Parting of the Ways Part 15- Non Consensual

Sorry for the extreme length but I didn't want to cut this in half. This deals with outcome of a night of forced passion between two nonconsenting 18-year-olds. The name of one character is no coincidence, if you remember Part 3 you will know why. As usual, if this was real life Rick would be in prison rather than getting off and the real criminals going to jail instead.


Jaimie and Miles had left the campus immediately after Miles turned in his playbook. The school and the NCAA were trying their hardest to avoid a lawsuit by trying to make Jaimie and Miles out to be terrible people who used the media to manipulate their actions to get around sanctions. This backfired badly as Valerie took the school and NCAA to task for knowingly ignoring the rights of Miles as well as their own rules and regulations for eligibility while trying to smear the name of someone who had nothing to do with the NCAA or the school's athletic department.

She was out for blood and filed suit against both in federal court, earning the scorn of the NCAA while the school tried to expel Miles before his withdrawal became official. The national media forced the NCAA to back off with the organization severing all ties with Terry Cox and the lawyers involved in trying to get rid of Miles. The NCAA agreed to a settlement of $10 million with Jaimie being awarded $5 million for damaging her school life and reputation.

The money didn't matter to them. They were done with the school and wanted nothing to do with anyone involved in it except their loved ones. Sydney was put in that mix as well as he was a friend to them and had earned the right to be called family especially given his tempering Rick's anger.

Christina was in tears while Rick promised he would be faithful to Jaimie. He would never stray from her but he had to vocalize it for anyone nearby who was ready to pounce on his newly alone status. Sydney felt horrible about losing friends but Rick and Christina kept him from losing himself over the actions of others as he hadn't done anything wrong and Jaimie wouldn't let him get worked up over it.

Rick dove into his work and tried hard to keep his mind off the fact that there were girls throwing themselves at him for the first time ever and he had zero interest in any of them. The ever present Sydney was trying to keep him focused on his classwork and was barely succeeding at it. He was hit or miss with keeping Rick's attention, little reminders of Jaimie not being there kept distracting him causing grief to pop up necessitating a response from Sydney often in the form of a hug.

The two walked around campus during most afternoons to both get exercise and to clear their heads. Rick was invited to a few parties but he declined, knowing full well that they were places where he'd be forced to get drunk and/or sleep with an intoxicated girl which he had no interest in doing. After the first couple of parties in mid-August he couldn't stomach any more of them, they weren't his thing and the fraternities weren't the best of places as they had harsh words about Jaimie and he as fiances.

During one of their walks Rick encountered a young lady about their age crying to herself as she left the student health center gripping a sheet of paper tightly to the point of almost cutting into her skin. Her face noticed his face causing her to cry even harder, with Sydney realizing that they had a history together which was causing her pain. It was odd to Rick though, he didn't remember her much less know how his being there could upset her.

The young lady, Sylvia Roberts, shed more tears and tersely told Rick "of all of the times I could have seen you this has to be the worst times. We need to talk. Alone. It's important and can't wait."

Sydney tried to leave but Rick was adamant that he stay with them and hear what she had to say to him. Sydney was his friend so whatever was going to be said to him was to be told to Sydney too. She saw no way out and walked with them to a private place to talk, Rick's car.

Sylvia waited several minutes before asking "do you remember the Pi Kappa Pi party the day classes started a month and a half ago? I don't remember much of it either. I do remember waking up the next morning with you in bed with me, passed out drunk with your penis still inside me covered in semen."

Rick's face went white as he vaguely remembered the party. Sydney explained "you made me stay with Jaimie and Christina that evening then came in an hour before classes started looking exhausted and almost sick. You weren't yourself that day, something was wrong with you. I didn't say anything because I didn't want to upset you in case that was how you normally acted after a party. You deserve a chance to have fun, I didn't want to ruin it by commenting on your appearance."

She looked at Sydney and asked "did he plan to get me drunk? Or have sex with me?" Sydney blurted out a terse "he doesn't drink and wouldn't know where to get the other stuff. His dad is a doctor, he'd skin his son alive if he ever touched drugs that weren't prescribed! And his mother would beat sense into him if he ever had unprotected sex with someone who wasn't his girlfriend."

Rick mumbled an angry "those bastards at the fraternity did it. They wanted me to find a 'real girl' and must have spiked my soda when I wasn't looking. I don't remember you. I'm sorry but whatever they gave me was powerful enough to make me forget about that night. I don't even remember getting home, only waking up in bed."

Sylvia looked down in shame, adding "my roommate Angela and her friends took me to the party. She gave me a few drinks, telling me it would loosen me up. I know she 'partakes' in marijuana and Ecstasy but I didn't think she would drug me. I'm sorry to have to tell you, but you are going to be a father. That night together was enough to get me pregnant. Neither of us remember it but here's the results."

Sylvia handed Rick the paper confirming that she was telling the truth, Rick had impregnated her. He tried hard to find a reason for it to be wrong but their stories matched up too well. He hated to think about it but she was right, he had to have been the father of her baby.

Rick shed a tear. His worst nightmare had just happened. He was out having fun and impregnated a girl while Jaimie was in his room trying to babysit Sydney for him. He had sworn to be faithful to her but he had already broken it while she was still at the school.

Sylvia asked what they were going to do now. Rick asked if she was going to keep the baby or abort it. He couldn't tell her not to as it was her body, but he had a lot of soul searching to do before she made an appointment should she choose that option.

Sylvia saw the look in his eyes and asked "would you be willing to raise our child with your girlfriend? I can't abort the baby. My family will disown me unless I put the baby up for adoption. Just getting pregnant will be enough to cause my parents to make me transfer back home next year. You are the father, you can treat this as a surrogate pregnancy with your girlfriend being the mother of record. Please, I don't want to give him or her up for adoption unless we have to."

Rick needed time to think, this wasn't something to be done lightly He had to discuss this with Jaimie first before taking action, this involved her as much as him. His parents would accept his decision either way, but he felt they would want him to man up and accept responsibility for creating a life and carrying on his family's genes even if neither he nor Sylvia meant to have a child together.

Rick asked that she go east with him to confirm everything further as his parents would want her to have a more thorough examination and proper support that the school couldn't give to her. She understood and wanted to get away before she did something she would regret in her haze of self-pity and regret. She didn't want to get so hormonal and angry that she booked an appointment to abort their child. She trusted Rick to do the right thing he had shown he was already more man than he should have been but it was still tough to ask of him.

