Interesting Summer Vacation Part 7

"Lily!" Katie yells I can barely hear her, the boat's motor is very loud, I scoot closer to her.

"What?" I ask at a normal volume.

"What were you and Bob talking about?" She asks, eager for the nonexistent juicy details.

"Nothing, I think I overreacted, we both acted normally I think we're friends," I say, hopefully JUST friends.

I look over to Bob. He is standing up, fighting the wind, next to Dad pointing him in the right direction. They look like a father and a son, a much better son than I ever was, or am.

I turn back to Katie and whisper, "Hey we should stick together back here, I don't wanna interact with Bob any more than I need to."

"Of course," Katie replies with a smile that does not reassure me.

We stop suddenly, the inertia almost causing me to fall off my seat. Dad points to the front of the boat and says something to Bob. He turns in our direction. "Your two poles are back there with some bait, and we need to throw the anchor over, got it?"

I nod, Katie has already gotten up and picked out her pole, I walk to the back and see she has left me with a pink pole, I give her a look.

"What, I happen to like red," She says, admiring her pole.

I see the anchor and bend over to lift it. While I can lift it, it quickly becomes apparent that I will not be able to throw this without hurting myself or the boat. Katie, noticing my struggle, comes from the side and helps me throw it overboard, we both let out girly moans of exhaustion.

We bend over, breathing heavily in fatigue, Katie catches her breath, "Girl power," She says while flexing. I giggle.

"Nice job, girls," Bob says, from behind us.

"That was the easy part, now we gotta catch all the fish we just scared away," I say standing up, turning towards him, smiling.

"Well, that's what I'm here to teach, is this yours?" Bob says gesturing towards my pink pole.

"Yes, it is," I say as confidently as I can.

He walks to the right side of the back of the boat and I follow, "It's really simple, all you gotta do is hold down this button, cast it, let some line out, and reel in a bit and you're done." He proceeds to demonstrate, I pay close attention not wanting to have to go through this again. The hook makes a small splashing sound and he reels it back in, handing it to me.

"Thanks," I say, glad it's over, I go to cast it.

"Wait, you need bait first," He says, smiling at my mistake.

"Oh, right," I say, embarrassed. He turns and opens a container full of worms. I shudder, they are all crawling and being all gross.

"It's okay," Bob reassures me putting a hand on my shoulder, "They are pretty creepy, but they won't hurt you, and I'll do this first one for you." He grabs a long one and splits it in half with his fingers, causing me to flinch.

"Okay," I say, my voice frail in fright.

Bob reaches for my pole, directing me to hold it steady, he puts the worm on the hook, I'm impressed with his lack of fear, but he's probably down this a million times. "I can always do it for you if you can't," Bob offers.

"No, I can do it." I hope I can, I can't have Bob coming back here so often. I don't want to appear like a helpless little girl.

"Well, now you can cast," He says stepping away.

I turn my back towards him and cast, I slam the hook on the water way too close to our boat.

I turn my head back towards Bob, "It's harder than it looks," I say, smiling at my own stupidity.

"It is," He says coming closer, "Here." He comes up close behind me, gently placing his big hands on my wrists, I can feel his head resting lightly on mine, I can feel him all over my back, he is very warm, I can feel his phone poking my butt as he slowly guides my cast. We send the hook pretty far out.

He slowly takes his hands away caressing my arms, and steps away. "Are you good?"

"I think I can manage now, thanks again," I say looking back up at him.

"No problem, it was a pleasure," He says walking to the front of the boat.

Well, I'm glad that's over, his body heat caused me to get a little wet, and I can't help but crave that feeling. I look over to Katie, she gives me a thumbs up and winks. I look to the front, Dad and Bob are fishing off opposite sides. I lay a finger on my fishing line to better feel for a bite.

We fish for a while, Katie catches a few small fish none of which we keep, Bob, catches 3 big fish all of which we keep, Dad catches and keeps 4. I catch nothing. I'm a little glad I haven't, for one I do not want to put another worm on this thing, and I don't know how to get the fish off the hook.

