Topiary Genetics: Part 5

Things were progressing nicely

The topic of the day in 'girl 101' was their wardrobes. Their instructor Marissa had told them that she would be starting to bring in basic items from discount and second hand stores for each of them. By the time they got to school they would all have a decent, if generic wardrobe to build on. First though she wanted to review what she considered a good basic wardrobe.

Marissa began. "We are going to start simple and build up. I know that most of you want to develop your own style, and I will be happy to help. However you all need to first learn to fit in and learn what the rules are before you can successfully decide to break the fashion rules to stand out.

"Let's start with an overview of what you need to get in order to have a good basic clothing selection. It will still be summer when you arrive at the school so warm weather looks is what we will be focusing on today. Continue to read the fashion magazines that are available in the lounge during your off time. Many women care nothing about fashion trends and keeping their wardrobe up to date. None of you have that option at this time. I suspect that you will all prefer to look as good as possible. The plan is to get you all of the basic items before you go to school so that you are all familiar with dressing as a normal teen." Marissa walked to the table at the front of the room where she had examples of all of the items they would be discussing.

"You will need a few basic tees. Generally, doing dark or colored bottoms and light or neutral tops is the easiest to style, so I'd suggest white, cream, or heather gray tops similar to this one to start off with." She held up a white tank with crocheted lace trim. "Later we will add some colored tops according to your preference. Everything does not need to be plain, but simple uncluttered clothing is much easier to style. After you have mastered the basic middle American teen look, I want you to consider including a few visually interesting shirts. Ones with cool embellishments, cool graphics, patterned tops and so on. You will also need at least one nice blouse. After you have received your basics. I will show you how to layer items to extend your wardrobes.

"For bottoms denim shorts are easily style-able. Toward the start of the school year you will want a couple of pairs of denim jeans. I think that darker washes are generally preferable. I will encourage you to buy skirts or some light summer dresses as well when we finally get to go on a shopping trip, but on your first outing try not to buy more than one or two. Getting a good fit can be tricky if you are unaccustomed to what you need to look for. For the weather at the school location I suggest skirts in cotton, chambray or linen. We will stay away from anything tight or synthetic at first.

"Because you are now all young women it is almost a requirement to have more shoes than a boy can imagine having. In addition to the athletic shoes which have been supplied, and which will be your only choice while you are at this facility, there will be a lot of choices to make. In order to achieve maximum versatility on your budget I am going to suggest the following to start with. A pair of comfortable sneakers. I like Vans but the case can be made for chucks if you perfer. A nice pair of sandals. A couple pairs of flip-flops. You are going to want to have at least one pair of ballet flats because they are so versatile. We require Black or brown shoes for school I prefer a mary jane style for comfort and durability. Consider getting a pair of boots if your personal style leans that way."

Marissa now held up a pair of trousers. "Kaitlin, you know what these are?" She asked the girl with light brown hair in the front row.

"They look like Capri pants," Kaitlin answered.

"Correct. They are always a choice but I don't like them personally. Either put on real shorts or proper trousers, I say. Capri's are as hot as regular long pants and don't look as good on a fit girl as shorts do. In my opinion they are mostly worn by women trying to disguise the size of their thighs."

Marissa held up the next item. "Brittney, what can you tell us about this item?"

"It's a dress." said the blond girl who was sitting next to Kaitlin.

"Yes it is a dress. Specifically this is a sun dress and it is one of my favorite things to wear in the summer heat. It is cooler than shorts looks and feels better..."

The class continued with Marissa talking about the merits and drawbacks of each item. Before they were dismissed she informed them that there would be no class for the rest of the week because she would be out shopping for them. However they were to use the fashion resources available in the lounge and have a paragraph written about what looks each of them would like to try to pull off in the future. She wanted them to be thinking about a personal style.


"Good afternoon Kelli," Holly said. "Is there anything you want to talk about today before we do memory review?"

"I don't know. Well, actually yes there is, but it is embarrassing."

"There is nothing to be embarrassed about. You are going through a huge change. It is only natural to have some confusion or concerns."

"What if I can't fit in? What if I never fit in with normal society? I spent my first life feeling like an outsider, like people knew I was different. Well, I really am different now. I don't want to go to college and end up being the weird girl. But I hate most of the music that we are allowed to listen to right now. Seriously, I am absolutely not a fan of One Direction, but I have to listen to them every damn day when we are doing treadmill work. I have no desire to wear Uggs. They are ugly. I have no idea how to talk like a seventeen year old. I sound like a teenager that is trying to sound like an adult. I sometimes can't sleep because I am so worried," Kelli said as she finally ran out of breath.