The week went by slowly as the trio talked with one another about their lives and their schooling. Sylvia was out of her depth in New England, having grown up in rural Mississippi as the only daughter of a farmer and a banker. She was given a scholarship by a foundation that dealt with rural students with exceptional skills, one marveled after a foundation from Massachusetts.

Rick recognized the name of the organization, VentureRealm Amusement Park, and smiled at someone doing the same kind of educational assistance that Jaimie and her father John had done with their own foundations. Sylvia was one of the few who went to another state, but she had plans to travel to the theme park to work in their marketing department once she graduated. The owner of the park as well as the benefactor for the scholarship fund had offered her a job so long as she graduated, and once she had told her about her unexpected pregnancy the scholarship fund was ensured to her so long as she kept up her grades as her behavior had been impeccable and what happened was seen as not her fault.

Rick told her about his life especially his time with Jaimie. He had a sad look in his eyes as he talked about her but got the gist of it, this was going to be the worst news she could ever receive. He was afraid of her reaction as well as his parents' reaction, they were caring people but him having had sex while under the influence was something they would disapprove of especially as it set a bad precedent for his younger brother and sister.

They had a hard time keeping Christina in the dark, opting to keep Sylvia's privacy rather than telling her. Christina was getting upset that they were spending so much time together and if not for Sydney being with Rick she might have accused him of cheating on Jaimie. Sydney told her in confidence that the two had something happen and to be there for what happens, carefully adding "it wasn't something that they wanted to happen and it was done without their consent. Just let Rick explain it to you later before jumping to conclusions and hurting him for what he did."

Christina drove in with them, taking Sylvia in her car while Rick took Sydney in his car. The ladies talked for a while but nothing was gleaned by Christina. Sylvia was keeping things close, not wanting anyone to know the news especially those who may have a negative reaction as Christina would have certainly have had.

Sydney and Sylvia were dropped off at Michael Finn and his girlfriend Courtney Bollinger's house. Sydney told the two to keep the inquisition to a minimum as she wasn't going to be able to withstand it for long without it hurting her. Michael didn't say a word while Courtney just helped them settle into their rooms for the weekend. Rick and Christina were staying with their families and Sydney didn't want to impose on the Finns so Michael and Courtney were stuck with babysitting duties as Sydney called it despite the two actually liking having him as a guest.

The four ate dinner in relative peace as the girls talked about school while Michael did some work on his stock portfolios for the next trading day. Sydney dealt with phone calls from the teens and kids which amused Sylvia as he was acting his age instead of the strict college academic he normally acted on campus. It was a good look for him, he needed to release some of his pent-up youthful energy and the kids were happy to help do that for him.

Rick called to say they had a meeting the next day with his family. Sydney told the couple to not pry into it and be there for Rick after the news broke. This caused a bit of concern for the couple but it was not something that they weren't prepared for already.

Early in the morning Courtney was joined by Sylvia in depositing their dinners into the toilets. The duo looked at one another with shocked expressions as Courtney realized now what was going on between Rick and Sylvia. Sylvia shed tears while Courtney hugged her tight, offering her a peaceful "he will tell us the full story and Michael's parents will make them pay. She will accept what happened, she loves him too much and you may have given them the single greatest thing any person can give- his ow biological child to raise and love."

The duo sat down to talk before the guys woke up. Courtney listened to their story and shed a tear as she heard just how badly things could be for her if her parents learned the truth. The two hugged, with Courtney feeling bad that Michael and her family had accepted their baby while the girl's family would never allow her to keep it and might try to force Rick to give it up as well if thy object to his being in love with Jaimie.

Michael and Sydney walked in to the girls hugging and crying then walked out to give them time to settle down. Sydney was asked what it was all about, getting a solemn look which Michael took to mean that they had a lot in common that wasn't coming out for several more months. Michael sighed and offered a defeated "I don't have to know the full story to know that she's going to feel horrible about all of this but she knows it wasn't their fault. He would never cheat on her willingly and she would not have been brought here unless something terrible happened to her. I just hope that when they tell the family Dad doesn't rush to the frat house to tear into them. You saw him a good person, but that gentle soul can be a raging inferno when he is angered."

Sydney just nodded, then helped Michael start breakfast so the ladies were able to have energy for the inevitable confrontation later. Sydney asked why Michael was taking the pregnancy so easily, getting a smile and happy "we weren't ready but we have to live with the consequences. I love her with all of my heart and seeing her grow each day now that her baby bump is starting to show just gives me a feeling that we belong together forever. It's love, we didn't want parenthood but we love one another and are ready to live with the consequences of parenthood."

Rick came by to pick up the two and was immediately embraced by Courtney. Rick looked at Sydney who could only muster a quiet "they were sick at the same time, she had to tell her the truth." Michael gave him a glare, adding "I'll hold her off until you are ready. I can't hold off Dad though so be ready for him when you do tell the family. And if anyone give you crap for 'cheating' on her I'll rip them to shreds. You didn't want this to happen but you are more of a man than I am in accepting responsibility."

The trio drove over to the Samuels home and saw Rick telling Sydney to stay close to Al. Al grunted at her brother but Sydney's look caused her annoyance to temper. The two went outside to let the "olds" talk while she told her brother Thomas to keep his phone off if he knew what was good for him. Her little code told Sydney that they were going to keep it between them, with Al adding "his girlfriend Rebecca won't be able to keep from doing something until Rick is ready for whatever is going on. And it must be big if he's here with you and this new girl. I must be too young to hear but I'm not some baby. If you know then I'm old enough to handle it too."

The two went out back with Al giving Sydney an odd look as they sat down below her treehouse. Sydney asked what was the matter, getting a grin and quick "your ears, you are wearing birthstone studs. I didn't think guys wore them. I have to say, they look beautiful on you."

Sydney blushed at that, secretly cursing himself for instinctively taking them instead of his normal gold studs. Sydney thought fast and added a halfhearted "they were a gift from my mom before she died, I wear them when I need strength to do something hard like being by Sylvia's side last night. I didn't think they were girly, I see guys wearing diamond studs all the time."

Al didn't buy that but it wasn't her place to make light of it beyond what she had already said. She sat back and waited, telling Sydney about school and the whole social scene that he was missing out on as a college student. Sydney was pleased that she was treating him like another 13-year-old and not a freak like the guys did at the dorm.

Al was doing her best to ensure that he was alright as he was just like her only with more brains and less street smarts. He wanted to be normal but it was tough to do with his mind analyzing things from a scientist's perspective instead of form a kid's perspective. She had to give him credit though, for someone who had a lot of money in his bank account that he earned the old fashioned way, via hard work, he was a kid at heart and appreciated just being normal for a bit before returning to abnormal.