"Are you getting any bites, Lily?" Katie asks.

"Here and there, not a lot," I say back.

"HOLY SHIT!" Bob yells I'm surprised he swore in front of Dad, I look back, Bob's pole is bent down sharply, He's got a big one. Dad turns and drops his pole and reaches for a net.

"Can you get it, son?" Dad asks.

"Yeah, it's a biggie though," Bob says back, reeling and jerking his pole.

I reel in, set my pole down and run to the middle of the boat, I need to see this. I watch Bob struggle with this thing, it's like watching a sports movie, and I'm cheering for him. He lifts it from the water, Dad puts the net under it, just in time as the line snaps.

"Oh my god Bobby, it's huge!" I yell, jumping up and down clapping. I should care about that rather suggestive statement or my boob's aggressive jiggling, but that fish is huge.

Bob looks over to me and smiles, his eyes laying where any boys would lay. "Bob pay attention," Dad says.

"Right, sorry," Bob says, focusing back on the fish.

They lay it in the live well to keep it alive, I walk over to look. I bend over next to Bob, "It really is amazing, Bob," I say turning my head.

"Yeah, I just got lucky," He says. I like that, not a lot of good-looking guys like Bobby are humble.

"Way to go, son," Dad says slapping Bob on the back, "That's gonna make for some good eating."

"Thank you, sir," Bob says.

I give Bob another smile and return to the back of the boat. I would be a little jealous of Bob getting Dad's approval more than I ever have, but that's not the role I'm playing right now, Bob can be Dad's son he never had for a week. I pick up my pole and cast it out, not as good as Bob's cast, but better than my first try.

Katie leans over, "Bobby, It's huge," she whispers, moaning.

"Shut up," I whisper back, giggling, "it was huge."

"I'll shut up when you catch a fish, goddammit," She says back, laughing.

I put my finger on my line, I can't be the only one who doesn't catch a fish. I'll feel a few bites, but they all get away. I feel a bite and jerk my rod up in an attempt to hook the fish, I think I have it, I begin reeling in, this thing must be very large it's putting up quite a fight.

"I got something!" I yell I can hear Bob dropping his pole and running over with the net. I lift the fish into the air, it's not as big as Bobby's, but it's big enough to keep, I pull it into the boat.

"Do you wanna try to unhook it?" Bob asks me.

"Uh sure," I say, Bob takes my pole and I grab the line. I grasp the fish and it wiggles away, they are a lot slimier than I thought, I grab it again and I can't unhook the thing.

"Don't worry, it took me a while before I got the hang of it, I'll get this one," Bob says, noticing my difficulty. He grabs the line, unhooks the fish and throws it in the live well.

Now I got fish slime on my hands for no reason. "Hey, it there a towel on this boat?"

"No, but you can use my shirt," Bob offers.

"Really? Okay." I wish I didn't have to, but my hands feel really gross. I gently place my hands on his shirt and wipe them off, I can feel all the muscles I saw earlier, his abs. I look up at him with my hand still on his chest we smile at each other, I bet he wanted me to feel him up, I go for an unnecessary additional wipe, his body is so hard, I'm getting wet. I remove my hand.

"Nice good, catching that fish," Bob says.

"Yeah, I just got lucky," I say back, he leaves to the other side of the boat. biting my lip, I watch him walk away. Okay, maybe I'm slightly gay.

"I'm starting to think you are trying to catch something other than fish out here," Katie whispers, leaning over to me.

"I'm not very good at either, it seems," I say back.

"Don't sell yourself short Bob looked happy," Katie says, I'm sure he did.

