Anita, Chapter 14

Chapter 14

By Portia Bennett

Introduction: In a sense there is a connection to this story and several other non-magic stories I’ve written. Two characters from Mike and Ashley show up briefly. They would be Mike and Ashley. This story, Like “Mike and Ashley”, “Discovery”, and “Cynthia and the Queen of Knight” takes its storyline from the work of someone else. In this case, a production by an Italian fellow named Joseph Green. The story is 16 chapters in length plus an epilogue. I’ve done as much tweaking as I can. Any errors are mine and I will gladly accept constructive criticism; as long as you’re nice.

Anita and Alexa move into wedded bliss. Alexa has her facial feminization surgery. Their daughter arrives big and healthy. Things are looking very good.

This work is copyrighted by the author and any publication or distribution without the written consent of the author is strictly prohibited. This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of the characters to persons living or dead is coincidental.

Chapter 14

They arrived in Virginia Beach early in the morning, and not having much more than the clothing on their backs, it was easy to transfer immediately to a government sedan with non-government plates. Anita had provided a treasure trove of information. Her father and the other two technicians complemented the information she had sent forward.

Of course there were many other problems. Peter had arrived without a passport or any other form of identification. The powers that be decided that unless intelligence revealed something new. It would be acceptable for Alexandra to live as Alexandra with Anita. Peter Mongini no longer existed unless it was necessary for legal reasons. Peter was now Alexandra da Rimini, past resident of Firenze, Italia.

Part of Alexa’s transition was going to have to be rather rapid. Other stages would take much more time. One of the most immediate changes had to be in appearance. Peter’s, now Alexa’s hair had been fairly long, and it was now shoulder length. Because of her Mediterranean heritage, it wouldn’t be wise to do anything drastic such as going blonde. Instead, they gave her a nice layered cut, a good perm and auburn highlights. Her makeup was subtle. The last thing they wanted was for her to look like a drag queen. The transformation was stunning, and would be even more stunning as her other changes took place over the weeks and months.

No one, unless they looked closely would suspect that Alexa was not a ciswoman. She needed a wardrobe, and through the witness protection program the government would pay for most if not all of it for the first few months. Alexa was very familiar with American stores from her college days.

“You know, this is the first time I’ve been able to go shopping for nice clothes and not have to feel guilty about it. I don’t have any idea of how many hundreds of dollars in clothing that I threw out over the years. My friends let me keep things at their place in Clarksville. That did make it nice. When all of this is over, I want to find them.”

“I don’t think that will be any problem when the time comes. We do have a pretty good search system. Unfortunately, with the internet the way it is, Costa will also have a good search system. Let’s hope our intelligence keeps up with him.

“Now, let’s find the right outer and undergarments for you.”

“I’ve been thinking about that …”

Anita cut her off, “I know you have; probably most of your life.”

“Please let me finish.”


“I’ve been wondering about getting some long line bras and maybe some corsets.”

“Let’s get your starting sizes first. I don’t think you’ll need a corset. We do need to get some nice bras and panties. After we get the measurements, I’m going to get on Amazon and order some special items for you. We can’t have anyone detecting that you have something extra down there. We’ll also get some realistic breast forms for you.”

Nordstrom’s was an excellent start. Anita led Alexa to the dressing room. On the way, she borrowed a tape from a sales lady she had known for a while.

“Oh my, your waist is 28”. I haven’t been a 28 since I was 14.”

“I imagine that might be true, but you’re nearly 186 cm tall. You are my giantess. I wish my proportions were like yours.”

“All in good time, with the proper training, and I know you’re motivated, you can probably drop two inches off your waist. We have absolutely nothing to worry about. Your hips are 30”. That’s a good start. Your chest is 36”. That means a 36 for a while. With the HRT you will lose some muscle mass. You might drop to a 34. I think we’ll stick with a “B” cup until we see how you develop.

“I remember the first time I saw your picture. I remember telling you about the coffee cup, but I saw so much more. At least I thought I did. Then you confirmed it for me.”

“Up to that point, that had to be the happiest day of my life,” Alexa said. “Meeting you at the restaurant held that honor previously. Now the days just get better and better. I love you so much.”

They hugged briefly, but were interrupted by the sales lady knocking on the door. “Is everyone okay in there?”

“We’re fine. We’ll have some measurements for you shortly.”

Their selections that day were mostly casual wear, but Anita insisted on a few nicer items. After all, as wife and wife, they would be attending some official events. Anita also wanted Alexa to be properly accoutered when she met her step mother. They stopped at the shoe department where they determined Alexa was a 9 ½ in ladies’ sizes.