Inside the Samuels home, Thomas gave his parents his phone to ensure that he didn't accidentally call Rebecca or text one of his friends with the news before Rick was ready to tell them. He sat beside his brother and waited for him to tell them what was going on. He looked at Sylvia and could sense that it was something that would change the family, he just couldn't put his finger on it yet but it was big news as Rick was just so tight-laced and boring when not around Jaimie.

Rick finally got the courage to speak and told his parents about the night he spent out with guys from his dorm a the frat house. He told about them introducing him to everyone then giving him drinks that were supposed to be nonalcoholic sodas but were instead laced with liquor and rohynol. He woke up the next morning and didn't know where he was, walking back to his dorm in a daze and falling asleep for much of the day.

His parents looked at the frightened Sylvia and asked about her. She mumbled a tear-filled "I was brought there by my roommate Angela and other the girls in my dorm for a night out and given drinks like he was. Mine was different as I woke up the next morning with him in me and not knowing what happened. I rushed back to the dorm and saw Angela smirking at me along with her friends but nobody would tell me what I did that night. Everyone who was with me snickered at me for the next two weeks. I didn't get my next period and went to the health center and was told I was pregnant. I never slept with anyone before, Rick was the only one but he didn't want this and neither did I. I'm sorry."

Rick told his parents firmly "I don't know what happened! The guys in my dorm acted like I was some big man for doing that! I thought it was because Jaimie and I are known to everyone in our dorms. They kept telling me to dump her and get with a real girl but I wouldn't listen to them. I would never do something like that to Jaimie, especially not with a girl who was unwilling and unable to consent. I'm sorry Mom, Dad, but we did something that night and have to live with the consequences."

Richard Samuels started to piece together the events and asked if she was going to confirm it with an unbiased doctor as the school weren't exactly the most forthcoming with help and options. She agreed, with Rick being told "we will take this from here, you have to talk with Jaimie about this and be ready for what happens next. Something stinks about this whole thing and after Miles and Jaimie leaving you are the next target. Be careful, and talk with Valerie and John. And for god sake son, don't go anywhere without at least one other person you trust."

Thomas was told to keep this to himself. He mumbled something about Rebecca getting revenge for the secrecy but he would adhere to their orders. He and Rick drove to the Finn home as Richard and his wife drove Sylvia to Sarah Jones' clinic for a full evaluation and ultrasound.

Sydney came along with the guys, with Al being told to come too. She'd be needed to keep Rebecca from harassing Thomas to get information about Rick then later to keep her from harming Rick, as Rebecca wouldn't let his actions go unpunished even if they were not his fault. Sydney was going to keep the peace inside the Finn home as Jaimie wouldn't go overboard with him there, even if she felt horrible herself she wouldn't do something drastic if the young Sydney was watching.

Valerie and John Finn were ready for Rick's arrival, with Michael and Courtney telling them that Rick had major news that had to be said in front of both of them. Miles tried to slink away but Sydney's pleading look kept him there while Christina made herself scarce as she awaited word from Miles after they finished talking and whatever was said had a chance to sink in. He did ask if it was going to cause a rupture in the family, getting a nod from him and a solemn "if she takes the news badly Rick might be in serious trouble with everyone. It doesn't matter if he isn't at fault, they won't let him go unpunished if she is hurt emotionally."

Sydney directed the four youngest Finns away from their parents, telling them it was not for their ears. He then went next door with Al to keep Rebecca in check as she was busy trying to get information out of Thomas by using every feminine trick in the book and some that he was too turned-on to refuse. The duo were told that she'd ensure they paid for keeping her away from Jaimie and Rick.

Al countered with an even firmer "go ahead and try. This is between them, not you. She has a right to live her life without your controlling everything,. Some things just are not your business and you need to just sit back and let others handle it before you cause even worse problems for everyone."

The two glared at one another, daring the other to do something. Sydney got between them, asking Rebecca "are you going to hurt someone you never met because you can't stop yourself from butting into their life? Jaimie and Rick need to talk and if she feels the need to she will tell you. Leave them alone and let Rick and Jaimie handle their own problems. They are 18 and adults, she doesn't need you to baby her and he doesn't need you beating him up because you feel that you have to prove that you are protecting someone you love. Just stop."

Over at the Finn home Jaimie came into the living room to which Rick immediately looked down in shame. Jaimie sensed something had happened but Michael's firm hold on her shoulder kept her from leaving or jumping to conclusions. Courtney's pleading eyes told her to stay and listen, it was too important not to hear for her herself..

Rick finally opened up, explaining "last month right after we moved in the guys in my dorm went to a party. I asked you to keep an eye on Sydney for me since the guys were in a mood to harass him. It was the only way to get them to stop so he could have a nice night. I should have been the one to watch him though. I made a major mistake and now I have to live with it."

He had tears in his eyes as he looked at Jaimie then continued "at the party the guys got me drunk and high on rohypnol that they put into my soda, or what I thought was soda. They then made me sleep with a girl who had the same thing happen to her by her roommate and her friends. She didn't want to do it either but we ended up in bed and have to deal with the consequences. She is pregnant, with our child. It was the worst possible night for her to have had sex! I"m sorry. I'm so sorry."

He broke down as Courtney added "he didn't mean it. Neither of them meant to do it. You know him better than anyone, you know he would never do such a thing to you or any other girl. It was the guys who did it to him. You can assume that they have done it a few times already, the girls in the dorms helped them set it all up. It's supposed to make them looser and more fun for them. It doesn't matter if they could get pregnant as long as they have fun."

Jaimie asked about the girl, getting a tear and unenthusiastic "she's the spitting image of Aunt Lilly. It's like her story only worse. Aunt Lilly was looking for a good time, Sylvia wasn't. I won't be like Roland Finn, I won't abandon her for my mistake. I'm sorry Jaimie, but I can't abandon my child. I helped create it, I need to face the consequences of my actions."

Jaimie got up to go upstairs. Valerie asked what he was planning to do with the baby. Rick looked down in shame, explaining "she can't keep it after it's born. She has to give it up for adoption or her parents will disown her if they don't do it anyway once they hear about her pregnancy. I can't abandon it, this is my flesh and blood. I hope Jaimie can accept being a mother, I know she won't like that this child is mine through a horrible event but I can't abandon it."

