Andi and Allie - 11

final.jpgAndi and Allie Chapter 11

“Something old…something nude…something broken… eyes black and blue…”

Saturday morning came with us both sleeping in. We brunched in and spent a better part of the day in Allie’s studio. Allie was throwing on her wheel and I was painting on her bisque fired pieces. We finally broke from working around five and decided to go out for dinner.

It was the first cool night since summer ended and fall beset us. Being tired, we seemed we separately came to the decision of casual dress for the evening. So after a wonderfully refreshing shower, I chose one of the bra and panty sets Allie had originally gotten me and went ‘large’ with my ‘B’ forms.

I finally had a chance to wear my pink sweatshirt with the rose colored beaded swirling pattern on the front. I had my pair of lower rider jeans that flared slightly and had a nice beaded pattern on the back pockets. Lightweight woolen knee socks and penny loafers completed my attire.

I put on a simple gold necklace, a pair of small hoop earrings and a pair of antique gold glass beaded drop earrings. A ring on each hand and a bracelet that matched my necklace completed my jewelry for the evening. My cosmetic choice for the evening was very light. A touch of brick red blush, a bit of mascara, and a long lasting port red stain lipstick under clear gloss completed my look.

Allie was equally as casual. She always looked amazing regardless of what she wore. She didn’t bother much with her hair and her naturally large curls cascaded down past her shoulders. I loved the manner in which her face was framed by her golden locks. She had an angelic look. She also went very light on her makeup with only mascara and a bit of berry red lipstick. Her cheeks seemed to have their very own natural peach blush.

We were dressed comparably. Allie wore a powder blue sweatshirt with electric blue beading across the breast in a wave pattern. She also wore low riders that had the fashionably worn and ‘properly’ faded look in the correct locations. She decided upon sneakers choosing total comfort.

Allie generally wasn’t a jewelry person but she did love her rings and several adorned the fingers on both of her hands. In her ears she had one pair of medium sized gold hoops.

We dined at one of our usual spots. The décor wasn’t anything exceptional but many of the locals ate there. The food was not fancy but quite good and the pricing was very easy for our neighborhood, which tended to be a bit on the high side.

Allie was quiet and a bit withdrawn. She didn’t speak much during the meal. Even the glass of wine didn’t loosen her up at all. I more than made up for her silence by being a little chatterbox. I even managed a joke or two that did bring a smile to her face.

I didn’t want to push her by asking what was going on. We knew each other well enough that she would tell me in due time. I did reach across the table to grasp Allie's fingers with mine letting her know that ‘I’m here when you’re ready to talk’.

As we began our walk home, Allie put her arm around my waist. I was quite surprised and looked at her. She gazed downward, simply shrugged her shoulders and smiled coyly. I thought I saw a bit of a candy red bloom rise in her cheeks. So I put my arm around her waist and we strolled along amongst the Saturday night crowd that came to gallery hop and party a bit.

Whilst it wasn’t unusual to see two people with their arms about one another, we did capture a glance or two. This certainly marked a new enhancement in our relationship. Maybe it was simply my odd perception but I seemed to notice every little thing...about us.

This was all so new to me. I never walked holding anyone’s hand before Allie came into my life let alone holding a woman’s waist. Allie even laid her head against me several times and I kind of laid my head atop hers.

It was quite nice…perhaps even a bit romantic. Whilst I didn’t put any extra meaning in these things, I certainly took notice. Each little act of endearment, each little…’favor’, seemed to be adding up to something more. Allie’s quiet demeanor continued but I thought little of it in the light of this new physical endearment.

When we arrived home, Allie went to her bedroom without as much as a word. I was kind of shocked. We always at least had a cup of tea or something and maybe watched the television for a bit. So I went to my room, got undressed and into something a bit more comfy. I sat at my drawing table and…well…I drew.

About twenty minutes later Allie came to my door. She was wearing a mauve colored silk robe with a rose bloom pattern. The roses had a bit more blue in the red making them more toward an amethyst color. The collar was a solid darker mauve and it was tied with a dark mauve belt. The robe fell to mid-calf. With her face framed by her glorious golden locks being contrasted by the robe's color, Allie looked quite enchanting.