"These are all valid things to be concerned about. Let me help you address them as well as I can. I know that you have all been working on appropriate speech patterns for your age group. Already you are adapting. I have noticed that you and the others are using more contractions. Your vocal tones are more melodic, more appropriate to a young girl than they were after you first relearned to speak. Your hands were flying all about just now as you were voicing your concerns. That too is appropriate.

"About the music, and the television shows as well, I apologize. That is all my idea. It is important that you each have all of the appropriate cultural references that other girls of your apparent age have. If I were to ask you which you preferred, Barbie's, or Bratz, what would you answer?"

"Barbie. The huge heads on Bratz creep me out," Kelli replied. Her eyes got wide as she realized that until asked she did not even know that she had an opinion of which kind of doll she might prefer. She had watched the Bratz movie and several Barbie shows a few weeks ago with everyone else because that was all that had been available on their free day.

"Let's try another. Who is Miley Cyrus?"

"She was 'Hanna Montana' then she had that melt down now she has re-branded herself as kind of a bad girl."

"Did you know who Hanna Montana was before?"


"You are going to have two years to become comfortable with who you are before you have to be out on your own. Even then, we will be here to help. I believe that you are more of a young Midwestern teen than you know. We've structured things so that any weirdness, as you put it, can be blamed on your upbringing. There are reasons that you all have such horrible back stories. As for Uggs, well no one will make you wear them and they aren't quite as popular as they once were. There may be a time when you feel differently about some of the fashion fads. Sometimes we do things we don't especially like in order to be a member of a group."

"You've given me a lot to think about," Kelli replied. It was always comforting to talk about things with Holly. Not just because she was a shrink but because she had been the first man to undergo the process. She had been through the same emotional roller coaster that Kelli and the others were going through without anywhere near the same level of support.

"If you have no other concerns we can go over a few things from your career. Tell me what you remember about depreciation of assets..."


"They used to tell us, pain was weakness," Olivia gasped, "leaving the body."

"And fifteen" Kelli said. What the hell does that even mean?" She asked as she helped the tiny Asian girl guide the weight bar onto the bench press rack. They had ended up being workout buddies due to their similar sizes.

"I have no idea really. They also said 'harden the fuck up, pussy'. Who would want a hard pussy? That never made any sense to me. Whatever works to motivate the guy that is struggling I suppose."

"That's not how pain works though-"

"Just go with it Kelli. Did anyone ever tell you that you over think things? Your turn. Fifteen good ones and then we can do curls." Olivia said as she began to blot the sweat from her face with a towel.

"Oh joy. I don't understand why we have to lift weights anyway. We do yoga and aerobics every day. All of this exercise is killing me. They really should give us a break."

"Weren't you listening during the health lecture? Dr. McCullough went over all of this shit. You can't get in peak shape without lifting. Look at those posters on the wall. You don't get bodies like those with only aerobic exercise and flexibility. You know that they are trying to see how fast we get into shape. I don't mind though I want a great body."

"I know. I know," Kelli said. "It's just that I never don't have sore muscles and I am so tired.

"Really? Never don't? We're all tired. Just remember what Hailey keeps saying. 'Skinny girls look good in clothes. Fit girls look good naked.'"

"Yeah, yeah," Kelli lifted the bar "Keep count for me."


While waiting for the rest of their group to finish the two girls relaxed on the mats at the end of the room. "You know, you are doing pretty well in spite of all of the bitching that you do." Olivia said. "Your legs already are getting nicely toned and your butt looks great."

"Thanks, I'll try to not complain so much. I know it gets on your nerves. It's just that I have not really done anything that made me sweat in decades and I am not used to it."

"Well until recently you never had blood ooze out of your crotch every twenty-eight days either."

"You have a charming way with words," Kelli said shooting a grimace at her friend.

"Yeah, it is a special talent. Look Kelli, I used to be in the Marines and in spite of this being a civilian project I can tell that our training has been set up by someone with a similar background. There is just something in the way everything is structured here. The best thing you can do for yourself is to quit fighting the plan and let the system work for you."

What do you mean by that? I think I'm doing plenty of work here."