John nodded to his wife and went upstairs to talk with Jaimie. Upstairs, John heard her crying and saw that she was holding a picture of Rick and her. He crept in and hugged her, letting her tears flow freely as she started to accept that her boyfriend had done something that he had to live with forever.

Jaimie finally looked up and asked "is it wrong that I am angry at him for wanting to be a father? He is trying to give me what I always wanted but I never wanted it this way. She is going to be humiliated, I can't let her do that to herself just for my sake. She doesn't deserve to have this happen to her because others couldn't leave two people alone who didn't want to have their version of fun."

John saw that she wasn't upset at Rick so much as upset at other people. He added a happy "you are a good person and he feels the same way you do. He wants you to be a mother, he never wanted to have a child this way but it's his gift to you. He could have given the child up for adoption but he wants you to be a mother to his child. You are going to be a mom, if you let him be a dad too. He can't do this without you, he can't do this alone. Deep down you know what the right thing to do is."

She hugged John tight then crept downstairs to hug Rick. Rick had cried while she was upstairs, but her smile and cheerful expression caused the tears to stop. Jaimie finally blurted out "I want to be upset with you but this wasn't your fault. Dad is right, you are doing what is right for me. Thank you. You didn't have to accept responsibility for what you did or accept fatherhood but you are doing it for me. She needs support, we will help her. She can't do this alone and you need me. I love you."

John got serious and asked for the name of the fraternity that the party was held at. He had his serious police officer face on which meant things were going to happen to ensure that the two had justice done for them. If John was upset and determined then nobody was safe from his wrath, he was unstoppable and would use everything within his power to set things right and bring justice to those in need of it.

John made inquiries to the campus police about the fraternity and any undue conduct. As expected, he was stonewalled by the officer who answered the phone after the desk sergeant forwarded the phone call leading him to ask his connection to the fraternity. The reaction was also expected, he threatened to arrest John for harassment if he continued to ask about the fraternity.

John's next move was expected as well, he called his nephew David Peterson and got him to make inquiries via the State Police as they would now have to investigate the fraternity instead of the campus police. The UMass Police are like every other department, there are always a few bad apples and John had uncovered just who was the bad apple in the Amherst department.

David had a few comments about the fraternity of his own as he was only two years out of school and had encountered them himself. As he described them John saw that it was normal for them to do such things but nobody had said anything about their activities before. If there had been any complaints filed, none of them made it to his department as they weren't involved in any actions like that regarding the fraternity.

Over at Sarah Jones' clinic, Sylvia was given a thorough examination. She was confirmed to be pregnant, and a month along. She was given a blood test to check for any diseases in case others had their way with her after Rick passed out but thankfully for mother and baby she was clean and healthy.

Richard had trouble keeping from getting upset that someone would do that to a sweet young lady but it had been done to her. Rick was just as at fault and he was pleased that Rick accepted responsibility for his actions. He may not have been lucid and able to consent but he accepted the outcome of his actions as he had hoped his son would do.

Richard, his wife, and Sylvia drove to the Finn home where Jaimie was introduced to her and saw Jaimie hugging her tightly while crying into her shoulder. Sylvia looked at Rick for help with Richard offering a happy "she is happy that you are OK and I guess this means that she wants to help you through this. You are giving her what she always wanted- a child of her own, and one who is her fiance's blood. She can't have children on her own but you have given Rick his own child that she can now raise as her own."

Sylvia was intimidated but Jaimie took her upstairs to talk with her alone. They needed to do this for their own sake and it was best to have some girl talk while the others waited downstairs. Sylvia was led inside and immediately hugged by Jaimie again, with Jaimie shedding more tears while asking if she was feeling well and if she could do anything to help her out.

Sylvia sat down with Jaimie telling her firmly "screw the people who say something about you having a baby. They don't care what happened and if they are unsympathetic to you they are terrible people inside. I know you aren't going to have an easy time, but you have me and Courtney and especially Christina when she is told. She will not let you suffer alone, she is the best sister you could ever want and she will ensure that you are feeling good, taking your vitamins, and keeping fit."

Sylvia hugged Jaimie for being so kind to her when she should have been outraged at Rick. Jaimie blushed as she admitted "I wish I could be in your position. I'll never be a real girl no matter how much I make myself look like a girl you are having the one thing that will never happen to me- having a baby."

Sylvia shed a tear as she heard that, feeling terrible that she was feeling sorry for herself when Jaimie was feeling something even worse than she was. It hit her hard that Jaimie had said something to her that didn't quite make sense. Timidly, she asked "is it really true? You were born a boy?"

Jaimie sadly nodded, confessing "I had my final surgery to create a vagina from my penis and some internal parts. I almost died due to my anesthesiologist being drunk and lazy. I look so much like a girl because my testicles were removed after I was hurt badly when I was 12 and hadn't hit puberty. I am a girl inside and have breasts and a vagina but I lack a womb, ovaries, and tubes so I can never give birth to a child. You have that and are having Rick's child."

The two hugged, with Sylvia offering her a solemn "you are a girl like me, I don't want to be pregnant but I am. You are going to be the mother of my baby, I can't keep it but I am proud to know that he or she will be in a loving home with a good mother and father. You don't have to ever deal with me after it's born, she or he will be yours and yours alone."

Jaimie looked at her with happiness then told her "we will act like this is a surrogate pregnancy. My cousins Patrick and Deborah talked about this before they became parents this summer. My Aunt Kennedy and Uncle Willie had this happen with their youngest son when he was born. Both my aunt and cousin are like me, they weren't born in the right bodies. There are a lot of women who are willing to conceive for couples who can't conceive themselves and use the sperm of the husband as the father, we can claim that it was like that for us. You are the biological mother, but I can be listed as the mother on his or her birth certificate. Thank you again, you have made my dreams come true."

The two hugged some more before going downstairs. Miles said a quick "you forgot about Billy, didn't you?" Jaimie nodded, adding "you knew I'd have to give in once we talked about this, didn't you? And you are right in your thinking, we are going to act like it's the same thing as Billy, only with Rick actually being his father instead of a double donor surrogacy." The family didn't elaborate on what she was talking about, instead sitting quietly.

They awaited the next move, the inevitable invasion of Rebecca and her sister Stacy as Thomas came over with Al and Sydney. Rebecca looked at Jaimie then at Rick then finally at Sylvia and was about to jump to conclusions until Jaimie shot her down with a swift "yes he 'cheated' but it wasn't his fault so don't go railroading him for doing something he had no control over. He's manning up and accepting responsibility for what happened. He gave me something I needed, he gave me a child. So don't you dare jump on him for having the worst possible thing that could happen to someone at a party happen to him. I love him no matter what."