I don't say anything back, don't wanna dig myself a whole. Now I gotta put a worm on my hook. This is gonna suck. I open the container and almost gag at the creepy fuckers. I see a small one and pull on it, clenching my teeth, "Ew, Ew, Ew." The worm appeared small, but he was hiding most of himself under the dirt. Gathering all the courage I have, I split the worm in half with my fingernail, and stab it on my hook. I've never felt more accomplished. I wish Bob and his shirt were here to wipe the worm goo off, but his absence is probably for the better. I cast and take a seat. fishing is pretty boring, a lot of waiting, as a wise man once said. I don't even wanna catch another fish, we have enough to eat for lunch, I don't want to unnecessarily torture a little fish.

"Are you getting any bites, Bob?" Katie yells.

"No," he yells back.

"Wanna switch?" Katie says.

"Sure," Bob says, with a little too much excitement in his voice.

"Have fun sis," Katie whispers, getting up and moving to the other side. I could kill her.

I can hear Bob walking towards me, I fight the urge to look at him, I don't want to show any signs unconsciously, "Hey, is it cool if I sit here, the boat is drifting that way, and..." he says.

"Of course," I say. God, I wish my voice didn't sound so girly and sweet. He takes a seat right next to me. The boat is drifting that way, my ass! He just wanted to be close to me. I can feel his aura, he is so warm and oozes manliness, I really wish I could touch him, but I know I can't.

"So how do you like fishing?" he asks, casting his pole.

"It's a little boring, but it's relaxing and fun when you catch something," I say, unable to keep my eyes off him.

"Yeah it's not for everyone," He says.

I can't help it any longer. "Hey, my legs are asleep, can I rest them up here?" I lift my legs and set them on the side railing of the boat right above his lap.

"Sure," He says. I can feel him even better now, without touching him. I cross my legs. There is not enough room on the rail for this to be comfortable, but it's worth it. I see his lap, I could easily rest my legs there, but that might be going too far.

What the hell, I uncross my legs and lower one gently onto his inviting lap. He shifts in his seat slightly and a smile comes across his face. I move the other leg down as well. I can feel his heat coming from his crotch, I wish this didn't turn me on so much.

I look over to Dad and Katie, their backs are turned, but it's only a matter of time, I really should move my legs. Bob places his hand on my thigh and begins rubbing, ever so gently. I get goosebumps, he really knows how to get me going, my mouth is agape in pleasure. Bob turns to me smiling, I look at him with a smile of approval, he moves his hand to my upper thigh, it feels even better, but we can't do this. I grab his hand. "Not here, not now," I say, glancing back over to Katie and Dad. Bob moves his hand allowing me to take my legs back. I give him a smile, I don't want him to think he did anything wrong, it certainly didn't feel wrong.

I settle back in my own seat. I look over to Bob his eyes are focused on the water, I tilt my gaze toward his lap. I stop myself from gasping audibly, oh my God, Bobby is hard. I smile to myself, it's an odd feeling, knowing I made him that aroused, at least I know my feelings are mutual. His dick is not difficult to see in his tight swim trunks, it puts mine to shame in length and girth, I can easily see it travel down his left pant leg. I can't look away.

"Hey, Lily?" Bob says suddenly.

"Yeah?" I say alarmed, looking up at him, his eyes are still on the water, good.

"I'm free for the rest of today so I was wondering if you'd like to hang out, I could show you around the resort, there are a lot more things to do than you might think."

Did Bobby just ask me out? I think so, I've never been asked out before, and especially not by a guy. I really like Bob and feel special in his presence, but I don't think I'm ready for that, plus I don't wanna lead him on, I'm not exactly his type. "That's really sweet and sounds like fun Bobby, but Judy and I already made plans for today, kind of a girl thing, but maybe some other time."

"I'll take you up on that," Bob says like a lighthearted warning.

"Please do," I say, giggling at him. I wish I could spend more time with him, and I will once I have better control over these new urges I'm experiencing. "by the way, what time is it?"

"I don't know, I didn't bring my phone," Bob says.

