey, I’m not joking.” She snuggled herself in. “You’re crazier for Terry than I thought you were.”

I rolled my eyes. “You’re sure it’s not because there’s a sex demon in my skull?”

She intertwined her fingers with mine. “Well, okay, it’s possible, and not at all unlikely, but a part of the reason is your own attraction to Terry. Especially since you crossed the line from friends to boyfriend/girlfriend.”

“How does this part work now?”

She smiled. “Are you saying you’ve never had a girlfriend?”

Had, yes. Been, no.”

“It’s not all that different, except that what with being stuck with me for now, you’ll be in a crazy state of wanting to be on top and wanting him on top of you. Kinda like the dream, where you flipped him over and rode him.”

I rolled onto my back. “And when we’re just being boyfriend and girlfriend, not trying to fuck each other?”

She put her arm around me. “You did just fine making out with him last night without being tempted to rip his clothes off, how hard will it be after that?”

I giggled nervously. “You… Uh… You don’t know how hard it was just to kiss him last night.” I played with my hair a little. “I took this step too fast, didn't I?”

She shook her head. “No, no way. This is good for both of us. Get through today without incident, we’ll be fine.”

“I just… I feel like I’m doing the right thing, because I really do care about Terry, but at the same time, something feels really weird about it.”

Eve climbed on top of me. “Awwwwwwww, you're in love!”

I blushed. “I don't… I’m not sure!”

She booped me on the nose. “Love. Like, one hundred percent love. It's not surprising or wrong. Terry’s your best friend and now you’re just taking a step a few girls do where they date their best male friend. I’ve never had male friends that I didn’t fuck right away, so I don’t know how it feels, but I have had boyfriends before that I fell head over heels in love with, it just always ended up not working out.”

I asked, “So what if we break up?”

She shook her head. “No way. You two are too close. If he’s not your soul mate, neither of you have one, you’re just too perfect for each other.”

I sighed. “You’re sure?”

She giggled. “You do realize you’re basically asking the little voice in your head whether or not you and your boy toy will be together forever, right?”

I poked her in the forehead. “You are an awful influence on me. I would have never been this much of a girl if not for you.”

“You wouldn’t be a girl at all if not for me, and then you and Terry would just be two dudes hanging out that everybody thought was gay.”

I giggled. “Yeah, now if anybody finds out about us, they’ll never think we weren’t gay before. One of us became a girl just so we could date.”

“Well, that’s not the only reason. I’m a pretty good reason one of you’s a girl.”

I nodded. “Yeah, now let’s go to sleep, okay? And hopefully have no more dreams.” Much to my surprise, she was already asleep, her face buried in my boobs. I hugged her. “Night night, Eve.” I closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep within moments.


“Ooh!” Allie said as she held up a tiny pink skirt. “You should totally wear this.” She set the skirt down with a white tank top with really thin straps that wouldn’t cover half of a bra strap together, let alone separately. “You’ll look great.”

“Do I havta wear a skirt?” I asked.

“I thought you didn’t have a problem with them?”

“I don’t really, but I’m still nervous about wearing them in public.”

“Well, your first day of school is probably the best day to get used to it.”

I took the skirt and looked at it. “It’ll barely cover anything.”

“It’ll cover enough for school guidelines. Besides, isn’t Eve like totally locked in on getting you to fuck Terry now that you two are official?”

“She’s being good about it. She’s not being overt or anything, it’s mostly just subtle.”

Allie patted me on the back. “That’s progress, little sister.” She picked up the top and held it in front of me, sizing me up in it. “And a regulation amount of cleavage from this top.”

“Regulation? Are there rules for how much cleavage you can show at high school?”

She laughed. “Duh! You don’t want people thinking you’re a slut or anything.”

But I am… Eve said demurely.

You were. We’re doing good, remember?

Right. Yeah. Thanks, Mike.

I said that for me as much as I did for you, honestly.

I slid the skirt up my legs. It really did cover up more than I thought it would. “You’re right about that,” I said. “How do I look?” I looked myself over in my mirror. “Not too flashy, right?”

Allie giggled. “Gee, you sound a lot like I did whenever I was asking you for opinions. I guess my fashion sense was hereditary.”

I stuck my tongue out at her. “At least I’m not worried about my butt looking too big.” Of course, I wasn’t asking about it, but I was looking to see if my butt did look too big thanks to the skirt. Now it would be bugging me all day. Goddamnit, I was becoming too much of a girl.

I pulled the top on and looked at myself again. I honestly felt I was showing too much cleavage, but then again, in public as a girl was still a little freaky for me, even though I’d done it a few times before and won a cosplay contest. Public displays of Mikaela shouldn't still be bothering me, really.

“Now we need to find you some shoes…” Allie said as she walked over to my closet. “Something cute and interesting…”

“Sandals,” I said. “You’re gonna try and steer me to heels, and I’m gonna outright say no right now.”

She rolled her eyes. “I wasn’t gonna do that. You don’t even own any heels.” She found a pair of white sandals and handed them to me. “There.”

I sat down and slid the sandals on. “Don’t you need to get going? Your classes start today, too, don’t they?”