Rebecca was unable to respond, Stacy calmly told Rebecca "don't you get it? They are pregnant and they are going to both be parents. If you can't control yourself you are going to cause damage to all of them and despite your tough girl image you know darn well this is a blessing for them. Jaimie is going to be a mom, Rick has his biological son, and that means you and Thomas won't have to worry about kids since it doesn't matter anymore!"

There was little else to say as the four youngsters came upstairs to find out what was going on leading to the group quickly changing the subject and talking about other things. Noticing that it was just going to be a long boring time for them Sydney was seized by Cat and Ella, forcing him to be the center of attention for them with JD and Logan happy to get out of there as they knew exactly what the girls were going to do to him. Al just shook her head at the two, thinking to herself about his reaction but not daring to say anything lest she be wrong and cause a major problem for him.

Sydney came down a half hour later covered in makeup and smiling. Al just grinned, telling him "they are going to look to do that to you more often. If you are smart you would refuse any trips out here because of the two of them. Trust me, the novelty of wearing makeup wears off quickly. It becomes second nature but still a pain in the neck to deal with."

Al gave Sydney a wink, with Sydney not noticing the intent behind it. Sydney was just fine wearing the makeup which took some of the fun out of it for Ella but for Cat it was a pleasure. Sydney and she were so focused on the session that they never noticed Valerie taking a picture of the two with Sydney sitting on the chair while Cat had a brush in her hand and a look of concentration on her face that she didn't have too often outside of school.

Ella lost interest fast but Cat did better than expected. Valerie whispered "she's doing a lot better with you than she usually does with her brothers." Sydney blushed but was happy to keep her out of the others' hair for a bit, knowing Cat's reputation for mischief and finding out secrets like about the baby.

Rick told Sydney to go wash up leading him to rush off with Cat and Ella helping him remove the makeup. Al helped as well, ensuring that the eyeliner and mascara were also removed as the two tended to forget to do that whenever they put it on their brothers. She was sly in telling Sydney "trust me the novelty wears off quickly. It's fun for a bit but once you get used to wearing it you hardly notice it so there's no real fun anymore. They just wanted to put it on you because you are new."

Downstairs again, Courtney and Michael drove home with Sydney and Sylvia The two were quiet with Sydney holding her hand while she stared off into the distance, thinking about Jaimie being so accepting of what should have been an angry time for her. The couple cooked a simple dinner, knowing that the two would have a lot of nervous energy and not want to do much that evening.

David came by to discuss the fraternity situation. His colleagues had found out a lot about the fraternity beyond what he already knew about them from his days at UMass and most of it wasn't good. They were known to allow underage drinking and there were many girls who had made claims of forced sex while attending parties there, with all of the allegations either going unanswered or the investigation finding no cause for further inquiry. The only reason they were able to find information was the officer on duty took their statements for the record and saved it to the servers but nothing was done about it after it was forwarded to the detective division.

John thought for a moment then asked if the same officer had been involved in the investigations, getting a nod as well as a terse "his friends handled the accusations when the complaints were pushed by the school. The school itself is clean in the matter, it's an internal issue with the department. He has had a lot of help from influential people outside and gotten pressure to the right folks. He's dirty as they come but hasn't been caught stepping over the line yet."

John was upset at hearing that but knew full well that it was common for small departments to have to live with a few who pushed their views on the many. The right people were involved now, with the State Police not letting anyone influence them regardless of who they now. David knew the folks at the Franklin/Hampshire State Police Detective Unit and knew this was a big one for them, possibly leading back to David and his unit if the school was shown to have acted against accusers.

David worked with the detectives and got Rick to give his story with Valerie overseeing it. Once he was finished David moved on to talk with Sylvia and had Cameron Byrne-Toro stand in as her lawyer for the questioning. She gave her take on what happened with both stories matching up to each other and with no coercion or cooperation between the two thanks to some careful choreography with Michael, Courtney, and Valerie it was tough to see their stories as anything but the truth.

Cameron suspected that Rick was going to get targeted by the school and asked that David's colleagues be put in charge of the actual investigation right away so the school didn't have a chance to railroad Rick and make him out to be a monster. It was a bold move, with David working hard to get them pointed in the right direction while allowing the school's dirty officers to set themselves up for a fall if they tried to act on their own. The truth about the whole situation was hard to deny but the facts of what happened were muddied and with the detectives on the prowl and trying to pin it on Rick they needed to get things right making any attempted arrest suspicious.

After their separate talks with David, Rick and Sylvia spent more time with Jaimie while Sydney went with Al and her friends. Al joked that he might like some makeup getting Diego Vincent, Ashley Byrne-Toro, Kyle Douglas, and Oscar Pierce to ask if she was jealous of Sydney looking better in it than them. Sydney gave them a big blush which Al noted and grinned at, not letting on that Sydney may have liked wearing makeup that Cat and Ella had made him wear the day before.

After a few hours together Jaimie gave the four big hugs as they drove back to Amherst. They were met by officers outside Rick and Sydney's room as soon as they stepped off the elevator. Rick nodded to Sydney who texted John that it had begun. Sydney added that they were not gentle in their questioning and if he hadn't expected it he would have broken down and confessed to a crime just to make them stop their badgering.

The officers demanded that Rick go with them to talk about allegations of sexual assault. He refused, asking that they wait until his lawyer arrived the next morning. It was in the evening on Sunday, there was no reason to force either him or Sylvia to talk as there was no physical evidence nor direct witnesses that they knew of and the allegations were not enough to detain him just yet especially as he knew they hadn't talked with the alleged victim as she had been with him all weekend.

Sydney asked Rick if his neighbor was going to come by, getting a grin from Rick as he happily told the officers "he will be here early tomorrow. He won't be alone, I think he's taking both of his partners with him." Sydney gave him an odd look to which Rick added "he doesn't want to do this all alone, and he will have his answer to the allegations ready to go just in case things get out of hand. He's coming in hot and heavy to protect us."

Rick entered his room then told them to leave unless they were going to arrest him but if they did he was going to ensure that their badges were revoked and they answered to the state police as to why they were investigating a crime that hadn't been reported yet. He dared them to try something, he wasn't in the mood to play games anymore. It was clear that they wanted him away from Sylvia so they could get her to claim that he raped her so they could have him kicked out of school and sent t jail.