I let out a quiet girly moan of pleasure, but quickly play it off as a yawn. If he didn't bring his phone than I didn't feel a phone on my ass when he was guiding my cast from behind, I look down at his crotch, I felt his cock. Argh, I'm so wet, I wish I could touch myself here.

I was in denial before, I wasn't just attracted to Bobby's charm, warmth, or personality. It's more than that. I like Bobby, I like ALL OF HIM. He turns me on like nothing has before, and he has barely touched me. I wish he would touch me, I can feel how sensitive my breasts are now, and my nipples are at full attention. I guess I am gay.

I regret saying no to his request, I love how comfortable I feel in his presence, but it might be for the better I need some time to process my feelings, and talk to Judy and Katie, to get perspective from girls.

We fish for a while longer with none of us catching anything. Dad declares it's too hot out for the fish to bite, so we drive back to shore. Back on the dock, Bob offers his hand for me to get off the boat, I take it without hesitation. We walk back to the cabin, Dad and Bob leave to fillet the fish while us girls prepare the table.

"Gender roles, am I right?" Katie says as we walk in.

"Yup," I say, knowing full well that we are both a little too squeamish to cut up those poor little fishes.

As we prepare the table, I try to build up the courage to reveal my revelation. "So, uh, I like boys?" I say like it's a question.

"Don't we all?" Katie says.

She must not understand what I'm saying. "I mean like, you know, sexually." This going to be difficult.

"Oh, how did you come to this conclusion." She says in an uncharacteristically serious voice.

"I saw his, um bobby's wang," I say, blushing.

"Was it big?" she asks, her serious facade cracking into a smile.

"Very big, and thick," I say, getting a little excited to talk about this.

"Did you see it before or after you were in his lap?" She asks.

"Oh, you saw that, um after, I think my contact made him hard."

"I'm so happy for you sis, a vacation boyfriend is the best kind," Katie says, her seriousness gone.

"Like John, Steve, Bill, the other John, and Mike," I say, listing the guys Katie has hooked up with on previous vacations.

"Hey, the other John and I had something special," Katie says back giggling. "Speaking of, have you seen that guy who works here, isn't he cute, I think his name is oyster?"

"Oscar, and yeah, he is cute." I've seen him walking around the area Dad pointed him out as the guy who sold him bait. He was a tall, kinda skinny guy with light brown hair.

"Hey, I call dibs," Katie says, laughing at me.

"Take him, I'll have my Bobb-" I begin, the opening door, interrupting my newly found gayness. Dad and Bob come in and start cooking the fish meat. I go to the bathroom and touch up my lip gloss. When I get out the food is on the table and I can see Katie has left me a seat between her and Bobby. I take the seat and begin eating, I tell Bob and Dad it's very good. I smile to myself catching Bobby looking down my shirt every so often. We finish eating and Dad and Bob take a seat on the couch leaving Katie and me to clean up. Gender roles, I guess, but I'm not complaining. I purposely drop a fork, giving Bobby a shot of my butt, as I bend to pick it up. Katie gives me a look, knowing what I'm doing, I brush it off with a smile, I'm having fun.

Bob leaves, and with only a little doubt in my mind, I walk out the door and catch up to him. I grab his hand from behind. He turns to me, our hands still together.

"I meant what I said, I'd really like to do something with you," I say, looking up to him, with a look I can now comfortably identify as lust.

"I would like to do a lot with you too, but I know you have a girl day with Judy planned, I'll find you tomorrow," He says back. He walks away, I bet he thinks I'm putty in his hands or something. I wish he was wrong, I would have gone with him if he told me to blow off my nonexistent plans with Judy. I would do just about anything he told me too, which is a little scary but a little more exciting and sexy.