She nodded. “Yeah, but I can just use magical girl magic to teleport. I do it all the time. It’s how I got home the day Mom called and told me you were possessed by Eve.”

“I’d always wondered about that.”

She pulled my desk chair over to me and rustled around in her purse for a second. She pulled out a tube of lipstick. “Ready?”

I took it from her. “I wanna try putting it on this time.” I reached into her purse and grabbed her little makeup mirror. I pressed the tube to my lips and traced it across my lips like I’d seen Allie do last night. It wasn't difficult, even without Eve’s little nudges. When I was done, my lips were a pleasant shade of red. I was actually beginning to like wearing lipstick.

I handed Allie back the lipstick tube and her mirror and grabbed my bookbag. I wasn't outright ready for school, but I was one step closer than I had been before I was dressed. Now all I had to do was get through the day.


Getting through the day wasn't going to be as easy as I thought. The time I was able to spend with Terry was nice, though fleeting. I’d have to wait until after school to actually have quality boyfriend time. Disappointing, but not unexpected. Most of what I had to deal with was being stared at by nearly every guy (and some girls) in the school.

Luckily I managed to make it until gym without any real incidents. It was the pheromone sweating that caused me aggravation there. Nearly every guy was around me trying to sniff and/or grab me. I was grateful when gym was over and I could wash off all the pheromone sweat.

“What the fuck are you doing in my stall, whore?” I heard Casey Vasquez say to that girl who’d been staring at my boobs when we were changing. I heard her start laying into Casey as I walked out of the locker room. Good. The bitch deserved to be chewed out.

You mean that in the “verbal beatdown” sense and not the oral sex way, right? Eve asked.

Duh. I don't wanna see her get eaten out, that’d be just gross. Not that I wouldn't object to being eaten out.

Ooh, you're getting kinkier.

And it's your fault, be happy.

I felt like talking to that girl and I knew Terry would be along any second to be a good boyfriend, so I waited outside the locker room. Luckily, I didn't have to wait long, because she was the first person after me out of the locker room.

“I would not have been able to do to that bitch what you just did,” I said as I sat down on the floor.

The girl shrugged. “I dealt with cunts like her at my old school,” she said, nodding toward the door, where Casey was walking out, “she’s no big deal. I never told you my name.” She held out her hand for a handshake. “I’m Kendra.”

I shook her hand. “Mikaela, but my boyfriend and my best friend call me Mike.” Really mostly Terry. Mindy was calling me Girl most of the time now. Or still Mikey.

Kendra whistled. “Ooh, boyfriend?” I couldn't tell if she was jealous or dismissive.

Either way, the second I caught sight of Terry, I smiled. “There he is.” Then I stood up.

He hugged me as soon as we were close enough. “Hey, Mikey,” he said as he leaned in to kiss me. When we broke off, he looked at Kendra. “Oh, hi, Ken.”

I was confused now. “You two know each other?”

He motioned to her. “Oh, yeah, this is Ken Brewster.”

“The guy from Dr. Santos’ office that kept staring at my boobs?” Well, that explained the locker room earlier.

She blushed. “Can I help it if you’ve got a great rack?”

I rolled my eyes. That really explained earlier. “Please, I get enough of that from Mindy.” Terry and I broke off the hug sooner than I wanted to. He kept his arm around me. “So, are you possessed by a magic sex demon, too?”

I’m the only one who’s ever possessed a boy. I think. I’ll havta get back to yo…


Nothing. I thought I saw somebody I recognized.

“Magic… Sex demon?” Kendra asked, bringing me back to reality.

I nodded. “I’m sharing headspace with a succubus.”

Terry added, “And her sister’s a magical girl.”

I elbowed him lightly in the stomach. He just laughed. Kendra said nothing. “So, Kendra, we should hang out sometime. Maybe bond over what it's like to be girls who used to be boys.”

She looked almost snapped out of a daze, and looked surprised. “Wait, you were a guy?” she asked.

I shushed her. “Keep it down! Yeah, I was, and like I said, we’ll havta bond over it sometime.” I put my arms around Terry again. “Right now, since school’s officially over for the day, I wanna go have fun with my boyfriend.”

She smiled. “No problem. You two seem like a cute couple. See ya later.”

After she was gone, Terry asked, “How did we not hook up earlier when everybody seems to get it?”


“I won't let you get away with this, Mikaela Cross,” Terry said. “I simply won’t.”

I giggled. “Oh, think I’ve already gotten away with it,” I said as I pushed my ass into his crotch suggestively. “Just because I’m a girl doesn't mean I’m not the reigning skeeball champion!”

And I tossed the ball in the center hole and added to my already significantly higher score. Terry groaned and dropped his pen and paper down on the table beside him. I just smiled and gave him a peck on the cheek. He stepped up to take his next shot and I stepped back and gazed in awe at the crowd we’d managed to cook up.

The school had a small room full of old outdated arcade and fairground games, so the majority of the student body was watching us play. There was one girl in particular watching us - specifically me - the whole time. She barely took her eyes off me. I couldn't tell if she was a lesbian or just… Weird.

I put her out of my mind and grabbed the notepad and the pen. Terry didn't increase his score enough to get close to worrying me, but he was actually starting to make points.