The officers left, but was sure to tell the others on the floor why they were there. Rick glared at them, with Sydney adding "they made a big mistake. Rick's family are going to tear them apart for violating his rights. What they did for Miles Finn was nothing compared with what they will do to them on Rick's behalf. Rick's lawyers aren't nice people and don't play around with people breaking the laws."

Rick texted John and David, with David all but telling him that they had killed their careers now especially as they just tried to violate his rights to make a case they were not supposed to be investigating. Their mistake would not go unanswered. They tainted the case by telling the other guys about the allegations. Rick had himself a ready-made lawsuit against them for violating his civil rights.

The two were left to fend off people trying to ask about what was going on and if it was true that he was going to be arrested for raping Sylvia. Sydney tried to defend Rick but the more they asked the less Rick was willing to say causing the guys in their dorm to believe the allegations. Rick didn't bother talking anymore, it wasn't worth the fight as he knew most of the questions would be used against him as the police interviewed the dorm after they failed to nail him if they didn't ask the dorm before Cameron and his colleagues got there.

In the morning Rick went to class while Sydney spoke with Ricardo Vincent and Savannah Ward about the case against Rick. They were Cameron's partners and were trying to get a background on Rick the night he was out at the party. Sydney could only tell them what Christina and Jaimie had already told them, with him adding in that he was perfectly fine before the party but wasn't acting normal after he got back to the dorm.

That was questioned, with Sydney explaining "he wasn't talking much and he looked like he was in a daze. He fell asleep right away, if it wasn't a Friday he would have missed his classes. He was only ever like that when he had a stomach virus and after Jaimie left. It's like he was there but he wasn't fully there, as if he wasn't feeling well but not fully sick."

This was enough for them as Ricardo added a firm "he was still partially under the influence when he left. Whatever they gave to her wasn't as strong as what they gave to him. I think there's a lot more to this story than just getting Rick drugged and having sex. Rick had to have been targeted by them for a specific reason."

Ricardo grinned and called the person David had told him to call starting the investigation down a whole new line of thought. It wasn't just an investigation into rape by the fraternity, it was now an investigation into who wanted Rick gone and why. His hunch was that it involved Jaimie and her being at the school, it coincided with the first of the stalking incidents regarding the girls in their dorm which Sylvia also lived in.

Cameron was serving as Sylvia's lawyer with Cameron waiting outside her classroom when she class let out. He wasn't about to take any chances, and when they met up he noticed right away that they were being followed by at least one police officer. He told her to refuse to talk with them without him being there when they came for her after Rick's interview, it was her right to refuse to speak with them and as she had not actually made the allegation let alone spoken with them they had no business badgering her about it.

David's colleagues decided that they needed to go for the throat and sought out search warrants for the fraternity. This was supposed to be done while the interviews were conducted, with the school police not told and the fraternity detained off premises. David had one of this coworkers go west to join the search for evidence at the fraternity with her acting as the liaison for the Attorney General's Office.

Rick was approached after class and told he had to go with the officers or be arrested. Rick just grinned at that, asking if it was a threat then telling them "I am choosing to go with you as my lawyer has advised me to cooperate until the point where it is proven that this is just a fishing expedition and not an actual investigation. He is not going to allow you to question me without him though so please wait until he gets here. I am hereby invoking my right to counsel and refusing to answer any questions."

Ricardo grinned and watched as the officers told him firmly "you aren't entitled to a lawyer. You are being charged with rape of a girl. We have witnesses to you raping her at a party. It was captured on video and will be used against you. Now talk, or we will ensure you get a nasty reception in jail. They don't take too kindly to rapists in jail."

Rick just grinned as Ricardo loudly announced "don't say a word, we have it on camera. Gentlemen, we will not allow our client to talk to you any further as you have shown you are not going to investigate this allegation properly and have already stated that you believe him to be guilty. Further, I'll be forwarding this to the State Police to investigate as my client has exercised his rights to counsel and as you have so eloquently pointed out, you could care less about his constitutional rights in this matter."

Savannah was already calling the state police to let them know that the UMass Police had a video showing the alleged rape. They have cause now to take over the case from the police with the UMass Police being investigated themselves for violating rights of suspects. The detectives were giddy at the evidence being close, it also meant that someone at the fraternity was guaranteed to go to prison now.

Rick gave his account of what happened to the UMass officers while Ricardo looked on. This was a token interview, meant to show that they were out of line and trying to pin the rape on him without any actual evidence. Rick deflected all of their questions as he could not remembered anything about the night except going there and waking up back at his room. It was clear that he had no idea what happened to him, yet they still went at him for raping Sylvia.

After every possible angle short of him actually being drugged himself there was no further questions asked. The officers walked away angry and disgusted at their failure to nail Rick, speaking in hushed tones but overheard by the digital recorder Sydney was holding out as they walked by. She played the recording to Ricardo who shook his head and forwarded it to the detectives conducting the search at the fraternity.

The officers went right for Sylvia's dorm. They didn't bother with formalities, telling Cameron to leave so they could talk with Sylvia alone. Cameron just smirked and announced "I am hereby representing this young lady and will not allow her to speak without a legal representative. If you try to speak to her without myself or another duly appointed representative I'll have your badges ripped off. I know what you tried to do earlier and won't let my client suffer the same violation of her rights."

He challenged them to say something, pointing at his digital recorder. They would have to play by his rules or they'd never get to interview her. They knew that without Sylvia's cooperation and claims of being raped Rick was going free as there was no actual evidence against him.

The officers played her game, asking about the party she went to. Sylvia was adamant that she didn't want to go and that her roommate Angela and Angela's friends insisted that she go. They were the ones who gave her the drinks and wouldn't let her leave until she had several drinks in her, grabbing her and forcing her to sit while they got the drinks for her.

Cameron made note of the names while the officers barely took notes. Cameron noted that they were not in the least bit interested in that part of the story, tuning it out until it got to the point of her not remembering anything further. The two were almost bored as Sylvia told about the girls trying to set her up with Rick, with the girls insisting that Rick was a good date and worth breaking up his engagement to Jaimie.

They started to ask all sorts of questions about what happened after, putting words in her mouth but she didn't bite any of their leads and kept to what she had already told Cameron. She was adamant that she didn't remember anything about the party after the second drink and that Rick was out cold as she woke up. She didn't say a word to Rick, he was dead weight on her body and was fully naked while she was mostly clothed.

Cameron smirked at hearing that. It was hard to have forced her to have sex if he was out cold. The drug in her system was slower to take hold but gone quicker, his though took hold quickly and lasted longer. There was no way that they could have done anything unless they were forced while they were both under the influence and even then they needed a lot of help as they were practically zombies then.