“I love your little feet,” Anita remarked that night while they went through their mutual seduction.

“Look at these water skis I have.” Alexa did. It turned out that Anita was very ticklish.


The psychological evaluations were multipurpose. One part of the interview was to determine if Alexa were really what she appeared to be, that she was not an infiltrator from the Costa Empire. The determination was that Alexa was exactly who she purported to be: someone fleeing a very oppressive organization that she wanted nothing to do with. After all, they had unsuccessfully tried to kill her. The second part was to determine if she were really transgender and a suitable candidate for GRS. The results were very positive in both cases. Alexa had expressed to Anita that she wanted to transition as quickly and as soon as was possible. The government had no objections. They wanted to protect the person they assumed would be their prime witness against Costa and his organization.

“My love, you told me you wanted to have more children. I want you to have what you desire; however, I don’t want to delay the process I’m starting. I’ve left deposits to be saved so that you can become pregnant when you think it’s time. I’ve talked to the doctors about scheduling an orchidectomy for next week. I want this process to go as quickly as possible. Of course, you know what this means as far as our bedroom activities are concerned. I will miss it, but I am very thankful we had this time. Now, I think it’s time for me to assume the role I was meant to assume.”

There was no question that Anita understood the implications of what Alexa was talking about; however, she felt very strongly that things would be okay. Their love had been getting stronger and stronger, and their relations in bed had become more woman to woman over the weeks. This was an important step for Alexa.

The surgery was performed very quickly, and Alexa was home only two hours after its completion. She’d been on hormones for two months at that point, and their effect had become noticeable, if only emotionally. With the removal of the testosterone producers, things shifted into another gear. Alexa returned to the gym two weeks after the surgery. She continued to refine her skills in self-defense. The agency had some of the best instructors in the defensive arts around. Few people knew who the rather stocky, somewhat butch woman was. She was good at what she did, and after a few months started working on her offensive skills as well.

In Anita’s business it was best to not ask questions. People went about their business. Some did wonder about the quiet, well-spoken young woman who seemed to belong to Anita Okoye. The fact she had a foreign accent was not that unusual in an organization like theirs. The fact she seemed to ‘belong’ to Anita was not that surprising to most. What did surprise many was that Anita was noticeably pregnant.

Anita was starting to show when they decided to make their relationship official. They married in Falls Church, in a very quiet ceremony with just her father, step mother, and half-brother as witnesses. Although her brother seemed to be only interested in suckling at his mother’s breast. They had an excellent dinner in Reston at a nice restaurant called ‘Passion Fish’. The name was appropriate. They made love that night as woman to woman. They didn’t need a honeymoon. Things were just fine. They were now Mrs. and Mrs. da Rimini.

The twice weekly laser hair removal treatments were a literal pain, but they worked quite well because of her dark hair. She was lucky that her body hair was not particularly thick, and the hormone treatments had already reduced the amount and coverage. She continued her daily physical conditioning program, and over a period of four months had lost 20 pounds. The other physical changes were also becoming noticeable. She had banged her developing breasts a couple of times, and it hurt, really hurt. To her, that was good news. Things were happening as they should.

Computer generated images were a tremendous asset if they were accurate. The Agency had seen to it that the best facial feminization surgeon in the eastern US was assigned to her case. Alexa and Anita spent several hours with him reviewing the options that were available based on Alexa’s bone structure. They finally agreed on a goal, and the surgery was scheduled.

“You do realize this is going to be no picnic, Alexa?” the surgeon asked early in the process. “You will be in considerable pain for quite a while. Also, don’t get your expectations too high at the beginning. You are going to look for several weeks like you went 10 rounds with Floyd Mayweather.”

“When it’s all over, will I look like a woman?”

“Well, you already have had a good start. I wouldn’t have to do much; however, based on the secondary reason we are going through this is to make you unrecognizable to anyone but the experts. There’s one thing that can’t be changed and that is the distance between your pupils. We do it in cases of severe facial defects, but there is no reason to go to such extremes. I will do a lot of work on your nose. It will look natural. It will not say “nose job” but that bump will be gone and it will be a bit narrower. We will narrow your jaw and modify your chin. Your brow ridges, although small, need to go. Your cheek bones will be a bit fuller. You have a good head of hair, but I will pull your hairline forward a bit. I will also do a little tightening around your eyes

“Okay, this is the digital image of your face as it is now. Here are the areas of your skull we will work on,” the doctor said as he pressed some keys on the computer. “As you can see, we’re going to do quite a bit. Remember, we went through a number of images last week, and you picked out the features you wanted us to work on. Based on what we’ve discussed and what we are able to do, I think there is a 95 plus percent chance this is how you will look after you have healed. I took a little liberty with the makeup.”