Gerry and Mindy were standing at the front of the crowd, cheering us on. Gerry cheering for Terry (ha) and Mindy cheering for me. I think this was the first time I understood all that Girl Power bullshit.

My turn again. Terry gave me a kiss, then said, “No grinding your ass on me this time.”

“Awww, but it felt nice.”

He smiled. “Yeah, on my end, too, but I had a stiffie that turn.”

I giggled. “Good, it worked.”

Twenty minutes later and Terry was driving me home after I whupped his ass at skeeball. He was an amazingly fair loser. Then again, I think he was just curbing his competitiveness because he lost to his girlfriend, which was sweet regardless.

I rested my head against his shoulder as he drove. It was only a six minute drive from school to my house, but I wanted to be close to him. He rubbed his head against mine.

Then my thoughts drifted to that girl. She kept watching us the whole time, mostly me. I wondered what her deal was. Then that led me to thinking about Eve. I’d been performing suggestive actions on my boyfriend the whole game and she hadn't thought a word.

Hey, what's up? I asked her.

Nothing, just… That kind of day.

I was concerned now. Whaddya mean? Is this something I should be worried about?

I don't know yet. I’m hoping not, though.

I was starting to worry now.

I gave Terry a kiss as I got out of his car. He gave me a squeeze on the ass, which I allowed today as opposed to last night. He was happy.

I gave Mom a hug before she left to go to work, then I walked upstairs to bedroom to change into my comfort clothes. I dropped my bookbag on my bed and kicked my sandals off to feel the floor on my bare feet. I dropped onto my bed and breathed a sigh of relief that I’d gotten through my first day of school as a girl, made a new acquaintance and managed not to tear Terry’s clothes off and fuck him in the hallway during class.

And then a voice I never heard before said, “Nice host you’ve taken, little sister.” I sat up and saw that girl from before, standing in my bedroom with a smirk on her face. “You're probably getting quite a lot of meat with this one.”


Part 11

The girl stood there with her hands on her hips and just kept smiling. I didn't recognize her in the slightest, so why she called me “little sister”, I couldn't figure out. Was she delusional? How had she gotten in my house? Who the hell was she?!

She wasn't talking to you, she was talking to me, Eve said. Can I have control for a second?

You have a sister?!

We’re not biologically related. I’m the only kid my mom has had, but Abigail was raised by my mom. We're as close as you and Allie, though. Lemme take over, okay?


This being only the second time I’d taken complete control of Mike’s body (not counting times she was asleep so that I could masturbate physically, of course), I was a tiny bit disoriented, but that didn't last long as I focused on Abigail.

Just based on the shirt she was wearing, I could tell she’d modified her host’s bust size. She was wearing a skirt, so I couldn't outright tell if she’d changed anything below the waist. I wouldn't be surprised, though. Abbie liked her hosts having big butts, because she thought the key to a man’s cock was something big to grab hold of when he’s fucking you from behind.

I folded my arms across my chest. “What do you want, Abbie?”

She walked over to me and tried to hug me, but I pushed her aside. I wasn't in the mood for a hug. “Well,” she said, “is it that time if the month, little sis?”

“What are you here for?”

She reached into her purse and pulled out some chewing gum. “Straight to the point. You lose your sense of humor, Evie?”

“No, but that doesn't mean I want you here.”

She laughed, then sat down on Mike’s bed. “Cute host, you’ve got. Was she a D-cup before you took over?”

I rolled my eyes. “It’s not what you think.”

“Oh, I saw that boyfriend of yours. Did she have him before you took over, or is she in for a surprise when you let her go?”

I stood there and glared at her. “Get out. This isn't what you think, and I don't wanna talk.”

She stood up and poked me in the boob. “Oh, we’re gonna talk, Li’l Evie. Mom isn't too happy with you leaving without telling us. She’s definitely not happy with you taking a host without registering her. Now when you leave her, any of us can possess her and find your baggage left behind.”

What the hell is she talking about? Mike asked.

It’s… Weird. I’ll tell you later when I can manifest.

I swatted her hand away. “I didn't register her because nobody else is gonna possess her. Mike’s a good person who doesn't deserve us screwing with her life.”

Abbie grabbed me by the head. “You’re right about her not deserving us. Goddess, could you have picked a plainer host? Put some sexy on her, at least.”

I have a boyfriend, I’m sexy enough! Mike shouted. I couldn't blame her. What with being my host, I felt like Mike was plenty sexy, and all the attention Terry was giving her pretty much confirmed that. Can I please punch this bitch’s lights out?

I’d love nothing more, but my family reunions would then be a nightmare.

I pushed Abbie away from me. “Shut it and get out,” I said, “Mike’s mom will be home soon.”

“No, I saw you hugging her and then she left wearing work clothes. We’ve got a good few hours, so let's catch up.”

“I don't want to. I want to rest.”

She looked disappointed. “You don't even want to fuck the boyfriend? Li’l Evie… You're not starting to get romantic feelings for that meat stick, are you?”

“I’m not, no,” I half-truthed. Of course, Mike’s emotions affected me, too.

“Good. Remember that viking turd you used to date? I was so happy when you dumped him.”