The next part of her story was new to Cameron as she told her roommates about finding herself with Rick passed out inside still inside of her. Her roommate Angela just grinned, telling her "he's a good catch, you are going to love being with him. He doesn't deserve that tranny freak, he's hung like a horse but he wastes it on her. If you are lucky he might even give you a ring just to keep you two from making you look like a slut for sleeping with him."

It was clear now that her roommate was the one who helped set up the whole night with Rick and was likely to have been part of their sexual activities after they were both under the influence. How else would she know the size of his penis or that she was going to have his baby? It was also clear that the whole night with Rick was intended to get Rick away from Jaimie which would cause her humiliation and cause the two new parents to wed.

She realized what she had said and nodded to Cameron. He'd take it from there with her telling them that Rick wasn't responsible, someone drugged him and her. The officers tried to make Rick out to be at fault until she pointed out that he was out cold and she had been unable to remember anything so how could he have been a rapist if she was just as much if not more of a rapist as him.

It was a tough situation for them. She called their bluff. They had nothing and she was not going to be any sort of help as she had made it clear that she couldn't remember anything else. She wasn't trying to withhold information, she honestly didn't remember anything else leaving them with nothing.

The whole situation hinged on the words of others who were there as witnesses. Cameron told the officers that she was finished and made it clear that nothing more would be said. They walked out, with Cameron escorting them out so they didn't stop to talk with any of the other ladies in the dorms.

This didn't stop the girls from talking while Cameron went back up to Sylvia's room. Her roommate Angela conveniently made an appearance, asking her about the police and if they had caught her rapist yet. Cameron had her string her along, whispering "get her to talk about it, she knows everything."

Sylvia sighed and confessed "I don't remember anything and just because he was 'inside' me doesn't mean he actually did anything. It could have been anyone. There were dozens of guys at the party."

Angela snorted at that, telling her "he did it. He had a couple of drinks in him and was slurring his speech, getting you to do what he wanted. We encouraged you to dance with him, once he was close to you we had you two get really close. It didn't take much for him to join you in bed. You were out of it fast but we found him screwing you as you slept. He came in you a couple of times before he couldn't take it any longer and passed out himself. The stud had to have knocked you up, there was too much cum in you not to have done the deed."

Cameron hid his anger while Sylvia glanced at the recorder on the table that went unnoticed. She asked how she knew she was fertile, getting a laugh and quick "you remember how you and I were the first ones here this summer so we could take some introductory classes? I remembered you had your period two weeks before the party. It was inevitable, he is a stud. I hope you are going to go after his family, they are loaded! His brother and sister are rich and his dad is a doctor and his aunt handles all of their finances so you will get a lot of money from them. It's a shame that he will lose that freak he sleeps with but the tranny freak deserves it. He is wasted on that freak. He deserves a real woman."

Sylvia just sat quietly with Cameron telling her that he had everything in order. He added a firm "I'll talk with the investigators. Justice will be served." Angela grinned at hearing that, but it wasn't the justice she was thinking about. Cameron was going to the state police with the recording not the campus police as Angela may have thought.

Across the campus, Rick and Christina dealt with his homework. The two were in classes together and her new roommates were supporting him but it was best to keep him away from their dorm until it blew over. He wasn't fazed, he wasn't about to let false allegations get him riled up or miss classwork.

The officers made an end run around Ricardo and Savannah and arrested Rick in his dorm. He didn't fight it, going quietly while Christina frantically called Ricardo, Richard, and finally David. Rick wasn't going to be arraigned in court until the following afternoon, they arrested him in the hopes of forcing him to confess to the rapes and making the case for them but again he refused to talk without a lawyer present.

David's call went directly to the head of the detective unit and caused a panic among them. They were quick to head to UMass where they found Rick being punched several times in the ribs by the officers in a back interview room while the known offending officer tried to get him to confess to the rape. The troopers didn't hesitate, they immediately broke up the questioning, called an ambulance for Rick, then had the campus police lockdown the station while the officers were arrested for assault, criminal conspiracy, and impeding a police investigation.

The state police were angered that Rick had been taken into custody in the first place, there was no evidence except the allegations of "innocent bystanders" so there was no probable cause at all to do it. Rick being assaulted only caused them to bring in their full investigation with additional troopers called in to seize all evidence that they had at the station while executing a full search warrant on the fraternity, the guys who took Rick to the party, Angela, and Angela's friends. They were being proactive, too many important people who would have to know about this no matter what were going to be involved especially the Governor's office.

They weren't happy that hte initial search of the fraternity house came up empty. The fraternity had been tipped off about the troopers visiting making them move all evidence out of sight. This infuriated them as the fraternity taunted the troopers over finding nothing inside.

After an examination, Rich had bruised ribs and several lacerations to his face which were shown to have come from the interview process. The officers forgot that the cameras always rolled in the room and everything that whatever they had said to witnesses was recorded. Rick was freed, but the school immediately handed him a suspension pending outcome of the criminal investigation.

This was now strike three for the Finns as Rick started to pack up and leave. Sydney was left to deal with things on his own, with Christina keeping an eye on him until he decided what to do. He wanted to leave as well but it needed to wait until he obtained parental permission which wouldn't happen right away if it came at all.

Christina was angry and needed the ladies to calm her down, with all of her new friends offering her hugs of support. Sylvia felt terrible, she blamed herself but Christina wouldn't let her feel that way. She had her heart in the right place, but sometimes you needed to let others do their work instead.

Rick was embraced by Jaimie when he pulled into the Samuels house. He tried to stop her tears but she felt that it was her fault for him enduring that horrible lie. She kept saying that if she was normal the girls wouldn't have gone after him, which he told her "they'd have done it anyway, it's what they do. They were jealous that I had found the love of my life and she is more woman than they would ever be."

Back out in Amherst, the state troopers turned up a lot of surprises during their second, more thorough search. Dozens of packages of MDMA, rohypnol, crystal meth, and liters of booze were found in the rooms with most of the booze found in rooms belonging to members under the age of 21. There were several kilos of marijuana that was being packaged for sale, giving the troopers a laugh as the school officers were ignoring a major health, safety, and ethics violation to go after an innocent man. They were laughing as they found dozens of cartons of cigarettes which had no tax stamps while several were opened and being laced with marijuana in an attempt to hide the drug in plain sight giving the troopers a lot of fines to hand out to the members alongside possession charges.