I walk back to the cabin. On the way, I see Judy at the beach. I'll catch up with her after I change, it's a little hot out for jeans. Dad is sitting on the couch reading the news on his phone, I walk past him and into my room. Katie is on her phone in her bed. I walk over to my dresser and start digging through it. Judy was wearing a swimsuit so she'll probably want to swim. I find a black bikini and walk to the other side of my dresser to change in some privacy. It's pretty easy to get on, very similar to bras and panties, but made out of a different material. I put my bra, panties, and shirt in the dirty clothes area, but put my jeans back in a drawer, I can wear them again. I model myself in the mirror, in our room. I turn and put a hand on my hip, posing. "What do you think, sis?" I ask Katie.

"Sexy," she says, throwing her phone on her bed. "Make sure Bob sees you in that."

"Thanks, and I think I will." Hopefully, he does, so we're even. "Hey, could you put my hair up, in a bun or something?"

Katie seems surprised by my request and probably that I even know what a bun is, but she agrees nonetheless. She guides me through it so I can do it on my own from now on. (1)

"So why the bikini?" Katie says finishing up my bun.

"I'm going to hang out with Judy at the beach, you can come if you want," I say, adjusting my bikini bottoms.

"Nah, I think I'm gonna find that oyster guy," She replies, raising her eyebrows.

"You slut," I say laughing.

"Look who's talking." She giggles back. She's got a point. "You should wear clothes over that by the way," Katie says, getting up and grabbing some jean shorts and a loose white top.

I put them on and walk to the door, but I turn back to her. "Thank you for being so cool about my thing," I say, losing my confidence.

Katie gets up and hugs me. "I love you, Lily, I don't care who you love," she pulls away, turns me around and slaps my ass. "Now go have fun." she pushes me out the door.

"Bye Dad I'm going to the beach."

"Okay bye sweetie," Dad says, without looking up at me, probably for the best.

I leave and walking towards the beach. I can't remember the last time Dad called me sweetie, it's a name I thought was exclusively for Katie, but I guess he's got two daughters for the time being. It was probably just a subconscious slip up.

I get to the beach. Judy is sitting on a bench near the water. She's wearing a polka-dotted one piece, and her brown hair is in one long braid.

"Hey Judy," I say taking a seat next to her.

"Hey girlfriend, how was your date."

"Well it's funny you say that..." I say, causing Judy's face to explode with anticipation.

"What happened," Judy says, her eyes bugging out.

"Well," I begin sheepishly. "Bobby kinda asked me out."

"Oh my god, did you say yes?" Judy says, clapping giddily.

"Yes, tomorrow he's supposed to show me around the resort."

"I'm surprised you said yes, a red-blooded American boy such as yourself."

I'm a little caught off that she called me a boy, I haven't thought in those terms in a while. "Bobby asking me out isn't the only thing that happened, I also realized, I-I am gay."

"Oh, good for you." She replies, not knowing what else to say.

"Good for me?"

"Well, currently it seems like, in your current state, straight is more accurate."

I laugh. "Trust me I'm just as confused as you."

"You seem to be processing this rather well and quickly."

"I've never been particularly straight, I thought I liked girls, but being gay kinda fits with the rest of me, ya know?"

"No I don't, but whatever you say." She says laughing. "Hey, are you wearing a bikini under that," She says.

"Yeah, I thought we could get in the water, it's pretty hot out."

"Hell yes, let's go," Judy says jumping up. I pull my top off and my shorts down placing them on the bench. I feel a little exposed but Judy seems comfortable, so I try to follow her lead. She and I drag a paddle board into the water.


. She hands me a paddle.

"Are you sure it's a good idea for us to share one board?"

"Don't you trust me?" Judy says, feigning being hurt.

"I guess so..."

Judy and I manage to board the paddle board without falling in the water or looking like fools, her in the front and I in the back. We paddle out of the little cove, reaching the furthest buoy from the shore. We rest, laying our paddles down. Judy shifts her feet intentionally rocking the board. "Don't you even think about it," I warn her.

"Whats the point of being in the water if you're not in the water?" She says turning back to me.

"I got wet enough today," I say, pretending to finger myself through my bikini.