“Okay… Bring your easel. I think I’m ready.”

Allie couldn’t look at me. She cast her gaze downward and to the side. Her smile was quite demure and she did blush a lovely shade of maroon quite profusely.

“Ummm… Okay… Where should I bring it?”

I was at a loss for what was going on with her.

“The cave of course…”

She spoke as she turned her back and walked off toward the television room.

I followed Allie a few moments later and saw that she had placed a blanket upon the couch and placed a few tea candles around the room making it appear more…intimate? I still had no idea of what was on her mind. I can be so clueless in the face of reality. I set up my easel and my chalks and then I noticed Allie had loosened the tie to her robe and it had fallen open. She was nude beneath it except for the panty she wore.

So many thoughts came to me in moments and they all culminated with only two; how brave and courageous Allie was and how very much she must have trusted me. Now it was up to me to do her justice. I stood gazing at her for a moment or two and a tear came to my eyes. The way the light from the tea candles struck her face and robed body was so very amazing and dramatic. She looked so...beautiful.

I was especially interested in the expression on her face. She had this look of fear and embarrassment as she stood there with her eyes failing to meet mine. Her hands were crossed in front of her hiding her crotch and boobs. Allie then turned her back and began to remove her robe and I stopped her.

“Wait sweet heart. I would like you on the couch. Leave your robe on for the moment.” I said as I wiped away my tears with my hands.

I had Allie sit on the couch with her legs up and bent in front of her. I wanted to see her three quarter view. Once I placed her, I began to draw the robe down off her shoulders until her breasts were exposed to just above her nipples. I was as careful as I could be in trying to make the drape of her robe’s collar seem as if it naturally fell.

“Would you like something to drink? This will take a while. Maybe a little wine…?”

Allie nodded her head so I went quickly to the kitchen and got a bottle we had started the other night. Instead of bringing a wine glass, I went to the studio and retrieved two mugs that I had painted and poured the wine into that. Allie looked at me questioningly.

“If the portrait sells, so will the mug!” I grinned.

I set the second one upon the table. I could create a mystery by including it in the piece. 'Who was the other mug for?' Perhaps they'd both sell with the work.

“You are so tricky!” She giggled.

Though I was glad Allie’s mood had lightened, but I didn’t want to lose her pensive and anxious expression. So I lowered her robe just a little bit more and sure enough that expression returned. I dimmed some of the lighting and brought two of the tea candles closer to affect the mood I wanted to capture.

Most models I’d used in school were paid to sit and pose. They were allowed certain freedoms and therefore could sit for a period of time. I wasn’t going to inflict Allie with an extended sitting.

What I needed to do was sketch the position, work mostly on her expression, and then move on to another pose. I felt that as long as I had the basic body and face and the manner in which the robe draped her, I could do the rest at a later date.

And so we began. I began with her gazing at the mug of wine, staring off into the distance, and looking intently in the opposite direction that her body was posed. I knew that once I had these studies, I could even determine what medium I would use later. How the light worked on her face and torso would help determine that as well.

We did several sketches of her reclined with the robe still on and then we came to the big moment. By then Allie had sipped her way through a mug and a half of wine and was feeling a lot more relaxed.

Now the mood of the portraits would change to one of…sensuality? I needed to show the sensuality that I saw in Allie…that very ‘walking anatomical invitation’ thingy of hers? Her eyes would need to glow and her ever inviting mouth would need to ‘pop out’ beyond the rest of her pose.

“Do I need to take off my panty?”

I could see the worry in Allie’s face. I thought the question really was; ‘Are you going to show my vagina?’ Her face turned flame red.

“It won’t be necessary.” I smiled gently.

I wasn’t sure of what exactly I wanted to portray. I mean…did she shave there and was her vagina really a necessary detail? I think that at the time, her comfort was more important than detail. After all, I didn’t portray facts; I portrayed truth…or at least truth as I saw it.

I did several sketches of Allie reclining with the robe in various positions from draped around her shoulders to covering only the most ‘delicate’ parts of her body with her breasts and torso mostly exposed. Finally I did two with the robe completely off.