"Whoever designed this did it to efficiently build up our bodies as quickly as possible. Think about it. Every meal is individually prepared for optimum nutrition. I get a different plate than you do because I ended up with a fourteen year old's physique and you look a bit older. Courtney and Nicole both look almost eighteen and they are both much taller than either of us and so they usually has bigger portions of everything except the occasional sweet desert we get on the weekend. We have our performance measured and evaluated in almost everything we do. We get a complete physical every single week. Embrace the program. In the real world you could never afford this kind of training for yourself. These are the bodies we have. Why not make them an amazing?"

"So you are saying that I should treat this like an expensive fitness retreat."

"Abso-damn-lutely, and you are stupid if you don't take advantage of the opportunity," Olivia said with a stern look.


Kelli was happy to be sitting in the meeting room for the first girl 101 class in several days. "Great news girls," Marissa said. "We have been given permission from the lab to start using makeup. So we will begin as soon as we can put together a starter set that works with your skin tone for each of you. It won't be Chanel or Sephora but decent drug store brands appropriate for average teenage girls.

"Today I have another surprise for you. I have purchased a bunch of separates for each of you to be able to put together a few basic outfits. This is so you can start to get used to choosing and matching your own clothes again. Also the track suits are boring. After you get to school you will spend most of the day in your uniforms but you will also have ample free time when you will be able to dress however you like, as long as it conforms to the schools official dress code."

Marissa opened door to the hallway to let Connie and Hailey push wheeled carts overflowing with paper shopping bags into the room. Each bag had a girl's name on it. "Okay, when one of us calls your name come grab your stuff. When you have it I want you to go back to your rooms and put it away. You will notice that I also included several different kinds of undergarments. Think of it as a sample pack. Nothing too crazy. You will find thongs, boy shorts, hipsters and bikini styles. They all provide differing amounts of coverage and some like the thong should be worn with certain styles of clothing. Thongs are great with yoga pants or tights because you don't get a panty line across your ass where everyone will see it. Believe me, people will be looking at your ass in yoga pants or shorts too. They make your butt look amazing.

"Anyway, put your stuff away, put on a new outfit and hustle your little butts back here and we'll talk about your choices."


Kelli found Nicole waiting in the hall for her after she had retrieved her bag of clothing. "Hey, sexy," Nicole said. Let's go check out the loot. I can't wait to put something different on."

"Let's go. I have been looking forward to getting into something more feminine. It's amazing that five outfits fit in this one bag."

"Yeah, girls warm weather clothes don't use a lot of cloth. I can't wait to see you in the thong."

"You are so bad! I thought you and Courtney were getting together tonight."

"We are. That doesn't mean I can't fit you in after dinner. Or hey, you could join us."

"Were like this as a young guy?"

"This is probably a little more intense but not too far off. Back then though I had a lot more trouble finding a friend to cuddle up with though. Unless you want to call my hand a friend."

Kelly got into the room and dumped her clothes on the bed. The shirts were all tanks and tees in various rich colors which she noted would probably look good against her pale skin. There were also black yoga shorts, three pair of dark washed denim shorts and a last pair in bright blue. There were also three new bras which were a pleasant surprise. Kelli had stopped wearing her older ones because she had already outgrown them. Although still not very large the training bras had become uncomfortable. It didn't hurt that she thought these were cute.

Nicole walked over from her side of the room to check out the outfit which Kelli had laid out on her bed. "Oh, these are nice," she said picking up Kelli's new blue lace push up bra and matching bikini panties. "It is a shame to cover those up though. You have the cutest little boobies."

"You're one to talk about cute boobs. Most of us are jealous of yours. With your height and those boobs you could be the next Kate Upton."

"I think hers are bigger. I did get everything I ever wanted though. I don't know how they did it but I look exactly like I had always fantasized about. Further from a family resemblance than I had expected but I am not complaining. Platinum blond and the rug matches the drapes. Once we get into shape and I learn how to apply makeup I am going to need a stick to beat the guys off."

"You must have forgotten a lot more than me if you think that you use a stick to beat off a guy."

"Shut up! You know what I meant," Nicole laughed and kissed her on the forehead.

"Now hurry up and get dressed. I don't want to be late. You know that she is going to pick the last one in to talk about first," Kelli said.

Kelli tried to play it safe with her blue bra and panties, distressed blue jean shorts, and a light blue crop top tank which showed off her flat belly. Nicole wore a pair of dark gray yoga shorts and a tight blue and gray raglan top with a graphic that said 'dream' with little hearts around it across the front. Kelli had a similar shirt except hers said love on it.