"Ew, you're nasty," She says, despite her obvious enjoyment of my display. "You never did give me any juicy details from your trip."

"Well there is one," I began, proceeding to tell her about how I felt Bob's dick on my butt.

"And it was big?" Judy asks once I'm done.

"Oh it was big, six or seven inches at least," I say, demonstrating the length with my dainty hands.

"Oh mama, that's as big as my dildo," Judy says laughing.

"You have a dildo?" I say, a little caught off guard.

"Uh, yeah," Judy says suddenly very embarrassed. "I've never used it before, I just wanna see what I'm working with if I ever, ya know."

"I didn't know you were a virgin, I am too obviously, but you hang out with the popular kids, I just assumed..."

"Do you think popular kids are in a constant orgy?" She asks, I shrug. "If they are, I'm never invited." She finishes laughing sadly.

"I'm never invited either," I say laughing awkwardly.

"Honestly all those kids, aren't really my friends, they just hang out with me because I'm funny and make them look prettier by comparison."

"Wow, you're having a moment," I say.

"I'm serious, I think you are the only true friend I've had in a while."

"Wow, now we're having a moment, I'd hug you if I could," I say, slowly adjusting my position on the paddle board.

Judy reaches out her hand I take it, we sit there for a while holding hands.

"You know," Judy begins, breaking the silence. "I was jealous of you at first."

"What why?"

"You are so effortlessly graceful and sexy, and you got asked out by the cutest boy here on day two!"

"Thank you?"

"I happy for you know, of course, It's just my luck that a boy is a prettier than me."

She called me a boy again. "Shut up, you are beautiful and any dumb boy would be lucky to be with you."

"You're sweet," She says.

"I know," I say kissing her hand. "And don't call me a boy, I don't need to be any more confused than I already am."

"Fair enough Lily, from now on you're are all girl to me."

"Good," I say, at least it'll be consistent. "By the way, where did you get your dildo, just curious?"

"Oh sure," Judy says. "Actually I asked my parents for it, they are super sexually open and weird, I know, they got it from Big Richard's Big Richards Emporium."

"Small world that's where I got these," I say groping my massive boobage. "And my pussy."

"You have a pussy?" Judy says, I forgot she didn't know that.

"Oh, yeah, I can feel through it too just like my breasts."

"Hot. Have you touched yourself down there yet?"

"A little, thinking of Bobby of course," I say causing the both of us to giggle.

"I just thought you had a really small penis or something," Judy says pointing to my flat crotch.

"Don't be ridiculous," I say as a joke to myself.

We paddle around for a while longer, we talk like two girls would. Mostly about Bobby and what might happen tomorrow. She makes me promise to allow her to teach me everything she knows about makeup and hair. We have been out for an hour or two when we lazily paddle in. We bring the paddle board in, Judy and I put our jean shorts on, and take a seat on the bench.

"I don't know about you but I'm exhausted," Judy exclaims. "Cute bun by the way."

"Thanks," I say. "I love your braid, I wish I knew how to do that."

"Turn, I'll show you," She says, turning and lifting her arms up.

"Really, thank you," I say turning.

"No problem, just pay attention and you'll get it," Judy says, undoing my bun and beginning her work. I pay close attention not wanting her to have to do this again. It feels good to have someone play with your hair, very relaxing.

"Hey remember when I told you my name you said I should have gone with Willow or Stacy?" I ask once I think I understand the braiding process.

"Yeah, why?" She asks.

"Well, I understand Willow obviously but why Stacy?"

"I've always liked the name it just sounds like a sexy name, I've never liked my name."

"Why not?"

"Judy is not a very sexy name," She answers finishing up my braid.

I turn to her, we are sitting pretty close. "I think it's a pretty name and you're a pretty girl."

"So are you," She says. There's a silence for a moment, then she closes her eyes and leans in, suddenly her lips are pressed against mine and our boobs mush against each other. Oh, my god, this is um, this is interesting?

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