When she first removed the robe completely, I was amazed at how Allie’s curves translated from a dressed state to one of complete…well…almost complete nudity. Her curves, especially her waist and hips, were far more pronounced than even I imagined. And the manner in which her breasts hung was way different. Where I imagined a bit more sagging I discovered a lot more firmness and fullness.

I felt, for the first time since meeting her, the nearly overwhelming desire to gently run my fingertips along those luscious curves. I desired to trace every line in her body with my palm. I wanted to glide my fingertips from her shoulders downward to the small of her back and then up the incline of her rump and downward once again across the back of her thighs to her feet.

Being so intimately close with Allie, certainly the closest I’d ever been to anyone before, I was able to take in her aroma. I loved her scent, her cologne, but there was something else present; the fragrance of her body. I didn’t know exactly what it was, or how to describe it other than to say I became somewhat intoxicated. This was something that has never happened before…with a woman…and certainly never to that extent with a man!

That experience…Allie’s body’s natural aroma…stayed with me ever since that evening. I felt so very compelled to recapture that moment, that intoxicating high, that I did something I considered at the time to be perverse and downright weird. I was doing our laundry one day. I thought Allie was out at the time and I simply couldn’t resist the impulse.

I had filled the deep sink with water and put in very mild soap. I began to take both our panties and bras from the basket. I lifted one of her panties up to my nose and deeply inhaled. The scent of her cologne hit me immediately but that of her body was hardly noticeable. I then put my nose against the gusset of the garment. The scent was more noticeable but still not quite as strong as what I imagined.

Although I had gone and sniffed each of her delicate pieces, bras as well as panties, that discernible aroma was woefully weak while her cologne was much so much stronger in comparison. I was perplexed to say the least. I sniffed my own delicates and, much to my dismay, they did smell a bit funky. Why hers were so much less… very devoid of her womanly aroma?

Anyway… Wouldn’t you know it…I got caught! I made a habit of the sniffing thing each time I did our laundry. Well…there I am…in mid sniff…and Allie walks in! She’d been in her room the entire time napping.

“What are you doing!” She screamed.

I shrieked and jumped.

Allie’s expression was not one of peaceful tranquility. She was out right angry complete with burgundy red face, squinty eyes and lips snow white from being pressed together. Her hands on her hips and her stance alone were enough to frighten the meek...being me. I nearly had a heart attack! I certainly felt the palpitations!!! I nearly fainted with shock and embarrassment.


Allie suddenly…and thankfully…burst out laughing. She walked over to where I was shaking like a leaf.

“What’s the matter baby? You don’t look so well.”

She giggled and was on the verge of laughing again. Rummaging around in the undies basket, Allie picked up a pair of my panties and brought it to her nose. She inhaled deeply and suddenly smiled with a stupefied expression on her face.

“A little weak but…well…any port in a storm?” She laughed again.

Now I was totally at a loss for words. I had just been given the closest thing to a heart attack ever…for sniffing her panties…and Allie was standing there sniffing mine.

‘It’s okay baby doll.” Allie could see my discomfort and confusion. “It’s a normal curiosity as long as you don’t go around trying to do it randomly with the girls still wearing them.” She laughed again. “Although I must tell you I have done it with the guys still in them. So…” Allie reached out to caress my cheek tenderly. “Did I pass the sniff test?” She smiled warmly and chuckled.

“I…” I had to clear my throat and take a deep breath. “Well… They smell mostly of your cologne?”

“Oh…” Allie kind of sighed. She suddenly turned around and removed her panty from beneath her robe. “Here… Try these. I put them on a while ago.” She held them up to my nose. “They’re still warm and I didn’t use a panty liner.”

I took them from her hand whilst thinking; a ‘panty what’? I held them to my nose and inhaled deeply…too deeply! The aroma was strong…very, very strong…and strangely arousing. Allie giggled as my eyes fluttered and I felt my head just…I don’t even know what…just seemed to spin?

“Yeah…” She giggled. “That’s much better I guess.”

Fortunately Allie was near me because I actually did lose my balance for a moment.

Whilst the scent of her perfume, this time, was strong, so was the scent of her vagina. This actually was the first time I ever smelled the scent of one that was healthy and clean? I actually got a stiffie, an absolute rarity by my standards. I mean… I have felt aroused but mostly it was a more…cerebral experience? There would be a tingling in my dick. But nothing such as what I experienced now.

