A New Job Promotion Twist Part Seven

It had to be one of the best weeks ever for me at Fashionable. Besides morning and evening yoga, I was able to have two dates a day like the one above. I don’t think my cryx ever felt that full or powerful before. I wouldn’t see Joshua again. It was somebody new each time. It was a cook or busboy at a local restaurant. It was a policeman working for the city of Chicago. It was always someone that seemed to be owed a favor for what was done to turn the other way at what we were doing.

On Friday morning as the train sped down to Chicago, I was excited. Today was the day. I would get to take the lone charter with Vice President Mrs. Amanda Frit, Vice-President of Chicago’s Fashionable site herself. I was third on a team of four wearing black suits to make sure that the Vice President wasn’t harmed.

The luxury of such accomodations and position came crashing in on the reality that this was as much responsibility when we landed at Miami’s airport. Suddenly, I saw a man on the roof with a rifle. He had gotten past security. I acted instinctively. I stood in front of Mrs. Frit. I shouted, “Enemy on the roof.” Another black suited with us used blazing supernatural speed and ran and climbed and jumped up to the roof of the building. She disarmed him and brought him down.

Then, our team led him bound and gagged to the suburban where I and another were placed inside with him to guard. We drove to the hotel, just fifteen minutes away. When we stopped, I heard a voice speak through the special way security could communicate to each other. Agent 66615821 well done in spotting the threat. As a reward, you are to take the threat to the room, fully interrogate him, and then dispose of him. I respond, “Yes, Commander.”

Using my black suit, I create an illusion around myself and my charge and I lead him through the hotel lobby and into the room that had been assigned to me. I open the door and leave him on the chair in my room and compel him, “You are not to move until I command.” Then I step into the other side and to the closet and bathroom area. I change out of my black armored suit and step out into my black lingerie. I step into black heels that I had brought in a black bag then I go to deal with the threat.

Slowly, I walk up to him, walking, parading, dancing, willing his eyes to gaze upon me. I stop right in front of him. I remove the gag, but I leave the twisted restraints on his arms and legs. Then I sit on his lap and look into his eyes. “I have to have your name, before we can talk any more,” I say to him. He knows he needs to resist me. So, quickly I use the cryx and move past the blocks he tries to place to me. “My name is Jonathan,” He says. I nod, stand up and walk a little ways from him. “Now, that is good. I knew we could be civil,” I say to him.

I look at my prisoner. I see the muscles that bulge against the restraints on his arms and hands. I see those same restraints stretch against his firm ankles. I think and suddenly a small fire shoots out from my cryx and hits the restraints burning them off. I hear him yelp, but I anticipated that. I send out a bubble from my cryx to cover around him and I so that the sound doesn’t travel any farther. Keeping that bubble there I move closer. “Jonathan, I think it is a shame that you have to wear long sleeves when it is summer in Miami.” He looks at me with a quizzical look. Then, I snap, “Take off your clothes.” The command was so strong and sharp and had such command in that sound bubble that he moved quickly to please me. He unbuttoned and threw off his clothes. He undid the buckles on his thick boots and threw them off and pulled down his camouflage pants. I tapped my foot and urged him with my mind. He dropped his underwear before me as well.

There he sat beneath me, and he was wearing one of those things around his neck. I looked at him with questions on my mind. That looks just like the amulet that I saw Jacob wear the day he broke Kelly in. I was certain it was Fashionable made and issued.

I didn’t want him to see any uncertainty from me. I ran my well-manicured fingers and hands through his hair and along his face and neck. I looked him into the eyes. We made eye contact. “Jonny, dear,” I told him, “You are still wearing something you know.” He nodded. I smiled at him, using that smile I used to close a deal. “It would please me greatly, if you were to be naked. Just think of the fun, we could have.” He nodded again. His hands reached up and found the amulet. But I could see he had trouble. He couldn’t take it off. I put my hand up and motion for him to stop. “Let me help you, my love,” I tell him.

I put my hand around that chain. I can feel something attempt to stop me, but I push the thought or power aside and pull the chain up and over his head. All the while my eyes remain focused on him. And something amazing happens. I see his eyes just slightly change. Then, he looks at me, almost confused. I stand up and walk away from him for a second. Right away I know that he isn’t right. He will not be able to answer any questions. With the amulet off he will not even remember who he is. I look at the amulet. There are no clues on it. I turn around and walk to him again. I sit on his lap one leg on each side of his thighs. I make eye contact with him again.