I sighed. “Whatever, just leave.”

She shook her head. “Not until you tell me why nobody's gonna possess her after you're done with her.”

I crossed my arms over my chest again. “Nobody will, just understand that.”

She grabbed my by the shoulders. “No. You didn't, did you?”

I looked away. “I don't know what you mean, but it's probably wrong.”

She turned my head to face her again. “You possessed a really plain girl and your sex drive’s diminished, hasn't it?”

Well. I was right, she was wrong. She was very wrong, but if I said yes, maybe she’d leave. “That's it, actually,” I said.

She hugged me tight. “Oh, Li’l Evie… Why didn't you just say so? Hurry up with her boyfriend and get back to the realm so that we can get you back to normal, okay? I’ll tell Mom, and get her off your case.”

I sighed. “Yeah, thanks, now can you please go?”

She rolled her eyes. “Fine, but tomorrow we have sister time, understand?”

I nodded. “Yeah. Tomorrow.”


When Eve gave me my body back, I opened my eyes to see her hugging her knees to her chest, rocking back and forth on the beanbag chair I had in the corner of my room. I was lying down in bed, I guess because Eve thought that made the switch over easier.

“Abigail’s my sister,” she started, “we’re not biologically related, if you can say that about incorporeal sex demons, but my mom raised both of us, so we're really close.”

I nodded. “You said that before.”

“Whenever we leave our realm to possess humans, we have to pick our humans before we go out. We then have to register that human so other succubi don’t possess them later, because a human possessed by multiple succubi will lose her mind from all the personalities in one body. You’ve already noticed the slight mental changes you’ve suffered because of me.”

“I haven't suffered, really.”

“Only because we’ve been helping each other adapt. If I was taking control of you on a constant basis, there would be very little of Boy Mike left. If you think you’ve changed now, just know that pink would be your favorite color and you would never wear pants again. Very likely you wouldn't wear panties, either, but I’m getting over that.”

I got up and dropped onto the beanbag chair with her. I remembered back when I was a guy and Terry and I barely had enough room to sit on it together. I put my arm around Eve and hugged her close. “What happens tomorrow?” I asked.

She leaned her head against my shoulder. “I tell her the truth. She won’t be happy, but I don't care.”

I didn't know what to say. Eve and I both wanted her to reach her goal, to stop needing sex, and I felt she was getting close to succeeding. Her sister finding out about her could make the whole thing come crashing down.


“Hey, Mom, how was work?” I asked as Mom walked in the kitchen door. She looked like she wanted to laugh as she saw me wearing an apron and cooking. “What? I thought it would be a good thing to cook tonight.”

“The apron is a little out there, but I appreciate the thought.” She took a bite of the not-yet-finished spaghetti. Mom loved raw hamburger, which was just disgusting. “You didn't break anything earlier and this is to make up for it, is it?”

I rolled my eyes. “I haven't done that since I was fourteen.”

“You turned sixteen three weeks ago.”

“Meaning it’s been a couple years. But, no. I just felt like cooking, is all.”

She smirked and set her purse down on the dining room table. “I was a teenage girl once, too. I know every trick for trying to avoid your mother’s suspicions.” She leaned forward against the countertop. “Spill it, young lady? Is the boyfriend hiding somewhere nearby?”

Before I could say no, Terry called down from upstairs, “No, I’m not!”

Mom started giggling. I turned beet red. “Is it okay if Terry stays for dinner?” I asked meekly.

She called up to him, “Get down here and help your girlfriend cook, Mr. Hughes!”

He came downstairs and asked, “How’d you find out?”

Mom patted him on the shoulder. “You were a little too quiet.”

He walked over to me and kissed me on the cheek, then got started helping me by washing the dishes that had already been used. Mom watched us with a very pleased smile on her face.


“I admit,” Mom said, “Allie didn't come up with it herself. I did the same thing with your uncle Thomas and his first wife, Annabelle.” She forked up some spaghetti into her mouth. “We were in college, I was pregnant with Allie, and Anna and I were sitting around our dorm room, so I called Thomas while she was in the shower and then I took her to the campus commons and left her there.”

I scooped up a meatball. “It wouldn't have bothered me so much except that Allie left me at a park six miles from home,” I said through food. “If Terry didn't have a car, we woulda been stranded all night.”

Terry laughed. “If I didn't have a car, we wouldn't be a couple, probably. I wouldn't have gotten to the park.”

I jabbed the air with my fork. “Hey, no talk like that.”

He ruffled my hair. “Of course not.”

Mom sighed. “How you two haven't been dating for years, I’ll never understand.”

I plopped a meatball in my mouth. “I was a boy before.”

“She wasn't cute enough until the sex demon helped her along,” Terry said with a smirk. I knew he was joking, but it meant one less fondle or kiss. He’d be fine with that, though, the understanding monster.

Granted, he wasn't wrong, either. I was a straight male before last week, and he still is. Neither of us would have considered asking the other out because it would have disgusted us. Sure, it was Eve’s influence on me, but now I wondered why I’d ever felt that way. It was almost hilarious how much my thoughts had changed.

I felt something on my foot. No way… He was not playing footsies with me! Why was he doing it with Mom at the table?! I peeked under the table and saw that I was right, he was playing footsies with me!