Okay, I did get a chubby from time to time and they were mainly shower experiences with me thinking of sucking someone’s dick, usually Peter's, or something. I never got one thinking about women and this reaction was something totally different…and wonderful. I was to view Allie in an entirely new way. I was also to view myself in an entirely new way; as a bisexual…maybe?

Allie left me that panty to ‘enjoy’ with the promise to wash it when I was finished? She also began a practice of leaving me a little ‘surprise’ in her things; like maybe one pair that had gone without a panty shield for several hours or for the day.

As she explained it, the pad kept the panty from developing stains that might require a stronger soap and therefore preserved the life of a costly…a very, very costly…garment. I adopted the very same practice. After all, we did buy similarly costly things.

I began working feverishly with the sketches I doing and I understood why Bob suggested I get back into paints. Three of the pieces, the ones with Allie’s shoulders bare shoulders exposed, worked well with chalks and charcoals. But the total nudes simply wouldn’t have the look and texture I desired. They were, in my mind’s eye, simply nudes. I couldn’t quite get the contrasts between light and dark that I sought and the textures weren’t working for me.

I thought about acrylics and temperas, watercolors and several techniques including airbrush. But deep within me I knew that only oils could produce the more ‘classic’ look I desired, and I thought Allie deserved. So I was off to Canal Street to buy a full array of what I would need including pre-stretched canvases.

My next challenge was finding a place to work with the oils. All art studios have an odor. Allie’s smelled of the earth…her clays and glazes. Even my inks and chalks had a scent. Though not unpleasant, the amount of time spent in the air was minimal and the odor not very strong at all.

Oils, however, stank! And the spirits to thin or remove the paint stank even more. I would find myself nauseated, and with a headache, after being around oils for any length of time. And then the ‘drying’ time for the paints to harden was lengthy. So working in my bedroom, or anywhere else in the open apartment, was out of the question.

After speaking with Allie about my situation, she offered one of the spare bedrooms as a studio space. I couldn’t believe her generosity and I offered to pay her additional money as rent. She blatantly refused but did insist that I have a very strong ventilator installed to take care of the fumes. And so, with a hooded vent and an industrial strength exhaust fan, I began working on my nudes.

Time was growing short as November came and mostly went. I worked feverishly and lengthy hours to try and complete three poses that captured my imagination. I would arrive home straight from work, change clothing, and go into the studio. Then I would work almost non-stop till exhaustion overtook me.

Poor Allie bore the weight of my absence in the form of boredom. Her ‘partner in crime’ was doing time at hard labor. My sweet heart would often bring me dinner in the studio and stay with me whilst I ate. On occasion she could even drag me out into the kitchen where we’d sit at the counter and enjoy dinner, and each other, for a short while.

Finally, after nearly six weeks, I had three portraits and several other nudes that I was modestly okay with. My ‘perfect’ manicure was back again…thankfully. I missed having my nails to fuss over. And life returned to nearly normal. Oh…there was still all the preparation necessary for the showing but the big pressures were gone. The mailing went out weeks ago and the matting and framing process was well under way.

Allie, in celebration of having her ‘roommate’ back, decided to take me out for dinner. I wanted nothing fancy or particularly special. I was actually somewhat exhausted and a simple meal would have sufficed. We decided to meet in front of our building. I was running a little bit late so Allie had a few minutes to deposit her daily burdens and change into something a bit more comfortable.

When I finally turned the corner, I saw Allie having a rather animated discussion with some guy. He was fairly large and fairly upset about something. But so was Allie. I couldn’t hear anything except Allie’s voice, which was muddled amidst the city noise. The guy suddenly grabbed her arm and began pulling her.

I rushed across the street as quickly as I could and ran up to them. I shouted for him to stop hurting her and tried to shove him away. A bright and blinding flash of light exploded and that was the last thing I remembered until I woke up in a hospital bed.

I opened my eyes and tried to look around but the room was very dimly lighted. I could see an IV bag hanging from a pole and traced the tubing down into my arm. I tried to speak but it was difficult to move my mouth. My throat was very dry and I really couldn’t seem to feel much of anything except for an intense headache.