I take the amulet and place it around his head. I feel the power of the amulet attempt to reassert itself in his mind, but I take it. I understand more now. I could do so much at this moment. I could impose myself through this amulet. I could claim Jonathan as my own. But what was a lowly security guard going to do with him? I could take the amulet in and try to feel out the Master of the amulet. It would require a very close proximity to whoever the owner of this amulet and this Jonathan were. I do not allow the amulet to touch Jonathan’s skin. I turn it in my hand. I direct my cryx at it. I feel the power of the amulet’s owner. I take that power in. I analyze it. I taste it. I make myself familiar with it. Then, I allow the amulet back onto his skin.

I assert myself through the amulet, making it feel and sense as if I am the owner of the amulet. Instantly, he is down on his knees. "Mistress," he cries out as he looks at me. I can feel that he honestly looks at me. He cannot but see me as her. But he doesn't know her by any other name.

I walk up to him and leave my hips in front of his face. I let him smell me. I put my snatch in his face. I let him smell. I can feel his reaction. He wants to taste. I look down. "Drink from your Mistress," I told him. His teeth bite on my panties. I cry out as I feel his teeth rub against me. Then, I feel him pulling down the panties leaving me exposed before his face. Quickly, he licks slowly licks around my snatch with speed and with intensity. My hands reach down and stroke his scalp and hair as he tugs and plays along my snatch.

My head arches back, and I moan. "That's it, baby," I say. I feel from his mind what his Mistress calls him. "Stick your pointy tongue in my slit, slut," I hiss at him, apparently just like his Mistress. "Give it to me." He pushes himself in and I gasp as he pushes and pushes his tongue into me. He goes for the spot that pleases her, but I redirect him to my g-spot. Then, I grind my hips against his face. I hold his head against me as I rock round and around. I feel him. His well-trained tongue and mouth pushes against my spot with intensity. I can feel him push and grind against me.

But I push him off of me. I command him. "On top of me, boy." I lay back on the bed nearby. I spread my legs and command him with my thoughts between them. Strong and hard he follows his cock. It rubs against my thighs and wiggles outside of my snatch. He grinds just out of me. Then, I pull him in. Slowly, he opens my pussy with his large hard cock. He splits me open and slams it in. Rough and hard he takes me. And I reach up to him, pulling him in farther. I spread my legs wide until he can go no farther.

Then, I lay back and let him gloriously fuck me. He pushed and worked and slammed me over and over. He grinded against me with experience. He gave it to me hard and I was loving it. I took it from him and I shouted, "That's it, slut, give it to your mother. Fuck me." My words and commands push him farther. I keep up with every ounce of his experienced thrusts. I reach up and kiss his lips and wrap my hand around his neck. I position myself so that I can truly feel him filling and completing me. And I fuck him wildly.

He doesn't quit and he doesn't tire - not like other men who I have been with before. But he is a stallion trained for the pleasure and desire of someone who has power. He has no need to leave his seed in me early. My snatch feels the pain and stretching of his over-large cock. But the power of my cryx heals and protects me. Again and again he takes me to heights of pleasure and again and again I meet his thrust and power. It goes on until I suddenly feel I am ready to beg. But I will not. I will myself to ride this wonderful horse and I enjoy and pleasure myself.

Finally, he has lost his ability to hold back himself. He screams out, but it is caught by our bubble. Then, I find my release with him. I feel wave upon glorious wave of orgasm over take me as I feel his orgasm go with mine. I go on and on as he goes far beyond the ability to cum like a normal man. He finally empties himself into me and fills me as I nearly was at the end myself. Then, I pull him up against me. I kiss his head, and then pull myself off of him. I pulled up my panties. I look down on him as he gazes up at me.

“What am I going to do with you?” I ask him. He continues to stare at me. He is now lost to his owner. She would need to know he is dead. She also doesn’t need to know that some upstart security officer had been able to steal him from her. I smile at him sweetly. I reach down and let him see my ass. I grab the ties and walk around him. I wrap the tie around his neck. I pull hard and start to choke him. He struggles not, still thinking I am his Mistress. He slowly turns purple and then falls, his life was gone. I pull the amulet off his neck. I wrap it around my hand and wonder about it. Then, I walk into the bathroom to hide this new amulet for myself. Then, I dress for my report to my commander.

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