The entire fraternity was arrested on possession allowing them to be held until they found something stronger to arrest them for. It didn't take long as multiple DVDs were found, with the names of various students written across the jewel cases. It was made all the more interesting as the troopers saw that there were cameras recording the sex sessions with the cameras all leading to a computer in the frat's basement "office" but in reality just their entertainment room.

The troopers searched for and found several cameras in the various bedrooms with the feeds leading directly to the "office" computers. Rick's name was on one of the DVDs which, when played on a laptop, showed an edited sex session between him and Sylvia. What was clear was it was edited, but that turned out to not be a problem as the raw video was stored on one of the computers with the whole two hour session shown including a lot of interesting cameos by various people of interest.

It was clear that Rick was out of it and slurring his words badly throughout the video. Sylvia herself was barely conscious and while they were having sex, Rick needed someone to put his penis in her and hold him up straight. Sylvia could barley sit up and when he got close to ejaculating she was put into a position to accept all of it.

It was even worse as Angela and another girl moved Rick out of the way and fondled her until orgasm, allowing her to take in more of Rick's semen while the guys with them laughed at Sylvia getting knocked-up by the tranny lover. Jaimie's name was specifically mentioned, with the girls telling the guys that they needed to start in on her to get her kicked out since they took care of Rick for them. There was no denying it anymore, it was a conspiracy between the girls and the fraternity and Rick was just a pawn to them. Had it not been for the NCAA fiasco Jaimie would have been in for a tougher time at the school from the fraternity brothers going after her.

The evidence was secured with the troopers making note to talk with the ladies about that night, but to also hold off on their bombshells until they had the ladies in a lie. They already had the guys bang to the rights but the girls would be tougher since they could claim coercion by the guys and make them out to be the real criminals with the right bit of tears and sympathetic pleading. The texts from David about Cameron's recording was actually going to be the key, they would talk in order to avoid serious jail time but still have criminal records from their role in the whole situation.

The raid made the rounds of the campus, but what was more important was that the school was told to back off and if not they would face investigation by the Attorney General's Office. Kennedy Pena flexed her muscles and had the school legal counselors suspend the fraternity brothers then Angela and the girls pending investigation while rescinding Rick's suspension with a formal apology to him. The UMass Police were not off the hook but Rick was only going to sue for the assault rather than the false arrest.

A settlement with Rick was reached for the sum of $5 million with the school agreeing to allow him to transfer to another school after the semester finished. He had no problem doing that, but they were put on notice that they were under scrutiny by the state and another incident would result in many of the administration being ousted for fostering an environment detrimental to the safety and well-being of the students. Visions of Salem State danced in their heads, leading to the school agreeing to the demand.

The next day the ladies were questioned about the night at the fraternity. They tried to plead innocent, claiming that Rick took advantage of the drunk Sylvia before changing their stories to Sylvia leading him on when it was clear that he wasn't lucid enough to do that. They acted like they had no part in any of the planning nor in getting her there, insisting that she wanted to go all along.

That all changed when the recording by Sylvia was played, with Angela turning white as a sheet as she realized that she had admitted to setting her up for sex. This was further compounded when the video of the girls helping the intoxicated Rick Sylvia have sex, complete with snide remarks about Jaimie and lewd jokes about his penis, were played.

Their parents weren't the least bit happy, with the girls pleading with their parents for help. There was no way around it, their innocence was lost especially as part of the videos included the girls having sex with the fraternity brothers as the two unwilling partners were laying unconscious a few feet away. It was sickening to them to see their little girls acting like total sluts and hurting two people who had done nothing wrong,

The girls admitted that they had willingly done what had happened to Rick and Sylvia multiple times to troublesome girls and guys at the request of the guys. The girls were all on video, with the girls being enticed to help the guys as they were the best looking guys on campus and would ensure they had the best of everything while at school. Two of the girls had their eyes on the guys as potential husbands with Rick being the one they all wanted but with Jaimie dating him she needed to be removed from the equation first, hence the plot to get him in trouble.

They weren't ready for the consequences of their actions. A girl was pregnant, by a guy who didn't want to have sex with her let alone impregnate her. All because he was dating a girl who was born in the wrong body. It was sickening to their parents, who pulled their support from the girls once they agreed to plead guilty to charges in exchange for evidence against the guys.

Rick was exonerated publicly with the fraternity being indicted for several dozen counts of rape and sexual assault. This was in addition to the major drug charges that they had pending against them for possession of the MDMA, rohypnol, marijuana, and crystal meth. The girls agreed to accessory charges for the rapes with Angela, the one who actually brought Sylvia to the party despite her not wanting to go and doing much of the actual work to get Sylvia pregnant, getting the heaviest sentence.

This didn't help the school. The PR hit was even worse as the media loved a good sex story and had several of the former victims willing to talk about the school looking the other way. The police were hit hard over their officers stonewalling all attempts to go after the fraternity and for blaming the victims instead of protecting them.

Sylvia's family found out about her pregnancy from one of the frat brothers sending them the video of her having sex with Rick and tried to disown her. Cameron was vicious in his defense of her, explaining that she had done something against her will and the guy she slept with was acting like a man and going to lay claim to their grandchild as his own child and that she had willingly offered her child up to his fiance to raise as her own child and would give birth to him or her as if it was a surrogate pregnancy.

Rick and Jaimie had a rough time at home as their former classmates showed their true colors and trashed the couple. Miles and Michael were just as quick to defend the couple, with Michael pointing out that they were acting like children when this was a serious, adult situation. The fact that they went after Rick and Jaimie for Rick being forced to have sex under the influence while he himself had unprotected sex with Courtney that resulted in him impregnating her was ignored showed that they were really only going after him due to Jaimie which was enough to shut them up especially as it was the truth for most of them.

Christina kept close to Sylvia, moving in with her to help her out as she progressed. Christina's old roommate was fine with this as it was needed and Christina was too nice of a person not to help out. The two were also close with Sydney as he spent more time with them as Rick spent much of his time holed up in his room away from others.

Jaimie visited them every weekend to drive Rick home, with Sydney joining them for the drive. He was happy to see that Jaimie was going to buy a house for her and Rick near home allowing them to have their privacy while also letting Sydney come with Rick and not need to disturb anyone. He asked why they were doing that, getting a happy "you need time away too."

Rick and Sydney had a close relationship at school with most joking that Sydney was his younger brother. Rick just grinned at that, he liked Sydney and he reminded him of his own younger sister. They were always close but Sydney kept a few secrets to himself. Rick never caught on until he saw for himself a week after the whole sexual assault situation dissipated.

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