I was on my back so I attempted to get up on my elbows. It was not a very wise decision. I felt so dizzy and weak. And there seemed to be something wrong with my vision. I did manage to catch a glimpse of Allie curled up in a chair with a pillow and a blanket. I do remember softly moaning and easing myself back down.

Suddenly Jill came into my line of sight. She was smiling as she leaned over me and softly stroked my cheek. I couldn’t feel her touch. I looked up at her and a tear fell from my eye. She dabbed at it with a tissue. I tried to speak but my mouth simply wouldn’t cooperate. I mouthed the words ‘what happened?’

“Evidently…? Steven happened.” Jill’s face tightened and her lips were chalk white with anger. “I hear you were quite the hero…or should I say heroine?” She chuckled softly.

With my hand, I tried to feel my face. Jill quickly took my hand and held it.

“You have a fractured cheek bone and your nose was broken. There’s a bandage over your nose so don’t try touching it right now.” She smiled sympathetically.

I freaked! I began to cry. I wanted to see the damage. Less than two weeks before the showing and I’m a total mess.

“Please darling. Don’t try to move too much. You also got a nasty crack on your head when you hit the pavement and you needed several stitches.”

Oh my God…! I had visions of a bald spot where I was stitched. This kept getting better by the minute. I had to pee. I reached down beneath the blanket only to discover there was a tube in my dick? O…M…G…! That was it! I needed either to leave this place or receive some serious sedation! I had enough issues without having to deal with a tube in my dick.

Jill tried her best to comfort and quiet me but I would have none of it. I cried and shook my head from side to side. It wasn’t until Allie appeared in my line of sight that I at least stopped trying to thrash around. As her face came into focus I tried to smile and she smiled back at me.

I mouthed the word ‘thirsty’. My mouth felt so very dry. This was, no doubt, the result of whatever painkillers were whizzing around my system. Allie first came to the other side of my bed and bent over to embrace me. My arms seemed to have a mind of their own as they encircled her and held fast. She smiled down at me and dabbed my tears away with a tissue.

Jill was kind enough to furnish me with a cup of water…and, thankfully, a straw. Once I was able to will one arm off of Allie, I took the cup as Jill elevated my head to take a sip. I would have preferred wine but… Allie stood and brought a chair close to the bed and sat down as she took my free hand in both of hers. Tears came to her eyes.

“I am so happy you’re awake now. I got so scared when your head hit the ground and you didn’t move. I thought you were…”

Poor Allie burst into tears. She couldn’t complete her thought although she didn’t need to. I took another sip of water.

“I’m happy to see you too…both of you.” I croaked as I smiled though my tears.

“Do you remember what happened?” Jill asked as she bent over so that I could see her more easily.

“I don’t remember anything after…” I had to pause and think of what I did remember last. “I don’t remember anything other than I was nearly home and I saw Allie. What time is it? Why is it so dark in here?” I turned to Allie. “Can you turn on a light or something?”

“No sweet heart… You have a concussion and we were told to keep the room dim. It’s Thursday afternoon.”

“How long have I been in here?”

I was totally clueless. I didn’t remember when this all occurred.

Allie and Jill looked at one another in surprise. Then Allie turned to me and, with a gentle smile, related the entire event that led to this result. I honestly couldn’t recall a single thing, which disturbed all of us. But what was really troublesome was my vision! I was having a problem seeing clearly and, for someone in my profession, this was definitely not good…majorly!

Allie and I were finally able to convince Jill to go home and get some rest. I am ever thankful that she came even though it was probably Allie’s need that brought her. Allie, on the other hand, wouldn’t leave. She insisted upon staying as long as I was unable to do for myself.

In truth, I was very glad to have her with me. Simply knowing that she was in the room gave me such a secure feeling. At one point I must have fallen asleep because when I did awaken, Allie’s head was tucked into my side. She had also nodded out sitting in the chair. I found the sound of her very gentle snoring, almost a purring sound, to be very calming?

As whacked out and out or sorts as I was, an inspiration hit me with the impact of a tsunami! Literally my entire physical being trembled with excitement which, of course, gave me a headache, as I saw Allie’s sweet expression of total peace and calm…and serenity.