Ooh, he wants more fun after dinner, Eve said, some play in her voice after her run in with her sister. I was grateful she was getting back to normal.

Mom seemed to realize what was going on. “I’ll leave you two to finish your dinner,” she said as she stood up and took her plate into the kitchen.

Terry and I just sat there giggling at one another.


I woke up the next morning very confused because it was me waking up, not Mike. I didn't get it. I tried to talk to her, but I couldn't hear anything in my head. Was something wrong? Mikey? C’mon, say something. Still nothing. I was worried now.

Mike’s mom walked past the bedroom. For a brief moment, I wasn't sure if I should tell her. Then my common sense took over and I damn near leapt from the bed.

“Baby, what's the matter?” she asked.

“Mike’s not talking and I don't know why I’m in control!” I said nearly every word at the same time. The look on her face told me I needed to speak clearer. “I’m Eve, Mike’s not talking, and I don't know why this is happening,” I said a little slower.

She looked scared now. “She’s not talking at all?”

I shook my head. “I don't know what's going on or why.”

She led me back into Mike’s room and started pulling clothes out of Mike’s dresser. “Okay, maybe when you get Mike’s body to school, she’ll wake up. Maybe yesterday was a little too exhausting for her.” She handed me the clothes. “Just get to school, get to Terry or Mindy.”

“Really? Go to school?”

She put a hand on my shoulder. “I remember from when I was possessed that a succubus could be overpowered by going somewhere and being with people that are close to you. Mike has always loved school because she’s surrounded by friends.”

I hugged the clothes to my chest. “School also has dozens of boys I’d have no problems taking my clothes off for, and Terry gets that Mike fucking another guy would probably be me giving into urges.”

She groaned. “I know, he’s far too understanding, but that’s what he's there for. Hopefully, Mike kicks back in before anything bad happens.”

I nodded. “I have this really bad feeling that my sister showing up yesterday caused this.”

“Your sister?”

“Yeah. Sorry, it would take a little while to explain it, but she kinda got me uneasy, and I may have somehow suppressed Mike because of it.”

Mike’s mom did the most surprising thing and hugged me. “I know this wasn't your fault, so don't blame yourself. You’ll help Mike back, don’t worry.”

I felt tears well up in my eyes. I’d spoken so little to Mike’s mom, and she believed in my more than my own did. I wish I had a mom this nice.


I remembered from yesterday that Mike’s first class was completely friend-free. It was… English class. I’d havta manage for one hour without Terry or Mindy. I could do that, I think. One hour…

I took Mike’s seat and almost wanted to leave right away. I’d completely forgotten Mike shared English class with half the outrageously well-built basketball team. I would have thought they would want to keep themselves less muscular and more built for running and jumping, but nope, and that meant I couldn't keep my eyes off them without a lot of focus.

C’mon, Mike. We're at school, you need to keep your grades up.

The teacher, thankfully, didn't seem to notice that I was struggling with the lesson. Maybe Mike wasn't as good a student as I thought she was? Then again, I was only struggling because there was tasty looking meat in the room.

No. I couldn't think of them like that. I needed to focus, ignore the gorgeous boys and get to work finding out how to get Mike conscious.

“Mikaela,” the teacher said. I almost didn't look up. “Your essay?”

Shit, Mike had to turn in an essay. How had I forgotten that? I reached in the bookbag and looked around for it, but I couldn't find anything that even looked like an essay. Shit, again. “My dog ate it,” I blurted out, almost in a hurry.

Why in the moist barrel of fucks did I say that?

The teacher sighed as everyone else laughed. “You’re lucky we’re early in the year, you’ll have until the end of the week to get it in.”

I nodded. “Yes, sir.” Luckily, the laughter died down shortly after that and class got back to normal. I felt embarrassed as all hell, but I’d managed to talk without making suggestive comments. Maybe, maybe, I could do this.


I spotted Terry at his locker and damn near ran to get over to him. “Oh, hey, babe,” he said as I came up to him.

“Not babe, Eve.”

He looked confused. “Where’s Mike?”

I shrugged. “I don't know, I can't get her to wake up.”

“And you came to school? Your sex drive is probably through the roof right now.”

I rolled my eyes. “Don’t make me think of it, I was in the restroom a little bit ago and wanted to start fingering myself when Becky Horowitz was telling Angie Carter about the ‘amazing’ oral that her boyfriend had given her this morning when they got to school.”

He looked like he wanted to burst into laughter. I glared at him.

“Okay, so what can we do to get Mike back?”

I shook my head. “I don't know. Mike’s mom said that Mike should be able to overpower me if I spend time around you and Mindy while we’re here. So far, though, I haven't felt her wake up.”

He scratched at his chin. “It’s not because of all the kissing and fondling last night, is it?”

I leaned back against the locker beside his. “I don't know. I doubt it, because you two were doing that at lunch yesterday.”

“Is it that sister of yours Mike was telling me about?”

I shook my head. “Doubtful.” I hit the locker lightly with my head. “She didn't even know I wasn't outright controlling Mike.”

He shut his locker and leaned sideways against it. “Any magical beings you can call? Allie, maybe?”