Alexa gasped, “Mio Dio, she is beautiful!”

“No more beautiful than your beautiful heart,” Anita said holding Alexa’s hand and giving it a squeeze.

“Doctor, you can do this?”

“Absolutely. I wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t.

“We discussed breast augmentation last time, and I understand why you don’t want to do it. You are very early in your HRT. Let’s wait a year or so to see how things develop. As far as your voice goes, you have done very well. Just keep practicing. It has to become automatic; however, if necessary, we might be able to some adjustments to keep you from slipping out of that mezzo range. I’d prefer not to have to have that done because sometimes it doesn’t work very well.

“Any other questions?”

“No, I am ready for this. I’ve been ready for a long time.”

“Okay, we’ve taken care of all the preliminaries. We’ll see you in two weeks. Here’s a list of everything you need to do before you show up the night before.


“You’re going to be fine, baby. Don’t try to talk. Everything went very well.” She was holding Alexa’s hand that didn’t have a tube running out of it. “Just go back to sleep for now. I will be here.” Alexa squeezed her back.


“Who is that hideous looking woman? Surely that can’t be me.”

“It’s you, and you are going to be beautiful.”

“You know, behind all that bruising and swelling I see some potential. I looked this bad when those kids attacked me in Palermo.”

It was about a month later when Anita awoke to Alexa’s sobs. “What’s wrong baby?”

“Not a thing, not a damn thing: in my most speculative imagination did I ever think this day would be a reality. I wanted to be pretty for you. I wanted to be pretty for me. The next time we see Dr. Franks, I’m going to kiss him.”

“Come here, little Robelia is kicking up a storm.”

Alexa put her hands and ear on Anita’s swollen belly. Their first child was less than a month away from making her appearance, and all the signs continued to be very good. Alexa kissed Anita’s swollen breasts, eliciting a sigh of pleasure from Anita. That led to other things for a while.

They had literally tossed a coin to decide on their first child’s name. She would either be named after Anita’s deceased mother or Alexa’s presumed deceased mother, Francesca.

Anita’s apartment would be fine for another year, but they were going to be looking for a home in the not too far future. Anita loved being pregnant, and barring complications, they would have another child in two years. All this meant that Anita would not be going into the field for some time; however, there was plenty for her to do at Headquarters. For that matter, Alexa was now a full time employee. Her knowledge of Costa’s operation, and the operations of his associates was far deeper than anyone had imagined. She knew the codes, and if the codes changed, her knowledge helped break them.

Costa’s operation had pretty much recovered after a month. At least things at the compound did. They didn’t seem to be quite as open to observation as they had been.

Six weeks after Anita and Peter’s escape, the owner of the restaurant was assassinated. The local authorities weren’t sure why it had happened; however, Anita had no doubt as to why.

Much to the displeasure of Tommaso Costa, many of the shipments they had guaranteed were being intercepted. They had no choice but to pay for the losses. It was not so much a problem for the suppliers as it was for the receivers. If Costa couldn’t supply, the receivers would have to look elsewhere for their drugs. His human trafficking hadn’t been affected that much; however, that was not the biggest source of their income. The problem was the drug business, and he had a good idea where the problem was coming from. When they had opened up the crypt, there was no body, only eight scuba tanks and two masks. That meant two people were involved, and it was obvious who they were. He put a five million dollar reward for each of them, dead or alive.

Anita went into labor right when they expected. It wasn’t easy but after eight hours, the dark haired little girl made her appearance. They had reason to expect a large child, and they weren’t disappointed. Robelia came in at a hefty ten pounds, four ounces. She had dark hair and dark eyes, but her complexion was quite fair. She was as beautiful as a new born baby could be. It had been a tough day for both of them, and sleep was the order of the day. Alexa never let go of Anita’s hand except when they had to transfer her to her bed. Robelia was in her little bed next to her mother. She slept like a log until about six o’clock the next morning. Then it was time for the first feeding. Everything couldn't have been more perfect.


Tommaso is madder than hell. He’s already killed the restaurant owner, and now he is looking for Anita and Peter, and anyone else associated with them. He knows where Anita is as well as her father and his family. The agency is onto Costa, but too late. Interestingly, someone else has been watching Costa, too, and they are going to take him out. .

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