An Angel Among Us #1

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This is the first of what I hope will be many little scenes of angelic interventions.

There are no TG/TS characters in this one. Some episodes will have TG/TS character(s), some won't. Those with them will be marked.


School had just finished for the day, little Billy Ryder walked out to his bike, unlocked it, dropped his bag of books in the carrier and turned the bike around to face the street. He climbed on, not an easy thing to do as he wasn't very big, but eventually he was on it and pedalling away.

He made sure to stop at the inner edge of the sidewalk and look both ways before he turned onto the street to head toward his home.

He travelled several blocks, then began to hear what sounded like popping noises some distance ahead of him. He continued riding.

Seventeen boys from the North Wind Dragons MC club had crossed paths with a dozen or so guys from the Wild Mustangs MC club. The two gangs went at each other, using everything from baseball bats to lead pipes to handguns and sawed off shotguns in the fight.

The noise around the impromptu street battle was appalling, people ducked into shops or homes and locked the doors. The actual fight was taking place in front of Jimmy's Southwest Steakhouse, Grill & Bar, a location sometimes used by the Mustangs for club meetings.

Little Billy Ryder's route would pass right by the bar. He kept pedalling along, wondering what was making all the noise.

The noise kept getting louder as he rode closer. Those big bangs he was hearing had to be either guns or cars backfiring, most likely guns.

Billy had stopped for a moment and was just about to turn and head down a side street when a hand touched his shoulder.

He looked up and saw a tall, rugged looking man standing beside him, wearing a button down dress shirt and crisply pressed pants. That man looked down at him, smiling, then gestured for Billy to continue on his way home while he asked Billy about his day in school.

Billy chattered away about the kids in his classes, especially Tommy Baron and Sam James, two boys in his grade. Billy also mentioned three girls, Jeanie Blake, Patty Savannah-Valens and Ellie Trent, mostly about how they seemed to like doing things that were not very girlish.

The tall, rugged man walked beside Billy, his right hand holding onto Billy's left one as Billy slowly pedalled the bike down the street.

The two walked right by the big fight outside the bar, guys were being punched, hit, shot from one end of the place to the other. Several bullets went past the big man and the little boy, a few of them passing very close to the two. Billy held on to the man's hand very tightly.

The big guy to Billy's left glanced across the street, nodding, it seemed quite obvious that several of those guys wouldn't survive the fight.

The two continued onward, eventually reaching a point only a few blocks from Billy's home.

"Time for me to go, son. You take care of your mama and little sister, okay?" The big man smiled as he watched Billy pedal on his way.

Billy was soon home, dropping his bike in the back yard, then headed into the house, placing his book bag on the dining room table.

His mother smiled at him, she had been reading a book while rocking Billy's baby sister Bess in a cradle built by her father many years ago. Billy grinned over at his mother, he had vague memories of having been rocked in that very same cradle back when he was a baby.

He shuffled off toward the front door, where he took off his shoes and light jacket, then carefully hang the jacket in the hall closet.

Once that was done, he returned to the dining room, opened the bag, pulled out his homework and laid it on the table top. He spent a brief moment telling his mom about the big fight by the bar as he went by, including that a man had walked with him at that point. There wasn't a lot of homework to be done, the hard part for him was the math questions, but he took his time answering them, thinking each one through.

The next hour or two went by as it often did, with his mother eventually heading into the kitchen to start making dinner. While mom was doing that, Billy checked on his little sister occasionally, and when his homework was finished, he sat beside Bess, rocking her back and forth.

His mother kept a small colour TV in the kitchen so she could watch the early news at 5:30 each evening.

The anchor started talking about the big fight in front of the bar and Billy's mother looked over to see what the woman was talking about. There, walking right past the fight, just across the street, was her little boy Billy, but that wasn't what had caught her attention.

Someone passing by had had a video camera and had caught what she could now see. Next to Billy, between him and the godawful battle, was a tall shape slowly walking down the street. That shape was quite clearly holding onto Billy's left hand as they passed the fight.

It wasn't so much the fact that there was a shape beside Billy, it was that that shape could just barely be seen, as if some kind of weird electromagnetic effect or something was making it impossible to clearly see it. Billy's hand was reaching up and holding the hand of the tall shape, a shape that, if she squinted for a moment, appeared to have what looked like nearly invisible huge wings spreading out from his back.

Billy's mom ran out to the dining room table, where she examined her little guy quite closely, but she couldn't see a single scratch, nothing.

She looked up while hugging Billy tight, then whispered as the tears started to flow, "Bless you for keeping my little boy safe from harm."

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