“Allie probably couldn't do anything. Magical girl magic can only destroy succubi, erasing our essence from the realm.” I pulled Mike’s phone from my pocket. “I guess… There’s one person I can call, but he might not be available.”


“My ex, Loki.”


Loki sat down at the table across from us wearing a pair of sunglasses. He looked like he had a hangover, or something. “Okay, Eve, what do you want?” He loomed over at Terry. “Who’s this guy?”

I answered, “My host’s boyfriend, Terry. And my host is what you’re here for. She's gone completely quiet and I can't bring her back out.” I watched him pour himself a cup of coffee. “Are you hungover?”

He glared at me through the sunglasses. “I had to lose a drinking contest to help my sister yesterday, so I fucked with my alcohol tolerance to pass out early. It made the hangover worse when I fixed myself.”

“You don't have a sister.”

“That's what you think.” He took a drink of his coffee. “So whaddya want, exactly? Isn't taking your host over the point of being a succubus?”

I sighed. “I let Mikaela stay in control because I only possessed her to calm my sex drive so that I can get out of the succubus business.”

He stopped pouring the coffee and lowered his sunglasses a little. “You want to stop being a succubus? Holy shit, I never thought I’d see the day.”

I rolled my eyes. “Shut it and help me.”

He finished pouring his coffee. “I can't. Your magic is so much different than mine, that the only thing I can do is pull you out and see if your host is even still in there.”

Abbie’s voice said, “Oh, she's in there.” She sat down beside Loki. “I just hid her away.”


Part 12

Loki groaned first. “Oh, for chrissakes. I’m not getting into another family spat between you two.”

Terry asked, “Another?”

My eyes never left Abbie’s smiling face. I wanted to strangle her. To drag her back to Mom and demand the two of them leave my life alone. She had no right to do this to Mike or me. It’s like she went out of her way to make sure she screwed with my life.

Of course, she probably did, and going to Mom and demanding them out of my life would be more trouble than it would ever be worth. I couldn’t blame Loki for not wanting to be in the middle of this. I didn’t want to be in the middle of this.

“Oh, my dear, sweet little sister,” Abbie said, reaching for Terry’s food tray and taking some french fries, “you really think I was fooled by the whole host thing? You didn’t register her, you had a motive that you didn't want Mom or I to find out about.”

Terry asked, “Is she your sister?” Kinda stating the obvious, but I was barely paying attention to him or Loki. I guess I couldn’t blame him. Three of the people at the table knew who everyone was. “What did you do to Mikaela?” he demanded.

“I’ll let her go as soon as Evie explains what’s going on.” She leaned back in her seat. “And maybe without too much fuss.”

I stood up, palms against the table. “This is bullshit, Abbie. Let Mike free, now.”

She kept smile that damn smile. “Now, now, now. Don’t think you're holding all the cards here. I can let little Mikey out of the cage I locked her in pretty soon, if you tell me why your host still has so much control.”

I groaned, somewhat loudly. She wasn't going to let me or Mike out of this without an explanation. But I couldn't tell her, because that would put us in deeper shit than this already was. She had me between a rock and a hard place and I didn't even want to turn that into an innuendo.

“I won’t,” I said, firmly.

Abbie made a tsk sound. “Shame. Damn shame. Now, when you're done with her, she’ll be a horny vegetable. Oh well, since all you wanna do is waste my time, I’ll be going.”

Before she even stood halfway up, I walked around the table and pushed her back into her chair. “No.” I folded my arms under my breasts. “You’re going to fix this.”

She was still smiling. Could nothing stop her from doing that? “Listen little sister, there’s nothing you can say that’ll make me ‘fix’ anything.” She leaned back in her chair and propped her feet up on the table. “Well, not true. You can tell me one thing: You can tell me why.”

“You don’t need to know.”

“But you need that little host of yours to come out unscathed, and that won’t happen unless you tell me.”

Goddamnit. She was intent on this and all we were doing was a damn run around. Maybe it was time I took a page from Mike’s book and just go with it. Abbie was gonna find out eventually, anyway. She wouldn't be okay with it and the rift between Mom and I would almost certainly get bigger, but if it meant getting Mike back, I needed to do it.

I looked over at Terry and I could tell he was probably thinking the same thing. I couldn’t blame him, he just wanted his girlfriend slash best friend back. He seriously had the purest motive here. Well, aside from Loki, who didn’t really look like he cared one way or the other. Granted, I’d dragged him into this, so I guess that made sense.

“Fine,” I said, “you wanna know? I want out. I don't want to be a succubus anymore.”

She wasn't smiling anymore. “What?”

“I wanna be a normal girl, living a normal life. Fucking every day is boring and I’m just done with it.”

Her eyes were wide as saucers. “No. You’re not serious.”

“I am.”

She stood up. “Why?!”

I shook my head. “I told you why, now let Mike have control again.”

“Just a second, this… This is big shit, okay? Does Mom know?”


“Why would you ever want to stop being a succubus? We have amazing lives, both on and off the bed, occasionally at the same time.”