It turned out that they didn't need to worry about being last. Brittney and Kaitlin were the last into the room. Kelly giggled when she noticed a new hickey forming on the side of Kaitlin's neck.

"Some people need to learn to control their urges," Nicole whispered.

Kelli gave her friend a look. "If you had your way we would be back in the room still," she whispered back.

Nicole just shot her a mischievous grin.

"All right, settle down. I think that everyone is back now. Brittney, why don't you come up here so we can talk about your outfit," Marissa said while waiting for the waifish looking blond to come to the front of the room."Britney has a black graphic tank with deep arm holes paired with light washed denim shorts with frayed hems. Overall a good luck for a young girl. Give us a spin please."

Everyone watched as Brittney slowly turned so they could see the whole effect. Kelli appreciated the way the blond moved. With a little more muscle development she was going to be truly beautiful. She was not jealous of the blond girl, her own features were everything she had ever wanted. It was really amazing how close everyone had come to their ideal image.

"Anyone want to comment before we move on? Marissa asked.

Kelli's friend Olivia shot her hand up. "She has a lot of side boob going on"

"That's right," Marissa said, "A lot of you are just now growing out of the flat stage. It doesn't seem like you need a bra and honestly you may not always need one. However this shirt absolutely needs to be worn with a bra, even if you are flat as a board. Okay who wants to go next?"


"Holy crap! I hadn't realized that it would be quite like this," Simon said. He and the senior project staff were in the conference room at site two. Simon had come down to get a better understanding on the slowdown in memory data collection. They had just finished watching a video compilation of some highlights of the last few days.

"What you have just watched is only some of what has been going in and those shots are only from the public areas, We limited it to R rated only. For the most part the girls have been pretty good about keeping things private." Holly said. She had completely given up trying to collect any more memory review and recovery data until the girls had gotten past their current period of hyper sexuality.

"This is our largest group of participants to date. Frankly I dropped the ball. With the smaller groups we had been doing it was possible to isolate one participant from the group for long enough to get them on task for the time we needed. In this setting they all take up every session with questions about sexuality and the mental changes which they are experiencing. This is an interesting time for them. Their brains have recently experienced a radical transformation to an adolescent configuration. Now suddenly new hormones are flooding their systems triggering this phase of redevelopment. Think of it as a form of sexual ADD.

"This was all in the plan. What was unforeseen was that having them all bunched together like they are would create this hedonistic atmosphere. There is not a single girl that has not had sex with at least two other separate partners, most girls have had more than that. That includes those few in this group who would normally only be attracted to men. We selected all of them for group compatibility and in that it seems we were wildly successful."

"Can we do anything to stop it?" Simon asked.

"It would be unwise to try anything like that Simon," Holly said. "They retain most of what they were before their metamorphosis however as with any teenage brain the frontal lobe is undeveloped as compared with an adult brain. If you recall, that is where impulse control is located. To try to enforce anything on the girls would invite rebellion on their part. They are still complying with the rest of the program it is just that for the next couple of weeks they are going to be focused on sex."

"Daniel, Can't we give them a shot or something?"

"I am afraid not, Simon," Daniel replied. This has always been part of the process. There is just more of a feedback loop with so many in the same group. The only thing we can do medically that wouldn't screw up the rest of the research would be to slow down some of the changes to the brain however that would draw out this period and probably not achieve the desired result."

"I assume the next groups will behave in the same fashion," Simon grumped.

"The all male group should be similar. The natural born women... I don't know. They asr mostly heterosexual as far as my records indicate but I am not sure what will happen given the close quarters and sexually charged atmosphere that will probably come about."

"Can we give out the sex toys and do the sex talk later?"

"No," Holly replied. "That would just be mean. Also it probably wouldn't solve the problem. The girls don't actually need them. We give out the dildos to encourage the girls who want to know that that feels like to not try and seduce the male staff. You do recall the incident don't you?"

"Fine, I'll deal with Rodney about this slippage in the schedule. By the way, he has been anxious to recruit a couple of the participants for what he says is an easy job soon as they are minimally ready.

"There are a many participants that would be receptive to such an offer. That is, if he can wait for the current bit of promiscuity to work itself out. I will send you their files if it will help sweeten our dear contract manager."

Simon brightened at this new information. "Great. If you think that a couple of the participants would be up for whatever job Rodney has for them then it will buy the time we need to gather the data. He did reassure me it would be something low danger and low effort on the part of our girls."

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