The painting would be in oils and very dark; her dressed and asleep as I saw her now; her face so sweet and angelic. Only her face would have any real light and then would center upon her closed eyes and slightly parted lips.

Finally a doctor came along to inspect my mortal remains. She promptly explained away all the various symptoms and perceived defects I could list as being the results of having a moving object hit an inanimate one and then having the same inanimate object be the subject of a nasty thwacking on something a wee bit harder…and even more inanimate.

The good doctor prodded and poked me a bit and flashed an un-Godly bright light into my eyes. I was told to remain prone, calm, and in near darkness for the remainder of the day and perhaps I would be set free tomorrow. I was cautioned that this state of dim lighting and having bedrest would need to exist through the weekend at least and that was providing my physical condition didn’t deteriorate.

Allie remained with me the entire time as a procession of visitors began to arrive after dinner. Peter was first. He was most concerned about my condition and very upset over the events that had occurred. He sat opposite Allie and held my hand in his and I could see a tear or two well up in his eyes but he managed to maintain his composure.

Peter offered whatever I might need to recover including having a private nurse whilst I was at home. He kissed me on the lips upon leaving and I hugged him and thanked him. I caught a rather odd look from Allie when that happened.

Rhona entered the room next. She was quite horrified at the condition of my face…thank you very much Rhona…but Allie assured her that all would be as before thanks to the medical treatment I received. Rhona made a list of all the gossip and news we normally shared over coffee in the morning and proceeded to hold forth on each one.

She was good for two giggles, a laugh, and one of those eyebrow-raising moments. Her PEV, pure entertainment value, was four stars…at least! She also kissed me on the lips upon departure and I hugged her as well.

Two of my fellow artists arrived as Rhona was leaving and they sat with us for a bit. They were quite upset. They thought the incident was somehow related to my different idea of how the well-dressed guy should look. Somehow this also got tied into the notion that perhaps it was an anti-gay incident and the Federal authorities should be notified. Allie managed to appease them with the truth; it was a simple ‘domestic disturbance’ that got way out of hand and never should have happened.

Both of them made apologies for the rest of the staff not coming and I understood because I was rapidly tiring anyway. Again kisses and hugs preceded their departure. I now found myself surrounded with an array of flora that would rival the botanical gardens across the river.

Peter, always the sensualist, had the decency to bring dark chocolates…bless his heart! And so upon the departure of all my visitors, Allie and I sampled more than a fair share. I was forced to let the little darlings melt in my mouth. I felt quite a sharp pain trying to bite into one.

Somewhere around ten in the evening I felt the need to at least sit up. I was beginning to feel quite sore from being prone for so long. Allie called for the nurse and we got permission to give it a try. Each took me by an arm and assisted me in first sitting, and then in swinging my legs over the side of the bed.

At that point I needed to have the tube taken out of my dick. It not only unnerved me to have this device located where it was, but I was determined not to have to make like a cat and pee in a ‘box’ every time I needed to go.

This was not a precise and delicate procedure by any stretch of the imagination! The nurse simply grasped the damned thing and yanked it out with one swift motion. It was out and gone before I could scream! I must admit that my dick hurt for the next two days whenever I peed.

Having Allie help me to the toilet was another exercise in humility. She even assisted me with seating and patiently waited while I did had finished my ‘tinkling’ thingy. By the time she assisted me back I was dizzy once again and ready to get back down into the bed.

The nurse came by and gave me a sleeping pill that wasn’t really necessary. I was already tired enough to close my eyes between the visitors and the trip to the bathroom. I took it anyway and I closed my eyes as Allie bent over and kissed my forehead. That should have brought back a flood of childhood memories but it didn’t because those memories simply didn’t exist.

I woke up briefly sometime in the middle of the night. Allie was still in her chair at my bedside. She had covered herself with a hospital blanket, leaned onto the bed at my side, and fallen into a very deep sleep. Her face was towards me and I could see the vision I had earlier in the day. I gently placed my hand upon her back. She opened her eyes for a mere moment, smiled, and went back to sleep.

The next day I was released with the proviso that I ‘lay low’ for the next few days. The packing was removed from within my nose and everything looked good from a medical standpoint. Allie had brought clothing for me to wear when suddenly I remembered how I was dressed the other evening including my fake boobs!