I sighed. “Look, I need more. Sex can’t be all I live for. I wanna have a real relationship with a guy, like Mike and Terry have together. I wanna relationship with Mom like Mike has with hers, not the shitty ‘See you when I’m not busy/You’re a disappointment’ thing I have with her now.”

If Abbie was capable of speech right now, I’d probably hear an earful, but what I’d just told her left her so dumbfounded she couldn’t even open her mouth. Terry was either impressed or feeling sorry for me (I kinda liked that; being one half of his girlfriend had a benefit or two), but otherwise just sat there with a look on his face. Loki looked like he wanted to leave.

He stood up. “Eve, Abbie, it’s been fun getting reacquainted, but I’ve got class in… Oh, about seven minutes ago, and I need to be on the other side of the country. See ya some other time.”

He turned toward the nearby wall and walked into it, probably using one of those secret pathways he’d never let me know about when we were dating, the dork. I wondered if that sister he talked about knew how to use them, or if she was even real.

Abbie finally got her voice back about a minute later. “Look, I’m… I’m gonna forget about the whole thing you just said, for both our sake’s, okay? Your host should be fine when you leave her, just… Just let’s forget all of this.”

Terry stood up. “Forget it?” He grabbed her top by the closest thing to a collar she had, which just so happened to be the spaghetti straps that were barely covering her bra straps. I was fairly certain if any of the faculty saw this, it may be considered sexual harassment. “This is my best friend we’re talking about.”

Naturally (and to be honest, if Terry didn’t have the best point in the world, I wouldn’t have blamed her for doing this), Abbie slapped him. “Don’t do that again, punk, I do know more magical beings than just Loki, and I could have your ass turned into a newt if you don’t behave.”

I sighed. I had one card left to play, and playing it would probably ruin almost every goddamn thing I wanted to accomplish for myself, but it would get Mike free. I didn’t have a whole lot of a choice, really. “If you don’t do it, I’ll go to Mom and tell her you’ve broken the laws governing succubi relations by hurting my host.”

She brushed a lock of hair away from her face. “Bullshit. You didn’t want Mom or I to know about you and Mikey there, anyway, like hell you’d go to her because of me.”

“Then let Mike go, and you won’t havta worry about it.”

Abbie stood there, her eyes unblinking and full of probably the most fury I’d ever seen in them, and I once made her possess a fat lesbian that no guys would let touch them with a ten foot pole. Clearly everything about what she’d just learned had pissed her off something fierce.

She rolled her eyes, which glowed for a second. “Fine. Your host is still repressed, but she can talk to you. But I am telling Mom about this, and we will be having a discussion. After that, maybe Mom lets your host go, maybe she turns her into a cock-hungry maniac, I don’t know or care, but I know she won’t be happy with you wanting to leave the family business.”

I was about to protest, but she just up and disappeared, an upper level succubi technique I still hadn’t learned, and honestly didn’t want to learn. It was creepy as fuck. Terry looked about as unnerved, and I couldn’t blame him.

But I had more important things to worry about. Mike? You there?

I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard her ask, Have I told you I hate your sister?

I turned to Terry. “She’s back,” I said, which prompted him to smile. “Now, I havta deal with the hard part.”

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t you dare fuck Terry in the middle of the cafeteria!

I rolled my eyes. Jeez, have you suddenly become me while you’re back there?

I haven’t been able to talk for like four hours. I wanted a joke.


I dropped Mike’s bookbag on the floor by her bed and collapsed onto the bed itself shortly after that. Great. I had to talk to my mom. I had to tell Mom what I was doing. There was nothing about that situation that I liked. It would probably be the hardest thing I’d ever done in my life.

See, if I’d said that, you would have left an innuendo.

I know. I wish we were reversed so that I could drop an innuendo right now.

Well, look, we’re in this situation now, and we need to figure out how to deal with it. What’s your mom most likely to do when she finds out you wanna stop being a succubus?

Probably wanna rip me from your body and turn you into a sex crazed zombie or some shit like that. She’s not really Mom-of-the-Year material. And being the first succubus, she’s kinda super protective about our trade. That’s why I was afraid to tell her anything until after I’d conquered my sex drive.

This… This isn’t gonna end well, will it?

Probably not. In fact, if either of us can stand up straight without trying to grind against a wall, we’ll be lucky.

I heard Mike sigh. I should blame you, but this isn’t your fault.

Yeah it is. If it wasn’t for me, you’d be a regular guy not knowing anything about magic or succubi. In two weeks, you’ve become a girl, discovered magical girls exist, met a Norse god and gotten a boyfriend. Explain how any of this isn’t my fault.

Okay, that… Um… Can you tell me how to manifest myself for you see? This is kinda a moment that would be best if I wasn’t a disembodied voice.

I looked around a second. I don’t….I don’t actually think about it. I just picture myself in the room with you, and poof I’m there.

It took a few minutes, but Mike finally figured out what to do, and appeared in front of me. She didn’t exactly seem to realize which way to look, as she walked directly over to the bean bag chair in the corner.

“Okay, Eve, I’m being serious here. None of this is your fault. Yeah, you turned me into a girl, I’ve made peace with that, it was actually kinda easy to do that when it was painfully obvious nothing was going to change me back.” She rubbed at her arm. “I know that just sounds like me trying to cheer you up, and that is important, but I’m much, much better off how I am now. Maybe I’m just a pushover, maybe I wanted to be a girl so secretly that I didn’t even realize it myself, but it doesn’t matter, I’m better this way.” She pointed at where she must have thought I was sitting. “So all you’ve really done is make things better for me. Your sister is the one who’s got me trapped in here and forcing you to talk to your mom when you don’t want to, you didn’t cause that.”

I sat up. “Mike, that’s… That’s all really sweet and heartwarming, but you’re… Um… Kinda not facing me.”

She turned around and realized I was sitting on the bed. I saw embarrassment flash across her face, but she just nervously giggled and said, “I knew that!” She cleared her throat. “Look, I’m here for you, we’re gonna get through this, and your mom’s either gonna understand or not, but we do have an ace in the hole.”

I sighed. “What?”

“Allie. We have a magical girl on our side. And, if all else fails, your ex is a Norse god. He could at least intimidate her, even if he couldn’t do anything to fix this, right?”

I shook my head. “No. You’re aware of what, technically, a succubus is, right? Sex demon. My mom was Satan’s wife, for fuck’s sake.”


“Yeah, I’m not kidding. He’s not my dad, but my mom has been as close to Satan as anyone literally can be.”

Mike glared at me. “You have never mentioned that.”

“I didn’t think it was important.”


“Calm down, calm down.” I hugged my knees to my chest. “My point is, Loki’s on a different hierarchy of magic than my mom, and hers is higher than his. Same with Allie, neither her nor the magical girl society is powerful enough to touch my mom.”

She looked like she’d just lost most of her hope. “So… This really is bad.”


“I don’t care. It’s still not your fault.”

I sat lied back on the bed. “You might not feel that way after you meet my mom.”


I took a deep breath and let it out almost instantly. This was going to be a fucking nightmare. The fact that my reflection looked terrified didn’t help one goddamn bit. I needed to find something to calm myself down, and unlike almost every other teenager, Mike didn’t have any drugs in her room.

I checked Mike’s phone and found the text from Abbie telling me where to go. She and Mom had decided that our little meeting should happen in the most annoying place ever, the mall. Normally, I’d love the mall, but not when I’m desperately trying to get my host back in control of her body. Now, it would be a pain in the ass if me or them made a scene.

Granted, they were more likely to make a scene. Once they found out I’d possessed a boy, they’d flip their shit right over a table and then the worst possible outcome would be before Mike and I, which was really depressing and concerning and everything and I really didn’t want it to happen.

I took another breath and let it out. I needed to think of something that could end this whole scenario in Mike and my’s favor. Something bold, something that Mom and Abbie wouldn’t anticipate, and something that would stop me from making the biggest, most outrageous mistake I could whatever that would be. I just couldn’t figure out what the fuck that something could be.

I brushed my hair away from my face. I kinda regretted having hair this long now. Made me wonder why Mike never got a damn haircut. She was way too much of a pushover.

I adjusted my shirt. I’m not sure Mike would approve of a crop top and short shorts, but it was kinda hot out and I liked it. Besides, this would hopefully be the last time I had direct control of her body and it would be the last time I’d get a chance to make her wear this stuff.

You know I know exactly why you’re wearing this, right? she asked.

Leave me alone, I forgot you could even talk.

It’s been exactly seven minutes since we last said something, you literally stopped talking, changed my clothes and texted your sister.

She was not wrong. Whatever. You ready or are you as nervous about this as me?

Oh, I’d be pissing my pants if I was actually in control of my body, but thanks to being a voice in the back of my mind, I’m reasonably fine. I’m still absurdly nervous considering your mom could turn me into a fuck maniac, though

I do not blame you for being nervous.

She took a deep breath. Are we ready?

I coughed out a laugh. Barely, but there’s not much we can do.

I brushed some hair away from my face again. My heart was pounding. The last time I felt this way, Loki and I had met the first time. I wondered if he was still single. I could use a boyfriend.

So help me, you’d goddamn well better not look for a boyfriend while you’re in control. Mikaela Cross has a boyfriend, and I really don’t wanna havta deal with public fallout from people seeing my body kissing somebody else.

I rolled my eyes. I’d never do that. You and Terry are too cute together.

Before Mike could say anything else, there was a knock on the door. I walked over to it, opened it, and there stood Allie, arms crossed and a look in her eye that reminded me of the first time I met her (well, saw her through Mike’s eyes, what with keeping myself in the back) when she was in full magical girl gear and Mike and I thought she was gonna kill me.

She simply said, “Spill it, Evie, and then tell me where the meet is.”

Uh oh, Mike deadpanned.

“How did you know?!” I almost screamed.

“I’m magic and you’re possessing my sister, do the math.”

“Your mom told you?”

“Good girl. Answer the question.”

“The mall.”

“And will your mom let Mikey go?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know, but I hope so.”

She looked me up and down, stared for a moment or two, moved her tongue around in her mouth for a second, then nodded. “Fine, let’s go.”


“Let’s go. Your mom and sister probably aren’t waiting long, and Terry’s in the car. Probably digging through my glove box.”

I could almost hear Mike nod. He would do that.

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