Whilst assisting me in dressing, I asked about that. Allie had the presence of mind to at least remove my bra off as well as the boobs before anyone came to my aid. As she assisted me on with my panty, I still had some dizziness, especially when bending over, I realized she might have snuck a peak at my dick?

“Of course I did!” Allie laughed. “And I also played with it for a while.”

The more horrified my expression became, the harder Allie laughed.

“And then… I climbed on top of it and really had a wonderful time. You should have been there for it.”

At that point I knew she was fooling around with me. But Allie kept that sly expression on her face the rest of the time she assisted me so I never really knew at what point of her little tale reality fled and fantasy began.

Allie bought the largest set of sunglasses she could find to protect my eyes from the bright light of day. Then it was into the wheelchair and down and out into the street. I cannot tell you how much better I instantly felt to be free and rid of everything to do with my medical experience.

Back at the apartment, Allie set me up in the cave. Because it was windowless, she was able to keep the lighting dim and, being next to the kitchen, food and such was not far away. I was thankful for the oversized sunglasses even if they made a horrid fashion statement.

Once again she assisted me changing into something more comfortable; a sleeping tee and a robe. A blanket was provided in the event I became chilled or I wanted to sleep. Now I finally felt well enough to ask Allie some of the details beginning with Steven’s current location.

“Well…? He violated an order of protection.”

“You had an order of protection against him?”

This was surprising news to me.

“Yeah…it was Jill’s doing. He became such a pest at work that she took the message logs to a judge friend of hers, along with me, and we were able to get one. So… He’s charged with two counts of assault, two counts of felonious assault, two counts of battery, one count of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.” Allie giggled as she attempted to recount all the charges she was told.

“Oh my God…!” I sat there stunned at how quickly these things amplify.

“Yeah…and that’s on top of the order of protection violation. He’s in very deep poopie shit. And not only that!” Allie’s face was alighted with excitement. “Jill and Peter called everybody they knew in the justice system trying to get the death penalty or something.” She laughed.

“Oh my God…! It must really suck to be him today!”

I giggled guiltily because I really don’t like to see anybody get into so much trouble of their own doing.

“Wait… Wait… It gets even better!” Allie patted my knees with her excitement. “Apparently Steven’s wife took the kids, the furniture, the bank accounts and left him! This wasn’t the first time she caught him! So he’s stuck with a legal aid lawyer on top of everything. He is going to jail! That miserable shit...!”

Allie looked so self-satisfied and I couldn’t blame her at all. What he did to her with his deception was unconscionable and what he did to his wife and kids was unforgivable; especially since this wasn’t the first time.

I know people cheat all the time. But I can’t understand why. It seems so incredibly difficult to successfully have even one relationship. How in the world can anybody expect to have two or three going at the same time? And too destroy the trust and confidence others build up in them. I remembered how pained Allie felt for some time after discovering his betrayal. I had to giggle when I remembered the picture she sent to his wife on his phone.

Toward the evening I remembered the painting I wanted to do and I asked Allie to help me set up the easel and a few chalks in the cave. I wanted to at least get the stretch down on paper so that once I could deal with the light I would be a bit ahead.

So we sat together, Allie reading as I sketched. She ordered in food and we ate in the cave as we each did our own thing. It was a very easy and comfortable evening. Allie fell asleep as she laid reading with her feet on my lap.

I looked over at her and…I don’t know…something in me desired lying next to her, perhaps with her head on my breast and my arm around her. I felt strange having such a desire but I also felt longing and that was something new.

When I reached a good stopping point, I carefully got up off the couch being very careful not to disturb Allie. I covered her with the blanket she had left for me and I quietly went to my bedroom and into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and sadly shook my head. I looked like a raccoon complete with black-banded eyes.

What was even worse, my nose looked like it would be nearly the same. They had the chance to change it, to ‘fix’ it, but I was not available to make the request. I guess you sometimes just can’t win.

Will Allie hide forever beneath the protection of Andie's projecting proboscis? Will Andie forever learn not to sneeze when she's there? And what about Bob? The answer to these and other equally mundane questions can be found in future chapters of 'Andi and Allie'.

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